“The Radical Left Seems Ready To Go To War” As Count Claims Hillary Won the Popular Vote

by | Nov 11, 2016 | Aftermath, Conspiracy Fact and Theory | 78 comments

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    This article was written by Michael Snyder and originally published his End of the American Dream site.

    Editor’s Comment: It is almost as if this unprecedented election was designed to bring about chaos. Half the country seem to vehemently hate one of the two candidates, and the election of either one may have been enough to start opposition riots, clashes in the street or worse – widespread, ongoing violence in all corners of the country. The perception that Hillary won the popular vote and pending official totals, which are even now subject to change, are likely to further fuel anger and division among leftist supporters who’ve long feared a Trump presidency.

    While many people in the patriot movement are breathing a sigh of relief at the defeat of the establishment’s candidate, it seems that millions on the left are now emotionally tied to a huge collectivist government, and are willing to fight for their own enslavement. Is America peaking out of the darkness, or about to enter into its darkest phase yet?

    Did America Really Pass The Test? – Hillary Clinton Is Going To Win The Popular Vote By A Wide Margin

    by Michael Snyder

    The 2016 election was a test, and it would be easy to assume that since Donald Trump won the election that America passed the test. Unfortunately, it may not be that simple. A closer look at the numbers reveals a very sobering reality. Yes, Donald Trump won far more electoral votes than Hillary Clinton did, and that means that he is on track to become our next president. But Hillary Clinton is going to win the popular vote, and it is likely to be by a very wide margin once all the votes are counted.

    As I write this article, Hillary Clinton has a lead of 218,000 in the popular vote, but most of the votes that have not been counted are on the west coast.

    In California, Hillary Clinton is leading Donald Trump by a 5,482,166 to 2,966,654 margin, and only 68 percent of the vote has been counted so far. So assuming that the ratio stays about the same the rest of the way, Clinton is going to add at least a million more votes to her lead just from the state of California.

    Up in Washington state, Hillary Clinton is leading Donald Trump by more than 370,000 votes, and only 60 percent of the vote has been counted there so far. So she could easily pick up another 200,000 votes in that state.

    When everything is all said and done, it seems very likely that Hillary Clinton will have received well over a million more votes than Donald Trump did in this election.

    So the truth is that the American people chose Hillary Clinton, but because of some electoral college magic Donald Trump is the winner of the election.

    And I am certainly very, very happy that Hillary Clinton is not going to be our next president. Four years under her “leadership” would have likely been the final nail in the coffin for our nation. My hope is that she will now disappear from national politics for good.

    But just because she is not going to be our next president does not mean that we passed the test.

    In this election, the American people were faced with a very stark choice. Hillary Clinton is the most wicked politician that our country has ever seen, and over the past three decades the American people have gotten to know exactly who she is and what she stands for.

    And despite knowing exactly what they would be getting, more Americans voted for her than voted for Donald Trump.

    If every vote counted equally, she would be our next president.

    I certainly don’t mean to rain on the Trump parade. Christians, conservatives and patriots are right to celebrate this victory by Donald Trump. But the truth is that I don’t believe that we did actually pass the test that we were faced with.

    As a nation, we willingly chose Hillary Clinton by a pretty substantial margin.

    And don’t think that the radical left is going to forget that Trump lost the popular vote. Already, violence and protests have erupted all over the nation.

    Shortly after Trump declared victory, riots broke out in Berkeley, San Jose and Oakland

    “Not my president! Not my president!” chanted anti-Trump rioters in Berkley, California as they light flares and storm the streets.

    Riots erupted in Berkley, San Jose and Oakland shortly after the announcement of Donald Trump as president-elect. Rioters are breaking into stores, vandalizing cars and shooting flares.

    One woman in Oakland was hit by a car on Highway 24 just after midnight and has suffered serious injuries after. When she pulled over to the right shoulder, she was surrounded by anti-Trump rioters, who vandalized her car and broke the back window, according to CHP officers.

