“This Has to be the Cruelest Thing I’ve Ever Seen”: Moments After Killing Tamir Rice, Police Shoved, Cuffed Consoling Sister

by | Jan 9, 2015 | Aftermath, Conspiracy Fact and Theory | 228 comments

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    The November police shooting of 12-year-old Tamir Rice, who was carrying around a BB gun that the 9-1-1 caller said was “probably fake”, has already made waves after video showed police killing the boy within one or two seconds of arriving on scene.

    Newly-released video, that officials had previously tried to keep under wraps, was released revealing what happened during a 30 minutes span after the shooting. It supports the accusations that mother Samaria Rice previously made claiming that police didn’t attempt to revive her son or provide any medical assistance after-the-fact, but instead ‘mistreated’ other members of the family. Benjamin Crump, a lawyer for the Rice family stated at the time:

    “All the witnesses say they didn’t see police officers attempt to perform CPR,” said Crump, adding: “They’re supposed to de-escalate, not escalate a situation, and everything you see in that video escalated the situation.”

    What the video shows after the already damning shooting is creating fresh outrage at police behavior:

    Literally adding insult to injury, video shows police tackling Rice’s 14-year-old sister to the ground as she ran to Tamir’s body moments after the shooting.

    Video shows that officers Frank Garmback and Timothy Loehmann then handcuffed her and placed her in the back of the squad car, while doing nothing at all to help revive Tamir Rice or sustain his wounds. They just stood around. The Guardian reported:

    The newly released video shows the girl rushing towards her brother. Loehmann’s partner, Frank Garmback, the driver of the police car, blocks her and forces her to the ground. The officers handcuff her and put her in their car, which is parked steps away from her wounded brother.

    As Tamir suffers, the officers wait. One stands with his hand on his hip; neither attempts to save the boy’s life. It is not until a man later identified as an FBI officer arrives on the scene – four minutes after Tamir has been shot – that the boy receives any help.

    Nearly 10 minutes after the incident, emergency responders arrive and take Tamir away on a stretcher.


    This video shows in crystal-clear HD that the responding officers acted inappropriately and recklessly, both in how they handled the shooting of 12-year-old Tamir Rice and the events that immediately followed,” said Benjamin Crump, a lawyer for the Rice family, who has represented the families of Trayvon Martin and Michael Brown.

    Another lawyer for the family, Walter Madison, told NOMG: “This has to be the cruelest thing I’ve ever seen.”

    While most police certainly do have a difficult job, that sentiment does little to explain all the things that went wrong in this case.


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      1. 90 percent of police think they are superior beings. Who shoots anyone in general like that without even accessing the situation first?
        Cops need better training with things like this.

        • Mac: “While most police certainly do have a difficult job, that sentiment does little to explain all the things that went wrong in this case.”

          Agreed. Sigh. Not all cops are bad, but there are bad cops. Not all doctors are bad, but there are bad doctors.

          Not all blacks are bad, but there are bad blacks.

          Not all Jews are bad, but there are bad Jews.

          P.S. In “The Lego Movie” from 2014 Liam Neeson plays the voice of the Good Cop/Bad Cop character. Really funny character. All of us sinners are the same. Just a matter of whether you confess and repent of your sins to Jesus and are forgiven.

          • “Agreed. Sigh. Not all cops are bad, but there are bad cops. Not all doctors are bad, but there are bad doctors.

            Not all blacks are bad, but there are bad blacks.

            Not all Jews are bad, but there are bad Jews.”

            True, it’s just common sense not to shoot a kid with a BB gun though…Lego Movie was a good one on a side note.

            • I tried telling everyone about this a while back when sick asshole bootlicking badge sucking pricks here with flag waver syndrome were saying the kid deserved shot.

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                • #JeSuisCharlie Shoah Nanas (‘Holocaust’ Pineapples)

                  It would be real evidence of evolution if the common people of liberal France began to use their precious ‘liberté’ to speak the truth to their occupiers (speaking the truth about Auschwitz alleged homocidal gas chambers is punishable by 5 years in prison in France) rather than be vulgar for the sake of ‘liberté’. Much to the occupier’s terror, a French/Bantu man Dieudonné M’bala M’bala is nudging holocausted France along that path.


                • Bwhahahaha – GET THIS: Netanyahu asks French President to give more police protection to French Jews… No kidding.

                  If I was the French President, I would say OK. We will start sending all the Jews Back to Israel because We French people don’t want these Jews in our country stirring up chaos and hate causing terrorist attacks. Hows that for security. You deal with these Jew Cartoons Mr NetandYahoo.

                  The Media is already getting sucked in to these attacks and calling them Anti-Semitic. The MSM is such a Farce and Fraud. Of course who owns and controls 95% of the MSM News outlets.

                  And for the facts did you know that the DHS here in America gives out Grants for security. The DHS is Run by Jews, and 95% of the Grants awarded in the US by the DHS have gone to Jewish Organizations. Hows that for fairness? Folks. We have been invaded and controlled by the ZOG. Wake up Sheeple.

                  • Yep!! How to get rid of Jews out of your country….

                    Jews Leaving France in Droves, Heading to Israel
                    Citing rampant Islamic anti-semitism and poor economic prospects, more than 5,000 French Jews are set to depart their homeland for the hopes of a better future in Israel. France, trailing Israel and the United States, has the world’s third-largest population of Jewish people, with …
                    Source: with …
                    Search domain http://www.breitbart.combreitbart.com/big-peace/2014/06/20/jews-leaving-france-...

                    • You filth racist piece of shit! What you respond to your own comments? What a pathetic piece of shit you are!

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                  • 100yss

              • BJ,
                Anyone that talks like that hasn’t had a bad experience with police but their time is coming.

              • BJ,
                Anyone that talks like that hasn’t had a bad experience with police but their time is coming.

              • ya got to wonder how man boot lickers on here will still defend thes cops?

                • Well for beginners you have;

                  All the cops here: T-Town, TPSnodgrass, Sgt Dale among others

                  And in addition…The Bootlicking Badgesuckers;

                  Old Coach
                  Rednek 101
                  Free Slave

                  And many other enslaved anti americans here

                  • I guess we should get a list of pinheads started.

                    Deranged cop haters
                    #1 BJ
                    #2 Looser
                    #3 Shithead
                    More to come…

                    Minor cop haters
                    #1 csaaphill
                    #2 Ms.X
                    #3 Shalako
                    #4 Sierra Dave
                    More to come…

                    • Screw you Moron.

                    • If being a constitutionalist and hating evil means being a pinhead in modern times, then I am ok with that. In the last days, which I believe we are in, I was told that there will be scoffers and that good will be called evil and evil will be called good.

                    • What is this? An attempt at intimidation? Drive users away with the fear we are being tracked?

                      rednek101, you must be a cop or a government op.

                    • @Sierra Dave,

                      Some other posters and myself have wondered the same thing about rednek101 and many others that have showed up here in the last 6-9 months through text messages and emails.

                  • I am looking for the truth BJ! Not an agenda.
                    I am no boot-licker. Your initials are what?

                    Two months before this incident happened at the exact same location:


                  • If BJ can start a list so can I. Ya don’t like it, lump it.

                    • Don’t put me on any self-appointed list asswipe.

          • …..and some are just trigger-happy cold blooded killers. There are good cops, but most of them come from combat infantry, killing rag-heads. Killing, just like anything else become addictive, you, want more, and more. Just like serial killers. Their blood-thirsty, trigger-happy, killers, professionaly trained, with a license to kill.

          • Your post is pure unadulterated garbage.

          • Any good cops are guilty by association.

