The IRS Can Nix Your Right to Travel: “They Could Revoke Your Passport on Your Honeymoon”

by | Dec 22, 2015 | Aftermath, Conspiracy Fact and Theory | 105 comments

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    US Passport - Enemy Expatriation Act

    Never mind the fact that the IRS itself has been unconstitutionally taxing most Americans for the past century.

    If you are found to be delinquent in paying your taxes,the IRS can now revoke your passport, and prevent you from traveling until you’ve been cleared by the tax behemoth.

    As USA Today reports:

    A new enforcement provision passed by Congress and signed into law earlier this month allows the government to revoke the passports of seriously delinquent tax scofflaws — people who owe more than $50,000 to Uncle Sam.

    “You could be on your honeymoon and they could revoke your passport,” said Tom Wheelwright, a certified public accountant and chief executive officer at ProVision Wealth Strategists in Tempe, Ariz.

    Some details still need to be worked out, but the new passport rule indicates the government wants to get serious about collecting unpaid tax debts. The IRS reported 12.4 million delinquent accounts owing nearly $131 billion in assessed taxes, interest and penalties in 2014.

    In addition to going after delinquent taxpayers by revoking their passports, the FAST Act highway-transportation bill signed by President Obama on Dec. 4 also gives private debt collectors a shot at forcing taxpayers to make good on their debts. The act includes a mandate that the Internal Revenue Service turn over certain unpaid tax delinquencies to private debt collectors.

    The passport-revoking provision allows the Department of the Treasury and the IRS to authorize the State Department to take away U.S. passports from individuals with seriously delinquent tax liabilities. That’s defined as those greater than $50,000 and for which the IRS has filed a lien or levy, according to Matthew D. Lee of law firm Blank Rome. In a blog, he described the passport-revoking provision as a “powerful tool to force tax compliance.” Affected taxpayers would receive written notice.

    Obviously, the emphasis is on revenue generation and the recovery tax money owed.

    The rules have not all been worked out, but it appears that Americans who are already out of the country when their passports are revoked would likely be allowed to come back home.

    But the larger issue is the overlapping of policies that are not always fair, which become even less fair when intertwined to enforce government policy – creating a serious risk of violating rights.

    The threshold is $50,000, which initially seems like it would apply only to big fish; but when you factor in all the penalties and stacked fines that can be rapidly levied by the IRS, it really could happen to almost anyone. That might especially be true for expats, who often get caught up in tax liens when the IRS merely intends to investigate whether persons overseas have been paying their dues.

    But the sudden loss of income, employment or mistakes in calculating tax liabilities could all factor into being unable to pay, and yet these individuals would likely lose their right to freely travel. USA Today notes:

    Wheelwright views the $50,000 limit as low, adding that it wouldn’t take much to accumulate that much debt if a person lost a job or incurred big medical bills. It doesn’t help that it’s getting more difficult for people to contact the IRS, which is answering only about 40% of telephone calls from taxpayers, he said. Even tax professionals are looking at average phone waits of about 90 minutes, he said.

    Many of the people with severely delinquent accounts are U.S. citizens who live in other nations, said Mark Luscombe, principal federal tax analyst at researcher Wolters Kluwer in suburban Chicago. Some have dual citizenship and might not worry about losing their U.S. passports. “They feel they can ignore a tax problem for a while.”

    While the IRS is unlikely to abuse this new power in the short term, and most of the cases may involve individuals who are legitimately delinquent, there is little that would keep the IRS from doing so in the future.

    Will members of the IRS, Treasury or State Dept. be caught piling on fraudulent tax liens or sums in order to penalize their political enemies, as well as dissidents (as Lois Lerner & co. did with Tea Party members) and shady individuals (whom, in theory, they might like to bust for tax evasion, but lack enough evidence to prove…)

    The scenarios and possibilities for abuse are numerous, and there is every reason to think that this violates the spirit of the separation of powers, and represents a dangerous precedent for the IRS, who already stop at nothing to harass and eat out the substance of hardworking people in this nation.

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      1. The honeymo0on has been over for a long time.
        I really don’t want to leave the USA any way.

        I’m spending my money on Prepps.

        Just like the Guberment attack the US citizen and let ISIS or what ever in to kill us.

