Wealth Gap is Destroying Families: “Race Matters Far Less and Class Matters Far More”

by | Mar 23, 2015 | Conspiracy Fact and Theory | 97 comments

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    This article, contributed by Tyler Durden, was originally posted on Zero Hedge.

    Editor’s Note: It is disturbing that so many indicators for being well adjusted and successful in society are clearly tied to economic well being, while every indicator shows that wages, jobs and opportunities are slipping for the majority of American workers. While financial statistics and numbers make reports, the real life toll this takes out on ordinary American families goes largely unseen.

    This article points out the difference between the changes of going to college for the child of a well-off and connected family and that of a low income one. But that is just one slice of the burden that comes with less time to spend with children, and less opportunity to see to their child succeed. The foundation of America may well be crumbling, and the Federal Reserve and economic status quo are waging a silent and very subtle economic war against the family. Take note, and take guard if you can.

    By the way, if the wealthy are getting into college based upon their connections and not their merits, what does that tell you about their chances of getting a job after college as well, with so many other ordinary graduates struggling to find meaningful work that matches the skill sets they’ve worked so hard to obtain?

    After The Fed Crushed The Middle Class, It Is Targeting The American Family

     By Tyler Durden

    On a number of occasions this month we’ve drawn attention to the divergent fates of the 80% of American workers whose wages are declining and whose general outlook is concomitantly deteriorating, and the other 20%, whose pay is increasing and who generally feel good about their economic future. We also pointed out that with the correlation between wages and consumer spending now nearly perfect at 0.93, depressed wage growth may indeed drag on US economic output going forward. Given this, we weren’t surprised to learn that the biggest threat to traditional American society is in fact class (i.e. income inequality). This is vividly illustrated in a new work by Robert Putnam (of “Bowling Alone” fame). One key observation: race matters far less than it did in decades past and class matters far more. 

    From The Economist:

     Among the educated elite the traditional family is thriving: fewer than 10% of births to female college graduates are outside marriage—a figure that is barely higher than it was in 1970. In 2007 among women with just a high-school education, by contrast, 65% of births were non-marital. Race makes a difference: only 2% of births to white college graduates are out-of-wedlock, compared with 80% among African-Americans with no more than a high-school education, but neither of these figures has changed much since the 1970s. However, the non-marital birth proportion among high-school-educated whites has quadrupled, to 50%, and the same figure for college-educated blacks has fallen by a third, to 25%. Thus the class divide is growing even as the racial gap is shrinking.

    As it turns out, having a vast network of Ivy League educated lawyers, doctors, and financiers is extraordinarily helpful in a bind…

     At every stage, educated families help their kids in ways that less educated ones do not or cannot. Whereas working-class families have friends who tend to know each other (because they live in the same neighbourhood), professional families have much wider circles. If a problem needs solving or a door needs opening, there is often a friend of a friend (a lawyer, a psychiatrist, an executive) who knows how to do it or whom to ask.

    … and when your parents are alums and probably endowment donors, it boosts your chances of getting into college even when, by virtue of extreme intellectual laziness occasioned by a misbegotten sense of entitlement or simply because you’re not very bright, you cannot pass the eighth grade…

    Stunningly, Mr Putnam finds that family background is a better predictor of whether or not a child will graduate from university than 8th-grade test scores. Kids in the richest quarter with low test scores are as likely to make it through college as kids in the poorest quarter with high scores (see chart).

    Here’s Putnam summing it all up for MarketWatch:

    “The most important thing about the experience of being young and poor in America is that these kids are really isolated, and really don’t have close ties with anybody,” Putnam told MarketWatch. “They are completely clueless about the kinds of skills and savvy and connections needed to get ahead.”

