Peter Schiff: “This Is the Match That Ignites the Powder Keg”: Gold Surges As Brexit Sparks Huge Financial Crisis

by | Jun 29, 2016 | Aftermath, Conspiracy Fact and Theory | 66 comments

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    The crisis has reached a tipping point, and is about to unfold in a massive way.

    And with it, the price of gold will began to soar, as it serves a time-tested safe haven from extreme currency manipulations and, at least to some extent, global shock events.

    That’s what economic expert Peter Schiff explains here in this crucial interview with Greg Hunter of USA Watchdog:

    Financial expert Peter Schiff goes on to say, “This is going to be a huge crisis. Alan Greenspan was on CNBC saying this is the worst thing he has seen in his career. He’s not talking about what has already happened. He’s talking about what is about to happen. He understands how screwed up the economy is because he helped screw it up. . . . One of these days, you are going to see gold moving up at $100 clips routinely when people really perceive the dangers in the fiat world and come to grips with how much money these central banks are going to print. None of them have any integrity to honestly default, so they are going to take the coward’s way out and print.”

    Make sure your positions are where you want them to be, because there may soon be no turning back. The recent economic turbulence surrounding the Brexit vote may well prove to be a starting point, but it is certainly only the beginning.

    There is every indication that much bigger events are starting to unfold, as USA Watchdog reported:

    Money manager Peter Schiff says don’t believe the so-called “Brexit” was the real cause of the recent chaos in the financial markets. Schiff explains, “If the global financial system and the markets were healthy, ‘Brexit’ would be a non-event. […] That’s how fragile it is, and it’s all propped up with cheap money, negative interest rates and quantitative easing. Everybody is confident that the central banks and politicians can keep these bubbles in the air that they are juggling.

    Now, all of a sudden, something goes wrong that they didn’t expect. It shows that the government is losing control, and this is the wake-up call. This is what has everybody so scared. This is the match that ignites the powder keg, but the powder keg was there all along.

    On gold and the dollar, Schiff says, “The big moves in gold are happening not in the dollar, but foreign currencies. Look at the Pound Sterling. You saw a 20% jump in the price of gold in two days. That is unprecedented in the UK. That is a huge loss of purchasing power of the Pound in gold terms. I think you are going to start seeing these losses in all these fiat currencies…

    […] They will launch QE4 and cut rates and say there is nothing wrong with our economy. It’s because of the problems with the global economy.” […] So, once the dust settles, the dollar is going down. If you are still in the dollar, this is your last chance to get out.

    Pay attention. You don’t want to miss what is happening now, because it is about to happen very rapidly, and the entire global economy is vulnerable. And there will be plenty of tricks afoot.

    Will it be a system-wide collapse? And how far will the contagion spread?

    Read more:

    Over $2 Trillion “Wiped Out” After Brexit: Friday Was the Biggest Single Day Loss Ever

    Goldman Sachs: The Third Wave of the Financial Crisis Is Upon Us

    Doug Casey Warns Of Crisis This Year: “We’re Going Back Into The Hurricane… Gold Will Go Higher Than Most People Can Imagine”

    Peter Schiff Warns: “The Whole Economy Has Imploded… Collapse Is Coming”


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      1. “If you are still in the dollar, this is your last chance to get out.”

        I am always getting out of the dollar. I’m investing in sugar, ketchup, Bush baked beans, Spam, canned vegetables, etc. I just bought a case of peas and a few more bottles of ketchup (Hunts not Heinz of course) that were on sale yesterday.

        • Someone here said months ago, that “the dollar and gold will both rise when SHTF”. Who was that masked man ???

          Its in the archives, of course. 🙂

          • DK, you also said that s ain’t gonna htf unless there was an emp or a huge natural disaster. That’s also in the archives.

            • You must be referring to “Collapse”. I do not believe in “collapse”. Collapse only occurs in a civilization ending event or Changes soooo drastic that the modifications are teotwawki. That only occurs in the USA by nuclear war, pole shift or Yellowstone blowing.

              Changes to the world order are happening.

              Brexit is a “teotwawki” for the UK. And a good thing for them. The UK will recover. Switzerland does quite well as an independent financial center and Switzerland does not have nuclear submarines, So does Hong Kong, Tokyo, and Singapore. Much of brexit has been overblown by the NWO PTB and nothing more than fear mongering; which is what they do best when bribery doesn’t work.

              Brexit by itself changes nothing in the USA. It doesn’t even affect our banks; which as pitiful as they are, are in much better financial shape than the large European banks. The decline in financial stocks is related to eps and npl; not brexit.