    There were reports of protesters burning American flags in some areas of the country, and there were even brawls outside of the White House.

    And once the sun set on Wednesday night, the protests started again. According to USA Today, “thousands of demonstrators” have hit the streets in New York City…

    In New York, thousands of demonstrators blocked off streets around Trump Tower near the busy intersection of 57th Street and Fifth Avenue, chanting “hey hey, ho ho, Donald Trump has got to go” and “p—y grabs back,” a reference to tape of a Trump conversation from years back in which he One woman protester was topless while another climbed on top of a tree to see the activity. Taxis, city buses and passenger vehicles stood at a standstill.

    In Boston, radical leftists were organizing a giant protest against Trump

    Far-left organizers are planning a mass protest in Boston against President-elect Donald Trump, citing the need to “immediately start fighting against him.”

    Approximately 2,300 people have indicated they will gather outside the Massachusetts State House in Boston tonight for a “Boston Against Trump Rally.” According to the Facebook event page, another 5,000 people say they may be interested in attending.

    “Donald Trump is the next President of the United States. We need to immediately start fighting against him. We need to build a movement to fight racism, sexism, and Islamophobia,” the event description says.

    Sadly, this could be the beginning of a new era of protests, rioting and civil unrest.

    Instead of coming together behind the new president, the radical left seems ready to go to war.

    So even though Trump won the election, the truth is that our troubles may only just be starting. More than half the country didn’t want Trump, our nation was already more divided than it has been in decades before he won, and it won’t take much for many of our big cities to descend into utter chaos.

    Without a doubt, we should be very excited that Donald Trump won the election, but an election victory is not going to magically make our problems go away.

    When faced with the most monumental election in any of our lifetimes, Hillary Clinton received the most votes from the American people, and the consequences for that decision may be far more severe than most people are now anticipating.

    GetPreparedNow-MichaelSnyderBarbaraFixMichael T. Snyder is a graduate of the University of Florida law school and he worked as an attorney in the heart of Washington D.C. for a number of years.

    Today, Michael is best known for his work as the publisher of The Economic Collapse Blog and The American Dream

    If you want to know what is coming and what you can do to prepare, read his latest book [amazon text=Get Prepared Now!: Why A Great Crisis Is Coming & How You Can Survive It&asin=150522599X].

    About the author: Michael Snyder is the founder and publisher of The Economic Collapse Blog and End Of The American Dream. Michael’s controversial new book about Bible prophecy entitled “The Rapture Verdict” is available in paperback and for the Kindle on Amazon.com.


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      1. Happy Veterans day,
        To all you Vets out there, Thank you!
        God bless

        • Nailbanger
          AMEN to that!!! have a good day VETS!!!

          notice!! it is ALL the young brainwashed KIDS doing this rioting, the violent games and TV shows and libtard college professors have done a excellent job of screwing up there minds!!!

          • Many have served in the military in my family – including my husband, father, father in law, and three brother in laws.

            Remembering our Veterans today.

            Terry Kelly – A Pittance of Time

            • Thank You.

        • Thank you nailbanger, and thanks to all the vets out there…
          As to this article, bush/gore 2000…
          electoral vs popular votes…
          nuff said.

        • Nailbanger – Apache

          You are welcome and I thank my fellow veterans as well including there families who go through rough times while they are not home. Some who never have there loved one come home again.

          Thanks to all vets and anyone who has served.

      2. One way or another we must prepare ourselves for civil war. They want it and we shall give it to them as a response.

        Damned if we do and damned if we don’t. So no matter who wins there will be war.

        • Anon, I agree. If the libturds want a war, they’ll get more than they bargained for. Let the f#$%ers bring it on. BTW, HAPPY VETERANS DAY to all veterans out there, including the ones in my family.

        • Civil war?? with the snowflakes???? You do get that guns are scary to these weasels…would be the shortest civil war in history….and only about half as many snowflakes showed up in LA LA land last night…This will all be old news by next week….

          • The Six-Hour War, or the Weekend War, something like that.

