“You’ve Been Part Of The Problem For Decades”: Pop Singer Seal Exposes Oprah’s Extreme Hypocrisy Over Harvey Weinstein Scandal

by | Jan 11, 2018 | Conspiracy Fact and Theory | 63 comments

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    U.S. Democratic Presidential candidate Obama is joined by talk show host Oprah Winfrey and his wife Michelle at a rally in Des Moines

    Longtime pop singer Seal has publicly called out Oprah Winfrey for her extreme hypocrisy surrounding her speech at the Golden Globes and subsequent grandstanding in the wake of the Hollywood Harvey Weinstein scandal.

    The pop singer posted a now viral meme to Instagram Wednesday that openly showed Oprah actually sucking on Hollywood mega-predator Harvey Weinstein’s ear while another showed her actually introducing a young actress to him.

    “Oh I forgot, that’s right…..you’d heard the rumors but you had no idea he was actually serially assaulting young stary-eyed actresses who in turn had no idea what they were getting into. My bad,” Seal rightfully noted.

    Keep in mind that Oprah has already been accused of MUCH MORE than “hearing” rumors.

    Infowars reported:

    At least one aspiring actress has accused Weinstein of using Oprah to seduce her with promises of advancing her career.

    British actress Kadian Noble claimed she was raped in a hotel room by Weinstein, who had earlier greeted him with Oprah “swinging off his arm” at a London event in 2014.

    “Harvey wasn’t acting alone. Harvey wasn’t allowed and enabled to do what he did to Kadian and other women without help,” said Noble’s attorney, Jeff Herman.

    Weinstein was attacked while while eating dinner at an Arizona restaurant this week.

    If the Democrats think Oprah is their savior for 2020 then that is obviously a GOOD thing for all liberty minded Americans as a Hollywood elitist has absolutely NO CHANCE of being voted president in this climate.


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      1. Oops! Guess she didn’t think any of that would come out since she is the current darling of the left. Gotta love it when they eat their own.

      2. She also did nothing to help the situation regarding the sexual abuse allegations at her African school for girls, among other crimes she has ignored.

        One of her first cousins was in some of my college classes (this was just before she became famous) and apparently Oprah also lied about her abusive childhood of poverty. All lies. Oprah is a true master in the art of deceit.

        These easily misled, mindless, brainwashed white women, and black people, (and some gay men as well) who follow her, believing her every word, it’s hard to believe they can’t see through her deceit. They’re unaware that they are worshiping a woman who is evil to the core.

        Hopefully she’ll decide NOT to run for POTUS. Although she clearly lacks the qualifications, she does have a very strong backing, including Hollywood elites, and a very large following too.

        She was influential during Obama’s campaign. She helped the former chimp-in-chief get elected and I am sure he will return the favor should the Queen of Evil decide to run. She also has the time, resources and half-billion dollars that it now costs to run an effective campaign.

        Disagree all you want, but if evil Oprah decides to run, she does have a good chance of winning the election.

        • Plenty of time to gather all the evidence to sink her in 2020.

        • Marie, libturds don’t know how to think for themselves. No critical thinking skills. They’ll accept anything any of their “heros” tell them at face value. They never question anything.

      3. bring her on – she has more skeletons in her closter that will be exposed – even with all her millions of adored minions around the world – her lifestyle could not stand the scurtinyexposure

      4. shTMZf ?

      5. I heard Oprah got busted at the border for drugs. They took her in a back room and had her lift her dress, they found 100 lbs. of CRACK! 😮

        • Yikes! Gotta say Hell No to that crack!

          • oprah is an obamanation

        • and 200 kilos of shit

          • hey dont talk about our next president like that?

        • Good one…

        • thanks for the visual eeeewwwwe?

      6. Gross hypocrisy is the hallmark of these celebrities. First of all, they have the mindset they are better than everyone else, many even even publicly say it. Secondly, they believe only they are entitled, yet also believe everyone else isn’t; they are allowed to get away with saying and and doing outrageous things even publicly and that’s okay but if you do the same you just trash, they demand rules and requirements for us, yet they must be exempt. Thirdly, if you don’t agree with them they brand you as less than nothing, probably because by not agreeing with them you don’t validate their superiority. And fourth (though there are many more), they do a lot of virtue signaling but little else to make a difference. In their private lives most celebrities are horrible people, just listen to what most people who know them or work for them say. Sadly, this phenomena is allowed to exist basically unchecked; look at Clinton’s crimes for example, or De Niro’s profane and grossly vulgar speech the other night , (did everyone see the celebrities applause to the filth?), and there countless others. We know the actions of only a few celebrities is sufficient to reflect the general attitude of most celebrities, we’ve all heard a recording or video here and there where they have said they have contempt or even despise “the little people”.
        One can actually truly really see that half the people in this country are empty-headed, they believe celebrities are better than the rest of us and believe everything they project from their public personas, and even excuse their horrible behavior. They have been successfully conditioned to accept this; to prove it do you see how so many people want to be famous? And because politicians are public figures many enjoy the same perverse adoration. Our society has become both vacuous and degenerate from to to bottom.

