Secret War on Cash: “Discussions at Bilderberg Centered Around Capital Controls, Abolition of Cash”

by | Jun 13, 2015 | Conspiracy Fact and Theory | 290 comments

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    According to some, a very quiet stealth war on cash has begun.

    May your bank account, debit card and gold reserves be on guard…

    The world’s elite are meeting in secret this week at the Bilderberg meeting, set at a luxury resort in Telfs-Buchen, Austria.

    Investigative journalists have confirmed that the private discussions among top power brokers across the globe include arrangements to restrict currency and penalize – or ultimately even ban – cash.

    Read the attendees list… real power and wealth are running with the movers and shakers. With bankers, equity giants and financiers all present, the agenda is quite in line with recent reports, as SHTF has long reported.

    Expert Says “Banning Cash” The Only Solution to Negative Interest Market Problems

    Cash on Lockdown: Bankers “Want Badly to Charge YOU Interest for Depositing YOUR Funds”

    Banned: Chase Bank Says You Can No Longer Store Cash or Precious Metals In Your Safe Deposit Box

    Paul Joseph Watson of Infowars recently warned via video:

    The initiation of an coup on cash is underway:

    The powerful Bilderberg Group will discuss imposing more capital controls on average citizens while HSBC, whose Group Chairman will attend the conference, is set to pay more than $40 million dollars for illegal money laundering involving arms dealers and helping the wealthy avoid taxes.

    It’s very much a case of do as we say, not as we do.


    Ironic therefore it is that HSBC representatives will be party to discussions at Bilderberg centered around moving towards the abolition of cash and the imposition of capital controls on ordinary citizens in the name of stopping tax fraud and allowing more state control over people’s finances.

    During the conference, Bilderberg will set the consensus for green lighting economic restrictions under the justification of stopping financing for terror groups like ISIS. Bilderberg will also discuss new controls on the sale of precious metals throughout Europe.

    Numerous influential voices have recently called for eliminating physical currency altogether, giving central banks and governments the power to directly control your finances under the justification of preventing an economic collapse and bank runs.

    If it involves “too big to jail” bankers and secrecy, it can’t be good for ordinary people.

    If cash is criminalized, then everyone will be forced to be on the grid, and using what is essentially a digital currency inside a system controlled and watched from beginning to end by the banking industry.

    The insiders will then have total power, information on and profit from every transaction.

    That, surely, is the mark of the beast… a world in which free men are outlawed, and compliance is the only acceptable form of payment.


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      1. This must be stopped. We have reached the end of the rope. Do you know how to tie a Gordian knot? We need a big one to hold on.

        • The elite know difficult times are ahead…

          Billionaire Bunkers: Exclusive Look Inside the World’s Largest Planned Doomsday Escape

          “most fortified shelter on earth”

          “The hardened facility is capable of withstanding a substantial close range nuclear blast, a direct airplane crash, biological and chemical agents, shock waves, earthquakes, tsunami, electro-magnetic pulses, and virtually any armed attack.”

          • I saw this earlier. Yet… you wonder what will REALLY happen to these folks? Will the be on vacation in Aruba when something happens, and never make it back? Will the people preparing the places like this have some back door (literal or technical)into the place? Will someone find a way to do something nasty in the vents? Will people get along inside? Will it be like this nine minutes episode from the Twilight Zone, entitled The Shelter

            Thanks for your posts.

            • TEST,

              I guess time will tell what will happen to the elite. If an ‘event’ is planned, then that will allow time for most to make it to the bunker.

              Good point about those who built the bunker. Who knows what ‘surprises’ these folks may find once inside and the doors are bolted.

              I wouldn’t want to be in that facility with numbers of ultra rich folks, with their spoiled wives and children, – who are all used to feeling ‘entitled’ to getting whatever they want in life.

              Stored food will eventually run out. To survive long term, they will need ‘useful’ skills. Can you see them cooking, sewing, gardening, hunting, or repairing things?

              Their security forces may revolt and take over at some point.

              Time will tell.

              • Children, yes, but would you bring your spoiled wife?

            • Over their dead bodies.

            • @ Acid Etch

              The right to defend oneself is a fundamental human right. The Second Amendment recognizes (but does not confer) this right. Congress can pass any law they want.

              An enacted bill = a law. A law CANNOT repeal or amend the Constitution. Cannot. Not that 98% of the population knows this or gives a damn.

              We have no obligation to obey unconstitutional laws. One can expect the judges, who know who their masters are, to in the main decide in favor of their masters.

              Eventually your liberty depends on what YOU are willing to assert. How far you are willing to take it.

              Pass whatever laws you want, political vermin. Molon Labe

              • If ID cards pass, the demos will have more trouble cheating at voting.
                Be sure to vote against any politician who doesn’t vote for voter ID or favors Killary or anybody wanting more aliens in the country. Vote for anybody who wants to kick out millions of aliens. Stop demo ‘vote buying’ and its cost to tax payers. If so much waste continues, people who need help wont find it still available

              • “but does not confer this right”

                That’s true. The right was already conferred by God.

            • Off Topic: Last week we had a discussion here about knives and I mentioned my affection for USMC K bars and bayonets, because they are virtually indestructible.

              This weekend I was cruising Harbor Freight and ran across a stainless steel knife on sale at half price, down from $20. Its not a John Rambo signature series at $120 to $140 but its a nice size, has a serrated top, and a hollow handle for matches etc.

              The screw off top of the handle has a compass built in. The dial doesn’t glow it the dark, but its still a nice feature. At $10 I picked up two.

              Magnesium fire starter sticks also half price at five dollars. You can’t have too many of them, I picked up four. In a perfect world they would fit in the knife handle. That’s the bad news. The good news is I will find a really small container that will fit the handle and cut my shavings in advance.

              Swing by Harbor Freight while the sale is on. 🙂

              • I wouldnt stake my life on a knife that isnt full tang and has a hollow handle. Its probably cheap 440c stainless steel too right? I bet they fail upon any kind of actual use. Good barter items maybe but nothing I’d depend on. For about 40 you’d be much better off with a kabar, Becker or SOG made of carbon steel that has a decent heat treat. Just my .02

                • Benchmade, Strider, some Buck knives, Knives of Alaska, just to name a few “decent” knives,
                  You get what you pay for

                • Ditto. More Harbor Fraud ripoff. No offense, DK.

                  • I appreciate the sentiment guys, as I have mentioned my favorite, but everyone should swing by Harbor Freight and go look for yourself before preconceiving an opinion on nothing. You do get what you pay for but everyone here cannot afford the top of the line.

                    For those who cannot, take a look.

                    Compare the quality and the price. Sometimes you can find a bargain at a yard sale; not expecting that Monet hidden behind another painting or an original hand copy of the Declaration of Independence folded up behind Great Grand Father’s photo.

                    For $10 bucks its a steal. Stainless steel. I bought two and I already had the best. 🙂

                    • No offense taken Coach. 🙂

                • Pocus, I collect a few knives myself. Most of my knives are carbon steel, keep a good edge, and never had one break on me. Just bought a couple of titanium knives over the weekend I will try out. I do have a kabar which is probably my BEST knife overall. I’ve has knives with hollow handles break on me and wouldn’t even keep a decent edge. 440c stainless steel is NOT the best metal for a knife.

            • Never make it through Congress!

            • what about all the “dumb” guns I already have , and wont submit , or register, or etc..?

            • Too bad the company that was making smart guns failed ( out of business)
              Mainly do to the fact they couldn’t keep weapon from failing constantly. This is old news

          • The bunker may end up being the coffin.

          • How does it do with cement around the egress doors and plugged air vents?

          • GREECE Bank RUN~ Last week $3.4 was withdrawn from depositors on edge of collapse.

            Oh and US Taxpayers subsidized Big Dirty Oil Co’s to the tune of $5.3 Trillion. Yes with a T. Governments don’t work for the people. Its their parasite cockroach scumbag fascist Corporate Campaign Donors that gets all our loot. Its time to punish the beast. Torch and burn the bitches to the ground. Hot lead!!

          • Cattle don’t fight back; they just do as directed. But outside the slaughter house, when standing out on the truck, they suddenly realize what’s happening.

            They hear the bellows– sounds of horrible pain–as cows are oftentimes skinned alive (stun guns don’t always go off and workers have a quota to maintain!) They can smell the blood and the terror and they often times break their legs, frantically trying to get off the truck, attempting to escape!!!

            But its too late!!! They trusted the bastards too long. And they can’t get away!!! And so they are brought to the slaughter house, terrified, trying frantically to escape! But its too late!!

            • It sounds like you getting excited just thinking about it.

        • might I suggest learning the hangman’s noose?

            • Sixpack, I just finished that article. I can picture them extending that shit to ammo, accessories, parts, etc. It will never work just like the other gun control crap on the books. Everyone, if you have any kind of gun purchase in mind or accessories or parts kits for what you already have, better get them ASAP. I’m considering one more addition to my ventilation team.

              • sixpack,braveheart,

                I think you are correct they will continue to add more and more control in hopes of either ( eating the elephant one bite at a time ) which is US, and or getting enough of us to stand up and then they will declare martial law. either way what IS going to happen the availability of guns and parts and such will become very limited and or very expensive, if you don’t have it now or VERY soon you probably won’t get it unless you go black market and you can bet there will be LOTS of feds in undercover ops, trying to catch you!
                stay cool and keep the powder dry, BIG stuff coming and soon!

                • Apache, when our enemies appear on the streets it will be GAME ON. When the bullets start flying, weapons, spare ammo, and other gear will become available for the taking. I have no problem using enemy weapons, ammo, gear, etc. against my enemies. I will do whatever I consider necessary in the war that’s coming. Surrender is no option for me nor for any of us. LIFE MEANS NOTHING TO ME IF I DON’T HAVE FREEDOM. EVERY MAN DIES. NOT EVERY MAN REALLY LIVES. I watched the movie of my namesake earlier today. It gives me inspiration. May God help us all.

                  • Braveheart,
                    I totally agree, FREEDOM is what it is all about for me and my family, without out it you might as well be in jail!

                    • Apache54, I’ll be dead before anyone can take me alive.


            ht tp://

          • In a pinch any old noose will do, its all in the jerk at the bottom of the drop

            • Nah; it’s all about them jerk inside the rope. Besides, If at first you don’t succeed===

        • Alexander the Great is said to have used a sword to unravel the original Gordian knot.

          • “Bilderberg will set the consensus for green lighting economic restrictions under the justification of stopping financing for terror groups like ISIS.”

            Maybe they need to discuss banning the United States from funding the terrorists. Does anyone think they’ll really do that? NOPE.

            Will someone please wait until they’re all in their seats, and WIPE THE ENTIRE BUILDING OUT?

            • Yeah, I keep wondering when something like that will happen, sixpack.

              I did hear the other day (TV) that some guy had exploded a police barracks or something and then later they found out where the guy was hiding (the “terrorist”) and suddenly the building he was in just was burned down… they don’t know what happened. Didn’t get to bring him in alive, but then, they never do!

          • Acid, there’s another thing we can agree on. I’ve taken Selco’s course and still go to his website on occasion. He is top notch.

        • Most of the people of our once great country
          can’t even sense the invisible tether that is
          now ensconced around their necks.

          The King’s money is distributed among the
          peasantry like sharecroppers land, a bulk of
          which goes back to the Kingdoms coffers in

          We cannot hoard our wealth or savings because it
          is nothing more than government scrip to be used
          only at the King’s Company Store AKA the US market,
          and that scrip can be changed or negated at the
          whims of the King at his pleasure.

          • The scrip can be negated at the king’s pleasure, but the metal bullion he’s issued is a lot harder to devalue, without laying hands on it. That’s why I’ve been collecting nickels and pre-83 copper pennies for some time.

            • Nathan,penny switch in 82,some 95% copper,some 95% zinc,nickel has also been fucked with now,I too save the older stuff and occasionally come across a few rarities.

              • Saving copper is stoopid. What you going to do? Throw 500 pennies on the counter to buy what, a sandwich? The 10 people behind you Iine will soon murder your for stupidity. Like I said before in SHTF I’m shooting all stoopid people. And ugly mofo’s too. Add the useless eaters, predators, liars, and thieves, politicians, lawyers, and those excessive barking dogs down the road.

          • Colloidal silver too.

        • I may not know how to tie a gordian knot, but I do know what a Garrote is.

        • We have been living in a Monopoly based monetary system for several generations. Look at those greenbacks in your pocket. they are worthless except for the perceived value. Those dollars don’t mean a darn thing except what the elite say they are worth.

        • Ab out 30% of America’s economy has already moved underground and these a-holes are going to push more money into the underground.

          It’s called barter, and if cash is not available, we the people will create our own underground instruments of payment.

