Russian Ambassador Murdered By U.S.-Backed Terrorists: “First Act of Revenge” For Aleppo

by | Dec 21, 2016 | Aftermath, Conspiracy Fact and Theory | 32 comments

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    This article was written by Tyler Durden and originally published at Zero Hedge.

    Editor’s Comment: Not to be confused by the shell game of Jabhat Fatah al-Sham, which was formerly known as al-Nusra), this shocking political execution was claimed by a terrorist organization that the United States has – controversially – been tacitly backing in Syria, Iraq and throughout the region.

    Since the beginning, the U.S. establishment – including such figures as Sen. John McCain – has been feverishly backing, supplying, arming, training, funding and giving cover for the “moderate rebels”, who are in turn, composed of terrorist organizations that U.S. foreign policy has supposedly been geared towards eliminating and destroying since the War on Terror began.

    As the years go on, it becomes more and more clear that the covert U.S. support for this terrorist front is really oriented towards toppling regimes and fueling its agenda for world order domination in the region. Now, as the West is being written out of ceasefire and peace negotiations between Russia, Turkey and Iran, it is increasingly clear that many would support any and all actions in order to keep the region destabilized for as long as possible. How this will play out in the coming Trump Administration, which has indicated its desire to maintain friendly relations with Putin, remains unclear. Nevertheless, it is certain that the situation will remain highly complex and volatile.

    Al-Nusra Claims Responsibility For Murder Of Russian Ambassador, Warns Of More Attacks

    by Tyler Durden

    The Jabhat Fatah al-Sham organization (formerly the al-Nusra Front) claimed to be responsible for Monday’s murder of Russian Ambassador Andrey Karlov’s in Ankara. The terrorist group claimed responsibility via a letter which appeared on the Internet. The letter was written in Arabic.

    In its statement, the group said “one of the heroes of the Jaish al-Fatah, Mert Alt?ntas carried out the execution of Russian Ambassador Andrey Karlov in Ankara,” because the world remains silent to what is taking place in Aleppo, no support comes to the Muslims in the Levant and for the victory of the Syrian people.

    The 22-year-old policeman Mevlüt Mert Alt?ntas shot Karlov to death while the ambassador was giving a speech at an art gallery. Turkish media reports said Alt?ntas entered the art gallery without undergoing a security check as he showed his police ID.

    Jaish al-Fatah wrote the name of Karlov’s killer in big letters as “Martry Mert Alt?ntas.”

    Signaling similar attacks in the future, the group also said the assassination of the Russian ambassador was the “first act of revenge” for the women, children and the elderly killed in Aleppo as well as all the Muslims killed across the world.

    Immediately after the ambassador’s killing, Turkish government officials and the pro-government media circles pointed to the faith-based Gulen movement as the mastermind of the attack.

    Earlier in the day, Turkish media reported that the number of people detained in the investigation over the assassination of Russian Ambassador to Turkey Andrey Karlov has grown to 13. The arrests were carried out in the province of Ankara, in addition to the southwestern provinces of Izmir and Aydin, the NTV broadcaster cited police as saying.

    Meanwhile, as reported yesterday, after the ambassador’s killing, Turkish government officials and the pro-government media circles pointed to the faith-based Gulen movement as the mastermind of the attack. Pro-government media outlets ran stories suggesting that Alt?nta? went to a Gulen-linked university preparation course and some of his relatives worked at Gülen-linked organizations. Erdogan has been waging an all-out war against the movement since the outbreak of a corruption scandal in late 2013. The government’s crackdown on the movement reached new heights with a failed coup attempt on July 15 as the government held the movement responsible for the coup attempt. The movement strongly denies having any role in the failed coup.

    Turkish Foreign Minister Mevlut Cavusoglu even told his US counterpart John Kerry in a phone conversation on late Dec. 19 that both Turkey and Russia “know” that the Gulen movement is behind the ambassador’s murder. However, in a statement early on Wednesday, the Kremlin said it was too early to conclude who was behind the murder of Russian ambassador Ankara.

