‘We Are Americans… Just Not Legally’: TIME Poster Boy for Illegal Immigration Exposed as Pedophile

by | May 19, 2016 | Aftermath, Conspiracy Fact and Theory | 99 comments

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    This one speaks for itself.

    The establishment is desperate to propagandize a myth that all immigrants are just hardworking people pursuing the American ‘dream.’

    But many of those who have entered the country illegally just aren’t so innocent and well-intentioned.

    As the London Guardian reports:

    A New York man who was once featured in a Time magazine cover story about immigration reform has been sentenced to 15 years in prison for possession of child pornography.

    Roy Naim, 32, who was featured in the 2012 story titled ‘We are Americans…just not legally’, was also convicted in 2014 for attempted exploitation.

    Federal agents found porn that depicted boys as young as nine years old performing sexual acts on Naim’s computer. He admitted to viewing and downloading the porn for multiple years.


    One of the victims was a teenage boy who was suffering from a brain tumor. He had attended a camp for children with cancer, where Naim worked as a counselor.


    Naim, who immigrated to the US with his family when he was three years old, was named the ‘Jewish face of the immigration reform struggle’ after he appeared in the Time story… Naim will be deported to Israel after completing his sentence. 

    There are plenty of sick people in this world, and being an illegal immigrant doesn’t necessarily factor in. But those who are willing to break America’s laws and disregard the system in place aren’t off to the best start.

    But a legal immigration process, intended to screen applicants and document their histories, is intended to weed out as many serious criminals and risky individuals as possible.

    In this case, one of the nation’s premiere propaganda outlets now has egg on their face for promoting an admitted pedophile as “one of the good guys” that people should cheer on being in the country.

    One of the insider’s poster boy for the ‘Dream Act’ turns out to be a disgusting criminal scumbag… who likes little boys.

    Time to look past the hype and rhetoric, and do what is legal and right for the country. People like Naim must be kept out if possible.

    Otherwise, the system stands to be overrun by hordes of dependents and overwhelmed by opportunistic criminals who would ruin our country and prey upon its law abiding legal citizens.

    Read more:

    Executive Amnesty: Obama Ready to “Refocus Activities of 12,000 Immigration Agents” and ‘Shield 5 Million Immigrants’

    Report: Obama Administration To Fly Millions Of Illegal Immigrant Children to U.S.: “The Price Tag… We Don’t Know”

    Federal Judge Strikes Down Amnesty: “Obama’s Unilateral Action Violates Separation of Powers… is Unconstitutional”


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      1. The simple fact is immigration is neither good nor bad and immigrants are neither good nor bad. That’s why countries must insist on integration, obeying the law, assimilation and getting working within weeks of entering the country. Making out the sun shines from the bottoms of immigrants is misguided: everyone knows one who is a dirt bag just as they know ones who work hard and obey the law.

        Migration at present is out of control in the West, mostly because a certain group of people thought they were above borders and laws and stormed their way into countries. Those people are not worthy of respect.

        • If you are not legal, you are not American. You are a foreign national. 🙂

            • Maybe it is and maybe it isn’t. However, one thing is for certain – if you get your information from the financial press, you are the last to know. If they say “the worst is yet to come” it’s called the bottom. Historically, it has been the time to buy.
              Just sayin’

              • Stuart: While I get “news” from various LSM and ALT Media sources, my analysis is predicated upon my education, experience, and special expertise. My financial observations here over the past six years have been spot on.

                We are NOWHERE near the “bottom”. And that is why these phony “BUY!!!” pronouncements from Brazil Resources and others like it are disengenerous at best and designed to protect the stock prices of these companies. The markets haven’t even crashed yet. The “bottom’ is likely to be three to six months after that event.

                That’s the history of the economy; except in a Depression where we would see a dead cat bounce in the economy befores it really, really, tanks.

                In that event the “management” of these jumior mining companies would liquidate valuable assets to maintain their cash position so that they can continue to pay themselves at stockholder expense while the company goes broke.

                We are NOWHERE near the bottom. When we get there I will tell you. Save your cash now, buy for pennies on the dollar later. 🙂

          • Exactly. It doesn’t make you evil but it doesn’t make you an American either.

        • The baby-raper scum illegals need to be shot and killed. The rest thrown out of the USA on their scum illegal asses.

          • Like Trump says, “What do you think they are going to send their best here?”

            How about we empty out all our prisons into Mexico or better yet into Israel. Israel needs to be WAY MORE diversified than they are today. For every Jew here in the US, we send them one jailbird. There needs to be a lot more Negros running around TelAviv, and Latinos and Syrian Jihadists, to help increase their mixed populations. They need to blend like the rest of the world. F-n Hypocrites. Maybe they can create more order out of their own chaos. Israel sends their dual passport spies here to loot our Corporations and technology. There is evil in every corner from all foreigners, who do NOT have America’s interests first.



