Virginia Drivers Refuse to Hand Over Confederate License Plates

by | Oct 22, 2015 | Aftermath, Conspiracy Fact and Theory | 79 comments

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    This article was written by Joshua Krause and originally published at The Daily Sheeple.

    by Joshua Krause

    After Dylann Roof killed 9 people attending a black church in South Carolina, it seemed liked the whole country went on a campaign to stamp out the Confederate flag. It didn’t matter that the majority of Americans who revere that flag hold no racist inclinations. In our country, if one person does something crazy or stupid, everyone must suffer for it.

    That’s why the state of Virgina decided to outlaw their Confederate license plates after the shooting. It is now a misdemeanor to drive with one of these plates in Virginia, and the DMV has asked anyone with Confederate plates to have them replaced. However, the vast majority of these people aren’t budging. According to the DMV, of the 1600 plates that were issued, only 187 have been returned. They even tried sending new plates to these drivers, and instead of getting the old plates back, the DMV received letters saying “no thank you.”

    It’s one thing if the DMV decided to stop producing these plates, but to make it illegal for anyone to leave them on their cars would be just as crazy as prosecuting drivers for mounting novelty confederate license frames on their vehicles. As one Sons of Confederate Veterans member so aptly put it “Next thing you know, they’re going to say you can’t wear blue on Monday…or you can’t wear yellow on Thursday. Where’s it going to end?”


    SovereignPatriot88 made a poignant comment to go along with the article, writing:

    Making it against the law to have a Confederate flag on your car is unconstitutional and a violation of the 1st amendment. And if people give in to these historical revisionism extremists, it won’t end with flags. They will find something else that they claim offends them and attack that next. These people refuse to accept facts and they are relentless when it comes to forcing their will on the people. We will have to physically stop them from violating our rights. That flag represents freedom and southern pride. So clearly it has nothing to do with these progressives who are against freedom and they have no pride. I don’t care who this flag offends, people don’t have a right to not be offended. Because if they did, people would have to ban everything, or pick and choose who to offend and who not to offend. And that is a violation of equal protection under the law.

    This article was written by Joshua Krause and originally published at The Daily Sheeple.


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      1. if I had a way to do it, I would put a flagole on my flatbed. Anyways, im thinkin bout trading of my AR for a scorpion or revolver, thoughts?

        • Keep the AR.

          • Keep the AR, especially if it was purchased from someone in a private sale and there is no paper trail.

            As my significant other says, to me and the wives of other men, “You can never have too many gunz.”

        • Keep the AR.

          • Keep the AR.

            • Keep the AR and buy another one!

              • Buy a Confederate flag sticker and put it on the AR that you keep.

              • JWV, best response. “Two is one and one is none”.

        • Johnny in Mt, FerFal says that the only nug (in case the federallies are reading this blog) worth anything is the one you have with you when you need it.

          I have a revolver for home carry and I could see someone/someday day using it for car carrying (not that I would ever do that, since my state makes it impossible to get a carry license).

          I also keep a semi-auto shot gun next to me at all times.
          Some people really like the AR for home defense.

          Except for apartment living I don’t recommend hand guns for home defense, because they lack stopping power (but they may mitigate over penetration – I would not want to harm or kill my neighbors with any stray shots).

          I guess what I’m saying is choose the nug that is best for where you think you may end up using it to defend yourself.

          • If handguns lack stopping power why do police carry them? You’d think they would want to have something that would stop the bad people trying to kill them instead of carrying something that won’t.

            • Some people think they need to swat flies with a sledge hammer…when a baseball bat would suffice. 🙂

            • Police think anyone on here (except for the police on here, of course) is one of the “bad people”.

        • Keep the AR, get another case of .223 ammo, and buy the revolver.

        • Keep the AR, buy more mags, then still get the revolver.

        • Keep the AR.

        • i dont know as i would get rid of the ar i would just buy a 357 mag with a 4 in barrel, and you can mount a flagpole on that flatbed, i have seen them.

      2. Owners of confederate flag license plates SHOULD KEEP THEM FOREVER. They are a part of our country’s history (and has nothing to do with slavery). And also they paid extra to get those coveted license plates. This is part of Americana and should be honored.

