What Hell Is Coming? Even Obama Is Warning Americans ‘To Prepare For Disaster’

by | Jun 2, 2016 | Aftermath, Conspiracy Fact and Theory | 104 comments

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    This article was written by Michael Snyder and originally published at his Economic Collapse blog.

    Editor’s Comment: As Snyder astutely notes, Barack Obama basically doesn’t open his mouth unless it is to spin propaganda for an agenda he has signed on to. Across a range of politically sensitive topics, President Obama has repeatedly proved to be little more than a salesman for a brand of government control over society, adorned with redistribution and social benefits, and thoroughly connected to the kind of change agents who want the republic of the United States destroyed and its people manipulated into accepting the conditions granted to them.

    Is a false flag terror event, mega-disaster or total episode of civil unrest combined with martial law coming to America soon? Is it another scenario like world war with Russia? Basically, any one of them could lead down the same dark road in the end. Be prepared to be surprised… and outraged. The elections have proved to be a spectacle and everyone is taking sides, and at this point almost anything is possible between election day.

    How Obama plays into it remains to be seen, but there is cause to think that “they” are preparing to pull something — and something major. If Obama is the one telling you to get prepared for disaster, then it might already be too late. What hell is coming? Those who know aren’t talking, but you can sense it in the air.

    Barack Obama Warns Americans ‘To Be Prepared For A Disaster’

    by Michael Snyder

    When Barack Obama speaks to the public, it is very rare that he does so without a specific purpose in mind.  So why is he urging Americans “to be prepared for a disaster” all of a sudden?  On May 31, Obama took time out of his extremely busy schedule to deliver an address at the FEMA National Response Coordination Center in Washington.  During his speech, he stressed that every American is responsible for preparing for disasters, and that includes “having an evacuation plan” and “having a fully stocked disaster supply kit”.  These are basic steps that I have been encouraging people to do for years, but if they won’t listen to me, perhaps they will listen to the man currently residing in the White House.  The following excerpt from Obama’s speech comes directly from the official White House website

    One of the things that we have learned over the course of the last seven and a half years is that government plays a vital role, but it is every citizen’s responsibility to be prepared for a disaster.  And that means taking proactive steps, like having an evacuation plan, having a fully stocked disaster supply kit.  If your local authorities ask you to evacuate, you have to do it. Don’t wait.

    This speech was timed to coincide with the beginning of the hurricane season, although hurricanes have not posed much of a threat lately.

    In fact, a major hurricane has not made landfall in the United States for 127 straight months.

    But without a doubt, we all need to be preparing for disaster.  Hurricanes can create a short-term emergency that can last for a few days, but there are other threats that could create a major emergency that could potentially last for an extended period of time.  That list of potential threats includes a major volcanic eruption, a natural or engineered pandemic, a west coast earthquake, a New Madrid earthquake, a tsunami on either the east or west coasts, a meteor impact, Islamic terror, war, an EMP burst that takes down the power grid, cyberwarfare, economic collapse, and civil unrest resulting in the imposition of martial law.

    Of course the items that I just mentioned are not mutually exclusive.  In fact, in different scenarios we could actually see multiple events happen in rapid succession.

    It is interesting to note that during his speech Barack Obama also noted that the American people seem to have become very complacent about getting prepared…

    And what we’ve been seeing is some public complacency slipping in; a large portion of people not having preparedness kits, not having evacuation plans.

    This is exactly what I have been noticing as well.  There appears to be a tremendous amount of apathy out there, and relatively few people really seem to feel much urgency to get prepared these days.

    My contacts in the emergency preparedness industry have been telling me that sales are way down right now.  There was a big peak last fall, but since then it is like interest in prepping has just fallen off the map.

    Ultimately, those companies are going to be okay because interest will pick back up shortly as global events begin to spiral completely out of control.  However, of much greater concern is the fact that people have not been using this period of relative calm constructively.

    Just like we have seen in Venezuela, time to prepare eventually runs out.  And someday there will be millions of parents that are absolutely horrified when their children come to them crying out for food and they don’t have anything to give to them because they didn’t heed the warnings and they didn’t get prepared.

    When that day arrives, many of those families may be forced to turn to whatever help the government is offering at the time.

    One more thing that I found particularly noteworthy about Obama’s speech was that he said that there is now “a FEMA app” that can direct you to the nearest “FEMA shelter” in the event of a major emergency.

