2017 May Go Dark, Prepare During the Calm: “A Storm is Coming”

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    This article was written by Jeremiah Johnson and originally published at Ready Nutrition.com.

    Editor’s Comment: One can almost sense that unforeseen events could bring chaos to America. Debts and economic catastrophes could play out, terrorism could strike, wars could spark to life, disaster may hit, and much more. While many have been optimistic about the promises of a new president, and a brighter spot for the free market, global affairs are complicated, and often bite from both ends. With Trump, no one really knows what to expect, and regardless, one man cannot steer all world events in his direction.

    There are indeed rocky times ahead, and 2017 could be the year that goes dark. Prepare during this calm before the storm.

    A Storm is Coming: Preppers Must Stay Vigilant in 2017

    by Jeremiah Johnson

    While many believe the shift in government leaders in 2017 will bring us back to better times, one can never be too sure. As my father always said, “Don’t put all your eggs in one basket.” These are still uncertain times, and as Jeremiah Johnson emphasizes in this article – with that uncertainty, we must continue to be ever vigilant in our preparedness endeavors.

    ReadyNutrition Fans, this piece is an important exhortation to you – a sort of plea, if you will – to not lose your focus in preparations and your readiness-stance during these times.  With the Dow-Jones Industrial skyrocketing, the Christmas Holidays in full gear, Donald J. Trump about to be inaugurated, and the glow of a new patriotic dawn, everything seems OK, right?  Wrong.  This is not alarmist, but pragmatic.  We cannot allow a burst of patriotic positive fervor to dull the perception of the last 8 years.

    Losing our focus is what allowed those 8 years in the first place.

    The Unemployment Rate

    The welcoming of a new President brings renewed hope in our government system; however, there is a lot of road to travel before the country is fixed. While many preppers feel relieved and are slowing their preparedness endeavors down, many preparedness experts are stressing the importance of not giving up. As preppers, we must keep an eye on indicators like the economy and unemployment. Bear in mind that unemployment is deliberately under-reported.  The economy is in bad shape.  Everyone is focusing on the happy times of Christmas cheer and family festivities.  I adjure to your intellects: do not relent in your focus or your activities to prepare for what is still around the corner.

    They’re not celebrating festive, happy shopper days in Venezuela, where women are cutting off their own hair and selling it just to buy loaves of bread, or where a whole shopping bag full of Venezuelan Bolivars will not even buy a few days’ worth of essential supplies.

    The Economy

    The economy of the United States will take quite some time to recover.  You can continue in the true economy that you have started: the acquisition of supplies, materials, and resources that always hold their worth and have an intrinsic value.  Gold, silver, and precious metals…in physical form…these have worth and lasting, intrinsic value.  For an excellent analysis of just where the United States is economically, I highly recommend an article written by Shaun Bradley on December 8, 2016 entitled Cash is No Longer King: The Phasing Out of Physical Money Has Begun,” and downloadable for your files.

    Another article worth mentioning was written by Susan Duclos of All News Pipeline, entitled We are Facing the Most Important Battle of All at the Most Dangerous Moment in History,” released on December 10, 2016.  Here is an excerpt from that article:

    We at ANP are noting a lot of optimism from investors with stocks soaring,  to economic confidence reaching new highs, to small business owners, to household spending and even prepping has hit a “multi-year low,” all the articles I am reading are crediting the election of Donald Trump as reason for all this optimism, but as much as I hate to rain on everyone’s parade… now is the most dangerous time in history, not a time to assume just because one man was elected, all the wrongs will be made right, the failing economy will automatically just magically fix itself.”

    These timely and sagacious words show that the battle is not over yet.  In this vein, do not lose focus!  Don’t allow the holiday cheer and festive atmosphere to leave you blindsided and thinking that the battle is over!  Other blogsites have reported that sales of emergency equipment and supplies have been drastically on the decline since the election was finished.  Remember: North Korea, Russia, and China still pose a viable threat in several areas of the world, the world economy is quite bad, and the U.S. has by no means recovered from the nightmare of two consecutive Obama terms.

    Stay the Course for 2017!

    Stay focused.  Gear your shopping and holiday activities to always take a back seat to awareness of the overall situation.  Stock up on your precious metals and long-term food supplies and water procurement capabilities.  Continue to locate and obtain the tools, medicines, and equipment you and your family will need.  Just because the “Captains” are about to change does not mean that the ship will change its course…the one taking it toward a wreck on the reefs.  Don’t let that reef loom up and blindside you to take you unawares.  Enjoy your holidays, but do so with one eye on the festivities and another one on the horizon…aware of what is going on around you.  Do not stop the preparations for even one minute.  Happy holidays, and keep up that good fight!  JJ out!

    Jeremiah Johnson is the Nom de plume of a retired Green Beret of the United States Army Special Forces (Airborne). Mr. Johnson was a Special Forces Medic, EMT and ACLS-certified, with comprehensive training in wilderness survival, rescue, and patient-extraction. Mr. Johnson is an ardent advocate for preparedness, self-sufficiency, and long-term disaster sustainability for families. He and his wife survived Hurricane Katrina and its aftermath. Cross-trained as a Special Forces Engineer, he is an expert in supply, logistics, transport, and long-term storage of perishable materials, having incorporated many of these techniques plus some unique innovations in his own homestead.

    This article first appeared at Tess Pennington’s Ready Nutrition.com.

