US & China May Restart Talks To Defuse The Economically Destructive Trade War

by | Jul 31, 2018 | Conspiracy Fact and Theory | 17 comments

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    The United States and China are both reportedly attempting to reengage in diplomatic discussions to defuse the economically destructive trade war they’ve begun.  Talks have been stalled for weeks and with more tariffs set to take effect Wednesday, both countries seek to minimize the damage.

    According to Bloomberg, representatives of U.S. Treasury Secretary Steven Mnuchin and Chinese Vice Premier Liu He are having private conversations as they look for ways to participate in negotiations. This appears to be according to sources who spoke about the deliberations on condition of anonymity.

    Negotiations to resolve the trade war dispute have been stalled for weeks, with both sides refusing to budge. High-level U.S. talks on the Trump administration’s trade posture toward China are taking place this week, according to a third person who also spoke on the condition of anonymity.  The timeframe and issues to be discussed appear to be unknown still, however, the sources insist there is agreement that talks need to take place.

    The next wave of U.S. tariffs is set to kick in as early as Wednesday, with the possible imposition of duties on another $16 billion of Chinese imports. Officials in Beijing have vowed to respond with the same amount of tariffs on U.S. products.

    Complicating Mnuchin’s efforts is a harder line taken by U.S. Trade Representative Robert Lighthizer, who has jurisdiction over the U.S.’s 301 investigation that sparked the tariffs. That case concluded China was stealing American technology and tariffs were needed to offset the damage. –Bloomberg

    But unfortunately for the politicians and supporters of tariffs, the cost of the new tax will be passed onto the American public in the form of higher costs for goods. Americans themselves will pay for this war, not the Chinese businesses, and certainly not the Chinese government.  The everyday citizens living in China are likely facing the harsh reality of increased prices too.

    This is the first news in months that both the U.S. and China are interested in stopping the trade war before it destroys the global economy. U.S. and Chinese officials have not given much recent indication to the public that a restart to negotiations might be on the table. Lighthizer said last week that trade tensions with China are a “chronic problem,” while China’s representative at the World Trade Organization accused the U.S. of “extortion.”

    Of course, the Chinese representative is correct, but to be fair, all taxation, including tariffs are extortion (except the income tax which is clearly theft.)


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      1. Hard to twist someone’s arm when your major exports are financial fraud and weapons of war…and they don’t need or want either one.

        • Good one. Spot on.

      2. This will all work out .
        Its way to early for people to freak out over a trade war , its a negotiation for crying out loud !
        China cant afford a trade war any more than the U.S. can .
        Im confident China will blink first.

        • “H”
          I agree 100%.

      3. The terrible quality of your goods and services is either an act of terrorism against your enslavement, or against your economic competitors. I am not sure.

        All things being equal…

        Hell, even if you were perfect…

        There is still no ethical reason, to give citizenship, land, infrastructure, labor, matériel, nor money to a Chinaman, when one single American goes without.

        (Interesting conspiracy theories, about FEMA barges and China.)

      4. Can anything be much more economically destructive then what we’ve had? The art of the deal ,means you go high then come down slow. Maybe we don’t have another bribe taking politician in the White House ? Hey ,he’s already been a billionaire, TV star, walk of fame star, The only thing left is to be one of the greatest presidents that ever lived? And I bet he’s going for it.

      5. Tariffs cost us money. The purpose of a tariff is to get us to decide to buy an American product instead of a foreign product.
        It is a reward to inefficient domestic industries, is a reward to over regulated industries that are no longer competitive due to obnoxious politically motivated regulations, or just a way to punish a foreign industry. Tariffs twist the market and politicize it.
        There are countries or industries that purposely target a competitor for elimination eg Chinese steel dumping or Amazon eliminating “brick and mortar” retail stores. but there are existing mechanisms to combat that. We should use them.
        If there is a national security interest that we need to protect then by all means do so. Treat them as being bankrupt and hand over management to a non-political neutral party to oversee, audit, and manage back to viability. This means CEO pay and worker pay will be more in line with the health of the industry, than it is with the transfer of wealth to fewer and fewer people.

