U.S. Experiments Aim to Reanimate the Brain Dead: “Eventual Reversal of Death In Our Lifetime”

by | May 6, 2016 | Conspiracy Fact and Theory | 97 comments

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    This article was written by Jake Anderson and originally published at The Anti-Media.org.

    Editor’s Comment: This is crazy… crazy enough to be a real effort with serious scientific and clandestine backing.

    What is the ultimate purpose? Maybe just to prove Futurama and other works of science fiction correct…. wait, err, important medical research.

    US Government Green Lights Experiments to Reanimate the Brain Dead

    It sounds like the logline from the recent sci-fi horror movie, The Lazarus Effect. But the story coming out of Bioquark Inc. is real. The biotechnology company is moving ahead with a groundbreaking experiment to reanimate the nervous systems of 20 clinically brain-dead patients.

    With approval from the Institutional Review Board at the United States National Institutes of Health in the U.S., the ReAnima Project will begin recruiting patients who are all but clinically dead due to traumatic brain injury. With cooperation from their families, these patients will be kept alive by machines and administered a series of procedures meant to kickstart cellular regeneration.

    CEO, Dr. Ira Pastor, hopes to prove the cells of human brains are as adaptable as those of salamanders, which can regrow limbs.

    “This represents the first trial of its kind and another step towards the eventual reversal of death in our lifetime,” Pastor said. “To undertake such a complex initiative, we are combining biologic regenerative medicine tools with other existing medical devices typically used for stimulation of the central nervous system, in patients with other severe disorders of consciousness.”

    Phase 1 of the project is a proof-of-concept study called “First In Human Neuro-Regeneration & Neuro-Reanimation.” For a six-week period in Anupam Hospital in Rudrapur, Uttarakhand India, scientists will administer peptides into the patients’ spinal cords. The next treatment will involve injecting stem cells into the brain. Then Bioquark will use transcranial laser therapy and nerve stimulation.

    Researchers hope this combination of treatments will trigger cell regeneration in brains that have otherwise shut down all functioning.

    But not everyone is convinced the treatment will work — or that it is even possible to regenerate dead brains. Dr. Dean Burnett, a neuroscientist at Cardiff University’s Centre for Medical Education, made the following comment:

    “While there have been numerous demonstrations in recent years that the human brain and nervous system may not be as fixed and irreparable as is typically assumed, the idea that brain death could be easily reversed seems very far-fetched, given our current abilities and understanding of neuroscience. Saving individual parts might be helpful but it’s a long way from resurrecting a whole working brain, in a functional, undamaged state.”

    However, even if the treatment fails, researchers believe their findings will provide valuable knowledge. According to Dr. Sergei Paylian, founder, president, and Chief Science Officer of Bioquark Inc.:

    “Through our study, we will gain unique insights into the state of human brain death, which will have important connections to future therapeutic development for other severe disorders of consciousness, such as coma, and the vegetative and minimally conscious states, as well as a range of degenerative CNS conditions, including Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s disease.”

    This article was written by Jake Anderson and originally published at The Anti-Media.org.


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      1. A lot of the brain dead come back to life just long enough to vote.

        • my uncle kenny in shitcago was a staunch republican until he died….he’s voted straight democrat ever since.

        • “U.S. Experiments Aim to Reanimate the Brain Dead…”

          What are they talking about? Most of Washington D.C., especially the Congress, has been brain-dead for YEARS! And now it’s spread to the POTUS…

      2. I hope they use this in Washington D.C.

        • I’m certain the good Lord has a different opinion…

          More of the same shit, but it’s a beautiful day.


        • Sarge;
          Now that is funny! DC does seem to be the center of brain death and there would be a lot of test cases.

          • i remember a few years ago i went to DC, and i was thinking how i was living out the movie “night of the walking brain-dead”.