    The Prepper's Blueprint

    Tess Pennington is the author of The Prepper’s Blueprint, a comprehensive guide that uses real-life scenarios to help you prepare for any disaster. Because a crisis rarely stops with a triggering event the aftermath can spiral, having the capacity to cripple our normal ways of life. The well-rounded, multi-layered approach outlined in the Blueprint helps you make sense of a wide array of preparedness concepts through easily digestible action items and supply lists.

    Tess is also the author of the highly rated Prepper’s Cookbook, which helps you to create a plan for stocking, organizing and maintaining a proper emergency food supply and includes over 300 recipes for nutritious, delicious, life-saving meals. 

    Visit her web site at ReadyNutrition.com for an extensive compilation of free information on preparedness, homesteading, and healthy living.


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      1. Do people EVER get tired of being wrong, all the time?

        Been following this site for 3 years now, got pretty caught up in all the doom and gloom for a while, did a few things to hopefully better prepare myself for any type of disaster, man made or natural.

        But I have to ask, does anyone else just get sick and tired of always hearing the sky is falling?

        I get it, there’s some bad folks out in this world, some I think are active members of sites like this. But at some point, one has to ask themselves, …….”am I the crazy one here, for continuously believing and buying into all this negative news?”……..

        Happy New Year folks, I hope this turns out to be another non-eventful, no FEMA camp, Non-UN Invasion, no mark of the beast year for everyone!!!

        • I no longer worry; I’ve got all the stuff I need. Yes, if it’s MAD MAX I won’t make it, but I’m to old to care. Just watching for the fun of it now.

          • Paranoid you ’bout covered it for me.

            • Yep, me too. It’s becoming a big club.

              • why is it that so many assume our fortune(s) are tied up in the DOW? Eeh…. I have my ‘stuff’… I’m going to sit back in 2017 and watch. I may be fun in a grim way.

          • We also got all the stuff needed for the space we have, also friends have ltd. space. Besides you gotta be 85 yr. old or more to have enough food and water for lifetime. Logistics are important: hassle of hauling stuff to bug out or elsewhere when martial law kicks in. A truck and/or trailer will only haul so much (luggage, preps, pet carriers, extra supplies for kids (if any) on and on. May be too risky to make more than one trip hauling, as road blocks are set up. People have to work in cities and larger towns, can’t pick up and move on a whim. I am thru buying preps, will eat, rotate what food we have from grocery stores, and replace it over time.

            • The first thought I have when reading posts about space limited homes, I always think of the neighbor crying she has no space for stockpiling…but has 2 furnished bedrooms and no one occupying either of them..wasted resources and space right there, folks.
              My two bedrooms are furninshed wall to wall with food, water, medical supplies, etc.
              Man up folks.

        • I’m with ya.

          We live in hurricane country SW Florida. Its just wise to be prepared. As for Armageddon; if it comes in my life it comes and I can’t doing a damn thing to stop it.

          Every day you don’t live now you lost and thats a fact.

          • Yeah Kevin2, but Hurricane season is over until like next May. So go live your life for a while. Got to love this 80 deg FL Dec weather eh? And those bitches up north are shoveling snow freezing their asses off. lol And trying to keep their home warm. What ever the amount you think you need for a winter wood pile, double or triple that. Just saying. I never knew anybody complaining they had too much fire wood.

            • Zeus, you are an interesting character. Fire good.. At least I know no-one is going north when shtf.
              molon labe

              • Many of us that DO live way up north (as in northern Wisconsin, in my case) are counting on the fact that few would migrate up here if TSHTF. Today’s wind chill is -29 degrees. We are used to it, so it offers some measure of security for 6-7 months of the year. We always keep at least 1 year ahead on firewood. For us, that’s 24 face cords.

            • 80 degrees and I’m still stacking firewood when I can. Pick it up off the side of the road already cut.

            • LMAO

              The cold keeps the riff – raf away dont cha know.

              • yup, tough to loot when the freezing rain is falling. If the balloon ever goes up, I’m looking forward to quiet winters.

              • It’s true! LOL Here the wind chill is a balmy -29 degrees today. No one would intentionally move here unless they were born here, like I was.

            • Zeus,
              Enjoy Florida……after it goes under water !

        • The sky IS falling.
          We just can’t see it and won’t be able to see it until it is right on top of us and there is nothing left to breath.
          It happens so slowly that only decades of documentation can actually show variations.
          Give us another 30 years and MAYBE someone will do something to stop the decline – like – kill off 90% of the population (the ONLY solution at present).

        • Fear porn will always find an audience.

          Just have to filter out the kernels from the chaff.

          • As the virgins waited the bridegroom was delayed so they sleep . Then awakened suddenly just as they were saying peace and security. the Tares were destroyed in one hour. And their tongues and eyes melted before their bodies hit the ground. The elements burned like the sun. And Damascas was a heap of ruin uninhabitable. And the sores on their bodies. And many said . Even so come soon. And burn the Tares. Are lamps are full.

        • No!! You hit the nail on the head. But we are ready for shtf

        • I think Anonymous would rather wait until Silver is $45 an ounce and Gold is $1800, and when the US dollar is phased out, he will get to test his great prepping skills of procuring food daily like a rat in a cage looking for his handler to feed him. No worry Anonymous, I’m sure the FEMA Camp already has a nice bed picked out for you and 2 squares a day. Enjoy the Camp FEMA vacation.