          • This article leaves out important facts. Like “The kid was waving the pointing the gun at passing cars.” #Which prompted the 911 call in the first place. I guess if you want to write a propaganda article making cops look bad, then just leave out the facts of this incident, and the ignorant dolts will fall in line with the propaganda, as I read the comments below. btw/ the shooting scene turned into a crime scene, and anyone entering the scene may contaminate or destroy the evidence. So hand cuffing anybody entering the area, is not out of order. I cal this an “Article Provocateur.” aka: Fanning the Hate Flames towards cops.

          • Oh you guys are just so rational and understanding.
            I think that’s nauseating.

            Please stay away from the ‘it’s just so terrible’ air that you exhale. The truth is – YOU are scared crapless and you know you’d just better toe the line!

        • When force isn’t enough, get a bigger hammer.

          • Yo! OutWest Know anyone over there that wants some Ash logs?

            • Always, but what’s the catch?

              • Ya just gotta go get em. Around the corner over by the climb. I had some cut down and I need to get rid of them. Next to your good friend Jeanine. 🙂

                • I’ll take a look this weekend. Thanks.

                  • let me know and I’ll come help drag them out. We can make a party out of it.

        • It’s hard to tell how the situation was assessed. It’s easy to fault the cop in this situation, but if you were a cop with a family you want to go home to, would you be able to tell the difference between a BB gun and a real handgun within a second while it is raised and pointed at you? It’s easy to damn the police, but if I was a cop and someone pointed a handgun at me, I’d be responding to save myself and go home to my family, whether it was a 12 year old pointing the gun or not.

          • sonofczar, you are a true MORON. I rarely insult people. But in your case. I make the exception.

            These cops could easily have stopped some distance away and gotten out and ordered him to drop his weapon. AND NOT RISKED THEMSELVES!!

            Your I.Q. must be sub 50.

            • ‘the 911 caller said was probably fake’…

              • That too.

              • And she would know this because????

                • she would know this because everybody isn’t dumb and/or blind.

                  • @ 10′ you can’t tell the difference between some of the newer toy guns and the real thing.

                    So based on your statements, the 911 operator had some form of clairvoyance, mental telepathy? GMA foods are really kicking in these days.

            • Sierra…
              Did you not see the video. Apparently not. You might want to have another look. The cops didn’t know exactly where the perp was. So they’re barreling through the park and they rolled up on the kid before they could stop at a distance. Note the marks on the grass where they slammed on the brakes. Note the cop falling trying to take cover per training.

              Effin keyboard commandos. Clueless as always.

              • I saw the video. I read the article. The dispatch information was accurate. They knew where they were going and who to look for.

                What moron cop just pulls right up to a supposed gunman?

                • Sierra

                  Again…look at the skid marks on the grass and snow. Looks about like two to three car lengths. Once they saw the kid they locked up the tires. They were way too close. Note the cop stumbling trying to get behind the car/cover.
                  The cops weren’t responding to a 12yo with a cap gun. They were responding to a gangsta with a gun. Rules of engagement.

            • Yeah, it’s easy to talk tough behind your computer isn’t it? Next time you pull up to a situation like this and someone pulls a un (real or fake, you can’t tell in the time necessary to react), just stand there and wet yourself like the hero you are. Hindsight s always 20/20 but you drive up to a kid and he turns with a gun, it’s a much harder decision then.

          • sonofczar……Verpiss Dich

          • Cops are obviously taught to shoot on sight anybody who they even THINK has a weapon.

        • I look at it as an eye for an eye. I would have immediately killed my child’s murderer.

        • Hmmm…you say cops need better training?…and from whom do you think that training will come from? I hope you are aware that all police forces are now Federalized.,that any training forthcoming is now a Federal matter. I also hope you realize that police forces are in direct violation of Posse Commitatus and are now paramilitary units..hence they are standing armies on American Soil. Since the Police have whored themselves to Federal Government “freebies”. Their behaviors reflect the current ” Us versus “Them” paradigm…which is supported by the Federal Government. Cops DO NOT NEED ADDITIONAL TRAINING…THEY NEED TO BE OUTLAWED!!! and be held to answer for their crimes…in some cases lead to a firing squad.

          Live Free or Die..that’s what it’s gonna take

        • Access what? A black guy with a gun running around a public park? He was only 12? I didn’t know cops are trained at carnivals to guess age and weight before they went on the force. Looks like in the above clip he was a hood rat with a gun when they rolled up. How do we know that this wasn’t a suicide by cop type of thing? I know that if I was a black kid just coming into awareness I would not be happy about my long term chance in amounting to anything. Things happen.

          Oh yeah, and as for the sister “Shanika” being tackled and cuffed well I guess so. I imagine she would be pretty pissed of at having to go home to big mama and tell her she has to call social services and have her benefits changed do to one less dependent.


          • lil-b uuuuummmmm let me first say! I dont care for most blacks! but that was retardedly offensive! I think you need to stop spending so much time at the police station on your knees or all fours??? it’s starting to effect your common sense? that little kid did nothing to deserve being murdered by those 2 fucking coward cops! and when they’re done with the blacks there gonna start going after everyone else? maybe your kid??? dipshit

            • @ cali kid,

              LOL. Yep you got me there. It’s what I do alright. That and your mama after she puts you away in the basement at night. 🙂


              I like this new rating system. It allows me to be as obnoxious as Eisen / ACID TECH and the other little trolls and not have my posts censored.

            • Cali kid, you are in California, right? YOU’RE the dipshit, and a communist dipshit at that.

              • fagegade! looks like you and bigb have been slurping at the same Penis-colada!!! communist??? what do you base this retarded assumption on??? because I live in kommiefornia? what a dick! If your gonna defend your boyfriend??? at least be original about! I’m about as far from a commie as you can get! fagieB my mom said when she saw your winkie that looked like a penis???? but only way smaller! but she only got a glimpse of it? because fagegade wouldnt stop nursing on it! being a moron is ok??? confirming it!!! is a whole nother issue! keep that in mind next time you wanna post!!!

                • LOL. 🙂


                • Cali kid, go f#$% your commie self!

          • and just what are you doing to inspire change in these ids lives, I mean when was the last time you volunteered for big brothers big sisters or one of the many faith based inner city out reach…the only way to change this is to bring these kids to an understanding of who Christ is, but there are a whole lot of people out there who say they are Christians but look nothing like Christ. I mean just a thought.

            • Inspired,big brother and sister a great organisation.My dad volunteered on the finance ends of their organisation for years including president of Boston chapter for a year in the late 70’s,he was very impressed with the good it did.My dad was big into the finance world and thus did what he did best for em,they had to pay him back then,so,he worked for the grand salary of a dollar a year,believe stupid laws/regs have changed so you can be on board with no monies being paid!

            • Yeah might as well as inspire their faith in Santa Clause, Tooth Fairy, and Easter Bunny too. What good will fairy tales bring to them or anyone? Religious sheeple.

              • Yeppem, you just gots to know that being a big brother to kids like this will turn out well. Hell, you my even survive the first two visits. I suggest we send Cal Kid and or Eisen in to test it out. Yeah that’s the ticket alright. LMAO


                • I have a lot of respect for folks who try and help out kids whose parents either died or just suck and have no decent adult help/friendship.They do a lot more then folks who just bitch and whine about screwed up kids but do not offer help/solutions.

        • I support cops, but I have to agree a lot of them think their better then everyone else. 2 Examples, a friend who is a good guy (or was), wants to be a cop, he got a job for security and is getting training trying to join the police. Since getting the job he acts like a arrogant know it all and talks down to others..I can only imagine what he will act like if he gets a job as a policemen. Then I have a cousin who became a cop and now he is too good for the family.

