“To Ensure Her Election”: Wasserman-Schultz Admits She Really Worked For Hillary While at DNC

by | Aug 15, 2016 | Conspiracy Fact and Theory | 50 comments


Still don’t believe that elections are rigged, and that the whole thing is a sham?

After all that time claiming to be “neutral” as the head of the Democratic National Committee, Debbie Wasserman-Schultz let down her guard this week and admitted she had actually been working ‘to prepare for Hillary Clinton to be [their] nominee’ and to ensure her election.

It was everything that she has always denied, but we knew all along.

And the Wikileaks dump confirmed it, brought it out into the open, forced Debbie to step down as head of the DNC… but low and behold, just went to work as the chairman of Hillary’s campaign anyway. Open, brazen corruption.

Why? Because it is all just a big joke, and everyone knows it.

Debbie Wasserman-Schultz made the apparent inadvertent admission during a televised debate on Facing South Florida, where she is battling for reelection. RT reports:

“The work we did to prepare for Hillary Clinton, to be our nominee and then make sure that we could get her elected president, is absolutely critical to advancing the issues that are important,” she said.

The former DNC chair was forced to step down from her position the night before the Democratic party convention after leaked emails showed the DNC favored Clinton over Vermont Senator Bernie Sanders during the primaries.

It isn’t just that we already know the whole thing is theatrics for population management… it is something more.

It is that we are being forced to love our servitude and participate in the farce that Hillary Clinton was elected – as in, by the will of the people. We are made to pretend this is legitimate.

At least the people in other nations, who lack our democratic processes, do not live under the illusion that they are free.

Only in America will people still pretend this sh*t is real.

Yeah? And what are you going to do about it?

Hillary so what?

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    1. Stolz Vorfahren

      Listen BITCH…You are a dual citizen of Israel who amply don’t give a shit about anyone except your blood sucking tribe.

      You and Wolf Blitzer and the rest of you parasites will soon be ………

      • Braveheart1776

        Stolz, that’s right. The day of reckoning is coming for those people.

    2. Billy Hill

      $10.00 US Fiat says if Clinton is still alive come Nov she will be POTUS.

      Anyone…? Anyone…?

      • Release

        Now had you said “Gold” or “Silver”, someone would probably have taken you up on that.

        • Billy Hill

          Oh, I know how it’s going to go down and I’m not about to bet anything of any worth against it LMAO.

          • Billy Hill

            And I misspoke. Not saying she will actually make it to be POTUS, but she WILL win the election.

            Of course, we might not know if she’s alive already, considering this.


            Add the http:// if you can’t just drag it into a new tab (Firefox)

            • yourmotherwaswrong

              Debbie Was a Man Schultz

      • Leonard

        No bet, Billy. I’m afraid you’re probably right.
        That crooked, homicidal bulldyke will probably “win” the rigged election…

        • WhoWTFKnows...

          Debbie Wasserman-Schultz – another POS Jew Zionist Criminal Political Hack and Traitor to America and our Constitution and Electoral System.

          There is not enough rope to hang all these shills. But we will try. Just keep exposing these cockroaches at every turn. A lot of Patriotic Americans are catching on to this ZOG Puppet scam. Hanging day is a coming.


          • Braveheart1776

            WWTI, the tribe’s fay is coming and it won’t end well for them.

      • Acid Etch




        “Just two days ago, I delivered an address down at Morningside that was all about love. As a society, we have got to learn to love one another or we are simply not going to make it.

        Since I am the publisher of several major websites, I get to review comments that people leave on the various articles. Many of those comments never get published on my websites, and in a lot of those instances this is because they contain some of the most hateful racist language imaginable.

        Every single person, no matter who they are, where they are from or what they look like, is of immense value. When we decide to believe otherwise, we are making an absolutely tragic mistake.”







        • vocalpatriot

          wow…just push the morphine button a few more times…
          as an example:
          eve was not the whole problem, as adam went along with her direction knowing he was responsible for teaching her about Gods ways. he failed,got caught and got punished.
          so why blame eve?
          just do your part to fix your own failures…let eve face her own trials as she must.

        • ACIDS BITCH

          Acid is an enigma.
          Only understood by those who want him to go deeper.
          I want more of Acid in me!