      2. They can try all they like, but human ingenuity will find a way. Stand by for alternative methods of trading – barter, copper coins of their own design. Anyway, how are they going to pay all their bribes if cash isn’t an option?

        • Caratacus, DING DING DING DING. WE HAVE A WINNER. Excellent point on the bribes.

          • Think Hillary re bribes!

          • Bribes and drugs…

            • What I want to know is how are they gonna pay the hookers?

              • Hunger is one heck of an aphrodisiac.

      3. Oh I see…whatever is convenient for the banks and governments. Another form of control over people..what they spend and how much they spend and to know where they spend.

        • Jim, out of the three, one world gov, religion and money, which would be easiest to convert first???

          Money is my vote…

        • Jim, out of the three, one world gov, religion and money, which is easiest to convert?

          Money is my vote…

          • Eppi- Every one of them you listed is evil. Ban them all and lets go to PM’ s for purchasing power. Can you state for fact any human who has been granted everlasting life? Another religious scheme to fleece the stoopid sheep. As far as the one world order? There will always be psychopaths trying to control the masses with commodity shortages. Food, water and shelter.

            • WWTI, No I cannot state for a fact any human, except Jesus, who has reached that ultimate pinnacle of the soul’s final home. That is what is called ‘faith’.
              The Old Testament was prophetizing of the end days, and a ‘messiah’ who will come about. The New Testament is about that human.
              One of his 12, John, wrote the last book in the Bible, telling us of what he saw. This is where the One World government, religion and money comes into play. If the money goes digital, one third of the prophecy has been completed. The other 2 will be harder to impliment, but something will happen to bring the Antichrist into play, along with the religious human to bring the two about probably in the same time frame.
              I know I will never be able to convince you of this, same as you will never convince me.
              Edgar Cayce spoke of Jesus as the first Adam, and it took 13 human entites before he got it right.
              Budda spoke of the same thing, to the point of not even killing bugs, since that could be his grandfather.
              Wished we all could learn the ‘true truth’, and all this planet could switch from a war machine to a truth machine and make this 3rd rock from the sun a better place to live together…

              Bless all here…

              • Eppe:

                Your post to WWTI shows you know the “true truth”. No need to search any further. The chapter of Revelation is unveiling in front of our eyes. Blessings back to you Eppe.

                • Thanks POG, I almost did not respond, and I had to think about what to say.
                  There seems to be alot of jew bashing going on, and I will say, there are bad apples in every tribe.
                  And everyone has thier right to an opinion.

                  Would it not be great if all the money that goes to war, could be used for the promotion of ‘good will’ to our fellow humans for the betterment of this world as we know it.

                  I know I am just dreaming, but what could be accomplished if war was eliminated, and we could explore space, underwater, even under the ground we live on???

                  As always, Bless all here, even the unbelievers…

                  • Let me give everyone an example of what could happen if all nations worked together for a concentrated effort to change life as we know it:

                    Say we find a new earth element that holds electricity better than 1000% of what we know of now.
                    All of a sudden, batteries will not be the weak link in the off grid scenerio???
                    Collecting the energy would have to make better of PV CELLS to compensate and fulfill the max capicity of said battery, the size of a car battery to run your home?

                    Would it not be nice to buy a kit that would provide 10 KW a day for a home?
                    Just thinking outside the box, wish I could figure out what that element was…

                    Yes, Yes, I know that TPTB cannot let this happen, but think of the possibilities????

                    • Tesla supposed to have made a machine that worked off the electro-magnetism of the Earth.
                      What if we could tap into that, even if was a low voltage setup, but ran 24 hours a day???

                      Sorry, few beers deep….

                    • Yes the technology exists. Yes, electromagnetics are viable energy systems.

                      However the powerful elite that make their billions off of the system of burning crude and fossil fuels, have crushed every attempt at engineering anything that will make their system obsolete.

                      A friend of mine, back in the eighties had developed a crude prototype of a small magnetic engine that would actually run.
                      His dream was to get the financing to go further with it.
                      Once, when I asked about some possible investors, his response was…”this kind of thing will get a person killed”.

                      The consensus is that, that is exactly what happened to Tesla.

                      Now, there are companies that have the means and the willpower to produce the next big thing to become available if time persists, and that is hydrogen power.

                      There are small, generator units, available, that can use solar and wind to produce hydrogen, that in turn will produce the energy needed to power a home and two vehicles, without ever using a watt of power grid electricity, or a gallon of petroleum. No pollution from emissions.

                      The elite and evil power structures of the world will not allow it, on a mass scale.

                      We will never see those technologies in America before the Lord returns.
                      Our days are numbered, and the countdown to the return has started.
                      We can wish and dream of a better life and a world of peace, but as long as there is evil, there will be neither.
                      And, as long as there is flesh, there can be none.

        • Sure Jim, it has always been convenient for the government to take something that was illegal and make it legal. Colorado and Washington (legal sales of marijuana) Tennessee allowing sales of moonshine if you jump through the hoops and get all the permits and license. It’s always been about control and the money. ‘Ol Popcorn Sutton is turning over in his grave. The PTB always want you to feel their hand on your shoulder directing you.

      4. Scary stuff that’s why I quit buying silver before long copper and lead will be the only metals that are easy to unload. Lately I have been investing in my own food production and quality hand tools

        • My potato plant died last ear, or so I thought. I set the planter aside and threw some papers on top of it, when the leaved dried up one day and died. I went out a week or two ago and noticed there was green leaves struggling to get out from under the paper.

          When I saw that my potatoes were actually still growing, I immediately hilled them up and watered them. They’re growing over the sides of the pot now.

          I was pleasantly surprised, because I was feeling so defeated, thinking that I couldn’t even grow a damned potato anymore. I was so pleased, I put green onions in the other planter.

          I’m going to get someone to help me get one of those plastic 55 gallon barrels cut in half, put holes in the bottom for drainage and fill it with dirt/potting soil mix. I want to plant some more stuff.

          I’m pulling weeds tomorrow, around the house where flower beds used to be.

          • Potatos, onions, garlic, and carrots are four crops that I really need to get a hustle on learning to grow. Tried to plant some super nice varieties of garlic last year but the bed was not drained well enough and they ended up rotting. They say old tires are great for growing potatos in, so I’ve been collecting a number of those at every opportunity.

            • Nathan, potatoes are easy where I live in maine. Last year I had over a thousand potatoes. Kept them cool and dry through the winter in my mud room. Planted the ones I didn’t eat this spring and I have over 400 plants growing. Most important tip I can is keep on top of the potato battles. They lay there eggs under the leaves. I check everyday for them and destroy the leave if I find them. If you don’t get them they will eat the leaves off and the plant dies before your crop is ready. Look for images of Colorado beetle.

              • Many years ago as a young’un my mother would take the caps off the strawberries that she had ‘sugared down’ and toss them in the field across the road from us. One day she noticed she had more strawberries growing in the field then she had in her patch. If you notice in the strawberry the seeds are easily seen on the skin. From that point on she would throw the caps into her patch to thicken them up. A practice that I still carry on.

                • Good info,
                  I have been saving seeds the past few years. I bought my corn, peas, green beans and potatoes a few years ago and I have a bigger garden every year from the saved seeds. I had so many green bean seed this year I couldn’t even come close to planting it all. I love my peas so I have a hard time saving enough and not eating them all but I still have more planted each year. I save a ton of corn. I plant early and about one out of ten comes up. I then replant a few weeks later and I have a staggered corn harvest.

                • I did not realize that—thanks P’OP!

          • Congrats Six. I tried the potato plants in a box from HD. In the end zero. Only real success was the tomato plants I dug from my worm garden from the vegi scraps after canning. Got some beans small could fill one pot for one meal. Even though I prepped with seeds, I could not count on a garden to feed me.

            • Probably either soil or climate. I lived in TN and GA for a long time and had horrible gardesns. I live in Maine now and soil is awesome. I can grow almost anything but hot weather things like tomatoes and peppers. Soil is very rich and loamy here.

              • Just wondering, is the soil really thick and clay like? Because a really great solution to that is lots and lots of shredded leaves, ripped up cardboard and bark mulch. BARK, not WOOD. Till that stuff under, and plant lots of fava beans, mixed in with some rye grass. Next time the season comes around, till it all back in. You should have tons of worms in the soil, and it should be loosened up a LOT

                Ideals Mastering Power Creating All Life GOD IS

          • Potatoes grow best when “mounded”…meaning adding soil as plate grows, only keeping top of plant above ground…old tires work very well here, start with one tire and as plants grow above tire, add another and more soil, keep repeating as many tire as you want…tires also hold water very well and add heat to the soil for fast growth…works well for peanuts too…it comes down to the more soil depth, the move harvested….

      5. The trendy techo COWARD PUSSY ZOMBIES in the fascist collapsing vile evil filthy shithole of the world will gladly line up for a RFID chip to replace their cash. The COWARD PUSSY ZOMBIE trendy fascist boot licking filth will also gladly hand over the children the scum should of never had, so they can have a RFID chip put in them also. The fascist boot licking scum already vaccinate their children with everything the GENOCIDAL fascist boot licking filthy shit stain Big Pharma shill doctors tell them too. The fascist scum in the evil shithole of Murica already feed their children poisonous toxic chemical filled GMO FAKE FOOD, so of course the filthy boot licking scum will put an RFID chip in the children the fascist scum should of never had. The filthy fascist boot licking shit stains in the collapsing fascist shithole of the world deserve everything coming.

        • Just wait until they fast-track the TPP. Then corporations like monsatan can SUE COUNTRIES that protect their citizens from toxic substances, because the bans cut into their profits.


          Call your congressperson toll free and tell them where to put that TPP


        • Ron Ahrens makes Acid look sane. At least Acid IS posting some good links and tips on this thread.

          • He seems to be hung up on “boot licking.”

            • So “boot licking” is a new fetish for trendies? 🙂

        • Take out all the name calling words and you could say what you have to say in one sentence.

          • Fucking Turds… Nuf said.

            • Here’s something I just learned about obamacare that should make you guys as mad as it makes me.

              They can’t/won’t fix me well enough for me to be able to go back to work, BUT, they CAN fix me enough to get me kicked off of SS Disability.

              That would put me literally back on the street with nowhere to go and no way to get there, still unable to find and keep a job…as if there was anything left to find, job-wise.

              I suspect this is how they’ve got many people trapped.

              Damned if you do, damned if you don’t.

      6. This can’t be happening anytime soon. What then are the cops going to seize in their dragnets stealing any cash or property from any driver willy nilly on the roads of America? They need your cash to buy doughnuts and such, maybe a new cruiser loaded with all the bells and whistles or possibly a flame thrower to thwart peace and justice loving citizen’s out for a Sunday drive. The new black female attorney general is big on police stealing your possessions while on the public roads, just like the crook she replaced. Civil forfeiture is a cops best friend, if they don’t steal it, the bankers will. It has become a serious battle to see who owns your cash.

        • Aljamo, excellent points. The cops would have to find something else they could consider worth stealing from people. It would be interesting to see how it would affect the drug trade.

          • Yes Braveheart, seeing as how they plant the drugs if none are found while they are illegally searching your vehicle. I just read yesterday that some lawmakers passed a bill that rejects the feds approach to going into states that have approved medical cannabis. This legislation will supposedly stop raids into those states. I’ll believe it when I see it.

            • aljamo, are we talking about the so called lawmakers who are in hidden business with the drug cartels via their killers aka CIA? lol. It is so funny that the drug transport/sales is managed by the heroes in CIA in Afghanistan. I thought we were after freeing Afghans from oppression.

              • Oh our Fascist Government wants to ban Pot, out of one side if their mouth, but they also currently run the largest produc r ive poppy field in he world supplying about 90% of the opium export worldwide. What do you think comes back in those classified black boxes shoved in the fuselage of US Military aircraft? The US Military is the world largest Criminal Gang on the planet.

            • Aljamo, same here. the feds do whatever they want. they always believe they’re above the law.

      7. So this a.m., a group of idiot Libertarian Conspiracy-Theorist Survivalists attacked the Dallas TX police HQ in an armored van, using firearms and IEDs.
        They failed to injure any LEOs and quickly drove away. Police gave chase and disabled the van in a Jack In The Box parking lot. A standoff is currently ongoing.

        Let’s hope the idiot Libertarian Conspiracy-Theorist Survivalists are taken alive so they can be made an example and locked away for life with the other murderers, rapists and child-molesters.

        The Police Officers are the heros of society. Libertarians are the dumbasses of society, as this incident proves again.

        • Toe Jam, the van apparently used to belong to the Dallas SWAT team and no LEO’s were injured. I call you out. There will be no helicopter coming to rescue you no matter how many libertarians you diss.

          • I thought it was just one guy who mas made over losing custody of his son…where did y’all get the rest of all of that?

            • Let me try that again: I thought it was just one guy who was mad over losing custody of his son, which he claimed police caused.