          • Mine just became a cop too and he is already getting power addicted talking about all the simple things he has arrested people for and laughing about it of course.., his speech is already changing to where everything he says sound like he’s giving an after incident report to his chief and to top it off everytime he’s around all you get to talk about is traffic stops and stupid arrests it’s really making me not want to be around as much anymore. I mean would you want to hang around a mechanic if all he ever talked about was rebuilding carburetors or how he ripped some lady off for a new transmission when she really didn’t need one?

        • This is a poorly written article that fails to tell the basics of who/what/when and where. I want to know what jurisdiction this took place in, and where the video was obtained from.
          Clearly, we need a law that says no cop can shoot until shot at. If the cops don’t like it, they can find another line of work.

          • P.V.
            Are you out of your mind. If some one points a gun at YOU can shoot them, you as a person!
            So I would have to wait until he/she shoots at me before I can shoot back. The Son-Of-A-Bitch just might be a good shoot and hit me. Bull Shit! If you point a gun at me you will get to meet Jesus. I have not only a legal right to protect myself but I have a moral right to do so. That is what they have done to the military after WW2 and we have lost every war since.

        • When people loose respect for the police it is only natural for police to loose respect for the people.

          • It should read:

            When POLICE lose respect for the PEOPLE it is only natural for the PEOPLE to lose respect for the POLICE

          • Joe, you’re just what America needs, another mindless cop sucker who only has the right to do what a cop tells him to do, what a fucking sheep.

        • Why don’t you all go to Ferguson and burn down some buildings, there is more extreme left wing thinking here than on CNN. It’s easy to armchair quarterback when you can sit at your computer and spouse this crap, but I’ll bet not one of you really knows what you would do if you were the cop. Try living one day in their shoes, then shoot your mouths off.

          Every day they put their lives on the line, I’ve read more than once how some of you would shoot and ask questions later when a stranger came to your door if the SHTF, well, the SHIT HITS THE FAN every day in the life of a cop.

          Who are you going to call tonight if you hear someone breaking into your home, do you want the cops to assess the situation and assume the gun that the thug is holding to your loved ones head is a fake? Maybe the cop should just aim at the leg so as not to kill unnecessarily, this article is idiotic and created to incite anger and prejudice.

          Why don’t you show the video of the kid before the cops arrived, he was waving and aiming his fake gun like a pro, and the gun does look real.

          • Stop disarming the people/prosecuting them for defending themselves and get rid of most bullshit/unconstitutional laws designed for revenue enhancement(theft),would be happy to be responsible for my well being/safety,hell,also willing to help another in need.Sure,very short term may be ugly but that will end quickly.

          • Well said SOAR,

            And since I have already pissed off 2/3 of the board on this topic let me just throw this our there:

            For social changes to have a positive effect you must have at the same time a little thing called personal responsibility. Without either of the two in the mix together you will never have a positive conclusion.


          • swinging…..no one is saying being a cop is not a hard and dangerous job! but if a person CHOOSES to be a cop! then they have an understanding that life and death decisions will be made! so with that understanding!!! what kinda of assholes would roll up hot like that on a person/child waving a possible gun! at that point the driver just threw his partner in the shit with few options and split second life and death decision! both of these assholes need to be fired as well as the dispatcher that didnt give all the info about the call! and then prosecuted! its not armchair LEO! it’s fucking common sense! dont get me wrong the parents bare responsibility in this clusterfuck of a situation! they’ll have to live with their negligence! cops need to be held to a higher standard than people on the street! plain and simple!

      2. Just militarized them. They love us and will protect us.

        • Or they may think themselves even more higher than us then they already do. -Carhartt

          • The other side:

            Okay, what is the problem here? There was a black kid with a gun running around and people are surprised that a cop shot him? Oh it was a BB gun! How did the cop know that? Who gave the kid the BB gun and told him it’s OK to wander around waving a gun? They bear no reasonability? Can anyone in the press reporting on this be trusted?

            Why does anyone have to go to the cops being bad first and foremost. If this was a real problem then the “honorable” Reverend Sharpton would be on the scene 24/7.


            • Anyone see the black protester after the Ferguson shooting holding the sign that said “NO MOTHER SHOULD HAVE TO FEAR FOR HER SONS LIFE EVERY TIME HE ROBS A STORE” Is Photo Shopped. I don’t know! Trekker Out.

            • Exactly
              Someone points a gun at you are you going to ask if its real or are you going to take cover and reply in kind with hot lead?

              • I do wonder how often a black kid running around a park with gun has a positive conclusion? I suspect not often.
                Come to think about it, I doubt the outcome would have been different if the kid was of any other color as well.


                • A black kid running around with a BB gun today becomes a black thug running around with a 9mm pistol tomorrow.

              • I don’t remember any article I read, saying the kid pointed the bb gun at the cops. One article said he didn’t drop it when told to, but I find that dubious in the 2 seconds it took to kill him. So, someone give us a link to a credible article that says the kid pointed his toy AT the police.

                • Are some of us adding details into the narrative, to make our point seem valid?

                • We don’t need a link and one can’t be provided because we have the video. And from the video you can see that the child starts crumpling over as soon as the car door opens.. It is “almost as if” the child is shot before the door is even all the way open. And it surely looks as if he is shot before the cop clears the door. I have wondered since day one if that pig didn’t shoot the child from inside the car through an open window.

      3. The cruelist thing I see is Idiot Black parents who don’t have any control over their children. OK Rufus go take this pelletet Gun Pistol to the park and go wave it around like an armed hoodie. See how that turns out. Come home whenever.

        • Yep!

        • When I was a kid, adults and kids carried guns all over the place and no one ever got shot down by police. I used to lash my 22 rifle to my 10-speed ant peddle down the road to the old barn at the end of the corn field and shoot at stuff. The State patrol used to drive by all the time, only looking to be sure I wasn’t aiming across the roadway or at houses or something. I was 15.

      4. don’t worry
        the PD will investigate themselves
        and I am sure they will find that they did nothing wrong

        • We need to take down and redesign the Police Department, it is the only way to end the corruption within it.

          • The Constitution does not provide for Police forces. It only provides for a Constitutional Sheriff…anything else is illegal.

          • Sarcasm on/
            Totally agree…While we disarm our law enforcement, all citizens start carrying full time… What do you think will happen if some kid pulls a gun, real on not, on one of them? Jus’ like the wild west. Let’s do it.
            Just to make the public think the cops still carry guns we’ll give them toy guns without the orange caps. Ya can’t tell the difference.
            Sarcasm off/

        • In the military they have court martials for criminal behavior by military folks.

          In local police departments don’t they also have something similar?

          The “good” police need to crack down, and crack down hard, on the “bad” police. And by implication, that means a “civil” war internally in the police department. Which means bad morale and all other kinds of unintended or unforeseen consequences when it comes to disciplining and reforming bad cops out of the department.

          I would say the same general counsel to the African-American community and the Muslim community. The “good” African-Americans need to crack down, and crack down hard, on the “bad” African-Americans. Ditto for the Islamic folks.

          And if they can’t handle it internally, that’s when external forces and pressure is applied.

          And when there is no internal or external discipline, then the cowards need to stop whining. No one’s stepping up. It is what it is.

          • Slave, free or not I agree with the essence of your post but I would like to point out something that is ignored about ‘police.’ For one they are not LEO’s. That may sound strange but it is true. LEO of course stands for ‘Law Enforcement Officer.’ But .Police are ‘policy enforcement officer’s’ and are there to enforce ‘policy’ such as codes, statute’s and regulation. This is why the Supreme Ct. ruled that police have no mandate to protect the individual citizen.

            Also, comparing the police with the military only goes as far as the tactical training and general overall appearance and tools. The police have one thing the military does not. A union, Its the union with its contracts that gets ‘bad’ cops off. Couple that with corrupt leadership and you get what we witness almost daily. Get rid of the union and the cop is on his own to defend himself for any misconduct. Things would change rapidly then.