      7. Even the negros are calling each other out. There is hope!

        • You shouldn’t call Seal a “negro”. I think he has been very courageous in doing that. He is not the same kind as her. How many black celebs in the US would actually do that and try to think for themselves? Even those who seem very outspoken are only mouthing the pre-masticated mush they were served on all sides. They have to, or they would be shunned and run into trouble. I think there are a very few exceptions, such as David Chappelle? Not sure though.

      8. Oprah is no less evil than Hillary. There’s a video, I think still on youtube. of her at some event on a hot microphone saying, “All old white people should just go ahead and die”, or something like that. She’s always been anti-white and tried her best to hide it. Amazing that her customer base is still libturd-minded white women. Can’t fix stupid.

        • You CAN fix stupid, but its a permanent solution with a wake so their idiot friends can say goodbye.

        • Part of her speech was about six white guys raping a black female in 1944. Then later talked about a new day when we all get along. Didn’t hide her sentiment in that monotone, boring and wind bag speech.

          • Really? Oh God. Didn’t know that. Does she know why American marines stationed in Okinawa have gotten in disrepute with the population for decades? I’m sure she knows very well, and that’s why she is trying to deflect by inciting hatred against whites.

        • “…they just have to die.”

          ht tps://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dDeg3pfK8FA

          • ht tps://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wVvnT1w0ehs

        • It was actually a BBC interview…she’s a Eugenicist, Identitarian and a raging bigot who peddles Victim-Hood as if its a virtue and will enable those who Embrace that Victim-Hood.
          She’s an Oligarchical Elitist SCOURGE that shoukd be eradicated from public life.

          Also, acting as a MADAM for Wein-Scum, well, the Elite DO pimp out the American people so maybe politics IS perfect for such egregious trash.

        • It’s not simply stupid as such. You should realize those women have actually been brainwashed by education and media (and their environment).

      9. Isn’t it ironic. I thought Oprah had been a victim of rape as a young girl and now she is offering up young girls to get raped.
        Shameful! and disgusting! People need to turn the TV off

        • CoolMom – She was not raped as she has claimed. She was promiscuous. Very promiscuous, even as a preteen. Her family told me (early in her career, before she became famous) that is how she really got pregnant. They told me she lied about the pregnancy to inspire sympathy and pity.

          • Well, it looks like people like Oprah have been lying all their way to fame. This seems pretty clear. But however I may tend to believe this, let’s not forget these are basically rumours. As much as I do tend to believe it.

      10. I don’t know where they dug up all those black gowns. I could have done better buying one from the thrift store.

      11. Extreme hipocratcy? Revalation 2:9,3:9 John 8:44 . This has been going on for 2018 plus years? Hopefully soon the Tares will burn. Read who they are. The truth shall set you free.

      12. Fits right in with all the other narcissistic celeb windbags.

      13. Negro War II is coming to EU and USA. This time they will starve to death, surrounded in the cities.

      14. Looks like there could be a Dykepalooza at the White House.

      15. Okra is part of the Satanic culture of Hollywood and the power elite.

        The next few years is going to be off the chain .

      16. Long before Weinstein went to Hollywood, the unchosen promoted degeneracy, pornography, rape and slavery. The relationship between blacks and them is one of master and slave. Blacks like Oprah would be poor except that the elite elevated her in status. This is not for love of black people who are being paid to get out of the holy land. No, the chosen despise blacks. But, the chosen simply want foolish whites to admire these blacks like Oprah. Oprah is just a tool for the Weinsteins of this world.


        • You nailed it! Whenever I have discussed culture with powerful Jews they have always talked about blacks as ‘Schwartza’, like little retarded children to be played.

          As for Oprah, she is part of a long tradition of an older woman, either a diesel lesbian or a mannish black woman, who are used to bully, control and pimp out younger women. Read your history books, and you will find these women everywhere. Hillary was one; Ghislain Maxwell another. These characters are key to social control in black communities and countries. Great to see Seal call this out. We need more black men like Seal: strong, disciplined, successful with good taste in women.

          Dumb white women worship Oprah when she is so clearly an obese, greedy woman who condescends to white people. Obese people are fundamentally that way because they are greedy. That says a lot about their character.

      17. Harvey Weinstein, the role model for all American boys on how to be a gentleman, and Oprah Winfrey, the role model for all American girls on how to be ladies. Who could ask for a cuter couple? The toy industry should make dolls in their image and discard Ken and Barbie. They should also make dolls of the Clintons. Every pickup truck in the South would be driving down the road with Hilary hanging by the neck from the rear view mirror.

