WTF? UK Police Captures “Invisible UFO” On Thermal Camera

by | Sep 29, 2016 | Conspiracy Fact and Theory | 86 comments

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    Screen capture of 'invisible UFO' filmed by South Wales police using thermal imaging

    Screen capture of ‘invisible UFO’ filmed by South Wales police using thermal imaging.

    A fascinating and mysterious flying object was caught on cameras by a police helicopter in South Wales in the UK.

    And the most bizarre part was that it was invisible to the eye – only a thermal imaging cameras was able to see it.

    This truly unidentified flying object – which looks curiously like the classical flying saucers of legend – was videotaped for about 7 minutes, and has left left police in South Wales baffled.

    It didn’t register on air traffic radar screens, and it wasn’t visible to the public.

    As the Daily Mail reported:

    Footage from the force’s heat-seeking helicopter camera shows a spherical object bobbing around in the centre of the screen.

    The unidentified craft was filmed by the South Wales police while officers were flying 1,000ft over the Bristol Channel.

    […] Confused police said the mystery object was flying against the wind and was undetected by air traffic control at about 9.30pm on Saturday.

    The object – which could not be seen with the normal eye – was captured by thermal cameras.

    Here’s the video:

    Police in the UK have solicited public input, and are offering no explanation or positive identification.

    Some of the commenters have suggested that the hidden apparatus is engaged in clandestine surveillance and observation, along with, of course, claims that it is connected with aliens, secret Nazi UFO programs and everything else that falls into that category.

    The strangest things about the unidentified flying objects (UFO) phenomenon is how much we don’t know.

    Setting aside the possibility that these frequent sightings are alien visitors, the real question is just why there is so little disclosure. I mean, the powers that be must know something… it just seems like they aren’t telling the people.

    The huge gap between the number of people who report witnessing this phenomenon and the lack of a proper explanation about what is happening is itself astounding.

    Why are agencies in the public interest not solving these mysteries? Is seems difficult to believe that higher levels of the government wouldn’t have some serious insights into what is happening…

    So it begs the question, what are they really hiding? And is this pat of a secret government program using cloaked and stealth advanced technologies?

    It could well be, but anyone with first hand knowledge about it isn’t about to blow the whistle.

    Are questions about extraterrestrials just smokescreen for a hidden program? What do you think?

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      1. A ufo is just that,no one knows for sure what the hell it is,could be stealth tech/could be alien(extraterrestrial)who knows.I saw some ufo activity as a kid,perhaps human,perhaps not.

        I have always believed we at a earlier age had cool tech and it either turned on us or we used as a weapon,do think some went out of harms way long ago.

        The deeper we dig(literally)the more we find,like coins in the US that at moment not identified that were in material at a 20,000 year old depth,so,who knows.

        • I agree WAR , We could very well have damn near wiped ourselves out once before .
          Theres alot of evidence for that argument , ask George Nory , lol.
          Seriously though , we dont even know whats at the bottom of the sea .

          • They’re here!

            • Massive Silver Bull rally this Fri AM. About time. $19.62 Up .50 Cents.

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        • Goodbye Everybody,

          I’m leaving to make a solo attempt on the highest mountain in the continental US.

          Be back in 10 days.

          • Enjoy Cali.,though really,so close many other ranges/peaks within 10-20 feet of each other out west,but,Cali. is the highest technically.

          • Good Luck Acid, Take some photos.. Hydrate!!! Hydrate!! Hydrate!!! It avoids cramping, and altitude sickness.


          • Acid:

            You probably know that putting lemon in your water improves endurance.

      2. It is from earth. Period. End of story.

        There are no aliens. There never have been there almost certainly never will be.

        The whole alien myth is one big LIE. Please stop being stupid. Really learn the astronomical lie about alien invasion.

        There is one true alien invasion, it is from the outer reaches of earth. And these aliens may be criminals, rapist animals; but in the technical sense, they are human.


        • It is part of the J*w globalist conspiracy. Ronald Reagan who worked for J*w holly hell Hollywood and as spokesman for J*w General Electric, said all mankind will come together when there is a threat from outer space. He was softening up our resistance to this rediculous notion. Every Hoolywood movie with a “War of the Worlds” theme is mind control. It’s part of “terrorism”. It’s a lie. Don’t be an idiot. Stop listening to people who hate you. You’re a fool if you have even the slightest, most remote doubt that this alien crap is anything but bull shit. !!