            • Johnny,

              You’re thoughtful nuance and distinction is well appreciated.

              I would just note that many police departments have a code, written or unwritten, to “serve and protect” the citizens of the community. Whether that code is adhered to or not is a different matter.

              IMHO, Serpico is/was a good cop. 😉

      5. Absolutely disgusting. I’m no cop and will not get sucked into playing arm chair LEO here. But, how can anybody make an accurate threat assessment rolling into that park at what appeared to be 20mph? Looks like the shooter cop was puking his guts out at the back of the car. I would like to.see time stamped dashcam footage of the approach to.the scene. May.provide more insight to what they were seeing as they approach.

        Anyone else notice no al Sharpton on this or the cop.who.shot the guy getting his ID from the vehicle in the store parking lot

        • Wouldn’t you be puking if you just shot a kid? If I was the cop, drove up and some kid pointed a gun at me, I don’t know that I would respond differently. And yes, I might be puking afterwards as well, since whether it was necessary or not, this is something this cop will have to live with for the rest of his life.

          • Oh hell yeah I’d be puking. My point is they just rushed into this. I didn’t see anyone in immediate danger before they arrived on the scene. If they had approached more slowly, used the loudspeaker to tell the kid to put the gun down, I don’t know. I just think there had to be a better way, but again, I’m not cop and don’t know procedure.

            • Talon1776, everything you say is sad but true. You’re preaching to the choir with Braveheart.

        • Nopity, that video was one of the hardest videos for me to get through. This is one incident where everything the cops did was wrong and they were found by their peers ‘to have acted appropriately’. I just received an email from one of my retired cop cousins in GA who also watched the video. He also said the way it was handled was wrong from beginning to end. I also found it interesting Sharpton didn’t get involved in this one. I guess the dollar signs didn’t pop up in his eyes like all the other incidents he’s ever been involved in.

      6. These peace officers act more like mooselimb terrorists .

        • Agreed with that. Cops are homefront terrorist.

      7. Although most LEO’s are noting more then paycheck players,It is a well documented and reported fact that Law Enforcement attracts that highest number of aggressive, narcissistic sociopaths/psychopaths then any other occupation. Yes, There should be greater oversight and screening to weed out the psychos!






        • I respect all pigs,
          All that bacon and ham and ribs,
          Oh wait
          Not that kinda pigs

        • If you could’ve just left out the “old fucking vermin”, you would’ve had a good post. What is wrong with you? Are you intentionally trying to insult people and get red thumbs? Doe it make you feel good somehow? What the hell is your problem, why are you wasting a perfectly intelligent brain on shit like this?

          • Sixpack, do you mean acid has a brain? Now we’re really in trouble.

            • I think he has a brain, I just think he prefers to use it to stir up hate. What a waste.

      9. Hello! Since 911, police department personnel are trained to shoot first and ask questions later. They are trained to escalate the situation to maximize fear and intimidation within everyone involved and observing the the event. This training has been baselined across the country. All police personnel receive the same training. That’s how socialist totalitarian police states work. The principal object is political in nature, not community welfare. Wake up and smell the cordite!

        • Jack, welcome, and I’ll expand on your points. The militarization of police began during the Clinton era but accelerated after 9/11 with the creation of DHS and the awarding of federal grants to local, county, and state law enforcement agencies. A condition of the federal grants was that the curriculum in the academies had to be changed and everyone retrained in the FEDERAL way of law enforcement work. Had those cops been federal, the way this was handled would’ve been the same; no different approach. My message to all law enforcement on the issue of their attitude and behavior is still the same as I posted on a previous article: GET YOUR MINDS DEPROGRAMMED. WAKE UP AND REALIZE YOU HAVE BEEN MISLED BY THE FEDS. IMPROVE YOUR ATTITUDE AND BEHAVIOUR TOWARD THE PEOPLE BEFORE WE HAVE AN ALL-OUT WAR. IT’S NOT TOO LATE TO CHANGE COURSE. WE ARE NOT YOUR ENEMY, DESPITE WHAT THE FEDS HAVE TOLD YOU. WE THE PEOPLE ARE FED UP AND WON’T TOLERATE YOUR THUGGISH BEHAVOUR AND BRUTALITY ANY LONGER. IF YOU HAVE ANY SENSE, YOU WILL STOP. IT’S IN YOUR BEST INTEREST TO DO SO.

          • Brave, we also need to remember that the PD’s and DHS resources were using targets with civilian pictures. The one that hunted me was a pregnant woman and specifically a little boy with a toy pistol.

            Once you practice using such psychological targets, it’ll stick to your head. Just my 2 cents.

            I’ll leave it to our friend Sargent Dale to add or to correct me on my perception.

            • Stolz, when I first saw those targets I was eating and had to turn away from my laptop quick to throw up in the floor beside me. Typical thing for a federal agency to do. You can imagine the outrage if some targets with people in uniforms were created.

              • REALLY, c’mon seeing paper targets of civilians being used for target practice ACTUALLY made you throw up??? WHEN TSHTF you will see much worse than that i will guarantee that. How will you handle that reality, PUKIN’everywhere.This from a man on most posts acts like a ONE MAN ARMY KILLIN’ MACHINE. just goes to show you are just a arm chair warrior office worker. I would like you to see me field dress a deer and butcher it, then again maybe NOT!!!

                • Tommy,

                  Pretty sure he’s a security guard, professional door knob shaker by day but Rambo { well, at least armchair version} by night.

                  • Tommy,

                    This is CLASSIC braveheart bullshit at it’s best! First, he tries to say something COMPLETELY different than what he posts, and of course, if anybody calls him out on his bullshit you automatically become a ” troll”. He’s also admitted he’s never shot anybody in his life but has made literally HUNDREDS of comments that he’s ready to shoot ANYBODY! It’s funny, as if he expects everybody to say ” OOOO, that braveheart is really a BAD dude man, best not EVER mess with him!” He’s 57 years old with the mind of an 8 year old child, truly mentally disturbed.

                • TTT, you’re not telling me anything new. I was simply disgusted with the fact it was a federal agency making those targets, but not surprised considering what kind of people they really are. I have a good idea what to expect in any post-SHTF scenario and I’ll be able to handle it, regardless of what some trolls think.

            • yep, pretty scary being “HUNTED” by a pregnant woman and a boy with a toy pistol,SHEESH

            • “The one that hunted me was a pregnant woman and specifically a little boy with a toy pistol.”

              Well, we see here the affect of the target with the little boy and his toy pistol…in real life.

              • @sixpack, yep you got me on that one,’nuff said

          • Hello Braveheart,
            — Just wanted to wish you a Happy New Year and tell you that your posted comments as of lately have been well thought out and I appreciate the time and effort you put forth here at SHTFPlan.
            — Take Care
            — Miss Dee Dee

            • Hello, Miss DeeDee, and hope you come back here more often.

          • Instead of Paying Taxes for Police, I would rather use that Tax money to buy my own protection. A gun and plenty of ammo.

            Did you hear about the Lawyers and Bail Bondsmen in New York complaining that business profits are way down, since the NYPD stopped issuing tickets by a whopping 60+% as retribution against the NYC Mayor Deblasio. Oh my heart goes out for Lawyers… F’-em. Just goes to show you its all about Bogus laws, designed to raise revenue for the Government Mafia and their atty sidekicks.

        • Then he had no business packing a gun.

      10. Note to all pigs, you reap what you sow, remember that as it increasingly becomes you and your thug posse laying on the ground as the life ebbs away from the cooling corpse.

        No sorrow, no sympathy, no respect till you remember your oath, and uphold it!

      11. Recently nypd and other cops wanted acts against cops to be treated as hate crimes,they keep this bullshit up any wonder why the public hates them.

