The Federal Reserve Is Pushing the Economy To “The Verge of Final Implosion”

by | Jun 8, 2016 | Aftermath, Conspiracy Fact and Theory | 97 comments

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    This article was written by Brandon Smith and originally published at his website.

    Editor’s Comment: By design, America is going down. But the nation’s dumbed-down population is slow to catch on to the subtle mechanisms of control that have allowed the Wall Street 1% to completely dominate all other aspects of the economy, and usher in controls on every transaction made in the digital world.

    If it were a movie plot with scary music things couldn’t be more twisted. As Brandon Smith notes, the Fed was set-up to destroy the U.S.

    The Federal Reserve’s Strange Behavior Makes Perfect Sense

    by Brandon Smith

    I have made this comment many times in the past, but I think it needs to be stated again here: If you think the Federal Reserve’s goal is to maintain or repair the U.S. economy, then you will never understand why they do the things they do or why the economy evolves the way that it does. The Fed’s job is not to protect the U.S. economy. The Fed’s job is to DESTROY the U.S. economy to make way for a truly global system.

    There seems to be a collective delusion within certain parts of the liberty movement that the “globalists” (the banking and political elites that promote total global centralization of finance and power) are a purely American or Western problem, and that they have some kind of loyalty to the success, or perceived success, of the U.S. “empire.” This is nonsensical when you look at the progression of the American fiscal system after the Fed was established over a century ago.

    In the past 100 years, the U.S. has suffered a gradual but immense devaluation in the dollar’s real buying power. We witnessed the first long-term fiscal depression in the nation’s history. We saw the removal of the gold standard. We saw the dismantling of the greatest industrial base in the history of the world. We have struggled through the implosion of the derivatives and credit bubble, which Fed officials have openly admitted responsibility for. And now, we are on the verge of the final implosion of a massive equities bubble and the collapse of the dollar itself.

    All of these developments require careful planning and staging, not recklessness or random chance. Free-market economies tend to heal and adapt over time. Only constant negative manipulation could cause the kind of steady decline plaguing the U.S. ever since the Federal Reserve was forced into being.

    The Fed has had multiple opportunities to strengthen the economic lifespan of America, but has ALWAYS chosen to take the exact opposite actions needed, guaranteeing an inevitable outcome of crisis. The goal of internationalists and international bankers is to acquire ever more centralized authority, and thus, ever more centralized power. The U.S. is an appendage to the great vampire squid, an expendable tool that can be sacrificed today to gain greater treasures tomorrow. Nothing more.

    But this reality just does not seem to sink into the skulls of certain people. They simply cannot fathom the idea that the Fed is a saboteur. Not a bumbling greed fueled monster, or even a mad bomber, but a careful and deliberate enemy agent with precise destruction in mind.

    Case in point; the recent institution of the Fed rate hike program. No one really gets it and no one is asking the right questions. Why, for example, did the Fed begin raising rates in December? No one asked them to take such measures. Certainly not day traders in the market casino; they were too busy enjoying the fiat inflation of biggest equity bubble in the encyclopedia of humanity. The politicians weren’t demanding any drawback of Fed stimulus, they were too busy enjoying the fraudulent recovery afforded by the recapitalization of too-big-to-fail banks. So, again, why bother promoting rate hikes that are essentially guaranteed to cause a market crisis?

    Some might argue that the Fed must raise rates slightly so that they have room to cut them again when their stimulus schemes eventually fail. This is certainly possible, however, such an action only reinforces the position that the Fed is deliberately undermining the U.S. system. To hike rates now only to then cut them immediately after would result in the end of faith in the central bank’s ability to administer our financial structure. A crash would occur regardless.

    I do not believe the Fed intends to cut rates again, at least not until it is already too late to stall a full spectrum breakdown in stock markets. Even though the majority of analysts, mainstream and independent, hold the position that the Fed is unlikely to raise rates for a second time (or ever again), I am not convinced that this is the plan. The question remains — why begin raising rates at all if the goal is not to bulldoze forward and squeeze the U.S. economy?

    As I wrote in my article “The Global Economic Reset Has Begun,” the Fed has a habit of doing exactly what it says it is going to do.  They may fool the public as far as the exact timing of policy changes, but they never back away from the policy changes themselves.  I cannot find a single instance in the history of the central bank in which they announced future measures and then didn’t eventually follow through within the year.  This is how I predicted the first rate hike in December of last year, and it is why I believe another rate hike is coming this summer.  Fed officials today have been adamant that at least two more rate hikes will be initiated in 2016. If they do not enact these hikes, it will be the first example that I will have witnessed or seen in research in which they “backed off” completely from a policy initiative.