              What we are looking at right now is the end of the global business cycle, albeit a slow, prolonged, extended decline: rather than the sharp market crashes of the past. I attribute this “ratcheting down” to the firewalls put in place to mitigate sharp declines and the actions of the “plunge protection team”.

              In the long run, they cannot stop the inevitable. The numbers are in and well documented by Michael Snyder. 🙁

          • Yeah DK. You and a billion others said the same thing. Check the archives. A repeating parot thinks he’s a Genius. New day same parot.

            -WWTI… SILVER $26.50 by end of July. Silver high today $18.54

            • WWTFK: Yeah, a billion others predicted BREXIT weeks before it happened. LMFAO!!! BTW, if you check the archives I have been predicting Brexit from the EU for YEARS !!!

              FUCKING YEARS, DUMBSHIT !!! 🙂

              In another note, Celente has been given credit in a video on BIN for predicting Brexit, yet his quote which was included, never mentioned Brexit. It only mentioned that the vote (referendum) would be “historic”.

              Some “trend forecaster”. 🙂

        • Priceless! Ty for that.

        • Archivist
          I got out of the dollar this week by getting a manual nut and seed mill to make oil. Watching my garden grow, and reading up on my native species as medicinals. Yep… bought canned fruit too since I am low. Almost bought a turkey to can (sale) but I have a fair amount of meat. Keep on prepping and good luck to you.

          • Reb ~ Could you tell us the make/model of the seed mill, and from whom you bought it? Always interested in finding good sources for such things…

            Also: Do you know of any manually operated substitute for VitaMix-type blenders? A blender is a really useful thing to have, but is it possible to duplicate the speed and power of motor-driven blades with a non-electric device? Thanks! ~ KV

      2. Buy gold as a hedge against a falling dollar. ok, I have five bucks, how much gold can I buy??

        It is always the case, people with money think their monetary decisions show how brilliant they are and how stupid other people are. Poor people don’t buy gold, not because they are stupid, but because they need to spend every last dime just to get by.

        • If poor people are smart they buy a metal detector, or a gold pan. You can probably buy a used plastic gold pan for five American dollars; or pay full price, maybe eight bucks. 🙂

        • Not much gold, but a lack of stupidity might
          be worth something in the future!!!
          All the best to the working poor~

          • The jobs that have disappeared will not return. Even more jobs will be lost world wide. Androids represent the next stage of the Industrial Revolution.

            EBT cards and/or a basic guaranteed annual income may become ubiquitous to placate the poor. “Feed the poor or the poor will feed on you”, is not lost on the Uber Rich and investment class.

            They want the masses to consume their products. 🙁

        • Having lived in the Slums, I call mostly BS. Even in the poor locations I saw huge amounts of money Xissed away. Booze, drugs, lottery, cigs etc. A significant % of the people in the world live on about $3 a day. Anyone can save some money, If you cannot put away some rice & Beans and a few silver dimes; I suppose you just have to die. The world is hard.

        • Yup, we figure we can’t eat gold and silver when tshtf…and heck, how in the world can you trade it? No one will want it! All people are gonna want is food and water, basically. So we take the little bit of money we have, and buy or two items in the grocery store, everytime we go, of something that will last a few years, like tuna, spam, peanut butter, etc etc, and rotate it every year (use up the last years). Of course, we’d love to store up just organic foods, because of all the chemicals, GMOs, and other nasties in regular food, but we can’t hardly afford that, and when we do buy it, we eat it as it comes! (cause everyone should know, it taste better than all that OTHER food!)

      3. Could you even see how much gold 5 dollars would buy without a magnifying glass or maybe a microscope.

        • That’s what Silver is for, buy 3-4 dimes. I’ve got some money, I’d like to buy 50# of Diamonds, but I cannot. Do what you can; don’t whine about what you cannot.

          • The folks who are buying silver are going to be very happy. That price is manipulated sooooooooooooooo low. I was doing the math, and if you hit the power ball on Saturday, after the one time payout and the taxes, you would have enough money to by half a percent (0.5%) of the silver on the planet at current prices. How dumb is that that someone with a little over $100,000,000 in today’s fiat could do that (in theory). There is 6.5 times as much above ground gold as there is silver. Silver may never hit parity with gold but some day it has to go to at least $400 in today’s fiat dollar because that is what it has to be before anyone will even thing about trying to recover it from old solar panels. Silver gets used up, gold does not. Someday, and that day will be soon, folks will realize silver is rarer than gold.