          • Aint gonna happen so you may as well suck it up and get over it

        • The simple fact is immigration is neither good nor bad and immigrants are neither good nor bad

          This is wrong, when a country is invaded to destroy it then its BAD….. goof
          When they are from violent countrys its BAD
          When the people are dumb as a box of rocks its BAD
          when they don’t want to be american’s but get free shit its BAD…. can I stop now?

        • Immigration in a country, is like salt in the soup ??

          • Salt in the soup, great analogy! Too much salt makes the soup bad, and must be thrown out.

            • Most usa folk got royally duped into belief in and total support of that “Poem” on statue of liberty plaque that reads “give us your poor, sick, lame/hungry/ignorant third world FILTH and we americans shall glady accept such trash 100% and beg for more too!

              of course I am paraphraseing that poem here…

              But just look at whom wrote that actual wording on said statue plaque back in the early 1940’s era if I recall timing correct(?)

              A documented, certified, bonafied, Russian jewess kommie woman poet wrote it.

              And the dem libs of usa celebrated it as a huge victory over the previous issue of the agenda back in mid to late 1920’s era, when usa congress finally tried to enact a brand New imigration policy that HALTED the 24/7 non stop Boat Loads of russian and polish jewry that had boats backed up for miles at sea waiting their turn to disembark its boat load of More russian kommie marxist jewry immigrants.

              So many boat loads full that from 1880 till 1920, New York became jewyork with at least a full 1/2 of all such jewish immigrants remaining to live within NY areas.

              And it has only gotten far worse since!

              Because usa liberal dems and actual CPUSA Marxist agitators and Boycotters etc kept up a constant non stop critisizm of all americans that agreed with new limits on russian jews, and add More euro whiteys to the immigrant mix got tired of being called…Wait for it!…

              Being called Rayssist! and that most unholy of unholy of Taboo words…wait for it again!…

              Called also an Antisemite! OyVey!

              no matter what true blue usa congressmen did their new law limits lasted just a few short years before those boat loads from russia and poland doubled efforts to infest usa with the worst lowest types and greesiest of what russia and poland had to offer and send here.

              Aint it high time usa folks and especially the founding euro whiteys of usa start to do deep study of real historic history and events that so matter and so destroy america now?

              but beware! no such real true history and Facts will ever be told by Fox TV news nor that History aka Hitler 24/7 talmudvision station shows…For this type info one Must do their Own homework and research Online at the thousands of sites that do contain such valid honest truth infos..

              Because how else can you ever convince others to awaken if You do not know of such truths like I wrote of here?

              And for you Troll types here, before wasteing your time calling me vile names which I care not a rats ass about…Try to refute my info first via real factual truth that so refutes it.

              ps that refutation research will also be a huge waste of your time since it is all true about that liberty statue poem plaque info and the boat loads of russian marxist jewry that arrived here during those 40 odd years or so.

              it only took em about 100 yrs this time to wreck and ruin a nation! Used to take twice as long for euro nations that got prior ruined or wrecked or both by the same bunch.

              Discalimer: Yes yes yes…I know that Many other fine upstanding immigrants from russia or poland or other areas also arrived in usa at same time frame…But that is Not the Case we are speaking of here…The real Issue Is that Marxist kommies Flooded usa shores from 1880 till 1940 era, and like it or not a huge vast majority were in fact jewish marxist kommies period…After all it was a jewish invention, of communism…and it is really The political system straight from Hell and satans mind is why kommies prove daily that the only good kommie is a Dead kommie period. Do Not blame me that so many of jewry choose to be such kommies and nation wreckers…Blame Them!

          • Mr Reynard,
            Good analogy. Don’t forget that Christians are also supposed to be the salt of the earth. The first time I read that, it sure caught my attention… too much salt destroys life.

            • Reba, I contend (respectfully) that you are not ‘taking into context’ the true meaning of “…salt of the earth” (as it was intended to read in translation from ancient Hebraic or ??? ‘texts’ of that era).
              One would surmise that God would be well aware what is and is not “good for life” wouldn’t you assume? That much is covered in the first few pages of Genesis! 🙂 What to eat, what to avoid is clearly ‘covered in full’. (Eons before ANYONE “had a clue” that “forbidden foods” were pure cholesterol (lobster, clams, catfish (no scales, don’t eat!) …etc. I find that simply amazing…

      2. Pedophile, rapers, criminals, drug traffickers, etc, whatever you wanna call these illegal people IS NOT going to change the fact about the disgraces committed by the US government into other countries for many decades, murdering hundreds of thousands (if not millions) of innocent people in places like Vietnam, Korea, Afghanistan, Iraq, Libya, Syria, Serbia, Kosovo, Yemen, Somalia, etc.

        If innocent Americans are victims today of the so-called illegal immigrants, it is simply called KARMA: WHAT GOES AROUND, COMES AROUND (just “Collateral Damage” or the consequences of a failing foreign policy).

        End of story.

        • Wrong. I had nothing to do with Vietnam or Korea. I wasn’t even alive during the Korean war. I always thought Karma was supposed to be payback to a party responsible for wrongdoing. How is illegal immigration harming the politicians or any others who actually caused any innocents to die?

          I’m sure you’re not responsible for anything. You’re probably not even American.