    Some analysts argue that this makes no sense. The Fed has spent the better part of the past eight years trying to keep equities markets alive. Why would they now risk crashing the same markets with rate hikes that will cut off corporations and banks from cheap or free overnight loans? Why would they strangle the steady stream of stock buybacks that have been supporting the markets for the past few years? Why risk the fragile rice paper psychology of the markets?  Why would they kill the “golden goose”?

    As the recent jobs report from the Bureau of Labor Statistics shows, our fiscal foundations are crumbling and eventually, the fundamentals of our economy will overwhelm central bank orchestrated optimism anyway. Keep in mind, the report of only 38,000 jobs added in May does not paint the full picture of the unemployment problem in America.

    The BLS and the mainstream media consistently gloss over the REAL job loss statistics including U-6 measurements which indicate that more than 664,000 working age Americans were removed from unemployment rolls and are no longer “counted” as jobless. This brings the grand total number of workers without jobs or that are underemployed to nearly 95 MILLION! The BLS ignores these people in their primary calculations for the national unemployment rate, which magically dropped again last month to 4.7 percent.

    While the “official” jobs numbers are bad enough to cause concerns among mainstream traders and economists, the real numbers are far worse.

    Nearly every base economic indicator globally, from raw materials demand, to manufacturing and exports, to corporate earnings, to retail sales and employment are printing negative this year.  Despite all of this, markets remains levitated (for now) because the insane assumption within the mostly inane world of stocks is that bad economic news ensures the fed will bow to market forces and support the equities bubble for another quarter.  When the entirety of investment markets embraces a singular assumption, when the markets has “no doubts”, this is when bad things happen.

    I have to laugh when I hear the claim that the Fed “cannot raise rates” in light of the new data. The fed is not “trapped”; rather, it is the U.S. economy that is trapped with the Fed as the instigator.  Obviously, the Fed was well aware of the real unemployment problem as well as numerous other negative data when they hiked rates the first time in December. So, let’s just say it plainly — The Fed is NOT dependent on data when making its decisions. The Fed does whatever it wants to do whenever it feels like doing it, and it is very likely that Fed policy decisions are made months in advance, while publicly scheduled policy meetings are designed just for show.

    They may claim that they care about the latest dismal jobs report, or other detrimental fiscal developments, but they don’t. They have their own agenda and their own data points, many of which we will never be privy to.

    I would also mention the fact that the Fed has raised rates during recessionary economic conditions on several occasions, including during the onset of the Great Depression; a move which Ben Bernanke later publicly admitted was the ultimate cause of the prolonged depression event. You can read my analysis of this in my article “What Fresh Horror Awaits The Economy After Fed Rate Hike?”

    With May’s job report so negative even with all the BLS manipulation, it is presumed that the Fed will not hike rates again at their June meeting. I believe that the Fed is certainly capable of raising in June. The timing of the meeting, right before the vote in the UK on the Brexit referendum, is perhaps not a coincidence.

    While I understand the argument that the Fed would be “better off” taking its time and raising in July or September, I want readers to entertain another possible scenario for a moment. Imagine if the Fed raised rates in June to everyone’s shock and surprise. Market turmoil is almost a guarantee.  A hike in June BEFORE a Brexit event would also be easier to rationalize to the public than a hike after a Brexit event.

    Imagine then that, again, to everyone’s shock and surprise, the Brexit vote is successful and the UK leaves the European Union (a supposed black swan that the IMF has warned will cause a global equities crisis).

    At this point, who gets blamed for the resulting equities crash? The Fed? The citizens of the UK? Who? If the globalists wanted to trigger the next leg down in the global economy, I can’t think of better circumstances or a better smokescreen.

    I also acknowledge the possibility that only one of these events might be necessary to increase market turmoil. But from the perspective of an evil-minded internationalist, wouldn’t it be spectacular to have both? I could be wrong, but it is something to think about…

    If you want answers to questions on why the Fed takes the risks it does, or why internationalists engineer crisis events, I suggest you read my article “The Economic End Game Explained.” Suffice to say, the Fed serves the interests of globalists and Fabian socialists, not the interests of America as a nation, and the globalists know that chaos is the best method for influencing populations to accept a “new order.” I would also say that they are pulling the plug simply because this year is most opportune.

    I don’t pretend to fully understand every detail of the timelines of globalists and the motivations behind them, but I do know that the evidence shows they have such timelines, and according to recent actions the clock appears to be running out.

    This article was written by Brandon Smith and originally published at his website.


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      1. The next 365 days will be very interesting. Tons of people will suffer. Many will die.

        • ? Do you know how many times those same sentiments have been echoed on this site over the past 6 years? We shall see.

          • Agreed. I too feel it in my bones, so many around the globe do. Something horrific is coming on a scale never seen before. but the ridiculous time lining is almost “Chicken Little” like.

          • Oh yes the disaster never comes…………

            Unless you are one of the tens of millions going to bed hungry right now!