        They can stick my Pass port where the sun don’t shine. (They would probably like that).


        • Guilty , until proven innocent.
          Sounds about right for a fascist dictatorship .

          • Of course, there will be exceptions made for Congressmen and their cronies. Those that make these ridiculous laws always manage to exempt themselves and their buddies.

            • The IRS is probabably the most powerul institution/agency in the world and they tptb have just made it more powerful. Absolute power corrupts absolutely and this has been demonstrated by the IRS in the way they targetted the Tea Party and other individuals who were outspoken against the current regime.

              Louisiana Eagle

              • Laeagle, correct.
                Saw the reruns on Ms Colombia getting 2nd place. That would suck.

                Bad news, Hillary won. Good news, Steve Harvey announced it…

              • We have two criminal classes in this country: criminals outside government and criminals inside government. The IRS houses a large body of the latter category.

              • the moron citiizenry enable all of this by doing absolutely NOTHING to fight it while they still can. they’ll soon reap the rewards of their sloth and indifference when their doors are kicked in ala
                Iraq at 3am

            • I had a $212 fee I owed to the IRS. It took almost 3 years to get it resolved. I ended up paying the fee 3 times. Sending a check (That was cashed), paying in person and even having an audit still couldnt get rid of the fee and the all the letters and threats that came along with it.
              They are going to need to set the bar really high or the airports are gonna be a mess.

              • Ed, sounds like you need to move to a more eco friendly location. For hell’s sake if I had to put up with the shit you do I would be on an animal murder spree (and I love animals). Get some modern solar panels and ground mount them and fence them in. It works, I know lol.

            • Will Al Sharpton’s passport be revoked? $19 million…just saying.

          • They already have liens on them and the cases have been adjudicated. Indidual states have been revoking licenses of people who don’t pay their taxes and child support. Like a realtor who doesn’t pay taxes on income. I pay taxes as most here do. I don’t understand why people would have an issue forcing deadbeats to pay. They can get the passport back by being on a payment plan. Not that I agree with most tax dollar use but change the way we spend (Rand Paul) rather than not pay.

          • They opened another can of worms to control whoever they wish to control (which is all of us evetually). Frankly, I’d like to see all of us Americans stop paying taxes just one time….what would they do about that? You do know we outnumber them. I’m for closing them down completely and paying a flat tax. No need for all those pay checks going out anymore. Think of the money saved on just that one move.

          • Wherever there’s a corpse, the vultures will gather.

        • How can you claim that upon the death of Christ all the Mosaic laws were thenceforth fulfilled and abolished?

          Has Christ freed me to run around raping and murdering?

          Some of them must logically still be in effect, otherwise morality is dead. Which ones? The Mosaic law says that I should not insult or embarrass people, and that I should not eat meat with blood still in it, and that when game is downed I should drain the blood from it and tamp it into the Earth.

          • We were freed from the law, which required retribution, to be forgiven and love our neighbors as ourselves, which is actually a higher bar than just obeying “Thou shalt not..”

        • On the other hand, a properly armed US citizen can nix a tyrants right to keep breathing by shooting them in the head when said tyrant tries to take away their rights.

          • Caucasian, an idea like that could be hazardous to someone’s health. just saying.

        • You can just get a marriage visa and come right back in. If you say you are a muslim you get in the express lane.


          The literacy rate in the Ottoman Empire was 5%. Islam is Satanic. Liberals bemoan our failing school system. Why don’t you try educating our kids?

        • People are not even capable of baking a Christmas ham or Christmas cookies for themselves anymore. People are lined up in Der Supermarkt to buy “Holliday cookies”.

        • I love the prologue of The Exorcist.

          Did you notice Pazuzu has a huge erection?

          Why do we send humanitarian aid money and food to people who live in the desert? Why would you live in a desert?

          7th century goat-herders.

          Shariah dog? In a burqua? We call it a barka. bwahahhahaha.

          • Only you would notice a huge erection lol.

        • Sarge, same with me. My wife and I went out of the country for 2 months back in the late 70s. I’ve already seen all I want of the outside world. I don’t even fly or have a passport these days so it doesn’t faze me. I’m still stacking myself.

