This Is Really Happening: Video Shows Train With “Hundreds of M1 Abrams Battle-Tanks”

by | May 4, 2016 | Aftermath, Conspiracy Fact and Theory | 100 comments

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    Editor’s Comment: This kind of on the ground intel has proven valuable over the years. Though not every report pans out into something validated in the news, it is a very real indicator of the nature, size and scope of the conspiracy against man.

    There is every reason to think that a martial law, civil unrest or economic fallout event could and may occur in the foreseeable future. The sky seems dark and the rain imminent. Stay vigilant.

    Hundreds of M1 Abrams battle-tanks spotted in Houston on rail-train

    by Intellihub

    Keep your head on a swivel, military movements are starting up again in the CONUS, this time battle-tanks

    Several rail-trains have been spotted moving through the area this week, carrying hundreds of U.S. M1 Abrams battle-tanks.

    Several locals reported seeing a train Tuesday, loaded full of tanks, painted in a desert tan color.

    As of now the rail-train’s destination is unknown.

    Please send any related tips, pictures, or videos to [email protected].


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      1. Beware…. Onegroe only has six months to finish his plan of complete destruction of all that we know. This death by a thousand cuts is unbelievable.

        • Likely headed to FT HOOD Texas, THE major base for US Armor in the States. Don’t panic. Nothing to see here. Move along. 🙂

        • I honestly think that what we see here is only a ordinary repositioning routine. Otherwise they could be headed for the dump!

          • WHY would they need to “re-position” tanks in the CONUS? Did blacklivesmatter go on the binge in the Nevada desert?

            Military hardware should be positioned in their parking lots, waiting for training exercises.

            Perhaps they’re gonna ship them to their proxies in Syria and Libya.

        • OMG here we go again, intellhub dragging up the same old story again. Military equipment being moved by train, soon it’ll be military convoys, and vehicles with the UN symbol covered up. Then we’ll get Jeremiah Johnson with similar reports and some reference to JH2016. And somewhere in the mix will be Dave Hodges.

          • go to the search box and enter military convoy. It’ll give several past examples by Intellihub and Jeremiah Johnson saying the same thing the last few years. Especially in summer and in connection with Jade Helm.

          • Military equipment is often moved by train. It isn’t a big deal.

            • And it WON’T BE a big deal – until suddenly it IS. We’ve been thrown so many fakes it’s getting to where we don’t flinch anymore – those fakes never land, right? Eventually that will change. All the activities by “our government” declare it. Did they build all those concentration camps because they’re going to be herding spiders? I don’t think so. Did the so-called “elites” destroy the economy (which D.C. helped with immensely) accident? NO – it was and continues to be clearly deliberate. Every “help” program is being drained, the food supplies are being taken or destroyed except the toxic crap they WANT us to eat… Folks, we’re not “going to be under attack” – we damned well ARE under attack, and it’s accelerating. People WILL start to panic when there’s no power, water gas, sewer, and an EMP is the ultimate attack on a country like this DEPENDS on power to exist and to maintain life! I new it was in the works when I realized that the Grid being ALLOWED, very deliberately, to deteriorate. Now they don’t want us to stock up; if we do we’re “hoarders” and the government says they’ll take it away and “distribute it fairly” – to themselves. They don’t want us to have guns, and they are basically doing everything they can to annul the Constitution. We’re trash to them, and we have been. Human experimentation, rendering the environment, the food supply and everything else toxic. *sigh*

              Take a hint, people: prepare!

              • Ian MacLeod, great post! As you said, it’s not a big deal, until suddenly it IS a big deal–and at that point it’ll be too late.

              • Ian,while I agree tanks probably being moved for training or overseas to fight(should cause one to worry a bit!)do believe there is a good chance that they will be turned to pointing at the US public along with many other items of destruction,so also agree,prepare and be alert.

