Trump Calls Out Hillary at Debate: “You Should Be in Jail… I’ll Call A Special Prosecutor”

by | Oct 10, 2016 | Aftermath, Conspiracy Fact and Theory | 103 comments

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    This article was written by Tyler Durden and originally published at Zero Hedge.

    Editor’s Comment: And so, the gloves are completely off. This election has gone primal, and both the Clinton and Trump campaigns are letting loose – or threatening to release – all the dirt, accusations, recordings, photos, names and more.

    It is clear that Trump has a few skeletons in his closet as well, and more than enough to hang himself with. But it remains to be seen if any political dynasty can sink as low as the Clintons, and yet still manage to hang on to power. Has there ever been an election like this one?

    Debate Post-Mortem: Trump Crushes Clinton – “You Should Be In Jail”

    by Tyler Durden

    From the no-handshake start, following the most awkward Bill-Melania pre-debate greeting, it was clear the gloves were off. While Trump started apologetically, once Clinton opened up ad hominem character attacks, The Donald turned it up to ’11’. Lashing out at Bill’s indiscretions “his actions are worse than words”, Hillary’s lying “you should be in jail… I will call for a special prosecutor”, and the biases of the moderators”it’s one of three here” even the crowd cheered.. before being quickly shushed. Online polls, unbiased commentators, and the Mexican Peso agreed Trump won.

    A picture paints a thousand words…


    Melania meets Bill…

    No handshake at the start…

    Hillary appeared to attract a fly…

    “You should be in jail”

    “I will bring a special prosecutor”

    Brief Transcript:

    TRUMP: “Bernie Sanders and between super delegates and Debra Wassermann Schultz and I was surprised to see him sign on with the devil. The thing that you should be apologizing for are the 33,000 e-mails that you deleted and you acid washed and the two boxes of e-mails and other things last week that were taken from an office are are now missing. I didn’t knowledge I would say this, but I’m going to and I hate to say it. If I win, I am going to instruct my attorney general to get a special prosecutor to look into your situation. There has never been so many lies, so much exception. There has never been anything like it. We will have a special prosecutor. I go out and speak and the people of this country are furious. The long time workers at the FBI are furious. There has never been anything like this with e-mails. You get a subpoena and after getting the subpoena you delete 33,000 e-mails and acid watch them or bleach them. An expensive process. We will get a special prosecutor and look into it. You know what, people have been — their lives have been destroyed for doing 1/5 of what you have done. You should be a shamed.”

    COOPER: “Secretary Clinton, I will let you respond.”

    CLINTON: “Everything he said is absolutely false. It would be impossible to be fact checking Donald all the time. I would never get to talk and make lives better for people. Once again, go to Hillary You can fact check trump in realtime. Last time at the first debate we had millions of people fact checking and we will have millions more fact checking. It’s just awfully good that someone with the temperament of Donald Trump is not in charge of the law in our country.”

    TRUMP: “Because you would be in jail.”

    COOPER: “We want to remind the audience to please not talk out loud. Do not applaud. You are wasting time.

    Read more at Zero Hedge, where this article first appeared.

    This article was written by Tyler Durden and originally published at Zero Hedge.


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      1. I think that was a GOP fly smelling dead meat ….

        • Trump laid the smack down last night. She has no plans, just negative remarks and he finally put her in her place. I thought after the last debate, he was in a perfect position to do what he did last night, and he did it. I think he knocked her off balance, out of her groove and now the machine is gonna be working nonstop 24/7 to try to turn it around. I bet F.Chuck Todd is sucking his thumb right now.

          • Jacknife, Trump definitely did better this time around. But I think he just increased his risk factor for an assassination attempt. Notice how the hildebeast squirmed when he threatened to come after her. Also notice the looks on Bill’s and Hillary’s faces when they saw some of Bill’s victims sitting in the front row. the hildebeast campaign asked the debating commission to ban them out of there and they said no way.

            • Assasination? I don’t know. I believe there would be a backlash that no govt could handle if that happened. The last attempted was Reagan and since we’ve had huge tech advances. I’m thinkin there’s a connection, obviously I could be wrong. If they (tptb) want him to fail, I think there are other avenues, such as using the fed, a false flag or a new war, which looks as though that may happen. In any event, I think it’s very possible some nasty shit could set off between now and
              Jan 20. All I wish is that the mess that we’re in gets cleaned up, whatever’s broken gets fixed and the free shit army gets cut off so they’ll have to work. Is that too much to ask?

              • Jacknife, I sincerely hope I’m WRONG about assassination, but I’m also convinced something really nasty will happen between now and the end of the year. If Trump wins, Black CRIMINAL Lives Matter and all the other libturd groups will riot on election night. They’ve been saying that since June. That’s why I’ll be at the BOL before Election Day.

            • I watched the debate a 2nd time, and even more confident Trump Totally Won this debate. Let Trump be Trump.

