Shock: Black Death Patients Are ESCAPING The Hospital Over Fear Of Needles As Officials Worry Plague Could Spread

by | Nov 18, 2017 | Conspiracy Fact and Theory | 36 comments

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    Patients in Madagascar who are currently suffering from the plague have “escaped” multiple hospitals in the area over fears of needles and hospital treatment as a whole, according to a shocking report in The Sun newspaper.

    Security guards with at least one hospital have been tasked with forcefully keeping black death patients in the hospital as well as following the strict safety procedures set up in an attempt to quell the outbreak.

    The Sun reported:

    Officials at the hospital say the main reason why patients run away is that they are scared of needles and don’t have much experience of hospitals.

    Jean Benoit Manhes, the deputy representative of Unicef, told the Irish Times: “Some escaped because they’re afraid of needles. People here are not used to the hospital.

    “The problem of plague is not just a medical response. You can have hospitals but if people don’t come it isn’t enough.”

    Such incidents have prompted fears that the plague could spread even further with each confirmed case requiring 20 people have been in contact with to be treated as a precaution.

    Malagasy people have also been told not to carry out their traditional burial tradition of Famidihana which involves digging up their dead relatives every seven years.

    It means ‘turning the bones’ and sees families cleaning the remains, rewrapping them and reburying them while other family members perform a special dance.

    The African island’s government has told citizens to pause the tradition for fear the plague bacteria is still active in the corpses and can be spread to the living.

    News of infected patients running away from hospitals comes on the heels of reports that it is only a matter of time before the plague becomes resistant to the antibiotics that are currently being used to treat the outbreak.

    Mac Slavo recently reported for SHTFplan:

    The newest warning about the outbreak of the airborne pneumonic plague, or black death, in Madagascar has been released. Officials warn that it’s inevitable that this bacterial infection that’s infected over 2000 people will become resistant to antibiotics.

    The only way to treat a person who has contracted the plague is with antibiotics. But experts now warn that because they are being used so much to treat the infection, antibiotics resistance is inevitable and making this disease much more terrifying.

    Once the bacteria is resistant, the Madagascar healthcare system will be overwhelmed, and the disease will have control of the nation.

    As Slavo noted, should the disease spread to the African mainland, one can assume that it will be all but impossible to control, thus increasing the likelihood of global pandemic.


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      1. Its like a jungle sometimes. It makes me wonder how I keep from going under.

        • It must be overwhelming then, eh snowflake?

        • go under

        • Don’t push me cause I’mm close to the edge..I’m tryin’ not to loose my head… HAHAHAA!!! AWESOME! I think it’s super comical that not a one person picked up on what you did there….I got The Message hahaaahahahahahaaaa good one “snowflake”

      2. That ritual with corpses is obviously part of their culture. IMHO it’s totally retarded. Patients escaping from hospitals is not a good sign. If those patients can’t be persuaded to get treatment, [I HATE TO SAY THIS], then extreme measures may be required to deal with the problem. Let’s just hope that plague can be confined to that island.

        • Really? It’s a “shock” that these ignorant fools (who think it’s a cool thing to dig up their dead relatives) would leave a hospital over fear of needles?

          I’m shocked that they are alive at all. “Stupidity is the deliberate cultivation of ignorance”.

          What is equally amazing is that there are those who think a culture such as this is morally equivalent to western culture.

          They should stop all flights coming out of Madagascar immediately until the plague has burned itself out….and then in the future imprison those who did up dead bodies. The other alternative is to run a blockade on the whole island and just let natural selection take its logical course.

          • Anonymous5, sad but true.

            • would you let some darkie chase you with a plague infected dirty needle?

            • sad but necessary

        • Black Death. Don’t see anything wrong with that at all. We need some Brown Death too.

          • yep, whitee here so keep the black-moes and dirty needles away from me please?

          • if i see brown, i flush it down

        • plague, plague, plague schmlague who cares. i am more worried about Coolio having a fair shake at being potus.

      3. They don’t trust the Government to not give them a lethal injection to help deal with the plague! Can you imagine not trusting your own government? I totally understand!

      4. Let them escape, but NOBODY leaves the island.

        • That’s right get a flat top out there and start hanging bombs under wings and let’em go. Its a hornets nest of death so don’t leave even a stalk of corn standing.

          • PO’d Patriot I wish we could send the libturds there. That would solve some problems.

            • But all that libs want to share is other people’s money.

          • Ive got a better idea:
            nuke the main population centers, this would solve several main problems.
            1) over population
            2) no plague
            3) less nukes in the world
            4) more space to immigrate to

            that’s all i could think of

            • Not gonna be a lot of immigration to radioactive areas.

        • That’s what I was thinking. How bout no BD patient leave the hospital alive?( if they try to leave on their own)

        • Yep, quarantine the whole island.

      5. “…. should the disease spread to the African mainland, ….”, say what? I’d dare bet that it already has. And if not for some miraculous reason, it is not a matter of ‘should’ it spread; but, when. All a matter of time. A total – and I mean 100% – quarantine of land, sea and air travel needs (or has needed) to be in place like last week. No exceptions for anyone. That includes politicians, any traveler/visitor/tourist, shipping personnel…… everyone. A total lock-down. Ain’t going to happen, I know. And so, it will spread. Keep an eye on travel hubs. We shall see, we shall see.