            Unless you are one of the tens of millions whose jobs were outsourced!

            Unless you were a coal miner now unemployed with zero prospects because Obama believes the global warming left wing nuts!

            Unless you are the landlord with 30% vacancies!

            Did you think it would be obvious, like night and day. Can you grasp the slow death that is your/ our inheritance?

            • The landlord with 30% vacancies? More like the landlord with 50% evictions!

            • Were it not for the realities, evident in headlines and personal experience, we could call all this out as theory. But, for the headlines, and photos, and commentators the truth in action can no longer be denied.

        • Suffer, yes, die, no.

          When Trump wins, the Federal Reserve will drive the nail in the coffin to fuck over America, then everybody will blame Trump.

          I look for a massive rate increase between November and January unless Clinton wins, then they will just continue the free money.

          • While I appreciate your optimism, I don’t really understand your mentality. I myself enjoy the mannerisms of Trump, but I honestly believe that he is smoke and mirrors to the men behind the curtain! If you really believe that there is a way out of the NWO, you’re more gullible than the people still saying BS will save this country:( It’s a sad truth but this country was done the day JFK was assassinated.

          • President Trump -DAY – 1 could exercise JFKennedys Executive Order EO1110 That would nullify the authority of the Federal Reserve, which the US borrows from. Authorize the US Post office to Print A New Money Dollar under the direction of the US Treasury, and every Post Office open up as the New National bank, exchanging the Old US Fed reserve notes. And cutting off all other financial institutions that refuse to adopt the new Dollar. Thus creating a New US Dollar and out of the Federal Reserve’s control. Even tie it to Silver.

            Either way Trump will not be OUT-Foxed, and break out the guillotines when the Fed causes trouble. When Trump Audits the Fed and declares, that we have been ripped off by $18 Trillion Dollars, and we Aint paying it, the National Debt is then Wiped out and the Rothchild’s banking scam will fall large. And every other Nation in the World does what we do, and becomes sovereign again and prints their own money like us.

            This is outcome is very likely. The current Fed system Scam is rigged to destroy America and our economy. They will be eliminated quickly under a Trump Presidency.

            ~WWTI… This is how I see it. How about that Silver today. $17 range again. $26.50 by End of July. You heard it here first.. and which I said will happen a few months back.

            • WWTFK: The FED has a CONTRACT with the USA. An EO by TRUMP may not be that easy. The FED would have a Judge issue an INJUNCTION within hours of such an order.

              TRUMP is plenty smart and he has the backing of some powerful Patriots on the Hill. Congress will need to be remade in 2018 to give him the power he needs.

              The TRUMP election is part of a PROCESS that must be empowered by the people to succeed. The election of President Trump is just the beginning if Americans are going to take the country back from the NWO.

              We must all engage at every level and against all odds. 🙂

            • WWTI I remember when you said silver @26.50 by July. I’m holding you to it. As much as you and DK dislike each other, I actually like reading both of your views on financial issues.

              • Jacknife: I have no personal animousity towards him, or Brandon Smith with whom I disagree with fiercely, on most economic and financial issues.

                However when a man refuses to face a simple fact; like that of the Chinese Yuan PEG to the dollar, its kind of hard to have an intelligent conversation with him.

                We agree on TRUMP. 🙂

            • Correction JFK’s EO-11110 June 4th 1963 – Ending the Fed.


        • Although your statement, at first, sounds grim. Your statement has held true throughout the history of mankind, and will CONTINUE to do so.

          * Every 365 day cycle has ALWAYS been interesting!
          * Tons of people have ALWAYS suffered within a given 365 day cycle!
          * “Many will die.” Has ALWAYS been the case within a given 365 day cycle.

          So, in conclusion, NOTHING NEW with your above statement!


      2. No comment since anything is being marketed as anti-Semite. You deserve it America since you are full of Godless and Soulless majority.

        • Government is our god now.

          So says Hillary Clinton.

          • Or you not sure Clinton is GOD.

          • Fuck the government and fuck hilldawg too. I hope the NSA goob reading this gets in a tbone tonight leaving work and fucking dies. Yeah YOU shit sheep fucker

        • JK
          Stuff and nonsense. We are no more godless and soulless than we’ve ever been. I do not buy into that endless “we deserve it” bs promulgated by the btards at the top. We do not deserve it. The Big routinely destroy the economy and routinely blame others.

          • Where I am at the people are God fearing, kind and generous to each other. They proudly fly American Flags, go to church, and start their meetings with the Pledge of Allegience.

            (I shit you not!!!)

            You must live in a democratic city in a democratic state, populated by democrats. 🙂

      3. Gerald Celente coined the phrase Bankism and it sums up perfectly who’s really running the show and pulling the strings. I’m amazed how the Fed Chair is treated with the government and markets hanging on their every word and trying to read between the lines.