        • Warchild, I think I missed that one about hate crimes. Interesting considering their attitudes toward us. Whatever brains they had have been destroyed by that federal koolaid.

          • Renegade& any others interested :ht tp://www.usnews.com/news/articles/2015/01/08/hate-crime-experts-skeptical-of-call-for-cops-to-be-covered-by-federal-law,as always,a space between http to avoid the moderation game.I hate the moderation game,perhaps it is a “hate crime!”.

            • When a man shoots an evil murderous thug cop, it is a hate crime. When an evil murderous thug cop shoots a man, it’s doing what it was trained to do, it’s JOB!

              • When a man shoots an evil murderous thug cop, he’s stopping a hate crime. Permanently.

        • Do realize many of those acts against cops were actually secretly carried out by other cops as directed by their superiors to incite public reaction and support for more militarization of law enFORCEment. They have been brainwashed by the Fed to sacrifice each other for the development of the police state.

          • I would not be surprised.

      12. All this is really weird to me.

        Last summer, I went to an area to target shoot into a stump. I thought it was far enough away that the sound would not bother anyone. I fired 30 rounds quickly and after a few minutes, the police and one sheriff drove up. They were extremely nice and they never frisked me, touched me, or drew their weapons. They didn’t even ask to search my truck. They just told me that is wasn’t safe due to nearby highways. I agreed with their concern and won’t go there again. Case closed, no one hurt.

        So, what is going on here? Why is it that someone with a fake pistol gets shot ( a child ) and I ( with real rifle ) does not?

        • Renee, you were very fortunate to have dealt with some cops that had some sanity and common sense. Sounds like they never had one drop of that federal koolaid. Sorry I can’t answer your question about the kid.

          • Location, Renee.
            Country Cops were raised with country values.

            • That is absolutely correct. Huge difference between city cops and county Sheriff/deputies.

        • Because not all police are the same. Some handle the situation better than others.

          • He, like the ones at WallMart shooting another teen with airsoft gun?

        • well for one thing, you weren’t shooting after dark, were you? Was the area you were shooting in know for it’s crime, specifically crime committed with guns? most likely not. I also bet you put your gun down when you saw the police/sheriff car pull up. All the difference in the world.

      13. I use to have a bb gun when I was a kid and took it with me on by bicycle everywhere I went and no one cared. Not you get shot!!!!. Cops are getting away with it because they are not held accountable and have a license to shoot first and ask questions latter and if they kill some kid, o well, tough break. This has got to stop.

        • you took it at night to a high crime area and waved it around?

      14. The problem is, the good cops don’t do anything about the bad cops because they are all part of the same fraternal order of police.

        • There are no good cops, if there were they wouldn’t put up with what the bad cops are doing. they would expose what the thug cops are doing and help prosecute them.

          • If there were truly good cops, there’d be no bad cops.

            • There are as many good cops as there are good mu slimes.

      15. I would LOVE to hear what these two incompetent pig bastards are saying to each other. Probably trying to get their stories straight. Oh wait, they don’t have to worry about shit like that as they will be let off with a dirty look!

      16. If these people knew how to be civilized and raise children properly this sort of thing wouldn’t have to happen!

        • Herr, I bet you ever played cowboy and indians when you were a child.

          • Yea im sure he did but im also pretty sure they never pointed their guns at a cop!
            Now the toy guns look exactly like the real thing, not the hokey shiny chrome six guns of the 60s with the roll of paper caps

            • Kula, I agree and disagree. I am waiting for Mac to release two linked that I added (PLEASE MAC). In today’s sick world I agree that our kids lost the opportunity that we had as kids. However I have major issue for two cops going to the toy store dept. of WallMart and simply shooting a teen with AirSoft gun.

              I feel like the LE’s are becoming trigger happy by training or some of these folks were served in the banksters wars and are suffering major PTSD and to some extent see everyone as some Iraqis or Afghanis.

              • Colorado donuts, maybe?

          • Stolz, I agree. I can’t believe half of the people on this site like to talk about how we took our guns to school for show and tell and had guns hanging in the gun rack in their truck in the high school parking lot and then want to blame this boys parents for what happened. This video is very sad, just to watch this boy hanging out in the park waiting for some one to play with and then this happens. It heart breaking. But I can’t blame all of LE for the actions of this one incompetent cop no matter how tragic this was. Trekker Out

            • MT, well stated friend. I would like those half as you stated to re-read your statement again:

              ” This video is very sad, just to watch this boy hanging out in the park waiting for some one to play with”.

              If above doesn’t touch them then they need some professional help to regain their human DNA again.

            • MT,

              I hate to say it bro but its classic case of prejudice and bigotry mixed in with some blind allegiance towards authority. I don’t know whats more dangerous blind allegiance or blind hate. And on that note I’d also like to say that at least the black community has the will to get out and try to do something about it. So many people call “them” lazy, but what are we doing about it. None of this will change until “we” as a whole get together at the police station and demand change. I fear for the future of my country so badly. I try to attend as many political events or lectures or meetings as possible and at everyone there are rarely more than 20 or so people and generally half of those are over 60. Sorry think I’m going off the rail a little, like I said I just really fear for the future of our country. Not so much because of what I see, because WE can change what we see if we just get together and have the will. I fear because of what I don’t see, and that is “We the People” doing a damn thing about it.

            • What is sad is that this kid was ‘hanging out” in a park in the dark, in a high crime area. what is sad is that the bright orange tip of the gun that shows it is a bb gun was removed. What is sad is that the kid lost his life, a parent lost a child and those two officers’ lives are changed forever. what is sad is all these people being judge and jury without even hearing all the facts.

              • @T-town

                Yep, High crime area probably full of crackheads and gang bangers and rapists and thugs who’d just assume shoot you as look at you….. And yet this kid was perfectly safe in the park by himself….UNTIL THE COPS SHOWED UP

                • Not to mention a few little facts…….

                  1. It was light and NOT dark.
                  2. No way of seeing orange tip, removed or not, when gun is in waist band and NOT out in the open.

      17. No one wants to see anyone shot for any reason. If you encounter someone pointing a gun at you, and you do not know if it is real or not, you might go into a self defense mode. Police deal with people that are not of high character on a daily basis. it is bound to make them a bit harsh in their treatment of others. How about a school class for kids that teaches them to allow the cops to inspect the toy gun and remove the fear from the situation.

        • I’m sure that training this kid to “allow the cops to inspect the toy gun” would’ve MADE NOT ONE BIT OF DIFFERENCE, IN THE 2 SECONDS THE COPS GAVE HIM TO LIVE.

          The bottom line here is, do we consider 2 SECONDS enough time for any person to make a rational observation and reasonable risk assessment?


          That cop had probably decided he was going to shoot something, before he ever got out of the car.

          Tell me, do you think the cop would’ve shot the kid, if it had ended up being his own son or nephew standing there?

          Could he have reasonably, positively identified his own son AND made the decision to hold his fire in 2 seconds? 2 SECONDS? My point is, this cop was so scared and trigger happy, that he may have shot his own son without realizing what he was doing. HE DIDN’T HAVE TIME TO IDENTIFY THE TARGET OR THE THREAT. He just started shooting.

          And don’t bother saying “His son probably wouldn’t have been there”, because that’s not a relative argument. Cops kids are rarely perfect and well-trained. They do stupid things just like any other kid.

          Anyone who shoots blind, should not carry a gun with a license to kill with it in public. That’s my opinion.

      18. C’mon, guys…

        You do realize this is Law Enforcement Appreciation Day doncha? For Real it is…


      19. What is sad here too, is that the whole time the poor girl is left right inside next to where her brother is lying and dying. I can’t imagine how traumatic it must be for her to helpless watch her brother dying. Just horrible all the way through. No where in this video did I see a kid pointing or waving a gun at the police. They rolled in and shot so fast, I don’t think he even had time to realize what was happening to him.