    *  *  *

    The real slap in the face though, has to be the fact that while America’s poor are imprisoned for petty drug offenses, the bread winners of the country’s elite families can perpetrate multibillion dollar financial crimes and, thanks to the networking opportunities that come with belonging to the 1%, be virtually assured that no real punishment with ever be meted out even if said crimes inadvertently collapse the entire global financial system. As we put it in December, “the government is smart enough to realize that it is more lucrative to ‘cooperate’ with the world’s biggest criminal syndicates than to wipe them out and cut off a major source of funding [and] when one is a criminal syndicate, the largest in world history, paying litigation kickbacks in the hundreds of billions to the government is just the cost of “doing business.”

    Of course this is perhaps all part and parcel of the Fed’s implicit attempt to exacerbate inequality in America by equating the “wealth” part of the term “wealth effect” with financial assets. The result of this, despite Janet Yellen’s best efforts at explaining to low income Americans that it’s a good idea to have assets, is a growing divide between the rich and the poor and this divide is not only getting wider thanks to the central bank’s efforts to inflate the value of the very types of assets that the poor are unlikely to own, but is in fact now destroying the American family. 


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      1. More “A” students are created in the bedroom than the class room. DNA rules.

        • Wealth inequality is what caused the first
          Great Depression, which by the way we are
          still in.
          It seems not many realize that the Great
          Depression was never conquered but only
          suppressed by pain killers from the miracle
          of the printing press.
          Amazing how the wool is still pulled over
          the sheep’s eyes yet today.

          • I can’t find one bone of contention with this article. In fact, I live part of it.

        • That’s why IQ tests are no longer given in most schools. When students are graded on a Bell-curve, a certain percentage of a class full of idiots will be A students. When I went to college, I remember a stat class where two of us passed. I had a Litronix pocket statistical calculator, or only one student would have passed.

        • That’s why ignoring race and borders is fatal to civilization. This doesn’t even take into account the loss of tens of thousands of years of speciation resulting in unique human identities. Multiculturalism is an evil scam and an undercover genocide against the people that created Western Civilization.

          • TJ is exactly right.

            Multiculturalism is a poison that originated from the gang of nation wrecking termites who are alumni of the Frankfurt School of virulently anti-White Cultural Marxism – which is a culture destroying variant of Bolshevik Communism.

            Whereas the USA managed to come out the victor in the Cold War against Bolshevik Communism, the pathological hatred of White Western nations and obsession to destroy the White West simply morphed into a softer, less violent (in the beginning; violence IS COMING, folks) but even more deadly and toxic brew of Communism rose from the Frankfurt School and the damage this has done to the West is worse than being clobbered with dozens of nuclear bombs.

            • Tucker you are exactly right. Diversity and multiculturalism are the weapons being used by the Marxists to destroy us. Started about 1930 in Europe. The Nazis drove them out. Unfortunately, the commies came to the US.

      2. Why does everything have a Race equation to it. Enough of the race bating B.S.

        We all have it bad some have it worse.

        The problem is the ones in the middle like you and I have to pay for the ones on the bottom. I wouldn’t care if they just ask me to help I would, but when you just take it is when I get pissed!!!! The ones on the top help, and do pay the biggest amount in taxes, but not the biggest percentage. We in the middle do that!

        If Everyone paid 9% it would be equal and fair. Yes even the ones on the bottom. And it stayed at 9%. They are less than God and he only ask for 10%.

        You can only stick a stick in the eye of a DOG a few times before he bites you, and this old dog is about to bite!!!!


        • Sarge,
          Everything has a race equation to it because being called a racist, or being threatened with being called a racist, shuts people up. To be a racist means you attack the person by referencing their racial characteristics. The current administration has mastered the art of calling anyone who disagrees with it and it’s policies a racist. They’ve taken it beyond references to racial characteristics. People are so intimidated by the racist label that they will automatically be silenced. It has reached new heights of ridiculousness with the current administration. The only thing I never figured out is, am I a racist because I refer to Obama’s half that is white, or the half that is black?

          • I bet the majority of Barry’s votes came from whites that just wanted to prove to themselves that they’re not racist. Divide and conquer is working well for them. When it does go down, everything will revert back to race, weather we like it or not.