        • ^^^ malware/phishing warning at Mary Kaiserman’s site.

          • Thx JQP — looks like a link with improper syntax was causing those messages — it’s been removed.

        • While I believe that it is a First Amendment Right to fly a Confederate Flag on your car, or house, or bicycle, or use one as an emblem on the front of your car in place of a license plate (if only one plate is required in your state like it is in Arizona);

          I believe the plates themselves (with issued numbers on them) will be considered government property, legally, in a Court case, and that will be the basis to punish evil doer’s. Not only that, but the state(s) will be able to mandate a new plate when your tags expire, if not before, and refuse you new registration, since driving is a “privilege”.

          Having said all of that, and cognizant of the religious fever for the Confederacy among my southern brothers and sisters, I think it is time to coalesce around the Stars & Stripes.

          United under God, we are invincible, when our cause is just. 🙂

          • Durangokidd,

            A lot of our ancestors died to keep that Confederate flag flying. It would be an abomination to their memory to take down the flag. I am all for uniting under the ‘Stars and Stripes’ but that Confederate Battle Flag still means something to many of us folks down here. There is a lot of revisionist history being written to make our people look bad and the Yankees did destroy our economy, our people, and our culture. There are many who believe that the South will rise again!

            Louisiana Eagle

            • Laeagle, same here. Stars and bars and Gadsden flag for me.

            • Karma is erased when a person or group of persons forgive the others. Karma is often retained by those who give past injustices their emotion. Northerners today are not responsible for the barbarisms of the Civil War, on either side.

              Just as I declared “White Guilt” over; I now declare “Northern Guilt” over. After 160 odd years, its time to get over it my friend. There are more important issues to engage us today, if we are to keep our liberties.

              Let the dead bury the dead. The living have a responsibility to the next generation to do the best that they can with what they have to work with.

              We are failing that task. Time to move on. Time to make America Great Again, to coin a phrase. We can do it. 🙂

              • DK,

                Forgiveness is a must. There is no point in carrying that baggage around. Those who forget history though are bound to repeat it. The Confederate battle flag must fly again along side many other flags including the Stars and Stripes, the Gadsen flag and still other flags representing free people, freedom and independence. Never forget, never!

                Louisiana Eagle

              • “Karma” is a figment of the deadbeat dad Buddha’s imagination as he abandoned his family and freeloaded around India.
                The one and only God, creator of the universe and everything in it, has revealed himself as Father, Son, and Holy Spirit, it is he who is sovereign, and it is he who has allowed his elect to prosper America.
                All the false religions want to move here for the good roads, public sanitation, government welfare, and regard for life and limb in contrast to the hellholes where these false religions prevail.
                David Parker

            • I agree with you Dk. The positive note to this is that what they accomplish with this garbage is the sale of more confederate flags, much like the evil black gun scare. I have seen more confederate flags in the past six months than in my entire life combined, and I live in Bama so that’s saying something

      3. …the WAR OF NORTHERN AGGRESSION rolls on….

        You cannot stamp out THE SOUTH. NEVER.

        Deal with it.

        We have been here, are here, and will be here.

        • This has nothing to do with ‘north vs south’, so stop with the silly chest thumping already. What this amounts to is political correctness run amok. As the article rightly states, there is no constitutional right to NOT be offended and these whiny a$$ liberals who think they need to ban everything that might offend someone need to don their big girl bloomers and deal with it.

          • It is not “silly chest thumping.”

            Some people in the north have actually said that every southerner should be killed. Sherman tried to destroy everything in the South during the War. Most southern characters in mainstream TV and movies are portrayed as racist and not intelligent. I had a yankee boss who would not listen to anything I said because I have a southern accent, even though I was an expert in the subject at hand and had at least 30 or 40 IQ points on him.

            Yes, there is still a war between the north and the South.

            • No there’s not.

              • grandee.

                You are gravely mistaken.

                The War of Aggression still rages. Only by other means.

            • Yes. It is silly.

            • I had a boss that said a lot about how they kicked our ass until I explained to him that we fought the civil war to make the yanks equal to the blacks and lost. Never bothered me with that BS again.

