To Really Make America Great, Trump Could “Reassert 4th Amendment And Roll Back Surveillance State”

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    This article was written by Kelli Sladick and originally published at the Tenth Amendment Center.

    Editor’s Comment: The truth of the matter is that presidents come and go, and while some are better than others, it is better that way. What remains, and shall not be infringed, is our rights as a people. Unfortunately, 9/11 and the War on Terror were used to justify a massive domestic surveillance program that has utterly trampled upon the rights and due process of American citizens. George W. Bush delivered the first major blow, but Barack Obama continued and expanded those powers – albeit quietly, by signing documents including the NDAA – that have re-classified free people as potential enemy combatants and domestic terrorists.

    With all of Donald Trump’s talk and vague promised about making the country return to greatness (definitely, a hell of a campaign slogan), what would be the most lasting and meaningful would be rolling back the tyranny of the executive branch. The Oval Office has taken away from the American people something that was never theirs to take – and American cannot and will not “be great again” if that oppressive era is not repealed, and stopped in its tracks. However, early signs point to Trump’s support for an expanded war on terror against ISIS, surveillance against Muslims and other “at risk” groups and a general empowerment for the NSA and co.

    It remains to be seen what Trump will do, and what his legacy will be – but if he wants history to see his greatness shine through, this would be the path to take. Here’s rooting for the Constitutional era of America, and not the corporate fascist one…

    Following The Fourth Amendment Would Help Make America Great Again

    by Kelli Sladick

    During the last eight years, the Obama administration failed to live up to its promise reverse the Bush era’s mass surveillance of American citizens. In fact, it was expanded and justified. If you were silent, the sweeping power controlled by the president may not be on your radar for the right reasons. While there is a deep fear resonating, at least half looked the other way when “their guy” held the powers of the presidency. 

    So let’s put aside the distractions roaring through the media, and let’s walk down memory lane.

    The Fourth Amendment was assaulted relentlessly under Bush and it continued through both of Obama’s presidential terms. The hits came from two sides, one by mass surveillance and the other by undermining data security. Now, as my focus may just be on progressives for the moment, the truth remains that neither party, Republican nor Democratic has limited its power, especially in regards to surveillance. Know full well, I have no illusion that Trump will set a new trend of limitations.

    Has the federal government moved because of its love of the Constitution, or rule of law? No, but it should at least be motivated to protect the Fourth Amendment because if there is one thing that we have seen in the past few years, it is that DC is not untouchable. Whether that is the silver lining for progressives or disdain for Republicans, we have seen just in the past few years how mass surveillance and the undermining security affects everyone, including the federal government – maybe even your dear leader. While the Fourth Amendment was assaulted relentlessly under Bush and Obama’s presidential, the hope is to end that trend during the Trump years.

    Here are some of the highlights (or lowlights) over the last few years.



    In 2013, Edward Snowden warned of the powers he had when it came to the surveillance state.

    “Now increasingly we see that it’s happening domestically and to do that they, the NSA specifically, targets the communications of everyone. It ingests them by default. It collects them in its system and it filters them and it analyses them and it measures them and it stores them for periods of time simply because that’s the easiest, most efficient, and most valuable way to achieve these ends. So while they may be intending to target someone associated with a foreign government or someone they suspect of terrorism, they’re collecting you’re communications to do so.”

    Any analyst at any time can target anyone, any selector, anywhere. Where those communications will be picked up depends on the range of the sensor networks and the authorities that analyst is empowered with. Not all analysts have the ability to target everything. But I sitting at my desk certainly had the authorities to wiretap anyone from you or your accountant to a Federal judge to even the President if I had a personal e-mail.”

    Selectors,from metadata resulted in possible roving wiretaps. Now, while roving wiretaps were removed with the USA Freedom Act, the metadata collection continues more efficiently and at a fuller scale than under Section 215 of the Patriot Act.

    CIA Spied on Congress

    Senate staffers were spied on by the CIA during an investigation into the torture program. Senator Feinstein, felt the backlash of mass surveillance even though she was an ardent supporter.

    “A Democrat from hyper-liberal San Francisco, she has persistently defended government surveillance programs and targeted killings by drones, and she has been one of the C.I.A.’s most faithful supporters. Last year, after President Obama called to move authority for drone strikes from the C.I.A. to the Defense Department, Feinstein placed a classified amendment in a spending bill that helped keep the program where it was.”