          • Americans DO NOT have a single authority to pretend they are “morally superior” to other people. So just accept the fact that if illegal aliens are killing innocent Americans, is like Simon Rawlsen clearly pointed out: IT IS CALLED KARMA.

            Whining won’t do any good and accept that such fact is now part of your daily lives (not even a Trump presidency will be able to cope with the already 50+ million enraged illegal population living in the US – instead, that buffoon will grant papers to all of those people). Just remember that the Untied States of America is a superpower IN AN IRREVERSIBLE DECLINE and nothing will change that outcome.

            No worries, America will become a protectorate of People’s Republic of China, and they will surely and efficiently manage the flow of people in that part of the world.

            • I wanted you to know you could go fuck yourself godfried

            • Godfried, not even your real name. Just a character from a TV show.
              Everyone loves to hate America yet a majority want to come here.
              Please invite the Syrians, Nigerians etc refugees to live with you. Our melting pot is overrunning.

            • It would be brainlessly illogical to hold the citizens of a country responsible for what its LEADERS have done unbeknownst “to the people.” I had NO fucking idea about Nam other than that 100’s and 1,000s of GI’s were dying …and so I signed up and stayed in (called a “lifer” in some circles). Special Forces so I’m a murderer (to you) too, I am sure.
              Fuck you, fuck off, go to Hell and keep your head exactly where it is so that I will recognize you ….up yur arse MF….

              There …another to add to my list of hits if and when the time arrives to do so. Many may want to consider using “fake IPs” ….as he DID NOT DO….properly. 🙂

        • What a moron.
          End of story.

      3. Let them all in. Have Obama drop them all around the country. Everyone gets a few. Share the load. I suspect there will be no wall on Mexico so bring them all up from South American. We need more Haitians and Cubans.

        Send us your child molesters and murderer’s and bring the diseases back into lives. Open up your prisons so inmates can prey again on good people.

        All for the Democratic Vote, a New Army of slave labor and dependency on the government.

        Paid for by YOUR Tax Dollars.

        • I’m an open borders guy. Bulldoze the fence. Get rid of the walls. Tell Mexico they’re off the hook. No wall.

          Sounds crazy, right? Nope. Not at all.

          No free shit. No free schooling. No free food. No drivers licenses. No jobs. $100,000 fine for employing an illegal either officially or under the table (includes a $10,000 reward to the snitch, illegals not eligible). Accused of a crime? You’re incarcerated until we toss you back out in Mexican sand.

          No expensive wall. No expensive border guards. Problem fixed. Saves us billions a year.

          • We already have all those laws.

        • Is or is not the influx of all these immigrants being done so that they’ll have PLENTY of willing “shooters” to send after us deplorable Americans. (We were considered WONDERFUL when we were supported World Hunger …and all the other lies fed to us over the decades and at least one eon). Now we are so terrible EVERYONE wants to come to America? No. That ‘self-destructs’ so it can’t be that.
          You can’t everyone all the time so fuck’em. I am fully armed, stocked up, extremely well hidden with deeper hidey-holes if deemed necessary …and some superior weaponry (from yester-year and homemade yet lethal) plus I know all the areas around my abode (for miles), being in them all my life (pretty much). I’m not worried, concerned nor scared. Knowing HOW THEY WORK is to my advantage (and yours ….hell, look into ANY military manual and you’ll find everything you need to know about the “possible” enemies. (Few in our military will stand against their own people …knowing they would be torn assunder for doing so with NO FUCKING TRIAL (short of: You are guilty of treason and sentenced to hang by the neck until dead …and remain there until dusk, for all to see). Gonna get ‘stinky’ in the metros …especially around DC (do they still have poles up there or did they have them all taken down out of fright)?

      4. Demographic Warfare.

        • It is warfare indeed, DevilMayCry. Any way in which the masses may be divided and pitted against each other- race, ethnicity, language, religion, you name it. Even within the confines of English speaking citizens, the division is perpetuated. Dem or Repub, yankee or rebel, redneck or hippie, the list is endless. All the way down to Nascar or thoroughbred.
          It’s human nature to look for similarities, however minor, and align ones self with that group. And to feel a certain ‘us against them’ mentality about it. Which automatically puts us on one side of the dividing line. And, while the division may be relatively small, the actions against those on the wrong side of the line can be huge. For example, the guy who was beaten by sports fans for wearing the wrong team apparel to a game. Small difference, big consequences.
          Which is not to say that ANYONE should be allowed to disregard the borders, the laws, the very sovereignty of a nation and just swarm in whenever they feel like it. Any nation that expects to endure must assert it’s reasonable claims to protecting itself from invasion. We have every right to evict illegals and to have FULL control over who enters our country.
          But it’s not the larger part of the picture. We keep squabbling with the foreigners. And with each other. Over seemingly everything.
          Meanwhile, the exploiters, the murderers, the would-be rulers of the entire human race sit back and laugh as we continue to bicker…. oblivious to the ever tightening chains of our slavery.
          Now, having said all that, I will add only this-
          (sorry, couldn’t help myself)

          • SmokinOkie, welcome back. It’s a shame you had to come back and see some garbage like this. Hope everything is well with you.