              Before the debate, Did you see when Bill Clinton entered the debate hall that he had a bad look on his face, almost angry, and that was after they showed the 3 women on there he raped, and the 4th woman victim of the rapist Hillary got off when she represented the rapist. Then as Bill sat down next to Chelsea, he kept eye balling these 4 women, looking above Chelsea’s head. I started watching CNN live via Internet then switched to CBS.

              Trump was Masterful, On note and I still wish he would bring up the Hillary giving Russia the 20% Uranium deal, for $35 Mil in Bribes.

              When Trump said Yeah, You would be in Jail. He nailed the coffin shut on the witch. Trump is already ahead in polls in lots of key states.


              • Chelsea looks more and more like her real father everyday. It’s impossible to hide. And yes, she is BUTT ugly !!! 🙂

              • There’s one more debate and the moderater, Chris Wallace, is probably the best chance trump got at a fair debate. Not sayin it will happen that way but he asks tough questions and he is a policy wonk. We’ll see. Also, all these people pulling away from trump tells me it can only be for two possible reasons. 1) they’re part of the establishment 2)they’re afraid of something, possibly exposure to criminal conduct. I don’t think trump will think twice to prosecute crooked repubs along with the dems. We’ll see

        • Sorry, I meant F.Cuck Todd

        • Oh my, if my dog had a face like Chelsea’s, I’d shave his ass and teach him to walk backwards.

          • Gawky geek face but she used to have a smoking body. I feel sorry for her because her parents have probably misled her all these years and it can’t be easy to learn what they have been up to.

            • FT, Chelsea is just another commie/feminazi bitch like her mother.

            • Isn’t it odd Chelsea 36 YO has a net worth already of $15 Million and a $6 Million dollar apartment in NY. Gee how exactly did she make that kind of money?? Then Hillary tells Americans, If you work really hard, you too can be wealthy and successful. WTF? Disconnect.

              I think the Clintons are soooo greedy, they are social climbers, making deals in fear they do not want to be poor like the President carter status. They want Billions so they can hang out with the Billionaires. And sell America off for their profit, like the Clinton Foundation has done for a decade. Only 5 to 7% of the entire take of the Clinton Foundation has gone back into a charity form of giving, the rest is a big slush fund for the Clinton’s fun and enjoyment and payoffs for all the suicides in their wake. Imagine shot twice in the back of the head is called a suicide?

              ~WWTI.. It would be nice to see the Clinton’s in Prison. Along with the Bush Crime Family. Crime and Treason is, Crime and Treason. No passes.

              • There is a quote from a GS speech where she says she has lost touch with the middle class.
                Well, who could really tell that?? ( Sarcasm off)

          • She’s really looking like Webb Hubbell these days.

          • They already have… This is the ass end (with major plastic surgery) you are seeing…. UGH!!!!!

          • She looks like her dad

        • She would actually deserve the noose for outright treason. Hell with feeding her.

        • Illina,that poor fly probably either dropped dead from all the meds/booze/toxins in it’s system from billary sweat or was found dead by killing itself with a flyswatter,am sure lynch and fib investigation would prove it was suicide!

          • The fly was probably attracted by the stench from the colostomy bag or the adult diaper. No bathroom breaks this time so it might have been backing up there on the stage.

            • The Fly was a tiny drone trying to get inside of the head of the Hildabeast. Amazing how real the fly looked. Took skill to land that on that wrinkled pie face.


          • Warchild, I agree. May that fly rest in peace.

        • Do you remember from the 1st Debate? Hitlery couldn’t keep her hands off her face – constantly “scratching” her poker tells to the moderator, Lester Holt. So, we know that she knows HOW to scratch her face.

          If Hitlery’s facial flesh has been botoxed to Death, then she can’t even feel the flies creeping around on her deadened facial skin. This Hitlery episode reminds me of the famous “Ark of the Covenant” scene where the evil Archeologist is speaking to Indiana Jones as he prepare to open the Ark (out in the Desert) and a Fly creepy-craws right into the Actor’s mouth! Now that was Acting!

      2. Trump made one mistake and its going to be used by Hillary in a future commercial. He closed with, “Hillary doesn’t give up”.

        Trump should have said, “I’m thankful you recognize my children accomplishments and I feel the same about your daughter”. I’m fortunate to have had two minutes to think about how to reply to this question. I’m not two faced. I believe that you are criminally dishonest. That cannot be sugar coated to make it respectful.

        • Kevin2, Trump should have said, “I sure give Hillary Credit for sticking around with that Husband Serial Rapist she is Married to.. Sounds like a strange sex life, but what ever floats your boat Hillary. She sure fights for him, at the expense of many sadly.”