    She was outraged to see that the tables were indeed turned on her, instead of being sheltered from it. It was not a quick war between her and CIA director John Brennan. It was explosive and full of intimidation by the CIA that resulted in no punishment for the hack.


    Hillary Clinton’s Email Server.

    OMG! I know, we are back to this. However, this was an illegal act that had incredible consequences. An unsecure server storing classified content had the potential to be accessed by any adversary whether a state or a lone hacker. Peter Van Buren illuminates what this information could mean in the hands of an intel officer.

    So let’s think like intelligence officers. How do you get to that kind of stuff?

    How the great game of intelligence gathering works is in the end very basic: who has access to the information you want, what are their vulnerabilities, and how do you exploit those vulnerabilities to get to the information. What do they want and how can you give it to them?

    Hillary Clinton as Secretary of State had access to extraordinarily sensitive information, both classified and unclassified. Huma Abedin is arguably the most powerful person in Clinton’s circle, and had access to much or all of that pool of information. What Huma knows would be of great interest to Moscow.

    How to get the info? Huma’s husband is a publicly outed sexual predator. Everyone in the world knows he sexts, trolls online message boards, and seemingly does little to hide his identity while doing it all. He is a target, the kind of dream package of vulnerabilities an intelligence officer waits a whole career to have fall into their lap.

    OPM Hack
    The federal government isn’t the biggest fan of encryption. The FBI/Apple hearing showed us there are some in the federal government who believe the common folk should be able to encrypt their own devices. At least they are kind of consistent, because meanwhile, the government has a lackadaisical approach to to encrypting sensitive information that it stores. As seen in the Office of Personnel Management (OPM) Hack.

    The U.S. agency burglarized by suspected Chinese hackers has completed its long-awaited damage assessment and more than 22 million people inside and outside government likely had their personal information stolen, officials announced today.

    That number is more than five times larger than what the Office of Personnel Management announced a month ago when first acknowledging a major breach had occurred. At the time, OPM only disclosed that the personnel records of 4.2 million current and former federal employees had been compromised.

    Trump talks a lot about “Making America Great Again.” But what does that mean?  Maybe it’s something we haven’t seen, like a federal government restrained by the Constitution. If Trump really wants a return to greatness, he will roll back the federal surveillance state and reassert the Fourth Amendment.

    One thing is for sure; we are here to be a check on the federal government every step. No matter what Trump does, states can and should push back against Big Brother. It’s not parroting a slogan, but living up to its constitutional principles that makes America great!


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      1. And reassert the 10th amendment and give control to the states and also hang all the fed reserve bankers and claim all their assets for our country which they stole it from. And get rid of all the useless alphabet agencies and… and… anddd. the list is looonnnggg.

        • the SECOND amendment needs to be FIRST, in MY book….bring THAT back, and i will start to believe in trump…until THAT happens, he’s just a CHUMP with a catchy campaign phrase…oddly enough, i have HEARD he is pro second amendment…for nationwide concealed carry.

          • He packs
            Ive seen it

        • Well, I didn’t “look the other way” when our guy was in power… I got to the point that he made me just as sick to look at as GW Bush did! They BOTH made me vomit!! as unbelievable as it may seem, I actually felt much more repugnance at “my guy” because he was such a f.. hypocrite about the whole thing! G Bush seemed almost retarded so I could overlook his despicable actions to some extent– or maybe not!! but I certainly did NOT accept the horrible things Obummer did– I stopped being a democrat because of him!

      2. This is why Rand Paul was my first choice who was running for President. Trump in the end is an authoritarian and he was my second choice. If were lucky we’ll get pro Second Amendment USSC Justices and no war with Russia. If we get real lucky there will be SOME reversal in the Free Trade agreements. Reestablishing the heart of the 4th Amendment? FORGETABOUTIT.

        • Once again…

          GET LAVOY FINICUMS NOVEL “ONLY BY BLOOD AND SUFFERING”. It is way better than Rawles shit and one second after too. All the proceeds go to his wife also. Great book, Great cause….

