“When Police Crackdown On All Leftist Protests, Will Conservatives Cheer the Measure?”

by | Mar 2, 2017 | Conspiracy Fact and Theory | 67 comments

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    This article was written by Brandon Smith and originally published at his Alt-Market.com site.

    Editor’s Comment: The rise of violent political demonstrations is upon us. The question is, will it push society over into the next phase of self-destruction? That all depends upon how people react. Specifically, the left-right divide is geared up for sharp clashes, and the stakes have been raised and racheted up again and again. The present climate is deeply hostile, with the left absolutely rabid against President Trump, and the right suspicious of the agenda and tactics of the left.

    Brandon outlines how not to be baited, how not to be pushed and prodded, and how not to justify even more police state action. If outright riots and fights take place, or assassinations and coups, there can only be more policing, military tactics and financial restrictions. Society could take a dark turn here, but it all depends upon how people react when they are tested… but people with cooler heads and better judgement might sit it out altogether, with enough supplies to ride out any situation, no matter how grim it gets.

    How To Counter Leftist Violence While Maintaining The Moral High Ground

    by Brandon Smith

    Social division is an undeniable reality of human existence; it is also not necessarily a negative aspect of human existence. The moment a society is forced or manipulated into blindly agreeing on everything is the moment that society begins to die and the future of mankind in general becomes rather bleak. Ideas need to be tested, they need to be scrutinized and they need to be verified, perpetually. That said, there are right ways and wrong ways of doing this.

    Diving into a culture of zealotry is certainly the WRONG way. Zealotry requires a religious-like idolization of a particular idea or philosophy; it requires unverified faith and an unwavering devotion. Once people become zealots, they cannot be reasoned with, they cannot be debated, they cannot be dissuaded. They are, for all intents and purposes, automatons with only one mission — to spread their beliefs by any means necessary.  They do not care about being right, they only care about “winning.”  Because, in their minds, their position is unassailable.  They are righteous, and thus, the ends will always justify the means.

    The culture of the Left in the U.S. is beginning to embrace zealotry and the path can only get more ugly from here. This is evident not only in the violent behavior of more vocal groups like Antifa, but also in the lack of self criticism by many on the left that would consider themselves more moderate. There are very few voices among liberals and “progressives” today that are openly admonishing the counterproductive and thuggish actions of their more extreme members (this includes not only Antifa, but other groups like Black Lives Matter).  In many cases, “moderate” leftists even cheer such actions.

    There is this notion among some in the Liberty Movement that to even point out this dynamic is irresponsible because it only reinforces the concept of the false left/right paradigm. Most of these people I find are very new (newbies) to the Liberty Movement and don’t really understand what the false left/right paradigm is. When we talk about the Left and the Right as an illusion, we are talking about the elites who sit at the TOP of the sociopolitical sphere. Meaning, the elites have no loyalties to concepts on either the left or the right in politics. In fact, they often switch back and forth like chameleons depending on what they want from the public at the time. They have their own agenda which does not include the rest of us.

    To be clear, I was just as much against the fake conservatism of George W. Bush as I was against the fake liberalism of Barack Obama.

    This false paradigm does not, however, apply to regular citizens. The further away you get from the top of the pyramid, the more people tend to legitimately associate closer to one philosophy or the other. In times of crisis and uncertainty, these divisions become more pronounced. This is reality. Anyone who argues that there is no left/right paradigm when it comes to the average citizen has no idea what they are talking about.

    So, now that we have acknowledged that the problem exists, lets examine it more in depth…

    The Problem

    All one needs to do is observe the attitudes, insane demands and criminality of hardcore leftists in the past year to see that at least one side of the paradigm cannot be salvaged. They are a lost cause.

    This is a prime example of how it is impossible to win an argument when your position is fundamentally illogical. In most cases, these protesters can’t even specify their reasons for protesting, and they don’t really care to examine why they do what they do. They only know that their ideology is not being represented in totality.  They are unsuccessful at debating their ideas coherently and don’t have the intelligence to convince others that they are correct. They aren’t going to give up simply because they are wrong, so, their only other option is to slander the character of those who disagree, attack them physically and disrupt their ability to speak freely.