            • 30 or 40 points on him?

              Probably not.

              Otherwise he’d have been working for you instead of you for him.

              • Yeah, but don’t let the facts get in the way of a good story, though. YEEEEEEEEEHAAAAAAAAAAAW!

              • I’m not the management type (Asperger’s). Middle management people aren’t that smart, anyway he was still stupid. And I probably did have around 40 IQ points more than he did.

              • Considering how seldom promotion within a corporation is by merit, I’ll give him his 30-40 IQ points over the boss. The deciding factor, particularly in government “jobs” is family relationships and friends.
                Only the entrepreneurs promote by merit. Once the company grows, the parasites move in.
                David Parker

          • Liza, not even questioning your post, but SC did make a valid point about the South not going anywhere. I run a Gadsden flag plate on my truck and I dare anyone to complain about it. F#$% them, I don’t care what they think.

          • Hooray for political incorrectness!

          • Silly chest thumping?
            Those were sincere brave men, poorly equipped, underfed, run to exhaustion, facing death and dismemberment in the fight for the sovereignty of their State, fighting to throw off a federal yoke. The Yankee soldiers were dupes sent off with the notion they were there to free the slaves of Harriet Beecher Stowe’s imagination. There were cruel slavers and there were the others who worked beside their slaves and treated them as fellow men. Robert E. Lee and James “Stonewall” Jackson belong in the latter category. Jackson was frequently scolded by his maid and he took her reproofs humbly. Jackson, Lee, Stuart, et al., the South, were the only gentlemen in the war.
            The “leadership” of the North, from that lying SOB Lincoln on down would have been hanged as war criminals every bit at evil as Hitler and Stalin and Mao, for their attack on the women and children and elderly of the South and leaving their victims to face the winter without food or shelter after deliberately destroying their homes and food supplies. Lincoln’s lackeys, General Sherman and Sheridan, just didn’t have Hitler’s poison gas and incineration ovens.
            Too bad Lee and Jackson and the Army of Northern Virginia didn’t meet Sherman while he was attacking the women and children. I have to say it is too bad that Lee didn’t sack Washington DC when he had the chance and burn his way across the north to destroy their food supply and cannon factories. Apparently that is the way to win when fighting evil. He should have burned the North to the ground and we might still have freedom instead of the central socialist federal government of today.
            As far as the federals of today are concerned, the Constitution is nothing more than a “G*****m piece of paper.” and everyone is a slave of the federal government complete with the federal income tax, IRS inquisition, and Homeland Security.
            David Parker

      4. Wait until the traffic citations for 50-100 bucks a pop start piling up, they’ll hand their plates soon enough, bank on it.

        • I agree. When the fines get high enough they will turn them. State gov will when on this one.

          • While I don’t agree with the license plate change, I do agree that the state will win this one. They will make the plates invalid and start impounding the vehicles for unregistered operation.

        • Jubal,
          I live in VA. The driver doesn’t have to physically send the plate into the DMV. They do have to get a new plate and not display the confederate flag plate on the vehicle. Surrendering the plate is not necessary. So basically your plate is cancelled and you get fined if you don’t get another.

      5. Freedom of speech on democrat terms….

        • Independence limited
          Freedom of choice is made for you my friend
          Freedom of speech is words that they will bend
          Freedom no longer frees you

          Doesn’t matter what you see
          Or into it, what you read
          You can do it your own way
          If it’s done just how I say


          “Eye of the Beholder”

          “…And Justice For All” album 1988

      6. Everyone in VA should get sticker type paper for their computer printers, print off confederate flags and stick them on their bumper!

      7. All I will say is this. Come get mine if you survive its yours.

        • “We will beat our plowshares into swords”.

          Nashville Plow Works 1861

      8. Political correctness has NO place in a society that values, much less has a Natural/God given/Inherent right of Freedom of Speech!

        • P.S. Freedom of Speech is going to end up the same place Freedom of Association did. Anyone remember Freedom of Association?

          • Freedom of association is the right to join or leave groups of a person’s own choosing, and for the group to take collective action to pursue the interests of members.

            I’m guessing I would have the Freedom of DIS-association??