      4. B from CA, i think I would take that 5 dollars you got, and buy some copper with it, the 5.56 MM kind. I have a feeling it’s going to come in real handy, very soon.

        • Yep, worth its weight in gold.

      5. What kind of “economic turbulence” can we expect?

        • More of the same: worker displacement, declining consumption, more unemployment, inventory accumulation, business bankruptcies, and an increase in Non Performing Loans.

          All of the things that normally occur at the end of a business cycle. 🙁

        • Cats & dogs living together in sin, rains of toads, sandstorms, rivers of blood, darkness at noon, people turning into pillars of salt,. You know all that kind of stuff. If I have to say Sarc you are already toast, forget it.

      6. Not buying PMs.

        Just got more Wise foods $600.00 worth, and $300.00 worth of Mountain House. A couple more Saywer water filters.

        Next week going for more PM’s, Lead and Brass.

        I have PM’s. But you CAN’T EAT OR DRINK THEM.


        • Sgt: Have you ever tried powered honey or powered butter ??? 🙂

          • And don’t forget the “d”. 🙂

          • “D”
            Not the honey but the Peanut butter. It will do in a pinch. But then again I’ve eaten bugs??????


          • I’m confused? Low moisture content honey keeps indefinitely in a sealed bottle, why get powdered honey?

            Five to twenty percent of everyone’s portfolio should be Precious metals. Half of all Americans however don’t have sufficient funds to even have an investment portfolio. So for half of all Americans having stored precious metals is irrelevant.

            Before buying precious metals, pay off your debt. Buy stored food.

            Stored food can be a good backyard garden plus some long term packaged seeds.

            Stored food can be a few fruit and nut trees that produce regular crops. Apples, peaches, pears, plums. Some cuttings from existing trees can be nurtured for fruit in just a couple years.

            Stored food can be strawberries, a blueberry hedge, an asparagus bed, a raspberry patch. Blueberry, strawberry, and raspberries can be rapidly propagated from just a couple plants.

            Stored food can also be a few buckets of beans and rice packaged for long term storage. Great for the long winter months, or times of drought.

            • “I’m confused? Low moisture content honey keeps indefinitely in a sealed bottle, why get powdered honey?”

              I have regular raw honey. I thought I would get it as a healthy substitute for sugar. Also bought dehydrated blueberries and large jars of spices, etc. Healthy items that may be hard to come by in a pinch, beyond the usual shit. 🙂

            • I have to agree, that is what I’m doing almost exactly. I also put together a 1 year supplemental food package (for less than $400 I think)
              I learned about it here

              If you’re gonna eat like this for a year, you need to have your varmint hunting rifle and know how to look for or grow veggies to mix in with the basic bean and rice stew. I have thought about trying to get some of the more expensive food online, but you get a lot more bang for your buck if you do it yourself. Mylar bags, O2 absorbers, and food grade buckets (really you can use any bucket if the stuff’s already in mylar), and you’re good to go.

              • CW&S,
                Great link, that’s awesome!

                Plan on a source for healthy oil for a healthy diet. Olive oil is only good on a shelf for about a year, but you can put a row of bottles along the very back of a shelf in your freezer. Freezing olive oil halts the one year clock until you defrost it. Even if the electric fails, I’m sitting on a year supply that is good for a year.

                This is my regular stock that we replace as used, and use on a regular basis, but like I say I always have a years worth.

                Oil does not expand when frozen, so glass bottles are fine in the freezer.

          • …or powdered peanut butter?

        • Hi Sarge,
          Do you really eat the Wise foods and Mountain home stuff?
          I periodically try some and I’d have to be damn hungry to eat
          that stuff. Do you do anything special with them?

          • “R”
            Yes I eat them. They are better than MRE’s. Remember that these are for TEOTWAWKI. And yes you will eat them and enjoy them.

            Hell if you get hungry enough you will eat a Rat or bugs. I’ve eaten bugs like ants, grasshoppers, and Bees. Not all that bad just a little bitter. Good with Chocolate or Honey. I’ve eaten and like Tree Rats. (Squirrels),

            I’ve also used these on my hunting trips. When your hungry, and tired, fast and easy is what you are looking for.

            Little hint. Tabasco, or Beef, and Chicken flavor packs added to them helps.

            • Thanks for the input!

