Warships & Parades: China “Rapidly Expanding Its Operations Far From Its Own Coast”

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    This article was written by Michael Krieger and originally published at his Liberty Blitzkrieg website.

    Editor’s Comment: With a major silent economic war underway, China’s military posturing is particularly unnerving – especially since their positioning of Chinese warships off the coast of Alaska took place during President Obama’s official visit there. Does it seem that a message was being sent?

    Putin has meanwhile stoked the tensions once again – just after watching China’s massive military parade – with his announcement to formally dump the dollar. How far will China go, and how much is taking place behind the scenes that Americans are not even being told about? Is this all just saber rattling, or will the balance come due and sparks start flying?

    China Launches Biggest Military Overhaul in Decades as Warships Spotted Off Alaska for First Time

    by Michael Krieger

    It’s never a good sign when the world’s second largest economy announces the most significant revamp of its military in decades, at almost the exact same time that its economy implodes. Unfortunately, this is what just happened. From Bloomberg:

    President Xi Jinping will as soon as this month announce the most sweeping overhaul of the Chinese military in at least three decades, moving it closer to a U.S.-style joint command structure, people familiar with the matter said.

    The blueprint would unify the army, navy, air force and strategic missile corps under one command, said the people, who asked not to be identified because the proposal hasn’t been released. The plans call for thinning the ranks of officers and traditional ground forces, helping elevate the role of the navy and air force, to better project force in a modern conflict, they said.

    Xi is preparing to unveil the proposal in the wake of Thursday’s World War II anniversary parade in Beijing, which will showcase his authority over the People’s Liberation Army and China’s growing clout in the region. The plan to mold the military into a force that meets Xi’s goal of being “able to fight and win a modern war” has been delayed for months as anti-graft investigators swept up dozens of current and retired generals, referring the PLA’s former top general to prosecutors in July.

    Xi “mainly employed the anti-corruption campaign in the military to form his absolute command over the army, so that his military restructuring plan can press ahead after being initially stalled,” said Yue Gang, a retired colonel in the PLA’s General Staff Department. “Now, his authority in the army is solid enough for him to flesh out his vision to transform the military and set it on a path to emulate the U.S.”

    Such a command system is seen as necessary to improve communications and coordinate modern forces across the various arms of the military. The organizational changes would aid China’s shift from a land-based military to one able to project force far from its coastline.

    But there’s more. Just today, it was reported that Chinese warships were seen off the coast of Alaska for the first time ever.

    From the Wall Street Journal:

    Five Chinese navy ships are currently operating in the Bering Sea, off the coast of Alaska, the first time the U.S. military has seen such activity in the area, Pentagon officials said Wednesday. 

    The officials said they have been aware in recent days that three Chinese combat ships, a replenishment vessel and an amphibious ship were in the vicinity after observing them moving toward the Aleutian Islands, which are split between U.S. and Russian control.

    They said the Chinese ships were still in the area, but declined to specify when the vessels were first spotted or how far they were from the coast of Alaska, where President Barack Obama is winding up a three-day visit.

    The presence of the Chinese ships so close to U.S. shores is the latest demonstration of how China’s military is rapidly expanding its operations far from its own coast to protect the nation’s growing global interests.

    Mr. Xi is heading to the U.S. in late September for a state visit, which has already been overshadowed by tensions over Chinese military activity, including alleged cyberattacks on the U.S. and island-building in the South China Sea.

    China and Russia held joint naval exercises off the Russian Pacific coast—about 2,000 miles west of the Bering Sea—between August 20 and 28, according to the official Xinhua News Agency.

    I really hope and pray we can avoid World War III. Unfortunately, with global economic collapse now underway, this might be wishful thinking. The most tragic part of it all is that the status quo leaders in both the U.S. and China who will bring us this war are the ones directly responsible for the economic collapse that preceded it. The status quo will not suffer the consequences of their actions, only the hapless, ignorant citizenry will. Unless we can figure out a way to stop them.

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    In Liberty,
    Michael Krieger

    This article was written by Michael Krieger and originally published at his Liberty Blitzkrieg website.


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      1. So?
        We have had as many as two Chinese Navy ships moored off of Lahaina after RimPac, tons of sailors in town for a few days,

        • YEP, another copy paste article.
          How the hell are the islands Kula ?