        • Mexican tap water
        • A wolverine with a ‘pet me’ sign
        • A mixed drink made by Bill Cosby
        • A straight edge shave from Jodi Arias
        • An elevator ride with Ray Rice
        • A night out with Aaron Hernandez
        • Brian Williams memory
        • Michelle Obama staying at a Motel 8
        • Visiting the capitals of all 57 states Obama thinks exists
        • Pinocchio
        • The Boy that cried Wolf
        • The Cleveland Browns going to the Super Bowl
        • A Nigerian inheritance email
        • An unconscious pilot alone in the cockpit
        • Harry Reid’s exercise equipment
        • An IM from Anthony Weiner
        • Anything Nancy Pelosi has ever uttered
        • A factory packed parachute
        • A kiss from Judas
        • An Afghan wearing a backpack
        • Whatever Bill Clinton’s definition of “is” is
        • If you like your healthcare plan, you can keep your healthcare plan
        • A North Korean trial
        • A BIC pen that doesn’t leak
        • A tuna fish sandwich left on a city bus for three days

        • 26. An open, oozing, herpes blister.

        • Two thumbs up !!! 🙂

      4. imagine if hillary gets to be president. she would be in charge of the military. the people in the military would STILL be required to follow the law when it comes to handling classified information. can you imagine how screwy it sounds that you’ve got to follow the law, yet she got away with violating it THOUSANDS of times? and make no mistake, it was INTENTIONAL, even though the law DOESN’T require it to be intentional for you to go to prison….MANY people ARE in prison for doing much less than her. people DIE from doing what she did. and make no mistake, the reason she DID it was so the freedom of information act couldn’t be used to get to what she(and bill) have done, especially with the clinton foundation. and now trump has told the world she will go to prison if HE is elected. FBI director comey admitted on national TV that she is guilty, as far as the FBI is concerned. i just wish he hadn’t said it BEFORE he gets elected. that statement will mobilize the people who like her(apparently, there’s no CURE for that) to show up to vote. the question remains, how do you get government workers to obey the laws, when you’ve broken it repeatedly, and gotten away with it. we CAN’T let this woman be in charge of our military.

        • She walks while a NSA analyst gets arrested and home raided.
          She is the epitomy of the do as i say not as we do government.
          Give me a good reason why any of us should follow the laws anymore,,,,

          • “Give me a good reason why any of us should follow the laws anymore,,,,”

            …or pay takes to continue funding their tyrannical behavior.

            • “Give me a good reason why any of us should follow the laws anymore,,,,”

              Because The State will enforce them upon you and use lethal force to accomplish it. Lets say they want you for unpaid traffic tickets and you refuse to comply; they very will may kill you as a result of your defiance. They’ll civil fine you and garnish your wages needed to support your family. Never brag that you disobey the law regardless how great or trivial as they consider that disrespectful thus making you a target.

              • I’ve gotten out of a lot of traffic tickets, maybe half by doing this:
                1. Showing up to court and filing not guilty plea.
                1.a. File extension dates, for the court case. (wear them down)
                2. Doing research and investigate the traffic scene for flaws, street markings, lack of signage, etc.
                3. Know the law, and
                4. Being my own lawyer and winning the case in court with the Law, Facts, and evidence, photos, Copies of the police reports, and procedures, to dispute the charge.

                The looks on these Stoopid Cops faces when the Judge rules in my favor, PRICELESS. And of course, Politely thank the Judge as you leave the court room, with a winning grin on my face. I’ve gone to court and the Cop not even show up for the case, and just plead Not Guilty and its dismissed Johnny on the spot.

                ~WWTI… In life 90% of Success, is just showing up.

                • I have a funny story regarding a traffic ticket. I was friendly with a retired Wilmington Del Police Captain that when he was a simple officer gave a guy a ticket for speeding or something similar. The guy said, “Do you know who I am”? The Cop said, “I don’t care who you are”. Turns out he gave a ticket to Delaware’s only living MOH recipient. They went to court. The Judge called up the man, and said, “Are you the MOH recipient”. He replied, “I am”. The Judge said, “In light of your service to the country, case dismissed”. My Policeman friend said his jaw dropped, it was slam bam, thank you Mam.

            • I can’t agree with you more, both Nailbanger and BlackMoe!

        • “…the people in the military would STILL be required to follow the law …”

          No, the FIRST requirement of all who serve is to KEEP THE OATH TO THE US CONSTITUTION. It comes before the orders of superiors, presidents (when we actually have one), it comes before the duties of the position that is being occupied.

          *Color of Law” is not law. Statutes/regulations/codes/treaties/etc and all else is required to be “in Pursuance thereof” the US Constitution. The first duty of ALL Oathtakers is to “Support and Defend” (or in the case of presidents who are held to a higher standard of Preserving, Protecting, and Defending) the US Constitution from all enemies both Domestic and Foreign.

          Until those who took the lawfully required Oath understands that our nation will be in trouble.

          *Color of law. The appearance or semblance, without the substance, of legal right. Misuse of power, possessed by virtue of state law and made possible only because wrongdoer is clothed with authority of state, is action taken under “color of law.” Black’s Law Dictionary, Fifth Edition, page 241.