    Keep in mind, there is no moral conundrum for zealots. They believe they are completely justified in what they do because the other side represents a “greater evil.” Labeling their opponents as “fascists” is a get-out-of-conscience-free card for them.

    It is important to note that we are not quite at the moment of crisis yet, but I would consider 2017 a turning point. This is where our (conservatives and sovereignty champions) decisions now could affect the future for decades to come. I suspect that as we move closer to summer and warmer weather, riots designed to cancel conservative speaking events (and random riots with no specific purpose) will expand tenfold. Leftists seem to be more active in warmer weather (there is a reason most of them live near the coasts).

    All American citizens, regardless of their political leanings or personal ideals, have a right to speak and the right to listen to those speaking. All American citizens also have a right to redress grievances. This includes leftists. That said, it is important to make a distinction here — NO ONE has the right to silence speech in public spaces in the name of “activism,” and this is where the Left has gone off the rails. My right to speak and be heard is protected; their “right” to silence me is not protected.

    There is a line here that cannot be crossed. Conservatives must be allowed free speech in public places, and leftists must be allowed to protest in public places as long as that protest is PEACEFUL. Once an individual or group uses force to silence speech, they have given up the moral high ground.

    I recognize that there are paid provocateurs operating among liberal protesters and that this likely contributes to higher chances of violence and the madness of mobs. The presence of elitist money among leftist groups has been exposed on numerous occasions in reference to George Soros’ Open Society Foundation, which admitted to injecting $33 million dollars into the Ferguson protests (riots). WashingtonCAN! (another Soros-funded group) put out a Craigslist ad in Seattle offering to pay people $15-$20 an hour to “organize” anti-Trump rallies. WashingtonCAN claims this was merely an ad to hire “phone solicitors,” but they do in fact help organize protests, and nowhere in the ad is phone solicitation mentioned.  I do not think it is a stretch to suggest that these paid “organizers” are present at protests, nor do I think it is a stretch to suggest that they are contributing to the mob mentality.

    This should be taken into account as well. There are moments in any high-tension protest where the mob can be swayed to remain peaceful or to break out into thuggery. Usually, if the mob sees a few people getting away with violent attacks, this gives them license to unhinge as well.

    Is the proper response to crush all leftist protests simply because of the violence of a handful? No. The key is to disrupt individual provocateurs before they can entice the mob to forget themselves. Normally, this would be the job of police on the scene, but as I’m sure many of you have noticed recently (Berkeley being a prime example), the police have been reticent to intervene in a tactically intelligent manner, depending on what municipality they are operating. It seems that when it comes to state and local law enforcement there are only two modes of response, either they are mostly hands off, or, they go full crackdown.

    The issue that needs to be considered is when police or the federal government do initiate a full crackdown on all protests. Will conservatives cheer the measure?

    As I have noted in past articles including ‘Globalists Want To Destroy Conservative Principles – But They Need Our Help’, I believe the greatest danger today is not crazed leftists, but how we RESPOND to crazed leftists.

    To give some historical perspective, the Antifa movement, for example, is nothing new. It is an odd plagiarism of the “Anti-Facist” movements in Europe during the 1920s. Antifa was essentially an offshoot of communist movements in Italy opposed to the rise of Benito Mussolini, but it then spread to other European nations. It was in fact the belligerence of communist groups that actually inspired public support for fascist leaders like Mussolini and Hitler. As common people grew fearful of a monstrous Bolshevik-style revolution, the only other option offered to them was fascism, which at the time appeared to many to be a saving grace.

    Of course, it was not, and totalitarianism in the name of defeating the communists only led to atrocities equal to communist dictatorships. This is what I call a “morally relativistic choice;” a catch-22 that is usually engineered, forcing the populace to pick between the “lesser of two evils.”

    There are those who might argue that there is little chance of a similar development in America today, but consider this — conservatives movements were prodded and harassed for eight years by a constitution-trampling president who originally claimed he was going to undo the trespasses of the constitution-trampling president before him. This took place while leftist organizations imposed thought control and political correctness on us with relative glee. Conservatives have been organizing, training and arming themselves for nearly a decade in the event that globalist and Marxist ideologies take one more inch of rope, the expectation being that Hillary Clinton would attempt to take a mile.