          Trump appointed a CEO from Bitcoin to be the Budget and finance director ad he also despises the Federal Reserve. So yeah, look for the dollar to be eliminated. But hey why prep?

          Caught 2 big sandwich sized fish out of my lake tonight, more protein for the freezer. This is what creating an off the grid homestead is all about. Had 2 more but they escaped my hook. Caught the first one on my 2nd cast.

        • I completely agree with everything you stated. Many of us are getting tired of hearing the sky is falling.

        • Always be prepared. America, apparently, still hasn’t learned the lesson of what happened in Hawaii on Dec. 7th 1941…..

        • “did a few things to hopefully better prepare myself for any type of disaster, man made or natural. ”

          Which is the reality, so I don’t get why you immediately follow it with this stupidity.

          “does anyone else just get sick and tired of always hearing the sky is falling? ”

          Collapse is not a light switch, and from where I sit, it’s still……. wait for it imbecile……….IN PROCESS. Moron.

          • Oh, but collapse is a light switch..just one with a dimmer.

        • I prepare for my own personal disaster–loss of job, loss of income, high inflation, food storage, no debt, and have protection. The chances these things will hit you are 100 times more than a national disaster.

          Not to say a national disaster won’t happen, but on a personal basis, it will cover most national disasters as well. I think since prepping has slowed, many fear porn driven sites need a push to buy their advertisers’ products to keep them making money, continuing the “sky is Falling” story again and again.

          • Woogie

            The Fear porn will should subside after Trump becomes President. I would hope that the rest of the nation realizes that Trump is trying to put more money in their pockets than take away. Still you can’t fix stupid.
            My anxiety level will be high till that jerkoff leaves the white house. I suspect the news media will do its best to confound the Trump Administration.
            I have moved away from the WW3 stories and mostly concentrate on a financial world collapse coming our way.

        • It’s not doom or gloom. How many times I have been unable to get out of the house due to snow or rain or someone close to me has been out of work etc etc. I never worry about having supplies, ever. Plus it’s fun thinking of new foods to store and how to store them. It also takes time to learn how to do this stuff. So start when there is no emergency, after it’s too late.

        • Well, I agree with you and for a while tuned everything out and I was much happier throughout the day. However, that was before pizzagate, and the wikileak emails. It’s clear now we are being run by lunatics with zero interest in the welfare of the people. This is not a good thing.

          FEMA camps – why do they exist (and they do exist)? If you really want to scare yourself use wikipedia to research Stalin and his reign of terror which only ended in 1950’s! Not that long ago, and look at the FEMA camp locations vs Gulag camp locations. Scary stuff brother.

          The psychological war on whites which hollywood doesn’t even hide anymore, the mass brainwashing (white priv anyone?) and dumbing down of kids in schools.

          Insane internet pornography that no one will block (kibosh.net works actually) and is literally in everyone’s home.

          I could go on. I wish there was nothing to this, but I fear that this time there is, and we had better stick together, and man-up, because something is coming, or maybe it’s already here, and it’s not going to be in our favor.

        • Those how-to books and fish antibiotics aren’t going to sell themselves, anon! (/sarc)
          Basically, the mentality is twofold: cater the fear-porn to the new arrivals to keep them hooked, and eventually after years of vague predictions, one will be close enough to be considered “correct” and the author will crow about his record of predicting disaster (Michael Snyder for example)
          To be fair, shit does happen and its good to be knowledgeable, prepared, and networked so for that I thank sites like this but one always has to keep his or her perspective.

        • Thank you! I stopped prepping before Trump! I stopped because the doom n gloomers like Quayle and Jones have been wrong every step of the way for 5 yrs that I have been following. And never a retraction never an apology! Hey Quayle how’s your metal’s business doing? How many happy clients bought silver at $25 on your recommendation?

        • Do you have insurance on your car and house? You do know that is “prepping” don’t you?
          I prepare for whatever. I only have about 3 or 4 weeks of food in the house. I have a 5 gallon water dispenser with about 4 bottles full of water for it, which I use daily anyway. I have a gasoline generator, not for an EMP but for normal loss of electricity. I has been off here for a week, and that generator saved my food in the refrigerator and freezer. I have a wood burning heating stove that I use every winter. My other heat is propane but wood is less expensive. I also have a tablet with many books on it, as well as paper books on the shelves. So, since I like to read, my entertainment is taken care of.
          So, am I a “prepper”? I prefer to think so. Maybe not a great or fanatical prepper, but a prepper none the less.
          You don’t have to prepare for the end of the world or for SHTF or WORL – things happen and it’s better to be prepared than to say “I wish I had prepared for this when I had the chance!”
          Just my opinion – and, yes, I could be wrong. 🙂

        • You know, I was thinking exactly the same thing as you.
          I have not been reading this website for 3 years like yourself, but I click on it occasionally, when it appears on ZH.
          The guy who run this website has cried wolf one too many times.
          And just look at the title of the story.
          “May go dark…”
          Is that a reference to a chronic shortage electricity?
          With all the talk about “Fake” news going around, this story may not necessarily constitute fake news, but it certainly fits that category of click bait/tabloid trash.
          Yes, when this monumental economic circus comes to an end, it’s not necessarily going to acquaint to mass chaos. It could be just a slow burn towards equilibrium.
          I’m afraid this website is just another example of exploding the most powerful emotion in human psyche, and that is fear.
          And I believe this website has a commercial interest in propagating fear.
          Just look at all the advertising exploding peoples latent fear of the future.