          Just because traitors and domestic enemies of the USA that of “rank” and “position” that serve within the military and within our governments – state and federal – do not think that our US Constitution is no longer our legitimate government. It is, which is why all are still required to swear an oath to it, and to keep that Oath, to have any lawful authority in the position they occupy. Understand that when those that serve within our government go beyond the duties that are put into writing and break the Oath they no longer represent us, the USA anymore.

          Dr. Vieira put it this way: “This has nothing to do with personalities or subjective ideas. It’s a matter of what the Constitution provides… The government of the United States has never violated anyone’s constitutional rights… The government of the United States will never violate anyone constitutional rights, because it cannot violate anyone’s constitutional rights. The reason for that is: The government of the United States is that set of actions by public officials that are consistent with the Constitution. Outside of its constitutional powers, the government of the United States has no legitimacy. It has no authority; and, it really even has no existence. It is what lawyers call a legal fiction.

          … the famous case Norton v. Shelby County… The Court said: “An unconstitutional act is not a law; it confers no rights; it imposes no duties. It is, in legal contemplation, as inoperative as though it had never been passed.”

          And that applies to any (and all) governmental action outside of the Constitution…”. What are the defining characteristics of a limited government? They are its disabilities; what it does not have legal authority to do.

          Look at the First Amendment… What does it do? It guarantees freedom of speech, freedom of press, freedom of religion. But how does it do that? I quote: “Congress shall make no law abridging the freedom of speech or of the press” etcetera. “Congress shall make no law;” that’s a statement of an absence of power. That’s a statement of a disability.” (end Dr. Vieira quote)

          The courts agreed here Brookfield Construction Company V. Stewart 284 F Sup. 94: “An officer who acts in violation of the constitution ceases to represent the government.”

      5. SHTF ALERT.

        This post is for Mac, Sarge, Brave And other legitimate posters.. Russia is not doing a drill, they are lying to their people, to get them to participate is in its drill, that is the real thing.. it’s being told or the people that it’s a drill for Nuclear war, when in fact it’s they are moving the people into the DUMBS to prepare for Nuclear war within the next 3 weeks..dont ask me how I know this, just trust me on what I am telling you all..get ready, we know this Trump the ass the the canal last night that debate and that’s why Russia is getting ready, because they have to move the pollen now because if they tell the people that it’s now a drill, the people will go into a piss state of panic, since they are not prepped for nationwide nuclear fallout.. I don’t need to hear any negative attacks on me, this post information he real preppers, none preppers, do like what Old Guy tells you. Skip my post and move on past the unless garbage that I am posting. We know that even if Trump is allowed to win next November that we have 5 month till the inaguration, that means that they will not handing or signing the president o Trump. So something very big and very bad is about to happen..Sarge, Brave, Epperson, Texas Prepper, FTW, Genius, and many other legitimate posters. Thank you all for you support, and good luck with your survival and hopefully we will all make it..Mac. I saw that you live in the woodlands, Tx, just 30 miles north of me,. I think your at a good location…Mac, get ready, a plan has been put in place to Texas and Russia understands our state situation and may not be nuking Texas, only in certain areas..and we have an idea where they will hit, so we shouldn’t worry about or area just I said I am done posting and needed to inform the real preppers in what I know.. watch the agency ass clown trolls attack me now. Just watch, some of them are even trying to convince you all theta they are farmers who own land and animals and are nothing more that trolls. We have less than 4 months left..



        • HCKS –

          Thanks for putting up your Post ‘bro – stick around for awhile, as is … who knows how much time we may have. Things are certainly turning for the worse.

        • HCKS

          If Hillary wins, we will be at war soon enough. If Trump wins, between now and his inauguration the present administration will start a war.

          Damned if we do and damned if we don’t, kind of situation.

          Prep for war.

          • WWIII or CWII or both…???

            • 21Bravo

              People do not give either scenario much thought let alone prep for WW3 or CW2.

              How much to prepare for nuclear war is comparable to preparing for a CAT 5 Hurricane. Depends how close you come to the storms eye or a detonation of a nuclear weapon.

              More likely CW2.

              Note that if the republican party can not even support Trump then who does the republican party represent?

              The country is done.

              • Question.

                If Hillary becomes President. How many of you are going to ground and leave SHTF and avoid prepper sites?

                • Anon,HCKS,
                  LOTS of us will go dark IF she is elected, and as far as Russia is concerned you might wonder what Putin might KNOW ahead of our elections, another words IF they are as rigged as we all fear or worse then HE knows what is coming and is preparing for it!!! might be some good food for thought???
                  stay vigilant and safe my friends it is coming SOON whatever THAT is not yet cast in concrete!!

                • count me in. (Out)

        • Despite how much I don’t want to believe your post, I must concede that what you said is most likely true.
          All legitimate posters, get ready. A storm is coming that many will not likely survive…

        • I am also in Texas . How do you know it’s safe . What location do you think Russia might hit us . Also population is a factor . What about what China might do .