      • yep

        i will take that bet, in fact i believe that you will have martial law before the elections, which means that obama will cancel the elections all together, why, clinton will lose big time, and obama knows this, look at the sitution now in america, there will be more chaos all over the USA soon, and you can thank Soros for startling all this.When the trump supporters see all this then you will have total chaos, then the guns will come out , and goodbye america, case closed

        • Billy Hill

          Sadly I think there’s a possibility you’re right.

    3. Ketchupondemand

      Debbie has bought herself a Cabinet level POSition.
      Say, Secretary of State?
      RIP, America.

      • Stolz Vorfahren

        Ketchupondemand……Secretary of State of the US or Israel?

        • Ketchupondemand

          Stolz, either one, lol! Isn’t that what dual citizenship is for? 🙂

          • Stolz Vorfahren

            Ketchupondemand…Indeed. Just like Stan Fisher the current vice chair of FR and previously the chair of Israel central bank. Darn….they really do produce like rats.

            • Braveheart1776

              Stolz, yes that would be fitting since Tel Aviv controls our foreign policy anyway.

      • FTW

        America was long gone dead some time ago, way before you and I were born … only the illusion remains as America being a “free country”.

        Everything now in America is Bullshit … and unfortunately … that includes many that reside on this land … believing that we still have a country.

        Cuntry dam gone Scooter!!!!

    4. James Earl

      Wow, interesting argument. So Debbie Wasserman as head of DNC working for Hillary is rigging an election?
      You’d better warn Wince Preibus that his solid electioneering for Trump is “rigging” too…

    5. Seasoned_Citizen


      my arse.

      this has been the hard-line Marxist Party from the get go.

      these subversives have, just like millions of termites, hollowed out our country, military, and economy.


    6. Lone wolverine

      Carl Marx. Real name Moses mordicia Levy. Son of a Jewish rabi.

      • vocalpatriot

        truth works well. lies have no place here.
        karl marx is the real name.
        call evil by its true name and don’t blame God
        nor the jews for your own failures.

        • Stolz Vorfahren

          vocalpatriot…….Just SH%TFF UP.

      • WhoWTFKnows...

        Jack Ruby, also knows as Jack Rubenstein before he changed his name, strip club owner and assassin of Oswald the Patsy, to mask the murder of our great president JFK. They will stop at nothing to promote their agenda of parasite vs host. Its all a game to them.

        Evil has many names, and they mask their identity change their names, etc. Even use organizations, like the NAACP and Black Lives Matter as their Proxy soldiers doing their dirty work. Like evil from the same cloth.

        ~WWTI…Eyes wide open folks. Don’t be confused, the enemy is already full embedded within our Government and is dismantling it piece by piece, including our Constitution and 2nd Amendment, the last tool of the American people to defend our liberty and freedoms.

    7. TEST

      Please vote for you choice as to who was or is (depending on what the meaning of “is” is) the most corrupt/vile or evil (take your choice) politician/leader in past 100 years:

      1.) Adolf Hitler
      2.) Joseph Stalin
      3.) Mass murderer Mao
      4.) Fidel
      5.) Che
      6.) Hilaria Milhous von Pantsuit
      7.) Doobie Wasserman Sgt.Schultz
      8.) Slick the Molester
      9.) Osama bin Laden
      10.) Vlad Lenin

      Hey, Debbie is right up there with the rest!

    8. TEST

      99.8% of banksters, and 101% of Goldmun Suchs cronies agree, Debbie and Hilary in November!

    9. Sgt. Dale

      She gave it to her after they woke up. Oh what a Night!!! (LOL)

    10. nubria 123

      Never see a more sub human cult than the Democrat party.

    11. Charles the First 1649

      WOOOOOOOOOH… You can still chop the heads off your rulers don’t cha know!

      Take Back Control… WOOOOOOOOOH.

    12. Mr Smith

      Good luck with your democracy where the best woman for the job has been picked to become the next puppet for the bankers because she opend here legs to bill.

      About as good as the democracy we have in the UK where a lot more than just 52% of the population voted to leave the EU an now they are telling us that talks on leaving will not start until 2019 if ever.

      I can vote labour to stay in the EU or the conservatives who will never take us out and they call it democracy they do.