          • Wet!
            Unusually wet, and hot, is tied to the el ninyo thats affecting the weather,

            • That means a mild winter for me in central mich.
              Ill take it.
              Traded hay for a sweet 45/70 marlin today.
              I,m stoked !

              • I hope your right. I live about 45 minutes south of Lansing.

                • It always does , less snow , but dont stop the cold.
                  I am an hour north of the capital .
                  Snow belt , i could use a mild year.

              • Hammer here in Wyoming they love those guns when hunting/hiking in Grizzly country. A friend of mine said for a hundred yard gun you can beat em. He said even if you only hit em in the foot, it will drag em to death. Trekker Out. Semper Paratus!

            • All that shit they sell at walmart is made in china and breaks in about 2 days. No reason to believe their military equipment is any better.

              • Zero, let’s all hope their military hardware is no good. That would give us a major advantage in any conflict with them. The individual Chinese soldier could probably put up a good fight, but in the end bullets will work on him just like any other scum.

                • We couldn’t even beat the Vietnamese fighting with their Chinese weapons and limited numbers of poorly trained combatants.

                  What makes you think we could defeat, or even match, the highly trained Chinese who so greatly outnumber us and have a military dedicated to fighting and winning at war instead of promoting all sorts of gender perversions and homosexuality and such?

                  • My bullets and MY training. They have to come over HERE, and like we did in nam, THEY WILL LOSE Dr to our home field advantage. I personally know some guys who can and have taken out whole regiments without being seen. I like my chances if the Chinese wanna start some shit.

              • SKS, Mac90, etc. Chinese junk that works and have ran 10000 plus round through them

                • Russian design and most of the parts are surplus Russian. Chinaman assembles.

                • during the vietnam war certain soldiers doing things behind enemy lines would NOT take there government issued rifles but would have stashed AK-47’s taken from dead enemy soldiers and would use them, it was not legal BUT they new there rifles and for other reason worked better than ours! at that time!!

                  • Apache54, I’m going to take a risk with this post. I believe that the venerable .22LR round can play a role in this coming war. In Vietnam, the .22LR was used for assassinations by our spec op troops with a lot of success. people can laugh all they want about the .22 until they get shot with one and then let’s see what kind of day they have. The .22LR will do some damage to your insides and you will need medical attention. John Hinckley used a .22LR revolver in his attempt on President Reagan and 3 other people. Jim Brady was shot twice, once in the head and another bullet severed his spinal cord which crippled him for life. When Reagan was on the operating table he lost more than half of all of his blood. Nobody could ever convince me the .22LR is useless. I agree with your point about AKs. An AK beats an AR in the reliability dept. hands down, just wish it had some good accuracy for a certain distance, otherwise I would’ve invested in one years ago.

                    • Braveheart,
                      I agree a 22LR in the hands of a good shot is VERY effect, if you place your shots correctly you can do what you want, kill,maim or heavy wound!! there are draw backs to ANY weapon and they all have a correct use some have more options than others but a 22LR IS a hard to beat weapon and since it is low pressure you can make a rifle and or pistol from most anything as long as you have the bullets!!

              • I don’t worry about china because the books of Daniel and revelation say the Antichrist is confronted by the kings of the east after he is in power. By then our biggest concern is surviving without the mark of the beast.
                Matthew 10:22 and ye shall be hated of all men for my name’s sake but he that endures to the END shall be saved.

              • I hate to sat it Zero, but you couldn’t be more wrong. Some of it breaks, and some of our manufactured stuff breaks. Was in the manufacturing sector for a time in my young life, and there is a certain percentage that breaks, and is expected in that sector.

                BTW, do you think they’re going to give their own military the same quality they send us? I don’t think so. Plus, I’ve bought a ton of stuff off the web which comes from China, and it functions as well as the stuff which comes from US manufacturers.

                They did okay for themselves during WWII, remember that one?

                Let’s talk facts and reality, not just blow off steam.

                • Here’s a fact,son; China steel, plastic, polymer, etc… is inferior to other industrialized nations. Good luck with all that shit you bought. Japan would have annihilated China in ww2 without the USA.