          • Dammit!What the hell is under me feet again?!Oh,tis a hobbit,hey Genuis!Wanted to add there is a new petition for the unjustice of the Hammonds resentancing,tis a new petition,aimed for potus Trump.You believe unjust take time to sign it,yah,may not do any good but lets folks know we are watching/and trying all peaceful means to get justice.You worried about being on a “List”,well,what the hell you doing here then?!

        • Kevin2, sadly I have to agree especially concerning the 4th amendment. I don’t know how Trump views the 4th amendment but even if he favors rolling back spying apparatus just imagine the opposition he would face, from the alphabet soup agencies to law enforcement to the courts. Not to mention all the corporations who sell surveillance equipment; that’s their bread and butter. From that perspective I’ll bet the BUSINESS side of Trump would tell him not to tamper with the police state. I guess some other way of abolishing the police state has to be found and used.

          • I think what’s going to be ‘found and used’ is We The People, since it is now FAR AND LONG PAST TIME to return everything back to as it was (prior to any police state). In reality, we shouldn’t have ANY NEED to see police in full BDU’s unless they had a bonafide reason (meaning there is civil unrest ‘somewhere’ …and “that’s what they do”).

            Until the day arrives that there exists an opposite and equally formidable ‘force’, such things will continue to be used for control. (But, there isn’t any way to control a nation that has “gone rabid” and fully intends on taking down their government). I can only HOPE I live to see that day, if it becomes needful, of course.

      3. Also, dissolving the DHS and TSA entirely would be excellent in terms of getting our country back to how it needs to be.

        • To get our country back to where it needs to be
          requires elimination of progressive Democrats and

          • Arellik, Don’t forget (((the tribe))) YES, those people who control the flow of water into and out of the swamp. They are the majority of the creatures that inhabit the swamp also. BUT, nobody has the balls to say their (((name))), cause THAT’LL hurt someone’s little feelings, and then you’ll get put in moderation time out. Bad whittle goy…Trump will never do anything about (((them))), cause they OWN him and ALL the white people that have money…PERIOD

      4. It will only get worse, trump was very clear on that point.

      5. Im a realist. Make America Great will not happen. Trump is only a minor irritant in the grand scheme. We avoided war with Russia for at least 4 years by electing him. But the decline will continue. Will the decline speed up or slow down? I think we are past the point of no return. Im pretty certain that its going to get very interesting very soon.

        • Yup Old Guy, I’m a realist too and I believe the same as you do. I just hope that perhaps we may have a little more time for preps. I’m not made of money, but I’ve come pretty far bit by bit and no matter how many supplies I acquire, it never seems to be enough.

          Having said that, part of me sometimes wishes it would all go quickly. It will certainly be interesting as you’ve said.

          • Old Guy, I think at best Trump may have bought us some more time. I agree it’s way too late and the country is too far gone to save it now. Even with all the supplies I’ve got stashed at home and the BOL, it doesn’t seem to be enough. I’m still stacking and keeping all my options open.

          • Sig

            I am at the point of Terminal Prep. That is I have all I need and very little space for anything more. I still pick up and extra can of food every time I go to the store. One more meal I say to myself.
            All that is left is to open the gun safe and ammo can.
            Then stack a few items. Check lists and color codes from there on.

            • Anon, I hear you.

              I’ve had to throw out some food that expired.

              Also, I’ve been forcing myself to eat the other stuff before it too expires.

              Better to have long enough for expiration!

      6. If I was in Trump’s position, I would not make this a priority right away. First, bring the soldiers back to the states and put them on the southern border to make sure the workers are safe building the biggest wall to keep out trouble.

        At the same time, set up a place far far away for refugees, and kiss them good bye.

        Once the Soros is on trial or locked up like the criminal he and his boss Rothschild have shown us he is. Then we’ll be free to deal with the Black Lives Matter protestors.

        Jail the ones who are guilty of physically assaulting people. Give lighter sentences to those who set fire to buildings. Ten years for vicious beat downs is about right. Three years for arsonists. One year for breaking a window, general vandalism, one year plus ninety days for damaging a police vehicle. Pay restitution for damages equivalent to damage at 10% of wages for up to ten years. No probation. No get out of jail early. You do the crime, you do the time.

        Deport the criminal gangster illegals.