            • here’s a conversation i had with a fellow shtfplanner, and some of you may find it interesting

              i like the goretex parka’s from army. but i HEAR that since they “breathe”, if it’s really wet, especially if going through wet brush, they end up soaking you….my son took all goretex pants and parka elk hunting in colorado, and was pissed because his legs were wet from walking though brush in heavy rain…..on the other hand, my wife and i donned parkas and walked the beach about 3 miles in pouring rain one way, went in and took them off …had fish and chips,…then back the opposite way to the car, all the while just POURING, with maybe a 5mph wind, and just dry as a bone…if exposed to water touching it, goretex allows the water back to YOU…but i love the goretex for what i do…fairly light duty here in desert….if the army likes it, i LOVE it. for the 55 bucks or so they sell them for, i don’t think there’s anything that can touch them for the PRICE. whenever it rains, i like to walk my 3 miler in it, sometimes with parka instead…again, they work pretty well…..i like the zippered armpits models, and they got good pockets, the older ones…newer aren’t as nice, the army’s gettin’ cheap lately….you can probly find reviews on youtube…

              • So far my best hands down wet weather gear is my Sitka hunting gear, cloudburst jacket and pants keep me dry in anything, get moist from sweat, nothing breathes enough to stop that if its also water proof, but it aint cheap, full set with double set of base layers(mountain pant and long sleeve crew) was over 1400$

                • i would probly still be a logger today if i had rain gear that tuesday after labor day, 40 years ago. i worked in oregon for 3 months straight without rain, and it was a pretty good career i had there, but it’s damn miserable when yer soakin’ wet in 50* weather….but like i said, those goretexes are more than sufficient when you aren’t trapesing around in wet brush. oddly enough, i mite have to use it tonight. my son’s scout troop is going to a minor-league baseball game tonight, and spending the night on the field afterwards….60% chance….i don’t like the odds, but i WILL be prepared for it. and MY base-layer are those brown fleece-lined longjohns from the army…they got better ones supposedly(waffles), but when you want to be warm, and aint movin’ round much, there aint nuthin’ like polartec’s. and then on top, that urban grey marshmellow coat is like wearin’ a sleepin’ bag…they’re the cat’s A**!….better take some earplugs too, i suppose!

                  • mac, i bet your readers would like to read an article on how to keep warm and dry, on the cheap. military surplus stores are a great way to go, if on a budget…..and if you are near a base, bookoo is a great way to get stuff cheap….there’s a lot of gear can be had from retiring vets that is great bugout gear. i would write sumthin’ if nobody else will.

                  • When im in the rain working my Grundens suit is all i will trust, can be a total downpour and you aint getting wet from the rain,

                • I soaked my BDU’s in a mixture of mineral spirits and silicone (caulking is dissolved by the ‘spirits’) a few hours, then hung them out to dry (three weeks for the scent to leave the material).

                  Did the same to my Ghillie, all bacalavas, gloves, etc. Cost me about 10 bucks and 20 days or so of just waiting. (But I’m envious of what YOU have….and since you get rain about daily you deserve it Kula! 🙂

                  This also is the best way I’ve ever found to make a canvas tent 100% waterproof, no matter how ‘taut or not-so-taut’ it is erected.

                  Actually, my best wet-weather gear is everything I use for SCUBA. 🙂 (Especially the ‘dry-suit’). Nothing you’d wish to wear on land though …phew!

              • my fave-rite from lynyrd skynyrd is what’s that smell…..you know the one, where they talk of that smelly DEBT….how’d they KNOW we was goin’ down because of the DEBT way bac then?
                ewww that smell
                cant’ch’ smell that smell
                ewww that smell
                the smell of DEBT surrrounds yoouuuuuu….oak tree yer in my way!
                suuure were prophetic, weren’t they.

                • Uh….,Butt,assume you are joking here,otherwise,listen again,carefully!My favourites were The Hunt/Gimme Back My Bullets/Needle And The Spoon.I had tix as a kid when plane went down,says Boston Gardens on it,was misprint,was Boston Garden,still have it.I also have the original Street Survivors with flames that was discontinued after crash with flames edited out,was re-released decades later but have the original,was one of the ones along with Zep/T-Rex missed out on could have seen.I was way too young for Janis/Jimmy/Jim ect.,would have loved them am sure though live.Missed Zep live by months,was going to see in Philly and Boston,had Philly tix.