            • Hey Braveheart. I’m doing well. Still spending way too much time on the road. And things have changed in that we are no longer living at the okie compound. We still own the land but are (temporarily I hope) in a rent house in town. I hate it, but then again, I’m rarely there.
              At the risk of being a head-in-the-sand ignoramus, I’ve pretty much tuned out the news for the past several months. Just can’t endure the insanity and disintegration of the nation I once loved so dearly. Maybe I’m slipping into denial mode or something, but I have to take the news in very small bits, and only occasionally. Otherwise it just keeps me pissed.
              I haven’t by any means ditched my prepper attitude, I just haven’t had time to accomplish much lately. Oh well, life goes on…
              On a much happier note I did take inventory of the ammo stocks a few days ago. No numbers to report, just picture a HUGE Cheshire cat grin on my face!
              Be well, keep stackin’

              • What happened at the okie compound? I missed something somewhere.

              • Smokin, great to see you are on the green side of the earth.
                We do miss your stories.
                Here at the plan, some newbies are here, the old timers still hang in there.
                Good to see you kept it between the lines, hope you get back to the compound.
                Home is where you hang your hat.

                Be well all…

                • Hi there eppe. Hope you’re well. I do miss being here with you all.
                  Brave- nothing catastrophic like a fire or tornado or anything. Just a major roof sag and water leak. We moved our belongings out so they are ok. The old house just needs more time and money than I can put into it right now. It’s not safe to be there. Hopefully we’ll be back soon.
                  Y’all have heard me rant about the abuses to the language many times before. Well, here we go again. Certain greedy rascals in the trucking industry are pushing to install new technology on trucks.
                  It’s a group of sensors, mostly mounted near the front bumper and tied into speed limiters and automated braking systems. All to allow trucks to, basically, draft one another on the highways. Supposedly it’ll save fuel and keep mother nature happy. They call it “Platooning.” Running at highway speeds with about 30 to 40 feet between trucks. Wow! That sounds dangerous to me. We used to call that what it was- Tailgating.
                  Evidently if we simply change the language we can change reality. Or so the idiots think.
                  No, I’m not tailgating… I’m ‘Platooning.’
                  No, officer, I didn’t run that red light. I’m just showing solidarity with the color blind drivers of the world.
                  No, I didn’t hit a cow. I’m practicing motorized bovine herd management.
                  “I’m an American… just not legally.”
                  That’s about as true as “Yes, this is my money… just not legally.”
                  “I sent in my tax return… just not to the IRS.”

                  • Smokin, doing good. I try to inject humor and make the site what is was before, just is not the same.
                    But change is a constant in life.
                    Strange how that works???

                    • bring back the thumbs!…..actually, i think it’s all the trolls that have made the difference…..and we suuure do miss be informed….i guess we got an exodus of the good, and too many trolls coming in…..wonder WHERE all the GOOD people went off to?

                  • Okie, In a commercial vehicle a following distance of 1 second for every ten feet of vehicle traveling less than 40 mph. Add 1 second over 40 mph. Minimum following distance is at least 4 seconds. So if you’re pulling a 53′ trailer with a double bunk large car, you’re looking at close to seventy feet, so minimum should be at least 7 seconds under 40 mph, 8 seconds if traveling over 40 mph. I’ve never heard of “platooning” and if it’s what you say it is, there will be an army of lawyers draining money the first time an accident occurs from this irresponsible and dangerous conduct. If you have never heard of the 5 Keys of the Smith System, then tell your boss to find out what it is and commit his drivers to this preventative education. As a matter of fact, the way you explain this “platooning” it sounds to me like it is tailgating and most likely illegal. Your and your company’s CSA scores will skyrocket and an Out of Service won’t be far away. I’m a driver instructor for a major, probably the 2 biggest trucking company in the world, and a commercial driver for 30 years. Not braggin, just qualifying myself before you take offense.

                  • Smokin, I just hope you get your home repaired soon. I’m heading back to the BOL on another supply run in 2 weeks. But the way things are shaping up, this could become the bugout. We’ll see.

              • “SO”
                Good to hear from you. You make some very good point in the above remarks. I picked Thunder to win it all.

                Did the cat eat the canary? Did inventory on food. BIG SMILE!!!! As far as AMMO. I just count 50 Cal cans.


      5. They are trying to decriminalize sex with children. This movement is part of the Zionist’s agenda to destroy America. This man being deported to Israel can now legally rape little boys as Israel does not prosecute if the victim is not Jewish. The same goes for kidnapped girls and boys.

        • Is that true . That isreal courts do not prosecute . If you rape non Jews .

      6. How come I go to no where land when I speak about those of whom we may not speak. And they sure are not Catholics.

        • Because you are a racist idiot, that’s why.

      7. Now we know what the leftists mean by ‘cultural enrichment,’ don’t we?

      8. There is a movement to legitimize pedophilia. The psychiatrists (total Zionist weapon) have declassified it and now say that merely wanting to have sex with children is not a sign of mental illness as long as the person isn’t active sexually.