      Time for a hanging me thinks.

      • Stolz Vorfahren

        Mr Smith. Time for hanging is way past due Sir.

      • Nigel Farage

        Mr Smith me ol’ chum, you have the option of voting UKIP to ensure article 50 is triggered.
        We can make Britain great again.
        All the best sport.

        Vote UKIP.

        Nigel Farage.

    13. swinging richard

      Both of the young ladies should be jailed. If the FBI is not willing to act , the agency should be disbanded.

    14. Leftist Troll

      Oh angry white man. This site does a decent enough job of spelling it out for you. THE SYSTEM IS RIGGED. Yet the most of you have yet to use you head to even begin to wrap the concept around your narrow minds. All you people do is whine and cry about Obama. Oh the “Ant Christ”. Oh the “Mooslem”. Oh The Communist or the Marxist or the whatever the flavor of the month is. Oh The Gun Grabber. Oh the All Time Favorite of this site…..Oh That Fucking Nigger. You still think there’s a side. Nope. You, Idiots. It is just a circle the Jews have created and guess what? None of you are in it. Your special group of “Patriots” or whatever “Libertarians” aren’t the ruling class. The blood in your big trucks lines the pockets of those Arabs you so hate. Every Penny you spend, even those precious bullets you keep dry, lines the pockets of the Jews. You don’t matter in the grand scheme of things. This country, whom you thought you actually owned…. Isn’t. At least not anymore. This site used to talk about “prepping”. Honorable, yes. To you white people. When this country burns to the ground, you lazy people who don’t know how to survive as individuals will perish. The United Colors of Monkeys will survive in what becomes a jungle. Your canned goods will only last so long. Your fatasses with Diabetes will only have so much insulin. The powers that be have systematically broken you down. How superior you may feel compared to the rest of the minorities in this country has actually blinded you. Minorities don’t need to feel superior. They all just want to share what this country used to stand for, but many of you simply refused to adjust. Refused to follow the teachings of the bible you so hold dearly close to your vest. Shame. The Ignorance is the root of the failure in your system.

      • Chip

        Huh? Did you actually make a point?


          Muslims will soon realise that the roots of Islam are only rooted in sand.

          FUCK the JIHADIST and their political ideology… ISLAM.

        • Leonard

          He sure did–his point is right there at the top of his head…

      • Stolz Vorfahren

        Leftist Troll…….Ina shorter version just say what the hell are you talking about.

      • Braveheart1776

        Libturd Troll, f#$% you! go troll somewhere else.

    15. Confused

      Here is one year 0


    16. Them Guys

      One look at that top picture of Wasserman, and if within One second tops you cannot have as the first word of description in your mind that screams out “TARE”?

      Then you simply are not awake yet and a far way yet to go to fully awaken period. See/Read the Parable of Wheat Vs Tares for further decriptive info on whats a Tare.

    17. swinging richard

      Lock up these two lickety split.

    18. aljamo

      I read somewhere that Bernie Sanders paid 600 grand for a vacation home on a lake in New York. This has to be the payoff from the Clinton Foundation for being fake opposition to Hillary. See how easy it was to fool the Bernie voters, what a fraud!

      • Stolz Vorfahren

        aljamo….. I need a lake front house. Posting a brief synopsis of my experiences.

        1- Actively participated in killing of innocent women and children in the occupied land of

        2- Will gladly participate more to kill non tribal white creatures via the supplied arms by
        the American tax payers.

        3- Have connections with other tribal members in the fraudulent banking system and
        can ask for fake loans as needed just the way we are paying for ISIS.

        Please give me the house because I am a chosen one.

    19. Observer

      Watched the most bizarre anti-second amendment rally ever on CSPAN this AM. Gays against guns. It took place Saturday. I don’t know which city. It had many sponsors. One was the National Action Network. Black commie racists. The theme was Disarm Hate. If you own a gun, you must be a racist homophobe. One of the speakers was a white guy dressed in drag. It wasn’t working for him. Big, fat, hairy dude. In an evening gown, with exaggerated facial make up. Weird hat. They’re about as radical as anything you’ll ever see.

    20. Moss500

      A liberal lying? (my shocked face)

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