      6. All viruses can be treated successfully NATURALLY with mega dosed Vitamin C and D. In the case of Vc up to 2000mg per hour! Vd up to 2000mg per day in smaller doses. Essential for non-Allopathic cancer treatment. Bolstering Glutathione and GcMAF is essential. Glutathione via foods high in anthacyanine, resveratrol, N-acetly-cystein and red organic orange concentrate, grown in volcanic soils high in sulphate and selenium.
        Virophages can also be used, they’ll be found in the water supply contaminated by the black death. Virophages live in viruses and kill them. An accepted treatment in the Crimea.
        There are plenty of treatments out there if people abandon ‘western,’ ‘modern,’ Allopathic ‘medicine.’ I have no doubt that like AIDS, HIV, Ebola and Zika, this outbreak is a Big Pharma experiment, if not an outright Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation de-population initiative or experiemnt. Remember, Bill Gate’s father was head of US black abortion corporation, Planned Parenthood. These experiments or initiatives are an extension of the founder’s, Margaret Sanger’s, genocidal ‘weeding out’ of populations she thought were inferior. Rise up people. YOU can treat this. You DO NOT need ‘western,’ fraud medicine.
        I treated myself when I got the “You’ve got cancer” diagnosis. Due to Iatrogenisis being THE BIGGEST KILLER, ahead of cardio-vascualr and cancer in western medicine; I refused to use it. I used medicinal foods to beat one of the biggest killers in western society. I know from personal experience and research that naturopthic treatments using medicinal foods, herbs, spices and even weed plants are far more effective, and safer and are side effect free, than anything ‘modern,’ ‘western,’ Allopathic medicine can bring to the table. Please share this post. G

      7. Sometimes you just have to laugh at the absurdity of it.
        Global Pandemic hinging on the actions of complete imbeciles

      8. I am guessing if they don’t understand doctors are there to help them and needles are part of the treatment they probably don’t understand passports and international air travel. That is a good thing.

        As for other locals and doctors fleeing the island?

        Any bets on when the first case lands in NYC or London?

        • they are acraid of vaccines. not needles. look it up. cases all over africa where people die or become sterile. africa is a place to dump old or sub standard vaccines and a place to experiment on the population with untested drugs.

      9. If the plague spread 700 years ago (or thereabouts) with the rudimentary transportation of the day, a current biological / viral disease impervious to anti viral / antibiotics makes its appearance, all but the most locked down countries will swiftly fall prey to its effects. Sensing the overall lack of real courage the liberal left exhibits I suspect they will turn upon their beloved downtrodden immigrants. They’re illogical phonies greatly endowed with complaint and devoid of viable solutions. The religious right will be showing the greatest true compassion.

      10. Thank God, Obama is out of the White House. When Ebola was raging he made a significant effort to bring sick people to the US in several major cities.

        Had the hygiene and ignorance of Africans not been a major contributing factor to the spread of Ebola in Africa, it could have turned into a disaster, when Obama brought sick people to multiple cities in the US without proper controls. It was pure insanity, and people did die.

        There is a pattern of African Americans committing murder in the US, and the irresponsible actions and decisions of Barak Insane Obama that also led to the death of tens of thousands.

      11. I hear George Soros is setting up clandestine flights in and out of Madagascar disguised as relief — rescuing as many plague infected people as possible.

        Soros then relabels the plague infected as “refugees, migrants, asylum seekers.”

        The destination of these flights are all heading into the countries where the citizens did not vote for Hillary Clinton, globalism, or one-world financial system.

        Whoever is left alive after the plague has become a pandemic, and wiped-out about half of the world’s population, will be so grateful that they will vote for Hillary Clinton.

      12. To note also besides them spreading the plague by jumping ship at the hospitals, they are also increasing the chance of making it resistant to antibiotics.
        If treatment is a 9 course of antibiotics and you leave after 2 or 3 you allow the strongest bacteria that weren’t killed after the first couple of days to multiply making the the disease that much harder to treat with the same antibiotics as before

      13. This article is nothing but more of the same..fearmongering.

      14. The plague will not find enough host in the USA to flourish here. When the plague killed so many in the past. It was mainly white. Only those who had natural immunity survived and that immunity has been passed on to todays white population. And our food and sanitation is much better than other places. I think the plague was brought to those African places on purpose. If it comes to the USA it will mostly infect drug users sickly and those with poor diet and sanitation. Healthy well fed and sanitary white folks will not be effected. The 1918 flu killed so many because hardly anyone had hot running water and a varied diet. The populace was ignorant on the need for vitamins and essential minerals. If what they ate was grown from depleted soil then the food was also lacking in nutrients. Many folks back then also harbored dormant TB. And the spanish flu woke that TB up. there are logical sane explanations for everything. Many times we simply don’t know exactly what we do not know.

      15. Turd world immigrants and their superstition is why the way they are. They think much like Democraps and liberals.

        I almost can’t tell the difference.

      16. Sounds to me like dumb, and dumber story at first.

        Then I think back to the time when in Africa, it was vaccination time well they did not trust the stuff we had shipped there . They sent it to the lab in Asia the stuff was laced with a sterilization drug So, that story spread through Africa like wildfire . Could that be the fear surrounding the shots?

        Quarantine mandated and no traveling in and out of that region until the situation is contained.

        Black death wiped out 60% of the population when it struck that is big number .

      17. While people of European descent in large part have immunity from the Black Plague because those who survived its two or three visits build up survivable immunity, this is not the same plague. This is the pneumonic plague that it passed not by fleas and infected rats but is airborne. Whether the aforesaid immunity is transferable to this one remains to be seen.

        I have commented for some time that the human population ( 7.5 billion )is reaching a precipice. Nature may be starting to cull the herd or we may do it ourselves for lack of resources. Either one will be a very disagreeable experience for our species.

        And as a side comment, what sort of bizarre custom is it to exhume bones every seven years? The spirit is gone. Leave them dry bones undisturbed.

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