        There is a law being put out to further lower the severity of child rape convictions.

        Before you know it, men sucking the penis of babies, which is the custom during certain rituals will be as normal as Apple pie.

        • And hopefully venting the air from their lungs with a .45 will be looked upon as normal too.

        • They won’t be doing that to any babies I know. My first thought is to split their skulls with an axe.

        • Ask anyone which religious group pedophilia is most rapant in and 9/10 will tell you the catholic church. They would all be wrong. We both know the real answer but can’t discus it rationally with the masses….too programed for irrational responses.

          • Yes because True proper christianity promotes good and honesty and true virtuous lifestyles etc…Meanwhile those others of the talmudic teachings actually promote sex with little boys Up to age of 3 years old and little girl sex as long as the girl is no older than age of 9 yrs old…oh and also a huge mandate is those little boys and girl sex objects/toys MUST be of the Goyims children!

            In other words as long as it is always done with a goy child, they never violate their only main rule which is to never ever do such with one of their tribes own kids.

            So according to Their most holy of holy books verses/teachings…to do the exact 180 degree Opposites that christians promote as good, for those others it is of their highest virtues to do such vile deeds.

            It is what was meant by Christ when he accused them of twisting Gods laws and words into their Own man made royal Mess of nonsence and abject evils, and why also He said “You Are of Your Father Satan the devil and his lusts you shall do!”

            What are those satanic lusts one may ask?…I shall tell you what….The main three are “Murder-Steal/rob-Lie”.

            And when one ponders evils in general, one realizes that tose main three things of murder-steal-lie are at the very Root of most all other evils!

            By now well into 21st century after such wisdoms were first uttered by Christ, it should be so well known of and so oft practiced by All persons of all types, that zero need be left for truth tellers eh?

            I rekon that buisness of being so stiff necked and stuborn that it blocks ones ability to do good or righteousness etc is a key component of it all eh.

            So now we must await that Harvest time frame when all the tares shall be Uprooted and taken in bundels to the fire that rages for destruction of evils and them what does it.

            You shall be able to come close to knowing the time frame once a majority of folk everywheres can very eaisly distinguish the differences between Tares Vs Wheats.

            Because as written…Tares only “look” akin to Wheat untill tares mature fully and thats also close to time of Harvest!..note any such vast differences as yet folks?

            If no? better get busy, get that Memo and get Wized up pronto!

            • Them Guys:

              Kicked out of 109 Countries because of loan sharking. Also main reason for being deported is that they have a custom based on Talmudic teachings of torturing a child by pricking them with needles, crucifixion, cuting the genitals, and always the child is taken from the host, never one of their own. This is documented and factual. There are twenty children raised to sainthood after being murdered.

      9. “We are Americans…..just not legally.” I don’t care where you come from or what you call yourself. If you’re in my country illegally, you’re an illegal alien, and need to go back to where you came from. Go to any US diplomatic facility in your home country and inquire about how to LEGALLY come to our country. PLAY BY OUR RULES AND YOU WON’T HAVE ANY PROBLEM. If you won’t do that, then stay the f#$% out of the US.

      10. If I find the pedophile, I’ll be happy to ‘put him out of his misery.”

      11. They just come here to have a better life. Everything free and all the porn they can stand.

      12. That last paragraph fits the criminals running this country into the ground to a tee.

      13. Cut off all welfare to illegals then see how fast they self-deport. Every taxpayer is getting big time hosed by democrats!

        • Mensa141, BINGO. That and the fact they want to destroy us are the only 2 reasons they’re here.

      14. The most important thing is to stop this anchor baby thing. What other way to do that then to say anyone born hear of non US parents is not a US citizen. Your parents sealed your fate. Sorry I’m sure you will like it better surrounded by your own kind . There so wonderful . Their is only one reason we have borders. Cause we just can’t get along. Why else do we have borders. Your people’s mental genetics are too different from ours . As the British say. . You can take them out of Africa . But you can’t take the Africa out of them. And we are sick of putting up with your crap. We don’t need any of you. You can take them out of Mexico but you can’t take the Mexican out of them. You can take them out of alah land and so forth. I know the democrats need more voters . But they don’t care what this will lead to . Or they are laughing at us struggling to hold our society together . They want more perversion and we are in their way.

      15. Why have borders if the judge allows them to vote.. Bring a bunch of Muslims in and vote Sharia law.

        Men want to marry men and women want to marry women. Then we can’t figure out which bathroom we should use.

        It’s time to pull the plug. Wouldn’t be surprise if the president is humping a camel in the rose garden.

      16. When you pay more taxes than you consume and leave blood on the battlefield let me know. Till then you are illegal. Go home.