        • Hiking Tips

          In dense vegetation aluminum lightweight trekking poles are useful for clearing the path of spider webs. I never use the old fashioned heavy wood walking stick it’s just extra weight.

          Bear repellent is statistically more effective than firearms for neutralizing dangerous big game. I don’t usually take long arms if my only purpose is hiking; too much weight.

          You can buy clothing from Columbia and Ex Officio with integrated insect repellent. Coleman also makes an insect spray suitable for clothing and gear. Spraying off directly on your skin is fucked.

          Don’t stretch before you being walking. After your leg muscles are good and warmed up, then is the time to stretch them. Stretch again at the end to help facilitate the reuptake of anaerobic compounds.

          Flashlights are bullshit. You need a head lamp to free up your hands.

          Always carry an uninsulated hardshell top in the pack I don’t give a shit if its 110 degrees; hiking when wet is fucking miserable.

          Day hikes call for a 30-40 liter backpack and expeditions call for an 80-100 liter internal frame backpack.

          “Trail running shoes” and “hiking shoes” are bullshit. Sooner or later you will slip and twist your ankle I don’t fucking care how agile you are. You need ankle high boots that lace up. I have two ankle high fabric/leather pairs, waterproof and mesh high-ventilating, plus fabric/leather high boots for deep snow. I only put on the waterproofs during winter b/c anything that’s waterproof doesn’t breathe.

          Leather boots, “Wellington boots”, and plastic “mountaineering boots” are bullshit. Fabric boots with leather reinforcements are lighter weight and acceptably waterproof for hiking. Leather boots are unnecessarily heavy, rubber boots are nonbreathable, and plastic boots are too rigid for anything but glacier travel.

          One of you fucking retards wrote to tell me that fabric/leather boots are for pussies, that only leather army boots could hold the wright of an internal frame backpack. AS IF TECH-LITE PADDING WERE INFERIOR TO LEATHER SOLES FOR CUSHIONING AND DURABILITY. YOU WONDER WHY I THINK BABY BOOMERS ARE DUMBER THAN SHIT.

          “Waterproof/breathable” products are bullshit. Rubber products such as waders, Wellington boots, and sailing foul weather gear are only suitable for water immersion, “Waterproof/breathable” porous membranes stop precipitation but not immersion and wearing them is muggy as fuck.

          “Ounces make pounds and pounds make pain.”


          Now we are going to lie and bitch and complain about Chinese aggression.


          You fireworks loving, flag waving, camo wearing shitheads.

          • “You fireworks loving, flag waving, camo wearing shitheads.”

            I resemble that remark, AE. Don’t forget the Pledge of Allegiance, or the National Anthem. I love America. And I love Americans: black, white, yellow, brown, and red.

            I love them in red, white, and blue, khaki, olive drab, Navy blue, or Marine green. God Bless America. Blessed is the nation whose God is the LORD !!!

            Faggots are freaks, but freaks are people too. So that includes you too, fudgepacker. Bhwahahaha !!! 🙂

          • where is your proof that we bombed those factories? You assume too much and fuc you too from a baby boomer!

            • Jim, it’s time for acid to get back on his meds and for mommy to lock him out of the basement.

        • Yeah, ban me for speakin the truth. How about we refer to our Country’s Founder for Freedom of speech. WWTI

          “If the freedom of speech be taken away, then dumb and silent we may be led, like sheep to the slaughter.”—George Washington

          • wwti

            What are you talking about? Did you really get banned?? If so for what?

        • Anyone worried about the Chinese and or the Russian is wasting their time. The U.S. Navy could take on the entire planet. Chinese and Russian ships, just like the rest of their equipment, is total crap. They’re all a sad joke. People flex their muscles when they’re scared. Russia and China are like a couple of old fat toy poodles barking at the Rottweiler. Pure show, all bark and no bite. Hell, back in 1979, even Viet Nam sent the Chinese packing. China: Always has been, and continues to be, a Paper Dragon. Move along, nothing to see here folks.

      2. Kula, even if it’s all bogus, I still don’t like the sound of any of it. Even if a war is coming, I still question the fighting capacity of China’s military and the quality of their weaponry, especially their weaponry. All of that still remains to be seen. I might be headed back to the BOL around the 15th or so. We’ll see.