          • Wait until winter sets in. Snowflakes, ironically, can’t stand the cold. Or reality for that matter.

        • Won’t be fair for them if it does come down to us versus them. I can just picture all those girlie men trying to slap us. Holy cow, what a picture!!

          Remember how all the Cuba airplane high jackings stopped suddenly? Remember how all the campus riots stopped suddenly? Remember how all the inner city riots stopped suddenly? The children will stop soon. Real soon.

          • Watched Doctor zivago. Today . What civil war looks like . But didn’t show the starvation that’s the worst part. Food is the ultimate weapon. We shouldn’t forget that. Because they will use it first thing. You can’t eat bullets. And no one will have food to steal. Like in the movie Cold mountain. Even if the money was worth something there’s nothing to buy.

        • ,what m2you paranoid rednecks think citizen protesting is declaring war on you or anybody.? They aren’t carrying any weapons

        • That’s great… I think that one is going up as it’s own story. Thanks!

        • FTW, ROTFLMAO! Damn good one! I saved it to my computer. That one is a classic!

      3. As I wrote on ZH
        Peoples will? At 71 years old I can still remember when we were all Americans and not factions trying to dominate each other. What this election shows me is a significant number of people like myself still know what it is to be an American. How much longer that will last remains to be seen.

        She didn’t win any popular vote – they allowed 6 to 8 million illegal aliens to vote! Where in the hell in our constitution does it say some official in California, Florida, Colorado or Georgia get to decide who is a citizen and vote!!

        The electors won’t dare switch. I didn’t pay my dues in ‘nam to let some punks take over my country. I never forgot how CQB works and that event might ‘…flip my switch…” if it happened.

        If anyone thinks this is over they have air between their ears. History says this will always end bad at some later date. But for now I will savor my victory …

      4. As I wrote on ZH
        Peoples will? At 71 years old I can still remember when we were all Americans and not factions trying to dominate each other. What this election shows me is a significant number of people like myself still know what it is to be an American. How much longer that will last remains to be seen.

        She didn’t win any popular vote – they allowed 6 to 8 million illegal aliens to vote! Where in the hell in our constitution does it say some official in California, Florida, Colorado or Georgia get to decide who is a citizen and vote!!

        The electors won’t dare switch. I didn’t pay my dues in ‘nam to let some punks take over my country. I never forgot how CQB works and that event might ‘…flip my switch…” if it happened.

        If anyone thinks this is over they have air between their ears. History says this will always end bad at some later date. But for now I will savor my victory …

        • It was worth repeating !

          Like you say, she has not won the popular vote, once the dead and the illegals are taken out. She lost in a landslide and the left is in denial.

      5. Massive black thug uprising in south east Houston over Donald Trump’s win. I just got a text from one my team members. Luckily he and workers are not Hillary fans and are prepped. The cops are out there, so it’s being monitored per my source. Looks like the populous in that area of town, since it has the largest felon population of the entire city must be concerned that they will have to get up off there asses and work like the rest of us.
        Like I told my friend, that can only happen out there. On my side of town, we are little different in the worse way.


      6. HCKS, it sounds like you ought to head for your BOL. I’ve been at mine for 9 days now and staying a bit longer thanks to the libturds acting up. Watch your six and be careful. Best wishes.

        • Don’t take this the wrong way, BH, but we did not elect Donald Trump to office to spend it running to our Bug-Out Locations. We’re staying and fighting for our country’s future and these lunatics in the streets are not going to win.

          • Smokey, no offense taken, I promise you that. I’m waiting to see if things settle down before I do anything. Just bear in mind I face going back to a black-majority, libturd-run city where I still have a job and home. I never go looking for trouble but if someone comes to me looking for trouble, they’ll damn sure find it.

            • Yeah, I’m in the wrong half of the blue state of Washington, but I’m not leaving.

              Looking forward to seeing some illegals leave, 10% of our county population and 40& of our jail population. Half of our property crimes are committed by illegals, and just recently a muslim immigrant shot and killed 5 people at our local mall.