        • I doubt if it was “Libertarians”, I imagine it was “preppers” of the kind that so often call for this sort of thing here.

          I wonder if any or all of them are/were posters here?

          But you’ll notice they didn’t just waive their little ar-15 around and have the police running away screaming in terror, the opposite happened in fact. Learn a lesson.

          • I guess posting as anonymous has its up side…you never really have to own your shit, do you? Go troll somewhere else.

            • I can’t help it if my parents named me anonymous any more than you can help it that yours named you sixpack.

              Read the posts in yesterdays article about social services, maybe you’ll find yourself there.

            • Real Libertarians would not have screwed up everything they touched, which this guy apparently did.

            • Is that supposed to mean something?

              Other than a display of your intelligence?

        • Jo-Sam, while I can agree it was stupid for anyone to attack a police HQ, police are NOT heros. They serve GOVERNMENT, NOT THE PUBLIC. Google it. There are state and federal supreme court rulings that will verify what I’m saying. Police are NOT your friends. They are predators brainwashed at the academy with an anti-public mentality and are always hurting people. Firefighters and paramedics are TRUE first-responders because they always HELP people. POLICE NEVER HELP PEOPLE. How the hell can you call someone who uses their authority to commit acts of injustice against people HEROS? Wake up and get off the federal koolaid.

          • I agree with you once again, braveheart….with one minor correction. …WE are the FIRST responders,….and those OTHER guys are second responders. the sooner we realize that, the better off we will be….cops are usually there to fill out the report.

            • BCOD, you’re right. I stand corrected on the first responders part. We have to be our own first responders anyway. As individuals, we are truly on our own.

            • BCOD.

              We will be our own First Responders. Firemen, Policemen and Paramedics.

              Hope we are getting some training in all three category’s.

          • Dead on Braveheart- Glad you are wide awake. They don’t call Cops “Pigs” for nuttin.

          • BH, Right. A few years ago in my town (and surrounding ones as well) “TO PROTECT AND SERVE” was removed from the sides of all police cruisers that has been on there for many decades, ever since I can remember… and I live in a low crime area (at least for now).I knew that was a bad sign of things to come. Maybe it’s just as well. At least they’re not implying/lying about so-called “protecting and serving.”

            • Commoncents, welcome. It’s the same for all the LE cruisers in my area, local PD, sheriff’s dept., AND TN. State Troopers. They stopped pretending about ‘protect and serve’ the PUBLIC years ago. They ‘protect and serve’ GOVERNMENT. There are state and federal supreme court rulings that will verify what I just said.

        • Probably a Jade Helm Junior-Sized. Must have been using blanks if no one was hit as one news post stated that it was “automatic fire” by the attackers. This one smells to high heavens. Waiting for someone to holler “Cut! and that’s a wrap!” Then both parties high five and head for their favorite watering hole.

        • Jo-Sam, “a group of idiot Libertarian Conspiracy-Theorist Survivalists”???? Yu must either have/known a good inside informer with such precise information or you are a useless foot soldier of the criminal tribe doing crimes against humanity. Either way I don’t care. The fact is ISIS is a band of savages NOT CREATED BY THE LIBERTARIAN IDIOTS as you have stated. Would it be possible these UNKNOWN shooters be on the payroll of the ISIS creators?

          • Stolz, I’ll buy that. sounds like another false-flag by the antigun lobby.

            • Speaking of the gun control lobby:

              ht tp://

          • ISIS was created by the CIA to keep a Boogie man out there, designed to keep the Military Industrial Complex Mafia flush with our cash for more useless shit. We really just need to cut the head off the snake and defanging these criminals threatening us.

        • Sounds like it was over child custody.

          You’re right the police are there to do the chalk lines and pick up the spent brass.

          Hmmmm…looks like 9mm to me, a job well done???

        • I am against violence (as opposed to leftist Bill Ayers); but apparently you do not have enough intelligence, or wisdom, to not make even simple category mistakes. Most of us are smart enough to not conflate a couple of nut cases with a large group. Apparently you are not. Quod erat demonstrandum.

        • Didn’t get all the info did you. It was one idiot(regardless of politics)who flamed out. don’t sound like a conspiracy to me.

      8. A cashless society is required for total control of the people.

        Without that you cannot keep track of what people buy and sell.

        And if you can eliminate cash you force people into a system where they have to be a part of it to buy and sell anything, including their labor and such, and you can know every detail of every persons life to keep them in compliance with the rules.

        • I was just having this conversation with my 80 year old mother ten minutes before I clicked on the Internet and read this. She said “it’s sad and you will probably live to see it. They can track everything you do that way”. Pretty savvy for eighty..

          • From my heart… God bless your dear mom.

      9. Consider this; No “cashless society” until martial law is declared and obama signs an EO allowing him to maintain control until martial law is negated which it never will be. The problem with the end of the rope is, obama has greased it and there’s no holding on for much longer.

        • A full Ban on cash is a program designed by the Global Tyranical Fascists to crush the small business merchant. Their biggest competitor. Resistance against Tyrany is Patriotic. Putting on a military uniform to go rape the world by gun is NOT Patriotism and I wish the US Military would quit hijacking our flag to do it. The psychopaths in charge are doing everything in their power to destroy our great country sector by sector.

      10. I live near several large Amish communities. I’d like to see how TPTB force them into the digital age. Been converting FRN’s to things of value for some time in anticipation of bartering with the Amish after TSHTF. Oh, and just in case the is monitoring, I’ve never seen an Amishman that wasn’t a crack shot.

        • Well said Ace.

        • Trust me the Amish are already assimilating to some degree
          a friend of mine is selling large lawn mowing equipment to the “new generation” of Amish followers
          and from the sounds of it, the Amish wife is the one that will end up being the operator

      11. Come on when TSHTF there will be no cash (money will mean nothing) anyway. The whiz kids have to write about something I guess, but hey this stuff has run it’s coarse in RERUNS. When she goes, it all goes lock, stock, and barrel, what you have in your hands is all that matters for that is what will keep you alive nothing more, nothing less.

        The greatest wealth you can possible have (after the fall) is a source of clean drinking WATER: Enough Said!!!

        • Distilling water is by far the best way to make clean water and you can make a water still using an old propane tank, a stretch of copper tubing (best) and a gas fitting to connect the two. A washing machine drum with a fire inside will help concentrate the heat to the propane tank when the propane tank in placed inside the said fire pit. The fitting maybe the hardest thing to find in a shtf scenario. Get a couple. They’re cheap. Good luck to you guys.

          Second Trumpet: The Seas Struck
          “Then the second angel sounded: And something like a great mountain burning with fire was thrown into the sea, and a third of the sea became blood. 9 And a third of the living creatures in the sea died, and a third of the ships were destroyed.

          Third Trumpet: The Waters Struck
          Then the third angel sounded: And a great star fell from heaven, burning like a torch, and it fell on a third of the rivers and on the springs of water. 11 The name of the star is Wormwood. A third of the waters became wormwood, and many men died from the water, because it was made bitter.”

          Revelation 8:8-11New King James Version (NKJV)

          • I took an old 40# forklift tank (propane cylinder) and converted it into something like that. There is a big hex pipe plug in the center which you can remove (if it’s not stuck in there too good) and easily screw in new fittings to connect any plumbing you want to attach to it. These containers come in both aluminum and steel.

          • Solar stills are better than that, simpler and use no fuel.

      12. there will be a transition phase and also a back door for those ‘in the know'(joo’s).

        as corrupt as the joo’s are no way will they allow themselves to be completely locked down and traced.

        there will be other options still available or some enterprising individuals will create them.

        • Just watch the IRS start raiding peoples bank accounts ro collect taxes, even in advance. We will hear the sucking sound vacuum of the great wealth extraction from the common man. Anybody who keeps extra money in any bank, other than to pay that months bills is a fool. Get all your cash out now. Its your money, go get it. Bury it and or stock up on another year of food. I just stock up on about 2 more mths of non parishable canned food. That to me is security. Not a fat slob revenue collector with a badge and gun.

          • Two things you have to consider when taking your cash out:

            1 It isn’t your money it’s the banks money (already ruled on by the Court, you gave it to them and are now a simple unsecured creditor).

            2 The police and all sorts of agencies have authority to simply seize your cash and keep it for themselves and they -through your withdrawal- now know you have it.

            Third but not yet currently happening here, cash can simply be declared worthless with a new issue of it replacing the old and you may need to account for every penny you have -and every penny of tax it implies you should have paid- to get new for it (or have it credited to a cashless system). You have too much of it and you may be considered a criminal and have all or part of it confiscated or placed on a suspected criminal watch list.

            This isn’t theoretical, it has happened many times and is usually happening somewhere in the world in some major or minor country at any given time.

            • they won’t come for your money as it will be worthless the scumbags will be coming to take your land as it will be what has value, and of course whatever else they deem theirs!! of course i will give them all i have, and most of that is in lead form. yes if you scumbag feds are monitoring as i know you are COME AND GET SOME!! HA HA i have plenty for you to consume!! and it is free just for you !!!
              anyone else notice the net is acting strange tonight?

              • Well with a plan like that prepping should be easy for you.

                I mean, after all, you plan on getting yourself killed it isn’t hard to prepare for. Actually doesn’t need anything special at all.

                Or maybe you should consider a different approach? One that involves staying alive after you do it?

          • WWTI, damn good advice. I’ve already been following that same strategy myself for many years. I only keep enough in the bank for 2 bills and some occasional online shopping. I have even more stashed in a safe with the old combination-dial lock [PRIVATE BANKING]. My combination is well-hidden and nobody else knows it. I use cash for all my preps except for the occasional online shopping which I keep to a bare minimum. No credit cards for Braveheart EVER. Canned goods have always been a mainstay in my preps and always will be. Getting some Mountain House freeze-dried which is the only freeze-dried food I like. I tried an MRE one time years ago and threw it up. My canned goods beat a freakin MRE hands down.

      13. Thankfully, Hillary will still be able to pay her flying monkeys in cash from the Clinton Foundation. They just need to find a very, VERY large table under which to conduct their business.

      14. It remains to be seen how the average Joe is going to circumvent this cashless society concept. Just remember….There’s always a way to beat the Devil around the stump. I ain’t worried if it happens. I don’t know if I’ll live to see it, but the next step after that will be taking the NUMBER tattoo. BTW picked up some assorted packs of seeds at 20% discount today while in Tractor Supply. The six rows of Blue Lake string beans I planted this year were ones I found that were dated 2009, 2011 and 2012. They all came up and looking good.

        • “POP”
          That is good news about the beans with the old dates on them.
          Did you have them in a air tight container? How did you store them?
          Thanks for the info, that I hope you give out.

          • Yeah Sarge I always keep them in a cool place (food pantry that has dedicated AC) and in a couple large Tupperware bowls. I was going through them this spring and found them near the bottom and was a little miffed that I had missed them. I thought ‘ain’t nothing beats a try but a failure’ and put them in the ground and they did well.

            • Early on this spring I planted out eight Red Juke of York seed potatoes that I’ve had stashed away in my cool storage cupboard since last year. They were well past the planting date of 2010 that was printed on the pack which is why I got to buy them super cheep and they are now growing strong judging from the vigorous foliage that’s on show but I’m still not sure what size spuds if any I will eventually get to harvest? Time will tell eh. I’m hoping for around eight pounds but any return will be gratefully appreciated. MMMMMMMM… Chips.

      15. There will be underground currency/both physical and cyber,the cyber will be easy prey for hackers,especially the govt. controlled currency in cyberspace,fuck it,let em,will bring about the end game a bit quicker the first few good hacks.Grid goes down man made/natural reasons this cyber currency will be junk,as will most cash excepting true gold/silver and other in hand goods like yes,I know,ammo!

      16. The banksters just want to make sure they get a cut of every single transaction just like credit cards offer them. If they get away with this they will get ever richer by stealing a little from every single transaction. Time for a new form of money and dump these greedy thugs once and for all.

      17. It’s amazing how “Biblical” todays times are.

        When my wife said obama would never willingly vacate office back in 2010 I didn’t take her seriously. I think she was spot on now!

        It has to go cashless for their to be ultimate control.
        The barter underground may be our saving grace. I’ll trade you eggs for some of your bread…

        The other option would be manna for Heaven while we go through our coming wilderness experience. Christ fed the multitude and protection will be forthcoming.

        You still need to do all you can (build your ark) via prepping and such but help will be available.

        It always strikes me how the values I was raised upon are now those held to be traitorous?

        I guess that puts me in good company. I’m sure England viewed the Founding Fathers as traitors too???

        • Re: building an Ark. Today it is just easier moving out if the flood plane. The Bible is obsolete.

          • You know not that of which you speak.