      17. The only reason they want the immigrants here is for cheap labor. They need the illegals to undermine wages of Americans and flood industries will cheap labor. Joe Plummer doesn’t have a shot in hell when Jose does the pipe work for less than half price and lives in an apartment with 2other families. This is a tactic to destroy wages and working conditions for Americans. I don’t know where you all live but around here businesses are Jew owned and they don’t wanna pay what the industry going rate is. How do you solve that problem. Hire illegals to do the work for less while threatening deportation if they don’t perform. We are the victims and the illegals are exploited. People that never worked would never understand this because they don’t even know how hard it is to make a buck. Immigrants want in because America is the land of milk and honey compared to places like Mexico. Politicians tell the immigrants they are wanted here and promise free shit and a better life at the expense of ordinary working folks. Why wouldn’t they. They don’t have to look you or me in the eye. They don’t have to look the immigrants in the eye either they just have to convince them that the other party Is for deportation and program cuts. corporations are such scumbags like Disney for instance they made people train their immigrant replacements before they were canned. It really is corporations that fuck everyone. Why can’t people see this. This is why I say don’t spend $ at any stores. Just work for corporations fuck them over while working for them and keep your $ away from other corporations. There has to be a change in culture toward corporations. The system is rigged to keep workers in bondage. They cut your pay so you need to stay at work more just to get by. You should be making enough $ to save but they don’t want you to do that because you might not need them anymore and move on. I’m telling you this is the truth they are robbing our futures people. People get all excited over certain brands like Budweiser which are corporations why. There should be a violent war on corporations. Sabotage your employer if you can. Take a dive and go out on injury this hurts them. Screw up their saftey record. Do things that cost them $ like break tools that will need to be replaced. Be smooth make them feel like your a good employee while you are screwing them. It’s what they deserve. Don’t give me the bulshit my employer is good to me. They are not good to you they have made you feel like they are. They will blame everything that goes wrong on you and your coworkers. Don’t tell anyone your are on a mission to sabotage. They have rats that will eat their shit and you don’t know who it is. If everyone fucked them over as much as possible and no one ratted what can they do. Nothing people need to stop being good little slaves and be little devils. ?

      18. In our county here, 1 in 3 in the lockup is an illegal, and another 1 in 3 are the anchor babies of illegals. Only a third are the good old boy rednecks the left likes to complain about.

        One cop here, says he might enjoy coming to work again if the illegals weren’t here, guess it’s constant activity. The spousal and child abuse across the illegal population is worse than in redneck druggie homes, which is pretty bad.

      19. OFF TOPIC

        Today David and Charles Koch abandoned their plan to finance the Libertarian candidate to take votes from Trump.

        Trump met with Kissinger a few days ago.

        I don’t like the picture connecting these dots paints.

        • one of Trumps key advisors is a former Soros employee


          it looks like Trump is actually pretty buddy buddy with Soros

          meet the new boss
          same as the old boss?

      20. If corporations didn’t get away with hiring illegals they wouldn’t be able to survive here and would self deport. Corporations are the problem people wake up. Trump is a corporatist scumbag if you think he’s gonna make your life better your dreaming folks. He thinks your peasants that live of the crumbs of his corporatist crony buddies. He talks a good game just like Obummer. Not to say anyone else is better but if your working and poor why not vote for free shit Bernie. Don’t let the socialist talk scare you. Free shit beats working for nothing. Free shit trumps empty promises. Bernie has a point the richest people don’t pay their fair share. To say the middle class will pay for the free shit makes no sense. Your already paying through the nose. Do you think for one second a corporatist president is gonna hurt the rich. Your dreaming if you do. The president will have the power to change the tax rates. Bernie is the only one who even mentions going after the greedy rich. Don’t tell me they earned their wealth. They didn’t they used the backs of working people and stole from them too to get to the top. Yes some people were good business owners who cared for their help. But this is not what we have today the family business is dead. Walmart came into town and put them out of business. Walmart is a crony Jew corporation that exploits their help. Yes I shop there because I have to get what I need as cheap as possible not cause I like their corporate ideology. Trump is gonna keep the fucking of the working folks going. Rich need to pay more they can afford it and their lifestyle won’t suffer one bit. But yours and mine will.


        HELP US……….

      22. I have a friend who moved from the US to Germany almost 10 years ago
        she is back for a visit

        I asked her about the immigration “problem” in Germany

        she said it is being overblown
        there are some immigrants to Germany who have caused some problems
        but that is nowhere as bad as it is being portrayed in the US press

        she said in her town,there are “quite a few ” immigrants
        and that they”just want to find jobs and work”

        • Satori. Then all the videos of the riots and the signs saying death to all who insult alah are fake . The cologne assaults . The videos of Germans protesting . The rapes . Are mostly fake . Is ISIS fake . The videos of the escaped sex slaves. Burning drowning beheading people are all fake . Cause one German left wing bimbo says so? Watch a video on Why women destroy societies. Most bimbos could care less about their country . They just want money and sex.

        • “S”
          That is just opposite of what a friend of mine that has family in Germany. They said it is holy hell.

          • aye sarge. Same here. Precisely the same story as yours. Guess that ‘sews that one up eh’? German may well go the way of Venezuela (and the remainder of The EU ..if it isn’t already crumbling).