        For the poster who blamed the parents. Shame on you. Just terrible!

      20. I think ALL cops nation wide should just walk off the job, the public would be BEGGING Them to return within a week!

        • Thankfully that will never happen.

          Most police are truly trying to protect their families, and neighbors and will continue to do so, no matter how many fools suggest they are somehow the criminals.

        • I wish the hell they would, that would be a glorious day.

        • If we the people had the right to simply defend ourselves by being able to carry what kinds of weapons we choose to openly then we could have ALL cops take off permanently, unless you think arriving 30 minutes after a crime and filling out a report is something that we NEED for our safety.

      21. The biggest thing I’m worried about is some bogus BS the government puts out saying martial law is now in effect and please turn in your guns at these locations or they go house to house and force you down and grab whatever the hell they want while they steal it and say its for evidence or some crap. I will not let it fly in my home and I don”t keep all my weapons in one place either. Remember when they scream at you to do something, scream back at them even louder and crack a joke to throw them off. Say their zipper is and one ball is hanging out or something goofy. just kidding.

        • Clint, good to see you back. If they try to force their way into my home, they die, period.

        • All I have is a shotgun and some ammo for it. Since I have to live temporarily in Illinois right now, I took my other few guns to the farm and left them there. I can’t shoot them here anyway, hell I can’t even buy ammo in this god forsaken communist state.

          • BJ, I do sympathize with your plight. Hope you can get out of commie IL soon.

          • A shotgun is good,would have though perhaps disassembeled/well hidden other items,your life counts on it well…..fuck any crazy laws!Slugs/double oo ect. still a nice weapon and if things get real tough can be used to disarm folk with evil intent(carefully)and thus you have new options,sorry you are at moment trapped in Il.

      22. This is horse crap. Regardless of what you think of the shooting, you cannot taint the crime scene by letting people stomp all over it. Thats 101 level stuff. And lets not forget that the parents are the ones to blame here.. A kid with an airsoft gun playing stick-up with strangers??? Strong parenting for sure, or for ‘sho’ in this case.

        • when a cop shoots a man the “crime scene” is totally different then any other “crime.” It isn’t investigated the same way and evidence isn’t sought and logged the same way. So it wouldn’t really matter letting people run about.

      23. I can’t stand the cops but when I was a kid we had BB guns and the toy guns didn’t have a red tip either .we were shooting a BB gun in a nearby field and my buddy shot a neibors house . About 3 mins later the cops showed up and when they found out it wasn’t a real gun they took us to our parents saying we could have been killed . My pop took all the guns away and said no more guns. But we got them again a year or so later . Think he just didn’t want the cops to kill us he was never against air guns. That was in the early 80s times are different now if that happened now I’d be dead. Cops gotta make that split second decision they gonna shoot first ask questions later. Paint the kids toy guns bright colors this keeps neibors from calling the cops in the first place ya it’s gay but better than being dead. These situations are avoidable . How many cops have been killed by some 8 year old with a gun they found somewhere. Kids are gonna play with toy guns it’s just life. for the people that say no toy guns they are idiots and hate guns altogether. Playing war as a kid is all we really ever did . And I’m not a violent person. So that’s all bullshit. The boyscouts used to take us to rifle range and shoot 22s I doubt they’d do it these days. Teach kids about guns that solves a lot of problems. Take em shooting they love it . I can’t stand the cops. last summer this big dog think it was a bullmastiff was loose following this guy walking by my house. well he was scared the dog would bite him so he called animal control and they went home for the day . The police showed up and corralled the dog in my back yard i said to them your not gonna kill the dog cop said we don’t wanna hurt him. We just want to bring him to the pound. And find out who he belongs to . That’s all so they corner the dog and the dog is scared so he’s growling at police cop says dogs are difficult because they attack when they are scared sometimes. so he gets another cop now there is three cops in my backyard cornering the dog. Ones holding light another a taser and one with the loop stick I think the dog didn’t really want to fight he finally laid down they were able to get him in the police car. This dog had to weigh about 225 pounds they did a good job getting this dog without hurting him . If the dog was armed forget it

      24. You discharge a weapon where I live cops are definetly gonna show up fast and I’m glad they will. But but a five min ride and blast away cops have come to my neiborhood for noise like this before it’s a safe area just my neibor using his shot gun I don’t know why but he knows better. If people would be more responsible they’d have less problems

      25. The shooting is questionable. The shooting did involve a very realistic gun and a 12 year old that could pass for early teens. In a different environment like a toy store it certainly would be no question redrawing it not being valid.

        If you thought you were sufficiently threatened to shoot you would incapacitate someone that was entering that area not knowing if they were a threat.

        The above being said in no way justifies the shooting without an independent investigation. Unfortunately such a thing is all too rare.

        I’m no fan of the abuses and even worse cover ups but securing the area without undue violence after this tragedy is not out of the question. Not rendering first aid is another issue.

      26. The “good” cops should have dealt with the “bad” thug cop peers a long time ago. I see very little that is bad in this society that has turned around and become good.

        • Ms.X
          You are right but the rank and file good cops can do nothing to the rank and file bad cops. TPTB cover for them. If you bitch to the Lt. or Chief you get placed in the shit house, and they will do nothing to them.
          Been there done that!

          • Then leave!The lessor of two evils is still choosing evil.

            • WD
              Idid I went to another Department that is not run that way.

          • That sucks.

            It’s been a long time since I watched the movie “Serpico” who challenged police corruption and the police leadership hierarchy.

      27. “””No where in this video did I see a kid pointing or waving a gun at the police.”””

        As in the walmart video!!??!!

        1) why aren’t these questionable situations handled with a tranquilizer dart first??? and if situation warrants further force, then so be it??!!??
        2) why aren’t manufacturers forced to use ‘orange’ paint on these pellet/BB guns??

        While living in Tennessee a few years ago, I fired a pistol from my porch @ 2 in the morning to hush my neighbor’s barking dog; was told by an officer much later that it was illegal and warranted a fine for that in the city limits! I said ‘say what’???

      28. And yes, I fired in the air straight up!

      29. Cops are running scared and rightly so with everything that is being stacked up against them now days. Although a few bad apples are turning anyone that wears a badge in to a target. This is a very sad state of affairs we must live it today. To all of you good peace officers watch your six and be safe.

        • ANB
          Thanks for your concern and I agree with you 100%.

          • Any police that won’t cross the blue line and arrest/testify against the bad apples are just as bad.The insanity of the whole thing is longer to get a hairdressers license then to become a cop training wise,both still on trial runs but the cops have a gun!Folks who work in police must also decide when their job is wrong/unconstitutional and leave it and make very public the reasons why.Until then,you do not clean house yourselves and if necc. find a new line of employment but enforce unconstitutional laws and be a armed tax collector,well,don’t bitch about your choices then.As I said before,where is Serpico when you need him!

      30. Latest news: “Harry Reid may loose sight in his right eye after exercise accident”.

        News Flash: “Harry Reid has been totally blind in both eyes for many years and also sufferes from mental constipation and oral diarrhea.

      31. Stupid Americans need to wake up start killing Muslims before it gets way out of hand I don’t care if there are good Muslims thay need to convert if they want to live. There is no good Muslims . It’s false god if it was so good how come the good folks don’t speak out against the bad. It’s all evil what kind of faith has women so under control. I’ve seen people say control your woman to others nobody should be controlling anyone. I say kill them all let god sort them out . It’s gone on for too long now the sacrifice has to be greater on our part because no one would lead. More attacks coming to a town near you. Thank Obama for failing us all .

      32. Alternative theory…..

        So mammy’s request fo mo welfare din’t was rejected. What to do??? What to do??? Mammy needs a new excalade.