    Now, with Trump in office, we are a hammer looking for a nail.

    This is what the left simply does not grasp. We are certainly not fascists now, but with continued violence from the left something in the collective conservative mind will eventually snap. My suspicion is that this is exactly what elites like George Soros want. They are using the left as sacrificial pawns in order to goad conservatives into going nuclear.

    There are millions of conservatives coming home from work right now, sitting with their families, and seeing news each day filled with leftist protesters trampling all over conservative events and in many cases getting away with it. These conservatives are becoming more and more angry; more and more willing to embrace an ends justify the means reaction. Ultimately, they may very well support a full spectrum government stranglehold on protests and the speech of those we disagree with. This will make us the villains of our little period in history, and this is something I would like to avoid.

    So, the question is, how do we counter violent leftists like those in Antifa without abandoning our constitutional principles?  Lets talk about solutions…

    The Solution

    There is a school of thought that suggests we should stand back, let the mobs tire themselves out and in this way we avoid “escalation.” I would point out that the Left has been escalating matters quite expertly without our intervention. When you have elitist funded organizations generating momentum at a constant pace, it is hard for me to back the notion of complete pacifism. On the other hand, moderation and an even hand rule the day.

    Countering leftist mobs requires a scalpel, not a bulldozer, metaphorically speaking.

    Conservatives are less likely to support police state intervention if they see that leftist attacks are already being countered in a rational way.  I would argue that this could be done by limited groups of civilian volunteers (around 50-100 men strong), without any government involvement, acting as security for speakers and the attendees of events.

    These people would have to be highly vetted — no criminal background, no background of mental instability or psychotropic usage, a professional demeanor, absolutely no ties to federal agencies, no propensity to be ruled by emotion, no stolen valor, etc. etc.  They would also have to be physically capable.

    Members would need previous training as well as updated training in self-defense and riot response, as well as defusing confrontation.  They would have to be invited by the event organizers in question and their goal would be to defend attendees from violence in a non-lethal manner.  Their purpose cannot be to stop a protest from happening, only ensuring that protesters do not overstep their bounds and harm others.

    Of course, the immediate accusation that will be used is that this kind of organizing is simply the formation of “brownshirts” for Trump.  This is why a security group of this caliber would have to also be willing to offer their services to ANY speaker or event, regardless of political affiliation.  It cannot be exclusively about Trump. If a mob of conservatives were threatening to use violence to shut down a liberal speaker, then the group would have to be willing to protect those people as well. I don’t see any examples of this happening anywhere, but again, the group’s concerns must focus on free speech and those that are trying to squash it, regardless of who they are.

    This civilian security organization would require funding at a grassroots level through donations from regular people. Large sums of cash from major political donors or non-profit foundations could not be accepted.  The group would have to be beholden to no one.  It would also need to be separate from any already existing organization and function as its own animal in order to prevent conflicting goals.

    Donations would be needed to fund travel and food expenses for volunteers, as well as some protective gear, the cost of initial training, the expense of background checks as well as legal defense. This organization would have to be limited in size to prevent confusion and a lack of structural discipline.  I suspect that such a venture would start small, and truly qualified people would be limited in the beginning anyway.

    I am willing to coordinate this effort with others depending on the level of enthusiasm that is generated and if donations are adequate. I am ready to help provide training for those who pass the vetting process.  Interested parties can contact me at: [email protected]

    I am also willing to be present and in harms way at every single event that requires a security response.

    I have looked into money raising avenues like Kickstarter, but I believe strongly that these websites will not allow crowdfunding for this venture for political reasons. If there is a strong response to this idea, I will post regular updates to Alt-Market.com on money raised as well as progress made.