              • Smokey, I definitely don’t envy your situation. Sounds like it’s time for some illegals to ‘disappear’. Get rid of them and your problems go away also.

      7. From this VET to all other vets, HAPPY VETERANS DAY! Let’s all stick together and guard the Republic. We aren’t looking for any trouble, but if these clowns want some, we will oblige them. Long Live the Republic!

        • NTX Prepper, Happy Veterans Day & Semper Fidelis. Thanks also for using the correct term, REPUBLIC, when writing about our Fed. govt. Many protesting snowflakes need the education about the structure of our Fed. Govt. as spelled out in the Constitution. Progressives need to read the Constitution and the Federalist Papers. Better yet, they should take an online course about those documents from Hillsdale College.

      8. When blacks rage, cities burn. When whites rage, continents burn. If they want a fight, they will start it, but WE will finish it.

        • True but still waiting for the whites to get off their butts. And to be frank, the fittest people I see are not white these days. Been awhile since I have seen a white man who doesn’t have a pot belly and doesn’t get winded climbing the stairs. You won’t be able to take care of business like that. Look at how tough the Russians are: they can fight and are fit.

          • you aint seen me. Im 65 and don’t have a gut. I just mowed raked and bailed 600 small square bales and put them in my barn all by myself. Of course I am german and swede and grow my oun food. However you are correct there seem to be plenty of White Wigger Land Wales. Likely they are food stamp welfare drawing Hellery supporters. When the culling happens lots of white folks will perish. Those little hard working brown skinned guys likely will prevail. Im going to encourage my grandchildren to pick Hispanic mates. Lots of them aint too hard to look at.

        • Hilarious !

      9. Before we decide that Trump lost the popular vote, maybe we should find out how many illegal aliens voted, or felons, or how many people voted twice, or three times, or how may votes were cast electronically to the wrong candidate. How many dead voted. How many were paid to vote?

        • I’ve been saying that for three days, now. Hillary lost the popular vote by at least 3 million votes, maybe even 6 million, a landslide defeat. Libs get quiet when they hear that, the thinking ones, anyway.

        • Scavenger,
          Bingo, you are right on the money. Estimates are that Democrats dead votes, illegal votes, tampered voting machine votes, and just plain fraudulent votes totaled over two million votes.

          Had Democrats followed the law and not been lying thieves, President Trumps victory would have been called a landslide.

      10. Good thing the lefty loonies don’t believe in owning guns.

        I find it interesting that they always have their chimpouts and other communist-inspired agitation events in the downtown or ghetto areas of cities. Why is it they don’t seem to venture out to the suburbs, where their deadly enemy, the white families, live? What are they afraid of encountering in the suburbs and rural areas?


        • RS

          Whoop there it is!

          Nothing like a belt fed weapon MG34, Mg42 and M60E3

          • The sturmgewehr 42 is still the best machine gun ever made, they used to call it the saw because it would literally saw a man in 2.

        • Now imagine that field full of elitists and other traitors…..

        • I love the Knob Creek night shoot! It’s awesome!!

      11. I still believe succession the answer,or,perhaps a displeased divorce.We are truly that divided,no amount of huge prosperity or economic collapse will bring us together,find a way to break up the country seems the most least violent alternative.

        A civil war will not no matter who wins/loses make the country better,just a target for takeover.Break up the country and let folks vote with their feet,sucks,but probably least violent ending.

        • Warchild, It will not come to succession (though I would support it). The U.S. Government is too big an entity to allow any part of its tax base to leave. I believe it will stop any succession by any means.
          What is going to happen sooner than people think is the collapse of western socialism. No one knows when the black swan will hit – but it is coming. What will simply happen is western governments will run out of things to mortgage to keep socialism a float. When the consensus is that soverign debt is no longer serviceable western socialist systems will go under…

      12. Of COURSE the, err… anti-gun left wants violence. After the left MURDERED over 100 MILLION last century, why should things change?