            • “D”
              You are CORRECT. I talked to some guy and gals I know that said just that. “I want to prove to the world I’m not Racist.”
              Today when I ask them how do they feel know after 6 years. Of Obullshit. I get some very racist remarks coming from them. I tell them that there remarks are racist they tell me that he made them that way. They say that Ferguson was the straw that broke the camel’s back.
              Get over it we are all racist. Some more that others. It is natural for whites to hang with whites, blacks to hang with blacks, reds to hang with reds, yellows to hang with yellows, browns to hang with browns, because we have more in common with our own races. This doesn’t mean that we hate the other races we just have to learn from each other and get along.

              • You sir, hit the nail on the head. Its human nature.

              • The world can consider me racist if they want to, it’s a free country…I’m also free to consider THEM idiots.

                • Sixpack, you’re preaching to the choir. I’m the same way.

              • I miss Archie Bunker, Edith (stifle), Gloria and Mike (meathead) “All in the Family”. They didn’t pull hardly any punches and made light of the race issue quite often. I know I come on here often and run down my favorite nigress( Ba’rocky). Hell most of my black friends do the same. When we get together it’s “game on”. Better not have thin skin around us.

          • “To the fucking rich man all poor people look the same..”
            -Patterson Hood of DBT

          • As a white man, Im offended that Obama refuses to acknowledge his white half. I know most white people wonder why he refuses to admit he is only half black.
            I wonder if he really is half white. Maybe its time to file a lawsuit. Obamas racist. We need to demand that he knock it off and address his other half, his white half. I want the proof by DNA too. That DNA could come in useful. Obama aint who he says he is.

            • 🙂

            • You win the cupie doll. Oh, it is black and smokes Bull Durham tobacco.

            • Well, not really. That’s what he is. The handful of black people that can think, agree. The idiots are the ones that keep voting instead of calling the plutocrats out on their “election” sham. People need to have leaders from their own tribe. Others can’t be trusted, and Obama proves it in spades.

          • Wilson, the old tactic of calling white people racist for speaking the truth about any particular subject started back in the 50s with the civil rights movement. I can still remember that tactic being used by the NAACP and other groups as a kid in the 60s to stifle opposition to their agenda. Surprisingly, once Obama first came in, that tactic started losing its impact. More white people have overcome their fears and are speaking out against Obama and don’t give a shit about being called racist. that doesn’t stop me from speaking out against any black wrongdoing either. I’ll call it like I see it, regardless.

          • They call people racist because if the posterity of America’s founders and other European types were to realize what was being done to them as a group they might protest and begin to demand their homogeneous territory back.

          • Sgt Dale sounds to me like a poor slob who has spent 20 plus years of his life in the military, and being subjected to anti-White, deracination oriented brainwashing which is designed to snooker stupid and naive Whites into unilaterally disarming themselves whenever confronted with issues that have racial implications associated with them – and Whites like Dale will automatically refuse to stand up for the race he belongs to, because he has been brainwashed into thinking this sort of suicidal behavior is somehow ‘righteous’ and ‘moral’.

            Meanwhile, every last one of the racial competitors that Whites have here and around the world know full well that in any contest where playing ethnic identity politics is the name of the game, those groups who naively refuse to play the game will get steamrolled by the groups who do.

            Sticky Note for Sgt Dale: Get steamrolled by yourself, pal.

        • Much larger problems other than taxes are the lack of jobs that pay reasonably well, the devaluation of the Fed Note, and all the endless wars.

          • A.S.
            I don’t know how old you are so I’m thinking you are in your 30’s maybe.

            When I joined the work force at a factory in 1970 You started at the lowest pay scale. You had to work your way up or bid up to higher paying jobs.

            Don’t get me wrong I like to see everyone have a good paying job. The problem there is if everyone had a high paying job the would be the same and would mean nothing.

