2 Perps Dead, 2 Wounded in Harlem Attempted Robbery

by | Aug 14, 2009 | Emergency Preparedness | 3 comments

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    Trend forecaster Gerald Celente has said a rise in robberies and violent crime would accompany this economic collapse. If you haven’t already picked up a home defense weapon, consider Charles Augusto Jr.’s story and you might be convinced it’s time to get one.

    Charles Augusto, Jr., bought a gun 20 years ago after he was first robbed, but never discharged it until yesterday, when four would-be robbers entered his Harlem restaurant-supply company yesterday afternoon, pulled a gun on him and demanded money.


    After the Westchester Co. resident made it clear there was no money in the Kaplan Bros. Blue Flame Corp. store– they hadn’t even had any customers in the store that day — the bandits turned their attention to his 33-year-old assistant, JB, and starting pistol-whipping him and demanding money.

    That prompted Augusto to pull the 12-gauge, pump-action shotgun and fire three times, cops said. The blasts struck all four men, two of them in the back.

    One of the perps, James Morgan, 29, fell in the doorway and died outside the building, with a gun near his body. Raylin Footman, 21, who had prior arrests for robbery and weapons charges, collapsed across the street, and later died at St. Luke’s Hospital.

    Even if your home defense weapon sits in a closet gathering dust for 20 years, there may be a day in your life when you need to use it, and it may save your life.

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      1. Yep…you guys probably already think I’m nuts, so what the hell?

        It was not even a year ago that I nothing even close to being a “gun person.”  In fact, I had only fired a real gun twice in my life.  Well, things have changed.

        Since late last year, I’ve purchased a .40 cal pistol, a 12 gauge, and several rifles.  Not only because I was scared of a SHTF scenario, but I just think it’s a good idea to know how to handle a gun if you know what I mean (sort of like it just being a good idea to know how to drive a car even if you take the public bus everywhere…or swim even though you live in the desert…).  I also know I’m not Rambo or John McClane – but I figure it’s better to be safe than sorry.  I’ve also  found that I rather enjoy shooting.

        Though for legit self/home defense purchases, a decent caliber handgun and/or a shotgun SHOULD be MORE than enough.  If we get to the point that I need my rifles to defend myself, we are in deep, deep, deep trouble.  To be quite honest though, I still don’t think it’s what I would call a “mathematical impossibility” or anything…

        I also have obtained a CCW license – though I have yet to carry.

        They way I figure it, even if I’m a complete moron and being paranoid, I should be able to get a decent amount of that money back if I decide to sell some of the stuff…stressing the word “if.”

        Well, there you have it.  I’ll go 50/50 that I am in fact certifiable.

        Maybe I’ll make this the subject of my first post…What do you guys think?

      2. for your first post, will it be about guns, or the fact that you might be crazy?


        no dude — it is totally legit to have the guns you have. At first, perhaps you bought for self defense, now it seems you enjoy it and like to collect. that doesn’t make you crazy at all!

        and if the SHTF, then you are good to go on home defense. But, like you said, if it gets to the point where you need multiple guns to defend yourself, we’re all in a world of shit. I honestly don’t think it is going to get that bad — but what if?

      3. Haha…not bad.  Maybe I’ll work on “it” this weekend…

        I’ll go for both – “Rambling Thoughts on Weapons Suitable for Self-Defense from the Mind of a Certifiably Insane Person.”

        Speaking of which, I just got back from the range (indoor)…the fun of shooting an AR-15 surprises me every time…even at close range.

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