    If you need information about how to put together an evacuation plan, how to put together a disaster preparedness kit, as Craig said, we’ve got an app for everything now.  We have a FEMA app in English and in Spanish to help you prepare your family for a disaster.  You can update the National Weather Service alerts.  You can get safety tips for more than 20 kinds of hazards.  It provides you directions to nearby shelters.

    Could you envision yourself and your family having to take refuge in a “FEMA shelter” someday?

    If not, you should do what you can to get prepared now.  Over the next couple of days, my wife and I will be releasing a couple of new videos about preparation on our YouTube channel.  I hope that many of you will check them out.

    Unlike Venezuela, it looks like we may still have a little bit more time to prepare for what is ahead.  Some people will relax and use this time to party, but those that are wise will work diligently and will do what they can to get ready for the exceedingly challenging times that are rapidly approaching.

    Hopefully you are listening to the warnings and are heeding what the watchmen are saying.

    If not, the consequences for what will happen to you and your family will ultimately be on your own hands.

    This article was written by Michael Snyder and originally published at his Economic Collapse blog.

    GetPreparedNow-MichaelSnyderBarbaraFixMichael T. Snyder is a graduate of the University of Florida law school and he worked as an attorney in the heart of Washington D.C. for a number of years.

    Today, Michael is best known for his work as the publisher of The Economic Collapse Blog and The American Dream

    If you want to know what is coming and what you can do to prepare, read his latest book [amazon text=Get Prepared Now!: Why A Great Crisis Is Coming & How You Can Survive It&asin=150522599X].


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      1. FYI; Don’t go to the fema shelter.

        • Sheeple will be drawn to the FEMA camps… just like moths to a flame.

          • HAARP in action: a 10.9 magnitude earthquake targeting West Coast pretty soon.

          • I read a little on the .gov site and so I’m guessing da gubmint is fixin to tweak those hurricanes best they can and hope for max destruction. Only thing that makes sense to me.
            Stay quiet Be smart.

            • Or this has something to do with the Press Roast of Obama this spring when, with a straight face he stated “the end of the republic never looked so good” and then later “lock those doors we are gonna have a red wedding.”

              For those who don’t know “red wedding” was the name of a show in a series on TV where the host had the doors locked at a wedding reception hall and then everybody but him was gunned down.

          • More sheeple being directed to camps is great. That means roaming hordes (gangs) will also have the antennas up for such camps, known to have easy resources to plunder (and, knowing Uncle Sam, poorly defended). When things go south after the sheeple and hordes fight it out, the herd will have been thinned out prior to hitting the countryside where prepared folks are. 🙂

        • 1. Pizza coupons CK
          2. Good Book ck
          3. Gun ck
          4, Fav Beverage ck
          Ok I’m ready

          • A gun and beer? You’re screwed. Lmao

            • Yea,
              It should be at least two guns and a liter of Jack Daniels or two,,,

              • Kula, have you ever tried keeping your Jack in the freezer? Makes the shots go down nice and smooooooth!! ?

          • No ammo?

          • Paranoid! Thanks for the list! Pizza coupons! Whooda thunk?

        • Expect to lose your guns and pets when entering a FEMA Camp/Shelter…..

          • And your loved ones… segregated from each other for reindoctrination as slave labor the the “company town” Big Business-controlled state. Be happy in joining with your Chinese coolie brethren who’ve made all that’s “Made in China” for you to buy and finance the takeover by their and our bosses and rulers.

          • You will be stripped of anything of value when entering ANY .gov shelter, and “allowed” to leave only when your ‘protectors’ (masters) see fit.

          • Who is that stupid to go to a fema camp.

            • My ex is just that stupid. He’ll probably be one of the first in line with his new family in tow. He believes that the government will take care of him if anything happens. He also believes that what happened with Katrina, Rita and Sandy were flukes and that they won’t happen again. This man is a 24-year military veteran!

              • That’s scary. You would think of all people he would know better. Poor bastard.

        • OR you can go to the FEMA shelter with ulterior motives. Sign up, get your free EBT card from the government, your free VISA card from the Red Cross, then skip off to the next shelter and sign up again.

          • But the FEMA camp is just like a Roach Motel or the Hotel California. You can check in, but you can’t check out.

            • Archivist, I just got home from GA an hour ago. Once I bugout back to GA, I’ll be bugging in. No fema camp for me, period.