            Today everyone wants what someone that has worked for 20 years has. They don’t want to wait or work them self up to that pay scale. I doesn’t work that way in any job. You have to work your way up. That is just how it is and it will remain that way until Obullshit turns us into a Commie country. When that happens a Someone that works hard will get the same as someone who sleeps on the job. Then the guy that works hard will stop working hard and nothing will get done. That is life under commie work rules.

            Please hang in there and pray it gets better. I don’t think it can get much worse. But then again you have a TURD in Office, and a Congress that won’t listen to US.

            • Sgt. Dale, I’m in my mid 40’s and I started working in the late 1980’s at $12.00 per hour.

              My last job paid about four times that and now those jobs are gone and have been for a long time.

              At least I outright own my home and truck and have no debt. But even with this, it’s still hard.

              You hang on too! Take care.

            • Sarge, AMEN to your comments. That’s exactly how it is in every type of work. When I was in my early 20s, i started developing good work skills and going the extra mile for the people in my company. I eventually made it to a senior management position in my company because I EARNED IT, NOT because of connections or any of that crap. I’ve given up a lot of blood, sweat, and tears to get to where I’m at now. I’ve paid a lot of dues, not all of them yet, but a majority so far. I started out at minimum wage and made my way up to a salaried position with some benefits. I’m “old school” and don’t regret it for one minute. I don’t have any respect or use for someone who is the exact opposite of me. I’ll keep working hard regardless because that’s how I was raised. BTW, the entire govt. are turds.

            • “Today everyone wants what someone that has worked for 20 years has.”

              The guy that was there 20 years is no longer there nor does the facility exist. The job “everyone wants” is no longer there. Its not about a pile of lazy people wanting the $30 / hr job. That job for the most part is gone.

              I lived along the Delaware river. 40 years ago there were 25,000 jobs in the chemical / oil refining industry. Today there are 3000 at best. The vaulted DuPont, the core of Delaware is a hollow shell in its own backyard. GM, gone, Chrysler, gone too.

              The above are casualties of Free Trade.

        • Sarge, those at the top pay little to no taxes. I have very wealthy relatives for whom everything is a “Business deduction”. Occasionally they are audited for things like too many Ferraris being depreciated as “sales vehicles”. But the condo in Cabo and the 57 ft. Bertram fishing yacht pass the IRS test, as does the Lear jet. Flying to Scotland to watch Tiger play – no problem as long as a “client” accompanies you. They are what would be considered at the top of the middle-class, with about $800 million nominal cash value of their companies. They siphon money to and from a hotel in Costa Rica. The real rich invest in multinational corporations that pay no taxes in the U.S. Repatriating cash is no problem . When I last flew on my relatives jet to Cabo and home, their was no TSA groping for us. I was asked if I had anything to declare, and my “no” was accepted. You are paying for taxes for a lot more than the bottom.

          • Uh, the problem is the giant parasite government that taxes in the first place. What does the government do with the money it steals in taxes exactly?

            It gives it to the connected elites.

            The tax burden is also what prevents people from saving and kills startups. Mom and pop small businesses can’t hope to comply with all the rules and especially under the Obama administration they are constantly audited and scrutinized to a much higher degree.

            Meanwhile the large corporations and the wealthy are overlooked all the time, because they own everything.

            If you aren’t part of the elite classes, the last thing you should want is larger government and more tax money being paid into the beast. There is zero way that tax money will ever benefit you. Stop being such a fool.

      3. If you think the government has wiped out the middle class, you ain’t seen nothin’ yet. Wait until they take a few zeroes off the currency. That’s what happened some years ago in Russia and Mexico.

        • So true and it’s not just going to happen here. It will happen everywhere around this planet when Govts all admit they are broke or bankrupt. That’s when the party will get started and it won’t be a fun party at that.

      4. Things are not going to get any better. If you have something now, the trick will be, being able to hang on to it. Education might take backseat to street smarts.

        • Slingshot, I’ll take that even further. Forget about what passes for “education” [I use that word tongue-in-cheek] these days and develop the very best street smarts you can if you haven’t already. I have street smarts from being born and raised in an urban setting. Street smarts will be the difference between life and death in post-SHTF.