          • I agree completely on the “Alien Invasion” theatrics that has been programmed into people’s minds – but … even today, with the technology we have, we still know very little about the Universe.

            That being said – to think Planet Earth is the only planet to have intelligent life … is complete and utter nonsense.

            As is – Astronomers have already detected many … many … many planets like Earth, that could support life.

            To think us Earthlings are the only ones in the Universe is not correct sir.

            • Whats more rediculous? UFO’s or Religion?

              Both seemed to be based on the similar premise, that some space craft will fly down to save you and take you away to some unknown galaxy in the heavens.

              UFO’s though don’t solicite your money on Sunday to fleece you, or promise you BS like ever lasting life, which nobody has ever gotten ever.

              I never had a UFO try to rip me off yet with BS lies and fraud, unlike Religion.

              -WWTI… Any non-profit organization who does not give at least 50% of their donations they take in, given back to real charity functions in helping people, needs to be shut down or taxed as as a regular income driven for-profit business.

              Like the Clinton foundation. Where only 7-10% is given back. The rest is kept to lavish their owners lifestyles. Same about churches. Its all money laundering fraud, to wash money for tax deductions.

              Example: A guy approaches a xhurcj and says, “I’ll write you a check for say $100K, take my check and cash it, give me back $90K in Cash, you keep 10% for the church and he gets a $100K Tax credit for a charity donation. Tell me J*ws haven’t caught on to this laundry scam yet. To wash money as tax free.

              This crap is what is killing America in lost Tax revenue. The nonprofit charity tax scams. When was the last time a synagog had a tax audit?

          • You mean the whole Alien thing was a scheme plotted by the Jehovah’s Witnesses?? Who’d a thunk…

            • Spook89 –

              I had heard it differently … it was said to me … that the Mormons … specifically Joseph Smith said the Alien Invasion was coming to get their “gold tablets” that he … himself … had buried … so nobody could find them to reveal the truth of God ‘n shit and expose Religion as a fraud as what it is.

              ‘praise Jesus …..

              [lol … sarcasm … assholism … jerk … etc. … humor … fk’n smile ツ]

        • you may be right there B…but then again,
          you may be over there instead…
          who knows for sure?

        • But we just had several examples of Alien ships disguised as meteors crashing into the oceans so that they could await the signal from the Mother Ship!

        • I’m new to this conspiracy, but have you guys or gals looked into the possibility of flat earth? Lots of good videos on YouTube that leaves you thinking “that makes sense.” If tou really open your eyes and know that tptb have lied and deceived us on every front, why not a flat earth. It’s the whole basis for the Big Bang and a contradictory view to creationism. Maps of “flat earth” are depicted in none other than the UN’s own logo. Just ask yourself how deep does the rabbit hole go. Food for thought. Bless you all.

          • Really? Flat earth? You are joking yes? Having traveled the planet, It is not flat, there is no dome, no wall! FE does not have enough evidence to make it past hypothesis! Zero evidence to support FE! But if you believe in FE, you get to be part of a “special” cult with a membership of 30,000 worldwide! That’s about the same as the Unicorn believers group. Flat Earth,LOL! Yeah, I needed a good laugh!

          • I was reading some articles about the flat earth theory a while back. It was quite interesting. In fact i found it fascinating. I need to read up on it more. The thing is…how can the earth be flat when from space it looks like a round body? All the planets are round and look “full”. I guess i need to read up on it more.

      3. 4,700,000,000,000,000,000,000 miles on a single tank of gas. The only space aliens are the illegal aliens taking up space at the welfare office.

        • I unlike many am not so arrogant to assume we are the only life in the galaxies,as for travel,hell,soon if we don’t blow it will be using things for fuel til now never really thought of /much less used.

          • Dammit:

            I never said that in all the galaxies no other life forms exist. A bacteria is a life form. There may be plenty of planets in other galaxies. Intelligent life forms such as ourselves, unlikely. But even if there are intelligent life forms in far away places, the vast distance makes travel impossible. We won’t live 100,00years to get light from outer planets. The closest stars within our own Galaxy are so many light years (the time light travels in one year) away, that no rational educated human believes this insanity. TPTB have deliberately dumbed down the public so they can trick and control them.