                  • yes, joking, but if you substitute debt for death, it describes amurcuh to a “t”.

            • BCOD, there are braindead all around me where I live. Sheeple and trolls. There’s no cure for them.

              • yup YUP!…i blame all the fukin’ warning labels….if we could just remove all warning labels….yoou know….fasten yer seat belt, don’t climb to the top of the ladder, these scissors shouldn’t be RUN with, don’t take a bath with yer toaster, then maaaybe the problem would work itself out………awwwe shit, now look what yuh dun, braveheart, you got me off on a tangent!

                • BCOD, LMAO! BTW, at The Daily Sheeple, “Glen Beck On Suicide Watch After Ted Cruz Drops Out Of Presidential Race”. Oh, the poor SOB [sarcasm]. I’d stop the world to watch that neocon POS commit suicide. He damn sure won’t be any loss.

                  • guy takes his rottweiler to the vet with a problem with his ears….doc looks in the left ear, then looks in the right ear, and says “i gotta put him down”…..the guy looks at the vet and says “we got to put him down because of a hearing problem”……doc says, “no, i gotta put him down because he’s HEAVY!”
                    i honestly don’t know why they are tryin’ to bring BACK dead people….we need to figger out a way to put some DOWN…..especially the BRAINdead ones.

                    • “….especially the BRAINdead ones…”

                      Start with the POTUS and Congress…

              • The Dead Living will believe it if a talking head on TV says it.

      3. Well, it should be easy to find patients for this experiment. Most Amerikans are not too far removed from being brain dead while they are “alive.”

      4. The brain is one weird organ.
        Each body is different.
        Some bodies could thrive for centuries, others not so much.
        DNA and genetics play a part.
        You are a product of your parents, study them to see your potential future…

        Be well all…

        • Futureama is one funny cartoon on comedy channel, Fry is a main character…
          Makes one think of what the future may bring…

      5. .” For a six-week period in Anupam Hospital in Rudrapur, Uttarakhand India, ”


        So this is being funded by the US Government & With approval from the Institutional Review Board at the United States National Institutes of Health in the U.S

        But is being done in India & not in the US ???


        why ….?…..this just does not pass the smell test

        Thoughts anyone ?

        • Dr. Frankenstien’s Lab was mostly a secret lab until the peasants found out what monsters were upon them.

      6. Maybe it will work on those brain dead morons that voted for the chairman and now support Bernie, or Hildabeat……

      7. I don’t know if this treatment can re-animate the “brain dead” but we might find it useful for people that have injury to the lower brain stem that has left them paralyzed and/or unable to breathe on their own. It may also pave the way to repair damaged spinal and other nerve tissues.

        As far as bringing back the clinically dead dead I have a few concerns.

        1) Remember this is “clinically” dead. Once an electrical response drops below a certain threshold we only assume the person is brain dead. The person may be in a “quasi” state between life and death. Would these new cells actually alter the previous personality/person at the core of their being?

        2) Lets say the person is truly brain dead. Just because you can re-animate the body and get it to respond to stimuli doesn’t mean you have brought back the same person. Chances are you have not. You now have a potential programmable puppet.

        To me this could be a scene out of Invasion of the “Body Snatchers”. If all the nerve endings can be made to heal properly true brain transplants into a donor body could occur.
        Talk about a vampire culture praying on the young or a clone.
        I suspect this is the true target behind this experimentation.
        Immortality for the select few.

        • Doubtful. Brain tissue, once necrotic or damaged, cannot repair itself.

          In my humble opinion, once the soul has left the body, it cannot be ‘reanimated’ (as it died for a reason right)? You’d have to fix what caused death in the first place, so this is ‘science fiction’ at best.

          And changing a few cells would certainly change a personality. Look what happens with a frontal lobotomy.