          • Cuz what the hell are you talking about ‘Street Smarts’ you never could tell the difference between a pot-hole and a speed-bump. I’ve been telling you how dangerous that African Virus is for years and you still won’t listen.

            • NGIC, go back to sleep, idiot.

            • The hell are you talkin about?

      5. Gold is the currency of kings
        Silver is the currency of gentlemen
        Barter is the currency of peasants
        Debt is the currency of slaves

        Can’t remember where I read that but it seems legit more and more

        • CC, you forgot to add something:

          Ammunition is the currency of patriotic preppers.

        • If I’m not mistaken, the quote is from Uncle Remus and the Woodpile blog, it’s a shame he closed it down late last year.

      6. Sgt. Dale, when is this snow thing going to stop? We got 5 inches already.

        • “P”
          We got about 1 to 2 inches this morning and now it is over at around 1130hrs. Central Illinois along RT80. I hope this is the last of this SHIT!
          The ground was just getting dry enough to do things outside. Like shoot, clean up the yard, shoot, walk the dog, shoot, start getting the garden read, shoot. man I have a problem! SHOOT.

          • I must have shoveled a 5 inch snow fall out by I-55 I-80 Junction….

          • Oh man, I’m so glad we moved south before winter hit. I thought last winter in wi was bad. Then “bam”! Another one just as cold. About this time up there I’d be chompin at the bit to get out hunting morels.

            • rolled in flour and fried in butter with a pinch of salt/pepper…mmmm-mmmm!

              • Yes sir it is!

        • Hey we’ll take it, 2 or 3 feet would be nice at the 10,000 or 12,000 ft elevation. As they say, one man’s junk is another man’s treasure. Trekker Out.

      7. I saw this 30 years ago. It has only gotten worse. The frantic NWO has dumbed down their descendents, whose grasping greed has only grown the heights where it cannot be hidden. A secret hand must be subtle to remain a secret. They have become so much easier to see, because we refuse to submit, to give up and kiss the trampling boot. Their ignorance of us is profound. For we will NEVER give up, NEVER surrender, NEVER submit.

      8. Tyler Durden eh? Not fer nuthin Mac, but articles on this site are lacking as of late. I have a question up for discussion, on a 5 acre self sustaining BOL, how many people would be needed to protect and defend said location? Also, anyone know where to obtain good sandbags in the central Florida area?

        • Dunjin.

          As many as the land can support and needed to tend to.

          Sandbags on line. Army Navy store. Homes depot.

          Sand itself. In and around Keystone Heights. Major sand company there. Can pull off on side roads and fill as many as you want.. Look for graded roads, not asphalt- off the beaten track..

          • Right. We’re in the sandhills of citrus county so fill isn’t a problem. Trying to find a bag that will do well with our sun exposure.

        • Dunjin to answer your question. Only one, if it’s my Cuz. That’s the reason we will let him come to our compound. Cuz is an Army of One.

          • NGIC, you know damned well you’re not related to me, so STFU, idiot.

          • Dude, the hell you keep talkin about with the cuz shit?

      9. Speaking of the elite:

        Ted Cruz announced his candidacy for POTUS today. Glen Beck had a ‘tingle’ go up his leg.

        Cruz introduced his ‘little wifey’ as a teenage entrepreneur baking and selling bread…..but failed to tell the audience that she works for Goldman Sachs in Houston, that she worked for the Bush Administration in very high administrative positions, and she was a member of the CFR. He did say Heidi had reached the “Pinnacle” (an understatement to say the least)and he knows most Americans will not bother to check out what he was really saying.

        He skipped that part of the story, most Conservatives would question them being “conservatives” with such a background. Both graduates of the ‘right colleges’. Both truly Washington insiders.

        Would someone who is a Beck fan please ask him to check why his undying support for this DC insider? Beck has to know both their backgrounds.