        When things are quiet and sanity has been restored, then deal with the NSA etc. I would start a clearance program so people who get checked out can go through the Airport without having to be checked out.

        Eventually we can get back to being a free society, just secure everything first.


        • Case Study:

          Rothschild and gang hand in the goals and some policies to Trump in exchange for his freedom to play big shot. They also review some of the proposed plans by the president and approve or disapprove them. But, if Trump fails to achieve the first few objectives, he will have a shorter leash for the rest of his term. Rothschild and gang have operatives in Western governments just in case a president chooses to go all the way his way. The first punishment of disobedience is to leak a scandal, not assassination.


          • Stolz, Trump needs a fairly good sized group of US Marshals that would be loyal to him in this special detail.
            He meets with TPTB, or their reps., gets contacts, names, addresses, locations of where they can be found, and conduct a big fricken’ arrest sweep, quickly and decisively.
            Just dreaming…but that would be cool.

          • Just one. Get the Islamic ‘operatives’ to hell out of the way first.

        • B from CA, good ideas except for jailing the BLM crowd. Deport the BLM crowd to the middle east. Syria, Iraq, Libya, etc. Locking them up is the biggest waste. Prisons no longer do what they were originally intended to do. The so-called ‘second chance’ programs have been tried for well over a half-century to no avail. That BLM crowd and other libturd groups are irredeemable. So just give them to the muzzies to play with.

          • electric bleachers….we need ELECTRIC BLEACHERS for the BLM people.

            • …roflmao You got me the first time with that one, and you just made me ‘spew’ my drink again with those “electric bleachers” …best damned idea I’ve ever heard of in my life.

              • ok, now you got ME laffin. tanks!

      7. OK,to any interested,would suggest buying/reading/working with the ideas in the book”A Failure Of Civility”,not cheap but so far worth every penny as I read through but more important think about what I am reading!A partial pdf version is free online to see before buying if worth it to you,would make a good gift for holidays(perhaps add a 6 pack as a bit tough)but I believe necc. reading and working with ideas in it that can/will work for you in a bad times situation.When I have read it thru twice will give a fuller review but being a bright/scholarly type can tell it is worth it!This may be over view the best prep tip I can put out here for fellow form folks.

      8. Or shift survaliance to imigrants legal or illegal. And this anchor baby stuff. No citizenship for illegals trying to beat the system . Their kids are citizens of there parents country. Retroactive.Whats so bad about that? They should be proud to be Mexican citizens . Right?

        • A child of Mexican citizens born abroad is a citizen of Mexico, just like US law.

          They can petition the US for re-entry when they become adults.

          End this anchor baby fantasy.

        • The USA has plenty of Frito Banditos already…

      9. “To Really Make America Great”

        For this to happen — The fictional Jesus is going to have to resurrect the Founding Fathers back to current times. These are the only people/hope that America has … since “modernized Americans” have no idea how to stand up for themselves, none the less show defiance to a rogue government — for such modernized behavior — America deserves … what she gets.

        I’ve been pissed off since the bogus 9/11/01 incident — what the hell is America waiting for … some more hope & change in our Political Theatrics System?

        GMAFB & FK’da Dumb Shit!!!

      10. Sorry to be the turd in the proverbial punch bowl, but I wouldn’t expect too much from the Donald. It is becoming clear by his Goldman Sachs and Soros connected good ol boys for his cabinet that the head of Goldman Sachs and Henry Kissinger have already had a sit down with him and reviewed the the Zabruder film, Hinckley attempt on Reagan and the Lincoln assasination. After that I suspect they gave him a list of CFR members to choose from for his cabinet. May God have mercy on us.

        • james, At least you gave me some hope that I am not going crazy seeing all of the selections to make America Great. Anyone who thinks the selected Treasury secretary with a background of making billions on foreclosed homes during the Juden raid of the foreclosed homes working for the juden house will help the middle class must be on drugs.

      11. trump is a plant
        usa is owned by owners of israel
        the way is being paved for a socialist third world

        • Trump isn’t a plant, he’s a human being like the rest of us.