          Last, we are decades away from being able to ‘stitch” neurons and neural pathways (and especially ‘synapses’) …in order to make them work again without complications (and anytime you get into a human body you hit complications a’plenty).

          Lastly, the reason this is being done in India is to prevent “American Complainers” from standing outside the building year-round picketing, rioting or whatever turns them on. In India, they’ve nobody to answer to (AND MILLIONS of non-willing subjects to disappear to be used for ‘test and analysis). Since India is one of the most crowded nations on earth, they’ve chosen to start weeding them down, (for the good of the many but of course). Or, as Hillary would say, “What does it matter?”

      8. Special today.. a new you, only 16,256,145.15, 60 day guarantee, out the door.

      9. My worst nightmare – zombies controlled by banksters.

      10. I know how to fix it. Stop sending our best and brightest into wars created by our brain twisted.

        I volunteer my brain. I could use a tune up.

      11. “And I saw one of his heads as it were wounded to death; and his deadly wound was healed: and all the world wondered after the beast.” (Revelation 13:3)

        • The verses in Revaltion are NOT meant to be taken literally. Such as this meaning a “real beast with a real injury that would cause death ‘magically’ healing itself for all to see.” No No No.

          Rather, it is ‘referencing’ something to come, or that has come, and when it does that verse will come into ‘focus’….imho only.

      12. brain dead congress is already animated (and we’d be better off if they weren’t animated

      13. Just a fancy zombie story you know the dead come back to life bla bla bla and in that case lets see how good they are when a 762 round takes half away let me see you reanimate that

        • Give me a beer

          • I’ll take two…


            • Yea i suppose seeing that its 12:10 pm its all good after 12 noon

              • Hypothetically does a 40oz beer count as 1 beer as a 16 oz and 12 oz cus i really dont like haveing to stop the riding mower every 15 min just to get another beer and in turn i can then say yea i drank a couple of beers while cutting grass vs 6 you know wives like to throw numbers around

                • She also said i should make friends with the neighbors dog feed him balogna and pet him instead of cussing at him and throwing my shoe at him she said he might stop pooping on the grass

                  • Flip flops dont throw very well

                  • Guess i can honestly say “the shit i have to put up with” stupid dog

                  • too late.

                    you’ve lost the dog’s trust.

                    doubt even bologna will help. 🙁

                • LMFAO

                • Yup, its a bitch to have to stop the rider to get another one from the garage or shop fridge.

                • Godsoldier: Perhaps you should consider wearing an insulated “hydration bag with straw (that leads up to your mouth). Holds about a gallon of ice cold brewskies, and when drinking beer with a straw the warm fuzzy feeling seems to come on faster (for me anyway). Maybe it’s all the benzos I have to take? 🙂

              • A good single malt scotch for me. In fact, think I’ll go do that right now…

      14. yeah , I think they tried this about 8 years ago and it was a total failure .. we have been experiencing the aftermath with O’Bummer ever since

      15. Must see “Dead Alive”. It was directed by Peter Jackson (Lord of the Rings). A very funny spoof of the Night of the Living Dead type movies. If you watch very close you can see stuff hidden within scenes. A friend and I had to watch one scene 3 times to catch everything in it. Great cinematography.

      16. Question about peach trees we have 2 and the first 3,years of producing they made big juicy peaches not alot but big juicy sweet ones but for the past 2 years they make a shit load of small ones I was told to pull off a large majority of them when they are tiny and it will make big ones I sure hope so cus peach preserves are good is this correct

        • same problem here.

          I have pulled lots of tiny ones off and it seems to be working. The medium sized and bigger ones are getting bigger.

          A local farmer told me to do this. Year before last the peaches were so big and plentiful-the branches snapped while we were on vacation. bummer

          • Sweet good to know I’m on the right track did I mention I like peach preserves that so called flavored oatmeal they sell sucks ass so I just use regular plain and put a big spoon of preserves in it mmm mmm good and don’t even get me started on warm peach cobbler

        • Are yout peach trees; standard, semi dwarf, or dwarf? This can make a big difference. Use extreme care in pruning. Fertilize in winter or early spring, before leaves on trees.