        • The attack on Russia was always on the cards for now. Ask anyone who works for NATO and they might tell you. Wisely, the Russians have begun the process of hiding most of their population while pushing hard in Syria to get it done there. What is happening in Syria is akin to what happened in Germany at the end of WWII: both sides racing to grab as much territory as they can.

          When the US changed its strike policy under Bush to a first strike policy, the Russians knew what was on the cards. For those who pay attention, the plan has been sitting in plain sight to take down every rival to US hegemony one by one. It started with the Middle East but other countries are also on the list (N. Korea, China, Russia etc.). The big danger is this: the Pentagon believes they can do this because the anti-missile systems will take down Russia’s strike force. Who knows? but it is a very dangerous plan.

        • HCKS, good to hear from you. Hope you’re at your BOL already.

        • Hcks says this: We know that even if Trump is allowed to win next November that we have 5 month till the inaguration, that means that they will not handing or signing the president o Trump. So something very big and very bad is about to happen..Sarge, Brave, Epperson, Texas Prepper, FTW, Genius, and many other legitimate posters. Thank you all for you support

          ***Hey Hicks, from November 8th 2016 to January 20th 2017; how many months and days is that? 5 months you claim? Ever look at a calendar? If anybody in their right mind is to even take you serious, just a little, have some facts, links, articles, proof. At least good math or something. From Nov 8th to Jan 20th is 2 months and 12 days. Do the math assclown. lol

          ~WWTI… Like I’m guessing Hcks in having a Meth relaps.

        • HCKS;
          Hi hcks. Please don’t be offended by this but is English your native language? That would explain a lot. Thanks

      6. “Hillary appeared to attract a fly…”

        H’mm … well … it is said … Flies are attracted to Shit!

      7. Excuse my type o. Meant Trump handed hillary and the cabal their asses, other type o, not pollen, meant the people being transferred into the DUMBS..I am in a hurry thia morning, excuse my crappy grammar.


        • Thanks HCKS

      8. What Trump SAID was wrong.

        What Hilary DID to the rape victims, where she ran the Bimbo eruptions team to destroy these womens’ lives, is EVIL

        In a court of law, saying stuff in not illegal. DOING evil stuff IS illegal.

        Hilary should be in jail.

      9. Coward coddled boot licking American pussies do not care what the criminal psychopath demon Hillary from the pits of hell does, or how many crimes the demon commits. The coddled coward boot licking American pussies have been riding on the American Short Bus being told how “exceptional” they are for so long, they are clearly ALL now mentally deranged programmed indoctrinated dumbed down toxic dump hybrid humans, who are TOTALLY INCAPABLE of any rational thought or critical thinking when it comes to choosing their leaders from the inner bowels of the pits of hell.

        • Damn Ron, take your Xanax.

          • Xanax and other Big pharma toxic poison is what makes the American toxic dump COWARD incapable of rational thought or critical thinking, so I will stick to Organic REAL FOOD, clean water, fresh air and I will keep my Pineal gland open-I want to be completely awake, aware, and fully conscious at this most epic time in history, as we watch the complete collapse of the fascist Police State psychopath controlled hell on earth of America. No better time to be alive living in TRUTH and watching this collapse of damned and doomed America, and Big Pharma toxic poisonous garbage is only for the weak toxic dump cowards living in fantasies and lies.

            • If you’ve read my posts you know I agree. But we all are not cowards.

              • Of course not every American is a coward, but it is a FACT and it is undeniable that the vast majority of American boot lickers are COWARDS, and the vast majority are dumbed down programmed indoctrinated TOXIC DUMPS. We also know with 100% certainty the vast majority of coward Americans could give two shits about their children’s health, freedom, and future, and they actually believe we still have a Constitution in fascist Police State America. These are ALL undeniable FACTS surrounding you in collapsing fascist Police State hell on earth America, and to deny these FACTS in front of your face daily ANYWHERE in collapsing America, it only means you are completely delusional, clearly a coward, you are programmed far worse than any population has EVER been programmed in the history of the world, you are indoctrinated, you are dumbed down, and you are TOTALLY INCAPABLE of rational thought and critical thinking. I do not make the rules for evil psychopath controlled collapsing fascist Police State hell’s on earth such as America and the many others that came before, but NEVER this evil-I only point out how the vast majority of coward boot licking programmed Americans are clearly and undeniably following those evil satanic rules of the psychopaths they worship like Gods. As a Watchmen I am required to “blow the trumpet” and sound the alarm, or I am as guilty in the eyes of the creator as the murderous genocidal demon psychopaths controlling the cowards of collapsing Police State hell on earth America.

                • Wow your a real Ahole!!!!

