SHOCK: An Elon University Professor Is Using Software To Provide Private Details On American Patriots To The Domestic Terror Group Antifa

by | Jan 17, 2018 | Conspiracy Fact and Theory | 116 comments

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    In an absolutely shocking revelation, a report from Wired Magazine has revealed that a professor at Elon University has devised a so-called “secret weapon”, in support of Antifa, that allows her to keep tabs on at least 400,000 Americans who she believes are members of the alt-right.

    The data is then provided to not only the hard-left Southern Poverty Law Center but also directly to radical members of the domestic terror group Antifa who in turn presumably use the doxxed information to target said Americans.

    The Wired Magazine report details the work of Megan Squire, a 45-year-old professor  professor of computer science at Elon who have developed the software for the hard-left with the admitted aim at not only getting right-wing patriots fired from their jobs but also possibly killed, as Antifa has been known in the past to violently assault anyone that they believe to be a member of the alt-right.

    Amazingly Wired Magazine makes a women literally giving private details on people she just flat out claims are racist to a domestic terrorist group sound like some sort of hero.

    The Wired article first describes an initial list of supposed alt-right Americans who Squire targeted for harassment, intimidation, and possible death.

    Once she had a long list of people to investigate, Squire opened a database of her own design—named Whack-a-Mole—which contains, as far as anyone can tell, the most robust trove of information on far-right extremists. When she cross-checked the names, she found that many matched, strengthening her belief in the authenticity of the leak.

    By midafternoon, Squire was exchanging messages via Slack with an analyst at the Southern Poverty Law Center, a 46-year-old organization that monitors hate groups. Squire often feeds data to the SPLC, whose analysts might use it to provide information to police or to reveal white supremacists to their employers, seeking to get them fired. She also sent several high-profile names from the list to another contact, a left-wing activist who she knew might take more radical action—like posting their identities and photos online, for the public to do with what it would.

    Wired then describes Squire’s program that she claims has exposed upwards of 400,000 Americans who she believes are members of the alt-right and should therefore be attacked in a variety of different ways.

    Whack-a-Mole, her creation, is a set of programs that monitors some 400,000 accounts of white nationalists on Facebook and other websites and feeds that information into a centralized database.

    She insists she is scrupulous to not break the law or violate Facebook’s terms of service. Nor does she conceal her identity, in person or online: “We shouldn’t have to mask up to say Nazis are bad. And I want them to see I don’t fit their stereotypes—I’m not a millennial or a ‘snowflake.’ I’m a peaceful white mom who definitely doesn’t like what they’re saying.”

    The piece then makes clear that Squire is DIRECTLY working with a domestic terrorist organization to target said Americans.

    Though Squire may be peaceful herself, among her strongest allies are “antifa” activists, the far-left antifascists. She doesn’t consider herself to be antifa and pushes digital activism instead of the group’s black-bloc tactics, in which bandanna-masked activists physically attack white supremacists.

    But she is sympathetic to antifa’s goal of silencing racist extremists and is unwilling to condemn their use of violence, describing it as the last resort of a “diversity of tactics.” She’s an intelligence operative of sorts in the battle against far-right extremism, passing along information to those who might put it to real-world use. Who might weaponize it.

    At this point one has to wonder, especially considering we already know that there is absolutely not 400,000 racist Americans spreading their views on Facebook, what Squire is using to determine who is and isn’t a member of the alt-right.

    As The Daily Caller reported, Squire is actually using legitimate wording routinely used by mainstream conservatives throughout social media or, in other words, her system is being used not to simply target terrible racists, but to actually expose American patriots whose only crime is being conservative.

    On a recently published post on Squire’s blog, the professor classifies what constitutes a “far-right extremist” by 12 different ideologies. She uses a variety of keywords to identify so-called extremists, including popular terms like “anti-SJW,” “anti-Obama,” “No Sharia Law,” “rebel,” patriot,” and even “kek.”

    As Far Left Watch notes, the vague keywords offer no guarantee that most of the 400,000 individuals on her list are “far-right extremists.” Furthermore, even if they were, vigilante action taken by Antifa supporters against any of these people could result in harm to both innocent people marked as targets, or their assailants.

    Make no mistake, this is literally a women building a database on patriotic conservative Americans, with some racists throw in, and then providing the details to a group that openly uses violence against Trump supporters or anyone else that they have deemed to be “fascist”.