      2. Jerimiah Johnson needs to be replaced.

        No, that is not a criticism of the man; instead it is a reminder that no one is irreplaceable, and in fact, those with knowledge and skills must be replaced if the people are to survive.


        • I’m still waitin on the emp from N Korea.

          • …Not to mention Y2K. Still waiting for my computer to blow a gasket.

            • Spook89,

              I have to laugh about Y2K, anyone who listened to the internet KNEW it was fixed years before the event would have happened. it was something that computer experts knew about and fixed!! the ONLY issue was with a few minor systems that did not matter anyway!!

              • But I did see Niburu! Errr maybe it was tannerite with gas on top of it. Hmmmmmm 😉

              • apache54- In regards to Y2K, you are saying people identified a crisis and PREPARED. Got it.

            • Laugh if you want about Y2K but it was *not* fixed years before. I was a tech writer at the time and was kept busy supporting the programmers doing the fixes. My BIL was a programmer and worked on that specific thing almost to the date.

              Y2K was no joke and not a minor thing on insignificant systems.

              • I prepped for y2k and am not sorry. I learned a lot and am ahead now. I read that the techs worked over time fixing the computer system and that’s what saved us otherwise it would have been a disaster. I bet they made a fortune working over time too!

      3. JJ, damn good article. Your main point is something I keep stressing to everyone here. I’m not losing my focus at all. I’m still stacking and keeping all my options open. Just because Trump takes office on Jan. 20th doesn’t mean we’re out of the woods yet, not by a long shot. The globalists have been very quiet since the election and won’t give up. They have something big planned for Jan. 20th. I believe that day will be very dark and bloody in DC. Something’s coming; I can feel it. Anyone who becomes complacent is signing their own death warrant.

        • So what are your options D-BH??? Stay in TN and keep working as a mall guard or quit your job and squat on your Cuz property? If you had any hair on your ass you would get down to N GA now. What you want to fight it out on the highway trying to get there? Got your gas cans, and siphon hose. Damm you better hurry, all shit to break loose in TN soon. Run damit. What you waiting for? If you stay its certain a death sentence.

      4. I continue to prepare. There are still democrats
        in America and that alone justifies my thousands of dollars
        investing in tools, food, and other “stuff” needed
        to survive in a world torn asunder by man.
        The biggest threat to me is American Democrats.

        • Anon, JJ is right on the money. Any prepper who stops prepping is signing his/her death warrant. This is no time to become complacent.

          • And then there are people like me who are awake but dirt poor and married to someone who doesn’t believe the sky is falling. We appreciate the can getting kicked down the road because it is a daily struggle to live, let alone prepare 🙂

            • RR

              Some is better than none.

              Flea markets and Garage sales. Canned goods on sale.

            • Redoubt Renee:

              It is useless to try to change people. If you are married to someone who isn’t capable or motivated to make sure that you have enough money, that is not a good thing. People like that need a “fire under their ass”, is how my practical parents put it to us when we were apathetic about our lives, ambitions, and/or chores around the house.

              I approach this prepping from the stand point of economy and thrift. Prepping does not cost, it saves. If you stock up on the things you will invariably need, you won’t waste as much on gas driving to the grocery store every other day. If you buy in bulk, the price per pound goes down. So, in the long run; you spend less. If you buy a few garden tools and plant, eventually you won’t be required to depend on buying food, as you will be self sufficient.

              I would not say a word to your husband about your fears (that is how he perceives prepping). Remind him that your purchase will save money, and let him be. He’ll think you are a genius for making sure he has enough money to go out and blow a weeks pay on some stupid guy thing like beer and football.


            • Not to be rude in any way, but have you considered kicking the man down the road with the can? I say this in the kindest possible way, mainly because I heard no love in the comment. I was married to a man who had no survival skills, but was a good earner. Even better he made me laugh and I would have carried his pudgy self to the top of the mountain. If you love the guy, a little stealth prepping might be in order.
              I agree with you, I hope that can gets kicked down the road some more, I would prefer to prepare at greater depth and learn more skills.
              Best of wishes to you.

          • Ya know what are great items to prep? Instant potatoes, boulin cubes and hot cocoa !! And if you run outa toilet paper tear out a page from a phone book, crumple it up a lot and it gets softer and can use that. Now, go ask all your friends for their old phone books. They will be glad and clueless to get rid of them!

          • The sky is NOT FALLING crowd is cannon fodder.
            For the rest of us, vigilence is 1000 times more important now, than ever before.

        • Rellik, damn right the libturds are still a force to be reckoned with and don’t give up easily. A civil war can still happen.

        • rellik

          Lost 28 pounds of fat and replaced it with 28 pounds of body armor.. Fits better but weight is weight.

        • “The biggest threat to me is American Democrats.”

          The greatest threat are the globalists. The democrats are just somewhat more in lockstep with them. Don’t underestimate the Republicans doing their bidding. They are attempting to show a populist face with Trumps popularity but they fed very well off of Wall Street too at the expense of main street, “We’re Living Here In allentown And Their Closing All The Factories Down”. Republicans led the charge of Free Trade until a few weeks ago. The democrats came along quite willingly too.