    It is entirely possible that I will not be able to find the support needed to make this volunteer venture happen. I can only present the concept and hope that people agree with it. Make no mistake though, if I do not do it, someone else eventually will. It is vitally important that these people are found trustworthy and have a track record of supporting Constitutional principles as well as a track record of competence.  Anyone that arrives on the scene from nowhere should not be trusted.  Anyone looking merely for notoriety and celebrity should not be taken seriously. Anyone looking to start a confrontation rather than prevent one should be dismissed.  We cannot allow ourselves to become what the left accuses us of being.  This is a time for extreme caution, and quiet professionalism.

    This article was written by Brandon Smith and originally published at his Alt-Market.com site.


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      1. Brandon, another good article, but I have to respectfully disagree about being a pacifist or protecting any LIBTURD speakers. I’m perfectly willing to stand up for any good conservative speaker, but I won’t lift a hand to help any libturd who promotes the idea of turning my country into a socialist nightmare. while I don’t want to see our country become a police state, something has to be done to counter the left and their atrocities. It’s the left who’s doing all of the rioting, NOT the right!

        • If they just enforce all the provisions in the first ten amendments of The Constitution ‘for everybody’ things will work out. This is how they chip away at us. A thousand little bites. Making you the power hungry tyrant when you get the chance.
          And I don’t want to be on any list that this guy creates from the donations he gets. If people can’t figure it out by now, how is getting people that do get it, that are living hundreds of miles apart together going to work? It’s like all the other people that are becoming awake, there are still too many variables between them. When it comes down to the basics of life and death, then figuring out who is behind it all, then it will work. But it’s a race war/genocide that they are planning foremost. Not a communist takeover which the original plan is hidden behind. The moral high ground in this fight will still have you being called a racist. Though everyone else in the fight will be called anything else.

          • Yeah right, you make excellent points. On having the moral high ground, the apes will still call us racist no matter what they do. That’s just a scam they’ve been pulling for decades but it doesn’t work anymore. On lists, I’ve probably been on lists going back to the Clinton era. And I live by a set of rules called the Bill Of Rights, NOT any draconian crap.

            • all we want is to enforce ALL LAWS. where i come from, if you so much as SPIT on someone, you will be JAILED. block the road? JAILED. burn something in public space? JAILED..start enforcing the LAW! that’s what will make america great again. brandon lays it all out, very eloquently. frog-march some motherfuckers off to PRISON, and this crap will end quickly.

          • Yup! Left wing right wing…same damn bird. By population density the right is largely in control of things. If they convince those in control (on the right) to bring down the hammer then they won the war without a battle. Dumbasses will always play sides. And will loose.

        • Seriously like who sits around and discusses this BS topic like it means anything. Like some gay social club debating what color shirts to wear at the next party. WTF? I hated GWBush just as much as Obama just like most of the Frauds in politics. Most people in America vote for the lesser of 2 evils, or who will do the less damage. Rt left paradigm??? How about they are all assholes. I would not be glorifying them with any less of a lable or title.

        • DBH,
          I’m with you. Fuc k their rights and all the ni g ger loving scum celebrities and cuck congresspus sies

          • SOL, you do have a way with words.

      2. “When Police Crackdown On All Leftist Protests, Will Conservatives Cheer the Measure?”


        • “When Police Crackdown On All Leftist Protests, Will Conservatives Cheer the Measure?”

          For a period of time … it did work well for Hitler.

          Do I condone such a thing?
          Absolutely Not … especially how this article is written up.

          I do agree – that any violent acts/Rioting needs to be put to an end … but it seems to appear in this day and age.

          It’s exactly what the Government wants from us … to be uncivil with one another for them (government) to fully enforce their “Police State” as we have never seen before.

          • FTW

            I couldn’t agree more. The Left picks and chooses through the Bill Of Rights as it suits them, the Right does the same. A real Conservative adheres to it in its entirety and are known as Libertarians. Many calling themselves “Conservative” have no problem with the evisceration of someone else rights.

            “Although I may disagree with what you say I’ll fight to the death your right to say it”

            That Is America. That is Freedom.

            • Kevin2

              The problem is that people want to take the interpretation of the Constitution to the extreme so they can force their diametrical opposing view on others. Some of it downright immoral and I’m no saint.

              • I see it as the opposite. The Constitution limits government and therefore an extreme interpretation would be in the favor of, “We The People”.