            To all you dumbed down people:

            Turn off your TV. Unplug your earphones. Get off your internet games.

            Read a book on astronomy. Read the works of philosophers of east and west. Study chemistry, physics, and read history autobiographies. Mien Kamph is Hitler’s auto-biography and his philosophy. Read it. Read Karl Marx and Freued. See for yourself. Stop listening to authoritarians. They lie.


            • The human race has barely scratched the surface of technological scientific understanding and the rise in knowledge is going exponential. A hundred years ago the most common mode of transportation was animal power. The concepts of time and space are opening up questions that would be as foreign as electricity and computers to a neanderthal. Everyone once knew with absolute certainty that the world was flat.

              • Religion never scratches the surface of scientific reality. Its all designed on hocus pocus phenomenon called a friggin miracle.

                -WWTI… The world was built in 7 days, but God can’t figure out how to print his own money and begs for yours every Sunday.

                See the disconnect?

                • No debate from me. I’m an agnostic at best.

                  • Kevin, I am not religious hoax believer, I am a Truth seeker. Proof!! Facts!! Reality!!! That’s what I like.

                    There is so much Fraud injected into our lives, its high time we draw the line, and bring all truth to the surface. Call out every POS liar out there. Who’s ripping who off, and be an advocate for the TRUTH. We need major injection of morality and integrity back into our entire system from Government to Business and society. Yes this is your Judgment Day, you POS Liars and Thieves out there. You can no longer Hide. The Free Speech Army of Truth tellers is on the March. The Airwaves belong to the People, not 5 Corporate foreign Tribes monopolizing entire media demographics. Break them up into a Million Pieces. Get back to real Independent Investigative reporting, calling out all the fraud and rip-offs in Government and business. It is a check and balance for the truth. Our entire Media system in America has been totally Hijacked and polluted. Hillary giving hand signals to Lester Holt. WTF?

                    “People who believe in Lies, live their lives as a Lie.”

                    Never fear by Telling the Truth. Most of the Holidays here in the US are based on FRAUD. No More Federal Employee Holiday Free Day Off Pay Period, except for the 4th of July. MLK negro day, my ass!! Presidents Day? Chris Columbus day? Leif Erikson discovered N America in 1000 AD, and the Indians before that. Thanks Giving? These US Holidays are all lies, based on fraud. Then throw in Halloween to worship satin, to counter the Christmas Fraud. Harmonica day? Please!! Its time to debate each holiday and erase them from the calendar. Enough Fraud. We need to clean the slate and start over.

                    I have no problem, you celebrating at your free will, any holiday you wish, but no more Tax Payer Funded Free days off for Federal Employees on Holidays. You work for your pay, you want a day off from work to celebrate MLK day, then NO Tax Payer Funded PAY that day for you. That is a personal issue, not a free subsidy by tax payers.

                    I want a FREE “Go Boating Day,” how about you people pay for my free Boating Day, by you all kicking in on your taxes for my gas expense? See what Commie Socialism does, to drag America down in the race to the bottom?

                    52% of my Property taxes in the City went for State and County Public Schools. I don’t even have any children. So I am subsidizing these sex addicts via Communism, who cant keep their dicks in their pants, reckless sex lives, for their offspring bastards, to teach them something. Like WTF? That’s not My JOB!!! There is nothing in the Constitution that says Tax payers are to fund the Freeshit Army’s offspring’s education.

                    I want a few free years off from paying Federal Income Taxes, how about you grant me that, in exchange for your Free Paid Day Off Holidays based on Fraud? Pfffttt..

                    ~WWTI… How do you live in any society which everything is based on Fraud and Lies? Answer, you don’t, and You move out to a Remote BOL, and get off their Grid of Lies and Fraud, No TV BS. Get into one with nature and live your life free from all the Chaos.

                    The sun is shining and the birds are singing out here.

                    • But you sure got sucked in by doom porn.
                      What a loser moron.
                      When you get to our level, you see your own stupidity, but reading your tripe, you probably never will.
                      500 women?
                      They laughed at your micro nano penis every time…
                      You are a blight to this site…

      4. here you go kids
        more toys to play with

        Chaos will erupt across America in less than 100 days… no matter who wins the election

        Learn more: ht tp://

        now be nice to the libtards cause’ you don’t want them out to get YOU !!!

        you know that monster hiding under your bed you heard about as a child ?
        well it was real and it is a LIBERAL !!!

        boogey booogey boooogey !!!