      4. Yep every morning i turn on cnbc just to see if todays the day but it just keeps bobbing along at 18000 around about like watchin paint dry or grass grow wonder if i could make a potatoe gun cannon morter that will launch a 40 oz beer bottle full of ????

        • Go for it! Set your sights high and do it. Final implosion wow! I was on the road for awhile; is this the 517th time for this, or the 918th?

          • Hair spray or starting fluid??? And what in the hell are you doing on the road dont you realize its dangerous out there and you call yourself parinoid i rarely come off the porch

            • 40 oz bottle full of ???? (beer) bet you ain’t gonna waste beer, must be some other 4 letter word.

              • The gas station has Styrofoam cups and gasoline they also sell snicker bars haha

            • Got Bug out locations more than one place. Also, always carry enough grub, guns, gold, to get home.

        • You will never hear the news say there is a problem. The news is just an extension of the government and everything the government says is a lie.

          You won’t know there is a problem until you walk into the grocery store and find it empty. Even then they will still be advertising specials.

          • John Stiner
            corporate owned news
            corporate owned government

      5. I look at every day now as an opportunity to prep just a little more…

        A part of me would like to get the show on the road but I also know
        that knows those will be bloody days wtshtf…

        • Close to what I wanted to say…

        • Yep, there’s always the opportunity to gather in some last minute items. Other than that it’s the same old, same old.

          • Yep!!!

        • there won’t be a sudden collapse, it will be a slow bleed. You know you are in deep shit the day you walk to your food preps to get something. Like opening a five gallon bucket of sugar because you don’t have enough in your regular food supplies.

          • Silver was up 4.01% today alone back, to $17. Stack and Pack and don’t sell till Silver is back to at least $45/ Oz. Locking in some profit. That will be a Triple Gain net worth value.


          • JS – A 5 gal bucket of sugar??, that stuff is poison. I bet you don’t have but a few teefees left in your mouth, do ya????

            I have to admit, I am now convinced, that after living out in the Florida Rural Area for a year and meeting many locals, that the TOOTH BRUSH, had to have been invented here in Florida. Because any other place it would have been called the TEETH BRUSH.


            • Was that supposed to be funny?
              Take jokes posted a year ago and reword it?


            • Do you have any idea how much alcoholics will pay for Sugar in a SHTF environment!

            • Dan?

      6. Any thoughts on a Tavor Rifle (Hebrew Hammer), hear the new ones the x-95 are better with trigger pull and mag release.

        • “I”2
          I’m looking into getting one. What I have read and seen on You Tube These little rifles are pretty cool, and function well.

          I have a Bushmaster M17S that I have done a lot of work on. I have never had any trouble with it other that getting hot. I think that over the winter I fix the problem. We will see. The Tavor seems not to have the same problem when it comes to getting hot.

          I believe I have read somewhere that these little rifle are very accurate with all kinds of bullet weights.

          If I had the money right now I would own one.

          A.S.M.S. T.T.


          • One of my son’s close friends has one and loves it. I’ve never had the opportunity to try it out though. I’ll stick with my LWRCI’s they’ve been very reliable.

          • I shot a Bushmaster 556 this last weekend. It felt sloppy and loose. Nice that it was light weight, but felt weak. Fired off 30 rounds. I will stick to my Sig Sauer 556 SWAT Patrol Battle Rifle. Piston driven so there is no Chamber fouling. It is heavier but keeps the shots more stable.


        • I bet the Tavor is like any gas piston design . Not as accurate. Many people don’t realize as an AR5sgas is blown in the bolt chamber it not only pushes the bolt back it also pushes the locking lugs forward . Holding them tight regardless of recoil and vibration. And there is no detached gas piston to freeze up. Eugene Stoner gave us a gift from God. We should just refine the design for your personal operating conditions . Hot cold rain dust. We have more parts floating around . Every optic mounts solid. The only flaw I can see is the threading on a collapsing stock. If that bend there. The bolt will jam in the bend and you will not be able to open the rifle. That’s why you need a good backup pistol . Even a 22 . Some one makes a reinforcing band or improved collapsing stock . Many will say . I never saw a collapsing stock bend . But use your own brain look at the threads there. Maybe I’m being stupid . It just looks like a week point to me. Are collapsing stocks really worth it. Are solid stocks really any stronger?


              Watch this Vid Hickok45 at his home range with a Sig Sauer 5.56 SWAT patrol Rifle. Its a fine machine.

              WWTI… Never had a Jam and eats everything, with precision.

          • Unfortunately the AR “shits where it eats”. If I was a soldier and expected to go through 500 rounds I would have a complete assembled both carrier in my pocket to swap out after 300 or so rounds.

            • That’s why all my AR’s are piston driven. Run ’em dry if you want doesn’t matter. You wont do that with a DI gun for very long. When I do clean it I use EWL Slip 2000.