        • Another incentive for the dual citizenship crowd to renounce, or since that’s now gotten expensive, never claim American citizenship to begin with.

          Syrian passports seem to be cheap right now. As a bonus, western governments expect nothing from you if you claim to be a refugee.

        • What do you call a country, where you can come in without the Governments permission but you can leave without it? Trekker Out. Gotta Passport!

        • how about instead of bonuses to employees of the IRS have them pay their back taxes they owe, this may be a good idea

        • You can take Utah’s concealed carry course and you’ll get back almost all the lost reciprocity. We need national concealed carry.

          • We need country wide constitutional carry
            Fuck all thier paperwork and infringements

            BTW Virginia suck my balls ( not the state and its people just its asshole in government)you don’t have the right to recind my 2nd amendment
            This Jackoff doesn’t have that power to superceed the constitution
            Besides the paper permission slip is also an infringement
            I will not comply

      2. The government doesn’t want you, they want your money and your assets and will deprive you of your rights until they get or put you in a government cage. After they get what they think they are entitled to you can leave. However, if you go to another country and work you are still required to pay taxes on your income to the US even if you never come back. I read an article that some cash strapped states are considering some kind of scheme to do the same if you leave to live in another state. So please don’t think it is you who is important to them, it isn’t, it’s what they can wring out of you. There are already laws on the books like civil forfeiture and other means of confiscation to steal from you even if no law was broken, even if you are not even actually suspected of a crime.
        The government is desperate for funds, the well is dry. We have been spent into insolvency. Do TPTB address what in reality is now national bankruptcy-NO! They are looking for other sources of revenue to spend that too. Look in the near future for confiscation of pensions, retirement accounts, 401 plans, bank accounts, etc. These monies will be either out-right stripped from you, or you will be forced to release your accounts for to be exchanged for t-bills, t-notes, or t-bonds. Get your money out and only keep in a bank account what you need to manage your monthly expenses.
        Look at your property this way; if the government can draft a person into the military to where one can even lose your life what qualms would they have in “only” taking your property? They will do whatever they believe they are entitled to, or what their power will allow them to get away with. You will be propagandized to believe any justification they offer the public. You are only viewed as a resource to be used by being deprived of the fruits of your labor; your time, effort, energy, and goods are taken in what is commonly referred to as taxes. Why would anyone believe the officials, why would anyone continue to vote? The end result is always the same, you get less, they get more! Reorganize your life to withdraw from this process as much as possible. As you do you will gain in power by taking back what is being taken from you.

        • If you think about it this is exactly why they would like a war within our borders with mass casualties, if you and your whole family are dead they can claim your entire estate…
          Dirty pool being played here, very dirty

        • Hey Billy, these are the things that worry me the most, because good luck getting through confiscation. I saw confiscation in Mexico during the devaluation. Divide and conquer takes on a new meaning. I think they will run confiscation before it all crashes. They already are. $50000 is nothing, they pile on fines and penalties. I sometimes think I should forget building a cute small house… the trailerstead is so much less interesting to tptb.

          • Rebecca, look up earthships in Taos NM.
            Might give you some ideas.

            All be well…

        • Well put Billy. We are just cattle to be milked until dead. Disposable goy of no consiquence. Human resources which are way too abundant and need to be culled.

        • What you just described, Billy, is Bolshevism/Communism in a nutshell.
          Under such a system, only the plutocrats in gov’t get to enjoy the stolen wealth of the citizenry, who wind up barely surviving. The former USSR was a very good example; and, today, North Korea is an excellent example. How many North Koreans trying to flee to South Korea have been killed in their attempt? During the Cold War era, how many Eastern Europeans were killed trying to escape to the West?
          In addition, will the USSA resort to the same tactics? Of course, they’d have to totally disarm the citizenry first, which will be quite difficult to do (there are over 100 million gun owners right now, and rising).

          • Yes, and like the Bolsheviks, our government is making it harder to leave the country. Never before in our history have we been “locked in.” Never mind they don’t want us. Ditto Nazis Germany hating jewelry but refusing to let them leave, or stealing all their money first.