          • K2,
            I’m referring mainly to personal freedoms and the threat Democrats pose to that. Globalists of course are economic threats also.
            But where I live is a single party Democrat state. I don’t want to talk to Democrats, I want to kill them. Globalists are easier to deal with, as they are smart enough not to kill the goose laying the gold eggs. Democrats are killing geese with the windmills and they don’t care if the birds die.

            • rellik

              Target rich environment in the islands.

              Would you be singled out for being a Republican. Property damage and threats if things went south.

              Chances are real high that my deadly encounters will be with disgruntled Democrats if things go bad.

            • rellik

              The globalists are fascists and they themselves share nothing of their wealth however they use communism as a means to control the masses. Democrats are idealist socialists and naive to the big picture. They are the useful idiots that are more in lockstep with the globalist agenda. They subscribe to a collectivist vision. Group think is comfortable for them while individual thought is abhorred.

              “Globalists are easier to deal with, as they are smart enough not to kill the goose laying the gold eggs.”

              The globalists would have no reservation destroying the world and then, crawling out from underneath their rock mold society into their one world government.

              • Globalists like Trump:. Businesses in 30 countries, manufacturing done by sweatshop in 12 countries, taxpayers pick up his losses but he keeps the gains, RexieTexie Putin Trump putting half a trillion into Pootie’s oil fields, what’s not to worry about? Daughter married into the clan. Son in law a globalist.
                I suggest everyone up their preps.

        • rellik you are right. I’ve never in my nearly 72 years, seen the left quite this crazy. Evil intent is written all over many of them.

        • It’s good to see the true enemy is recognized.

          ‘They’ are truly living among us, and the Democrats are actively seeking the destruction of our culture and way of life.

      5. B from CA, uh, could you explain that one, please?

        • Braveheart1776:

          Skills like Jerimiah’s are what I had in mind. Becoming a Master Herbalist, for example.

          I don’t go along with the idea that I’m ready bring it on. I want things to stay as normal as possible. Like Renee Redoubt, I can’t prepare as well as I would like to, not even close. If the grid went down, the banks stopped functioning, or if civil unrest became civil war; I would be horrified. I’m not stupid enough to believe that a few preps would make it all ok.

          I’m really worried more about hyperinflation than anything else, other than welfare, social security, pensions, Medicare, and food stamps going broke; or the Government pulling a fast one, claiming Martians hacked the system. Like you, I feel that something is being planned.

          Dead birds are not a new phenomenon. Many causes for such events. Chemtrails might not be the best thing for birds. We have all kinds of birds. I saw a hawk perched on a pole today. I saw a road runner, black crows, and numerous small birds, I don’t know the names of all of them. So I can’t get too concerned. Pollution is never good for living things.


      6. Well do you think J.J. is right? Odds are he is pretty much on the money.

      7. There’s that word again ..”COMING ” !!
        It’s over …the doom market is dying ….I’m sick to death of hearing for YEARS how this is COMING and that is COMING !!! ITS OVERRRRRRRRR!!!

        • No Rich99 its not over. TRUMP’S election to the Oval Office has only DELAYED the best laid plans of the New World Order which they have had to shelve for the time being.

          Keep STACKING “N PACKING My Peeps. There is no such thing as too much food and ammo. 🙂

        • You know why the ground was white after Custers last stand?
          because the indians just kept coming and coming!

      8. Reality is anything could happen, just never know, nothing has changed just because theres going to be a different class o hos occupying the white house, SOSDD

      9. It wasnt raining when Noah started building the Arc

        • So true.
          And, they all laughed and scoffed him also.

      10. More likely now. PTB will prefer to collapse the economy and blame Trump.

      11. And what they can’ blame Trump for, they will blame Bush.

        I’m tired of it all.

        As Overthecliff says. I believe they will close the banks and shut down the economy. That way they get us all at one time.

        Are you ready?

      12. I posted a comment on the 27th of December about this subject. Here it goes again. You go to your bug out location and find about 30 real nasty people are already there. Armed to the teeth and they’re eating your beans. Quick, what are you going to do? Plan now so you don’t get surprised pulling up to your BOL. Don’t get ambushed on your own property. You’ve got that Plan B ready, right?

        • Good.call. Haven’t heard anyone discuss this (yet).

          Reminds me of the Dicovery show ‘The Colony’; season 2, last episode:
          After going thru everything necessary to escape their camp, they find a better location (BOL). They leave their camp and arrive at the BOL only to find it occupied by multiple people who did not look very receptive.So, they had to move on.

          • That’s what scouts and recce patrols are for.

        • It’s a good scenario, no doubt.

          First thing your Plan B needs is a temporary hiding spot while you reconnoitre your BOL, see what’s what.

          Next thing to ask is, do you have allies in your BOL area? You’re going to need them.

        • 308 long range. 1 by 1

      13. I’m not going to stop prepping, but I’m not going to be afraid of anything that comes. We all have a time to die. We just have to die standing up. Not on our knees.

        We have heard that 2011 2012 2013 2014 2015 2016 were going to be the year! Now 2017?????

        “I’m ready”! To answer ANON’s question. I’m now going to start working on, and getting more high tech stuff. Better night vision, hearing/sound equipment, NON-Lethal Boobie traps, drones. Last but not least P.M’s

        Just went over seeds, food, water, medical, ammo, weapons,, fuel and if anything happened right now I would be good until late 2019.