              • Best always to carry a BCG with you anyway along with any other springs for assorted firearms. Two is one and one is none.

                • And it’s hard to argue that the ar 15 isn’t one of the fastest reloading rifles out there. Like the m1 garand. Bull pups are usually slower to reload. FNs , HKs, AKs, AUGs, Nothing reloads as fast as a m1 garand. Maybe AR 15 are second fastest?

                  • Sks with stripper clips same as a garand

                    • “Sks with stripper clips same as a garand”

                      The SKS loads like a Mauser / Springfield as the stripper isn’t retained in the receiver until the last round is fired.

                      Personally I find the Garand awkward to load (M1 Thumb), eight rounds isn’t a lot of capacity either.

                  • Are you speaking about the cycling or actually reloading a magazine or in the case of a garand a clip?

                    • The Garand clip . The old thumb buster. If you weren’t as fast as the Garand action . Ask a vet.

              • Do you find piston driven guns shooting half inch groups at 100 yards? I guess that kind of accuracy is second to reliability. But if you can’t hit it what good is it? Maybe the new piston guns can shoot half minute of angle . I haven’t shot them all. After trying every lube I could find. Believe it or not I’ve found Marvel mystery air tool oil to be the best. Way better than the stand erred CLP. Maybe it’s just me but it’s unbelievable. Something so old could be so good.

                • About three decades ago “Mouse Guns” were scorned in DCM / Hi Power circles. That damn sure changed thereafter. Free floating barrel, not a lot of mass clanging around, inherently an accurate platform.

                  • I wonder if we should consider the 5.56 as a head shooters bullet? Selco said there is no such thing as one shot stops except with a shotgun. So you either need a shotgun or a head shooting rifle? And isn’t a AR15 perfect for head shots?

                • It is an established fact of life that a semi-auto AR-15 (of any decent quality, let’s say a DPMS LR-308), is capable of firing “through the same danged hole” (using a scope), and when you play with bullets and hand-grenades …it is just like horse-shoes. Close is good enough in most instances.

                  A .45ACP will pick a man up, turn him around, and then set him back down. If you’ve never witnessed it, a military .308 will blow the hell out of whatever part of the body it hits (and the receiver will KNOW IT INSTANTLY).

                  Back when we had both an organized and organized Militia, they were encouraged to carry .308s (of course I am talking long after the “powder and ball” days) heh…., and “every other terrifying tool of a soldier.” So, a .308 has long been a ‘bullet of choice’ especially since the advent of AR-10s, 15’s and the like).

                  A .308 pistol MIGHT be great if you could reduce the damn kick just a tad. Speaking of AR’s and the like, the first time I shot a ‘gas’ machine gun I was just totally in love with all of them, but three-round-bursts are the wisest and ‘full autos’ are getting harder and harder to come across. My reason for liking them is simply that they don’t blow out your shoulder all day, and so a ‘pad’ is optional (indeed, if you ever have time to GET IT to your shoulder)!

              • We were given “Slick 50” and it did the job nicely (held on a bit better too if memory serves). *NOTHING you would want to use on, say, a ‘Glock slides’ (but great for the barrel). Takes three times longer to get the ‘glock smile’ using slick 50 …so that speaks for itself.

                That piston driven doesn’t mind being run dry eh? Amazing… Mine need Mobil-1 AND tranny-fluid DRIPPING or they’ll hate me after 50 rounds or so. Perhaps it has to do with ‘tolerances’ (and mine are finite and tighter than …er..well, you know).

            • I just put a couple drops of oil in the gas holes in the bolt and on the locking lugs. I don’t expect anything to run without oil. For long. Especially my car. In a situation were there is no oil at all. No motor oil no olive oil nothing . No chicken fat no bacon grease. Then I’m screwed. But I’ll probably run out of ammo first.

              • Lone Wolverine: Keep ‘sunflower seeds’ on hand and grow as many as possible (crush them shortly after they hit full growth and put away the oil for later. IT WILL RUN A MOTOR …and about 20 degrees warmer than with REAL/(fake) oil. Remember that EVERY electrical transformer is full to the top with Mineral Oil.
                Just shoot a hole into the base and have three five gallon buckets to catch it. (If you don’t, someone else in your area will right)?

        • Make sure you get the kosher version of Tavor. If you get a used one that has killed unarmed kids even better.

        • Tavors are over priced.

          • To be honest I like my M1A scout or my M1A standard over all the guns I have. I like them better than all of my AR’s and Aks. Not saying they are bad, and I would use them in any battle, I’m just saying I like my M1A’s the best. “Oh crap I don’t have them any more they fell into the hole after the last earth quake”.


