Undeniable Corruption: Bundy Attorney Who Argued For Client’s Release Faces Disbarment Hearing – Law Violating Prosecutor In Bundy Ranch Case Keeps Job

by | Jan 6, 2018 | Conspiracy Fact and Theory | 20 comments

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    If this doesn’t show you how crooked the federal judicial system is, nothing will.

    Ammon Bundy’s attorney in the Oregon Malheur Wildlife Refuge case, Marcus Mumford, had criminal charges filed against him after he was tased and tackled by federal marshalls for simply arguing for his client’s release in court.

    Listen to his account of what happened.

    Judge Anna Brown said that Mumford was issuing a threat, and that is why he was charged.

    Back in April 2017, The Oregonian reported:

    Attorney Marcus Mumford, who last month had criminal charges dismissed against him stemming from his arrest on the day his client Ammon Bundy was acquitted of conspiracy in federal court in Portland, now faces more legal challenges.

    Oregon’s Chief U.S. District Judge Michael W. Mosman is seeking to revoke Mumford’s ability to practice law in any federal court in the District of Oregon, a rare move.

    In a court filing Wednesday, Mosman cited Mumford’s repeated failures or refusals to observe court rulings in the Bundy trial last fall, repeated instances of Mumford arguing with the judge with a raised voice and sometimes in the jury’s presence, inappropriate commentary on a witness in the presence of a jury, his arguing for Bundy’s release from trial after his acquittal “without a good-faith basis to believe that the pre-existing custody order” from Nevada was not still in effect and his yelling at the court when he objected to the trial judge’s rulings.

    Mosman also alleged that Mumford failed to timely disclose to the trial judge that Rick Koerber, who served as part of Bundy’s defense team, was also a client of Mumford’s in an unrelated, criminal proceeding.  In 2014, a federal judge in Utah tossed out 18 charges against Koerber that had alleged he operated a giant Ponzi scheme through his real estate company, but Koerber was recently re-indicted on 18 charges in January.

    The judge filed 25 exhibits with his order, mostly transcripts from Bundy’s trial to support his move to revoke Mumford’s admission to practice in federal court in Oregon.

    For Mumford’s part, he simply responded in an email, “My initial reaction is ‘the Empire strikes back.’ I know of no court order that I violated, and no reason to impose some kind of lifetime ban to practice law in Oregon.”

    Mumford then filed an 11-page memo in which he wrote about the challenges against the court he raised during the trial.

    “In these matters, I do not necessarily intend to argue in each instance that I was right and the court was wrong,” Mumford wrote.  “As Judge Brown pointed out, there were several instances over the course of the trial where we likely just misunderstood each other.”

    “There should be no mistake that I think the Court is gravely mistaken to even issue its (order to show cause),” Mumford added. “Nevertheless, I take this matter seriously.”

    However, NextRush Free reports, “Judge [John C.] Coughenour agreed to a request by federal prosecutors to drop the criminal charges after Mumford’s lawyer asked for communications between the marshals.  Mumford’s legal assistant and other defense lawyers said the federal marshals in the courtroom were antagonistic towards him.”

    As of today, Nextrush Free reported, “In a series of rulings Judge Coughenour has ruled against Mumford including this latest request for a delay citing a new lawyer representing him and the presence of witnesses in Nevada this Monday January 8th (in connection with the Bunkerville Standoff case).   Marcus Mumford also brought up personal and financial issues in his filing with the judge.”

    Mumford’s hearing is scheduled Monday morning January 8th at 10am.

    Now, contrast that with Bundy Ranch Standoff prosecutor Steven Myhre.

    Myhre engaged, and has a history of engagingin multiple Brady violations to rig the case in his favor, which could have led to wrong convictions in the first trial, intimidation that led to plea bargains in the first two trials and definitely led to a mistrial in the last one.

    And what happened to Mr. Myhre?

    Well, first, he was not arrested and charged with a crime, which he should have been.

    Second, he was then allowed to actually file to retry the Bundys and Ryan Payne after his “willful” violation of federal law and the rights of the defendants.

    Third, following a look into the matter by Attorney General Jeff Sessions, Myhre was not fired and brought up on charges.  He was simply demoted and another man took his place.

    Does anyone see the glaring injustice here?

    One attorney merely argues for his client’s release which is not criminal and another attorney willfully violates federal law.

    One had charges against him but were dropped when his accusers were called on it.  The other has had no charges against him.

    One is facing disbarment.  The other continues to have a job in Nevada where he can continue to violate the law and the rights of the citizens.

    This is not equal protection under the law, friends, nor is it justice.

    This is how tyranny works.


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      1. Open warfare draws closer.

        • Menzo, someone needs to locate that federal judge and prosecutor. “Accidents” do still happen on occasion.

          • I say get the prosecutor and the defense attorney together for a duel. I’d pay money to watch that.

      2. POd that right ther is what in talking about there reporting on the highs and lows but not the drastic fluctuations cum suckers I know they don’t start a panic but wtf people have to know I tried stated that shit about s pole shift but I don’t know a mini ice age wtf so ok right I was over st Karl dinnegers got all fkd up what a snowflake he is pussy can you give me a ride home you don’t have to pull in the driveway just drop me off out front ok? But like I was saying trump told sees ions to a point that fgkn Da Nevada and she gonna fk the hammonds and bundys big time ok? I didn’t mean PO d I meant brave
        Brave can you give me a riden home you don’t have to pull into the drive just drop me off out front ok fukit I’ll walk

        • it would be interesting reading, your profile.