      3. Well who in the hell wants to go to “Europed into Sharia Law Land” for a honeymoon. Secondly the IRS can go shit and fall back in it. YOU ARE ONLY FETTERED ONLY BY THE CHAINS THAT YOU IMAGINE. Hell, money’s getting tight even for some rich folks(loss of some skin during the recent stock market correction). Contact them to see if an estate would hold a wedding for a fee. You might be surprised. A lot of waterfront estates in my area do. Hell, part of the movie “Wedding Crashers” was filmed here. Shoot even the VonLusch family would be committing suicide escaping Germany by way of the Alps.

        • The last time I was in Europe was in 2007. It was still beautiful then, minus the politically correct horseshit. Anyway, we spent time in Hungary, Slovakia, Austria and Germany. You couldn’t pay me to go there now, except for maybe Hungary since they’ve told the ECB to fuck off and they know how to secure their borders. It’s a damn shame, but that’s what the globalist scum want; Ordo ab Chao.

          • Suisse!

      4. Your bugout options should probably include a valid US Passport- (passport book, not passport card ), kept in a RFID wallet with extra passport type photos for visas. I have an International inoculation booklet (free at shots clinic)- your destination country may require shots to cross the border.
        A credit card with at least $250 on it to rent a car with if you have to, and a debt or credit card with enough on it to buy that ticket to get out of Dodge with.

        • alias, and then what?

          • Genius, you been on the shine again?

      5. I read about the donations for the Navy Veteran battling cancer. Look into rick Simpson oil. It’s condensed thc and it will cure your cancer. Please do not undergo chemotherapy or radiation.

        • Ginger has lab tested 10,000 times more effective against cancer than chemo. Google “ORAC VALUES” to discover those natural substances that kill cancer.

          Large doses of vitamin C every day will do the same thing, too. I beat cancer the natural way. 🙂

          • DK, good for you! At least you learned something worthwhile besides bs financial stuff. Let your food be your medicine, let you medicine be your food….

            • I keep a large pot of ginger growing in my house. Edible and pretty. Medicinal too.

            • 🙂 The doctor is “in” for all your financial questions, too.

      6. Wow… so upset i can’t go to Europe and hang out with millions of refugees….bummer. Seriously though, who the hell would get on a plane right now.

        • My thoughts exactly

          • climber, don’t worry. They will be coming to hang out with YOU soon enough.

      7. Been a long time since I commented but been very busy.
        I have a very difficult time believing that this will be administered fairly. When they go after the 10,000 gov. employees that are $ delinquent taxes or heaven forbid they even attempt to go after The most rev. Al (the poverty pimp) Sharpton who owes in excess of $4.5 million in back taxes to New York and the Fed. How is Obama going to break this to his buddy Al. Sometimes I believe that all the crap that is coming out of D.C. is enough to fry a rational persons brain. What the hell is happening in this once great republic. Well, you all have a very Blessed Christmas and a very happy New Year. Keep prepping.

        • SW: That was what I thought too. What about all of the IRS workers that owe back taxes? What about Al Sharpton? What about some of those folks in Hollywierd that owe the IRS money?

      8. I’m sure one could make it across the southern border heading south. You might see a lot of traffic headed north. Canada might be a little harder.

      9. I’m curious. If you have a fine for not having Obamacare, the IRS can only go after your IRS refund. I never have a refund so IRS will show an amount due that they cannot under present law, collect. Will that be used to affect passports?

        • Hmmmm…… Guess what, rellik? They may not be able to go after that ‘bama care Penalty, but they certainly will not forget about it. It will remain on their books until the day comes that you DO get a refund, and then, “BAM” !!! They will have their way. By the way, I am ready to close up Shop, having been a Tax Preparer for 43 years now. Good Luck.

          • When they collect that pound of flesh, it will be 20 oounds.

      10. Pennsylvania teen indicted for aiding Islamic State -Justice Dept
        h ttp://

        Joint Chiefs of Staff Official – US Military Gave Intel to Assad, While CIA Funded & Armed ISIS

        h ttp://

        so the lesson I take from this is that if you are an individual who supports a terrorist organization
        your committing a serious felony

        but if it’s the government doing it
        that’s apparently just business as usual

        this country is now so F_CKED up it’s beyond recognition

        • You got that right. My question is, at what point will the populace stand up and say ” enough”?