        • Howdy Cuz Brave.
          Don’t forget to bring your can opener with you this time, Pa has developed a nervous twitch in his eye after your last visit.
          Twelve gauges aint no good for opening cans fella, they just aint.
          See you soon Brave.

          • Cuz, what kind of drug are you on to think I open canned goods with a shotgun? Damn, maybe I need to try whatever you’re on. [SARCASM]

            • Sure thing Brave.
              We’ve got plenty jars of grandpappy’s recipe over here at the bol, you’re more than welcome to sup some cuz.
              We sure do enjoy your fire side tails of battlin’ with the enemy, shucks, they’re right proper wild.
              Be seein’ ya soon Brave, take care now y’hear.

        • The little chinese dudes ar just showin off their bicep,s.
          Let em strut around like roosters , dont mean shit.

          • Bullets work on Chinese just like they do on anyone else.

            • Except for Chinese bullets?

              • GAR, all my weapons and ammo are made in USA. No Chinese crap for me when it comes to weapons or ammo. American bullets will work on anyone regardless of where they come from.

        • Baveheart,
          I agree i do not like the sound of it and the explosions in china were not normal and were to many of them in a short time, something behind the scenes is going on and it smells BAD!!
          I think our time is getting really short, before some thing big happens here!

          • Apache54, I also feel time is running out. I’ve seen some of the reports about the US being responsible for the explosions in china. I don’t know if they’re true or not, but the chicoms already have enough hatred and other reasons to attack us anyway. I expect we’ll be facing off against Chinese, Russians, muslims, and who knows what other foreign shit. I could be bugging out early.

      3. kula this is the unvashun of Hawyeeee hapnin rite now!Soon ale yur restrants ull be fulla Chinee solders! yabetter get out now wile ya can and hed overby texass now!my science frend sase ya only got 2 days to git her. getoutnow!


      4. So knowing that we are being deliberately brought towards WWIII to distract us from the economy imploding and most likely to give an excuse to strip us of what freedoms we have left. Can we all agree that THAT is enough of a threat to our lives and freedom that we must act to stop it, with force if necessary?

      5. You mean the Chinese are starting to do what we’ve done for decades ? How dare they !

        How many carrier groups have we got distributed around the globe at present ?

        • TnAndy

          One carrier group

          Ten Nimitz class Carriers. One at sea. One in Japan.

          • Yes, and the Russians are planning to land men on the moon by 2024 !!! Imagine that, in just nine more years given all of their technology and experience in space.

            Oh wait. Didn’t NSA land men on the moon in 1969, nine years after JFK set that goal, before we had any real technology or experience in space ???

            Just saying. 🙂

        • Bad link sorry please delete

          • “…positioning of Chinese warships off the coast of Alaska took place during President Obama’s official visit there. Does it seem that a message was being sent?”

            —What, countries are supposed to put a freeze on everything, because the community organizer shows up in their country? Oblahblah doesn’t show them that kind of respect, does he. Oblunder was on a plane, but somehow threatened by ships on the ocean? Kinda stretching it a bit, aren’t we? Air Force One is not just ANY plane, but a highly defensive plane with state-of-the-art everything.

            Besides, it’s PUTIN the globalists want to kill, not the U.S. puppet-in-chief.

            And exactly how is Putin stoking the tensions once again, by dumping the dollar? These bastards have a strangle hold on his country and his people, using the NWO banksters that own the financial system—PUTIN IS TRYING TO LOOSEN THEIR DEATH GRIP ON HIS COUNTRY.

            That’s what a good leader is SUPPOSED TO DO—DEFEND HIS COUNTRY against all threats, foreign and domestic—and those sanctions are definitely a threat that could be avoided by getting away from the dollar and the masters who own it. Let’s not forget we’ve got our fingers more than 5,000 miles to get into their business over there. Not the other way around. It’s not like WE didn’t provoke this entire mess, then dared them to do something about it—they’re doing something about it.

            Can’t blame them one bit. In fact, if I was in Putin’s shoes, I’d have a bit more severity in store for the bringers of suffering to my country. Putin is being kind when he has little reason to be, but let me guess, Putin is just supposed to kneel to the USA and take whatever they wish to do to him and his people, because WE are the exceptional people who should rule the planet by force—I THINK NOT.