        • Thing is, I heard people claiming the same thing about Clinton and Bush and Nixon not willingly vacating office as well.

          It really doesn’t matter who the person in office is, he is just the public face of the power that has taken total possession of that office and keeps the illusion of change happening to obscure the fact.

          Obama will leave office the same as Bush and Clinton and all the others did before him. The force in power there needs to keep that illusion going in order to maintain its unopposed power without people catching on to it.

      18. When I can no longer pay in cash or gold, I will be forced to pay in lead.

        Not a problem.

        I will not go quietly.

        Nice comments at peak prosperity–I’m still waiting for you to write in where Jane shoots somebody–:p

        Be safe…stay the course….BA.

      19. It is all about control.

        The global elite see that at some point the global financial crash/reset will come(whether this was planned is debateable, but inevitable; so no use arguing about it).

        What they need to do is to institute the final controls when that happens. They already have a lot of control over the developed world as most 1st and 2nd world countries now have socialized medicine that tells you what to eat and if you will be allowed to have medical treatment but they need control of your money for complete control over you.

        So, just like making a dog beg for a treat and withholding it until it does; if they can make all money transactions electronic; they can make you beg.

        Those over 25 may not go for this move, but the under 25 crowd will go all in. There are cars and houses that don’t need keys now, if you can eliminate cash and all they need to carry is their phone; all the better as far as they are concerned . It’s just a matter of time before they are used much like a trained monkey to perform whatever the elite seen as needed(like perhaps removing some expensive senior citizens) in order to get their next e-pay.

        Dark days/years coming for the masses imo.

        • lena, Very accurate comment.

      20. “He causes all, both small and great, rich and poor, free and slave, to receive a mark on their right hand or on their foreheads, and that no one may buy or sell except one who has the mark or[a] the name of the beast, or the number of his name.”
        “Here is wisdom. Let him who has understanding calculate the number of the beast, for it is the number of a man: His number is 666.”
        Revelation 13:16-18New King James Version (NKJV)

        Looks like the age of the craftsmen is about to return as will bartering and silver and gold exchange. Who woulda thunk it?

        • That prophecy says no buying or selling of anything without the mark, that means no alternative of bartering or gold and silver and such.

          If it is in the prophecies it will happen as they state them, if it is not in them it will not.

      21. Cash? We don’t need no stinkin’ cash. We got pistolas. Senor, give me all your beans.

      22. “Then I saw another sign in heaven, great and marvelous: seven angels having the seven last plagues, for in them the wrath of God is complete.”

        “And I saw something like a sea of glass mingled with fire, and those who have the victory over the beast, over his image and over his mark[a] and over the number of his name, standing on the sea of glass, having harps of God. They sing the song of Moses, the servant of God, and the song of the Lamb, saying;”

        “Great and marvelous are Your works,
        Lord God Almighty!
        Just and true are Your ways,
        O King of the saints!’

        So I’m wondering just what kind of jig we’re gonna be able to bust out of one of those harp thingy’s?

        • Well, right now it’ll have to be the Tennessee Waltz ‘lessen I get a get a better pair of stems(legs). Ifn I do I might be able to bust a ‘flash dance’ move. A pair of wings too would help with balance.

      23. No one can buy into the central banking cartel with currency, it has to be gold (metals). They do NOT except their own worthless paper, there’s your sign.

        Give unto Caesar what is Caesars. Use your own system of exchange.

      24. MICHELLE-MARIE ANTOINETTE OBAMA – VACATION #39 (and how many did YOU take, sucker?? I include myself in that “sucker” category, of course!)

        Said Orwell, “in the socialist workers’ paradise, we’ll all be equal… only some of us will be ‘more equal’ than the others” (“others” here meaning you fellow turnips being drained of your blood):

        Answer is: 39

        Apocryphal, but still a fun story about yet more leftist hypocrisy: In the late 1970s, Leonid Brezhnev’s elderly grandmother, who had lived in pre-communist Russia, comes to visit him at his communist headquarters. Leonid is beaming with pride as he introduces her to all his aides and servants, shows her his gold plated desk, his 15 Zil limousines waiting, all with engines running, pictures of all his well-appointed dachas in exclusive, VIP areas across the USSR, etc.

        Finally, at the end of the day, all the assistants, aides and servants leave. The old granny very nervously and carefully looks around to make sure absolutely no one is anywhere near, then leans over and very, VERY quietly whispers in Leonid’s ear:

        “This is all very well, Leonid…. BUT WHAT IF THE COMMUNISTS COME!?!?”

        • “You fellow turnips being drained of your blood.” I like that. Gave me a chuckle.

      25. Another 5 minutes, another “I hate Jews” post.

        Yawn. These guys never go away. And never get a clue.

        • Hard to keep all of these types of comments moderated – I am all for folks posting information and links and having relevant discussions, but if post after post contains nothing but comments about ‘Jews’ they will be deleted. It gets old very quickly.

          Thanks Test.

          P.s – the post you refer to here has been deleted.

          • Thank you from a very watered down Polish, Scottish, French, English, Messianic Jew that will not give up his very occasional lobster dinner.

          • Congrats to Test and Mac…..

            From now on all a poster will read is “Hillary and her flying monkeys, yes we have no bananas, and the liberal Nazis that are running the circus we live in”.

            Mac has opted to become just another CNN, Faux News, MSM, and all other main stream media that cover and lie for the real PTB that control this planet.

            So once again congrats to both of you.

            • I like this site a lot ,but many groups offended daily here and yet come back.My favorite at bottom of page and I quote”including the disparagment of people in the comments section.”Oh please,folks including me havetaken beating here and yet,we survived.As it tis Saturday night,folks,please disparage Warchild!I can take it!

              • Warchild, my 3rd anniversary of beginning posting on this site is next month. I’ve taken beatings from the trolls all the time and I’m still here. Remember the Walmart shooting article last year? I was tarred and feathered on that one but still came back the next day. Just keep bringing it on, trolls, I know you will anyway. Braveheart can take it. BTW, having goldfish as I type this. Just got restocked on those today.

                • Just picture a Green thumb

                • Keep eating them Bh, my stock in Pepperidge Farm just shot up! LMAO.

                  •,the cracker of the kings!I always try and post alts ect. to the life in the matrix,here: ht tp:// ,must say have not tried the recipe yet would be one more step off of the Matrix and you would piss off Patriot as his stock plummets!Just be careful,or you will get fat eating them,oooops,is that another disparaging comment?!

                    On a side note,seems a few leaving due to what they see as censorship in the forums,instead of fighting it!I will call them pussies and tis OK!The reason tis OK is that they are leaving the site and thus not on forum,thus can make disparaging remarks about em!

                    • They have a graham cracker recipe over at survivalblog from sunday,,, thats one i will definitely try, a side note, you can use the drop from your sour dough starter to make a pretty decent saltine style cracker

                  • PO’d Patriot, they’re part of my preps now. That’s one more item that will make post-SHTF a little easier to bear. Warchild, once again, thanks for turning me on to those.

                    • My pleasure,a guilty but not too bad addiction.I will post when(if!)I ever get around to trying my hand at one of the home made recipes.

                    • I know. Love ’em too.

                • Have you tried making any yet? Remember I posted a link to a site with the recipe.

                  • This was to Braveheart. I don’t know why it didn’t appear in the correct position.

              • where is that post? Its obviously been censored!

                • eh:

                  Look up Harry Waton. I think you will find there what the post that was censored was all about.

            • you, well “suck”POG funny how your name reads. Just saying

              • The only funny thing about POGs comments is, as far as I can see, they appear to be correct. But truth is in short supply these days.

            • yep! you are right pog.

              it’s time to move on to a better platform to get the real truth out there. look for an alternative truth site to shtfplan coming soon!

              shtfplan com has gone over to the kosher darkside of the force!

              * this will be my last post on this website as the majority of you here don’t deserve the effort.

              • Its all about your point of view………..

              • Dont let the door hit you or your old bitch in the ass on the way out

                • Kula:

                  Your “old bitch” comment is beneath you.

                  • Is it just me/me OS,seems when I hit reply and comment the comment ends up elsewhere in the forum?

                    • Warchild:

                      Not just you. Kulas “old bitch” comment was an answer to “moonchilds post” who had commented on a post of mine.

                      But then, what can I expect. On a post to Kula about a month ago, his response was a brilliant two words, “fuck you”.

                      Keyboard commandos with this kind of intelligence means nothing to me…..

          • Mac- why did you put Jews in quotation marks? are you implying they don’t exist?
            like, Bernanke and yellen from the federal reserve
            or schumer and lerner from the IRS
            or all the fein’s, stein’s, and Shultz from fox and msnbc?

          • Mac, thanks for all you do here, and I know it is a chore to keep all in line…

            We all need to thank Mac for having a place to vent…

            Right, wrong, or indifferent, we all need to work together to make this site a place where ‘newbies’ can learn what needs to be done…

            Thanks, Mac and Tess….
            Luv u guys….

            • That was what i originally came here for, not to hear distasteful trash that has no basis other than a slanted version of someones distaste for historicaly significant events and the outcome,,,
              Happy flag day

              • It is good to see you still hanging around. One of the reasons I come here. Mahalo.

            • Thanks Mac and Tess and Test!

          • You’re doing a good job Mac. Thanks.

        • “I despise dual citizen Zionists”

          Any better?

          • JRS,easy there,some could view that comment as sarcastic or perhaps,hmmmm…….,disparaging of another poster,which if you read the bottom of site page will not be tolerated!

        • So TEST…..You are basically promoting what your beloved tribe wants to shove it up to humanity’s throat that is non Zionists to be be destroyed?

          And please don’t tell me the fucking international banking mafia are not owned by the ZOG international….. Have you seen the mutated bodies of women and children in Ukraine? Have you seen the beheading of baby Christians and muslims by ISIS? Who is funding ISIS? Fortunately high % of people in every country knows the answer. You can ask Mac to sensor comments but at the end the truth will prevail.

          • TEST won’t have to tell you, because I will. The international banking system is not owned by your ZOG, because your ZOG does not exist.

            Have a nice day.

        • Yep, spot on friend

      26. For those of you tired of this incessant, absurd Jew-baiting on this site (guys we get it. Every FIVE minutes, we see your posts. We GET it), here is where they are coming from. And why their analysis in incomplete. This list is just off the top of my head, to please add as you wish:

        Conservative and/or Christian Jews who would, broadly speaking, be in accord with most readers on this site: Dr. Fred Schwarz, founder of Christian Anti-Communist Crusade; Jonah Goldberg, very conservative writer; Ben Shapiro, running Breitbart after demise (IMHO, murder) of Andrew Breitbart); Dr. Marvin Olasky, Messianic Jew, professor and founder of World Magazine; Dennis Praeger; anti-communist stalwart David Horowitz; Michael Medved, author or Hollywood vs. America and more;l Charles Krauthammer, conservative author/commentator. Interestingly, Simon Greeleaf, who is considered the critical player at Harvard in the 1800s in determining what constitutes valid evidence or not was challenged to examine the evidence for the resurrection, and ended up becoming a Christian.

        Sumner Redstone, Viacom; Janet Yellen; Tim Geithner; Ben Bernanke; Alan Goldspan; Larry Summers, Daniel Schorr, CBS; Gerald Levin, news; Jodi Kahn, Meg Siesfeld, Time Warner execs at Time Interactive; Time Inc editor in chief Norman Pearlstine; Cass Sunstein; Michael Eisner, Disney, and Jean Claude Trichet, head of ECB, Michael Chertoff.

        Is it their Jewishness… or is it that many of these people’s ancestors arrived from pogrom-ridden eastern Europe, and have a family history that leads them to favour big government solutions? Most of their forebears arrived during the period of progressivism’s ascent in the early 1900s, and – in contrast to the Jew-baiters here, a MASSIVE amount of the bill for what we see today derives from the “progressives” (in reality, regressives) like Wilson, FDR, theological liberals, racist founder of Planned Parenthood Margaret (Blacks are “human weeds” Sanger (PP never tells you she said THAT, do they!) Another issue is that many Jews settled in NY in that they came from urban areas, which just happened to be the locus of the emerging world of vile liberalism. Education was also historically important.

        The point is, that there are OTHER factors involved in why there are a disproportionate number of Jews in the halls of financial power. There ARE serious issues, but this is a subset of Jews – just like there are a subset of non-Jews (any of you care to live next door to some flaming left wing Massachussetts resident?? Maybe there is a Massachussettian cabal ruining the country?

        Interestingly, in the Far East, the CHINESE are considered the same way.

        Ultimately, it is really like a dozen blind men feeling and elephant. Each feels a different part, and describes it truly, but very differently (e.g., the tusk vs. the foot), but NOT **exhaustively**. Same thing here with the Jew baiters. Yes there is a bit of an issue as they note. However, these people are reductionistic, and have absolutely no understanding of complexity. And their support of Nazism is utterly unconscionable (and no, Hitler was not 100% wrong – he had certain things correct; however, in toto, he was horrible wrong, and horrible evil).