    “The people who are targeted and assaulted by far-left groups like antifa cover a wide political spectrum. Anyone framing this growing conflict as simply “antifascist vs. white supremacist” is uninformed at best and operating with malicious intent at worst. This article by Wired is a continuation of the ongoing media campaign to normalize and popularize political violence from the left,” Far Left Watch continued.


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      1. How the f#$% did this commie bitch or anyone else manage to get personal data on patriots? This can definitely get someone killed. If I’m confronted by antifa or any other libturd scum my response will be ‘hot lead’. I don’t have any obligation to let any scumbucket have their own way with me. And I’m not surprised to see SPLC involved in this. They are anti-white, anti-Christian, anti-American. Something needs to happen to the bitch who came up with this BS.

        • TDBh – let me answer you. The liberals monitor sites like this and many many others. Not a bad tactic actually. Knowing your enemy. As they are essentially academics and in this case possess computer expertise, they’ve the time to indulge their inclinations to do all they can to sabotage any and all efforts towards a conservative and Constitutional effort. Worse, they’re being paid to by the very institutions and progressive agenda/organizations to do so. You, me – what funding have we got coming in? Our work and that’s pretty much it. Assuredly no big donors bent on say the demise of antifa.

          • Heartless

            “The liberals monitor sites like this and many many others”

            I think they are infiltrating and posing as Constitutionalists baiting individuals into statements that one day will be used against them.

            • Gandhi is one of them.

        • If you read her bio on the Elon Univ. website she specializes in data mining and collection.

        • So the question that needs to be asked, of everyone who responds to this thread. When are you going to stop responding to these people by just bitching about them. Or is it going to be more BS about what your going to do when the left does this, or the left does that. When is enough, enough, and instead of talking tough on web sites, you go visit these people in person? That’s the only way your ever going to get these people to stop. So I’ll ask the question again, Are you going to keep waiting till you, or a family member is killed, or are you ready to act?

          • My name is Frank Giuffre Sr I live in Philadelphia Pa come get me or try to any way but first they have to ask themselves are they ready to die as I have no problem taking their life if they try to attack me or my family. From one patriotic American veteran

          • So true, good post. This she-witch must have at least some complicity with facebook. Since she is so public herself, she must have a known address and photo, I’m very surprised some affected person doesn’t “out” her.

            One thing I have noticed as well, we on the Alt-Right have taken the high road, staying ‘Righteous’ so we can say we are ‘Righteous and Holy’. We are so afraid of what the Left thinks, who want all of us dead, dead, dead.

            We’ll think we want to ‘play nice’, when the Leftist Marxists get in complete power again and go after our kids, our homes, our families, our land, our guns, our faith and churches, even trying to police our thoughts. This is coming people, it’s coming. This Marxist witch is just the tip of their spear.

        • She’s using Facebook brave. Another reason why I refuse to use fakebook and crapchat.

      2. So antifa and other libturds have lists? I also have a list. Lists are a TWO-WAY STREET. THEY WORK MORE THAN ONE WAY. The left needs to be careful what they wish for.

        • Yup, especially when you can get facial recognition software for your phone that then can link to facebook and hence give access to all manner of public records that give home address and such,,, payback will be a real bi t ch

          • I don’t need a facial recognition program. If they’re really ugly women or really pretty men they’re on the alt-left list.

            • You got that right!

          • Nailbanger, Karma will be my partner when the time comes.

        • ‘Cause you’ll shoot ‘em, won’t you, big man?

          • TheRealVic, would you be laughing in YOU were in a life-and-death situation with one of those lefties? No, didn’t think so.

        • Real patriots don’t use Facebook. I’m not worried. This article is nothing more than fear mongering bs.

        • well the goober-mint does the same thing by providing your details to the terrorist organization of the irs.

        • People forget that the pendulum swings both ways.

          • I would welcome their attack. Killing them in self defense doesn’t weigh on the conscience at all.

        • I too have a list, a list of firearms at my disposal to protect me and mine.

      3. This professor needs to be on a list herself. She could be responsible for harm and even death to innocent people. Other than that be prepared for possible assault or other harmful actions. Antifa will bring itself a lot of whoop ass on itself for playing this game.

        • Now we know about her. Good.

        • It would seem that she’s in violation of RICO.

          ht tps://

          • Nice catch, Archivist!

          • That law has an exemption. It is called the Clinton immunity for which this person qualifies.

      4. So if I go on 4chan and write “Praise Kek,” I’ll get flagged? Does she even know what a meme is? That particular flagging will get her a bunch of computer geeks of both sides.

        • Oh crap!

          I had to google “Praise Kek”

          Now i am on a list.