                • Doing my best, Warchild! Things are getting nuts, tho! I’m a Chronic Pain Patient (CPP) with “Massive nerve damage and Chronic Intractable Pain”. Medical “science” has suddenly decided it’s better to have people like me suddenly nearly totally incapacitated by killing levels of pain rather have the side-effects of meds like morphine. Damned if we do, screwed if we don’t, looks like. Now my brother has been admitted to a hospital 1,000 miles or so away for an infection in one knee that antibiotics aren’t stopping. I know a substance that would stop it if used correctly, but Big Pharma and the DEA likely won’t allow it’s use, and I can’t get there.

                  “May you live in interesting times” seems to be happening all over the place!

        • President Trump ordered them down to the Mexican Boarder. And also invited all gun toting Americans down to help protect the boarder until the Trump Wall is Built.

          This is the New Trump World we will get to know and the global threat level drops to all new lows. Trump wins the Peace Price.

          Trump also said that we should NOT Bail out Puerto Rico.
          I agree. Its game on!!


          • Well, somebody needs to take that “peace prize” away from oblahblah.

          • When Can I volunteer for the T.R.U.M.P. teams? (Tactical Re-Unification Multinational Pogrom).

          • Who is the “boarder” we’re protecting?

          • *sigh* That’s “border”. A “boarder” is someone who’s renting a room…

        • He said at the White House Dinner “The end of the Republic never looked BETTER!

      2. Every year the same stories pop up from people who’ve never been in the military. Summer camp for the Natl Guard and Reserves. Try not to scare yourselves too much.

        • Military is always moving their assets around, i would rather they be moving around practicing their mobilization than just sitting in one place rotting,,,
          Until proven otherwise the US Armed forces are still the good guys and on our side,
          There may be loads of politicians and political appointees who are traitors but the military folks are our brothers and sisters and aunts and uncles, dads and moms and not my enemy…..

          • Yep…you don’t want to leave your main battle tanks setting around in one place for too long. It makes them an “easy” target. Moving them around makes them a moving target.

          • You seem to forget that for the past 20 years plus, the government has conditioned and brainwashed the entire military, to fight illegal and unfounded wars worldwide. They will do as their told, no questions asked. Even if that means firing on Americans. They do not have the fortitude or will to take a stand and refuse such orders. The few who have refused blatantly wrong orders, were court-martialed. Doesn’t give much incentive to think for yourself.

            • They’re TAUGHT – as we were 30-some years ago – that they have the right and the responsibility to refuse illegal orders – but they’d damned will better be RIGHT. And unfortunately, the ones who decide what’s “right” are on the OTHER side…

        • Yup the military moves alot of stuff around between may and september.. nothin new

        • yup, beat me to it. Ohio national Guard started up a week or two ago and for the next few weeks all the local guard and reserve units will be doing their thing.

      3. Happens every single year here in Colorado. Yawn…

      4. Just part of the Armored Equipment being sent to pre-stage in Eastern Europe.

        Nothing to see here, cept more Fear Porn….

      5. Enough already with these dumb stories. If you monitor world affairs, you would know the US is building up forces in Europe to deter and frustrate Russia. Cold War 2.0 or WWIII? Nothing more to see here. They need don’t need tanks to take over the CONUS, just shut off the power and see what happens….


      6. That must be the Obama Army Tanks painted Pink.
        When Trump takes over, they will all be painted Green again.
        Green like Money.

        • OH, and let’s hope TRUMP changes back the color of money from black to green.

          • and forget about putting harriet tubman on the $10

            • Put her on the Foodstamp…

      7. See this all the time , also live in a state with a few bases, and EQ repair facilities, have like 6 sets of rail crosings within 8 miles of my home

        this aint nothing.. now, when you see them on the pavement blocking and moving, than you have something to report

      8. Your tax dollars hard at work….

      9. That’s good cover for possible nefarious action, everyone saying this is normal procedure.

        • That, or we’ve seen this every spring and summer for the last 30+ years and know exactly what’s going on…

          • I personally have pulled trains load with this type of equipment, going back for over 40 years. So whats new! But don’t take my word, cause I might be a Fed or a Troll. Trekker Out. Stay Spooky!