        Ted Cruz will take enough votes from other candidates to pave the way for a Jeb Bush nomination. AIPAC has already chosen the two candidates, the rest of this will just be another “dog and pony show”.

        • Here is Heidi Cruz’s Linked In profile so everyone can see her connections.

          ht tps://www.linkedin.com/pub/heidi-cruz/4/811/777

          • I read someplace that Cruz was also involved in the legal action when there was a dispute over the election when Bush ran against Gore.
            Anybody have anymore info on this?

      10. “After The Fed Crushed The Middle Class, It Is Targeting The American Family”

        The American family has been under attack since the hippy days. And even further with queers and pot smoking losers.

        • Anti Snakbarian… “The American family has been under attack since the hippy days.” That is comical. It was the hippies who opposed the Vietnam war and had the nerve to protest in public, bringing the war to an earlier than neocon desired ending. That is more than self called patriots will get off their ass to do. Hippies deserve respect because they stood up against warmongering. A position that just draws a blank stare in today’s cowering masses.

          • It was the hippes who got into drugs, “love-ins”, and filthyness.

            While I agree that they helped end the war, they still caused a huge amount of damage to family values and morality.

            • I still a hippie of sorts. laying blame of any group or generation is pointless. I was never peaceful. However I didn’t agree with the war. Toked my share of pot also. Anymore I pretty much don’t care about anyone but me & mine. I think glowbull warming is a myth lie bullshit religion. The still think the government,s are only interested in one thing. That thing is continuation of government,s. They have build bunkers like MT Weather for the protection of the government,s elete. The pole shift is what the government,s knows is imminent and that’s what they have prepped for.

      11. We will still vote for the better of two evils.

        In the end we are still Fucked!

        • Yep, just make them think they have a choice and they’ll believed they’re free.

          • Dunjin – I, too, am in the “sandhills” of Citrus County.
            But, don’t want sandbags …..


            • Nice, I’m right outside of crystal river, back in the dirt road “boonies”.

              • Dunjin, I was in Miami from 1975-1982. Now THAT was an experience!

              • Dungin, Cuz is getting so mean we may send him to Citrus County instead of letting him come to North Georgia. Can’t be letting him cuss kin folk like he’s started doing. The kids an all, you know what I mean?

        • @ slingshot

          From the movie Master and Commander. If you’ve seen it you know the reference:
          “the lesser of two weevils.”

          Please don’t vote. It only legitimizes the charade that the little guy has some say so.
          We don’t. None of those candidates represent us.

      12. It’s not the wealth gap that is destroying families, it’s government rules and regulations. Kicking God out of the classrooms, abortion, the sodomite agenda,femi-nazi’s,corruption, greed,power and control, a president that circumvents the constitution to push his agenda, cowards in the house, senate and supreme court, military commanders whose allegence is to the constitution not to the dictator in chief, in a nutshell America is going to hell and maybe that’s where she needs to be.

        • The problem with abortions is that there is not enough of it. It should be mandatory for everyone on EBT/SNAP, along with drug testing.

        • Something will give soon. We can only hope for pre trib rapture but I’ll be the first to say I don’t know. One things for certain, this is the generation that will see revelation.

        • nobody kicked God out of classrooms. I don’t think anyone can kick God out of anyplace. We in this country don’t have a national religion. That’s a good thing. We have freedom of religion and freedom from religion . that’s a very good thing. teachers in public schools promoting religion violates separation of church & state. Seperation of church & state is vital If we are wish to remain free to worship as we want. And really do you want the liberal socialist fuckturds we now have teaching in the schools giving your children religious instruction?

          • …before or after their “gay sex” class?

          • “Separation of Church and State” is not a Constitutional provision.

            The Constitution simply forbids government from either interfering with religion or controlling the peoples free exercise of it as they see fit to do. It places no restrictions of any kind or form on religion or its practice.

            Our Constitution delegates certain specifically limited powers and authorities to government and constrains government to that framework of lawfully legitimate power, controlling religion or religious practice is not among them.