          • If you noticed, most of the sites “explaining” it seem to think it’s an alt-right thing. They are wrong. It’s a computer geek thing. Perhaps a high percentage of computer geeks are intelligent enough to be conservatives.

            • One must have a heart to be a conservative, but not be ruled by it. Many of today’s tech nerds are too young to have conquered their hearts, yet.
              And I fear we’ve not the luxury of time on our side either; all Prophetic signals indicate that the Charagma ( mark ) of the second beast will fall upon this earth quite soon. My best advice if this is fact, do not worship on Sundays and do not be concerned with what you will eat.

      5. The Jaguar never sleeps. 🙂

        ht tps://

      6. American idiots

        • European pussies.

          • Could be Canadian or Australian, either way, they’re pussies too.

      7. Elon University used to be Elon College. This is the first I’ve heard of it, other than seeing the “Elon College” sign on an overpass on Highway 70 near Burlington.

        • Are you sure that highway sign did not say, “This Highway litter abatement is maintained by Elon College.”

          • They didn’t have those litter pickup vanity signs way back then. This is back before the interstates were built, and the only way to go from Raleigh to Burlington and Greensboro was the old two-lane Highway 70.

            Highway 70 originally ran from Atlantic, NC to Los Angeles. A lot of it is either covered or superseded by I-40.

            • Archivist, Hwy. 70 and I-40 both pass through my area.

          • I know exactly where it is.

      8. So the turds have a list.
        I have a list also
        300 win mag
        308 Win. FN
        6.8 Rock River
        5.56 Bushmaster
        45 H&K
        44 Desert Eagle.
        9mm S&W.

        And I know how to use my list.

        • Same here. Let them make their lists. We have our lists, too.

        • And all the people said…


        • The problem is this:

          The liberals are already a war. The conservatives do not realize the war has started.

          Antifa is exactly like the Nazi brown shirts of the 1930s, beating people up and using extreme violence to make sure their political opinion is the only opinion heard.

          What is the conservative people in this country doing to fight back? NOTHING.

          Antifa will probably get their way in the end, just like the Brown Shirts.

          • Exactly right. Many look at warfare as having to take place with bullets, guns, and other explosive ordinance. However warfare has always changed through the ages. This professor is engaging in cyberwarfare against all conservatives. Ever since Bill Clinton had his war room that controlled spin the dems have been improving and refining their techniques to include media matters et. al. co-opting the IRS, the CIA, the FBI, the mainstream biased media etc. to the point that it is now like a seasoned, hardcore, and malicious college team facing an elementary grade school team. It’s pretty pathetic. The water is brackish as hell. Time to seriously consider how to figure out how to up your cyber skills of which liberal organizations, microsoft, google, facebook, apple to name a few have a significant lock on the territory. For starters “the pragmatic programmer” is a place to test the water. It is written in a manner that can apply to much more than the cyber world.

          • I haven’t seen an Antifa person around here. If one of them ever starts a fight with me, I will certainly do my best to end it.

          • These Antifa lefties are so dumbed down. They are so fond of saying “ Trump is a Fascist like Hitler “ don’t they know Hitler was a Socialist, like many of them.

            • They also don’t understand fascism, nor realize that they actually are fascists themselves.

            • And they don’t understand what Nazi means either.

        • LMFAO, classic just classic.
          That’s awesome Sgt. Lol simple and elegant.
          I love it

        • Lost all mine in a tragic boating accident.

        • I’m with Sgt. Dale. And I’m not afraid. Bring It On!

      9. The list “Whack a Mole” sounds like a HIT LIST. The snowflakes that try to act on this should bring a body-bag for themselves. Patriots will not be silenced by jack-booted thugs.

      10. Always remember: H8TE, bullying and violence are always bad. Unless the fascist left does it. Then it is “understandable,” “reasonable,” and even “justified.”

        Freaking leftist fascists

      11. Someone should find her physical address and plaster it all over the web…

        • She looks like a troll and didnt take her husbands last name…. YUCK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

          ht tp://

          • DMONIC, I just saw her picture. Whoever married her must’ve been really desperate. I just hope he didn’t catch anything but he might have.

            • Result of beer goggles maybe?

        • INCORRECT—–as of today—18 Jan, According to Alamance County N.C. Tax records She lives at
          703 Brookfield Dr Gibsonville N.C. 27249

          Its a dead-end street.

          She lives with an Anthony Wayne Crider.

      12. The Southern Poverty Law Center does NOT monitor “hate groups.” They, presumably, don’t operate from a house of mirrors.