            • “You can check out any time you like; but you can never leave.

              How did all these musicians so accurately portray our future decades ago? Nevermind. They prolly just comments of those who wrote and rendered The Constitution, and then how it would be under constant attack.

              I sincerely DOUBT that Obama is attempting to warn us of a “pending doom” (that would go against everything he’s already done in an extreme effort to keep it secret right?) …as it all appears to just be another blurb to “be prepared for any emergency” (on the typical scale of hurricanes, lights out a few days, BUT NOT WAR OR THE LIKE). Such a thing would come with little no warning at all …don’t kid yourselves as this is just more “doom&gloom” propaganda designed to discourage folks like us. Sorry Washington, we are impervious to your lies and deceit.

              And above, y’all forgot AMMO for yur guns!

              • I agree with you. There’s not a chance that Obama would do something helpful for the nation. We already act like a defeated people, and that last apology tour didn’t help. We are “bugging in” and hope we don’t regret it. It’s been hard not to warn friends and neighbors, but the least said equals the most safety. Local politics in our tiny village are just bloodthirsty, and we try to straddle the various factions. OTOH, most of the people here aren’t going to put up with looting or outsiders. (We’ve been here 23 years and are still outsiders. If you’re not born in the shade of the water tower, you don’t belong, which is fine.) According to some articles I’ve read, there’s a FEMA camp in the nearest larger town, so what do you think the chances are that the gov’t will try to round up citizens within thirty miles?

      2. He wants you to prepare so he can take all your stuff.

        Or that if we buy all the stuff to prep, the economy numbers will look better.

        Or He can say. Don’t say I didn’t try to warn you. When It Hits the Fan. Hahahahahahahahaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa!

        • 1. Snyder doesn’t live anywhere near 99% of us to “take our stuff.”
          2. The government “cooks” the numbers of the so-called economy every hour of every day of the week.
          3. IF the SHTF, there won’t be any way to say “I told you so.”


          • Perhaps anon was referring to Obama, not Snyder?

            • RR


          • Or to imprison people in their own homes

        • I appreciate it. That was vital information.

      3. Wait wait wait wait I thought the official position was that we were all terrorists if we bought more than a week and a half’s worth of food (even from the local grocery store).

        What the hell gives now?

        • It’s the government. It’s not supposed to make logical sense.

        • It’s hard to tell what they mean. Just consider every word out of Obama’s mouth to be lie and go from there.

      4. He was speaking at a FEMA meeting, what do you expect him to talk about gay rights?

        This is just fear porn, you people aren’t very smart.

        • goodGod, what do you have against our people here?

      5. First he says how important it is to worship government.
        Then he says we have to be prepared , because we should be scared sheep .
        And finally , he makes sure that we know to blindly “obey” government authority .

        So i would say that its a basic stock speech for him .

        • Hammerhead, Obola can kiss my white ass. I don’t blindly obey anyone’s govt.

      6. He is giving warning about when Michelle undresses on national TV.

        • I wonder if she has a landing strip, or just a big ole beaver dam,,,,

          • Moose-hell has a bigger dick than Bathhouse Barry

          • Man parts.

            • She is a he and they are gay. Man it’s getting weirder and weirder.

        • Which of the men residing in the white house is Snyder referring to?

        • It is a dude isn’t it!?! I know it. (Uhhh-huhhh)

      7. “…took time out of his extremely busy schedule…”

        What busy schedule? Playing golf maybe but he sure wasn’t doing anything productive.

        Sure he wants us to prep. That way, they can pick up us dissidents and a load of supplies too. The old ‘two birds with one stone’ routine.

      8. Over the past 6 months Dick Cheney has gone
        on television to solemnly warn the American
        people of a nuclear terrorist attack that was
        a virtual certainty. About a month ago, Lindsay
        Graham stated with confidence, if you elect Trump
        the “terrorists” will attack us. The elite are
        scared shitless of Trump.
        They don’t care how many innocent people they

      9. He was speaking at a FEMA meeting, what should he talk about gay rights??

      10. Still waiting on Snyder’s economic collapse prediction by the end of 2015. Not one of his many predictions have come to pass. In fact, smart money should bet on the exact opposite of what he predicts. None of this of course has stopped him from making money off his fear porn.

        • I am waiting for his new red alert to be issued for the second half of 2016. For now we will just have to be content with him scaring christians who watch the Jim Baker show into buying overpriced food and preps.