        • Free punctuation here:


          Can’t help with spelling and grammar, though.

      3. Hate to say it Menzo, but I concur. Anyone else finding themselves going over their equipment ….. almost daily? Doubling checking, practicing, asking if they’ve ‘enough’ ammunition, proper and local environment correct accessories? Maybe I’ve gone ’round the bend, but I just have this …. like a ball of tar in my gut, that something’s right over the horizon.

      4. Undeniable corruption? The two heads of the FBI are being outed. But all the other FBI agents are all squeaky clean all American boys? Yea right.

      5. If I didn’t know better I’d say that was written by hcks?????

        • AB, LOL. I’d forgotten all about HCKS. In a way I wish he’d come back around. He was good for some laughs if nothing else.

          • Hard to forget that guy lol I’m actually surprised he hasn’t come back around. Kinda miss him myself

            • I thought HCKS was a she not a he.

      6. This country is simply no good and utterly rotten to the core!! I think this filthy, vile country and Gov’t deserves to be completely destroyed by nukes, by fire, by brimstone by whatever
        This ultra corrupt and incompetent Gov’t just gives kangaroo court a new meaning. How sad and disappointing folks. And that prosecutor more than deserves to HANG!

      7. The fix was in from on high early.

      8. Very good article.

        We currently are living in a communist state.
        The only reason that things are relatively peaceable in my opinion is because many citizens have guns, overt violence was less preferable than gradual shift in power from the people to the small minority of globalists.

        This Bundy case is exposing the power and corruption of the “elitists”. If I was one of them, I would back off. Tasing a lawyer makes them look like a bunch of stupid punks with power but no brains.


      9. but but the Iranian people are “freedom fighters” now, smirk………

      10. Her court should be banished
        She should be behind bars

        This is our job people , are we going to step up?

      11. We have a legal system run by miscreant for the benefit of the parasites of humanity. A true justice system is needed in the U.S.

      12. There is clearly a two-tiered system of justice in this country. The citizens ought to be in a nation wide public uproar about it. I read comments we are living in a communist country, this is an uninformed statement, we are not, we live in an oligarchy. The wealthy, powerful, and connected people with their corrupt minions are above the law, above the gov’t, above justice. Everyone knows it. The prisons are mostly full of people for drug offenses, people with low education, the poor, and some nonviolent. They have to “pay the price”. But the real truly massive damage is due to the huge financial crimes and political corruption. It’s bringing down the country. The Clintons will not answer for their deeds, they are too rich, too powerful, and know too many dirty secrets on everyone else, the insiders know this. All of these congressional investigations and so on is literally just theater; and the MSM is the propaganda organ to whitewash or spin the story to keep the public in the dark. The truth is TPTB despise the citizens and easily manipulate most of them.
        It really does little good to vote, the spinmeisters make it appear there is a difference but there is not. The wealth concentration is so vast it cannot just happen, it had to be facilitated. The recent tax cuts just made law will only save me 700 dollars a years, big deal, my tax rate will stil be higher than the billionaires. Why can’t there be a flat tax, or a VAT (value added tax). That would be empowering. And what happened to being able to file your taxes on a post card with this “tax overhaul? What happened to getting rid of the IRS, what BS, did anyone really believe that? We still have to file the g*d d*mn taxes like we always do.

      13. First, when an officer of the law or a prosecuting attorney ask a defendant a question and the defendant declines to answer they automatically imply the defendant is hiding something and therefore is guilty. Yet the authorities hide evidence all the time if there is reason to believe they acted unlawfully. The courts have even ruled it is okay for law enforcement to lie to people.
        Secondly, even when it is proven the authorities acted unlawfully, 99.9% of those committing those offenses on behalf of the state are not prosecuted. Usually, these offenses are lying, obstruction of justice, evidence tampering, conspiracy, and murder.
        Thirdly, usually the state will not allow independent investigators or the public to examine all the evidence, the state will permit their minions (law enforcement officials) to hide the facts. After all, the minions though public employees, do not have primary allegiance to the people, but to their masters (the state).
        Fourth, the state hates to lose, even when they don’t have a case, this is obviously shown on courtroom video when the state’s minions attacked, tased, arrested, and physically abused the defendant’s attorney after the trial but while still in the courtroom.
        Fifth, the state openly shows contempt for anyone who stands up for their rights, they see it as a challenge to its power, they believe acquiescence should be automatic, unquestioned, and immediate.
        Sixth, the state reserves rights to itself that ar3 denied to the people, in some states you may prosecuted for defending yourself in your own home against intruders, but law enforcement has shot individuals doing nothing more than a traffic violation.
        Seven, studies have shown statisticallly an American citizen has a thousand times greater chanc of being killed by law enforcement than terrorism.
        What I find particularly unforgivable is the minions firing into a moving occupied vehicle and knew who the occupants were. Everyone carrying a cell phone must always be prepared to record any involvement with the authorities, there has been innumerable accounts where the state tried to prosecute but was stopped due to a recording of the incident.

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