“They Are Erupting”: Alaskan Volcano Throws Ash 35,000 Feet Interrupting Commercial Flights

by | Mar 9, 2017 | Aftermath, Conspiracy Fact and Theory | 25 comments

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    Volcanic eruption in Alaska’s Aleutian Islands as seen from ISS.

    Is a major seismic event headed our way?

    There is no way to know for sure, but science warns that hotspots like the San Andreas fault in Southern California are “overdue” for the big one, which frequently occurs every hundred years or so. If the earth doesn’t release enough steam from time to time, larger pressures can build up, creating event more catastrophic disasters.

    A volcano in Alaska’s Aleutian Islands has been erupting quite a bit lately – and has now had its biggest eruption so far in recent months, sending volcanic ash hurling some 35,000 feet into the air, high enough to disrupt commercial flights. That was the Bogoslof Volcano.

    It was a spectacular, if not unsettling event.

    Meanwhile, there was a new lava outbreak that was observed in Hawaii.

    It seems clear that things are heating up – they are beginning to erupt.

    Though things are not necessarily causally linked, there is often a chain of seismic disruptions that occur during a short span of time, and when things heat up in one part of, say, the Pacific Ring of Fire, things sometime explode elsewhere down the line.

    Could the intense three hour eruption at Bogoslof Volcano be a sign of bigger events to come? There is frequent seismic activity in the Aleutian Islands, to be sure, but there is also the sense of something immense building up from inside an angry earth.

    via RT:

    An Alaskan volcano experienced its largest eruption to date and created a large ash cloud. For the past several months, Bogoslof Volcano has had minor eruptions, but the most recent was its strongest, sending ashes 35,000 feet above sea level.

    Residents of the Aleutian Islands are under ash advisory …

    The spectacle lasted three hours and was marked by 200 lightning strikes, until it “just shut off,” according to Wallace. While the event did not disrupt air traffic, that may have been sheer luck. Any eruption above 20,000 feet can pose a risk to flights traveling between Asia and the US. In addition, Bogoslof could again erupt at any time.

    #Bogoslof volcanic ash cloud, 12:45 am March 8 ASKT. Cloud height >35K ft. Img by Dave Schneider, #USGS/AVO. https://t.co/YJkZa2ZT38 pic.twitter.com/FVE98ahxf8

    Are things heating up? Is something massive about to happen?

    Stay vigilant, have your preps and escape routes ready, and steady yourself for what may well be trying times ahead.

    Read more:

    FEMA Preps For the Big One: “Involves A Magnitude 9.0 Earthquake Along Cascadia Subduction Zone”

    12 Signs That Something Big Is Happening To The Earth’s Crust Under North And South America

    Bad Omen: Japan Bracing for Massive Volcano Eruption near Nuclear Plant

    The Safest Areas in America: An Expanded Western Relocation Zone


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      1. The ring of fire earning its name. Read over past few years of central america sounding off as well. Usually followed by heavy rain and flooding in south texas, la, etc…
        Volcano’s are bad azzz!

      2. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QH_9V_gNXaQ

        Congratulations for Governor Rick Perry. He is now our new Energy Secretary. Rick did a good job with Texas as a governor. And he passed a law recently allowing people who grow food to sell it legally at the farmers market, to allow full spectrum dominance over the globalist assholes who are trying to tell Texans what to eat, and where to source food. Now we can legally grow food on our land and sell it to people who are need of good quality organic food, and to hell with the 3rd world countries who grow food in dried up human shit, and Monsanto GMO BULLSHIT FOOD, and sell to people in food towns across America. I know a lot of people condemn Rick but Rick is one good economic poacher, and brought a lot of manufacturing into Texas, which what saved our asses economically in the general sense. Rick and while your at it, tell that little liberal prick sivestor turner, that the pot holes on our streets that he promised to fix are not getting fixed, and see if you can arrange for his impeachment.


        Governor Perry, internationally known, locally respected.

        • Russia Banned all GMO’s last year. Wonder why they are the new Boogieman? Know your history, so the scammers can’t scam you and fleece your resources.

      3. Wouldn’t hurt to look up your location relative to:

        Gas wells
        Pipe Lines
        Industrial Chemical Plants and Storage
        Carbonate Rock Geologic maps (sinkholes and underground caves)
        Trees (forest fires and falling)
        Power lines
        Downstream from Dams
        Top Edge of hills, or directly at the base (land/mudslides)

        Print out two maps of the local area. Clearly mark out three routes of escape. Two alternatives not connected to a major road, (they will be jammed or closed off), and one for going on foot. Take time off and go on the route, on foot.

        Consider two safe BOL, one reachable on foot and one ideal.

        Have camping gear/food in cases and on the ready to load up for immediate exfil. Have these cases just inside the garage door, or somewhere that requires less digging in case of a quake. Think.