          • I D I O T S…

      11. If Obama asserts it, chances are that the exact opposite is true.

        I’m relieved in a way. Regardless, I’m as ready as I can be, which basically means that as a California resident I’m on constant vigilant hair trigger.

      12. I will decide whether tis in my interests to leave a area or not,not the govt.As for preppers being complacent this is noted due to lower sales in prep industry?Face it,a lot of stuff can be made on your own/what really needs to be bought probably has by those who still have money and want goods of this nature/the industry is hit by tougher economic times as all business/gun sales still breaking records monthly thus feel folks still prepping!

        • While i agree with ya , and i live on a farm.
          I still buy a can of MH every now and again.
          Theres alot of hype and fear porn out there , but , i like to eat

          If we end up as third world status i want to carry my cans around on my back , at least until i get robbed !

          • Well,Hammer,my advice (for what it’s worth)is:DON”T GET ROBBED!

            • I tend to think that the ‘slump’ in sales is prolly due to everyone paying up on their taxes by April15 …and so they are saving a bit before getting back ‘on it’. Simple.

              NOTHING (yet) has changed enough to destabilize those who have prepared …and nothing will.

              If you are truly scared of the fear porn, download the PDF about The Army’s SERE school (Survival, Evasion, Resistance, Escape). Very in-depth and a good read. “Combatants” (close quarters fighting techniques for those with ‘zero’ martial artistry) is also a good one to ‘have in your head’ …JUST in case you are caught ‘off-guard’ by a staged assault (on you)! Which is unlikely if you are in the boonies, and very likely if you are inside city limits. City has NO “say” outside city limits, only the Sheriff and (perhaps) State Police (who would be home and NOT making targets of themselves).

              • Might you have a link for downloading this stuff?

                Thanks – – –

      13. I like how Snyder admitted to having connections in the preparedness industry. That’s who pays him to keep posting his regurgitated articles over and over again. They should pay him to quit, maybe business would pick up again.

      14. It is nice your able to stay on your farm . Things are really going to get bad very fast . There is going to be an extreme pole shift happening between mid JUNE THROUGH AUGUST . Maybe Beinformed could tell you more about it . Check out Space Weather news , Magnetic Reversal , and Suspicious Observers , if want the truth .

      15. Did I not tell everyone in this site that something was up.. is he announcing what he is about to do.. disaster for what? That he is going to deploy the Cuban troops by land sea and air.. I know for a fact of life that a disaster will commense.. first they with the Russians and chinese role into your city to hunt down your daughters and wives..

        Then they are positioned in your city and they need lots of girls, then the cabal they trigger the economic. Collapse, then do exactly what the 4 star a general told us, then they launch the attack on the white population. Then they start to role put the tanks, then the shootings start. Then the rapes are next then you get your ass shot up and your bleeding out then slam, you teenage daughter down to ground in front of you, then they tear her to pieces right in front of you, then you feel the pain of 20 round Ak and 7.62 inside your chest your head and you intestines, then your dumbed into a mass grave, then you learn that HCKS was telling the truth the I whole time, then you and you family pay a horrific price.

        Any questions.. it’s my grammar isn’t it. Or I need a mental evaluation..


        Talk to combat soldiers more, you will learn a thing or two.

        • We are going to give the motherfuckers a war though HCKS.

          • Menzo

            How much of a war. That’s another story.

            • I’m going to do my part and hope others will

        • Hcks,seems like your planning on giving in and dying quickly.When you die(or just give up as your post seems to indicate)can I have your firearms for my buddies daughter?She is only 12 but has learned how to shoot and seems to have more fight in her then you do in this lame/I surrender post of yours.

          • Menzo and Warchild, I just got back from the BOL an hour ago but I’m going back in July just before the repub convention. If a false-flag takes place during that timeframe, then at least I’ll already be at the BOL and consider that trip the bugout. The BOL will be my new home from that point on. If/when the NWO come to me and my families’ area, we’ll give the fuckers a war they’ll never forget. I don’t know what HCKS will do and won’t care. I’m only concerned for me and mine. No surrender for me ever!

        • Due to adrenaline most soldiers/targets aren’t aware they’ve been hit until MINUTES after. Believe me, a I’ve been ‘shit at and hit’ enough to 1st, 2nd and 3rd the motion and ‘notion’.