        Also have Plan “B” and “C” ready.


        • I am working on the night vision, trail cams and sensors, but I hadn’t thought about drones. I suppose they have gotten beyond the toy stage – and it sure would be nice to get a look-see at the neighborhood before going outside. Now I need to work on an outdoor drone launching area that is not exposed.

          • Ah, Norseman, just discussing that last night.
            Tough guys with walls of weapons, ammo stacked, and one drone takes out their entire house.

      14. Read that ANP article. Eye opener for sure.

      15. My big worry is an insurrection against Trump. The Democrat Party and its minions (gays, treehuggers, blacks, America haters, BLM, etc,) are rabidly against Trump, or at least the majority of each group is.

        When Trump eases restrictions on coal, or doesn’t automatically side with a black who is shot by a cop, no matter how justified the shooting, or starts building the border wall, or anything else he does, there will be outrage constantly promoted and encouraged by the MSM.

        We can already see the MSM (ABC, CBS, NBC, CNN, NYT, et.al.) stoking the flames. All of their reporters and anchors talk with exasperation about Trump. They are in an eternal state of shock that such a creature a Trump will be our president.

        I saw one liberal on either Hannity or Tucker Carlson who was visibly shaken and angry that Trump “stole” the election. He argued that Clinton got the majority of the vote and therefore Trump has no legitimate authority to be president, despite the Electoral College. He said people may need to take matters into their own hands to remedy this injustice. Many liberals share this sentiment.

        Sooner or later there will be a collective outrage by the liberal establishment that people need to take to the streets to oppose Trump. This will result in people and businesses who support Trump being attacked, massive shutdowns of malls, highways, and other public venues by protesters. We’ve seen bits and pieces of this already, but it could become widespread with millions participating.

        The irrational fear Trump has caused in many people is scary. Frightened, irrational people will feel justified doing anything. The MSM will not condemn them but rather will sympathize with them. We’ve already seen this with BLM protests. To even question a BLM protest is akin to racism.

        So, to me it looks like the battle lines are drawn. It will be up to the liberal/progressive establishment to determine when and where that line is placed. They will NEVER accept Trump.

        I live in a retirement community, average age – 75. There have been FISTFIGHTS between Trump and Clinton supporters here, even threats of guns. When testosterone deficient seniors can get this worked up, imagine what the hormonal driven 15 – 35 year olds will do.

        Keep on prepping. This is far from over.

        • I’ve seen some of that same thing on Hannity including members of Congress announcing (defiantly) that they would not go to the Oval Office if Trump requested their presence for some reason.

          As for the mania of left-leaning populace, I don’t know exactly where they the information on the crazy things that Trump is supposed to do once in office. I hear some things on CNN or MSCBS or others (office plays them all in rotation) that are a little offbeat but I have a friend who swears she heard Trump is going to deport all M**slimes although I’ve not heard any such thing from the Trump people. My friend has named off a few other things too but it’s usually items that the left is pushing now rebranded to be a hate Trump bit.

        • lost karma

          Fist fights between 75 year olds.. Holy smokes.

        • I am a DEPLORABLE and proud of it!!!! Even got a bumper sticker says that!

        • LOL
          I have seen folks on here calling for civil war, well, you may regret asking for it. Right wing cheered like lunatics when Trump suggested assassinating Clinton. He may live to regret putting that into the conversation… Or not live.
          I suggest the inevitable financial collapse will be bad enough to deal with, and egging on a civil war is bloviating. Dems have finally noticed death threats from the right, and are rightfully pissed off. Shut up for a month and they will settle down.

      16. Prepping is nothing more than insurance. You pay car insurance and some people may never need it and that money is gone.
        I bet the people in India and south american countries wish they had prepped. Rome fell and so shall we…..the question is when.

        • I think most Americans have never missed a meal in their entire lives. Do we know how unbelievable that is? We have no idea what slow starvation means. The only reason we are here. Is that our ansestors were smart enough to prep for a bad harvest or a war ? Anyone who didn’t is extinct? Survival of the prepared? Isn’t it obvious? Not to us? We think that the drive through at McDonald’s will be open 24/7 no matter what . Ask Katrina survivors about that . A nation wide Katrina. The canible gangs will be like soddom and Gomorrah . Just as written. We don’t know the day or the hour. But we do know it will be the worse time in history. Expecialy if our lamps aren’t full. The Tares must be burnt.

          • I did starve for almost 3 months 25 yrs ago. I lost my job. I just had enough money to pay the rent and utlities. I had very little money left for food. I had nothing in the house cept popcorn. No salt, no crackers, no butter. I went to a soup kitchen 3 days a wk. I went to my moms 2-3x a wk and had a meal there. I ate one meal a day. I was hungry at night and had nothing in the house. I remember going to bed hungry and it was a terrible feeling. I never had felt that before. My dad was a blue collar worker and i was an only child. I had plenty of food and toys.

            I got another job in abt 3 months and started stocking up on food a little here and there so i would never starve again. I learned a big lesson. I stocked up for y2k and am not sorry i did. I never stopped. Going to bed hungry is an awful thing. I am poor, but i could afford to buy a little extra every wk and i am fine now.

            And don’t forget about stocking up on dry dog food for your dogs and cats. Oh, and mouse traps and fly paper.