              • You need to get supply of soup base. Lots of this stuff can be made into soup or stew. I keep a lot of dry onions, pasta, spices, cabbage; and can turn a lot of this stuff into great eating

            • Rellik,
              I use both of them (brands)as well on trips into the back country where the weight you are carrying is critical, what i found there is a BIG difference to me on the types, some are lots better than others and of course as Sgt. said a little additive can help, also found out HOW you prepare them can make a difference as well. BUT NO they won’t ever taste REALLY good, just edible and better than nothing.
              hope this helps you!

            • I also have some Mountain House as well as a mix of other brands. Variety helps.

              I remember eating powdered eggs for breakfast as a kid at summer camp, and liking them.

              I have several cases of powdered eggs, but I also have freeze dried sausage, ham, bacon, peppers, onion, tomato chunks, mushrooms, powdered cheese and spices. Yum omelet! Or different flavor scrambled eggs, every day for months by mixing and matching. Add fresh stuff from your garden or even sautéed dandelion greens to boost flavor and nutrition.

        • I bought a dozen #10s yesterday. Seafood chowder. That’s 60 nights of dinner for my husband and I. 30 nights for 4 people. 15 nights for 8.

          Although I have other supplies, this is how I round out how much I need to buy according to my goals. Of course it would help if any dropins brought some of their own supplies too.I want at least 2 protein meals a day for several months supplemented with nuts, beans, rice and milk. If things start to slide slowly like in Venezuela, I would imagine there’ a goat and chickens in my future.

      7. Everybody, I blame those darn freedom loving Brits for this. It’s those darn Brexiteers fault for voting out. Down with democracy, Remainiacs should have won the referendum. I demand tyranny now.

      8. This is just another article that has been repackaged; it’s Brexit now, but has been used for stock market corrections, budget showdowns in the gov’t, even for bad weather forecasts. And to give it credibility they’ll include a video. It appears so far they have been spectacularly wrong. Nevertheless, a lot of people will believe it and hang onto every word, even after years of total failure predicting economic collapse by the “experts”, comets slamming into the earth, mass starvation, Chinese invasions, and nuclear war. Hell, there were even articles warning about zombies and killer robots. Though the stated dangers were different they all used the same outline to “inform” the readers.
        These articles keep reappearing, it is because many want to read and believe it. These persons crave misery, poverty, homelessness, hunger, and disease. One can safely assume they have failed lives, not very bright, or they’re nuts. I don’t want to upset anyone, but statistically, there is a greater than 90% chance what you are doing now you will be doing 5 years from now. In other words, more of the same for most of you.

        • Henry
          Geez buddy… I hope you are right. I am living in the country, gardening, and hanging out with friends. I have nice food in the cabinets. A cute dog too. I am entertaining myself and meeting new folks while learning new skiills. Close to 0 debt and I will have a party between now and 5 years out when that happens. Learning herbal medicine too. I love your positive outlook for our future. I will be 5 years better prepared for adversity.

      9. That nasty little three letter word should have popped up in Schiff’s article and I’m surprised it didn’t. ………..WAR.

      10. Midweek here in the UK.

        We are now being told the Brexit vote wasn’t even legally binding and we may not leave the EU after all. Updates below from the 4 main UK nations.

        Sorry my fellow freedom lovers but here on the ground in good ol’ Blighty it’s looking more and more like this is a classic “controlled revolt” orchestrated by a very “controlled opposition”. Yes the peasantry rose up and socked it to “The Man”, but now the MSM has gone full pelt at never ending stories to convince the poor peasantry that rebelling against their betters is a really BAD idea. The Serfs are in the process of being put back into their place & soon our global Feudal Overlords will be able to resume the lifestyle they enjoyed during Britannica’s glory days of old.

        I’m beginning to think the idea was for the political elite to be given a chance to clean up on the stock market so those who participated in this circus could all be assured of a magnificent retirement. (The Chancellor Georgie Porgie’s notable absence over the weekend contributes to this suspicion btw).

        If we are to believe the MSM then our Government has no leadership as the PM has resigned and nobody will be negotiating any trade deals for a good while yet. Foreign companies are getting ready to up sticks take their jobs with them, just in case there are any who still have jobs in the old industrial heartlands that is. Racism has just been discovered like it never existed before and the most trivial incidents (the sort noone even noticed before) are suddenly being shown on the prime time evening news.