          • Drawrf

        • The problem is all the damned nano-aluminum and other crap in the Chemtrails. I have a young Niobe willow I planted as a wedding present shoot up about 35 feet in a few years, and suddenly now it’s fried and dead.The increased UV “B” didn’t help either (since they’ve destroyed most of the ozone layer and rendered the atmosphere conductive). The forests here are looking pretty scraggly too. *sigh* Bastards.

        • PEACHES: If you ‘cull’ the tiny ones it is doubtful, unless you have a kind of peach I can’t remember the name of, that it will cause the rest to grow larger.

          At the base of the tree you may need something like a calcium powder or ??? The Orange Farmers would have the most info on these things. I tried ‘culling’ the tiny ones and it just failed me, yet I hope it give you basketballs! (One never knows do they….).

      17. Off the subject.

        You see where they sent 25 more Marines to the Green Zone in Iraq.

        I hope to god if these Marines get in trouble they (will not) be left and forgotten like we did in Benghazi.

      18. Why don’t city’s and towns plant fruit trees along the sidewalks instead of the ornamental ones then the homeless or just hungry would be fed I’ve got 2 peach 1 cherry 1 pear 2 apple and 3 walnut cus if it doesn’t serve a purpose why have it suppose that’s why I stay on that honey do list so I maintain a purpose hhahaha

        • one reason maybe .. fruit trees require much more care..for many reasons , pests , and what falls to the ground and doesnt get ate..i could keep going if i cared

          • Rented a house where the landlord had a one acre orchard behind it.

            It was great fun watching the deer at dusk coming to eat the apples laying on the ground. Of course the ones on the ground were fermenting and the deer were drunk as skunks.

            I pondered the taste of drunken deer meat on the grill?

            • When you cook it any remaining traces of alchohol are evaporated, and so it’s fine. I grew up on venison, sober and ‘soused’. All tasted the same to me, and completely fat-free (except for the backstrap …if you are into those things).

        • In my small town USA in middle Tennessee, we have several homes on the main highway with heirloom pear trees at the end of driveways. Every year I drive by and see those pears dropping off the trees into the driveways and the people living there just run over them and smash them in the gravel. All that good food gone to waste.

          Up the street from where I live there is a pear tree in a church yard. Every year the fruit just drops to the ground and no body does anything with it. I walk the dog that way every day and pick up 3 or 4 and take them home, wash and enjoy them.

          People in this country are SO wasteful.

        • Because the ‘sickos’ would inject the fruit on the tree with poison given the first opportunity, to rid themselves of ‘street people’ if nothing else.

        • I can remember one year when I was a kid that the little plum tree in our back yard bore so MANY plums that between giving them away to the whole block AND several others, having “wars” with plums (until the moms rebelled – too many ruined clothes from the stains), making plum preserves and plum wine, you-name-it… We finally had to have the base Public Works people (Dad was military and we lived on base) come and haul off the excess, then pressure-wash the whole back yard – SEVERAL times! And that was just one little tree! Now imagine three or four fruit trees per block on both sides of the street… No doubt they’d also be full of accidental additives from vehicular exhausts too. The entire city would smell like something between rotten fruit and an entire LAKE of wine! And then there were the clouds of fruit flies and regular flies plus other opportunistic bugs, which attracted the attention of migrating tarantulas as I remember… *sigh* What a flippin’ MESS! No, I don’t think planting fruit trees all over a city would work out very well.

      19. The situation has gotten worse busses moved out yesterday with the elderly and infirm today the army/ RCMP mobilized a convoy of private vehicals to move out today they are calling for all hands on deck to fight this monster. IM GOING. My beloved province is burning to ashes. Over 1000 square miles are fully engulfed and with the wind speed and direction its headed straight for us.if we don’t get control of it my town will have to evacuate as well. I will not let that happen. Im volenteering.Leaving this afternoon. I’ll keep you all filled in
        If we loose and his fight it WONT be from lack of fighting back
        Pray for us and our safety
        Beav out

        • I have a question Angry, isn’t Alberta the province with the oil sands and the one where the Keystone Pipeline was supposed to be built?
          Seems suspicious to me, much like several of the fires in the West that were known to be deliberately set.