          • This may be the first time in the history of humans that prepping is not normal. Drought and famine has happened, but not because people weren’t even trying. Not talking about those in such dire circumstances they are flat out starving. But if Joseph had seven years of abundance, and was told to prep for seven years of famine, where’s the beef?
            I garden fiendishly, I grow sprouts and microgreens in the winter, I have food stored for a year plus.
            Now I am ordering freeze dried foods that last 25 years. A seven year drought is a long time, but a global collapse can last longer. I opened a few things to taste on my first order, the fruit is tasty, at least.

      17. Celebrate this New Year’s like crazy! Who knows what things will be like in 2018.

      18. Crash and Burn makes a simple analogy that has stood the test of time.
        The timeless Word of God tells us about Joseph having been placed in charge of logistics in Egypt. When times were good, Joseph saw the need to prepare for the “hard times” by “prepping and storing the excess food in warehouses. Sure enough, seven years of dearth came upon the land and Egypt was the only one that had food. People from all over that did not prepare had to come to Joseph.
        (Genesis 41: 47-57)KJV
        An EMP would put us back to the 19th century. Preppers have much to learn from our ancestors.
        I served several decades in the U.S. Army and sitting on a promotion board it concerned me that when a soldier was asked if he knew where to find water, or how to trap small game for food I’d get a blank stare. I’m concerned that we have turned “high tech” into almost a religion.
        It may sound chauvinistic, but I know the man must be the leader in his family, and if no one else is concerned about what may happen, it is still our responsibility.

        • Leading the family and chauvinistic is not the same thing. Leading is being responsible for the well-being of others, and is a high calling. Not to be confused with domineering, using, abusing, betraying. It is a sacrificial offering.

          • Agreed. A millennial female speaking here.

      19. Nothing is going to happen …maybe in 100 years over population will be a issue.. but by then the “smart ones” like the ones who are posting blogs here will be all dead… so maybe no one will mind stepping over each other..

        • Yes. no one knows the day or the hour. But that might be so the Tares don’t prep The tribulation is all about culling the weeds. We don’t want the weeds to prep. So they burn. The people who don’t care about their families future , their peoples future . Are Tares. And what do we do with them? The tribulation will solve that problem?

      20. Yes personally I hope my preps are all for nothing. Better to prep for a event you hope never happens. Than to never prep and not have what you need. I bale hay during the summer and bale enough for a extreme winter. If its a mild winter that is great. Same with fire wood. same with having 4 M farmall tractors and a junk one. If one breaks down grab another. And used parts from the junked one to repair it when we have the time. We also have three hay bailers and one of them is for parts. We also have two generators exactly alike. My father had 30 cows. and all you need for a herd that small is one bull. dad always kept two bulls in case one went to shooting blanks. Here is a joke. The bulls on a farm heard a new bull was arriving. The biggest bull stated their are only 100 cows on this place and 60 of them are mine. Im not sharing. The second bull stated well 30 of them cows are mine and im not sharing. the youngest smallest bull stated well 10 cows is all I have im not about to share. The day came and the new bull arrived. A semi truck pulled up and when the gate came down out stepped a giant bull bigger than all three combined. bellering and pawing the dirt. The first bull stated I may have a been a bit hasty. The second bull agreed. The little bull ran out bellowing blowing snot out his nostrils and pawing the dirt. The other two bulls exclaimed what is wrong with you! the little bull stated I want to make certain that he knows that I am a bull!

        • I knew you were full of Bull Shite Old Man.. lol Good one.

        • Old Guy;
          Thanks, I needed that.

        • Old Guy,
          Lol! That was a good one!!

        • Old Guy:

          That’s funny. That’s how I think of men with guns.



      21. It’s written . Even so come lord . In other words . We know it will be a terrible tribulation . But the Tares must be burnt. If our lamps are full we will live to see the new world . This is not the end . This is the new begining
        And we want the new beggining to come soon? Even so lord come . We except the tribulation as the only way to burn the Tares . And we know we will suffer . Even so come soon. We accept our suffering to complete your design.we cannot understand why . And the ways that must be met. Even so come soon. Anyone who hasn’t filled their lamps by now . Must be a Tare? We will be the survivors of soddom and Gomorrah . ? Isn’t it obvious?

        • Not that damn obvious. The Pharisees thought they were the chosen ones, and were not.

      22. So many people want to have as much fun as possible in this life. Our short lives here are a test so see who can be trusted to go on? Would you enslave an entire planet of your inferiors to make more money? Or try to help them up? It seems that our third worlders are so far gone they are beyond help. But do we enslave them or just leave them alone? It seems that leaving them to themselves would be the best learning curve? You can lead a horse to water but. Can we save the universe.? No matter how much we try? No . We advance our civilization as fast as we can. And let the chips fall.?Is there any other way?

        • Jesus said he will come to you through the least ones, and if you shut the door on them, you are rejecting Him. The way you look at the desperately poor is how Billionaires look at you.
          I am not moving to the poorest places, but many of their woes are from the globalists. 60 minutes had a special about 16 million homeless children in the United States. In the past I took in some homeless children while their parents struggled. I have higher income then, but even so I never made that much. I am older now, too.
          Survival of the fittest has been debunked in biology, and team work is our highest and best survival tool.