        • “you know that monster hiding under your bed you heard about as a child ?
          well it was real and it is a LIBERAL !!!”

          Ahh … this makes complete sense to me now! Thanks for the clarification Satori – ツ

        • “…we’re off to never-never land.”

      5. It’s a clandestine poster on this site. I’d name names, but that could get me in big trouble!

      6. Sooner or later despite the best intentions of governments to suppress the evidence, contact with intelligent ET will occur and it will be above reproach. Its impact on civilization will be the most disruptive occurrence in human history rocking the entire social structure of society throughout the world.

      7. Klingons

      8. I thought you were going to have a beer. LOL

        • I’m on the third one now

          thanks for asking !

          • You have beer … I have wine.

            (っ^▿^)۶???٩(˘◡˘ )


            • Thought you’all must be on something.

          • Satori.

            I thought you were kidding.

            • Satori dont kid around,,,

      9. Darn, If it looked like a black thug they would of shot it down

      10. Now you know why they are provoking Russia and the world so badly. The US/West have weapons so terrible that we could wipe out the entire world in a half hour.

        I think the other countries know it. That’s why WWIII hasn’t started.

        • Rahcel

          Your referring o MAD Mutually Assured Destruction. Both the US and Russia have the capability to literally destroy the world and the lesser powers UK, France and China have enough to put mankind into a pre industrial world without even bothering to touch the bio-viral weapons that would surely be used. Nuclear weapons have to date kept the peace far better than any treaty ever signed.

          The envelope is being pushed by the West / US that is utterly reckless as accident as almost happened here is not just possible but increasingly likely the more you tease the tail of the dragon. The entire world was one vote away from armageddon and this coming from a group not known for the democratic tradition of voting. That is truly bone chilling.

          h ttps://

      11. I don’t blame anyone for thinking OFOs are B.S.
        Seeing is believing, right?
        So, therefore, if you haven’t personally seen one,you naturally would not believe it.
        BUT, about 50 years ago, when I was a university student in Boston, in a nearby suburb, I personally witnessed a UFO event one night. I know what I saw, and I can never forget it.
        Like ‘The X-Files’, I know that ‘There IS something out there’!

        • How could there not be?

        • Anan,what you saw in Boston was perhaps over the Dover/Sherborn region,if so,may have seen what I did as a little kid.

        • Ok this is gonna sound crazy, but it’s the truth. Back in 1970 i was in the city in daytime driving around one of those big circles. Up in the sky for like one or two seconds i saw a space ship…but i only saw half of it. It like suddenly materialized and then suddenly disappeared. It was so beautiful. It was Octagonal. It was multi leveled. It had big green lights at each corner of the octagonal. It was fantastic. I had stopped the car at that moment and just stayed there in the circle waiting to see if it would materialize again. The strange thing is that no cars were near me at all. I saw no cars. I was the only one in the circle to see it. I never forgot it. It was broad daylight. It was low like above the treetops and it was gigantic! It was the most beautiful sight/ship i’ve ever seen. It looked like a gigantic city in the sky.

      12. It is only in the last few years that technology has produced reliable cameras that can see in infrared and UV bands beyond the normal range of humans.

        Who knows what natural effects will be discovered that we just couldn’t see before these cameras existed.

      13. Plan,am waiting for the ones that see into other dimensions,I suppose after a look see may not be so eager though!

      14. To: B from CA

        The only idiot here is you. You anti-semitic piece of crap. Then again, its to be expected you are from CA.


        • J*ws are the biggest race baitors out there. Black Lives Matter is an example funded by G Soros. They think using sarrogates to spread their hate is clever. You’re busted.

          Lets make this clear. I am Pro-American, not anti-semetic. I will call out all enemies and traitors of America and our people.


          • More like pro-asshole you bloody sodomite…

        • J*ws are the biggest race baitors out there. Black Lives Matter is an example funded by G Soros. They think using sarrogates to spread their hate is clever. You’re busted.

          Lets make this clear. I am Pro-American, not anti-semetic. I will call out all parasites, enemies and traitors of America and our people.