      13. Ok … Who hasn’t thought of using an 8′ dia. concrete pipe as a underground shelter?

        But then some “Jimmy Come Lately”…comes along and steals your thunder!?

        ht tp://

        • interesting article, but those people plan to live in those pods above ground like a house, not as a temporary bomb shelter.

      14. Message to Antifa. Don’t bring sticks to a gun fight.

      15. Let me help the enemies of the Republic ,my Name is Mike day look me up if you would like a good old fashion ASS KICKING ,BRING A LUNCH .

      16. True JS
        I was thinking in terms of temporary shelter though.
        The Japanese have been using similar pods for many years now.
        That’s what tptb has in store for the masses … reduced to unnecessary biological baggage.

      17. So you want to keep lists of conservatives professor scum bag ,well we have lists of all you also and now your name and address is on the list and sent to all 10 million pAtriots. You a holes better careful what you wish for it will come back to get you all and it won’t be pretty. By you professor deutsche bag keeping a list is threatening to me any family.

      18. Turnabout is fair play, especially since she claims she is not hiding her identity.

        Megan Squire
        (336) 278-5204
        [email protected]

      19. Google her name and Elon. She’s one ugly broad. A red head with no soul.

        • Blackrockrider, I just saw her picture. Whoever has her would definitely catch something.

          • BH. You mean she looks like an arm load of butt holes.

            • Tacoma, welcome back and LMAO! You said a mouthful with that one.

      20. I would suggest someone give this professor a shot of lead to protect him from the flu.

      21. So how many white female professors are there at this elon university? Look for short hair, usually brown in color but dark almost always, possibly glasses, probably overweight, that will narrow it down some.

      22. These Idiot assed Snot nosed kids dont have a damn clue what they’re asking for. That P.O.S (professor) or what ever the hell she is, will be hiding while these Retards are Gasping for their last breath. I will extend no mercy to those that are attempting to destroy me and mine. That I promise…

      23. THE LORD SAYS THERE WILL BE A RACE WAR IN AMERICA,it will be an absolute blood bath,the whores and brown skinned people of america DO NOT REALIZE ,Those white people their after are TEN times smarter then they are,they’ll lose their life in a war they should have never started…….

        • Mathew 24 “ Nation verses Nation and Kingdom verses Kingdom “, the word transliterated into English as “ Nation “ from the Koine Greek original “ Ethnos “, Ethnos is the root derivative of the English word term “ Ethnic “, meaning race…

          You are correct.

      24. And can someone here plz explain to me for the love of God ; without sending a bunch of Links or going on an incompressible rant. Why exactly do we hate Jewish people.? Forgive me I’m Canadian, we don’t hate anyone.

        • I,for one do not hate Jews. It is the evil anti-Christ Talmud that I hate. It is the desire of Talmudists like Chabad Lubavitch, which Trump’s son-in-law Jared Kushner and his wife Ivanka, Trump’s daughtert, or the Hassidim, to enslave all Gentiles and kill all Christians that I hate. Christ said this: hate the sin, love the sinner.

        • “We” don’t. A few loudmouthed louts do for reasons that lack even the color of rationality. Personally I admire them. Look up a list of Nobel prize winners in Physics, Medicine, Mathematics, etc. Jews are disproportionately represented.
          They did this while being the world’s scapegoat.

          However, the Bible says that, as God’s chosen people, the world will hate them. Once again it appears the Bible is correct.

      25. Per her Bio on Elon website – $600,000ish in GOVERNMENT GRANTS with herself being the principle of most of OUR $$$. Save her some time and let her know where you can be found and that you’ll be expecting company : [email protected] or call her as she’s easy enough to find via Elon U website.

      26. Why wouldn’t a victim of this lady not show up on her door step to do what she is advocating?

      27. I can’t believe this MARXIST Professor is NOT breaking some law !! What this Leftist B*TCH is doing is TARGETING Conservatives for ATTACK by criminal THUGS. She’s trying to INSTIGATE violence against a specific group (Patriots). Only SHE is too much of an F’ing COWARD to actually do the attacking. She’s hoping Antifa criminals will do her dirty work for her. Isn’t instigating violence a CRIME ?!?!?

        • Antifa is officially designated as a terrorist organization. Knowingly and deliberately assisting and providing information to a terrorist organization is a felony offense. So lets see if the FBI is going to do their job.

      28. Ain’t nobody coming for you…. just more bullshit hot air from another Antifa loser. Sit back and relax whilst you’re able. Me, I just poured myself another JD and coke.