      23. Taking unnecessary or calculated risks.

        How many have done that sort of thing. “I can reach it”. “It will hold the weight”. ” We won’t get stuck”.
        Many times we escape the danger from being injured or getting sick. Being wet and cold, driving in icing conditions. This list is very long.
        Now there are times when we may have to take them but we have for the most part knew there would be something or someone there to help us. The cell phone as a lifeline.
        We should consider this risk taking seriously. Three major items I am most concerned with is, First Getting Shot. Second breaking a bone/compound fracture. Third getting a serious sickness. Germ type or food poisoning.
        Will it be there later?

        We are prepared for lots of things that can come our way but it is the stupid risks we may take, that may be the most dangerous of all.

        • Risks are going to be taken. This year I spent many hours studying herbs and their medicinal properties, focusing on native plants living on my property. I am building a “database” on 3×5 cards, I will eventually cross check it, and probably put it in a book format. I found a nursing book this week, and will eventually read it. Can’t hurt to have more knowledge, and it is consistent with my plant science education and interests. I have always done some self doctoring with foods and herbs, and my health is good. Taking risks is not entertaining if hospitals and trauma teams are unavailable.

      24. You don’t know how “real” real is going to be until real is ! second past Technology stops working…At 2 seconds past the event, you will already be thinking about when the next time and last time was you have an awesome cup of coffee, or restaurant made grill cheese burger with fries, or a pizza delivered to your door, you know the comfort of a warm dry comfortable home. BUT YOU WILL MISS IT TO NO END as you are huddled next to a smoky fire in the rain, its smoke blowing in your face, wrapped in damp blanket, shivering, dry heaving from empty guts that thirst for clean water, simmering pot roast and a soft bed, and the comforts and ease of yesterday (the WAY we live right NOW) is so very very far away in the past… you wont be sneering then at preppers who understood what was at stake, nor patriots worthy of standing up and FIGHTING to keep it from the very people who are destroying that standard of living. hindsight always sharpest when you suffer the most from the error of your ego that will not accept the stark reality of where we are DEFINITELY GOING in the next couple days to come.

        • The globalists are the enemy, who is fighting them? Self sufficiency is the only weapon most people have, and stacking keeps the globalists sucking us dry. Alternate economy is the biggest weapon.

          • Exactly! Who is actually fighting THEM? NO ONE, there is no mortality attrition rate among them, the same cannot be said for those who are just regular people….Your countrymen WILL kill you without regret for their paycheck in the employ of the self serving GOVERNMENT..
            ITS LONG PAST Time to accept that fact. there are no innocents in the law enforcement community anymore, they are just mercs in the employ of the Government (the Continuity of Government/ Shadow government bosses). Oathkeepers /Oathbreakers is a MYTH because when it comes down to it, these people do not honor nor uphold the Constitution, ONLY their retirement and paychecks, otherwise we would NOT be where we are right now if they were Oathkeepers. Failure to police their own is the same thing as tacit approval of the corruption.

      25. Everything can change in 24 hours, so I do what I do. Fear is not an option.

      26. Well it’s apparent that evidently you guys sensor the comments the people leave because I commented over a day ago and I still don’t see it.

        • Probly did not submit. It does that sometimes.

      27. While many believe the shift in government leaders in 2017 will bring us back to better times, While many have been optimistic about the promises of a new president, and a brighter spot for the free market, everyone here at shtfplan has to keep everyone down with doom and gloom and the fear porn flowing.

      28. my ‘prepping” has become a life style, it is the way I buy supplies and rotate. It is how my family has chosen to proceed no matter what the economic. civil unrest, shortage of supplies or political forecast. We , my family decided as a group it is what we will do and how we will live. Amen.

      29. I have done some prepping. Getting too old to give a damn anymore. State Park system about two blocks away full of Deer. Venison is good for you!
        Lost all my guns and ammo in that damn boating accident.
        Guess I better make me a spear or maybe a bow and arrows?
        SEMPER-FI ! 4th Marines, 3rd Mar. Div. Northern I Corps,
        Vietnam, 1968-69. (still lost somewhere on the DMZ).
        Blessed be God forever !

      30. I was aware of the police state and certainly the eyes watching us since the $6 billion dollar NSA was built in Utah.
        But, watching the tv series ‘Person of Interest’ on Roku is down right scary.
        I watch a lot of mystery/drama/detective series filmed in England and there are cameras on every street.
        May the Lord help deliver us from this tyranny.

      31. Let’s say worst case does happen. I’d rather die fighting it than survive in a rat hole I can never come out of. So keep on preppin pussies.

      32. I’m with you Robert (kinda/sorta). When they eventually load the buses for parts unknown, those participating will be met with crowded conditions, a lousy/limited water supply, environmental/hygienic overload, and food that’s not fit to feed any animal. Disease will become prevalent with people beginning to die off during the first month of confinement. On my own, with my PREPS (Don’t plan on dying), I have a much better chance of surviving. And that survival will be long term. I’m planning it that way, for when and if it is needed. At some point, community will be restored by those of us who survived due to planning/”preppin” well.

      33. JJ says to be “…aware of what is going on around you.” He means just that. My son was being Tutored by a RSVN SF MSG for Executive Security. The first lesson they were seated at Ron’s dinning room table, facing each other. Ron says, “Describe the room in back of you.” FLUNK! On a Field Trip down town, he was asked to, “Identify the Transvestite who is packing heat.” FLUNK! Being aware of your surroundings and what is happening starts when you leave your home everyday. Practice will make you more aware to where it will become second nature.

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