      11. The ir s is a privately owned Puerto Rico Trust and is not a gov agency so how can they file federal liens?

        Pure fraud as they are a privately owned trust owned and have zero authority to collect money from people so they trick them into signing a contract to donate money to them.

        Who gets the money? I have read the crown, vatican imf, un, the fed and who knows who else.

        It is all fraud. Who has to pay? Federal employees, those in DC, Puerto Rico, Guam and a couple other islands.

      12. This is for FREE SLAVE……. Describe what is IRS as far as ownership and its management. PLEASE.

        • Owned by the fed reserve and headquartered in PR. Nothing more than a private collection agency for the bankers. But people sign on to pay taxes by saying they are US citizens. Therefor you contract to be subserviant to the fed reserve system and US corporation. YOU are a corporation being instructed by a natural being and the natural being is held responsible for the actions of the corporation that represents it. Your birth certificate is sent to the dept. of commerce to be held as collateral for the debt. Don’t believe it? Try and get your ORIGINAL birth cert. and not a copy.

          • Sorry Stolz, I couldn’t help myself lol.

            • Genius…..I must Thank You on behalf of my buddy “Freeslave” for the free education. I am afraid he may come back however and tell us the Germans and Hitler were the original designers and owners as he blames everyone to be a fascist and Hitler supporter.

      13. I guess there will be a lot of government employees and congressional people who aren’t going to travel till they pay their taxes. Sharpton won’t be able to travel.

        • You dont really think this will apply to insiders and favored ones do yo?

          • Kula, yeah but I can dream…..

      14. Take the passport I’m not leaving America anymore. if I wanna leave America I can just be an illegal refugee that’s all it’s widely accepted everywhere these days. I’m not leaving the us if shtf in a major way I will make my final stand on this dirt. I’ve seen what’s out there and I’m not impressed. Anyway wait till they pass the bill that states you can’t collect a 401 or pension and ss bennies at the same time you can have one whichever s greater. I’ve heard a lot of pissing and moaning about people double dipping lately. People retiring and collecting pensions and still working and collecting medical ins too. What is it to them if a guy pays into the fund for 30 plus years and collects a pension. they are just jealous they aren’t getting one because they spent their life chasing the better job and had 50 jobs through the course of their life. I was never one to care about what others are getting and don’t like anyone concerned about my $ business.

        • Ass, I agree completeley! Fuckin bunch of whiners that havent paid shit. I paid out the ass over the years and if they think they will just take it then plan B will take effect. I do not rely on the banks or govt. to handle my affairs. But if they fuck me out of them then they had better watch their backs know what I mean?

      15. If you need to get out and you dont have a passport, you can fly to St. Thomas USVI no passport needed. Its a simple kayak trip from St John USVI to British VI and you are out…

        • Yeah?
          Try it , than report back to us from your jail cell

          This ain’t possible anymore
          Maybe a few years ago or a decade ago
          But ain’t that way now

          I got family down there and asked them ,
          They said you have bad info

          • Fugetive
            Would be your life at that point
            Unless you could prove and they believed why you did it

            But you’d still be breaking their laws , and that don’t go over well in other countries , they ain’t like our government

            • Besides
              Two words

              British Rule

              Yeah fuck that

      16. The more broke they get the more they go after. I know someone who went to court recently and along with the court fee they paid filing and storage fees for paperwork. WTF?

        • Hey how you doing?

        • There were a few other court related fees but can’t remember what they were. The courts are really scraping the barrel with these fees they have created out of thin air. The case was dropped but the revenue sure wasn’t.

      17. You’re a good man Mac, well done.

      18. Christmas 2015: Will Syria & Iraq Become Washington’s Stalingrad?

        ht tp://

        2016 is going to be an interesting year
        and not in a good way either
        “Our foreign policy is designed to perpetuate the failing petrodollar system”

        “I hope I’m wrong but I fear Washington is trying to provoke a war in the Middle East to cover the coming collapse of the Petrodollar system and the American economy when the dollar is no longer the world reserve currency. The war is necessary to blame the coming dollar and debt collapse on Russia and China rather where it belongs on Wall Street, the central banking cartel and Washington political establishment”

        • Bring it on bitches! I am old enough to not care! I also am a lot smarter than you punk assed UN troops and will take out 100 of you before you get me! C’mon dumb assed freaks let’s get it on!