            • Unless you’re a “free and independent State” (Nation) in the Big Business Federalist “Union” (empire). Then, you have no freedom of disassociation. The Unionists think that their “supreme law of the land” U.S. Constitution (drafted out of order by a Convention called only to consider AMENDMENTS to the existing Articles of Confederation), which was AMENDED by the Bill of Rights to NOT be the “supreme law of the land”, or, that the carnage-forced surrender of the Confederate States at Appomattox did away with the “free and independent States” that Virginia’s own Thomas Jefferson penned them as being in their own unanimous Declaration of Independence. SHAME on the Virginia legislature for carrying water for the Unionists! Patrick Henry, Thomas Jefferson and Gen. Robert E. Lee may haunt them for such treason against the Commonwealth!

              • Hear hear!

      9. I like it !

        I’m not a big confederacy supporter but i am more knowledgeable than the average person so i know the civil war wasnt started over slaves and the confedrate flag is not a southern thing, it actually had its design beginnings from other independent flags and had religious meanings.

        It’s people that are intolerant in the land of the free that make me want to put up my own flag just to spite them. If you want to live where you are told what to do, think and act; china and north korea are there to move to.

      10. I always thought bumper stickers are a good way to voice displeasure towards out of control free speech bashers. I realize the goon squads have already received a heads up to be looking out for what they consider inappropriate public messages like those that can be found on bumper stickers. Not many have the nerve to draw attention to themselves using free speech publicly. Of course the police state would outlaw them as a distraction to drivers. Against these vile mobsters the people can’t win for losing. I don’t have any problem with the confederate flag. I support Russian, Canadian and American white people and other whites who are being invaded worldwide.


        I am glad some people have BALLS !!!!


      12. When US schools ban the wearing of the American flag, or Christian symbols are band from government buildings, or a high school football player is punished for pointing to God in thanks after a great run.

        What makes you think that the confederate flag, or pulled pork sandwiches, or the wearing of viriginity rings are safe from an ever advancing mob of socialists that have run amuck in our great country?

        Many of us have prayed and prepared for what is to come. We are coming into the fight of our lives. God bless and keep on prepping.

      13. Gotta love those Virginians!!
        Robert E. Lee would be proud!

      14. Let’s stop calling them liberals. I was just reading the Communist Manifesto where he says they call themselves liberals then Socialists. Marx was an intellectual, came from a Jewish turned Lutheran religious backdrop, and laid the foundations for Lenin and Stalin.

        I wonder if Obama will be remembered like Marx. Or more like his friend Engels. Maybe things are further along than just intellectual authorship, but not quite ready for total domination.

        Fine the southern flag, ban Christmas decorations, force people think and speak according to their orders or else- financial suppression, personal character attacks. What is next?
        Off to prison on trumped up charges. I’m concerned, very concerned.

      15. What about our American flag? More blood spilled over it than any other in the USA,when will they get around to that? Hard to believe people do not realize they are losing freedoms not flags
        And soooo many other things.The list is so long one can not list it all and it could all become
        Extinct! There are two kinds of people, aware engaged smart people and the stupid know nothings!

      16. Not for nothing is this part of Virginia known as “Mosby’s Confederacy.” That reference sails right over most heads. Fine with the few of whom it doesn’t. John Singleton Mosby holds some lessons in opposing superior force that moderns could benefit from.

        I don’t have that license plate. But like other personal property, I would not on demand surrender it.

        Fairfax County

        • Your license plate is not personal property.

      17. License Plates belong to the state.
        If you are foolish enough to give them
        extra money for a specialty plate, accept that
        it can be revoked at any time at the whim of a Democrat.
        I have Veterans plates, my state has a variety of
        military Veteran service acknowledgement plates.
        eg.POW, combat Vet,purple heart, et al.
        If they change the law and want them back,
        I’ll give them back.
        I’m not a southerner, but I empathize with
        some of them. I find the rainbow flag to be
        evil and vile, but I have to look at it all
        the time and it is on my plate.
        Democrats, I despise.
        Democrats are destroying the country.
        I’m prepping to outlive all
        of them and to pile their skulls
        much like was done in Cambodia.