                  • I know the TRUTH is difficult for you my little coward boot licking snowflake, but it is the 1st Step in your recovery from being an indoctrinated programmed toxic dump American coward, who has been on the Short Bus for way, way, way, way too long being told how “exceptional” you are. Just open your eyes and uncover your ears snowflake, it is all you truly have to do, these criminal demon psychopaths controlling you could care less anymore, they know the American cowards are just dumbed down, unhealthy, depressed toxic dumps, and too programmed in “USA were #1” insanity to even care-if you open your eyes and quit covering your ears coward you can clearly see that also.

        • Couldn’t of said it better Ron. You do have a special way with words!

          • Thank you for not being a boot licking COWARD American pussy, and thank you for being awake and understanding the TRUTH about the collapsing fascist Police State hell on earth of psychopathic controlled America.

      10. At least, Trump apologized for locker room talk. However, he wasn’t entirely lying and that sure counts for something compared to the Clintons who always lie. When people get caught in wrongdoing, they aren’t even embarassed anymore!

      11. Another looney off topic post by HCKS. He said he was gone?

        • Old Guy, I hear ya. sounded like a Meth patient in detox, rambling on like a lunatic. Living under that Hwy Bridge can wear you out as traffic hurls over you 24/7. It probably does feel like the end of the world to him.

          Birds chirping wind blowing and sun is shining here. Location Location Location. lol
          Life is full of choices.

          ~WWTI… Do the people he named on here in his post, really believe all that shinola he spews?? Your response is?

      12. Hi Mac. I live in the Woodlands as well. Email me if you would like to grab lunch or a beer. Regards, S.W.

      13. I am being told that 40,000,000, that it take time to place them in DUMBS.. Russia knows that the elections will be cancelled and that one of the candidates will not be allowed to win. So russia is prepositioning as much people as possible before Nuclear war, so that they can get all the scientist and all of the manufacturer comps and mover all equipment for manufacturing because they do no plan of surfacing with sticks and stones, they are moving, ships, tanks, food tech stuff, etc, the Chinese are also doing the same thing and are getting to move a 1/2 million have already pre positioned under ground, and trust me it ain’t Nibiru, it’s nuclear war is the reason why..


        We are in a world of shit and we know it.

        • HCKS, don’t rely too heavily on what you read in a Michael Snyder article.

          • The way US & NATO has been thumbing their noses at Russia, in a way – this could be a plausible scenario.

            The handwriting on the wall is very much clear.

            The US is not going to leave Syria – The US will continue to bomb Syria’s infrastructure / civilians while they protect their “moderate rebels” ISIS.

            Somewhere along those lines – the US will attack a Russian Jet / Troops / Base … and as usual, call it an accident / bad Intel.

            Putin/Russia has been observing this twisted Game the US/NATO have been playing … Russia at this point appear to be out of options playing “nice” with the Western Warmongers.

            Everything is looking more & more like — “play time is over & the bullshit is going to stop right now.”

        • The North Koreans have the ability to put ALL their population underground. They have had this ability for decades and it was a response to getting hammered in the Korean war by US air raids. They built an entire city underground with all capability to produce and manufacture under there. This is the reason why it looks ‘dark’ on those satellite photos of NK: it is because much of what they have is underground. They ain’t dummies.

          • But they don;t have the ability to feed their own with out outside help…

      14. Just had a week of good down home preaching. Guest preacher from Pennsylvania Amish country.

        As I’ve said many times, the best prep is getting right with God, through Jesus Christ.

        Your eternal destination depends on your choice today.

        “If you chose not to decide, you still have made a choice.”

        Today is the day for your salvation. Choose Jesus Christ.

        • He is all that matters, grandee.

        • Yep its their choice we can only show them but cant make them .

      15. Thanks Grendee. Good post, spot on.

      16. I knew you were still here hicks cus its hard to keep a good man down glad to hear from ya and that you b ok and thanks for the info.

        • I agree with ya hicks that TX wont be nuked cus they will want all that oil and im hopeing that being in Indiana/Illinois 20 miles away that they wont fry the corn belt but then there is the whole jet stream and fall out and shitcago being 200 miles north and ST Louis 160 miles west im screwed for the most part but then ahain there is that bank basement

          • They don’t have to nuke anything, just get Hillary elected and she will give them whatever they want.

            • YUUUP!

      17. Here is Hilary getting the rapist of a 12 yr old girl off in court and laughing about it at I do hope you will consider forwarding this, as the leftist media won’t say a word against Hilary – the best candidate Goldman Sachs and George Soros money can buy.

        But here is the KEY point: Below is the list of women Bill sexually assaulted – and these are women Hilary ****personally went after to destroy as Bill’s “Bimbogate eruptions manager.”****

        Sleazy comments are not appropriate – BUT ACTUALLY RAPING AND ASSAULTING MULTIPLE WOMEN – OR ***MANAGING THE OUTCOME OF THESE AS HILARY DID*** – IS ORDERS OF MAGNITUDE GREATER, AND ACTUALLY CRIMINAL. Once again, the leftist media and vile leftist Learjet leftist jerks like Blanderson Blooper think America won’t be smart enough to see through this veneer. Now you know.