                The authoritian view ignores the Constitution and both sides do it.

                • Kevin2

                  That is a good reply. I was thinking more like frivolous lawsuits inundating the Justice system. Obstruction of law by the gross amount of infantile and nonsensical Supreme Court Petitions.

                  But I get it. What may not be important to me might be very important to others. Their day in court.

                • For everyone here. A VERY INTERESTING article from John W. Whitehead, one of my favorite writers. http://www.rutherford.org/are we being set up for a national id system? A MUST READ!

            • In 30 days Trump has turned into Pure Neocon. Warmonger military spender oil grubbing POS. Trump shows he could care less about peoples property rights or drinking water. Just build those pipeline like a true fascist. WTF weve been duped again. Trump the lesser or 2 evils.

          • FTW

            We are stuck between, What are we going to do about it?” and “It doesn’t matter anymore!”.

            The answer is how far can we push each other before it either erupts into civil war or we all stand down and work together.

            Either way is fine with me. Wait till it overflows into the mainstream neighborhoods. That will get it going.

            • anon – you’re right. It’s either stand down or a civil war. I want neither. Call me naive; but, I just want the general rule of law enforced for all comers. Violence requires violence to stop it. And it is NOT a matter simply for police agencies or the military, as we all are citizens of the same country. It’s gearing up to a crux-point. Something indeed is bound to occur to light the fuse. When that happens we shall all see something that I hope none of us wanted. And that is the real problem. Both sides seem to WANT the events that will come. A sickness has developed in our nation. One of ennui coupled with self-righteousness on both polarized sides. Each thinks they are completely right and there is no middle ground. Unfortunately there is – a graveyard.

              • Heartless, I’m sorry to say, but i feel it’s already to late to prevent to coming civil war. The event that will really kick it off, is if the left removes Trump from office before the end of his term. If that event comes to pass, Katie bar the door, fights on, and nothing, and nobody will be able to stop it!

        • No, I won’t be cheering while I am dancing in the street. I’m at the age that it takes all of my energy to do the dance in celebration. If I have any wind left, then I’ll cheer. Probably use an air horn instead.

          Personally, I hope the police beat the crap out of the SOB’s and then put them in jail with no medical help. Put the little boy snow flakes in with a bunch of bubba’s so they can get to know each other really well. Aw heck, throw the little girls in there too. They undoubtedly support the neutral sex thing anyway, so there shouldn’t be a problem.

      3. They can protest as much as they want, so long as they don’t interfere with others, like blocking highways if they do they should be arrested. If they loot and burn they should be shot.

        • blackjack

          Head shot preferred. Spray the blood around.

          • Why would you want to shoot them in a spot they don’t use?

            • Paranoid.

              Special Effects.

          • A head shot works well on these leftest communist inspired scum, the C.I.A. should be tasked with terminating the ringleaders financing these swine.

      4. There is a difference here.

        They can protest, “Peacefully” that is their right. Start destroying property and injuring others. Then go after them. I will also be laughing my ass off.

      5. Does the author know the difference between peaceful protests and violent riots? One is protected and the other is not.

        • Exactly!

          • Protest-Fine, Riots-Takem Down! MOcountryboy, I sure miss livin in Missourah this winter. Lots of snow and cold in Wyomin. Trekker Out

        • Unfortunately … majority of these Protest/Uprisings are not being peaceful anymore. A lot of these protesters have been given leeway to behave in a dysfunctional manner.

          Example: Baltimore City –

          Tear Gas and a full barrage of Riot Police is not working efficiently as it should. A lot of these people are not scared, take risk, and taunt the Riot Squad.

          Water Cannons & German Shepards worked well in the past … it will work again.

          • FTW

            They’re bating the government into replying unnecessarily violently in the form of Kent State and using it to galvanize their cause like the Colonial Period Boston Massacre. A very fine line needs to be drawn in the use of force with video evidence to record every move of both sides. The burden of proof will be on the government as they are the far greater force operating under law. It cannot be perceived as operating under, “color of law”. Perception will transcend reality.

            • Absolutely, never the less the progressive left keep burning down Democrat progressive strongholds. Let them do it, but hold them accountable.