        England & the UK Gov at Westminster-
        The Governing Party are too busy competing with each other for the annual Teflon Shoulder award and playing pass the parcel of responsibility to actually do anything useful like well govern the country. Boris the clown is particularly amusing as he denies all and any election claims made during the leave campaign. – the newspapers report that people are shocked that politicians lie.
        The Official opposition party seems to have officially lost the plot with the majority of its MP’s demanding the Leader’s resignation. This despite the fact that every working class bod knows the Chillicot report is due out in a week or so & will prove to any one who’d been living under a rock that the previous Prime Minister Bealiar conclusively took the country into an illegal war and is a wrong ‘un. This saga is so funny you have to ask has any political party ever been more determined to avoid any chance of ever being elected to run a Government in the history of mankind. One thing is a dead cert – Labour have no intention of winning if a snap General Election is called.

        NI – they’ve run out of Irish application forms as Brits have rushed to try and get “real EU citizenship” The Government of Ireland has called upon the folks of NI for calm and asked them nicely not to apply for any more unless urgent to give the Irish a chance to catch up. Mutterings about Independence abound as they voted to remain in the EU, but noone really wants to kick off “The Troubles” again now they’ve all learned to play nicely for a year or two. NI is the one part of the UK where you can still own a hand gun legally so it’s worth keeping an eye on. Oh the NI have talked a good talk about gaining independence.

        Scotland – Only place that still has a functioning Government. Nicola Sturgeon has told anyone who would listen that scotland didn’t vote to leave the EU. She’s calling for another shot at independence. So far the EU haven’t been biting and told her she’d have to reapply like a total noob if Scotland breaks away from the UK.
        Then things went further south down south in Westminster. In sheer frustration the poor woman has offered to form the official opposition down south too as Labour are busy proving they don’t want any part of real Government. Gotta keep an eye on this as Scotland has a state guardian for every kid nowadays (google GIRFECC & named person). That’s a bit sinister and the last thing anyone who wants the freedom to have a private family life moving South of Hadrians’ Wall. The Scots love a nanny state and voted to stay in the EU too.

        Wales – Voted to escape the EU despite every other job being funded by the EU. With a population of only 3m the Welsh just hang off the English media coat tails. This lot are shocked to discover that actually the English couldn’t give a toss about them and are happy to let the welsh continue to languish in poverty. Lots of noise about the loss of EU funding meaning those few employers that still exist will be offski soon. The Farmers are upset at the loss of all those nice subsidy payments too. Vague talks of independence from a nation that voted to leave but they’ve not come to anything cos the politicians are all too busy hanging off the coat tails of their English counterparts to take much notice as yet.

        The good news is that Wales is officially the best soccer side now all the other UK teams have been kicked out of Euro 2016. The fact that Rugby is actually the national game is being temporarily overlooked on account of there being nothing else on TV worth watching.

        Bread & circuses my friends – the UK has it all.

        • lone, thanks for the update…sort of, (considering the bad news part!)
          Best of luck. 🙂

      11. Let’s see if he is right. There see always the braveheart types who agree with the the time is now and it isn’t. Brexit is going to screw Britain and not much else. They didn’t have the euro and took part in the EU mostly to their benefit.

      12. Merkel just announced no trade with UK unless they accept immigrants as determined by merkel. Not even making sense… but just the fruitcake stuff to be expected right now. How will that affect gold prices?

      13. Hey Sgt, where did you buy your MH from?

        • “JOE”

          • Thanks!! Great investment.

      14. Yes,reality will hit the world economy,but do not blame it on Brexit(way to go GB!).This is total bullshit,economy will crash due to being a ponzi scheme,tis that simple.New market economies will take over,keep govt.s out of em(kill if necc.)and long term will be fine,will be a interesting ride getting there though.

      15. change the way you look at food. Food is fuel for the body like gas is for the car. It doesn’t need to taste good if you think this way. Being attached to your taste buds will cause you to turn away calories and wait for better stuff to eat. I will eat beans every day and like it if there is no other food around. Keeping yourself strong will be more important than what the stuff tastes like.

        • A.H. I agree. Grandpa use to always say, “hunger is the best seasoning.”

          • I would throw in “cooked up on the mountain over an open fire ” seasoning up in the top 2-3 tastes in the world.

          • When the wife saw the first two cases of 25 year shelf life, freeze dried food arrive, I ever ordered, she took one look at the picture on the can and said I’ll never eat that. Then she added what do we do, keep it 25 years and throw it away?

            I said honey, we won’t open a single can until you say you are hungry and you’d like some. We also agreed that when its 20 years old, with five years shelf life left, we will donate it to that years global disaster somewhere in the world where people are starving and would kill for food like this.