          • Yes to all your questions the oil sands cover most if northern Alberta. Yes keystone was to be built here I drive by storage yards everyday full of abandon stainless steel pipe. Yes its very suspicious it would burn in the exact spot that was at the center of our economic crash make no mistake folks our economy is totally fucked our primere and her cabinet are very anti oil anti private sector. Combined with no experience ya were hurting here and our provincial government is blind to it.

            • I thought so Angry Beaver and this infuriates me. So many people will be out of work, so many families will be affected.
              ALL Western governments are working against the best interests of their own people, the Canadian and American governments included.
              God help us all.

        • Be safe Beaver,remember,don’t die for houses,they can be rebuilt,only really risk your life to save other lives,will see you here soon when you folks have knocked it back!

      20. Technology has and is increasing far more rapidly than the human races ability to wisely use it. Like a teen with too much money and free time one can virtually guarantee a bad outcome.

        This is far too spooky for me.

        • Kevin2:

          Immortality isn’t on the horizon. This is just more BS. TPTB are responsible for sending our men and some women far from our shores in wars that are Not America’s Wars. Deflecting responsibility, not seeking cures; that’s all this is. Hundreds of thousands of brain injuries, and all they can come up with is some rediculous story about raising the dead. It is an insult to the intelligence of Americans who actually care about the health and safety of twenty year old victims of Wars for Bull.

          • I hope they use anesthetic:
            Maybe these patients can feel pain.

            I can imagine being tortured by a monster in white pants but being unable to communicate. They should explain to the patients as if they were able to understand, not just talk among themselves as if the person they are working on doesn’t have any feelings or any rights. I talk from experience when I say these things.

      21. Walking Dead
        Fear the Walking Dead

        (Soon-to-be TV to reality. Coming to an area near you soon!)

      22. Will it work for members of Congress and the Press?

      23. Maybe the zombie apocalypse isn’t so farfetched after all. Maybe they’ll inject the brain with some disease to restart it. Voila flesh eating zombies.

        • Yep just add rabies

        • There are strong rumors the Soviets weaponized rabies.

          If true it’s in the arsenal of several former Soviet nations, just waiting for the right crazy person to let it lose. Head shots would be bad however since it would blow infected brains all over. A center of mass shot would be best.

          • It’s likely that they did the experiments on an island in the middle of the Aral sea (Vozrozhdeniya Island), to keep it isolated from land. Don’t worry though, it’s not as though Soviet irrigation plans drained the sea and exposed the now deserted island and all of it’s contents to anyone who walks out to get them, or any creature who walks off the island to land. Communists would never be that stupid or short sighted.

      24. Why the heck are people so obsessed with wanting to live forever? Seriously with all the crap I put up with from other “human beings” on a daily basis I can’t imagine wanting to stay here on this planet forever.

      25. We don’t need anymore Democrats or Liberals

      26. I think this may be possible, because there has been an instance where a child was found who could think, see, move, talk and hear, but had no brain above his brain stem. The kid was a complete miracle, and there was no reasonable explanation beyond the faith in Jesus of his parents.
        If a person can function without a brain, it seems reasonable if the brain were regrown with stem cells that the person might reanimate and function again.

      27. Zombies,eh,watched enuff George Romero,not a issue.Now,they make em fast as in remake of Dawn Of The Dead,hmmmm…..,that could be a problem!

        • Sounds more like Night of the Living Dead. Every time someone got offed they came back as flesh-eating zombies. One poor sucker made it through the whole film, and at the end some grunt with the military saw him moving around carefully in the house and blew his brains out… All that trouble for nothing.

      28. Ah yes, banishing death. Anyone ever read That Hideous Strength by CS Lewis?

        Of course not.

        God will not be mocked. Death was ordained due to man’s sin. This will lead to precisely the same issues Lewis wrote about.