          • Baltimore is an interesting example. Since the progressives encouraged mass rioting, looting and arson, businesses and property have been destroyed. Because of the high risk BLM atmosphere, money to invest there has dried up. Business damaged have not reopened. As their economy collapses, so does their state and local government, hamstrung by loss of tax revenue, loss of faith, and damaged infrastructure

            In a word Baltimore is experiencing a Detroit style collapse. Their reputation for racial attacks, violence against law enforcement means only really stupid people would invest there. How can a business even get insurance?

            Democrats have taken control of and destroyed another American city.

            We are at war, these demonstrations, assaults, arson, looting, rioting is organized, very well financed, and planned. I for one will do nothing to support or protect the progressive left, because I know I and my neighbors are their ultimate target.

            In a revolution you don’t need artillery or an air force to destroy a city. You only need to create insurrection, which can be done without firing a shot, you only need to tell a lot of lies.

            In the riots of the 60’s Newark NJ was left in ruins, it took 30 years and billions to rebuild it. It only took a couple summers and a few gallons of gas, and some angry mobs to burn it down. BOHICA.

            • Large cities are a flawed concept and unnatural human construct., especially when large numbers of niggers inhabit said cities.

              Niggers destroy everything they touch.

              Name one predominately black or Latino area people are flocking TO. White people are responsible for almost all technological advances.

        • +Him Obviously you didn’t read the article. The author explains the difference in detail.

        • Do people know the difference between these lefty rioters burning and looting and the peaceful DAPL NATIVES just trying to protect their drinking water source? Opposite ends of the spectrums. But the POS Media wants you to believe they are the same. Some dumb fish here swallowed the bait. Like Dep BH.

      6. To answer the title’s question. Yup.

        Because “conservatives” (a thoroughly meaningless term) are every bit the authoritarian progressive morons that the lunatic left are.

        All one need do is go to literally ANY conservative site and read the comments on one of those ‘cop does something really authoritarian jackboot illegal and gets away with it’ and watch the imbeciles support it because it’s happening to ‘them’ (usually someone of color).

      7. hell yes i will cheer, the democrats are nothing more than left wing extremist and terrorist at this point, they are responsible for the destruction of this country

        • Mystified how you managed to miss including republicans in that, because they’re no different.

          Going to enjoy your new republican implemented federally run healthcare?

      8. Left, right, or Center; the people are being manipulated. All of us.


        • B from CA

          Thats the fact jack.

      9. Well if they mistook Obamster’s house for someone elses I could probably walk away and maybe go grab a sandwich for a couple of hours.

        • I saw earlier today where Valerie Jarrett has moved in with the Obamas. Now why does that sound familiar? HMMMMMMMMMMMM!

      10. The level of response should equal the level of their attack. The Constitution should be the guide. The Constitution should be the measuring stick and should reign supreme at all times! Any attack on the Constitution and it’s guarantees and protections by any group, should be met by overwhelming force by the Real Americans! If we don’t, and our country continues to slide to the left and the globalist agenda, we will most certainly lose our way of life forever. Once we lose it, and they attain control, it’s all over, forever!

        • Lets not get confused here. Its the chews that keep exploiting the US Constitution of freedoms of speech, then try to declare burning down a city is,.. Well just johnny making a statement because he’s black. And black lives matter you know. And you white people just need to be more tolertant of the darkies burning cities down. The chews created the NAACP to promote race wars and Gloria Steinem to undermine the relationship of Marriage and family and partner rolls. Now its the Tranny Bathrooms BS, and illegal immigration, and if you criticize them why you must be some Nazi anti-semite. Pay attention folks who are the Real Agitators here on our American soil for decades and their operation pull the wool over our eyes plot and their monopoly on the press and media that feeds this brainwashing of the masses to dilute the euro white population. Criticize illegal immigrarion and you are a racist and a bigot. Its the POS Soros sh1t stirrer types that profit off of Nations and cultures being destroyed. Like Sweden so sad. Stay focused on the real target of this hate and jealousy of America and our traditional culture and prepare to pull the trigger. Lets all save and make America Great again. Destroy the chaos makers. Call them out and spread the word. They are the ones deminizing Russia and Putin to drag us into WW3 and they black mail half of Congress with the pedophilia ring videos that will take many of them down unless they support the Israeli agenda of controlling the Middle East with their Saudi partners. Thats the facts jack!! Reality so wake up America.