        Two points:

        a.) you idiots don’t own guns; conservatives do. And we know which way to point them, you don’t. While I am totally non-violent myself, self-defense when attacked is not considered violence. Good luck leftist fascists.

        b.) I DEMAND my safe space from leftist protesters, just like on campus. Round up these people for threatening my safe space. Put ’em in a FEMA camp, or else in the Socialist Workers’ Paradise of Venezuela where they should be much happier (just make sure to confiscate all their possessions first, to redistribute to the poor. That included their iPhones, their futons in mommy’s basement, and that Lexus grandma gave poor Timmy and Susie.

        Vile, hypocrite, violent, fascist leftists. You arrogant, incredibly ignorant, nasty lazy Nazis make me sick. (Yes, Nazi. As in National SOCIALIST Workers’ Party, which adopted explicitly socialist planks at their first convention, Munich, Feb. 1920)

        • test,over 280 million killed in democide last century,would bet that over 200 million were by facist/socialist types.

          • They all were.

          • Dont forget to add another 60 million by us

        • ” anti-gun left wants violence.”

          In the end this social disruption is financed and you can bet George Soros is no communist. Going back to the late 1950s the John Birch Society theorized, by observation, that the communists were working in collusion with capitalists. Rothschild, Warburg, Rockefeller certainly don’t believe, “from those according to their means to those according to their needs”.

          They’re all tools of control. Look behind the curtain.

      13. What about all the rigged votes from all the dead voters, felons, etc.etc. likely account for at least a million or two?

      14. The left is willing to use violence and break the law. They are doing it now and have done it in many countries. Radical Islam has been in an open alliance with the left since 2001. Go to any lefty protest and you will see the black flags there and many, many radical Muslims protesting in consort with the left. On the other hand, despite all the ‘hero’ talk on sites like this, the right and conservatives rarely ever use organized violence to make a political point.

        The fact Hillary won the popular vote is all the left and Muslims need to make sure Trump never sees inauguration. From a historical perspective, this is a long-standing fissure in human societies and it is never resolved peacefully. The period from 1920 to the 1950s saw epic upheavals and wars to resolve this tension. Things calmed down more or less as people rallied around liberal democracies. But, as we see in this rejection of the vote, the liberal democratic option is not going to calm people down. Trust me: putting people like Rudy and Sarah Palin out in front to calm the left down or make them respect the system, will not work.

        The riots and protests will only escalate. The assassinations will also escalate as the ‘seal’ has been broken on that one by the killings of serving peace officers.

        The government will face a stark dilemma: let the unrest grow and widen and disrupt the economy, or clamp down and go for marshal law and mandatory conscription. I think the government will take option 2 before January. But it will have to be very hard because the left and the Muslims and kneegrows are not going to calm down quickly or easily. E-gates and e-curtains will need to be used to keep groups locked into their areas and stop movements. To go to another city you will have to seek permission from a central processing center and then let them real-time track you on your journey.

      15. If they want a war so be it. The Left wing needs a good culling.

      16. To vets and active service men and women everywhere, thank you for your service and sacrifices.

        After years of left wing loonies running our government many Americans have a greater appreciation of the fragility of our republic, and the freedoms we could lose in a heartbeat.

        As for the popular vote vs the electoral college, the founders chose the electoral college system to protect our republic from being controlled by high population states who might have a personal agenda. Indeed we are seeing the most visceral reaction to the President Trumps election win exclusively in states that voted heaviest for Hillary. Californians with 55 electoral college votes, more than any other state are demanding the loudest that they should be able to subvert the election. In NY state outside of NY city the vote was massive for trump, but liberal NY city, with its massive liberal population overshadowed the statewide vote. In the case of NY State, just one city decided the vote for the whole state.

        The founding fathers were right again!

      17. Subtract out the dead and fictitious voters, multiple ballot artists, pardoned felons, and illegal aliens from the national vote totals and Hillary has lost the tally by at least 3 million votes.