      10. Come the f on. Really?

        Gee, rail cars to Houston? Yeah, for sure.


        Because that’s where the damn ships are.

        When we deployed to Saudi in 90/91 we went to Houston to wrap our birds up and load them on the ships.

        No woo, no martial law, no nothing.

        Go to the ports, if they’re getting loaded there then wonder why we’re sending more M1’s to the desert; hence the sand paint.

        “Intelli” yeah, not so much. Maybe the WooWooHub instead.

        • YUP, and one of the largest armor-heavy Army installations is less than a 3-hour drive from Houston. Could even be heading to the NTC based on the current cheap cost of shipping versus rail.

        • Really???, I agree intellihub is not a good source of information. This morning on I-40 I passed by a convoy of 18-wheelers hauling some Humvees, what appeared to be huge diesel generators, and some containers, ALL painted in desert tan. they were going eastbound and no, I don’t know where they were headed.

      11. In a real Revolution people kill the enemy. So it occurred to me, simply as an intellectual question, who would I kill. First person that popped into my mind, Monsanto. I heard they are in Louisiana. I’ve never been there. Have to leave that one for someone closer. Besides, is Monsanto run by somebody or just a bunch of rich bastards. Have to get more bullets. Then I guess I’ld want to kill the people who run the CFR and the honchos at Goldman Sachs. I’ld have to kill the Rothchild’s and the Rockefellers. But I think I’ld kidnap them and hold them for ransome. Lot’s of money it takes to have a revolution. Well, I’m getting tired thinking about all the work I’m going to have to do to kill all the people who deserve to be dead. There are so damn many, I’ld need a lot of help. But like they say, the hardest part is getting started.

        • B of CA
          Hey that’s my list! Of course, only if we were in a civil war at the time and they were enemy combatants. Add Bill Gates who rescued Monsanto in 2010 when they were bankrupt. We are working on killing Monsanto yet again… hope no one rescues that spawn of Satan.

          • In truth, Monsanto is spawn of Nazi war criminals.

            • Old slave plantation run by jews.

              • Some guy
                I do not understand your reference. Please explain.
                The Nazis who were in chemical warfare to kill humans were brought to the US to work in our chemical companies. The chemicals designed to kill people were recycled into pesticides “for the greater good” of course. They are still designed to kill humans. Agent Orange is now being dumped on the US. It is a problem.

        • I think David Rockefeller is immortal.

          He had his sixth heart transplant last year at age 99.

        • Major Payne would be greatly pleased that there are people in this world “that needs killings.” 🙂

        • Monsanto is a Rockefeller corporation I believe. Good luck with THOSE targets! I doubt they even appear in public ANYWHERE these days…

          • Ian
            Ahhh but you forget that corporate “persons” die at bankruptcy. It is the Achilles heel of our oligarchy… they gotta make money to “live.” It is why the corporate masters cave quickly when boycotted. Silly human persons do not realizethe combined power of their one dollar bills.

      12. I see money, millions and millions of dollars poured into tanks that are now regarded as inferior to most modern battle tanks. Heading off to fight another middle eastern war when we could have just used that money to make oil irrelevant and hence all of the middle east irrelevant. Watch your cities rot America but don’t wonder why..

      13. Houston is a port, these could be on way to anywhere, or be returning from anywhere. In addition to the above statements. No worries…

      14. Hundreds?—-I count 32.

      15. Tanks how would you even stop one with what’s available to us cus I’m prepped to deal with that about as much as a direct hit by an asteroid or nuke

        • They probably are going to the desert back to Iraq now where did I put those dinars

        • GD,would guess home made explosives/thermite/wait till crew get out and kill crew,would depend on just one or a number of them.The folks in Afghan still get em with ied’s/blow up train bridge carrying a large amount of em,hope folks still loyal to the US in military with fighter jets/bombers attack said UN/other invasion force.