      11. No, as long as the protest are peaceful the authorities have no reason to crack down.

        Now if you’re asking if we will stand and cheer when the violence peddling thugs who are burning, breaking, looting, and beating get shackled and hauled away, then the answer to that is YES!

      12. Police Crackdown may end up expanding the Patriot Act?

        Crackdown needs to happen in DC! With nobody to give out orders there are no orders to be followed? These groups are under orders and well funded.
        “Act for America” led by Obama, funded by Soros and Lefties!
        “Indivisible” are the GOP Townhall hecklers. The word is out on this now they will be met with push back.

        Antifa Citizen Justice:
        The place to infiltrate is when you are covered up (in black) like them waiting until the SHTF starts then begin wailing on these fools and split? I really can’t believe this hasn’t been done by other college aged kids, yet?
        Or find meet up location then call in a swat call?

        Prank them!
        I remember a Texas Sheriff along with a car dealer in who used the ploy involving dead beat dads. Whoever keeps hands on the car the longest wins the car. They sent out invites to the dads. Very effective!
        If Feds won’t do it Sheriffs have the Constitutional Duty!

      13. Just remember, once free speech is gone, then come martial law and eliminating the second amendment. I hope I am wrong, but some of the things I see in this administration scares me.

        • @JA S….

          I’d like for you to site me one example of this administration attempting to restrict free speech.

          If you think criticism of the media and calling them out for their lies is restricting free speech then you are sadly mistaken.

          Bannon said that the press should “shut up and listen”. That’s not restricting their speech…..that’s giving them some advice so they won’t continue to look like the idiots that they are.

          I find the paranoia regarding this administration amusing. The snowflakes and leftists have been so brainwashed by the educational system that they don’t even understand the Constitution IF they have ever even read it. Most of them have an abysmal understanding of this nation’s history even. In short…they are dumber than a box of rocks. But of course…that doesn’t keep them from having an opinion….that they are more than willing to shove down the throats of the rest of us.

          Here’s a novel idea. When these people riot, they should be arrested. I don’t mean when they protest. I mean when they begin to destroy property, assault people and otherwise prevent people from going about their lives. Sorry…but nobody has a right to block me from accessing a building, walking down a street or driving down a street. And if they do, they should be punished to the full extent of the law.

          And these people who can’t accept Trump’s win of the Presidency are nothing more than modern day Bolsheviks. They are lawless and couldn’t care less about the Constitution or rule of law. They didn’t get their way, so they think they have the right to riot. They don’t. They don’t want rule of law. They want rule by decree.

          Screw ’em.

          • This fucking site is starting to suck. Every time I try to hit a reply button to type a response, it kicks me back to the to of the page and starts over. If I do get a respond block, it takes forever to type one line. Something is running in the background locking up my entire system.

            • When in doubt, reboot.

      14. (The fascist left elite) “are using the left as sacrificial pawns in order to goad conservatives into going nuclear.”

        Too late will a lot of these pawns realize, as Jacques Mallet du Pan (1749—10 May 1800), wrote about the first leftist reign of terror, in his 1793 essay that ”…the Revolution always eats its own children” (“A l’exemple de Saturne, la révolution dévore ses enfants”)

        A lot of these useful idiot campus leftists have already destroyed their lives now with debt, which has already forced them to mortgage a family, home, a future. I can only hope a few of them will read this and repent of their ways. I know I did decades ago, when confronted with the truth.

        Otherwise, they will disappear just a sure as Trotsky did from May Day parade pictures, or Lavrentiy Beria disappeared from Stalin’s leadership. If you are a leftist, and don’t know who Beria is, you might show some intellectual honesty and google him – and what his fellow leftists did to him.

        “I know the campesinos (peasants) support us now. But when we come to power they, too, will have to be liquidated.”
        – Che Guevara. Of course, the equivalent today are the campus leftists wearing his T-shirt. Go figure.