            And China is just the next of several countries in line to be fed up with the IMF central banks economically blackmailing their countries, because we have the reserve currency. I hope they all dump it and maybe even put the zionist bankers and the families who own them out of business for a while.

            Putting the NWO down would be worth suffering for, IMO. I’ll take a few lumps, if it takes the globalists down a notch or two.

            Who is this idiot anyway, Michael Krieger. He must work for the Rothschilds…I guess there’s a reason why I’ve never gone to his web site, and after seeing this, I don’t plan to. There’s enough BS around here.

            The only bit of truth in the entire article is:

            “The status quo will not suffer the consequences of their actions, only the hapless, ignorant citizenry will. Unless we can figure out a way to stop them.”

            You can take THAT statement to the bank.

      6. Under-estimating Chinese military capability would be a grave mistake. And over-estimating the U.S military capability an even bigger mistake. The Chinese now have the capability to take out an entire Carrier battle group with their new supersonic “harpoon” type anti-surface missiles. A combined pre-emptive EMP and cyber-attack on our grid, along with a coordinated strike on our Pacific Naval assets would render us helpless. Especially when our NATO allies, and Eastern European bases are busy fighting the BEAR. The only retaliation left would be a all out nuclear triad strike on the Chinese mainland. And with Obama in office, i doubt he would, or could give the order.!!!

        • Sort of relevant to the subject, but this is why I do not agree with things like jade helm and military drills and training in public places. Just try to imagine one day looking up and the skys look like red dawn, full of drab colored parachutes and men all wearing drab uniform….Do you begin shooting?? Before they hit the ground?? Wait until you can verbally interact with them??? Or take these drills they’ve done in the cities with simulated fire and flashbangs and explosions, where everybody got freaked the hell out. I mean there are parts of this country where if it looks or sounds like shit is breaking out people don’t grab their camera or phone, they grab their friggin shotgun. I know it may be a far fetched scenario, but just my opinion on military training in the public realm.

          • That’s a very good point. Bad news either ways.

      7. China is a regional power. Its offensive conventional global reach is very limited. It just doesn’t have the capacity to support its huge military over an extended area. Possessing no real Naval Aviation and few (if any) airbases outside of China, it is very limited with the reach of its air power.

        The above being said and taking a page from General MacAuthor beware, “The bottomless pit of Asian manpower” ; China pretty much owns the area that it can walk to. They can walk pretty far too.

        The USA is really the only nation with real global reach of substance.

        • If they can master asymmetrical warfare as they claim they have and take down or grid without us knowing who did it then all bets are off, especially, as the others have said, the jerkoff in the White House. This is the big factor in asymmetrical warfare: get the enemy to destroy himself from within.

        • Kevin2, manpower is the only REAL asset the Chinese have. Their fighting capacity and the quality of their weaponry are still unknown to us. Might not be long before we find out.

          • Regardless of the general quality of their weapons they can’t project their ground forces without controlling the air overhead. The US has air bases around the globe and a dozen fleet aircraft carriers flying aircraft that rivals any ground based rival.

            Once again if China can walk there it pretty much can dominate that area. The contested oil rich area in the South China Sea falls right in a place close enough for them to dominate. Attacking China in their country to knock out its conventional forces would highly likely bring a nuclear response from them to our home front and outlying bases. Deterrence is a two edged sword; “How bad do you want it and what are you willing to risk to get it”.

            • China has pretty good missile technology. They have demonstrated it on everything from aircraft to sats and ICBM’s It has worked well. Almost as good as ours. Then they have manufactured it in very large quantities. Even if they miss with a single missile or 2 or 4 they will eventually get the plane, sat or whatever they are shooting at. We will either rapidly lose our airpower, which will take years and a kings ransom to rebuild or we will pull back and cede the area to them. Technology is only an edge. Not a strategy. We have seemed to forget that. We are in big trouble if we get into a scrap with China. They will take land and they will keep it. They are ready and we are not.