      15. Vehicles of God. Stop it with your ET crap.

      16. Ufos are human powered time travel devices. Not alien tech , inter dimensional tech.

        I have seen at least 4 daytime ufos and countless night lights that move all crazy

        I live 4 miles northwest of Skinwalker Ranch , Randlett UT. Google it. It’s damn crazy out here.

        Uintah Basin UT

        • Captain Crunch.

          The only thing we have flying around here is the Police Chopper.
          Long slow orbits.

      17. Present day science has experimented with teleportation and time travel. With the aid of huge amounts of power, small particles have been moved from one point to another and in other experiments similar small particles have been transported through very short periods of time.

        The problem with these feats has been the massive amounts of power required.

        Now suppose we don’t blow ourselves completely off the face of the earth in the next few years. Could we – in the future – harness a power source that would enable man to move larger masses through both space and time? Stuck here in the 21st century, we have no way to know the answer to that question. Perhaps in the 41st century. . .

      18. Wonder if they caught any of Hilary’s invisible emails while at it?

      19. Helium filled balloon reflecting surrounding light camouflaged to the naked eye. No background to determine scale and artifacts from zooming in and out. Temperature variation from that of surrounding atmosphere produces an image on thermal camera. Therefore, the only plausible conclusion must be it’s an alien presence or a black ops device that escaped it’s moorings. Sarc-off.

        • You obviously have experience with FLIR. Although I agree, I wish you wouldn’t have posted. I was enjoying the back and forth.

      20. More test of military equipment. Remember I have always said they are 50 years ahead of what we see.

        • Sgt.
          YUP, we have some very interesting types of cloaking and are perfecting them as we speak, BUT you also remember when there is a nuclear explosion it creates a isotope that is ONLY found because of that explosion and that isotope is found in India and has been known but very little public knowledge of it exists. so MANY moons ago, several thousand years there was a nuclear explosion in that area also in that area you will also find writing and pictures of what appear to be large fireball explosions. some VERY interesting parts of history are very carefully left out of history books!! so you can decide how this occurred as a volcano cannot produce that isotope!

          • A 54
            I believe that we are not the first group no this planet that has achieved the uses of the Atom.


            • Sgt.
              I agree, MANY things happened on this planet and have been carefully suppressed over the years WHICH that alone shows how much we are supposed to be controlled! Things appear to be heating up more and more, stay safe my friend!

      21. This is only ONE of the MANY reasons that ALL of you should DEMAND
        For Obama and All criminal Politicians involved with the Intentional DESTRUCTION
        of America as a Nation. Obama and company are TRAITORS.

        How can ONE man “Give away our business/economic infrastructure?
        INTERNET to be controlled by Foreigners.
        Now up on

        These traitors are getting America into a Nuclear War.
        Do you people understand this?

      22. Since this is a dead thread…
        How finite can we be to think we are alone?
        If our star and 8-9 rocks called planets are just a blip on the edge of the galaxy called the Milky Way, one of billions of galaxies out there per Hubble telescope, how can we be so shallow to think there is NOT intelligent life out there far above where we are as humanity now.
        Jesus said he had many flocks. He did not mention where, since we only think in earthly terms.
        Maybe he meant all the universe…

        Could the cosmic consciencness include all that is out there???

        I would like to know the true truth…

        • Might I also say, 10/1, the internet as we know it now MIGHT change for the worst.
          Might take time or be all at once.

          I just want to say, I have enjoyed most all the great posters here.

          I have learned, appreciated, and look forward to reading most all the posts here.

          You people have made this site what it is.

          But if it all shuts down, I hope I made some laugh, smile and seen life in a different light…

          GOD bless all, since he is the cosmic unifier for all souls…

          Thanks Mac for years of info…

          • EPPE
            Thanks for the Blessing you are asking for us. I hope you and yours are also Blessed, and do very well in the future.

            It has been fun here even with some of the Trolls we have been having to put up with.

            If it goes down I did learn a lot, and I hope I made or gave good info to help.

            I hope some day to meet you.



            AIM SMALL MISS SMALL. might be the last time I get to say it.


        • How about try to post something intellegent for once. Maybe people will take you serious. Naw.. Will never happen in your lifetime.

          Drinking again? Sounding all sappy and depressed. Remember suicide is always an option for you. Hmmmm but you have no guns. How about Garage door down, engine running, bottle of Gin between your legs and listening to pink floyd dark side of the moon. You can dream about making diamonds.. Go for it clock puncher. Be a man.