      16. I believe what Snyder says ’bout the sales being down as I’ve noticed an uptick from the usual survival sites running more sales. Folks don’t have the money and are picking and choosing what they’re spending their money on.

        • PO’d P,

          For many the US economy has already failed.

          Millions of Americans are already in survival mode. Millions already go to bed hungry and would eat freeze dried powdered eggs if they only had them.

          • Exactly. People still waiting for “it” to happen, so they know when to bug out. IT IS ALREADY HAPPENING! Centuries of norms and mores are being swept aside. Our borders are wide open, we could be invaded at anytime. Our military is burned out and strung out from a decade of constant war. 100 million Americans are not in the workforce, but “they” say unemployment is at 6%. Get out now if you are in a city. Don’t wait. There may not be a “happening” that is your sign to leave. Increment by increment, step by step, layer by layer, you are being set up for the fall. Self sustainability is the only true prep!
            Sorry to rant, just want folks to wake up!!

      17. The four fruit trees I planted spring of 2015 are growing better than I expected. I’ll be getting samples to taste this year. As preps they have a lifespan of about twenty five years and will produce more each year.

        I don’t like insecticides but when disaster strikes it often sets nature way out of balance. The right application can help your plants survive, while nature rebalances. SHTF often creates imbalance.

        As long as sales of survival goods are off, it’s a good time to look for discounts to add another layer. How much s enough? Just one more month than the need requires.

      18. A clock is right when broken twice a day. Obama is visiting Feema and tells us the wisdom of being prepared so we knock ourselves out trying to unravel the underlying reasons for his earth shattering conclusions. Are we kidding. It doesn’t matter. Get your shit together so you can take care of yourself and those who depend on you. Disasters on planet earth are part and parcel of the human experience. The Boy Scouts of America have had a slogan for years: “A Boyscout is always prepared”. The slogan is not “get scared something bad is about to happen”.

        I attended a school with about fifty kids in each class and one teacher. This is elementary school. If you showed up and you were not prepared for class it meant you had not prepared by completing all assigned work, studied for upcoming examinations, or did not have all required school books, papers, pens, pencils, eraser, notepads, etc. no excuses. If you were not prepared the teacher would rake you over the coals in front of your peers in a humiliating verbal spanking and then call your parents and give them a verbal lashing as well. It is called responsibility, and it is old fashioned, yet always up to date.

        • B from CA, you bring back some memories for me. My grade school was the same way. I’ve always been prepared and never even been a Boy Scout. Preparedness is for everyone, no matter what walk of life you come from.

        • The “Ways of Old” will return, as they always have and always will. High-tech is a luxury in that it makes it easier for us to accomplish mundane things, but, it is the first thing people let go of when it gets down to using an iPAD or eating.
          The “Old Fashioned” ways of surviving this world are (I once thought) inbred. With age came the wisdom to see I was wrong and then started preparing accordingly. First, I learned how to protect myself and loved ones (not realizing that being raised on a ‘mini-farm’ gave me more knowledge than I would have believed was worth knowing, until later in life (meaning: now).
          The government is ‘fallible’ are precariously balanced upon lies and deceit. THEY still depend upon US for their existence. Therefore, let us enjoy ourselves ‘to the max’ denying them anything and everything that makes THEIR world ‘tick’.
          NEVER QUIT!

          • We must be about the same age. I Thank God I was raised on a farm and still have a large garden and two canners. Like you, I assumed everyone knew how to do these things, but they don’t. None of our children are interested, but I have one granddaughter who wants to learn, as does my son-in-law. Wish my parents were still alive as there’s so much I could learn from them, even now. I’m not sure how we’re going to keep the orchard going. Rural Ohio has too many bugs and even with everything available as of now, it’s hard to bring in an apple crop. My parents said they didn’t have the insect catastrophe we have today, and that the exotic insects started when the US hosted the World Fairs. ??? I still use lime and sulfur to spray, only to be told by the child at the hardware store that they were “toxic” chemicals and the store no longer carried them. Lime and sulfur are both found in Ohio’s terrible water, and they’re natural, but in the right combinations, they’ll kill scale on fruit trees, plus a few other bugs. Don’t forget antibiotics in your bug-out supplies. While not effective in a very few illnesses, they’ll cure a lot of bacterial infections more common to most of us. Also, get a tetanus shot!