            • M1A detachable damagable magazine? Separate freezable gas piston? A garand didn’t hold as many rounds? I think it’s a toss up. And not having to worry about damaged or unreliable mags. I’ll take the Garand . The ammo comes in mags. And I don’t have to worry about saving them. And I can live with 8 rounds as fast as it reloads.

        • My friend just bought one and I shot it. It’s an awesome piece. Ergonomic, light, accurate, easy to operate, compact, and seems very durable. Had the stock trigger so trigger pull is long, but manageable. Perfect truck gun. Had a Sparc red dot and I was shooting great groups right off the line first mag. If I could afford one I would buy one immediately.

      7. Good Lord we are hearing it again. Ready to implode!!!!

        OK we all know it is going to. Now is the time to go over your preps, like Firearms making sure the sights are on. Work on your garden. Work on you water supplies, gathering equipment, purification equipment. Work on your Solar and wind power equipment. Most of all get yourself right with God, friends, and family. Get yourself organized for the winter.


        • Dale, For me it is time to start working on an old school bus I picked up an auction for $2400. Going to make the inside “livable” so to say. Not fancy, but a shelter on wheels. Fun for camping or just a shelter if ever needed for a bad scenario.

          • A friends dad had one when i was a kid he put some fold down bunks and a small wood laundry stove in it and it kept it hot inside plus cooked on it

        • i got two 30rd Colt ar-15 mags in excellent condition at a garage sale the other day. Paid $1 each.

          Must have been a divorce, i don’t know.

          • Sweet

      8. I’ll breathe a bit easier when we have a new occupant in the White House…
        (Unless it’s hitlary)…

        If we get that far without going into martial law we will most likely hold on for several more years…

        More time to prep but everyday is beginning to feel like they’re trying to sap my will…

        Screw that I say!!!

      9. Have a folding bike next to my get home bag in the trunk…

        Tried it out yesterday and I forgot how much fun riding a bike could be!!!

        I travel for work and in the event of an emp attack I never want to be no more than three days out…

        If I had my druthers I’d retire now but the job is too good to walk away from…

        Hope I never need the bike…

        • Bikes are fun,,
          Scares the hell out of me over here though, just too many dummies behind the wheel and no bikeways off the road.

          • I sold my Goldwing, the BMW R100/7 sits in the shed next to my 21 speed bike. I got tired of people trying to kill me. I don’t ride two wheels anymore. I’m thinking of getting a horse(but would prefer a mule). Everybody notices a horse on the road. Plenty of fuel everywhere.

        • Even roller blades roller skates a skate board in the trunk. Would be better than walking in a EMP walk home.

        • @vet1:

          Good Day.

          +100 on the folding bike

          I added a 1000 watt hub and enough battery to get 40 miles at 25mph, along with my 49 cc pusher trailer, I’m good to go. The trailer is an older scooter that attaches to the bike. Bike fails, scooter can still go.

          Electric or pedal or gas….gitterdone.

          …what’s in your lifeboat….BA.

      10. 20K per refugee with medical,EBT etc. Let’s face it,the country is gone. Picking on Russia and looking for war.

      11. Preparing to take down these “international hyenas”. That is what needs to happen.

        Tomorrow the globalist cabal sends their representatives to Dresden Germany to plan their evil.

        If you are not familiar with Dresden, it was the scene of an enormous crime against humanity. In America, for years the media has portrayed Germany as the barbarians of WW2. In fact they were victims of the globalist conspirators who now control us via the Federal Reserve. Germany tried to save themselves, Europe, and all mankind from the evil ones. They were punished with our help, having been put under the influence of communist Banksters, the allies bombed the cities, not armies, not infrastructure, no. They intentionally murdered civilians. Dresden was Germany’s architectural masterpiece. The night of the bombing, Dresden was holding a Circus. The phrase”this place is a circus” takes on a more malevolent meaning when you know. Who do you think would be at a circus, evil nazis, or innocent children and their mothers and grandparents. More people were killed then at Hiroshima and Nagasaki combined. And by the way, Japan had offered to negotiate peace terms before those two nuclears were dropped. So much for America the most humane. It is a lie. We helped to defeat the good guys. We aided the Communist regime in Russia. Now we live under the grip of an evil international globalist conspiratorial group of evil Persons.

        • Japan refused to unconditionally surrender after the first bombing necessitating a second. They invaded China in 1931, attacked the US in 1941, 50% of US POWs died while in their captivity while 8% did in German hands. You reap what you sow.

          The genocide the Germans inflicted was real. I know one who suffered under it a Polish teen at the time, a friends father liberated a camp and my Uncle with the 4th ID who landed at Utah did likewise. My two Polish great aunts were conscripted as slave labor and never heard from again. Hitler was a mad man.

          The banksters were / are evil. The banksters financed Hitler (see Hitler and Wall Street). Prescott Bush was in the thick of it. The John Birch Society seen the US / Foreign Communist collusion back in the 1950s. I’m with ya here.