      18. Got me a large “Stars and Bars” hanging up in my garage. American by birth, Southern by the GRACE OF GOD!

        Also going to get one tattooed on my left arm with the words, “Watch out fur dem hogs” under it.

        Either we grow a pair soon and swarm DC or we’ll disappear as a people in 25+ years.

      19. Back in moderation. Censorship. A rose by any other name is still a rose.

      20. There were pro federal government . And Con federal government . Pro and Con. The southern states believed that supporting a federal government would mean a stronger and stronger federal government that would get so much power that they could strangle the states rights . And look what’s happened . The southerners were right. They tried to save our country an the bought and paid for media crusified them. Just like they did that carpenter.

      21. Forget the ar they are too large to pack this is their biggest downfall get a good glock with high cap mags. Glock is like the ak of pistols. I don’t get all the hype over the ar. The fact cops carry pistols should be enough reason for you to have one. It can be kept on you without a lot of fuss. my opinion is pistols are the ultimate home defense argue all you want. You are not gonna need 500 yard accuracy to kill a home invader and long guns are unwieldy plain and simple. But if you wann be slow to react it’s your business. I’d put my $ on the guy with the handgun being faster reacting.

      22. Hillary must’ve been around during the War Between the States. They used the same kind of reversed nomenclature back then that she does now such as: “to end slavery and, to preserve the Union” (actually: to use the stupid practice of slavery–or anything else if there had not been slavery to use–to keep the “free and independent States”, as Jefferson termed them in their Declaration of Independence, themselves slaves to the “Union” or “Federalist” Big Business empire). That’s why the “Union” murdered 600,000 people (as modern pro-Unionists like to accuse the South of having done) to “preserve” (such a nice, rightful-sounding word!) their “Union”–in reality, to destroy and conquer the seceding states as a warning to any others who wanted to secede from the tyranny of the “Union” (the empire). THAT’s why the Hillery Clintonites want to violate the right to fly the Confederate Battle Flag, since it stands for freedom from their “Union” prison of “states” (provinces, according the their definition).

      23. I like the Native American bumper sticker


      24. I used to put bumper stickers on the back of my truck cap window. One was, “God bless our troops, especially our snipers”(Larue Tactical). I took it off after realizing how far down we have turned, I didn’t feel like giving the Police an excuse to stop and hassle me while going to the range with a truck full of guns and ammo.

      25. will americans allow the tyranny to continue until these traitors have completely destroyed the country???

      26. The Gov of VA is from NY what do you expect?. Northerners move south, say and do whatever it takes to get elected there and then proceed to destroy the heritage of that state and make it a cesspool like where they came from.

        • Trust me, “The Governor” McAuliffe is a useless POS. I cannot wait until he is ousted from office.
          Nelson Co. VA

      27. There were pro federal government . And con federal and con . The con- federals did not want to feed the federal gov. Believing it would get too powerful and destroy our nation. And look what’s happening . The con- federals were right. The cons tried to save our country . And are being crisified still. How dare they mess with The children of satan. That carpenter did JFK. Did the southerners did . The time was not right then . Hopefully the time is right now.

      28. you know the obama ought to put the confederate flag on top the presidential limo, much like the general lee.

        sure, he talks a good game about improving lives of blacks; but in no measure has black lives improved under obama.

        i am quite sure that the lives of black people in south carolina have improved under the indian gov over most anywhere else about the mason dixon line.

      29. It seems that almost everything we’ve been taught is a lie . The only book that tells us what evils greatest weapon is . you know what book. So many people laugh at that book . Satans greatest weapon is the lie. Doesn’t that seem true. The biggest fight in all of human history is coming .We will all be tested. As was that carpenter .And all his followers.

        • The “carpenter” triumphed over death. Jesus is not a loser by any stretch of imagination: He submitted himself to death by crucifixion, was dead, buried, rose from the dead on the third day and sits at the right hand of God until his enemies are made his footstool.
          That is our job, to make his enemies his footstool and disciple the nations and that is going to be our job until we finish it. The rapture and tribulation is pure unbiblical crap, we simply have work to do to take back the culture and force the pagans live by God’s rules instead of the Christians living by the secular humanist’s rules.
          David Parker

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