        • And btw I just saw an article stating that the sweedes are going to start printing pamphlets and handing them out to the population telling their citizens that a war is imminent. This right after they told their people to be able to fend for themselves for a least a week. Go figure.

      29. At every antifa incident you will observe some innocent looking elders with ipads or smart phones recording and passing instructions. They are the “officers” , old Communists with experience. Get their pictures …. work to ID them, spread them around, neutralize them.
        Antifa scum Dwayne Dixon (google Dwayne Dixon Anthropology) – chased the kid in Charlottesville that ran a girl over, with an AR15. [email protected] – let him know what you think.

        Elon University is an American private, non-sectarian, coeducational liberal arts university with a historic 636-acre (257 ha) campus in Elon, North Carolina.

        Elon has five schools across its main campus, and a satellite campus in nearby Greensboro, North Carolina;

      30. Now 400,000 patriots know who Megan Squire is and where she works! How does that feel Megan???

        • She better buy 400,000 coffee cups ……
          in case COMPANY drops in.

        • Damn she is homely.

          • Damn if she ain’t. I’ve seen better heads on cheap beer.

          • Menzo, I wouldn’t f#$% her with…..never mind. I don’t need to catch anything.

            • Somebody done badly beat her with the ugly stick BH. A paper bag wouldn’t help.

              • Menzo, ROTFLMAO! Good one! Save the paper bag for something more useful, LOL!

          • All those veggie burgers she makes bring out her best.

      31. I am against any and all forms of socialism, all of which are “ leftist “ no matter the attempts by them to paint a contrary picture.
        I am a strong supporter of the Republic and of Libertarianism, of self governance under God.

        This woman is very dangerous and must be held culpable should ANYONE get hurt or suffer property damage as a result of Anti-fa or unhinged individual leftist hate crimes against American Citizens. Any attorney who is prosecuting such attacks who doesn’t seek to include her as being culpable does this countries people a serious disservice.

        And no I don’t expect that she will be included in such legal cases. Not because she doesn’t deserve to be, but because I don’t believe our present Federal and State Governments have any inclination to defeat the disease of socialism. I do believe that our Governments officials have been lured by the twin siren songs of lust and power and seek to enslave us using the form of Government called socialism because that form of Government allows them the greatest amount of control over us with the east amount of resource sharing with us.

        • Justice comes in other forms.

        • I am against any and all forms of socialism

          Including the socialist “public schools?”

      32. bring it on. Make America white again and Chew free.

      33. Remember, it was IBM who helped Hitler develop the technology to identify and locate all the Jews of Europe – an American company directly provided the technology that enabled the Holocaust. Stick that in your Constitutional pipe and smoke it.

        Anyone collecting lists like this should go to jail. Notice how it is always ugly and/or fat women who obsess over this stuff. They know the writing is on the wall for them if society restores its standards of behavior and ends the welfare culture.

      34. Professor better hope no one is harmed by her information. Accessory to murder comes to mind. And,Federal charges may apply if something happans to anyone across state lines.

      35. CONGRATULATIONS Megan Squire !!!

        Up until now I have NOT made a list, but now I have finally started one, and YOU are at the top of it.

      36. All you Washichus whites to you need to realize that they are waging open war on you to terrorize you into being professional victims with them on top of the pile

      37. the people who can not be criticized or held accountable run the world.
        or maybe they just think they do before they get caught.

      38. Can we just… *pop* these fucks, already?

      39. Classic Sun Tzu Know your enemies as you know your self. Attack them where they are weak. And you cannot be defeated.

      40. People like her take it upon themselves to be our conscious.
        My conscious does not need her to tell me what to think and feel. She has no clue as the civil war,she and her ilk are leading us into. When the shtf she’ll be one of the ones wondering how did this happen.

      41. Why isn’t she in jail?

      42. There groups and organizations out there keeping tabs and a list of names on all these far-left commies groups and there leaders and organizers, a spy vs spy game

      43. I’m surprised she isn’t dead yet..

      44. I’m not. Recall how in the 1950’s you needed a drunk to take the risk of opposing Progressives in the US.

        P.S. Pay close attention to the militia clauses of Article I. (You know what that is, right?) They suggest a way forward through the 2nd am to a diverse militia of Americans who are concerned about preventing guns from falling into the wrong hands.

      45. “Make no mistake, this is literally a women building a database on patriotic conservative Americans, with some racists throw in”

        So some patriotic conservative Americans… with some patriotic conservative Americans thrown in?

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