        Anyone says that line, ‘she won the people’, just respond with that.

      18. The radical left is already attacking us with their temper tantrums and sissy fits! Of course they must keep up there strength by stopping long enough to have breakfast, lunch and dinner at mommie’s. And of course there is always time to get one more video game in. And a nap. Whew. They were right. War is hell.

      19. WTF are the snowflakes and cupcakes going to do?????

        The entire US Military supports Trump
        All Police Forces in America support Trump
        Alphabet agencies support Trump
        ICE supports Trump
        The Border Patrol supports Trump
        All gun owners in America support Trump

        Are the snowflakes and cupcakes going to flood the White House with dildo’s from their micro-agression proof safes spaces, while they make fart noises and walk around in a chemical haze sucking down EDC laden soda poison and stuffing their dumbed down toxic dump hybrid human bodies with GMO toxic garbage???

        It is over snowflakes, Satanists, and whining cupcakes…YOU HAVE NOTHING-the US Constitution and a just God are TRENDY again…GET OVER IT!!!!!!

        • You hit the nail on the head. Might makes right and the dems/commies lost all their power 11/8/2016. Time to proceed with the purge.

      20. Mac, They are talking about Martial Law. Is this TRUE? Can you please check. Thank you for your help and time. ************((

      21. Smokey, Brave lives next to a not so good side of town in his area. Brave stay out there for the time being till the lib tards run out of energy and have to curve tail under their asses and go home to the tax funded houses we maintain for them with our hard earned tax dollars.

        Brave, Houston is stable right now except for that area of town with known for the large felon populations of rapist and sex offenders. It’s not safe for liberal protesters, My cop source said 1 year ago, that they built a special tactical team to counter the dred loch insurgency that’s commensing now. So far business is increasing from the positive effect of the Trump win, and I am doing better already.


      22. I read somewhere now Hillary does not have the popular vote. Of course, it is not reported in the news.

      23. HCKS, glad to hear you’re OK. I understood Smokey’s point and know he means well. My city is stable for now but that could change at any time. Why go back into the middle of a riot if I don’t have to? A few more days at most and maybe it’ll be over. The LE agencies in my area have supposedly put together a similar team for what you mentioned.

      24. I don’t believe a word of it that she won the popular vote. SHE STOLE millions if not 10’s of mIllion’s of votes in this election. TRUMP won simply because it was a LANDSLIDE! Thank you GOD for intervening

        • They just didn’t have enough fraudulent votes to win. If it’s not close, they can’t cheat enough.

      25. One point that all should consider. The electors of the electoral college have not cast there ballets yet. They are sworn and in some cases threatened with fines for not voting according to how there state voted. I have seen anything that makes me believe this is a problem. In today’s world though I don’t discount much of anything. It was supposed to prevent bribery and other corruption using this electoral system. Does anyone think the demons on the other side care?
        Just something to consider. The president has not been elected really until the electors cast there ballets.

        • I’m sure Soros and the Rothschild family can afford to buy off electors. Heck, even the Clinton Foundation might have a few pennies to toss into the pot.

          • Buster Hymen

            Its not what they can do which is almost unlimited but what they’re likely to do using strategic thinking. Its in their best interest to maintain the illusion of self government. They need to maintain the election process. Trump will be controlled by hamstringing his efforts, false flag and if an opportunity arises, and they’ll create the condition to facilitate it, an impeachment.

            They don’t play well with others. Trumps VP is Lyndon Johnson.

      26. Continuing and escalating their temper tantrums would be the worst mistake of their lives.

      27. You know, you’re making things worse with this in my opinion and letting ignorance hang in the air, rather than EDUCATING people on the way the country WORKS and was founded to Work…The bottom line is, it wasn’t some “Electoral College Magic” that won trump the Election…You sound just as ignorant as them when you make statements like this…

        The truth and the reality is that the Electoral College was put into place because America is NOT A DEMOCRACY!! It is a CONSTITUTIONAL REPUBLIC…Our founding fathers of this country absolutely HATED Democracy which is basically just another way of saying “Mob Rule”…The 51% Govern the 49% and this was a concept they simply did not want to endorse or see played out in this country..