              • Once again the land China can take is virtually within walking distance from their nation. In reality as a matter of geo-politics and sanity that was considered a no go zone. North Korea and Vietnam fit that locality. The Satellite States surrounding the USSR was their buffer zone throughout the cold war; we’re now messing around in the Ukraine. Like China Russia has a very significant regional military capability. To stop their air power you have to bomb their air bases in “The Fatherland”. You just don’t do that with an ICBM armed nation.

                I don’t know why but a reckless, dangerous foreign policy has seemed to become the order of the day as opposed to being cautious and prudent. Something is up.

                • ICBM’s have no use in war. Only in ending it badly for everyone involved. China has plenty of nukes and it wouldn’t surprise me if they have them already within the states. A limited nuke war is possible but unlikely. History shows that revenge and retribution rule the day when atrocities happen. There wont be any restraint on either side once the nukes start flying.
                  China could take every country and be at the door step of the US and we still wouldn’t use them. Because if we do, they do. So just like in all of history, the power is in the boot. The country that can step on his enemies throat and be able to remove it without fear of retribution will win. He always has and he always will.
                  We no longer have an industrial base that can produce what is needed for a war. I remember my first real job in the early 1970’s. I worked in a small foundry/Forge/Machine Shop that produced pipe fittings. This was a very local business that made iron steel and brass fittings and valves for water utilities. I started out at $5 per hour and after a year I was making $12.50. We were making 2″ galvanized pipe elbows and selling them for about $1 to anyone who wanted to buy them. Today if I was still doing the same job the pay would be the same and the pipe fitting would be $20 or more. I could go from town to town and walk right in to a job almost anywhere I went. There was always a shortage of labor. Today all those small businesses are gone. These are the businesses that won us WW1 and WW2. China is just like this today. We are not. We do not have the ability to produce the goods necessary to fight a conflict on a large scale and any war would be over before we could gear up to produce. Our politicians and rich would capitulate to the demands of the Chinese. Just like they do today.

                  • Joe

                    “We no longer have an industrial base that can produce what is needed for a war.”

                    We have the industrial capacity to produce 12 Aircraft Carrier battle groups along with its hardware. Our air power is second to none and its produced here. The day of a Normandy invasion went out like linear warfare of Napoleon.

                    The US holds its oil refineries and weapons making capacity with such a qualitative advantage it does not require a quanative edge. The US can move forces around the globe. Conversely China has good weapons, they’re not armed like the VC and they have numbers, huge numbers. Those numbers require a massive logistical up port that China does not possess outside of literal walking distance. China isn’t coming here but one would be far too brazen to go over there.

                    China I believe will do what it takes to secure resources close by. The most important is energy specifically oil. China as a matter of survival will take by force if necessary the oil in the South China Sea.

                    You may not like every nation possessing deliverable nuclear weapons but you damn sure better respect them.

              • Joe, their missile technology came straight from US, courtesy of the Clintons back in the 90s. I guess we’ll find out soon enough how well they’ve managed with it.

          • 5 whole ships!!! red alert red alert. they are invading!!!

            • If you lived in Alaska, like a few of us do, you wouldn’t be so cavalier with your comments. No wonder you stay ‘Anonymous.’

        • You are forgetting Russia.

          • Forget Russia, Russia just wants US to leave THEM alone and shove those missiles we have parked on their border where the sun don’t shine…a pretty fair deal to me, since they shouldn’t be over there anyway.

            • Obummer won’t leave them alone though, so forgetting them is foolish. They could defeat us easily.

      8. Do you feel safe with Our Jerkoff in the White House.

        • our jerk off was in Alaska with the Chinese Navy

          • Did he invite the Chinese over for a beer?

            • Come to think of it, Wasn’t Obama on the West coast when that supposed Chinese sub launch of a missile happened off California.

          • old75,
            too bad a bear did not eat him while he was there of course i would feel sorry for the bear, he would have HORRIBLE indigestion for weeks if did!

        • Sling, not only NO, but HELL NO.

      9. we will never have a war with China, they’ve got everything from us that they wanted and it didn’t cost them anything

      10. Japan, Australia, S.Korea, and New Zealand all in the red so far. Will see how China and Hong Kong are sitting in the AM. Been picking up some Paulaner Oktoberfest/marzen beer (Germany). One fine tasting/smooth brew if you can find it. Enjoy some nice things if you can, while you can. Cheers.