          • Talk is easy lieing is easy. The bottom line is we helped the communists enslave half or Europe .

            • John Birch, a former missionary turned military officer seen large stocks of abandoned US military equipment and ammunition intentionally left for the Chinese Communists. He tried sounding the alarm but it fell on deft ears. He was suspiciously killed shortly thereafter.

              “Nothing happens by accident” said FDR.

              • Some say FDRs real name was Rosenfeld. Like Jack Rubys . Was Jacob Rubinstein . I wonder why they change their names and the media goes along with it. Victoria Nuland , Victoria Nudleman. Karl Marx , mordicia levy. Leon Trotsky . Bronstien. Summer redstone., and so on.

              • And how many polish aunts were forced into prison labor and never heard from again in the forty years not four years under the communists. Hitler tried to stop the communists. Many of his officers and men did bad things as happens to all armies in all wars . We have no evidence as in written orders . But their was the siege of Leningrad . Their leaders wouldn’t surrender. They were communists and knew what they would get. But we firebombed and nuked . Like crazy. How do we know Japan wouldn’t surrender .we wanted to test these bombs on real targets when we had the chance. And from what I’ve read which can’t be trusted . That Japan didn’t unconditional surrender . The condition was that the emperor would not be arrested or tried. Was he? So much for you history books.

          • You seem to be a big believer in our history books. Written by who . The same people that write the news and own the media today.? Wake up before s too late.

          • hillery is considering a female as her vp.

            She needs someone to sleep with.

            Two queens in the queer house.

          • Japan refused to ( unconditionally ) surrender? What if one of their conditions was we didn’t rape all their women. That would nessesitate a second atomic bomb? I don’t believe any of the history books written by the same group that is writing our news now . And anyone that does is either an idiot or the enemy. Or a member of the group writing the news now. O the Japanese did much worse things . According to the history books written by the children of satan. Wake up.

        • Actually, I Prefer Hamburg, 3 days 3 nights of continuous fire bombing. Go Curtis Le May and the 8th air force!! Or Tokyo, the Big raid, 140,00 dead one night! YES!!!! Sarc Get over it. Japs bombed us, we kicked the Szzz out of them, all’s fair. Adolf was dumb enough to declare war on us, we kicked him in the nuts, once again fine by me.

          • I wonder what kind of American will kick down my door and confiscate my guns rape my girls then laugh about it?or am I just paranoid? Japs bombed a military base that was on forign soil at the time. Hitler declared war on us. According to the history books written by the ones writing the news today . You can trust them . They would never lie to you . We helped the communists destroy the German people . The only decent people ineurope . And we helped the communist enslave half of Europe. Ounce again fine by you?

      12. Sheesh,,,
        Lets just get it over with alreafy

        • Same way I feel!!!

      13. Another SNYDER article? HO HUM, I’m going back to sleep.

      14. We may wish to consider some well-known, ‘carved-into-stone’ facts. ALL of the federal governments, world-wide, have diverted mega-bucks into reopening the largest underground facilities (known and little-known), as-well-as refurbishing each facility with the latest and greatest so that access to foods, fresh gardens, electricity (from nuclear-based machines no different that are used in our Naval vessels for power (oxygen is a LARGE byproduct of ‘fission’ …giving them the option to breathe it, or compress and ‘bottle it’ for future use (as these facilities do NOT take in fresh air, but rather, recycle it (just as is done on Nuke Submarines (Tridents). All that’s needed are CO2 ‘scrubbers’ to remove contaminants (namely CO2) to prevent ‘heavy’ air (harder to inhale). These scrubbers last about forever and are based on simple charcoal-like filtration. Let’s not forget that “everyone with major bucks who are in-the-know have expended small fortunes for some very elaborate underground structures (three of them outside The USA and amazingly, they resemble a small “hive”, such as was depicted in one of the movies with “Alice” being the star (the lovely lady who played “The Third Element”). It is unknown how many 1%’ers one of these hives might be able to sustain, other than that most are estimated to contain approximately 5yrs of “everything needed.”

        Doesn’t that much clearly point to the obvious, that we have already been verbally (not only threatened), but guaranteed will be a “big surprise” for America.

        The way to bring down ANY Country is to assert and then attack them on their weakest “turf”. For The USA, this is our Power Grid, and there are no shortage of military returning from The Middle East WARNING EVERYONE that ISIS is doing nothing less than awaiting “the big day” that America is sent back to the days of Stone Age (to varying degrees) because all of the ISIS men they have captured, beat hell out of to get info, etc., have all ‘volunteered freely’ the info that the destruction of THE USA will be believed by all when/and after/their one, or multiple EMPs are deployed. After that, any number of non-allied countries would be free to ‘sweep’ in, after two months of letting nature take its course, and then ‘have their way’. Obviously, they are fully expecting low survival rates after food ceases to be on the shelves and water ceases to come out of the faucets (in every town and city bar none). Then rioting, newly released diseases (that are being released upon us via our food supplies on a daily basis …which is why dysentery is becoming more and more prevalent, and allegedly being looked into by The CDC. E. Coli is turning up in the damnedest places (such as Gold Bond Flour and many other ‘like’ nasties coming into the spotlight nearly on a daily basis. (Yet, the media barely touch upon such things, as if they are too commonplace and normal to mention, when it is truly far outside “normal”).