            Ham operators nearby ARE reporting “living hells’ in many places of many countries (most never make it to our TVs …gee, I wonder why that could be)? Certainly the media would not hold back on us nor lie either! (And their asses suck canal-water) …cancelled TV ages ago as it all lies and more lies about the lies.

        • Odd, a relative of mine living in Germany says the immigration crisis reported in their media is just the tip of the iceberg. The citizens are being lied to, kept uninformed, and punished for speaking out.

          I think your buddy has a serious problem with reality and empathy for her fellow citizens. The word ‘sociopath’ comes to mind.

      23. This freak was brought here when he was 3. this has nothing to do with the current immigration problem. Come on, I don’t like this crap either, but let’s take a convincing approach to stopping this crap!

        • How much more convincing would it take ‘above’ 100+ million, armed, tired, pissed-off, pissed-on citizens who are LEGAL Americans all armed with AR-15s (or the like) with thousands of rounds of ammo? Every one of them are ready to fight YESTERDAY and may well just ‘erupt’ over the tiniest thing (or be provoked; as in not being given a choice but to start fighting or be slain).

          So Anon ..take it elsewhere. Please. We here have MANY “convincing approaches” to remedy our woes, and they all lie with our Constitution. Simple as that. Got it?

        • How much more convincing would it take ‘above’ 100+ million, armed, tired, pissed-off, pissed-on citizens who are LEGAL Americans all armed with AR-15s (or the like) with thousands of rounds of ammo? Every one of them are ready to fight YESTERDAY and may well just ‘erupt’ over the tiniest thing (or be provoked; as in not being given a choice but to start fighting or be slain).

          So Anon ..take it elsewhere. Please. We here have MANY “convincing approaches” to remedy our woes, and they all are to be found within our Constitution. Simple as that. Got it? Great. Now get on it…

      24. hmmm
        interesting Sarge

        my friend lives in a fairly small town

        is your friend in a large urban area ???

        • “S”
          My friend is the German teacher at the local High School. I believe that they do. He told me that they had to cancel the BEER FEST last fall. So I’m thinking it is a large city.

          He also told me that there have been several large fights between different Muslime Sects.

          He also told me that there are groups starting to form that resembles the Nazi’s pre WW2, and that the Nazi party (not called that) but he did give it a name, that I forgot. Is starting to grow in leaps and bounds.


          • Forgot. Brother and several other family member are living in Germany.

          • That could be Belafeld (sp?) Germany. Metro and home to a US base (if it is still there). And that’s the area I previously spoke of.

            • Make that Bielefeld, Germany. Sorry for being too lazy to look it up…

      25. big cities
        ALWAYS trouble

        people in small towns are generally much better behaved !

      26. Off Topic!!!
        just had an article sent to me telling me that Singapore has or is sending 14,000 troops to Australia.

        DOWN UNDER WHERE ARE YOU. We need info.


      27. U.S. voters snookered again. Nothing new under the sun. There must be a stand against this earthly evil cabal.

      28. Economist Milton Friedman said and did a number of dumb things, including helping the U.S. set up the income tax withholding system during WWII. But he had it right when he said, “You can have open borders or you can have a welfare system but you can’t have both.”

      29. I can solve this third world invasion of America, Ill need:

        #1. A very large camp set up in the American Southwest, away from prying eyes.

        #2. Ill need a portion of the Nations rail system.

        #3. Landmines to be placed along the border.

        #4. Shower heads

        #5. Very large capacity cremation ovens

        #6. A border wall.

        #7. Quantities of a certain industrial delousing compound.

        I can assure you that the third world invasion would would be terminated within 6 months.

        • Possibly not all Of Hitlers ideas where bad?

          • After a Weimar Republic, a highly-suspect Reichstag Fire, Autobahn, and the supposed development of Palestine, it has apparently never occurred to a national *socialist to simply quit subsidizing any one behavior or public work.

            Businesses, municipalities, and fake charities are paid by the govt, to harbor migrant welfare leeches.

            Whether you want to call it communism, crony capitalism, or socialism is irrelevant.

          • The third world invasion of our nation must be halted by any and all means possible, ANY MEANS!

        • ZIP ….the BLM “holds” pretty much all of the Western states (despite that the feds are not supposed to own a grain of sand of ANY land). That land is ours, We The People own it.

          I “see & hear” you, and believe I’ve ‘got your drift’ (but of course).

          Why not move it to, say, The Smokey Mountains? (Far easier to quell ‘snoops and satellites’, etc). Plus the entire state is anti-fed (to the greater degree on MOST things). The folks who are not won’t be re-elected. Cherokee County is one I’d recommend over the others as it has a massive forest (Nantahala National) …and a man-made lake (largest manmade inland lake I believe that exists in America). Springs galore and NICE people. Nary a problem of any kind in that county (my wife and myself ‘sit on the line’ about as far West as one can get.
          You would love extreme western NC, that goes double if you are into prepping, and land is still cheap ..especially if it is unimproved with or without road frontage. No pine trees (blight killed them all across the state), yet plenty of other fir (for log cabins or ‘the like’, stones galore (FLAT rocks PERFECT for making awesome fireplaces without need for a ‘filler’ …just stack the suckers and it is ‘tight’ as you’d need. Gold can be found in nearly all the ‘wild creeks’ (called Branches here). Panning for gold is rather fun, yet tedious.
          Just a thought is all. Good luck with whatever you do and wherever you are led.