      12. I agree with James. they have already set the once loose cannon in a secure set of stout trunions. Now its revealed that the hellery investigation is still ongoing apparently Obummmer has also received instruction to not pardon the klinton cabal. They are finished with old sickly cankles. And she wasn’t their choice, She was the vehicle that was gonna deliver kaine. That guy would have been almost like bush jr. I think the plan was get he elected and in office. Kill her off and have everything on a down hill run. Now they will let her die. let the klinton foundation be prosecuted and get back at least some of their money.

      13. He could…

        …but he wont.

        He’s a progressive. He’s one of them.

        ‘drain the swamp’ now is the same ridiculous battle cry of ‘hope and change’

      14. The Globalist-controlled areas of the US are gangrenous. We need amputations. It is triage time.

        • Gee Diane, the entire country is essentially ‘under siege’ no matter where you look. The POTUS has NEVER been in this FOR The USA, but to trash ‘her’.

          All good things come in good time. Given the sheer level of evils flying around the political scenes, and I guess on every other level too, the long-term outcome of whatever is to come will be the destruction of these SOBs (via “amputations” …I like that you used ‘amputations’ for an analogy). Head-ectomy operations are one of my specialties, and I NEVER TOUCH the patient, but just give them a bit of an injection.

          Hey, I wonder what it would take to paint all of DC a ‘gangrenous-green’ (just for effect)! 🙂

      15. The real problem is that no one seems to be able to understand the word ‘unreasonable’ any more. The average American should be protected against unreasonable search and seizure because they are doing, and gave not done, anything wrong. This would apply to all races and religions. Applying a ‘we’ll watch everything’ plan only means that you have too much information to monitor, so you basically have no preventive capability!

        But the government needs to exercise ‘reasonable’ surveillance if you do something that warrants being monitored. So if you visit web sites professing radicalism, or travel to countries sponsoring terrorists, then yes – you should be monitored. But in the name of political correctness, we are not doing this (or not doing this very well). The rub comes when trying to define ‘reasonable’ – so hopefully Trump can at least stop mass surveillance and define ‘reasonable’ correctly (buying a gun is not a reason to be under surveillance).

        • BUT ….being under surveillance IS A GOOD REASON TO OWN A GUN! TPTB have almost figured that much out …almost. They are still trying to assess just how many frigging bullets we DO have packed away (passed down from departed family members, and so on…).

      16. don’t worry
        I’m not staying
        just back for a quick in and out
        thought this would be of interest

        Hedge fund manager ‘takes glee’ over how Donald Trump conned his voters…ned-his-voters

        I have to admit I was a little skeptical when I read the title of this story
        after all DKOS is quite liberal
        so maybe they slanted this just a tad ???

        it does include a DIRECT QUOTE so……

        YOU read YOU decide

        Hedge fund manager Whitney Tilson was feeling happy Wednesday morning.

        After Donald Trump ridiculed Wall Street on the campaign trail, the President-elect tapped former Goldman Sachs Group Inc. executive Steven Mnuchin to be his Treasury secretary and billionaire investor Wilbur Ross to lead the Commerce Department. Trump even met with Goldman Sachs President Gary Cohn inside Trump Tower.

        It would suit Tilson just fine if voters who backed Trump because he promised to rein in Wall Street are furious now that he’s surrounding himself with bankers and billionaires.

        “I can take glee in that — I think Donald Trump conned them,” said Tilson, who runs Kase Capital Management. “I worried that he was going to do crazy things that would blow the system up. So the fact that he’s appointing people from within the system is a good thing.”

        what was that one part again?

        ““I can take glee in that — I think Donald Trump conned them,”

        • Thanks for pointing this out – incredibly telling quote… and the original source is actually Bloomberg, not Daily Kos, so the bias is no more than the typical you get with any other story. And yeah – direct quote “I think Donald Trump conned them.”

      17. don’t worry
        I’m not staying
        just back for a quick in and out
        thought this would be of interest

        Hedge fund manager ‘takes glee’ over how Donald Trump conned his voters

        h ttp://…ned-his-voters

        I have to admit I was a little skeptical when I read the title of this story
        after all DKOS is quite liberal
        so maybe they slanted this just a tad ???

        it does include a DIRECT QUOTE so……

        YOU read YOU decide

        Hedge fund manager Whitney Tilson was feeling happy Wednesday morning.