      19. still waiting…….9yrs now……

      20. Nibiru / Planet 7X. It can now be seen in many part’s of the world, & on many sky/cams. Martial Law will be in place with-in 2-3 Month’s if that long. This is the ONLY reason for all this preparation’s in the last 25 Year’s. Better be Ready..

      21. What’s the matter with Holiday Camps? Playing shuffle board out on the veranda, listening to lectures on Philatelics, maybe with some of those little Cucumber sandwiches… sounds marvelous.

        • The Powers That Be are helpless to control the rioting across our country RIGHT NOW! Just yesterday the police just ‘stood down’ for 90 minutes of clashing, allowing the citizens to “clean themselves out” making their job, at the end, far easier. Since they lack the fortitude and manpower to even take on THOSE events, whatever gives anyone the idea they will be able to successfully implement Martial Law? (I doubt few of our LEOs or states would “recognize” it since it would be an obvious misuse of government force enactly solely to be detrimental to the nation. THAT translates as Martial Law being a threat to National Security …just as open borders are threats to national security.
          These sobs have set it all up, duping the idiots (and handing out bribe monies) THINKING they have a plan. They have forgotten The American People, especially the whites, have fortitude, higher than average IQs, AND IT IS OUR FUCKING COUNTRY! (fuck’em …bring it on whenever you think you are ready for it)

        • My concern is this: if the situation mandates an official “austerity” designation, then will we go without the little chocolates on the pillow?

      22. Whatever became of all those WalMart stores that were stripped to the bones, supposedly so they could be transformed into detention facilities?

        Has anyone seen the purported transformation up close?

      23. But, isn’t everyone who prepares put on a “terrorist watch list” as a suspect?

      24. I like the part where he says if the authority’s tell you to evacuate do it. He will send the gestapo in to rob your house of your silver supplies and any guns left behind. The old bait and switch. He’s telling you to prepare so you will go buy the stuff for his henchmen to take. This will be the gun confiscation program. don’t fall for it. If the gov tells you to leave your home send the wife and kids away and stay behind to hold down the fort. If there is catastrophic damage and the house is breeched by a tree it will be like leaving the door wide open with hungry neighbors looking for supplies. Someone has to stay behind. I’ve already figured this into my plans. .

      25. Well, the shit has hit the fan locally. You don’t have to look too far around here to see someone who hasn’t taken on water in these floods. People are discouraged- disheartened. Some people are dead from having driven into flooded streets around barricades. Livestock is hanging out on the front porch. Nobody looting in the streets though. This “ain’t” New Awluns.
        There hasn’t been a day during all these heavy rains, that I have not been grateful for our abundance of preps at the hacienda. Though we were cut off a few days ago, we had power, water, wine and good food. We built on high ground near a natural spillway system. All of this (planning ahead) is something everone can do… if they just do it and not leave tomorrow to chance.

        Nobody down here is thinking about wildfires right now because of the rain. But, if life goes on without a collapse, we will have a drought again in Texas. So many people have passed on the chance to get a metal roof with their insurance payout- so they got a new asphalt roof that will go up like a Roman Candle in a forest fire should fires break out like they did a few years ago. It is the lemming mentality just to do things like everyone else.

        Note to HCKs- I haven’t forgotten. Still have business to take care of in Katy.

      26. Both the elected and UNelected powers that be are trying to decide on the following:

        a- to take over through martial law soon;
        b- after a meteorite hits that will cause millions to die through a tsunami and more, then bridge the disaster with martial law to implement full total control;
        c- create their own disaster and make it look like a “natural” event and use that to implement martial law.

        Even if the answer is d= none of the above, each of us knows how vital it is that we are adequately and sufficiently prepped as best as we can be according to what we can actually afford and what we do or do not have room for.

        Both the elected and unelected powers that be signal ahead of time (= “telegraph”) through their own media and programs like the Simpsons and Family Guy what is about to unfold in days, weeks, or months to come.

        Obama knows SOMETHING, but he cannot say WHAT it is without causing a massive panic, so the best he can do (for his own posterity, of course) is to warn us “to prepare for disaster”. This conveniently excuses him from being blamed for not putting out a more specific warning, and it allows him plausible deniability for public relations purposes after a disaster, and it allows him not to piss off the people behind him who do not want all of us to know the specific thing that WILL be the disaster (be it celestial, manmade, or of other origin).