        By no means am I declaring that THIS is what is going to be upon us, but it surely is within the Top Five given the sources of information and everything that has been unfolding right before our eyes (that point to the very same end).

        TPTB will not be doing much of anything from here on out, until the election places “it does not matter” as POTUS …and THEN the new POTUS will be blamed (for all of history), for something they had no clue was coming down the road …so how could they prepare …yet the ignorant public (sheeples) would believe the media and want their blood vs the ones who truly caused the ruination of as much as possible.

        Seems quite possible that after three years or so these underground repositories for political and HIGHLY INTELLIGENT (and murderous, corrupt, and …) would send out a drone one in a while to assert the overall conditions across the states, and then take out what few are left (preppers and those who are ‘hard core’ enough to know how to eek out a survival using lots of nothing and turning it into something.

        You can actually survive with a decent blade and potable source of water. One must put their minds into a a 18th century mindset, or ‘bone up’ on how and what they did to get by nicely (with less longevity of course). For one, they lived by the gun.

        After all has been said and done, nothing will have really changed. Amazing. They will certainly see a mass die-off within The USA (and other countries quietly intending to do the very same with most likely do so in collusion, so that the onset of globalization can make a start ‘unfettered’ by those who would resist. Dead men do little to resist a world they have left (in the flesh anyway).

        The other possibilities all lead to a great deal of calamities, possible/uncontrolled screwups and just too many unknowns that the government just WOULD NOT RISK …not when there is a far easier way to do it. Therein, we may well be in for the ride of our lives, and they’ll not truly be any form of an election (and if there is it will quickly be nullified by one or more EMPs) …supposedly already stateside (if not already in place), and awaiting the predetermined moment in time that they have determined to ‘flick the switches’. I guess if we suddenly see a great many “leaders” disappear …we’d best be doing the same.

        I’m going to go add more layers of lead and mylar to all of my electronics that I wish to continue working (gensets, garage vault, etc …and place our rations even deeper than they are already hidden from view. They’ll be none to spare before 5 years transpires (making seeds one of the most valuable little things one could store away …VERY CAREFULLY)!

      15. Word to the wise. Don’t forget that it is FAR easier to revamp a 2-cycle engine that it is a four-cycle engine (and two-cycles have “ripping torque” that just can’t be gotten out of four-strokes).

        Right now, (somewhere and everywhere perhaps), there are MANY large two-stroke engines that just are not wanted (and with a bit of tinkering could be ‘shoe-horned’ into most engine compartments (OR motorcycle’s) and USE that torque to make ‘the most lightweight vehicle’ you can devise MOVE WITH EASE (and still get decent ‘mileage’. Let’s say a tiny car with a two-cycle hooked into ONE “drive” tire would suffice very nicely (and the electronics of the old ones would not be damaged by an EMP (as there isn’t anything that is ‘fragile’ enough to fry (just the coil …and they are easily “leaded over” and protected (don’t forget to add copious amounts of insulation to the ‘lead of wire’ to goes to the plug(s) …as the lead will cause it all to ‘short out’ (sort of like spraying a motor with spark plug wires with a metallic paint. It no longer runs for beans and looks like a christmas tree in the dark ((to look at I mean)) (sparks jumping everywhere except the plug gap). heheh… spark plugs should not be affected in any way either (there is nothing to ‘fry’).

      16. If you can get to the truth. You might see that the American people might have to pay for the wrongs of our government. And that isn’t fair .we really have no control over these rich bastards. They do what they want. We should not be held responsible.

      17. The FED is pushing the economy to implosion. So they can get your 250.000 dollar house for ten grand at you bankrupsy sale. Alls fair in business ? And they control the rules. Get use to it . It will happen over and over again. Until they own it all. And there’s not a dam thing you can do about it. They got their nasty boys doing their dirty work for them. Nasty Nasty boys. You know the song . Sing it on your way out. Your taxes pay for it . You should at least get to sing it? But if I don’t pay them my little children won’t get brainwashed in public schools and I will go to prison. You got it . Get use to it. We got you by the balls. Were the nasty boys. And you do what we say. Freedom Liberty . Go ahead just try it . We got MRAPs now . And a billion rounds . Go ahead make our day. Nasty Nasty boys we rule the day. And you better pay.

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