        • We continue to succumb to the false paradigm that fascism and communism are opposites….that communists represent the far left and fascists represent the far right. They are both LEFTIST ideologies. Because both lead to totalitarian tyrannical oligarchies.

          I challenge ANYONE to show me the PRACTICAL difference between living under a communist regime and a fascist regime. There is none.

          The correct paradigm should be the choice between FREEDOM and TYRANNY.

      15. Prepare!
        Prevail – Protect – Preserve
        Love God, your countrymen and yourself.

      16. I boils down to the states doing their damn job and the people voting in the right people.
        The states run the government not the other way around,that’s what happens when good men do nothing stop illegal voting.
        Without law there’s anarchy what do you have now.

      17. Crackdown on protestors? Nope everyone has a legal right to peaceful protest. Now if they crackdown on those who are breaking the laws by impeding traffic and vandalism ect. that will make me cheer. I was angered when the police chief in Memphis joined all the other idiots who marched in the interstate a few months ago. The army should have ran over them with Humvees. face the fact the police by and large aint gonna do anything. Even if they wanted their hands are tied political correctness and the threat of legal action has them scared to do anything. So what we do is bribe miscreants to behave. and when they want a bigger bribe they riot and call it a protest. And they know there will not be any appreciable legal actions taken against them. So they are given a better bribe to go home and be good. I jumped for joy when they routed the pipeline prosters camp.

      18. A few hand grenades lobbed into the offending protesters, or a few snipers on rooftop…..

      19. Providing security for libturds to spew hatred. Really?!?! Are you freakin serious?!?! Lol… ‘eyes rolling’ you had a good piece until that crap. Donate time, energy and money for it. Naw, but thanks anyway

      20. I agree with Brandon. We all have the Constitutional right to peacefully protest. The actions of rioting, destroying property and harming others is not a right. If the police at Berkley used nonlethal force again those destroying property and assaulting others then a strong message would have been sent to all the protestors. Those committing the deliberate destruction of property and injuring other could have been stopped with a couple of rounds of rubber buckshot or bean bags to the legs. Only the one’s committing those acts would be the targets. One immobilized they would then be held accountable for their actions in the courts. This would send the message to all those involved that there are consequences for those that decide to become violent during a protected peaceful protest.

      21. The pig police are no freinds of the right wing and will do anything they are paid to do when the elite isue orders.

        Bastards zap us with electric cattle prods when we protest about immigrantion so i hope the left-wing parasites kick the fuck out of them because they are our common enermy

        Meet fire with fire and force with force

      22. Tolerating RIOTERS is the problem. Failing to reward them with instant reactive Karma encourages them to CONTINUE to do so. Once that changes, the rioting will Instantly stop.

        • Protest ALL you want….the line NEEDSS to be drawn at failing to respond to VIOLENT rioting. TWO DIFFERENT things, but given the Fake Stream media and Obamas lackeys mis-naming RIOTING as “protesting” ENABLED HIS AGENDA to proceed under color of TOLERANCE for the violence as Obama said “Understandable”….Indeed.

      23. So far, your history has shown you one example after another, in which functional-retards were used as an excuse to lower the standard of treatment of normal people, like that proverbial bad kid, who ruined it for the whole class.

        The radical, arch left, for all it’s nihilism and medically-untenable fetishes, fulfills the same social function as a bait dog.

      24. Lock and load, folks! The time is nearly here. Those who are unwilling to kill and die to preserve their rights, liberties and property will inevitably and deservedly lose them and condemn their progeny to serfdom or dhimmitude. As for me, I’ll stand with Patrick Henry. Semper Fi!!

      25. The slippery slope principle reigns. Start down now, and you wont stop it when it turns around in your direction. We get what we give. Enjoy.

      26. I welcome demonstrations and protests from those, who disagree with me. No problem.
        The rioting, destruction and burning must stop.
        Does that help?

      27. It is not law abiding protests that are the problems. It is riots,destruction of property,blocking interstates and road ways,looting,stealing killing that should be stopped. You know common sense things like that.

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