        I’m not advocating socialism, but if an industry is a national security interest we need to treat it more like a military asset. Take a lesson from the PLA, or the Russians.

        • Old relic is simply worried that his island will become more expensive to live on. Hawaii like commiefornia is a money pit a big drain on the rest of the USA. Those trade deals where all bad for the middle class.The trade deals where a reward for companys that left and paid slave wage’s for their labor. I can relly blame some of them. When your competor doesn’t have to pay good wages and follow the USA rules and pay US taxes. You must also leave or go broke. It was lucrative to relocate to third world places. It was art of Agenda 21 to destroy the Middle class and the US manufacturing industry. Yes the trade tariffs will cause the stock market to be disrupted. I donr care. Trumps head of the EPA don’t believe in man caused & man mitigated Climate Change and the EPA rules are being gutted and becoming more industry friendly. In the long run if SHTF doesn’t happen the Tariffs are going to make a positive difference. Brick and mortar stores weren’t actually known for paying good wages. They are replaced by large warehouses and shipping companys. Back40 years ago we didn’t have UPS or Fed EX. Nope the post office or pay thru the nose to a shipping company like the now defunct Campbell 66 with their shitty curtain vans with a camel logo. The brick and mortar where inefficient mini warehouses scattered around the nation. replaced by big warehouses centrally located or larger stores like Home Depot ect. We need real jobs that use the resources to make build and grow tangible things that add to the GDP not more starbucks or Red Hen restaurants. Tarriffs are necessary to being able to manufacture in the USA mainland.

      6. If China drops their tariffs against us, then we will have fair trade. WE are not the guilty ones. CHINA IS.

      7. Coca-Cola is raising the price of their high fructose corn syrup can soda because of the increasing cost of aluminum. The swill people can’t get enough of creating more diabetics than you can shake a stick at. Healthcare that creates sick people as a matter of never ending business, check out the poisons in all vaccines. Is it true that Trump wants another billions of dollars in tax cuts for the upper crust? When is martial law going to be declared, it can’t be far off. Trump is in Tampa tonight, I wonder how many yahoos came to cheer their messiah.

        • So the price of soda pop rises? when the consumer recycles the can he gets a bit more and it all comes out even steven. You know wealthy folks will take their investment money to where it generates the best increase & return. They don’t keep it where its robbed by excessive taxes. The guy who signed NAFTA into Law old blow job billy. His mantra was Tax & spend tax & spend. That equals Rob the procuctive and give to the parasites to buy votes. I like president Trump being a hard ass. That’s what is needed not some apologetic Mamby Pamby yes person for the UN and NWO.

      8. I with hold my $ from the economy as a weapon against corporate greed. Can’t get violent will get locked up. The us gov uses economic sanctions against enemies. When the hell will we the people realize our only way to fight the system is not participating in consumerism. They cannot jail you for not buying shit. Stop buying shit dammit.

        • It doesn’t matter if we withhold from the economy. They make up revenue shortfall by adding more zeros to a spread sheet. and those banks and companys who should have gone under in 2008 where bailed out be the government.

      9. There is no more money, just more currency. Money is backed by a vauled item like gold. Currency is backed by hollow promises and tied to nothing. They are not equivalent.

      10. We need to keep this up until the Chinese bail out of the U.S. housing market.

      11. And yet today the trade war is back on. This could go on forever, like our fully-rigged, controlled and manipulated economy.

      12. Only Deep Statists are worried that Trump’s effective use of tariffs to destroy “Made in (Communist) China” will “destroy ” their masters’ “economy”. Those who are in love with that economy and who are slovenly addicted to it are the ones who the Deep State masters expect to be “ravaged”–and react by demanding reinstatement of Big Business, “Made in (Communist) China”-financed Deep State supremacy– by the loss of that economy.

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