        After Donald Trump ridiculed Wall Street on the campaign trail, the President-elect tapped former Goldman Sachs Group Inc. executive Steven Mnuchin to be his Treasury secretary and billionaire investor Wilbur Ross to lead the Commerce Department. Trump even met with Goldman Sachs President Gary Cohn inside Trump Tower.

        It would suit Tilson just fine if voters who backed Trump because he promised to rein in Wall Street are furious now that he’s surrounding himself with bankers and billionaires.

        “I can take glee in that — I think Donald Trump conned them,” said Tilson, who runs Kase Capital Management. “I worried that he was going to do crazy things that would blow the system up. So the fact that he’s appointing people from within the system is a good thing.”

        what was that one part again?

        ““I can take glee in that — I think Donald Trump conned them,”

        • You had to come back and throw something at the wall.

          Better Trump than being on the losing side of WW3 with Russia started by “Mrs.” Clinton.
          I still think you’re a democrat operative.

      18. This is the most hilarious Fake News I have seen in a long time, I thought it was the Onion at first…..Corporatist Fascist Donald Trump rolling back the TREASONOUS psychopath controlled Intelligence Agencies in the fascist Police State hell on earth of collapsing America has to be the most delusional piece of pure cowardly dumbed down toxic dump INSANITY in recent history.

      19. Double thanks, this delusional insane coward writer of this fictional article now has my whole family in stitches and we truly are laughing our asses off.

      20. It’s a double edged sword. Criminals use cellphones, texts and emails more then ever for coms. A cop pulls onto a street known for drug trafficking and before his first tire rolls onto the street a spotter has already sent a warning out. Send a drug shipment on the highway and you will have escorts running with the shipment who will notify their piers of law enforcement activity such that they can avoid contact. Higher levels of criminal activity use encryption such that normal cops can’t get access to their coms.
        We are living in a time when political subversion has become the pastime of malcontents, AKA useful idiots. Given the effectiveness of these peoples tactics, it’s a good thing to know who they are.
        ht tp://
        There are tremendous volumes of digital communications today and they are being used by terrorists and other enemies of the state. Data mining has become the way to find the bits of info that lead to busting up terrorist plots. Many lives are saved.

        “Those who would give up essential Liberty, to purchase a little temporary Safety, deserve neither Liberty nor Safety.” -Franklin

        The potential for abuse is what worries most people. Who is in control of the data and their intentions. IMHO, what we are seeing now with the NSA is the gov adapting to tech. Back in the day, the adaptation was a FBI man in a closet with a real to real recorder taping Capone in a conversation with one of his lieutenants. It’s gonna be a process that will eventually work itself out via adaptations to both defined/new threats and the limitations imposed by the gov/laws. Growing pains. The new norm. Might want to get used to it. It’s not going away.

      21. First priority is to eliminated civil asset forfeiture. This is nothing but government stealing from the very people government is supposed to serve.

      22. The entire point of the creation of DHS was to fight terrorism. Under Obama it morphed into a political ideology force that stopped going after terrorists and began hunting people who sold unpasteurized milk, or bean sprouts….

        The US has been growing a secret Islamic military terrorist army on US soil. Of course Obama has not allowed US law enforcement to touch them. There is a private foundation that has been tracking them. There are likely a couple terrorist training compounds in your state with thousands of member.

        Currently these organizations are slow moving and search warrants shouldn’t be a problem. Even with active terrorists there is no reason to suspend the 4th amendment.

        • Well now, it will certainly take more than one read to digest all that site is presenting, and then ascertain what is and is not. (and I do ‘question’ some of their ‘propaganda’ (if that’s what it is …meaning, the ongoing threat of terrorism, when all we’ve seen thusfar (stateside) is Lone Wolves or “false flags” (period)).

          • I was already aware of a few terrorist training camps, across the US, this site confirmed them.

            You are right it’s a lot of info, I’ll be reading for weeks as well.

            What really peaked my interest was training sites that are close to family. I’ve been discussing my security concerns with family members. I’m of the opinion that influence from these sites peaks in the immediate area around these sites. We have been discussing strategies for family security.

            It is my hope that President Trump will eliminate these threats. As long as Obama runs the White House and allows terrorist training on US soil, we are at risk. Obama’s existing patterns of behavior have shown he has a callous disregard for American lives.

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