        • Btw, picked up some FGMM/168gr. for the .308 from PSA. Prices can’t be beat. Plan to order some in the 175gr. next week.

      11. One minor point to interject: Yes, the Chinese are overhauling their military, but the overhaul is supposed to include a 300,000 member cut to their forces. (Not that they can’t do more with less, but a reduction in military might sounds less menacing than adding troops does.)

        • and those 300,000 are supposed to get a job in a bad economy where? I don’t think the Chinese have food stamps, welfare , SSI, HEAP, ect.

      12. Prepper Tip

        How Much Coleman Fuel Do I Need?

        ht tp://modernsurvivalblog.com/alternative-energy/how-much-coleman-fuel-do-i-need/

        interesting to note
        that Coleman fuel is said to last 5-7 years (unopened can,according to Coleman)
        but many people report using fuel as old as 15 years without problems

        • I have. I’m using a can on my backup space heater right now. Tested it, and a 7 or 8 yr old can works just fine. I’ve used cans that were, I don’t know how old, in an abandoned garage, put my torch head on it and it fired right up. I just shook it a little bit before I cranked it on.

          • The part of Coleman fuel that goes bad first seem to always be the metal can rusting out.

        • Satori, that Coleman fuel is a rip off at 13 dollars a gallon, I still use it but I think it would be cheaper to buy new equipment that uses dual fuel. And becareful how you store it, I stocked up on it once and some of the cans rusted and I lost alot of fuel. Trekker Out.

          • I do have the duel fuel lanterns and stoves
            but I also have some of the older model colemans

            I have been reading on the web that many people use regular unleaded gas in the older colemans and that it works just fine,many say they have been doing this for years with no issues

            I keep a back up supply of 10 gallons or so of the coleman fuel
            I’m going to buy a can of spray varnish/sealant and spray the outside of the cans to prevent rust
            the seams of the can seem to be the problem areas
            I’ve also heard it helps to store on wooden shelves and not on metal

            anybody here have any experience using regular unleaded gas in the older colemans ?

            • Yes, I use it. It works fine, but I mix it with Coleman fuel half and half to use up the old stock.

              In the old days we used to go to the Sunoco for “white gas” for the old stoves. It was very low octane gasoline with no additives. Nowadays, you cannot buy it, but you should use the lowest octane fuel you can get (87 or lower) and no ethanol if possible.

              I only use the old liquid fueled Coleman lanterns and stoves, albeit not often since I don’t night fish or camp much anymore.

              I had a power outage this spring where I had to haul out the suitcase Coleman to make coffee and cook dinner. It burned yellow, so after the power came back on, I decided to find out what was wrong. The ball valve in the base of the plunger hole was not holding pressure.

              In order to get it out, you need a specialty tool that costs $60 online (lol). I took an old cold chisel and ground the end down to fit the wide groove in the valve and put the tank in a vise with vise grips on the end of the chisel. POP, it broke loose.

              I soaked the valve in lacquer thinner until the ball bearing freed up and re-installed it. Works like new. Those old suitcase Colemans are indestructible.

              Probably more info than you want, but I like the old technology you can fix yourself…

            • Yes. My Dad taught me that trick. He used unleaded gas in his old coleman camp stove for as long as I can remember. The only down side is, you know that thing you have to pump air pressure into the tank, on those old coleman stoves, you have to clean it more often when using unleaded gas. I’m sorry but I don’t remember what it is called. It has a diaphragm and a spring on it.

          • MT
            I have recently purchased some of the dual fuel stoves and lanterns
            but also still have some of the older colemans
            I have been reading on the web that a lot of people use regular unleaded in the older colemans and that it works just fine
            some report using it for many years before having the generators clog

            I’ve also had issues with the coleman fuel cans rusting through
            I now store them on wooden shelves instead of metal
            this seems to help
            I’m also going to get a can of spray varnish/sealant and coat the outside of the cans,especially the bottom and bottom seams

            anybody here have any experience using unleaded gas in the older coleman stoves and lanterns ?