        So let’s get our boy to walk around the hood wit a new plastic pistol. “Now remember boy, when the popo shows up you get the drop on them jus’ like in dat movie”. Now we have antie Sharniqwa call the popo, “He got a gun! Waivin’ it all around pointin it at folks! He goin’ crazy I tell ya. Crazy. Oh my..was that a gunshot?? Oh”

        So the popo comes barreling in to “serve and to protect” the public from some crazed gangsta wannabee with a gun. Kid points the gun and the rest is history. Mammy jus wanted for her boy to get roughed up a bit by da popo so she could get restitution for the “horrible treatment” of her boy. Oh well. A girls gotta do what a girls gotta do.

        Mammy’s new excalade gots heated leather seats. Sharniqwa’s cut…well let’s just say she likes to ride the horse (heroin).

        Alternative theory. Take it for what it’s worth.

        • rednek101… I won’t comment on your post since I failed my 101 course and didn’t make it to 102 due to my higher IQ but be careful since similar officers may open fire on you if you are a CCW holder and your gun shows some print.

          • Stolz
            “your gun shows some print” huh??

            I got a CCW. I practice alongside local PD. They don’t care.

            Ya know…bottom line with all the events that people have been shot and otherwise tangled up with the police…they all did something that triggered a response from police. All of them. Without a doubt.
            If you don’t want a speeding ticket, don’t drive 70 in a 55. If you don’t want to get shot by the police, don’t point a gun at them. Third grader could figure that one out.

        • You can take any and all of your theories and do you know what with them.

      33. Just another example of the Stasi Fascist boot licking Police trash playing out their violent video game fantasies by actually shooting someone. That is what the Stasi Fascist boot licking Police have ALL become in collapsing Murica. The boot lcikers all know their FEUDAL SYSTEM shithole is collapsing, and it has driven them all insane knowing their cushy pensions and comfortable life will not be there in the future.


        You can clearly see the insanity in this Tamir Rice incident, when the boot licking idiots just drive right up to a suspect who was reported to have a gun. The fascist boot lickers were in such a hurry to shoot someone, they just threw out POLICE 101 Training of how to approach an armed suspect. We saw the same thing with the Stasi Fascist boot licking idiot in Ferguson, who had every chance to retreat or keep driving and wait for backup.


        All the insane boot licking Police are eating the poisonous toxic brain damaging GMO/SUGAR/HFCS/CHEMCIAL filled fake food and feeding the brain damaging shit to their children they should of never had, they are all shooting themselves and their children up with all the Big Pharma vaccines their evil shit stain Corporatist Fascist government tells them too get, they all get their drunk on with DEPRESSANT booze nightly or on their days off so they can forget about the fascist collapsing shithole they support, and they all take poisonous toxic Big Pharma drugs and gladly give the toxic shit to their children…..OF COURSE THEY ARE ALL BRAIN DEAD DUMBED DOWN COWARD PUSSY ZOMBIES, SO PLEASE STAY THE FUCK AWAY FROM THE INSANE FASCIST BOOT LICKERS AND KEEP YOUR CHILDREN AWAY FROM THEM ALSO.

        • Apparently Ron has had some run-ins with the popo that left a bad taste in his mouth. Such language.

          • Were in the middle of an Orwellian Stasi Fascist Genocidal Corporatist controlled tyrannical takeover, and a COWARD pussy Zombie like you is worried about language…Go eat some GMO’s and get your Big Pharma poison you ignorant dumbed down hybrid human, and tell your children what a COWARD you, so you have to complain about language instead of the evil in your midst.

            • @little Ron
              Ya know hon, your throwing out so many adjectives trying to make people think you know what your talkin’ about, it looks like the .gov throwing out all their fake economic numbers. Buncha BS. Hows that saying go: If you can’t dazzle them with brilliance, baffle them with BS.

              I’m not stupid. I know the evil in our midst is here. I’ve had gangsta’s try to run me off the road twice while going home from work. The second one I chased down. They don’t do that **** no more. I fight the evil in my own way. Ignore the lunkheads trying to push it into my world. If they don’t stop the things i do to combat them, well let’s just say “They don’t do that **** no more”.

              The progressive/communist wave in our country is being pushed by fairly intelligent people using the latest and greatest tech to push their cause off on the “useful idiots”. I hardly think your tactics of name calling and cursing will bring anyone of any worth to your cause. Jus’ sayin’.

              • Yeah hon, you keep believing your apathetic approach of criticizing those brave enough to speak the TRUTH is working, meanwhile courageous people like me will call the Stasi Fascist Corporatist Globalist genocidal shit stains exactly what and who they are, while COWARDS like you yell at idiots in traffic….Go get your GMO’s and sugar filled processed fake food hybrid human, so you can find comfort in toxic poison, while the brave among us call out the GENOCIDAL Corporatist Fascist shit stains destroying this planet and murdering our children….Why do cowards like you even come on this site?????

                • Ron Ahrens
                  1. One flew over the cuckoo’s nest….
                  2. Waste of genetic material
                  3. Adding to the problems
                  4. Thought processes completely off base with reality

                  “Orwellian Stasi Fascist Genocidal Corporatist controlled tyrannical takeover, and a COWARD pussy Zombie”
                  On crack?? Off your meds?? Any way your waaaayyyy over the top.

                  Orwell… ain’t he the science fiction writer, you know “war of the worlds”. Maybe Ron’s shooting a us secret message here. Tell me Ron, do they have them cooool laser beams like on Tom Cruz’s movie??? Just having fun…

                  The real issues facing this country are the effect of the changes in our social structure implemented 30 years back. Since them it’s been an escalating class war that has lead us to this point. Welfare class vs working class. Just gotta pull the plug on the few items. It will be very hard given the welfare mentality of our country. They won’t take kindly to us removing what they have “worked” so hard to achieve.

                  • Redneck zero,
                    You are off you meds. You are a clown that is begging to be taken seriously. Not going to happen.

                  • First of all idiot, War of the World’s was written by HG WELLS. A brain dead dumbed down chemically altered Zombie dipshit like you cannot even research before you write your ignorance. You are just another hybrid human, probably a lazy fat ass, consuming your GMO/SUGAR/HFCS/CHEMICAL filled fake food that has fried your brain, Go crawl back in your hole hybrid dipshit, you have no business being out at all. Please ignorant hybrid dipshit- enough of the “off your meds” standard bullshit from ignorant hybrid COWARDS, who shove Big Pharma shit in their fat faces daily. The problem with hybrid dipshits like you is the Big Pharma shit you shove in your ignorant face, along with the poisonous toxic fake food you are addicted too. Give it up hybrid, you do not have the brain capacity and never will for critical thinking or reasoning….YOU ARE NOTHING BUT JUST ANOTHER BRAIN DEAD DUMBED DOWN CHEMICALLY ALTERED HYBRID HUMAN DIPSHIT STILL TRYING TO BE RELEVANT IN THIS COLLAPSING STASI FASCIST SHITHOLE.

                    • Ya. I know who wrote war of the worlds. Just seeing if you were dumb enough to take the bait. And you’re still spewing your particularly nauseating form of poison.

                      To argue with a person who has renounced the use of reason is like administering medicine to the dead. Thomas Paine
                      I suggest Ron Ahrens is the zombie……

      34. It is too bad that the young man is dead but when you have a gun with the orange tip taken off of it and you are told to put up your hands and you grab for the gun, no matter I it is a toy or a real gun. That has been called in on a 911 call that the kid was waving a real gun at people. Should he have waited to shoot I don’t know I wasn’t there.