          Oh,and asteroid and nuke you mentioned would also do the trick!

          • Block the treads with steel that can be pulled into the gears, then stuff the big gun with clay with or something similar. You do have to get kinda close, though…

        • GS,would guess home made explosives/thermite/wait till crew get out and kill crew,would depend on just one or a number of them.The folks in Afghan still get em with ied’s/blow up train bridge carrying a large amount of em,hope folks still loyal to the US in military with fighter jets/bombers attack said UN/other invasion force.

          Oh,and asteroid and nuke you mentioned would also do the trick!

        • You stop them by focusing on the crew inside. It takes patience, and some lives will be lost, but a tank is not autonomous. They burn through fuel FAST, carry almost no water or rations, meaning they need re-supply daily.

          The crews are able to sleep in position, but only the drivers hole is comfortable. Thermal imagery equipped main gun optics and a auxiliary target identification system are the big threat here, but the night vision of the driver’s periscope was high tech 40 years ago.The main gun on M1A1’s and M1A2’s can shoot on the move out to 4,999 meters.

          Remember, every wall has its weakness, and every door has its key….;-) 😉

      16. And then maybe they are getting ready for all the illegals to riot in fear of Trump being elected?

        • Doubt they would use tanks for them but they do have a billion rounds of ammo they ordered

      17. I don’t see hundreds of tanks.

      18. I agree with many of the other commenters; assets being moved about happens regularly.

        People shooting these videos need to record the bumper numbers and direction of travel (when moving). It would provide much more information than just “a bunch of tanks on trains.”

        Could be from my old CAARNG unit, 1-185 AR BN. They are now in the process of converting from an armored combined arms battalion to a Stryker BN.

        Merely conjecture without bumper numbers though….

        • Was thinking the same thing baout bumper numbers. I’m guess in it’s not ‘hundreds’ of tanks, but a tank BN…

      19. It is good that this is being reported. This happens every year for training. Now if they start stationing them in places that they have never done before it is time to shout to the high heavens.

        I’ve seen a lot of things going into the Guard Ground lately. I’ve also heard them shooting them. If they are getting it ready for a fight they are moving very fast getting them done.


        • not “every year”…i’m near fort irwin in so cal…..every month or two, a new group of tanks…..and a shitload of other stuff arrives by TRAIN…..because it’s cheaper to ship them that way…..they unload them onto semi’s….drive to irwin….bus in all the TROOPS that belong to the tanks……train for a month or so…..and then they go back HOME…..and that’s just one training base…..there’s a bunch more out there, and a couple different groups….army, marines…..and i can’t count more than 30 each direction on that train….last time somebody said hundreds of tanks, when i looked at the video, i counted 47 before i ran out of tanks to count………….YEESH! will you people stop with all this disinformation. there’s enough shit happening/about to happen, without y’all addin’ to the confusion. if you see sumthin’, say sumthin’, but don’t get everybody worked into a tizzy for what LOOKS like nuthin’. like was said above….when you see “TANKS IN THE STREETS” tearin’ up pavement…..FREAK OUT!

      20. Why doesn’t someone attach a gps tracking device to one of those tanks to find out where they are going.

      21. That video is over 2 years old.

      22. htt ps://

        Not just trains
        Old video

      23. It would seem that “something” is on a schedule of some sort, by ‘their actions’ (just saying) …could be absolutely nothing to it.
        Lots of nervous thoughts and unthought of thoughts from others that are almost surprising, even ex-combat vets who KNOW who the prez is and what he stands for and has about 6 more months to do his thing, or at least that is what we are being told.

        Chances are that’s a lie. They are great at lying. Hillary is a natural at it.

        Every last movement of anything that is capable of killing is going to be reported whether or not it poses a threat. I was ready for that AND ‘weekend warriors’ playing as usual and flying over my place like clockwork. That’s one part of the summer I could live without – – we are in a “military road” for “near-deck-traffic” and jets that do Mach One at the least (they appear and are gone in a ‘snap’ …what a rush)!