            $13 for the coleman fuel is outrageous
            but with a storage life of 15 years
            I keep about 10 gallons on hand
            back up for my back ups if you know what I mean

      13. So we have our boats all over the planet in everyones backyard…and China comes near our sandbox and its “oh my this is provcatice”


        • China is coming near our “sandbox” to deliberately provoke and threaten us, the same reason Russia is doing the same.

          And Russia and China are allies. Their state of the art equipment is every bit the equal to ours, superior in many instances.

          • American military equipment is the best on Earth at causing bankruptcy. We gloat over some minor point of superiority American equipment has and ignore the fact that they can buy 5 or 10 of theirs for the price of one of ours. How many B2 bombers, F22 raptors, or F 35 Lightnings can we afford to lose? How quickly can we replace any losses?

            • That’s true of and key to who exactly will “win” (maybe survive) this war.

          • Oh, for pity sakes anonymous, anyone, anywhere on this fucking rock even spits wrong, and this stupid govt feels threatened, and it’s rather easy to “provoke” someone who is always just looking for the next fight.

            Nobody has to provoke the U.S., they’ll bomb innocent people at the drop of a hat.

        • It never takes much to provoke somebody, who is just looking for a reason…

      14. BFD
        Patriots already know how to deal with this
        The cowards and politicians well that goes without saying

      15. The Chinese will be very careful to avoid collateral damage when they get into a war. I have a bridge to sell. Any offers ?

      16. A Dollar Crash of Biblical Proportion!

        h ttp://www.jsmineset.com/2015/09/03/a-dollar-crash-of-biblical-proportion/

        “Mr. Holter concludes: “We’re going to have an absolute Biblical collapse of our standard of living, and no one even has a clue that it’s coming.”

        some of us have a clue !

      17. Please do not think the DRAGON and BEAR are over rated because they are not. As for our military I FEEL THEY ARE STILL THE BEST hands down. One thing to remember is how this Government has cut it to the bone, but more importantly is our depleted Higher Command who had the balls to do the job. Long live the OLD NCO’s.

      18. They are just getting ready to strap on blue helmets and intervene in the US, while russia handles the EU. Bye bye european white guys. Hello jew world order.

        • BS. Fearmongering. Warmongering. BS.

      19. E Company- i hear realease you of agency ass clownry. Welcome to the board.

        E Company, Welcome to the Board. I taught you might of been AGENCY ASS CLOWN. Good post, everyone needs to listen to that link. The chi-com soldiers are in all over major cities. They have little idea of where they really are. As Alex Jones said yesterday, you want to trigger a race war in the country Farakan, 1776 will commense. One of my female black friends told me yesterday in person, that alot of Blacks are not talking out publically, and that they are alot more awake, and she mentioned that they are against a race war, and that most are not stupid to support that.

        80% of soldiers fail on the battle field of mental breakdown, and 20% are warriors, who will shoot, fight, kill, rape, murderor, massacre. The population of Americans who will fight i believe will be over 50%. This estimated ratio is a cluster f….k on the city wide battlefield. Good luck to you china. You soldiers will learn a few things aroung the white mans resolve.

        If the dollar calapses, all homes and cars with a lien, will be repoed, just like what we saw happen in 2008-2011. I remember seeing reckers all over this city grabing cars out of parking lots, apartment complexes, businesses all over the city. I saw lots of women running out gasoline all over the streets, hwy’s feeder roads, main roads. It was serious, it also happend to me. The people are going to balastic, once this happens, not only will that happen, all businesses and manufacturing will be shut down immdiately and No commerce will be going on in all the major cities. Then what?



        • howdy HiX/
          YOO sHawr doo fryTeN Mee wIth yOOr poSts..

      20. We are living through the total demographic collapse of the West. The traitors in charge of every Western country need to be swinging from lamp posts at the end of short ropes. Read up on a policy called the “Rivkin Project”.

        • EYe juSt lUv a lincHin.

          peeAno wieR Wuld Bee gUD.

      21. …The “Jade” in “Jade Helm”. They are coming to collect on the billions “our” rulers signed our names to (in the form of the “full faith and credit [the territorial sovereignty] of the United States”) in order to bail out their failed Big Businesses.

      22. The war is coming sooner then you all think.so be ready.

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