        Now for the aunt. This was a shooting scene for lack of a better term. You can’t have a person go into the scene, it will contaminate it. Did they take her down to hard, hard to tell. I had to take a guy to the ground when his house was on fire and he was going to try to go into the house to save his DOG. I saw the dog run out of the house and under his truck, but he wouldn’t listen to anyone and he was hell bent on going into a house that was fully engulfed with flames coming out very window, and door opening.

        Could they have handled it differently, Maybe! It is easy to be a arm chair quarterback with a lot of time to think about it. But when you only have milli-second to do something it is a different world.


        I bet I’ll get a lot of down thumbs on this one. If you haven’t done the job don’t tell someone that has been doing the job for years how to do it. Because you have no frigging ides how to do it. It would be like me telling a fighter pilot how to fly a F-16.

        • I said Aunt, It should be sister.

        • you are spot on Sgt. The sister could have contaminated evidence and needed to be stopped. More than likely she was hysterical(I know I would have been if my little brother lay shot dead in front of me) and they may have handcuffed her for her own protection.

          It is the same thing with the Michael Brown shooting. One of the criticisms that people have with the police that day is that they left his body out in the open for 4 hours I believe. I had accompanied our local police investigative unit on a shooting about 10 years ago. There was a 15 year old boy that had been shot and killed. I would say his body lay there about 5-6 hours while everything was processed. Not to be cruel, but to be thorough. Collecting evidence is a painstaking task. It takes time to do it well. I think that many are way too hard on law enforcement officials. Unless they have walked in their shoes, how would they truly know all there is to it.

          • T-Town
            Some body that has walked a mile in my shoes.

            What you wrote is so true. People want it done right and so do we. So just let us do the job and stop second guessing what and how we do things. Like I said some people on this site are trying to a Fighter Pilot how to flight a F-16.

      35. Off topic…

        The Truth Behind Baby Carrots

        “These carrots have been specifically bred to be smaller in diameter, coreless and sweeter than regular carrots.”

        “…there has remained a persistent concern from some consumers over how they’re grown and processed.

        “…before packaging, all carrots receive a brisk scrub accompanied by a chlorine bath.”

        “Grimmway Farms, whose labels include Cal-Organic, uses a chlorine solution on ALL its carrots – organic and non-organic — to prevent food poisoning, before a final wash in water.

        “…the chlorine bath is a standard practice in many pre-cut food items. “The chlorine-water solution is a needed step in the process to limit the risk of food-borne illnesses such as E.coli,”

        “But Dr. Aruna Weerasooriya, researcher and professor of agricultural sciences at Prairie View A&M University, says a perhaps larger, less known health concern is how the manipulation of certain vegetables degrades their nutritional value.”

        “When you look at wild carrots, they have high levels of Thymol, a phyto-chemical that is essential for the body to control bacteria and ward off viral infections,” he said. “Now, when you look at some of these new carrot breeds, this type of phytochemical just isn’t there.”

        Weerasooriya believes that carrot companies are trading in nutritional value for increased convenience to the customer – and profit for themselves. “Research should focus on how to retain some of these nutrients, but instead companies are probably more concerned about a longer shelf life.”

        Fox News

        • WTF does this have to do with this article?

          • WTF do you care???

          • It has nothing to do with the article nor does it have to. It is a “prepper” site and interesting information. So if you don’t like it Nobama, scroll on dude. Since you didn’t like that one, I am dedicating this post to you Nobama. I was reading an article about toilet paper and if stocking up on it was a good idea or not. Well the point was made it takes up alot of room and is not reusable. The article suggested taking cloth diapers and cutting them into usable size squares. After use, wash and reuse, just like the a cloth diaper.

            • I thought up the diaper trick years ago.

              Also, I was always told that baby carrots were just pieces of big carrots. I’ve never eaten one because they don’t look real.

              Queen Anne’s Lace is related to carrots and has an edible root. It might have the thymol and other nutrients missing from carrots in the grocery stores.

              • Yeah, they put so much of that chlorine whatever on the apples at McJunk that my kids won’t touch them and even I, one miserly person, couldn’t eat them. A couple other places poison the kids’ food like that too. Its pretty idiotic given that apples are fairly nicely packaged naturally and you could buy a commercial coring and slicing tool and have fresh apples. I guess its all about being able to treat your employees like idiots.

      36. The Birthright of every American is Individual Sovereignty. Each American is their own Authority. Any attempt to subjugate that authority with force shall be challenged. Repel all boarders!

        The police state paradigm is in error and must be eliminated. The local, county,state, and federal government paradigm is in error and must be eliminated.

        All enforced authority without consent is null and void.

        Freedom is yours to lose.

        If you cannot depend on your own judgement, with regards to running and ruling your personal liberties, how can you depend or trust the judgement of others?

        Be empowered by your free will and not a victim of apathy.

        Make no mistake, we are at war. Be prepared to defend yourself at all times. Charlie IS in the wire.



        ….tupelo honey…..BA.

        • BA…if I had the space..I would tattoo your whole post on my chest…OUTSTANDING READ!!!

          Live Free or Die…tupelo honey

          • @T1776:

            Good Day.

            Kind words, thank you.

            It is time to educate the masses and declare our independence.

            …..be safe……BA.

      37. Off Topic:

        It looks like Mitt Romney is putting his hat into the ring for 2016.

        Lets see, Romney, Jeb Bush, Hillary Clinton.

        If “The Establishment” gets people any closer to them to run it would literally have to be them. This is getting laughable.

        • It is cheap for them Kevin2 since they don’t need to reapply for AIPAC license renewal.

          Really in this country of us that’s all we got?

      38. Why promote hatred of the police? That little 12 year old was 195 lbs. How many 12 year old kids do you know that are that big? He has a gun in his hand pointing it at passers-by. Just because an unknown caller says a gun might be fake doesn’t mean it is. Look at this objectively. Put emotion and bias aside. What the police saw was a nearly 200 pound male waving a gun in public. If it’s a real gun, there is no time to duck a speeding bullet. We know, after the fact, that the guy was only 12 and the gun was not real. If you’ve ever been to a crime scene in a black area you would know it’s usually utter chaos and screaming and fighting. Where his Momma be? I’ve got some issues with the police, but not this time. And George Zimmerman got arrested again. Felony.

        • I always give Law Enforcement the benifit of the doubt, but give me a break, so this boy was big for his age what does that have to do with this case. One of the first principles of engagement with an armed opponent is to make space. So this boy is sitting in a gazbo and what do the cops do, come charging in like gang busters, driving in on the grass, when they could have pulled up in the street and accessed the situation a little better. This didn’t start out as a high stress situation. Trekker Out. Tragic!

        • Kids point toy guns at people all the time. Doesn’t mean you can murder them. Bad thing is, nothing will happen to the murderers. We live in a country where laws do not apply to police, politicians, CEO’s, and other select groups. They’ll get 3 months paid vacation and might have to go find another job. They will not be tried for murder. If a regular person goes up an shoots a kid who has a toy gun? his family better high tail it out of there.

      39. Confused why they didn’t shoot the FBI agent lending assistance.

      40. In general, the cops do an excellent job protecting the 50% that obey the law, work, and pay taxes. It is the bottom feeders and mooochers that seem to get a stick up their asses whenever an authority figure tells them to PUT DOWN THE GUN AND HIT THE DECK!!

      41. When the cops are not busy harassing members of the public, organized stalking, they are busy shooting and killing innocent members of the public. Most cops today are nothing but scum.

        • Actually, we moved to a smaller town bordering a large metro. The cops here seem awesome so far. Had some dudes trolling to kidnap kids and these guys are all over it. Maybe same dudes stalked my wife while she was jogging and she called cops and they come right over and take a report. I suspect the bureaucracy of large cities leads to miscreant cops.

      42. fuck you people looks like none of my comments stuck why?
        Others said way more stuff than I fuck that censor ship crap

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