          • WWTI…..

            You are a despicable piece of human excrement.

            • Dipstick says the same crap to me all the time, so f-off.

              This is his weakness. to die alone and nobody cares. And not many will care, because he is weak, which garners no respect. He will be laughed at. He is unprepared and its all catching up with him including his big lies as SHTF approaches. He has no weapons or BOL, is 57 yrs old and still punches a clock like he’s in high school, cause he fiddled his entire life dreaming. Just like his comments above. Waiting for his wife’s relatives to die so he can get some free wealth, instead of working for it. So he too says things like he going to go look for another property. He lied to everybody on here cause he is one big fraud, a do nothing dreamer. Weak link. No Weapons and NO BOL. Liar!

              And he can stick his god bless y’all sh!t up his ass, thinks he is the Pope now or something. He’s a Fraud. A few here get sucked into his fold like you feeling sorry for the fraudster. I am not one of those gullible dopes. You may be. He will have his ass handed to him soon enough. His time is near.

              ~WWTI.. The weak and unprepared will be culled first. You can’t fake prepping. SHTF is the final exam. “F” is for Fraud and Failure. Weak links will break first.

              • Hmmm….,Eppe works/married with 2 daughters that seem to be doing well/i.e. not divorced 3 times/would say Eppe doing fine.I do not feel sorry for Eppe as he seems to have a Ok life.I as with all posters have to take his word for his life as can’t just run down there and check on everyones stories.

                A example would be,you could live in a studio apartment in the city with a pet alligator in the bath tub,haveno way of knowing if what you say is truth or not for sure without seeing with own eyes,really don’t have the funds to visit all the posters her.

                Now,you are advocating a poster commits suicide/also seem to celebrate the fact you could get property with the court/sherrifs aid that was stolen by the banks/yep,you’re not a person would count on in tough times.

              • Who Wudda Sucked It, we keep hearing your same bovine excrement for 31 months now.
                Same over and over.
                You have brought this site down to its lowest level ever, look at the stats.
                Ever notice no one responds to you???
                Quit lying to everyone here, we know you are ficticous. 500 women, sure…

      23. It’s just Harry Potter and Ron Weasley flying their invisible car.

      24. OK posters,another Wake The Fuck Up event,Kerry just signed un small arms treaty,make sure you have a extra for a friend if possible.

        • Oh,forgot to add this years “anthrax word”to me post:levodopa,much better!

        • WD
          Kerry and the UN can kiss my Red White and Blue ASS!!!!
          Come and get them. Bring me a body bag, and plenty for you.


        • ???huh???

          I think he signed that three years ago and it was voted down 53-46 by the Senate.

      25. That isn’t a UFO,

        It’s a run of the mill sub dimensional Alrairian heavy transport ship.

        The only thing unusual about it is that it was over the UK, they usually use a polar route.

        Maybe they’re expanding their area of operations for some reason?

      26. Most of you don’t have to worry.If the aliens in the above video, read these comments, they would speed away. “No intelligent life down there…”

      27. As Mr. SPOCK would say… “fascinating”.

      28. YOU GUYS DONT BELIEVE IN ALIENS have you seen the size of hitlery’s head got to be some intergalactic being riding inside that bulldog mug

      29. I think the Hubble has seen an estimated millions of billions of stars, literally uncountable number. There are two to three or more times as many planets circling those stars, and we are it in the entire vastness of space? Seems like a very self centered view.

        Theoretically, we should be visited constantly by aliens, but it isn’t happening. Why? I subscribe to the following theory. All intelligent beings create A.I. before they are able to travel the vastness of space. The A.I. becomes self aware and destroys its creator. This pattern happens over and over, explaining why we aren’t visited by aliens. We are estimated to be 3-7 years from creating A.I.(the singularity).

      30. Hey, it’s a “cloaked” Klingon probe visiting the UK.

      31. There is such a thing as ufos. In 2005 me, my son and wife saw it so clearly one night when this massive big disk with one row of lights turning clockwise and a second turning anticlockwise hanging over the farm house of my other son which is a farmer and professional hunter. If I have’nt had this experience I could have been persuaded that ufos are a hoax but our experience was very real. If it is not real project blue beam must be real.

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