        One more point: as a minority, Jews generally focused on education to get ahead. This cultural characteristic – not some plot – has led to a disproportionate percentage of Jews not only become doctors and brain surgeons, but also getting educated and ending up in positions of power. So this is not some devious “Protocols of the Elders of Zion” plot; rather, it is happenstance as it has intersected with a particular era.

        In sum, these Jew baiters on this site just don’t seem to get anything this has a degree of complexity, or nuance to it. They mistake the tip of the iceberg for the whole thing. And that “whole thing” is the whole sweep of today’s liberalism (NOT classical liberalism!), progressivism, liberal theology, etc. A good percentage of European originating Jews bought into this whole scam, but in truth, most of Europe has.

        To conclude, we GET it. You people post here every 5 minutes. There is an issue, but you have an incomplete understanding. Might be time for you to take your incessant Jew baiting elsewhere, as if people haven’t gotten it by now, they never will, and the rest of us are just tired of you every five minute repetitious posts of the same old same old

        • TEST, one of the most interesting posts I’ve ever read from anyone here. BRAVO!

          • Second that.

          • Third that. It’s about time a breath of common sense was brought to the conversation…thank you.

        • I’m a Jew. I’m not wealthy. I don’t want to abuse anyone or take advantage of anyone, and I think the government and the stacked system is rotten from both sides, both republican and democrat. I keep to myself and put my family first. I have friends of many religions and some who have no beliefs.

          I also want to make it perfectly clear, people with a Jew title may not be religious Jews at all. They may be only cultural Jews – something that the free love and atheist movement made popular. We have over six hundred commandments. SIX HUNDRED. If you’re reform, you don’t believe in much of these. There’s even a head rabbi lesbian if you’d believe it. Reconstructionalist even fewer. Conservative are closer, but probably only choose thirty to a hundred worthy of doing, and let me tell you this, Orthodox Jews, who are the most mitzvot aware are usually quite center to right leaning on most subjects.

          SO here we are, blaming an entire group of people because they have quite a few bad apples that may be from Jewish families but are clueless about the nuances of Judaism, a few who may not even believe in G_d, and many don’t follow mitzvot at all. They are self-obsessed and advantage-seeking. Know what, we aren’t supposed to look like everyday folks. We aren’t supposed to pick and choose mitzvot. We’re not supposed to eat nonkosher, though Kosher is a relative term in some sense and argued about.

          So yeah, a lot of people on sites like SHTF and Zerohedge are blaming Jews for the problems. Do they even know any real Jews? I mean, how can you decide if you don’t know Jews? Fictional Jews on tv? Bad apples who were attracted to greed and power and are damaged? There are bad people who call themselves Christian and bad people who call themselves Muslim. There are onery Mormons. We can’t reach these completely disconnected allegedly Jewish people who are, unfortunately, calling themselves Jews and the only example of Jew some folks know. Nobody can call up the rotten folks and set them straight, just like you Christians can’t get Westboro to listen to you. Money changing and charging interest? Not supposed to be doing that. Married women dressing with cut hair uncovered, singing, short skirts or pants, and on power trips? Also not supposed to be doing that. We are supposed to look DIFFERENT from Gentiles. NO joke.

          It says in your own book that people will call themselves Jews who aren’t, right? (Or have you read your book cover to cover?) Please, let’s try to do this rather than accuse an entire religion of the ridiculous actions of a very tiny number of them. Seriously. I agree this is a cultural thing brought here and influenced by many things. Those doing these ill things to our country. . . they must not read the same Torah, or maybe someone influenced them on what they became. Either that, or they just don’t want to follow the mitzvot.

          So please, for the sake of decency, stop blaming a religion for the actions of people breaking our mitzvot. Do I blame you all for the crusades? Spanish Inquisition? Not doing enough to stop the Nazis? Do I blame Jehovah’s witness because Michael Jackson was a nutter? Nah they’re decent folks. I say there are more good folks of us out there than bad. The bad ones just cause too much trouble, and the upset of this makes them stick out. I believe there are so many good people. The bad ones? Well, power attracts that kind of a person. Why is that?

          Maybe it’s not the Jews you need to be mad about, but rather the policies and the power hungry. Hopefully none of you will ever have to deal with the attack on your religion due to those who profane it.

          • KRM,

            While your post mentions some truth, error is admixed. “…[B]laming an entire group of people…” is a shibboleth (שִׁבֹּלֶת). Nobody here blamed an ENTIRE group of people.

            As for mitzvot, in Maimonides’ Mishneh Torah, the “Great Rambam” teaches that ERADICATING minim (CHRISTIANS) is a mitzvot and that Christians should be executed. The genocidal maniacs are not “breaking” mitzvot; they are performing mitzvot. There is indeed much misanthropy to blame in the Oral Torah’s fundamentals of Judaism. Notwithstanding the denials and the public relations spin, Judaism is not a religion of universal humanitarianism, but one of racial supremacism and double-standards for behavior (as examples of the pervasive double-standard, consider how the Torah treats the murder, looting, rape, and deceiving of Gentiles).

            Now, as you say, not everyone who self-identifies as a “Jew” adheres to such genocidal precepts, BUT WHERE IS THE OUTCRY of more than a handful of “Jews” who rail against the Likudniks, Hasidim, Orthodox, and even “Conservatives” who not only believe, but act out, the Master Race creed? Where is the tribal outcry against the tribal media and other enablers of evil?

            In Catholicism, we teach that one can be an ACCOMPLICE to the sins of others by:
            concealment, and
            by not punishing the evil done.


            I repeat: Prosecute the guilty. Leave the innocent alone.

            • Another accomplice is Omission. Sins of omission are from those who condone or agree with those who sin, ie: Catholics and those of other religions who keep silent or act as though they agree with sinners and do not speak out against sin, they are just as guilty as the sinner and will be judged by God as if they have committed the sin.

        • Test,

          Serious hypocrisy—while you do not explicitly demand that we all share your world view, you proceed implicitly as if the comments should be sanitized according to your world view. Many of us here are seriously religious and we have objective markers of right and wrong, so we are not seduced by the subjective “right and left” political paradigm. For us the Ten Commandments trump party affiliation, fluid political labels, and jingoism. For us, being a “conservative” does not exculpate warmongering, usury, price-gouging, financial swindling, Master Race genocide, or any crimes against humanity.

          Tiresome? Your blanket amnesty of those you deem politically “conservative” is tiresome—as if “conservative” warmongering, genocide, and economic crimes against humanity across the planet are sanctified activity while only “progressive” revolutions, genocide, and collectivism are damnable. Tiresome hypocrisy.

          Nobody is damned because of accidents of birth beyond their control, but EVERYONE is accountable for their free will beliefs and behavior. What part of “EVERYONE” don’t you understand?

          In ignoring documented behavior and the verifiable fundamental tenets of Judaism, your attempt at exculpation of “conservatives” is a moral and intellectual FRAUD. “Smoke and mirrors,” handwaving like your “category error” hoax. You haven’t even honestly defined the “category” of those you absolve.

          You idolize Medved, Praeger, and their ilk, but YOU FLEE IN FEAR from examination of their ORTHODOX beliefs. Their ORTHODOXY means they ascribe to two very problematic and very thoroughly documented ORTHODOX doctrines:

          (1) only Jews are human [Kerithoth 6b, Bava Metzia 114b, Yebamoth 61a & 98a, Sanhedrin 74b, etc.] —hence the corollaries, because Gentiles are not human, Gentiles are owed no debt of morality or decency: not honesty [Baba Kamma 113a], not property [Baba Mezia 24a], not even life! — “Kill even the best of the Gentiles”
          fotos.fotoflexer dot com/7ab984ab464622535f2770556e1388f6.jpg
          (2) ORTHODOX teaching about Jesus Christ, namely:

          He was an idolater [Sanhedrin 43a, 107b], a mamzer [bastxrd] conceived adulterously in niddah [menstrual filth] by a Roman soldier named Pandera [Kallah 51a] of a whore [Sanhedrin 106a], that He got everything He deserved in the Sanhedrin overcoming Roman opposition to His judicial murder [Sanhedrin 43a], and that He is now in Hell boiling in feces and, in some editions because Jesus is accused of sexual perversion, semen [Gittin 57a].

          Those are not acceptable fundamentals to any PRACTICING Christian and certainly not the basis for any Christian society. You may choose to remain in deep denial (or deep deceit) about the ORTHODOX beliefs of those “conservatives” that you attempt to exculpate with pilpul, but we choose knowledge and understanding of what is easily verified.

          YOU may have an aversion to a Christian society, but WE embrace Christian society. We reject ALL Master Race creeds and ALL crimes against humanity—no exemptions for “conservatives” or “progressives.”

          Will you force your opinions on us? Will you constrain comments to only those acceptable to your world view? Will you make yourself a tyrant and “free speech” hypocrite?

          If you want to idolize those who blaspheme and revile Jesus, that is your choice.

          Regarding the categories of innocent and guilty, I say:

          Prosecute the guilty. Leave the innocent alone.

          • I agree, John Q.

            I have not always agreed with your point of view in the past, but I never called for, pushed for, or applauded a deletion of your comments or a banning of you from this site.

            Evidently TEST has become the “new” moderator in charge, and we are supposed to bow down to his whims of approval.

            So much for freedom of speech. BTW, when did they stop putting scroll wheels on mouses, or off buttons on devices?

            To constantly bash the so called “jew baiters” is worse than the actual cases of jewster blaming. Them Guys is probably one of the most passionate of the type, but what is it to TEST, unless he is actually working for Mac as a moderator troll, and required to read every post. Maybe we should have been informed if so, so we would better understand.

            I to get it. I too say to myself, “Them Guys, maybe you need to take a deep breath and scale it back a little”. Notice i said, “to myself”. Hey, if the “guys” is that hard assed and passionate about it, then have at it, but i won’t waste my time reading what you have to say.

            I have always applauded Mac for his site and his free speech allowance. After all, it is his to do with as he pleases, we presume.

            However; once the moderating starts where does it stop?
            Once an individual or two are placed in higher regards than others, one has to question why?

            I don’t know all the answers, and I just try to contribute something positive here, and always have. Some may find negativity in my comments, but I hope they just cruise on by them instead of asking for deletion and banning. If I know someone has a negative pattern, or has a serious disregard for others, I just refrain from reading their posts. You will never hear of my crying to Mac for censorship.

            The readership and poster base has dropped considerable. I wonder who will be to blame for that in the future? I am about ready to pass the torch to someone else, anyways.

            Again, thanks to Mac and Tess, and I do applaud your truthful response, John Q. Public

            • Thanks Passin’

              It is the “Pee Pants” and other low life personal attacks, not discussion of history and religion, that debase Mac’s site.

              • Y’all are using some mighty fine words and highfalutin phrases that are far beyond my simple education and I don’t for one minute doubt your Christian endeavours… I’m just glad that the LORD JESUS spoke to me in simple words that I understand plane & simple and am glad to be included with people of learning such as y’all here… GOD sure is good. I know this from experience. Amen.

              • So take your “Pee Pants” and low-life personal attacks and go elsewhere.

                • Old Coach:

                  I would like to remind everyone you said you voted for Obama and you love his Obamacare. Know where that puts your comments? In the trash….

                  • Make up your own reality much?

                    Just like the rest of your claptrap. Figments of your (drugged? – psychotic?) imagination.

                    I never in my life have voted for a DemocRAT, nor would I ever lie and say I did.

            • ” I am about ready to pass the torch to someone else, anyways.”

              Breaking Wind, eh?

          • Perhaps you might try actually reading what I wrote, rather than engaging in interpolation. And, of course, it is you neo-Nazis here that a.) introduced the subject, thus the ones who are pushing their views on everyone here, and b.) the whole freaking site has become one giant Jew bashing site, run by you and several of your cronies, wasting precious time of others with your absurd category mistakes. And no, not every Jew follows you carefully selected cabal of Jews, nor are they all followers of your Protocols of the Elders of Zion.

            Worst of all is your misreading of my citing people like Praeger, Medved, etc. And even more egregious, is possible, is your intentional and studious ignoring of the other Messianic Jews I cited, which, as far as I can see – and correct me if I am wrong – smacks of intellectual dishonesty. Re. Medved, etc., I do, in fact, have a serious issue with their rejection of Jesus Christ. But my point – which you, incredibly, it seems to me, refused to address is that not all Jews take the leftist world view. That is the point about Medved, Praeger, which you apparently refuse to address, is sad.

            It appears you might well check that reflection in your monitor for the the hypocrisy you so gleefully accuse others of.