        I guess I’ll go with the “this is normal” consensus being that everyone is in agreement. I too agree it’s just normal ground traffic for our boys, and we’ve nothing to fear from our own ground forces …so I’m not sure where that all got started or how.

      24. Yeah, because sometimes they have to move shit around. Happens all the time. It’s amazing all these idiots screaming martial law every time they see a military convoy or military machinery being moved. These are the same assholes who would have you believe our military is fully prepared to kill American citizens, which couldn’t be further from the truth. They’re also the same assholes who spent half of last year trying to convince everybody we were about to be interred in Wal Marts turned FEMA camps during Jade Helm. Last but not least, these are all assholes who have never served in any branch of the military.

      25. When was this vidio taken? I live in a small town in SC

        and have seen trains roling through with 40/50 traincars

        looaded with 2 tanks APC’S & etc. each car. That was

        in 2011/12.

      26. Could be equipment that was in strategic location storage and was replaced by more updated/modern versions.

        Lat year they replaced whole armor brigades of stored equipment out of a Norway depot that was established back in the 1980s – all destined to be updated with current technology …..

      27. With that camo, they are on their way to Syria and the Middle East.

        Was in 29 Palms/San Diego in 2002 and saw the build-up then: you shall know the invasion by the build up of military vehicles.

      28. Ok, massive materiel movement on trains captured in pictures all over America. But Where are they being offloaded? There must be a helluva parking lot full of equipment somewhere, or a bunch of small equipment parks all over the place. Why don’t we see the staging areas where they are being offloaded? I don’t doubt that there is massive civil unrest on the near horizon, but I want to know where the equipment is being taken. That information would be of great value.
        On a side note, there are hundreds of non descript, white Ford (focus?) vehicles being “stored” at the now closed Norton AFB in California (now know as San Bernardino Airport)A green visual deterring screen was installed on the fencing surrounding the airport just prior to the appearance of the vehicles. This I am curious about….FEMA?

        • that “helluva parkin’ lot full of tanks” would be yermo, calipornia. a year or two ago it was full of all kinds of war machines….it’s a repair depot, where they shine them up after being in battle. there were videos out there showing this….which made ME realize, if the chinks or rusky’s ever send in the nukes….ground zero will be yermo ca….it’s smack dab between the 15 and 40 freeways, and with those thousands of targets hit, it would shut down the north to vegas/utah route, and the route 66 toward shitcago…all that would be left to evacuate so cal would be hwy 395 north toward reno/idaho…5 fwy north to oregon, or 10 fwy to texas and beyond…or 5fwy SOUTH to may-hee-coe, of course…wouldn’t THAT be “interesting”, to say the least.

      29. I know an Armored Cav Unit just finished train up at Irwin, going overseas, somewhere. Won’t say no more.

      30. 9,000 tanks parked in the Big Sand Box and Kasich’s Ohio tank factories are running 24/7/365. Gotta move that product!

      31. barry and the NWO administration are probably getting ready to give all those tanks to the drug cartels or the syrian muzloid enemy combatant ‘refugees’ they are bringing here by the hundreds of thousands.

      32. The tanks are arriving in Houston from Bumfuk Egypt and are headed for Fort Hood where they came from originally 14 years ago.

      33. People tanks have tracks they suck on fuel and will wear out tracks damage roadway if driven 1200 miles. How are they gonna move whole tank brigades. don’t get stupid it’s no big deal. I don’t get why people are all but hurt over Monsanto. What research does anyone have that the gmo plants are harmful to you as opposed to heirloom plants. Eating cereal is processed food is that bad even though it’s fortified with vitamins and minerals. If flouride is bad then why does dentist put it on kids teeth. How about milk they give cows growth hormones doesent that mean kids will grow strong. Food is food when you got mouth to feed getting it done affordable is more important than going to the yuppie grocer to pay double for the same food just claiming to be better for you. Look your gonna eat it then take a shit and flush it. But if you feel all fuzzy paying double to say your eating better fine. Monsantos corn is fine you’ve been eating it for years. It’s in everything. Corn is the cheapest most abundant crop around. I will never pay double for food that claims to be locally sourced sorry.