        • The problem is that this gets into murky theological waters. Back in the 1700’s, many preachers thought that it was wrong to put a lightning rod atop a building because it would thwart God from burning someone’s house down with a lightning strike. Similar logic could be used with modern medicine since we stop people from dying.

          Now the problem with this new procedure for the brain dead is that you have to set a point at which death has occurred. As the body is still alive and the brain’s lower functions are still going, is the person really dead? If this fixes the issue that caused them to lose consciousness were they brought back from the dead or merely medically treated to repair damaged neural connections? What is the point of delineation?

          Well, without God’s express instructions we can only form theological hypotheses to try and determine His will. Some sects, like the Jehovah’s Witnesses, would argue that any form of transplantation and many modern medical procedures are sinful and wrong. They chose a very fatalistic path with regards to modern medicine. Most other Christian sects do not, and it will be interesting to see where theologians draw the line if this moves forwards. I tend to see it as probably OK because if God wants you dead, you will die. Plus, it is like any other medical procedure in that it prolongs life. It does not make it go on indefinitely. That’s my opinion and it may well be wrong.

      29. Someone is attempting a head transplant sometime soon. Can you imagine the can of worms THAT would open? Henry Kissinger on a 20 year old body!!!!

        • Yes, but it would still be a very old brain with limited capacity to change and adapt. This capacity to adapt is called neuroplasticity. Around the time you reach 35 years of age, your brain begins a pruning process to reduce the number of neural connections. It gradually gets rid of those connections that are not used regularly and this starts to limit your ability to adapt to new situations. This is why it is much more difficult for the elderly to grasp new skills and concepts than younger people. By transplanting the brain, you would still have a 90 year old person but in a body that is not as frail. The only way to make the old brain match a younger body would be to somehow reverse the brain’s natural aging process and that would be far more difficult. Perhaps that would be an application of this technology in the future- using stem cells to increase a person’s intellect and adaptability in old age and perhaps reverse neural aging.

          If that were possible, then it might be possible to grow new bodies for regenerated old minds and that opens up a whole new can of moral, ethical and (not the least of which) religious worms. I give it 20 years before such a perfect storm of technologies comes to fruition and you will see people able to order new bodies to spec and have partial or full brain transfers into them. Some would say it’s a good thing, but I am not so certain. As a Christian I don’t know that such a thing is not a possible fulfillment of prophesy as it may well be an abomination in God’s eyes. Atheists would disagree with me though and likely be more open to the idea.

      30. It would be considered THE ‘abomination’ that brings THE END (if true, in very short order).

      31. That is the Northern Baptist’s interpretation of it anyway…

      32. Well, for a survival site how the hell did we get into reanimating the human brain?

        All I wanna do is blow the hell outta as many human brains as are against my way of life, so if they wanna make more, GREAT! (As long as my ammo and reloads and powder and projectiles hold out).

        What does one use for a bullet when your lead is depleted? I’ve solved how to make a ‘really decent’ Primer (by making a ‘chemical’ percussion-cap to send fire down the ‘firehole’ and into the powder, but walking around the rocks has yielded NOTHING (that I am aware of) to make any kind of explosive with, such as black powder).

        I have visions of becoming a spear-chucker as history has shown me that arrows have a habit of slowly dying off too, or disappearing like socks in the laundry…

        • whoah! yer gittin’ waaaaay ahead of yerself now….as long as you got a couple thousand rounds of 556 or 308, you have a 10% chance of surviving the FIRST 3 months…..you would have to survive for a year or more before resources run out, and we are at that point….most won’t live to see THAT …..spear chuckin’?….pfft!….although learning to use a sling could be a valuable thing.

      33. is the new world order planing on killing everyone and bringing back the brain dead ones thay can use?

      34. Advanced nutrients are available (for now) without an Rx, which causes major constipation to greedy MD’s, greedy hospitals and greedy Pharma companies—-PQQ, carnosine, reduced glutathione, glisodin, telomerase, ergotheonine to name a few of the best.

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