        However, if President Kennedy were President (sadly, he was our last true presider), Kennedy would announce such a disaster AHEAD OF TIME with ALL the specificity with which he detailed the threats to the safety of the United States that arose out of the Cuban Missile Crisis. Furthermore, he would mobilize a fully coordinated national plan to prepare for this disaster and announce strategies for our country after the disaster occurs. Kennedy’s specificity did NOT cause a panic, because he was a true LEADER, he told the TRUTH of that situation, the GRAVE consequences if we did NOTHING, and if I recall correctly, he also asked us to pray.

        That, of course, is the difference, between a true presider, and one who seems to have sold out to the powers that be, probably because power corrupts and absolute power corrupts absolutely.

        “There is a plan to enslave every man, woman, and child in our world and I will do everything in my power to stop it”, President Kennedy said in one speech just weeks before they shot him down like a dog. No one deserves to die like that.

        We have been warned by visionaries, we have been warned by the alternative media/press, and we have been warned by our own government: SOMETHING wicked this way IS coming.

        WHAT it is is not AS important as our state of mind AND state of preparations AND our NOT waiting UNTIL disaster hits to get right with our GOD because at that time it will be late for many of us to seek forgiveness for our own individual sins/wrongdoing, so please do not neglect the state of your soul.

        Trust God, and trust your Gut! Of course, the two are entirely different realities! But when they are in CONCERT with each other, you will be literally unstoppable.

        I personally do not believe there will be an Election Day this November 2nd because of the same message being given to us by multiple sources. I want to be wrong that there won’t be an election, and if I’m wrong I will surely vote, but I’m not banking on it or allowing myself to become distracted by it.

        Regardless, do NOT take the mark of the beast, do not ever give in to it, and do not EVER stop your faith (trust) in Almighty God who knows your true soul, no matter HOW bad things GET, no matter HOW bad things become, no matter WHAT evil or evils befall us. Though the devil (the father of lies) would WANT you to think so, the devil is NOT in charge, GOD is, and when God has had ENOUGH of the evil done by those who fall for Satan’s lies and who have been cooperating WITH the evil guy, God will INTERVENE and the entire WORLD will know for once and for all UNmistakably that there IS a God, AND each of the 7.5 billion of us WILL then be presented with a free will choice: to live in Hell for eternity with Satan, or, to live in Heaven for eternity with God and those gone before us.

        Please choose wisely.

        On a more personal note, I will miss each of you when they shut down our power or when they take down the internet or if some natural disaster happens that renders us with no power and possibly not much of anything else. I WILL remember you all, though, and no matter what happens, I intend to trust the God I pray to until the very end if I should lose my life.

        God bless you all.

        – the Lone Ranger

        • Yes- all of the above. One thing about the mark of the beast. Whatever “it” is, whether microchip, tatoo or other yet to be invented tech- it will be put in or on the right hand or the forehead. Literally. Don’t take it. Don’t rationalize it. Don’t split hairs about it. It will be physical death to you not to take it, but it will be true death to recieve it.

        • to the lone ranger I like what you say and all the rest if they aren’t saved they better get saved and start working for the lord! after will be to late.

        • I agree with everything 110% you said, Lone Ranger.
          May Almighty God help us all to realize what we will face.

        • Sinister global powers of untold wealth and influence are going to signal their devious plots through animated comedy shows on cable TV?


          I gotta tell you, this sounds more like something out of a 1960s ‘James Bond’ movie…..

      27. I have to say the Federal government has been a constant source of “Doom Porn”, and they are nearly always wrong.

        We annually have the CDC ginning up the latest flu, who’s vaccines never work as advertised. These clowns haven’t gotten one right in a decade or more. The latest is Zika! Even with Obama’s best efforts to import people with Ebola, that one fizzled too.

        Next we have the USGS who like Fred Sanford are always crying it’s the big one. Now they play up the ring of fire with earthquakes and volcanoes. I love waiting….. In geological time!

        NOAA is crying about hurricanes. Folks hurricanes are almost nonexistent during El Niño years. Though we do get ark storms like Texas is having right now. Moral, a BOL on a mountain is better than one in a valley next to a river.

        NASA is whining about asteroids, hemroids and Uranus. This is really bad, about once every half billion years! Zzzzzzz

        Next are the astronomers worried about the sun burping and burning up our computers. To this I say I survived Y2K. It’s more likely Obama launches a nuke to EMP the US so he can declare martial law and void the next election.