        • Hillary for the electric chair!

      18. Thought this was a bit humorous ツ

        Philippines President Duterte orders US forces out after 65 years: ‘Do not treat us like a doormat’

        The Philippines’ bombastic President Rodrigo Duterte has ordered a halt to his nation’s 65-year military alliance with the United States. Duterte, who is locked in a bitter war of words with the US, has taken steps to suspend joint military patrols and ordered American troops to leave the country.

        Duterte’s defence minister, Delfin Lorenzana, said the 28 joint military exercises that the countries carry out each year under a 1951 defence treaty will be stopped, patrols with US navy vessels in theSouth China Sea, had ended and 107 American troops flying surveillance drones against Islamic extremists would leave as soon as Philippines soldiers were equipped to take over their duties.

        Duterte, nicknamed ‘The Punisher’ or ‘Duterte Harry’, has previously told US President Barack Obama to “go to hell”, and described him as the “son of a whore” following criticism for his war on drugs.

        An ongoing US-Philippines amphibious beach landing exercise will be the last during his six-year tenure, Duterte announced.

        “This year would be the last,” Duterte said according toThe Guardian on Friday (7 October) in the southern city of Davao. “For as long as I am there, do not treat us like a doormat because you’ll be sorry for it. I will not speak with you. I can always go to China.”

        Lorenzana said that he would ask the Philippines Congress for $50m (£40m) to $100m a year to compensate for a hole in US military aid and said the country may contact Russia or China for new equipment.

        “We have been allies since 1951,” he said according to The Times. “All we got are hand-me-downs, no new equipment. The Americans failed to beef up our capabilities to be at par with what is happening in the region.”

        Philippines Foreign Secretary Perfecto Yasay has also suggested that the government will sever ties with the US which has “failed” the country after forcing them to be dependent on America. “America has failed us,” Yasay said in a statement on the foreign ministry website.

        “This is at the core of the message to the American people and the world. The United States held on to invisible chains that reined us in towards dependency and submission as little brown brothers not capable of true independence and freedom.”

        • All aid is about aid dependency, not helping the country to develop. Get them dependent on yearly cash infusions from Washington and they become a client state. Countries are waking up to this.

          Sad to see those Filipino hotties go: they do have beautiful women.

          • “All aid is about aid dependency”

            Indeed it is Frank … and not only that … but the most important such Aid to countries comes with a force demand of US compliance.

            I applaud this President for standing up to Obama & Pals.
            Hopefully he doesn’t end up being suicided.

          • The “aid” is meant to be largely grafted by the nations corrupt politicians as the US desires to maintain foster and maintain political instability keeping the country always one small step away from the next revolution. This was no the case when the possibility of a communist inspired revolution was awaiting in the wings to exploit the chaos. Another goal is to loan the nation money thus levying interest payments that will continue forever. Read, “Confessions Of An Economic Hit Man”, its a best seller.

      19. I urge all Wisconsin voters to vote against the punk Paul Ryan. Might as well have a demacrap in there, at least you know how they will vote

        • Montana Doberman;
          I agree wholeheartedly. If I understand it correctly, all he did before congressional seat was school, work at McDonalds, and drive the Oscar Meyer Weiner. What a great resume to be a major player in the “free world”.

      20. I did not get that from a Michael Snyder article..old guy is a paid Troll.. according to this online white hat source, I don’t know him personally, just saying what I saw and backed it up with and another source, some one I know, not the scientist, who he said that in the next few days or weeks, it will announced that one of the candidates will be removed from the election to use and used and the excuse to cancel the elections, and start a tribunal. We know that the decision was made on last night’s debate because hillary got her ass handed to her, and the next debate will finish Her off, the source says that this tribunal will be used as the excuse to cancel the elections to begin the tribunal, so that’s how they are planning to get rid of Trump, because the tribunal will be announced by the President, and this how he stays in office for a third term, a how will be the pollen react when they just realized that we have been set up, now Trump is our of the picture. You see a old Troll Guy, you will get ass handed to you in the next few weeks. According to Fulford, this will be going down in the next few weeks right before the elections in November basically it’s a set up and they cabal gets the final laugh, but what happens next in the country once the people realized that Trump just got screwed, how bad will the uprising get? So Old Guy/troll guy, go phuck yourself, you just got your ass handed to you because this is real and may damn well happen exactly how I wrote it..
        If it doesn’t happen, then great, I was wrong but I know better. You were hoping that I was gone so that you can talk shit about your land and farm animals that don’t exist..phuck off troll.


        • HCKS, Government has one problem radically redirecting how the current status quo works in society. It risks protests, not necessarily violent, that shut down industry and tax flows. There is plenty of historical evidence, take the Roman empire for example, that disruption of the status quo can disable the mechanisms of government.