      30. DR JAMES Garrow talks this month.

        I can trust my sources.. I am so sorry to disappoint the trolls such as Copper and Old Guy. Two fusion center employees and no different than the fakes and other assholes who work for financial institutions that are now forced to cash out retirement, mutual funds and other profit sharing accounts for customers who are investing in Gold and silver, food water and land. Since I work in financial services and am involved in real estate. The investment bankers contacted me and they talk to me every week, I see it all and now they are talking to me about this slowdown that they have noticed and this topic was never discussed, since I don’t tell them that I prep.. That slowdown has impacted their business and my business.. We had a recent face to face meeting and they admitted to me that something big is coming that they don’t know how bad it is. They were surprised that I knew about it.. I just told them to make the best of it, that we have to get Trump into the white house now, and fortunately they agreed and support Trump..and they were happy about my support for Donald Trump.

        Now for the bad news this morning, nothing that you have not heard me mention but I need to let my fellow hard core preppers know that J J Mcartney just interviewed Dr James Garrow, the Ex CIA guy that a certain person tried to have killed in Canada last year of 2014, that he is telling us the truth of the current situation, and the fact that a caller a woman who had a meeting with a military guy from the DID, told her that he was hoping that the up coming civil war would go down next year in 2017, but it’s already too late that it’s going to go down by October , November 2016, this year.. listen to it your self and he also has info on Trump.. Trump is the real deal folks. Believe it or not..He is the last chance we have of preventing the so called hell in earth like what th scientist likes to call it..

        Copper and Old guy are trolls.. lets hear it from the sources mouth, let me see you call bullshit on Dr James Garrow..

        Sorry Copper sorry Old Guy…this will prove you incompetent and a mental evaluation that you recommend for me will not be able to talk your out of this interview.

        So bad grammar is the deciding factor when it comes to me posting on this site eh.

        See you tube, type in JJ McCarthy 05/18/16 Dr James Garrow..

        Hurry guys before they take down this audio.. we know that they are reading my post and attacking me here daily..


        Civil war two on its way..Good luck to everyone.

        HCKS threat matrix mow 90% and climbing..

        • HCKS. I never called bullshit on anyone but you. All I did to piss you off was to make light of your spelling, grammar, writing skills, reasoning and the non existent scientist friend you have. I certainly wouldn’t call bullshit on most articles here. I forgot about making fun of your bullshit statements about muscles, black belt, real estate investing exploits ( evidenced by the fact you said you were recently homeless) and are currently running a failing business. Please point out where I made fun of authors or articles aside from the idiot so called economist.

          • Copper you know you and I are agency ass clowns. The proof is because Hicks said so!

            • HCKS makes up most of what he tries to say.

      31. Fuck you both..I an a martial artist.. I was homeless whike in business for 18 months and kept running my business, then got out of that situation, business is stable but slow at the moment and has picked back up this week..i do have woman who is good looking that phucks me, blows me and lives with me.. both of you are ugly and are jerking off to porn. These are the facts about me..you two are trolls.
        Who knows maybe women children should not go near you two for their own safety
        No telling who you phuck’s are about.



        • Wow. I don’t care what you have to say after your last post! You are beyond vulgar. What a way to talk about your own wife. Where is the moderator who let that nastiness and unrelated TMI go through?

      32. Who the HELL reads ‘Time’ anymore…The last time I saw the magazine it was only 22 pages with ads…

      33. I don’t mind the poor, the hungry , or those yearning to be free. I do mind the leeches, the welfare wannabes, the arrogant and demanding, the I’m better than you and you owe me, the criminals, the rapists, the lowlifes, and the never ever gonna be Americans or learn your language invaders entering our country today.

        • Euragone: And thus do you also believe that 100% disabled veterans (who lost both legs or arms and legs or whatever are also “worthless eaters” and should kill themselves/suicide as a favor to the other Americans THEY FOUGHT FOR (and paid dearly for life)?

          If so, if you are injured on the job as a civilian, then you also do not agree that your injury should “qualify you for a damn thing.” Right? or?

          Just asking… not looking for a pissin’ contest.

      34. So long as there is no coercion involved, I don’t care whether he claims to live under water or in outer space.

      35. Not surprised. Communists are communists whether in the jungles or at Time magazine they are all dirty or unclean animals.

        They are in the same family as feral swine.

      36. Ovenworthy.

      37. “Federal agents found porn that depicted boys as young as nine years old performing sexual acts on Naim’s computer. ”
        I’m just trying to get past the whole visual of performing sexual acts on a computer. Would the grammar police please help?

        Sure, no problem…

        “Federal agents found porn on Naim’s computer that depicted boys as young as nine years old performing sexual acts.”

        Thank you, grammar officer.

        You’re welcome.

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