      18. All I can offer this go-round discussion is ‘thank the Good Lord the bitch didn’t breed’. Funny isn’t it, the trade-offs in life? She’s a billionaire; but, a hopelessly fat sterile ugly black broad at the end of the day relegated to having to pay for some gigolo stud to throw her a ‘bone’ once in a while.

        • Okra is a fat low rent cow from ghetto Baltimore. I remember that huge monster on the local tv back in the day. Good Lord, what a monster gorilla that thing is. She may have a $Billion but she is still super FAT and black and dumb and can’t even squeeze out 10 other little Okra ape chimps.

        • The true test of a woman’s beauty and character is to strip away all the garbage – the make-up, fancy clothes, big house – and take her on a camping trip. If she still looks beautiful in the morning when you wake-up in the sleeping bag, then she is a keeper. You just know Oprah would look like hell and you would have to air the tent for all the night farts (obese people fart like a beast because of their over-eating).

          • she is into glamping not camping, now we know why. she can bring her makeup artist with her.

          • Well, these are really frank thoughts!

            But where’s the romanticism?

        • She definately bred alright, she just sacrificed those babies to the devil during those satanic hollywood rituals…you have to sacrifice to make it where she has or its poor-doom life in the pig-eats-pig big wide world.

          • “truth”?

            In all honesty, this sound more like your own fantasies.

            Try not to make things up, you could go too far. Honestly.

        • O is clearly homosexual masquerading as hetero!

          • Buddha said:

            “Believe not in anything simply because you have heard it,
            Believe not in anything simply because it was spoken and rumored by many,
            Believe not in anything simply because it was found written in your religious texts,
            Believe not in anything merely on the authority of teachers and elders,
            Believe not in traditions because they have been handed down for generations,
            But after observation and analysis, if anything agrees with reason and is conducive to the good and benefit of one and all, accept it and live up to it.”

      19. Unfortunately due to their unwillingness to forgive they culture is ascending into chaos and destruction.

        Wounds are self inflicted. Many thought Obama was their avenger and savior and many are in worst shape now than before OBama’s clown act.

        Then came trump.

        But oprah had knowledge in my opinion. Now all of a sudden she trying to make an appearance and impression as Obama did in 2008 in her alleged consideration to run for president.

        • The worst treatment of black women is by black men. It is black men who knock up the black women but don’t marry them; it is the black men who rap about what whores and sluts they are and call for them to be raped etc. The more amusing aside in the #metoo nonsense was the fact no black women were stepping forward to accuse white men of sexual harassment. That’s because white men couldn’t even be bothered to harass them.

      20. Women everywhere seem to be coming forward with accusations of sexual harassment. So far, it seems to be focused on Hollywood and Congress. Wonder where it will pop up next?

        • International organizations, particularly the UN. A big drop is on the horizon. Remember, Nikki Haley was taking names. Nikki has been to Israel to get the intel and the intercepts. She is ready to go.

      21. Am I missing something or didn’t most of these ‘women’ start out way back when in the porn industry? Nude pictures of them in high school? “But that was before I knew better. (How the hell did they get hold of those? Where’s my publicist?”) Anybody ever watch a ‘blue’ movie? They’re exactly like the soaps but with the smut left in. Anyway nothing will change – it’s human nature – I think most of those woman’s parents had sex.

      22. Bet she sucked more than just his ear.

        Weinberg probably banged opra too.

        Here we have it …

        the winfrey / weinberg ticket.

        • Oprah and that disgusting chew together? GROSS!

          • DB – That’s because she’s a secret chew.

            She not only believes she is a chosen one, she doesn’t believe in Jesus. She also teaches new age crap that her audiences and followers believe and practice.

          • Harvey was hitting those big chocolate cakes. YEE HAW!

      23. What votes would could that she boon get that Hellery could not get? The democrats are grasping at straws. But say by some manner she became potus? that might be a silver lining? it would finally cause the festering boil to pop. It would be a racial Donnybrook. Im tired of this Mamby Pamby go along to get along crap.

      24. Oprah Winfrey Pimp for Harvey Weinstein. Good Material for an American President. Pedophile Princess.

      25. The American hysteria continues!

      26. Oprah, if you think Harvey Weinstein is a stud, wait until you see Michael Moore.

      27. This country has truly lost its mind if it even considers Oprah for POTUS. Her fake aura beams out conspicuously. She’s a replica of Obama. Pure evil, what more to be said?

      28. Its all totally disgusting.Why is it everyone is talking about it but no one is doing anything to stop it ?

      29. QUOTE “Harvey wasn’t acting alone. Harvey wasn’t allowed and enabled to do what he did to Kadian and other women without help,” said Noble’s attorney, Jeff Herman UNQUOTE

        I would proffer more: Harvey, rather than being just “allowed and enabled”, as if it were some sort of reward for something – like a cookie for good behavior – may have been actually been programmed, conditioned – encouraged, pushed – into this kind of behavior because someone, somewhere benefited from it. And maybe Seal’s picture just shows one of the people doing the pushing.

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