            I repeat. You neo-Nazis are reductionistic (please look that word up before you reply, OK? Do you understand what that word means? ) It is also you Jew baiters who come on this this site, day after day, and push your anti-Jew bs, day after day, hour after hour – as if the whole readership here must kowtow to YOUR anti-Semitism. That, mon ami, is *arrogance.*

            There are a series of issues I think are central to the whole SHTF concern, but I don’t come here day after day, monomaniacally pushing a single topic on every reader here as you do. You people really should start your own site, and quit monopolizing so much of the space used here. It is boring, and your so-called research is utterly insufficient.

            But no worries… you and your buddies will be back tomorrow and the next day and the next and the next. I have always tried to read most people here to learn, but there is not much else to read, other than what you copy and paste day after day after day after day – as if everyone MUST conform, and MUST read day after day after day after day your anti-Jewish diatribes. If you don’t see any further responses to you, you can correctly assume that I no longer read you comments. A person with a closed mind, like yours appears to be, is, sadly, not worth further reading.

            • Spoken like a liberal.

              Here here. let’s applaud the new General n Charge, that says…

              “Cause it’s the same ole shit, day after day, after day; and it’s racking my brain; I ain’t a havin’ it anymore, but I’m too addicted, to shut off the monkey on my back called, shtf.plan.

              Oh me oh my, am I tired. It’s such hard work keeping those dumbass shtf-ers on the straight and narrow.

              Life is so tuff, being the “TEST”.”

              Maybe we could all chip in for a “pity party” for test. (yea, old coach & freeslave, you are invited). lol

              I have learned a lot of truthful facts by the posts of the so called, “jew-baiters”.

              In fact my eyes were never opened to all the facts before I started coming to this site. So, I take off my well worn Colt 45 cap, to those “jew baiters”.

              No, I don’t necessarily need to be reminded of it every day, but I know how to skip those posters when they start repeating themselves. No problem. So where is, the fucking problem? I think I smell liberalism slinking in. That is always the problem, everywhere, every time.

              But, apparently it is a problem for a few here.

              • OK, well I guessed I missed the memo. TEST”s own words below, make it reasonably clear why he is who he is and why he acts like he does. he is, the moderator.

                Sounds like somebody is doing some power tripping. Hanging around “big headed, high minded” people, ain’t never been my thing.

                TEST says:
                Comment ID: 3401789
                June 13, 2015 at 11:09 pm
                AJ – I don’t mind the discussion. The issue is, IMHO, that the site – at least at times – gets hijacked by some set of people that have this Jewish issue as their sole focus, and they seem to want to take over the site. It seems to me thos site should not be their little hobbyhorse, which it sometimes becomes. As moderator, at what point would you, yourself, have to stop some from turning your whole site into a single topic blog?

            • @ Test

              Amusing, yet patronizing. You feign that you are the only person here who can read and parse logically. You feign that the data are so complex that no conclusions are possible. Nonsense.

              Most amusingly, your desperation shows. You gloss over the evidence I provided about those you idolize so that you can rush headlong into histrionics (“Giant Jew bashing site”) and name-calling (“neonazis”).

              You’re the guy who lauded Medved, Praeger, et al. and now you want to change the subject. Their ORTHODOX religion teaches that we Gentiles are subhumans who should be deceived, looted, enslaved, raped, and killed—of course you want to move on…. to another category. [laughing]

              Even though I (and others here) have explicitly and consistently OPPOSED Nazisim, you insist that I/we am/are “neonazis” (and you pretend the we are misreading your posts). That is a named logical fallacy: “Reductio ad Hitlerum, (playing the Nazi card) – comparing an opponent or their argument to Hitler or Nazism in an attempt to associate a position with one that is universally reviled.”

              Here’s some “reductionism” for you: If you don’t like our posts, don’t read ’em.

        • Thanks Test. And thanks for your post to JQP a couple days ago about this topic.

      27. Then i guess i’m a trouble maker as i’ve got three months worth of cash hidden around the house just in case the us govt goes Cyprus on us and starts invokng bank holidays so that i cant access my own money.

      28. Sure…ban cash. The black market in gold and silver will begin the next day. I hope they do.

        In reality, as much as they would like to, they simply can’t get rid of cash. Too much of the above ground economy depends on the underground economy.

        • That’s how I see it too—I hope we’re right.

      29. I think it will take a good while for a cashless society to go live. All of us elders need to die off. Our kids are being conditioned daily to a cashless society. Lena you are correct about the under 25 crowd. At colleges all over the nation kids are carrying around a card that links directly to their college account as well as their bank accounts. They need cash for nothing. The businesses around the college will take the card as payment as well. The kids( students) are encouraged not to have cash. The college campus is a cashless society. Let the brainwashing begin. The lunch accounts at every school nationwide are also a precursor and a way to begin the brainwashing for a cashless society.

        Joined: Aug 16, 2010
        Posts: 19
        Location: New Brunswick, Canada

        • Keep an eye on Sweden, it is being pushed there and lessons will be learned from that push to institute it more easily elsewhere.

        • Buck, I couldn’t agree more.

      30. Jim Rickards has some good work on this subject, and has very highly placed contacts. He postulates 4 possible outcomeS for this issue. One is the return to some form of gold standard; another is social chaos; a third outcome, probably remote, is that all the currencies play together well in the sandbox: the final outcome, and one which he thinks will be the probable outcome, is that we start using SDRs. if you don’t know what those are, you definitely need to look that up. BTW, I subscribed to his newsletter. However I did not find it super useful. if you read his books, which are excellent, that will give you a good sense of what he thinks. In sum, for those of you concerned about Financial breakdown, he is very well placed very well educated and I think it’s worth a look see

      31. What happens when these mental midgets eliminate cash and then we get hit with one o them cool new EMP thingies from the previous article ? HMMMM ?
        My bet is my little stash of silver will be worth even more.

        These socialist wannabe dictators want complete control , but they never stop to read a history book (or they read the ones THEY wrote), it never works out in the end.
        Time and time again people will rise to resist tyranny, its always the same , over and over.
        I say bring it on , more people will wake up to the scam.

        • maybe Ed Bruce had more perspective;
          This is the last cowboy song the end of a hundred year waltz
          Voices sound sad as they’re singing along another piece of America’s lost.
          Ed Bruce

          From where i stand, that pretty well covers it ….

      32. It’s obvious cash aint going nowhere before the 2016 election is said and done. The two top contenders Jebster and Killary are raking it in from around the globe. Who in hell wants another criminal from either of these rehashed cretin families? This country and it’s voters deserve better candidates than this continued fascist piles of horrible choices. If there is a lesser of two evils, I can’t spot them. The elite are the farmers of enslavement and the great masses of people are the farm animals, with about the same foresight as cows.

        • It will not matter how many people turn out to “vote”, as Stalin said, “It’s not how many voted, but WHO counted the votes”…The Powers that Be have already decided who will occupy the white house…

      33. Everyone who wants to sell something will need a card reader to record the transaction Probably everything will have a bar code assigned to it and with a flick of a switch you will not be allowed to buy guns or ammo for instance or maybe beer since the Muslims dont like it. Think of the trillions to be made in selling the card readers to everyone in the world. A monster new industry controlled by the banks. Flip a switch and the Russians cant pay for new weapons for their military. talk about power and tyranny unlimited. They will have their greasey thumbs on every purchase from gum to bird seed. the opportunity to create money by the banks will be limitless. They cant say they have it and buy anything in the world and who is really able to say they have the money for real they just invented it from thin air. Richer that King Solomon ever dreamed of being by throwing a switch. What a glorious con game. Mother beautiful.

        • These magic smartphone gizmos already can read bar codes. Advertisers are inserting them in print ads so the brainless can simply point to it and the advertiser’s site comes up on the screen.

      34. Everyone who wants to sell something will need a card reader to record the transaction Probably everything will have a bar code assigned to it and with a flick of a switch you will not be allowed to buy guns or ammo for instance or maybe beer since the Muslims dont like it. Think of the trillions to be made in selling the card readers to everyone in the world. A monster new industry controlled by the banks. Flip a switch and the Russians cant pay for new weapons for their military. talk about power and tyranny unlimited. They will have their greasey thumbs on every purchase from gum to bird seed. the opportunity to create money by the banks will be limitless. They can say they have it and buy anything in the world and who is really able to say they have the money for real or they just invented it from thin air. Richer that King Solomon ever dreamed of being by throwing a switch. What a glorious con game. Mother beautiful.

      35. Moderator Mac… Does this mean the “J” word can’t be mentioned anymore in discussions or comments on this site? I have previously read many comments taking that group to task on, and have learned much from posters such as Them Guys and others. I understand your desire that the comments stay on topic, yet they stray off comment regularly. You probably have Jewish contributors and may in fact be Jewish yourself. Also it is possible that group wants the truth concealed as much as possible and monitor all sites who stray towards negative conclusions and comments about said people. Does this include talk about the apartheid nation of Israel also? Or the fact that Israel entirely controls U.S. foreign policy and has been proven to be complicit in the 9-11 inside job? Or the fact that any aspiring U.S. political office holder has to be subservient to the Israeli lobby to be elected? Come to think of it, I don’t ever remember your site mentioning anything about this subject or these peoples I am presently speaking of. What is allowed concerning talk of Jews or Israelis on this site, sir?

        • AJ – I don’t mind the discussion. The issue is, IMHO, that the site – at least at times – gets hijacked by some set of people that have this Jewish issue as their sole focus, and they seem to want to take over the site. It seems to me thos site should not be their little hobbyhorse, which it sometimes becomes. As moderator, at what point would you, yourself, have to stop some from turning your whole site into a single topic blog?

          I actually watched a rather lengthy set of videos one of these neo-Nazis posted, and there are always things you can pick up. I’m NOT advocating for campus speech or thought police! Leave that garbage to the leftists. And IMHO, Mac has been VERY tolerant of their postings, which is good. My only point is that after a while, there are times it just gets overwhelming, and the whole site turns into some Protocols of the Elders of Zion type rant from fanatics. I am a dual US/Canadian citizen, and a westerner. We hate people from Ontario, and for what I think are good reasons. What if I and a couple other people starting in on many multiple series of posts here on the relative merits of Alberta vs. Ontario? While Mac, I’m sure, doesn’t want to squelch free speech, does he (or would you) really want valuable screen “real estate” wasted over something like this?

          By all means, as far as I am concerned, these Jew baiters can bring up their points – just make your point, and don’t jijack the site, as has happened in the past.

          As noted, I agree there also is a *subset* of Jewish people who are involved in the erosion of the republic. It concerns me that seemingly all the big financial leaders, Yellen, Bernanke, Goldspan,Geithner, Jack Lew, Larry Summers, etc. are Jewish. B However, the key thing is that there are OTHER variables at play – e.g., they are are left wing (or at least some type of Keynsian progressives – they certainly aren’t Austrian economics followers!), Ivy League, NY area based, etc. Most of them are Malthusians, and broadly speaking, some kind of secular humanists. My issue is that these neo Nazis taking over the site monomaniacal, and it just detracts from the what people come here for. Worse, rather than stick to facts (e.g., as noted above, the last three Fed heads were Jewish), they start to become neo-nazi rants.

          This is my opinion. I will note, however, that right below this, Mac DOES state he will not tolerate racism to include religious affiliation. So, the neo-Nazi posters here already knew the ground rules right off the bat. I wish there could be a more objective discussion of the issue – it, as you say, should be fair game for the community – but some of these folks have not only a bee in their bonnet, but a whole hornets nest, and at some point it seems to me Mac has to draw the line.

          Just my thoughts. Your comments are well taken, and your concerns are very valid. And I agree, we do NOT want to become like that leftist hero, Herbert Marcuse, who popularized the “repressive tolerance” theory of modern progressives, stating “Liberating tolerance would mean intolerance against movements from the right and toleration of movements from the left…“Certain things cannot be said, certain ideas cannot be expressed, certain policies cannot be proposed.”

          • Mac Slavo Commenting Policy: “Racism, to include any religious affiliation, will not be tolerated on this site, including the disparagement of people in the comments section.”

            Excellent comments as usual, Test! One thousand thumbs up!!

      36. They make paper money. They make paper money have a problem. They fix the money problem by making it unusable.

        Then they can track every purchase you make. On the new EBT card that everyone will have to use.

        Time to buy silver, and extra of everything to use as barter.

        We will need an under ground economy!!!

        • Need a underground economy Sarge?We already have a cash/barter/cyber currency in many denomination economy and it is growing!I know a carpenter(great guy)who did a deck labor job for a KTM dirtbike and a no paperwork Ruger mini .223!This thing happens on a daily basis and is growing as folks opt out of the system as best they can,tis a grand thing I say!Oh,and the Ruger mags high capacity with LE only on em,hah!

          • “WC”
            Smart man!!!