        Have a wheel barrow or Travois ready in case of exfil on foot for heavier objects. Essentials only! Consider Beef jerky, medicine, and first aide with bed roll, knife/gun and rain gear, (like the cowboys).

        Know the location of local authorities, rescue, and FEMA, (not that you’re going there, but it’s nice to know).

        Thousands of folks have already experience SHTF on a local level. Many will have no homes to go back to. In light of the economic outlook, many will never see a rebuild. Their lives are changed forever.

        Put yourself in their shoes. Plan wisely.

        Get right with your head and drop the fear mongering nonsense. It’s real. This is life changing. We’ve enjoyed a great run. Now comes the real adventure. A permanent Scout Camping experience for some, (you know who you are).

        Calm today, storm tomorrow.

        • Great comment. Thanks for the list.

        • Faux- Wouldn’t hurt to look up your location relative to:

          **That’s all about your due diligence when you buy property there.

          What are you going to do with a Power lines or power lines. lol


        • You forgot military bases. Those are nuke targets, just like the metro areas. You probably
          do not want to live within 75-90 miles of any Army, Air Force or Naval bases. You don’t
          want to live downwind from one either, should they be nuked. Living only a few feet above
          sea level not wise, either ( Florida, Louisiana et al ).

      4. Things are heating up , in more ways than you can count

        They never bank on you realizing that you don’t have long to live anyways
        So … fight to the death it is

        Bring it ! you pile of pedophiles

      5. Well, in the old days (long long time ago)folks sacrificed to the gods of the volcano by throwing virgins or other innocents into them to appease their wrath. California today therefore………. is doomed.

      6. “Hillary Farted”

        “WWTI’s so retarded”

      7. I’ll reserve my thoughts on the volcano until after BI chimes in…

        • Nice thought but you might have a long wait. I’m more leery of what momma nature can come up with than what man can do.

      8. Fukishima has burned through the cement and is headed to the earth’s center, or so I’ve heard.
        I’ve been told by science professors that the earth has a molten core which keeps the magnetic protective barrier around the planet. Without a proper electromagnetic barrier, we would be subjected to the Suns wrath and other assaults from space. No life would exist. So, my question is, what happens when this burning Fukishima mass reaches the molten core ?? Could the earth explode ?? In the meantime could it be causing some changes to the earth’s activity, like this volcano ?? What will happen to Yellowstone ??

        Am I going to be able to fly ??


        • You’ll fly if your close enough when she burps.

        • It won’t reach the core and if it did it would just stay there and do nothing since the gravity on the way there would be maxed and get lighter as you moved away from it.

      9. Wait until Cascadia or the New Madrid go.

      10. Y’all might want to check out cascadian.orgfree.com. This is a comprehensive blog on the Cascadian subduction zone here in the NW. Please don’t think you’re left out if you live in Tennessee. There’s a deep continental rift that runs from Vancouver Island, BC thru the Madras fault zone, diagonal across the country! The author also provides many alternative energy system links and a through examination of probable consequences, their duration and preps to consider. The possibility of an 8 or 9 magnitude quake along the I-5 corridor is examined, which would devastate the Seattle/Tacoma area and Portland. Thank God for the volcanoes, which are like pressure release valves for and area that has been very ‘stuck’ for a long time.

        • A slow earthquake is happening under Puget Sound right now, which increases the risk of a Cascadia subduction zone earthquake.

          Risk Of Cascadia Quake Elevated As Puget Sound ‘Slow Slip’ Event Begins
          h ttp://patch.com/washington/seattle/risk-cascadia-quake-elevated-puget-sound-slow-slip-event-begins

      11. Wrong. If you want cutting edge on earthquakes… visit SuspiciousObservers on Youtube. There is a link to the scientists and what they are doing.

        • SO is a bad knock off of Dutchsinse! if you want the real earthquake 411??? Dutchsinse is the man! youtube him

          • Earthquakes can be forecast by using simple laws of physics, and Dutchsinse continually proves it.

            We can follow the progression of earthquakes like a road map, and we should pay attention to earthquake progression just as we do approaching weather systems.

            He is being harassed by the US gvmnt for ACCURATELY forecasting earthquakes, just like every other reporter of the Truth whom the lying bureaucracy is trying to silence. i.e. “Don’t worry your pretty little heads, you worthless peasants, because science is settled, and we don’t need your observations. This is the way it is and if you disagree or don’t go along with the narrative, you will be punished.”

            Truth is being revealed and lies exposed in multiple arenas “for such a time as this”.

      12. At last count, there were more than 35 active volcanoes, many of them on the Pacific Rim of Fire, which is an huge uptick in activity… Something is definitely going on and with HAARP back in business now,who knows what’s going to happen next.

      13. Note to self. Blow it out your big, bloated, biscuit-eating bootyhole.
        I have to drop a JDAM in Camode-istan.

      14. Where is Be Informed when you need him? I would like his opinions on the article.

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