            Not that anyone cares much about the Constitution anymore, the teaching of which seems to be something else that has been kicked out of the classroom as well.

      13. I like the economy and “the system” as it is–then again, I’m a 12%er and still rising 🙂

      14. I like the economy and “the system” as it is–then again, I’m a 12%er and still rising 🙂

      15. Confederate.

        Man can I feel the love oozing from that post.

        How many people do we on a daily basis do you converse with? Does the subject matter seem to be benign and not disturbing. Are there any that will engage in the more
        argumentative issues.

        I find that most do not want to discuss the issues that will impact their lives in the future. Head in sand.
        But every so often I get one person that lets go. Fed up and is waiting for it to go down.
        “Wide eyed pistol waiver’s, who ain’t afraid to die”.
        Guess we will see how the Wealth, Race, Education gaps pans out.

        • Bingo! slingshot. No one wants to talk because they don’t know the issues. Seems to me the only one’s who have intelligence are the one’s who read sites like this one and comment. West Central Florida is one of the worst places to live, 90% of the inhabitants are of the “stupid/ignorant” mindset that don’t want to learn about anything. They prefer to indulge in “Dancing with the Sodomites”, various cooking shows and of course whose dominate in their favorite sport. Please Lord, come back soon.

          • Hey,,,
            Whats wrong with the “various cooking shows”?

            • I like the Pioneer Woman, Ree Drummond. She buys food in bulk and lives on a ranch in Oklahoma. Trisha Yearwood says grace and sings hymns on her show. And the woman on “Farmhouse Rules” buys milk and other products directly from farmers in her neighborhood.

              • Perfect wife,perfect husband, perfect kids, perfect life.

                • Perfectly Boring…

              • Chopped!

            • Do we really need to know 75 ways to make meat loaf?

          • Confederate.

            I know I am in the right state because a good portion of the posters are from Florida. A bit spread out but here just the same.

            • Confederate – Yes, you’re in the right state …


            • slingshot, as I’ve commented before, I know I live in the right place when I get to visit with all my neighbors at Wal-Mart 80 miles away, on the weekend. Trekker Out. Remote HuH!

          • You got that right. Lots of morons here in west central fl. Good to see there is at least one other person that can see.

            • I’m only one county down from you. Hernando county.

      16. We’ll all be like Obama because he has no “class”

        • Jim as Rodney use to say. How about a date, and she said no, I have class, and he told her, well call me sometime when you have no class.

      17. In a free society, we are not guaranteed equal results. Ever hear of personal responsibility – it’s a good idea to teach these values to the next generation. OK, we obviously need tort reform. The legal system hasn’t lived up to “equal justice” ideals. However, the solution should not have been to create a priviledged class of citizens – Blacks. What is a “Hate Crime?” It’s already a crime to murder, rob, assault, citizens – why have the thought police create a priviledged class of citizens?

      18. and the Federal Reserve and economic status quo are waging a silent and very subtle economic war against the family.


        Really. Seen any family court rulings lately? There’s nothing subtle about this.

      19. Well no shit really?

        This is what happens when resources get scarce. The “weakest” get taken out first. And since strength = money today guess what?

      20. Today I Moved the cattle to fresh pasture and cut a load of firewood. Its getting time to start planting pretty soon. I really enjoy spring time its a time of promise & hope. Many of the animals have new babies. we are expecting a new grandson at any time. No matter what the economy does I wont starve.

        • I’ve already got some shoots coming up in my kitchen. They’ll be ready to plant very soon.

      21. being a LoneWolf Constitutionalists Partisan means i have ‘no class’ ;0) , makes life very simple , comfy and kinda fun as well.

        i’m free of all relationship control strings , dependents and hanger-on’s.

        which is the trick of it, learning to live for yourself and no one else.

        gives one a lot of freedom to just exist and explore.

        ‘individual freedom’ is something i will fight for till the bitter end.

        there is no substitute.

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