        • That will work for a little while, but after a couple years everything currently available will be used up and need replacing,

          This is where and when tracking becomes effective at catching undergrounders. Anyone buying too much will light up like a Christmas tree on the controllers tracking computers as funneling goods into the underground market and dealt with severely the way drug traffickers are now. Supplies of new goods will dry up and the underground forced to the surface and into compliance with the system.

          They already do something like this in tracking electricity use to catch clandestine indoor marijuana growing operations.

      37. Thank you Granny.

        Fascism is the system of government that cartelizes the private sector, centrally plans the economy to subsidize producers, exalts the police State as the source of order, denies fundamental rights and liberties to individuals, and makes the executive State the unlimited master of society.

        Apparently you are bitter that fascism lost. But it is making a comeback in the US and the West, so perhaps you have hope yet.

        • Test:
          The comeback in the USA is the awakening of people to the true enemy of freedom in this world. It is promised in the Bible and nothing… site, nobody can stop it.

          Are you truly calling me a facist or a Nazi? All I really am is an American in persuit of the truth. Bolshevism is what is on the rise in America and it has captured the Fed Reserve, the IMF, and the World Bank along with Washington DC.

          Think the Bilderbergers are Nazi fascists?

          • Granny, I’d be interested in both where you find the United States and its promised comeback in the scripture.

            Or am I misunderstanding what you are saying? Are you referring to the US specifically as prophecy or the eventual triumph of Christ over Satan at the battle between the remnant of Christendom and (what seems most likely) Islamic led world forces at Jerusalem after their massing at Megiddo?

            • Anonymous:

              The BEST link gift someone gave me a long time ago. It will answer your questions.

              biblestudysite dot com

          • Reality really confuses you, doesn’t it?

            • Where is Genius hiding?

      38. Home Land Security has co-opted Amateur Radio. Not long after Home Land Security was created they started giving out Grants to Amateur Radio Clubs and Organization. The local county government was brought into the picture as well. Someone was given the title of Emergency Coordinator for the county and operated out of the Emergency Operations Center which was usually a county owned location.

        A “SELECT GROUP” of local hams were put in charge of all county emergency Amateur Radio operations with the complete support of DHS, FEMA, and the local county government. CERT (Community Emergency Response Team) was created and tied to FEMA. CERT and the Emergency Coordinator became a group of people who were trained by DHS and FEMA. Grants were given to develop local wide area Amateur Radio Repeater Systems which gave hand held radios much greater range. At the time CERT was brought into existence the FCC did away with all Code requirements for Amateur Radio Licensing. CERT needed many new Entry Level Amateur Radio Operators which would not be possible unless the level of radio operator proficiency was lowered for licensing. The Code Requirement being eliminated and Published Amateur Radio Question Pools dropped the difficulty of obtaining a Entry Level Amateur Radio License to the point six and seven year olds were becoming licensed Amateur Radio Operators.

        If you decide to use Amateur Radio as a mode of communications in the upcoming economic crash and or martial law scenarios please be advised your Local Amateur Radio Club is filled with people who have close ties to FEMA and DHS. My suggestion would be not to seek help in learning about Amateur Radio by joining a Local Ham Radio Club. Find an older Amateur Radio Operator and see if he is part of the New Ham Radio/FEMA/DHS system. Many of the old Amateur Radio Operators had to work hard for their license and actually know how to build antennas and work on their radio equipment. The majority of new Hams are ‘Appliance Operators” and know nothing about building antenna systems and hands on radio operating.

        Amateur Radio was taken over by FEMA and DHC. What was once a pool of trained radio operators available to help in time of emergency has become a pool of poorly trained and equipped individuals. The average new ham has a dual band talkie and can only communicate a few city block without a Repeater Station. FEMA and DHS wanted people with limited skill sets and minimal equipment to fill the CERT positions as they required only limited range radio equipment and a warm body.

        I firmly believe Amateur Radio was dumbed down to keep the number of radio operators who were capable of communication over long distances to a minimum while supplying CERT members. CERT and the Local Ham Radio Club are very much like the Clergy Response Teams developed by FEMA / DHS. They are designed to serve the interest of the government and not the people. They look like a good thing until you peel back the layers and see the real reasons for their existence.

        I have held Commercial and Amateur Radio Licenses for over 55 years and witnessed the changes first hand. I was one of a very few Amateur Radio operators who spoke out against the FREE STUFF from the federal government because I knew there would be conditions attached that would not be good for Amateur Radio. Shortwave Radio Operators were on the MIAC Report as potential terrorist not Ham Radio Operators in general. Those of us with high power Shortwave Amateur Stations are the guys who can talk worldwide and are a threat to a government who wants to hide the truth.

        From SQ Alerts take it for what it is. Maybe, who knows.

        • I knew ham radio geeks couldn’t be trusted, this confirms it.

      39. Pigs hate freemen.
        Nuff said.

      40. The biggest problem with cash is that it can be exchanged many times and for many things without the need to pay or collect tax. Electronic money is far easier to track and tax. In many ways, cash is closer to the barter society than is credit and debit cards or any electronic transfer. When tax was 2 or 3 percent it was a ‘small deal’. There are now sales taxes approaching 9% and those are likely to go higher. And there could always be a new national VAT. The tighter they squeeze, the more people will look for alternatives – like an underground cash only society.

      41. Well , it seems EVERYONE has crossed the PC line .
        Bleed yourselves out……

      42. All I want to know is where are we on the count down. How many more days?

        • My guess is….??????…..

          Just under ninety days, for the first of the little dominoes to fall. As the days, and weeks follow. the dominoes become bigger, and fall harder.

          When they start causing the earth to shake, rattle, and roll;
          then the sleeping christians will begin to wake up to the reality that their leaders have been lying to them.

          So, take it as a warning, all my non-prepping friends; and take it as a sure sign of the toil of your effort is about to pay off, all my prepping friends.

          The gloves are soon coming off, and the spiritual battle is about to commence, in prime time.

          Christmas time’s a comin’, Christmas time’s a comin…..
          We’re making our list, and checking it twice……
          That great ole day is a comin’.

        • One less than yesterday, slingshot.

      43. this site has become like the gestapo – how can you censor comments about one group if there is a legitimate concern?

        It gets old quickly how sites like these become useless sources of info, since no credible discussion is allowed of any meaningful topic under God’s green earth. The s has hit the fan, because the censorship here shows that the totalitarian state is in place. The bankers and associates are clearly of a single grouping, and to disacknowledge that is to be a shill/liar or blinded or a coward.

        • When a few radicals start posting wildly off-topic walls of text, to hijack the discussion so as to allow them to spew trainloads of vitriolic and irrational blame/hatred for one ethic group, yes, the site becomes a useless source of information on any other subject. A short dozen of these trolls is all it has taken to make this site a laughingstock.

          • You are so full of shit that you don’t know shit. Nobody, has hijacked anything. It’s just because they ain’t singing your and test’s tune, that you got your little britches in a wad. I been coming on this site going on four years, and I haven’t seen anyone hijacking the site or the discussions.

            About a year ago or less, wwti was living it up like a crack addict with hoof and mouth disease. He never knew when to shut up. But, as a professed atheist, he was never asked to leave or for his comments to be deleted, as I recall.

            So, he and the faggot Ass’ed Itch get a free pass. Don’t want to upset the faggots and Idolaters, but the “joo=baiters” gots to go.

            And btw, the joos are not necessarily a “religion, or religious group”, and they are definitely not a specific “ethic” (as you call it), group. The true jewish people are caucasian, and not crossed with darker skinned peoples. Yea, some have, but very few.

            Sounds like you got them confused with Palestinians. That is the main problem in the Middle East, they/jews, stick out amongst all the darker skinned muzzeltovs, like a sore thumb.

            Whitey is hated there, unless he is handing out bundles of benjamins and weapons.

      44. I’ve been banned from Free Republic( I don’t know why), ABC news , Daily mail, and the Saint Louis blog guy. It took a Russian guy to tell me about my stash of ammo and how good it is. The internet world is interesting. At least here I can “listen” to Kulafarmer, and get some good ideas, for us poor outlanders. and the others that face a land of ferals. Keep prepping.

      45. Tell you this, if they get to our gun rights like they are or even a tad more or the cash ban there will be hard violent protests I would think. People are not really up to date on any of this. MY god the info is out there and I’m amazed how many deadbeats their are that don’t care what happens and also a lot of young people who are really informed for their age. I will not accept their corruption or ban on cash you fricken bastards. Your pushing a war on us and we do nothing wrong. You push us and we defy it and you call us terrorists or extremists radicals. You use the police and FBi against us for living in peace. Police do you fricken jobs and go get the corrupt people. We sure in the hell will if they do this to us. Everyday I wakeup and just see something controlling they are trying to pull on us.

      46. I know of a horse nut young woman who had no money to buy hay. She barters for hay. A great blow job for a round bale of hay.

      47. There is an interesting and revealing article today on titled “Ordered Suppressed” that ties in with the plans for the destruction of America. Another good one on who controls and funds ISIS. These articles add focus on what American’s face in the future.

      48. Where the HELL is John Kerry???????????????

        • he broke his leg….bah hahahahahah. he’s been taken out of the picture. and i DO wonder why.

          • First Reid, now Kerry…? Hmmmmm.

      49. Empires are turning into sand before your very eyes. Going cashless will be the grandest of larcenies. It is a set up. Monitor, surveil, list and assess every individual including their activities, contacts and wealth. Protect the military command from an EMP. Ensure backup controls for the central bank. Ensure continuation of government. Condition the people regarding the probability of an EMP attack by some promulgated enemy. Institute a cashless, digital currency. Suffer the EMP. Everything digital is wiped out apparently including your bank records. You clamour for release of your funds. They check their lists including the threat assessment on you. You are told there is no record of your deposits, blame the EMP.
        You leave the bank burning mad and walk past the uniformed and well armed bank police thinking maybe I should have done something sooner as you march on through the one way turnstiles to recieve your aid. Too late to panic then. Right about now would be perfect.

      50. i read about the smart guns that leave a microscopic stamp where the firing pin hits the casing so they can identify what gun it came from. keep your old guns folks. the metals market is manipulated. jews will manipulate everything to their advantage. hoard $ the jew does it this is the only way to get ahead. the economy is going down nothing can save it. stealing peoples labor is not even working anymore because people are not working anymore.

        • i’ve been told it wouldnt take much to obscure that stamp on the pin, or just replace it. I’m no expert, but i’m thinking they can’t do too much.

      51. It is The same people Christ called “those who say they are jews but are not”. And of course we know how well He liked the bankers. Too bad Mac. Deleting posts is a Bad move in my book.

      52. It is about control. They have to force you to go digital before they put you in servitude.

      53. There was a time when very few people worked off the books and got paid under the table. In the past six years this number has drastically increased. As much as 1/24 of our economy is underground. People are spending the money, but they are not paying any taxes. In a cashless society this would be impossible. Uncle Sam would know about every penny you are spending. Large businesses would support a cashless society as it is easier to manage transactions via debit and credit cards. Cash transactions require employees. Cash won’t be made illegal,nut businesses will be permitted not to accept cash. Banks will charge a fee for depositing cash. That is how they will slowly get rid of cash. Of course Uncle Sam will have 100% access to your money.

      54. Tomorrow Jade Helm 15, gets underway.

        Are you ready?

      55. Hey Mac.

        I post a comment at the bottom and it goes a few posts above. Out of place.

      56. Reader advisory: Please note – in the next article, whatever the subject will be (I still don’t know) just insert “blame the Jews” from the usual posters as the cause of the problem.

        Man, this is getting old! Give it a freaking rest.

      57. My husband got this email from a business associate. I’m not sure who wrote the letter, or if it was a compilation of information from different sources. This has really helped to open my husbands eyes…..