            I also recently added a few cans of Red Feather canned butter, and a case of Bega canned cheese. This stuff was a bit pricey, but is top of the line and spread over a year that small quantity would provide regular treats for moral.

            I also found freeze dried cheese made by Honeyville. I made sure I have all the makings for home made Pizza with our favorite extra toppings, another moral food.

            I’m disappointed in freeze dried cheeses, I’d prefer an assortment of smaller packages of freeze dried cheeses, but its pretty much just #10 cans or nothing. So many freeze dried foods still need refrigeration after opening, if kept for more than a few days, really? I’d rather smaller packages for some foods that could be used up, and weeks later another opened.

            I don’t like the idea of opening one can and eating it for many days to the exclusion of all other foods and favors.

            • Canned butter? I need it!! I live in the south and it’s very hot. Should I wait till it cools off before I order and did you find the best price on Amazon? Thanks for your reply. ( I love butter, real, real butter!)

              • Prices fluctuate, take the time, and Google all known suppliers for best price.

                Yes I’m shopping for more long term foods, always! As long as there is room in my food closet, I’m looking for more.

                Just found one supplier that actually makes 20 year + Pizza kits. OMG! I found heaven!

      16. Something to note from today. The Fed gave banks the clearance to buy back massive amounts of stock and claimed that they are in compliance with “To big to fail” requirements. First off, just two months ago the none of the banks were in compliance in fact, they were far from it according to a article at Zero Hedge. Secondly, the banks are now using their final access to cheap money to buy back their stocks. This is a protection mode move. I think it’s also a sign that the shoe is dropping sooner then later.

      17. Late August and two dirty bombs plus a civil war get the elites out from under the economic collapse. Their patsy/fall guy Obama takes the blame while calling off the presidential elections by way of martial law. It’s going to be the Wild West meets survivor island. Get ready. I went into great detail but this site decided that my information was not worth letting anyone view it. Go figure.

      18. The fireworks have not even started yet because we won the BREXIT vote and our MP’s won’t take us out of the EU like we voted for so our democracy is broken, past repair and the liftwing rent-a-gobs are the only ones with a voice being shown by ITV/BBC in what they call news.

        Revoloution is the order of the day

      19. And the stock market isn’t crashing. the dow is at 17500 and rising. I think I will buy some more insulation for the house. No gold for me. I only buy thing,s that I can immediately use. or things that pay for themselves. since we cant work 24 hours per day Have something growing while your are sleeping.

        • You didn’t think the banksters would actually accept any paper losses on the bets against Brexit? They are driving stocks back up and now starting to push the Pound back up. Worse is the seeming inability for anyone to actually start Article 50 – making uncertain that there will even be a Brexit!

        • The Dow as of Thursday morning is now back at 17740, only 260 points from a return to 18000 nosebleed levels.

          Crazy. All the losses from BREXIT have now been erased.

          Looking for sales on stored food, and expanding garden plantings.

          • Tis all rather funny from this Brit’s pov. The general public has finally woken up to the fact that our Parliament is filled with traitors, shysters, crooks and criminals. All that suprises me is how long it’s taken the man in the street to realise what has been patently obvious to most on this site for decades. In the long run this is probably no bad thing. The British working classes take a helluva lot to get riled up but once they do are a formidable force (whatever Frank Thoughts assumes to the contrary!).

            If the US public can only come to the same conclusions as the Brits by Xmas there is a very real chance that the NWO/global plantation plan could be scuppered by Xmas 2017. Yes there will be a tough decade or two to get thru as the world resets but the future for our children & grandchildren looks considerably brighter than that the elites have planned for them.

      20. When you get out of the dollar, before you consider silver and gold, think seriously about .22, .357. 12ga and peanut butter.

        Ruger is well liked as is S&M. Water may be the standard of exchange. You can die from thirst with 50#’s of gold and silver in each pocket. Eventually, all exchanges will be worthless. I know a person who was in Zimbabwe when the currency fell. Eventually, Nothing had value. What do you buy with gold and silver, when there is nothing buy, period? Took one month to recognize, two months before the money was worthless, the third month there was nothing to buy.

      21. All the gold is parked on mars because the dark cabal don’t want the Annunaki to collect the gold , this planet is A slave mining colony that was deserted by the slave masters that hve the name the Annunaki , but now the servants has turned in the the misplaced slave masters over A sovereign inhabetant of A former slave ming colony planet so now things are brewing in to disaster because China and Russia refused to turn over their gold and that will easily ignite the third world war , see these video’s :
        evolve in love and not in hatred !

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