          We have been hearing this rumor for months of what Obama might do if it look like Trump would win. Most recently Martin Armstrong comment on this topic. Most of us can see how this scenario could happen given the radical nature of the liberal left.

          But I can also see the opposite case. The left has spent close to 100 years whittling away at the constitution and liberty. The left now controls many institutions in our society such as schools, courts and family. With such strength on their side I ask why would they take on such a radical idea that one of the candidates will be removed from the election and the excuse to cancel the elections? My only explanation is fear of what Trump could expose or how he might derail the NWO agenda might be the reason.

          So we get a Tribunal? How is the huge federal, state and local bureaucracy going to function on a moments notice with this change being run by a Tribunal? Imagine the implications in world politics and national defense? Do you really think our military is going to sit still and support a tribunal? I could post another 200 questions like these.

          The point is super radical change is rare in history. Not saying it won’t happen. But the odds do not favor it…


        • Imagine the world full of Lunatics like Hcks? Its going to be fun Culling and thinning the herd of Lunitics.

          ~WWTI… Yes Hcks, the world as you know it, will end real soon for you.

      21. Done done and gone again for now, only to re emerge right before shtf strikes. You will see this information posted in Quayle am other sites like hodges etc then you will know that it’s true.


      22. If Russia attacks America it will be in response to being attacked first. A deaf dumb and blind person can see who the aggressor really is, this completely evil cabal controlling America. These murderers want the lower level peons dead solving their number one problem. Doubt they will do whatever it takes? Isn’t this the logical conclusion and end game of Corporate expansion?

      23. Texas716, because Texas will be succeding.This means that our govt is not working with the current administration.

        They have gold and saw this comimg..Remember when i mentioned about the gold over a year ago. And Russian Spetsnatz are here and may be here for another reason,because rumor has it that our state government as Russia for help incase we get attacked from the north. This is what i heard, talk about fucking confusion. Some type of deal is being cut with Russia and China in Texas already since last year. If China and Russia agrees to trade with us post election turnout, then we will have to back a Texas based currency with out minerals and commodities..This will be a game changer..So the next 3 weeks is the deciding factor based on this so called tribunal, and elections cancellation. All hell on earth is about to bust loose.


      24. I’m totally behind Trump and sent his campaign $100. But, he’s going to lose. He’s behind Clinton in PA, FL, and Ohio. He needs two of those three states, as well as AZ and NV to win. And that would be just squeaking by.

        His statement from 11 years ago, which was no big deal, hurt him bad with women. He should go down farther in the polls this week. BTW, some women are just as vulgar. I’ve heard them many times.

        Something has to happen to scare people, like a stock market crash or a terrorist attack or some black swan event that make people rethink Hillary.

        So I’m working on my preps and getting ready for civil unrest. She will perpetuate Obama’s minority victimhood crusade with cops and whites as the persecutors.

        There are only 4 weeks until the election. I can only hope that Donald pulls off a win. Maybe Hillary will vapor lock between now and then.

      25. I’m in my BOL, bought it 1+ years ago, have EVERY ‘requirement’. Here’s an idea I haven’t seen here, try to recon all the stores/gas stations in your areas for the 40# LP tanks. My set up outside is LP/char-wood grates, which also can smoke, plus a side burner for pots, etc. IF we get a power down, cops tied up window, I’ve listed those w/minimal padlocks, that my bolt cutters can snap. Would make cooking very easy. With no power, no cameras. A few dozen ‘free’ ones, would come in handy…….just a thought.

        • Be a white man and buy them. Opportunistic looting is negatively thought of here.

          • Kevin, sorry you feel that way, my reference was when we are in TOTAL survival mode, ya’ know, like attacking checkpoints w/blue helmets, and restocking w/better arms, etc. Stay under your rock, wouldn’t want you backing me up.

      26. HCKS….the ‘white hats’ has been sprouting nonsense for years.
        Fulford??? Okay, where is the coup he’s spoken of for years…the trillionaires that have a plan to take back America get closer and closer to executing their plan, but!!!!??

      27. There is a scenario that would explain why there are so many internet posts on “… Obama will declare martial law If Trump wins or looks like Trump will win…” The logic goes like this:

        Democrats and Republicans long ago became the party of one. They did this when it was obvious America was beyond repair financially (read Kotlikoff Feb 25, 2015 testimony). In the process they agreed regardless of which party is in power they would not go after the other party when they held power or all their secrets spilled would destroy government (people revolt). They agreed to run only candidates who were bought and paid for and would toe the line. Then the kicker. Trump wins the nomination and is not bought and paid for! If Trump becomes president someone would spill the beans to him!! Then Trump will tell the whole nation of the fraud both parties have committed against them!!!

        If the scenario above is true then some means must be found to stop the election so Trump does not become president. For some its start WWW III and suspend the election. For others its take Trump out (by any means) and declare the election over. Then number of scenarios is endless but all of them have as there goal to stop the election…

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