        JPMorgan Chase recently sent a letter to some of its large depositors telling them it didn’t want their stinking money anymore. Well, not in those words. The bank coined a euphemism: Beginning on May 1, it said, it will charge certain customers a “balance sheet utilization fee” of 1 percent a year on deposits in excess of the money they need for their operations. That amounts to a negative interest rate on deposits. The targeted customers—mostly other financial institutions—are already snatching their money out of the bank. Which is exactly what Chief Executive Officer Jamie Dimon wants. The goal is to shed $100 billion in deposits, and he’s about 20 percent of the way there so far.
        Pause for a second and marvel at how strange this is. Banks have always paid interest to depositors. We’ve entered a new era of surplus in which banks—some, anyway—are deigning to accept money only if customers are willing to pay for the privilege. Nick Bunker, a policy analyst at the Washington Center for Equitable Growth, was so dazzled by interest rates’ falling into negative territory that he headlined his analysis after a Doors song, Break on Through (to the Other Side).
        In recent months, negative rates have become widespread in Europe’s financial capitals. The European Central Bank, struggling to ignite growth, has a deposit rate of –0.2 percent. The Swiss National Bank, which worries that a rise of the Swiss franc will hurt trade, has a deposit rate of –0.75 percent. On April 21 the cost for banks to borrow from each other in euros (the euro interbank offered rate, or Euribor) tipped negative for the first time. And as of April 17, bonds comprising 31 percent of the value of the Bloomberg Eurozone Sovereign Bond Index—€1.8 trillion ($1.93 trillion) worth—were trading with negative yields. (Although dollar interest rates are higher, JPMorgan Chase’s balance sheet utilization fee fits the pattern: In today’s low-rate world, the only way it can shed deposits in response to new regulations is to go all the way to less than zero.)
        It’s not unusual for interest rates to be negative in the sense of being lower than the rate of inflation. If the Federal Reserve pushes interest rates below inflation to stimulate growth, it becomes cheaper to borrow and buy something now than to wait to make the purchase. If you wait, inflation could make prices go up by more than what you owe on the loan. You can also think of it as inflation reducing the effective amount you owe.
        It’s a new era of banks deigning to accept money only if customers are willing to pay for the privilege
        What is rarer is for interest rates to go negative on a nominal basis—i.e., even before accounting for inflation. The theory was always that if you tried to impose a negative nominal rate, people would just take their money from the bank and store cash in a private vault or under a mattress to escape the penalty of paying interest on their own money. When the Federal Reserve slashed the federal funds rate in 2008 to combat the worst financial crisis since the Great Depression, it stopped cutting at zero to 0.25 percent, which it assumed to be the absolute floor, the zero lower bound. It turned to buying bonds (“quantitative easing”) to lower long-term rates and give the economy more juice.
        Over the past year or so, however, zero has turned out to be a permeable boundary. Several central banks have discovered that depositors will tolerate some rates below zero if withdrawing cash and storing it themselves is costly and inconvenient. Investors will buy bonds with negative yields if they believe rates will fall further, allowing them to sell the bonds at a profit. (Bond prices rise when rates fall.) Global investors are also willing to put money into a nation’s negative-yielding securities if they expect its currency to rise in value.
        Now comes the interesting part. There are signs of an innovation war over negative interest rates. There’s a surge of creativity around ways to drive interest rates deeper into negative territory, possibly by abolishing cash or making it depreciable. And there’s a countersurge around how to prevent rates from going more deeply negative, by making cash even more central and useful than it is now. As this new world takes shape, cash becomes pivotal.
        The idea of abolishing or even constraining physical bank notes is anathema to a lot of people. If there’s one thing that militias and Tea Partiers hate more than “fiat money” that’s not backed by gold, it’s fiat money that exists only in electronic form, where it can be easily tracked and controlled by the government. “The anonymity of paper money is liberating,” says Stephen Cecchetti, a professor at Brandeis International Business School and former economic adviser to the Bank for International Settlements in Basel, Switzerland. “The bottom line is, you have to decide how you want to run your society.”
        As long as paper money is available as an alternative for customers who want to withdraw their deposits, there’s a limit to how low central banks can push rates. At some point it becomes cost-effective to rent a warehouse for your billions in cash and hire armed guards to protect it. We may be seeing glimmerings of that in Switzerland, which has a 1,000 Swiss franc note ($1,040) that’s useful for large transactions. The number of the big bills in circulation usually peaks at yearend and then shrinks about 6 percent in the first two months of the new year, but this year, with negative rates a reality, the number instead rose 1 percent through February, according to data released on April 21.
        Bank notes, as an alternate storehouse of value, are a constraint on central banks’ power. “We view this constraint as undesirable,” Citigroup Global Chief Economist Willem Buiter and a colleague, economist Ebrahim Rahbari, wrote in an April 8 research piece. They laid out three ways that central banks could foil cash hoarders: One, abolish paper money. Two, tax paper money. Three, sever the link between paper money and central bank reserves.
        Abolishing paper money and forcing people to use electronic accounts could free central banks to lower interest rates as much as they feel necessary while crimping the underground economy, Buiter and Rahbari write: “In our view, the net benefit to society from giving up the anonymity of currency holdings is likely to be positive (including for tax compliance).” Taxing cash, an idea that goes back to German economist Silvio Gesell in 1916, is probably unworkable, the economists conclude: You’d have to stamp bills to show tax had been paid on them. The third idea involves declaring that all wages and prices are set in terms of the official reserve currency—and that paper money is a depreciating asset, almost like a weak foreign currency. That approach, the Citi economists write, “is both practical and likely to be effective.” Last year, Harvard University economist Kenneth Rogoff wrote a paper favoring exploration of “a more proactive strategy for phasing out the use of paper currency.”
        Pushing back against the cash-abolition camp is a group of people who want to make cash more convenient, even for large transactions. Cecchetti and co-author Kermit Schoenholtz, of New York University’s Stern School of Business, suggest a “cash reserve account” that would keep people from having to pay for things by sending cash in armored trucks. During the day, funds in the account would be payable just like money in a checking account. But every night they’d be swept into cash held in a vault, sparing the money from the negative interest rate that would apply to money in an ordinary checking account. In a way, physical cash would take on a role similar to that played by gold in an earlier era of banking.
        Like chemotherapy, negative interest rates are a harsh medicine. It’s disorienting when people are paid to borrow and charged to save. “Over time, market disequilibria are dangerous,” G+ Economics Chief Economist Lena Komileva wrote to clients on April 21. Which side of the debate you fall on probably comes down to how much you trust government. On one side, there’s an argument to be made that cash has become what John Maynard Keynes once called gold: a barbarous relic. It thwarts monetary policy and makes life easy for criminals and tax evaders: Seventy-eight percent of the value of American currency is in $100 bills. On the other side, if you’re afraid that central banks are in a war against savers, or that the government will try to control your financial affairs, cash is your best defense. Taking it away “is a prescription for revolution,” Cecchetti says. The longer rates break on through to the other side, the more pressing these questions become.

        Malcolm Self, President
        Southland Coins & Collectibles, Inc.

        • Deposits from you and me are liabilities on their balance sheets. They improve their position by getting rid of us. They don’t need us, since the Fed and the Treasury will give them all the electronic money they want, no strings attached.

          This is also part and parcel of the cashless thing. As long as we can withdraw cash, we can bankrupt them by doing it all at once, (classical bank run). And the general public, which isn’t thinking ahead, will do just that. In a cashless system, we could move “money” from one bank to another, but it can never be removed from their system altogether.

      58. This REALLY happened to me Saturday. I went to Citibank to make a payment on a credit card with CASH. They said I could use the ATM and NOT answer their questions. They asked for my drivers license & SS#, THEN they asked for my occupation & I said “Retired”, they replied that they could NOT accept that answer. So then I took my DL & SS# back and went to the ATM and made my payment. This happened in El Cerrito, Calif. Everyone PLEASE try making a cash payment on their credit cards!!!!!!!

      59. mac i agree we need to be constructive and im all for it. people have their opinions of jews and to silence them is silencing free speech. however it shouldnt be all about blaming the jew for the worlds problems.

      60. I’m sick of these few unelected, alphabet agencies, wealthy, famous people, banks and corporations telling us how to live our life’s and what to do. Only our elected officials are suppose to enact laws and guide the US citizens in their best interests as to whats good for them.
        The only way to stop them is to stop the cash flow!

      61. Thank you Mac for getting rid of the anti-Jew posts. Those posts had almost driven me away.

      62. Posts are wonky,

      63. Jade Helm 15 starts today.

        Reading on the internet that some banks will close tomorrow. We shall see.

        Bagged another 500 pounds of dirt and found a Bernzomatic torch for $5.00 at the flea market.
        Yeah, still prepping.
        I have noticed that most of the articles evolved around politics or religion based on opinions. Very few articles (IMO), that would help the average prepper in a bind. Except when they ask for information. The exchanged of information that is solid instead of conjecture in minimal. The, “What the do side”, has vanished. The side bar from other sites has the info that is more constructive.

      64. Lions and Tigers and Bears,oh my!I will be damned,it really happened,sad,about a dozen folks killed and a slew of animals from zoo on the loose and some of them killed :ht tp:// ,a sad story and why perhaps you do not keep animals in zoos but let em be in the wild,not sure the people who died had any warning,just a suck all around.

      65. Since other countries are trying to solidify their financial positions with gold and our rulers don’t have the gold, they want to con the world into no cash so those with gold won’t be able to spend it. If we’re lucky, those with the gold will knock off these folks.

      66. so we end up with a cashless society..

        I still think an armed society is polite society , and I’ll bet a 44 bulls eye trumps a cash card any time

        the elite have tons of cash , watch their moves , and if they jump cash you know where you stand

        center of town, high noon

      67. Watch it Kula!That “old bitch”comment could be considered a disparagement of a person in the comments section!I really love this word”disparagement”,could be me new “The smalls add up thing”!

      68. interesting about the censorship thing . seems like one chosenite covering for other chosenites ?Quite frankly as per the racism and religious screening , that jews should be banned due to their thought that they are the chosen and all other people are goyim and less than their cattle ? that would be disparagement to me lol

      69. TPTB are pushing as hard and as fast as they can for the start of WWIII. When it starts every country of the world, yes every country will pay a massive price in lives with this one. Why because TPTB in their mind must reduce the worlds population for them to survive and still rule,and damn everyone or anything else. No matter where you live on the face of the earth “HELL” is about to come knocking on your door. Prepare how you see fit to deal with what is about to happen, and happen it will SOON.

      70. We have about two or three more “swirls” in the toilet until we are completely flushed into the sewer pipe. Separation from this Marxist, tyrannical, overbearing government is our only solution. The U.S. does not even remotely resemble what our Founders established or envisioned. We have, little by little, had the flames of socialism increased under our pot of water until we are almost at a full boil. The big, overgrown, tyrannical centralized government got its foothold in 1865 after it destroyed the Constitutional Republic and forced two countries to be pinned together with bayonets. A senseless, avoidable and unconstitutional war was fought with incredible loss of life to usher in the socialist state that has grown larger and more powerful ever since. Too many are dumbed down by our rewritten “history” and brainwashed in the communist indoctrination centers known as public schools. Too many are now dependent upon the government, which steals from us, the taxpayers, and gives to the parasites which almost outnumber us. Voting is rife with fraud, so that is not the answer. We must separate from this Titanic that is sucking us under.

      71. Interesting to note, perhaps it is my ignorance or maybe it was already stated, but on the list of attendees to this conference, I failed to see anyone from China, Japan, Russia, or India. These countries are fairly dominant on the world economy and several articles on SHTF Blog clearly feel that China will emerge as the world financial power after this fall. Just an observation, or perhaps an interesting anecdote? Thoughts!

      72. Replies don’t seem to be showing up in the proper place.

        According to ht tp://
        almost every market and index in the world has gone down today, supposedly because of Greece. They won’t give in to demands that they cut pay and pensions, but that’s the biggest part of their spending. German EU commissioner Oettinger said it was an emergency and gave a list of things that had to be preserved in Greece. Number 2 was police salaries, ahead of medical needs.

      73. Alert. People on the Gulf Coast and people planning on visiting the area should be aware of a possible tropical storm or hurricane in the coming days. Check the National Hurricane Center for more info. That is all.

      74. Close up the old banks,let’s create our own banks,so long suckers.More of us than them……

      75. US citizens must declare war on the groups destroying our way of life. The idea of a money grab is tantamount to theft of your money and thus control. If you have any money in bank, my suggestion is to withdraw it and keep it hidden at home or find an institution over which the Government has less control, such as depositor owned credit unions. Ask your bank the hard question–is there a government plan to confiscate depositors money. I recall that depositors at Wells Fargo and Citi Bank were targets. I believe that both these banks invest your money and get a 5-7% return while paying the depositer lesss than 1 1/2%. If Wells and Citi are doing, other banks area also.

      76. We all have heard little bits of information about the “cashless society”. What most do not know is that it is part of the plan to take over everything. You see, cash is a problem for those who wish to control: it allows people to operate outside of their control. If people can exchange cash for food, you can’t control them. So you will see, very shortly, a strong move against cash.
        We think that there is a very strong possibility that later this year, China will move against the dollar in a very big way attempting to take the world off the Dollar Reserve Currency and replace it with their own currency.
        If that happens, there are various defenses that could be mounted. For instance, the IMF could use its own instrument to make up a new denominated currency.
        However, we think that there is a good possibility that the government will seize all bank accounts world wide and replace cash.
        This scenario affords the ruling elite to immediately expand their control over almost every nation on the planet. Of course, China will resist as will Russia. However, since the USA is the economic engine that runs the world economy, all the other nations will fall into line.
        The real danger is nuclear war. And we think that is also part of the plan to depopulate the planet.
        And everything we write here has been foretold in the Bible.

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