      34. Military units train all the time in different parts of the country. How do they get their equipment there?


      35. There are a few military reserve centers near me. I have found it informative to notice the equipment parked in the lot along with the type of cammo its painted with.

        New stuff with factory tan moving on trains doesn’t mean much. When they start parking this stuff where it can be brought to bare on American mega cities and painting it with cammo that works in inner cities, now we have a problem.

        • “…where it can be brought to bare on American mega cities…

          Whole cities taking their clothes off..??

          (Hint: “…brought to bear…”)

      36. Looks like they all got a fresh coat of paint. Could they be going back to the bases they came from? You do know we rework a lot of equipment?

      37. Probably some unit shipping their stuff to NTC or something. Who cares?

      38. They are likely headed to the Port of Beaumont to be loaded on ships bound overseas. We see them all the time.

      39. It’s interesting that people who often come to and read this site then make negative comments about what’s posted here. I am no genius but that usually means some if not most of the negative comments are from trolls. I am not saying I am a big fan of JJ but I know he often writes OP Eds on this site. Again if you don’t like what he writing don’t come here. Incidentally he does know a lot more about military tactics then many of you couch soldiers.

        The recall of all the equipment from the Mid East has mainly be brought back to the US. I have know idea and neither does anyone on this site unless your the person who gave the op order to move such equipment why anyone is shipping these tanks anywhere. But be very careful on making any judgements about anything in this day and time. One never knows what is going to happen.

      40. The tanks could be on the way to start trouble in Europe with Russia but the point is the military contractors are being given our money to build tanks that only cost 1/10th of the price thats being past on to tax payers.

        Banker run the USA and it has nothing to do what so ever with democracy and is just about traitors and money

      41. Should have been easy enough to find out where they were going. Might not have made much of a story though.

      42. Last summer it was JADE HELM. Now its tanks on a train. Give it up already!!!

      43. the sky is falling…since 2007!!!!!!!!!!

      44. There is nothing new about this. Back in 2000 I saw the same thing in Alabama with the train heading in the direction of Georgia. Where it actually went I don’t know. Usually military plans and made well in advance.

      45. I see this stuff yearly on the tracks near my shop. Houston is a MAJOR shipping port and military assets are regularly seen moving in and out of our ports and on area rail lines. For once, I’ll agree, just fear porn.

      46. Could be coming from or going to NTC in Fort Erwin, Ca.

        It’s where armor gets desert training against OPFOR.

        Then again, the last time I saw this was late 1990 and we know where they went.

      47. So, just for fun….they’re moving the tanks around to keep them from being targets…and it’s normal to move the equipment around…and the day comes when they’re let loose on us.
        What’s the best way to neutralize one of these babies….my ar isn’t going to do didley….

        • Thermite on the middle of the engine housing. Enough will make a puddle of metal on the ground beneath it.

      48. When I was a kid, no one cared about troops movements because we were scared . when I was a teenager we saw troop movements but we weren’t scared of them. when I was a young man we saw troop movements that we weren’t scared of them because we weren’t scared of our government. But now we’re worried. And we’re only worried because we are scared of the crazies in charge of our government!

      49. Why worry? Maybe it’s been refurbished after time in the sandbox and going to Fort Hood. Who cares? They move this stuff all over the country and I don’t see any on the street corners in Iowa. Do you understand what that many tanks would do to roads and bridges if moved under their own power? Put that conspiracy/paranoia stuff back in it’s little box and close the lid. You’ll know if it’s time to do something, believe me.

      50. I live in less mars ia. The wife and myself were driving to Sioux city, ia when we saw about 100Abram tanks on a train heading southwest. We don’t know what to think about it, but we were wondering if. It had anything to do with jade helm. Any thoughts?

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