      19. Good luck with that!

        • Thor posted that way before me ^^^

      20. No fly no buy is BS. They think because they say so people have to follow their rules. How can you stop a citizen from coming back to his own country?

      21. We need a revoloution and not just more jaw,jaw so we can have :

        1. Own our homes, good buy to any repayments
        2. Right to bear armys
        3. No more state debt owned to jewish bankers
        4. good bye taxes and quango workers of the state
        5. Right to protest how/when we want
        6. Free movement of people in our own country

        We need to remove the chains, we need to remove the debt so every your hard working couple can start a home.

      22. This new law now expands the de-facto debtors prison that has been commonplace in the unsecured credit card debt recovery market for years.

        They won’t get you on the amount you owe….because that is illegal. They will instead sue you, get a judgement, and then when you don’t comply with the terms of the judgement, then that is the method by which they will incarcerate you.

        It is the same practice that has been going on in the civil court for decades.

        If you’ve got taxes, and you get a “notice”…ALWAYS…ALWAYS…..ALWAYS…. send a letter requesting Verification Of Debt to the debt collectors.

        MAKE SURE YOU have a counterclaim amount in there.

        This country is totally screwed. Do or sell drugs like heroin, cocaine, crack, etc….. get love, compassion and treatment. Can’t pay your taxes….PRISON.

        Obama and Congress are all NWO puppets.

      23. Fuck the political process and all the political agencies and all the political agency ass clowns.

        I have my own process and am my own agency.

        My party is called anarchy and no, you can’t join. Only one member allowed. You will need to start your own.

        No man has the right to rule over another man. Natural law. Non aggression principles.

      24. Does that mean that ALL the Gov’t employees that owe millions in back Taxes and that includes Congress critters and Senate Bofoons will not be allowed to Travel to Israel? It has been stated before if just 3% (if I remember right) would just stop paying anything it would all collapse? I joined years ago as have my youngin’s and I’m still here.

      25. Everything is fine in the markets.


        What just happened in Turkey is what will decide what heppens here next. Turkey army attacks the Kurdish militia, and i read and article on yesterday telling us, that Nato, that a battallion, destroyer carrier group is heading to the Syrian gulf to confront Russia, Big mistake on Nato’s part, or are they there to deploy soliders into Turkey to attack the militia. The kurdish oposition is in Moscow, Russia, to get help from Russia, and Lybia’s oposition who is fighting the isis take over in Lybia has asked Russia for help to invade Lybia, to take out isis. If Russia, invades Turkey or attacks them, and then invades Lybia, then we can call this ww3. Like a former Amry person told me at the gym recently, ww3 has already begun and people don’t know this yet, but in June of 2016, everyone will know this is going on for a fact, his exact words. I guess we can expect that a Nato, UN type of invasion on our shores with lots of chinese, russian, and other nationals who are already in Texas, and many other states, will be coming for the American people. This explains why the ammo is clearing off our shelves i Texas daily.



        Good luck to you soldiers when you get here. If you think that you will be giving the people that kind of treatment in my state, then good luck to you all, your going to need lots of it.

      27. Satori, there is no way on Gods earth we are making it through 2016, much less have and election. Its impossible at this time expecially now ww3 has already begun, this what i was told by and army guy, just 1 month ago.



        We are in deep dudu.

      28. 300 refugees being moved to camp arrowhead in sommvell county Tx, they say for three weeks???

        • hondorons, guatamelons, among others…

          Just what’s needed in Texas…

      29. If you are traveling right now for ANY reason anywhere that you need a passport, and you have not already bugged out and hunkered down in full prepper 24/7 watch mode-you are one clueless brain dead dumbed down Zombie, who has no idea how close we are to these New World Order psychopathic criminal monsters releasing another “Night of Broken Glass” and “Night of the Long Knives” all rolled into one.

      30. Sounds like communism is getting more appealing than the path this county is going down

      31. I’ve been waiting 9 mos. To get my refund back. I can’t get anybody there to send me info back. What can i penalize them for?!?


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