        Our Federal government are Olympic champions at kicking the can down the road. This is likely the biggest risk we Americans face, that they won’t admit. When it finally happens, we all know who is at fault. Keep prepping for the thing they don’t warn about!

      28. Yep, evacuate your local area for a bogus event, come back and all your guns, food, water will be gone, the Bunkers will be even better stocked thanks to Obama
        Doubt he was referencing anything specific, just sprouting his BS to a bunch of FEMA people, the last thing Obozo wants is for you to be prepared, he wants you in the Concentration ooops FEMA camps so his personal Army of Muslims, Hispanic illegals can move in to your homes, after all you didn’t buy that home or business, the Gov’t did, and as Hitlery said, you don’t Own your children the Gov’t does

      29. You see the banking elite (mainly zionist jews) want to do to the americans what the americans did to the native americans and too few americans have the balls to stop them and want to run for the hills.

        Whats up with you guys, got no spunk ! Sorry i forgot sperm counts are dropping like mad due to something they are putting in the cool-aid.

        TTIP will take away the last of your workers rights and you sit around taking it like sheep in a field because you don’t have the balls to do anything about it apart from baarrrrrrrrr……..

      30. Summer canning and freezing is right around the corner.

      31. Obama is conditioning the sheep to come at his calling.

      32. Spew enough fear porn multiple times a day, day in day out month after month year after year what the Hell do you expect but for people to eventually tune you out. As well they should. Yea so called watchmen all right. Mental patients most are. You’re not doing anything for anyone but yourselves in some form.

      33. Obama is warning us because Obama -his side- if planning it.

        They’re not allowed to do anything to us without warning us first, Treaty of Job.

      34. Americans SHOULD already be well prepared for disaster. They just experience 8 years of Obama the Kenyan Muslim.

      35. Ah yes, something has not been right
        for a long time, and well “Something”
        is taking it’s time, fine by me, Fema
        Camps? is that where Bruce became Katlyn?
        Good Weather, chores to be done, and the
        Boy to get of to school…
        Cheers Brother’s and Sister’s

      36. It seems there are gullible folks everywhere. some think shafty kennedy was the real deal. Some tout trump. Some think their religion is the only thing that’s valid. And its all just a myth. Its you who must be the only person you put on a pedestal. If you cant depend on yourself you are going to end up on the short end of things. Arkansas just became the number 1 state in terms of percentage of obese people. No matter how you prep or what kind of group you belong to. If your a obese unhealthy land wale your chances are slim. And the white and black races have a over abundance of fat worthless eaters. I hope they don’t prep the sooner they die off the better.

        • Nah let em prep.. More to scavange when they are running for the camps

      37. You’re forgetting Hurricane Sandy in 2012

      38. old guy, not saying religion is the only thing that’s gonna get you by! but if you don’t believe in God your ass is gonna be in the burn pile with all the American haters and islam worshopers and the rest of the burn pile that’s bound for hell!!! you can have all the guns and bunkers and gas masks and whatever but if you don’t have God on your side your {screwed}!!!! bless you and have a nice day!!!

        • I simply don’t believe in the Christian superstition Myth. Its absurd to think that if you don’t follow some prescribed man made myth superstition religion. your soul is doomed. Im well aware of my soul. And its mine not gods or jesus. I have free will to chose my own path. I happen to believe the theory of reincarnation and laws of Karma have more merit that any mainstream superstition. Most overly religious folks have been brainwashed with their religious superstition almost from birth. The difference between me and most others is I will acknowledge that I could possibly be wrong. The others will never admit they could be wrong. I never try and push my preferred beliefs on others. They will not grant me that courtesy.

      39. If you listen to the whole thing, he is referring to hurricane season. But regardless, remember that the second you bug out of your home you are a refugee.

        • I might leave my home. However that doesn’t make me a refugee. Ive got a plan B. Someplace else to go. and I have that place fixed to be comfortable as possible.

      40. I see above the mention of losing pets when you go to the fema camp… Ya cause at some point youll be eating them.
        Only fools will go to FEMA… Brain deads with no survival skills.. And thats where they will die. Americans think they are owed everything.. Tell it to the NATO soldiers who will have guns in their faces.. LOL.. NOT ME

      41. Maybe Obozo wants everyone to be prepared so the gov’ment has more “free” food-n-stuff to confiscate from the people.

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