        How does this translate to the Electoral College? Very simply, the founding fathers wanted to make sure that certain highly populated states in the union did not have the power ultimately to sway an election, SOLELY based on the fact that this region was more densely populated than others in the union…Makes sense, a nice buffer to traditional “democracy”…

        They did this by assigning electors to each state based on the population of said state…So, the more highly populated states defintely get more power and contribute more to the electoral sway by virtue of this system, but thats balanced out perfectly by the ability of other smaller states, basically banding together and beating the combined larger states numbers of electors..

        Once you UNDERSTAND THE CONCEPT and why it was put in place in the first place? And understand that this is one of the most basic and IMPORTANT PRINCIPALS this country was founded on?? Period? Maybe you can stop referring to it as “magic”, which totally downplays it and makes it sound like someone “cheated” here or the wicked witch got ROBBED somehow…

        That despicable woman only got as many votes as she did because a few VERY LARGE AND MUCH MORE HIGHLY POPULATED STATES had more citizens voting for her in them…THOSE STATES WERE ALLOWED TO EXERCISE THE POWER THEY ARE DEEMED BY OUR CONSTITUTION IN THE ELECTORAL PROCESS!!





      28. If they try something funny to keep Trump out of office, you know what to do.

        But do it very specifically and effectively, as they say “waste not, want not”.

      29. california needs to be broken up. The first thing I would do if I were Trump is invoke the 14th amendment which allows the federal government to occupy any state which denies its citizens any part of the constitution ergo the 2nd amendment and 1st amendment in Cali. I would list it as occupied and in restoration, install a garrison and send all of its politicians home until it met the requirements for reinstitution, I would break it up into 6 states. I would do the same to New York and break it into 2. this really is the only way to take our country back, the legal frame work to do this is right in the 14th amendment. I would simply deny these states voting rights for about 20 years until new states were established.

      30. repost…
        I’ve seen this list posted here before. Time for a revisit. This list has some narratives/Catholic leaning site, just borrowed their list.
        Communism’s 45 goals to destroy the United States.
        ht tp://www.tldm.org/News7/CommunismInAmerica.htm

        Reversing everything on this list is like a how-to manual to revive the republic. Many items have been accomplished by the communists. Common core, lax moral and ethical standards. We now have everything in place needed to crush democrat/commie balls.

      31. For all those that served, men or women, state-side or foreign. If you were/are in the military –

        THANK YOU for your SERVICE

        You will never be forgotten.

      32. Silver down again. Dip buying time. People are piling back into the stock market. That’s the Trump effect.

        There’s going to be some little nubbins heads cracked in the next few days- Some cities may tolerate this bull, but the South don’t play, even with black mayors. Calling all snowflakes, gangbangers and Aztecas… to the ER room if they walk on the wild side in the next few days.

        All that said, I stand by my prediction that for each 3 degree drop in temperature, we will see fewer and fewer minorities outside protesting. The snowflakes will wonder why they were left alone, shrug their shoulders, and head off to Starbucks.

      33. These nuts out trying to get electoral votes from states to change that would be something that are not prepared for The TRUMPERS would then show what happens there will be other protesters out but they will be armed and ready to show whiners their little protests could end with red streets.

      34. need TRUMP supporters to sign COUNTER PETITION that is being blocked by MSM please! Not my petition but I, a Canadian who believes in fairness, fully support it See http://www.change.org/p/electoral-protect-state-s-rights-by-upholding-the-2016-presidential-electoral-votes Only 130 people found it to sign it! My tweets to get the word out were deleted then my account disabled – so I can’t get info out about this STOP HILLARY AND HER INSANE SUPPORTERS WHO HAVE 4.5 MILLION SIGNATURES BECAUSE THEY ARE NOT BEING CENSORED

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