    In the meantime, one of the advisers of the Turkish-Islamic scholar Fethullah Gulen denied allegations by an unnamed senior Turkish security official of “very strong signs” that the gunman who killed the ambassador belonged to Gulen’s movement. Allegations by an unnamed senior Turkish security official are “laughable” and intended to cover up lax security, the adviser, Alp Aslandogan, told Reuters on Monday. In another statement on Monday, Gulen condemned the assassination of Russia’s ambassador to Turkey as a “heinous act of terror” and urged the Turkish government to identify anyone who aided the gunman.

    In other news, Tukish Hurriyet reports that the allegedly redicalized assassin Mevlut Mert Altintas, was part of law enforcement forces that provided security at least eight events attended by the Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan since July 15. The newspaper also points out that just prior to the coup attempt on July 15, Altintas called in sick, and it remains unclear exactly what he was doing during that time when the conspirators were attempting to overthrow President Erdogan.

    This article was written by Tyler Durden and originally published at Zero Hedge.


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      1. ISIS was created by the US to overthrow Syria. We created Al Qaeda to fight the Russians in Afghanistan. The US backed the terrorist KLA against Serbia. The US backed the PKK and the MEK against Iran. Doesn’t it all just make the war on terrorism seem a little ridiculous? You have to ask yourself, if the US isn’t really fighting terrorism, then what are they fighting? Follow the money. The energy money.

        • You are correct HIM. The same thing in Libya, Gadhafi had put the country in a great place economically and education soared, and many services were given to the people for Free, but the WEST wanted to monetize their free services, and Gadhafi said No. Gadhafi also was flipping the Africans into a currency backed by Gold, so they would not have to deal with the NWO illuminati Central Banksters. But the West would have none of it so they blew his country into pieced, murdered its leader, stole his gold and 20,000 shoulder stinger like anti-aircraft Missiles, and gave much of them to ISIS to attack the Middle East and Europe.

          So who are the Terrorists?? The West invades illegally so they can put a Oil Pipeline in for their Fascist Wall Street Stockholders. So when you ask what is the US fighting for? Their Wall Street stake holders and bankers who keep the Politicians in office, so the US Corps can capture a monopoly, using the US Military Gang of well armed thugs, so the Corps can feed the foreign populations GMO’s. Russia Banned all GMO’s. So that’s another ewason why the US NEO-CONS hates Russia. Our Foreign Policy is so Jacked up with crime, murder, genocide and Fraud, and the US Tax payers get the bill.

          We so desperately need Term Limits in both houses of Congress. Drain the Swamp.

          • Zeus

            Term Limits for sure.

            • NOT ONLY term limits but a SEVERE outing of the current CIA and bring to justice some of the atrocities this group has done, YES we have to have these agencies to protect our country BUT they are OUT of CONTROL!! just like many other Fed agencies!! time to clean out the scum!!and make EXAMPLES of those by life or hanging from a lite pole on the beltway!!

            • Ditto on term limits!

        • Him, you are correct but you haven’t mentioned the puppet master who control the US to commit worldwide terrorism. The puppet master resides in a waste land named Israel and control the US via its parasitic arms named AIPAC.

          However the worldwide hunting game will get started soon.

          • Stolz-

            You mean the rightful owners of the land? The Jewish people of Israel?

            Hunting?!? There will be a lot of former US military standing with the Jewish people if that hunt happens in our lifetime.

            You are a real big talker behind that key board every day running down Israel… Get a life.

        • “if the US isn’t really fighting terrorism, then what are they fighting?”

          They (US Gov.) are, and have been creating it … along with their so-called Allies. Surely by now, most people realize that the “War On Terror” is a FRAUD at the expense and cost of other peoples lives.

          It business as usual per US Foreign Policy Standards.

          “Every time anyone says that Israel is our only friend in the Middle East, I can’t help but think that before Israel, we had no enemies in the Middle East.” ~ Fr. John Sheehan, S.J.

        • Energy money not allowed: Qaddafi’s gold backed African Dinar, Saddam’s Oil for food, and Iran’s anything but USD for oil. Where is Qaddafi’s gold we wonder, while Russia buys 31 tons of gold monthly. We fools pay for time with physical gold and manipulate its price with paper to keep our confidence. Thus the easterly flow of physical gold now slows to a trickle and soon the restraints inherent with the use of sound Constitutional money will become most apparent. Restraint is tough to live with but it seems in order to prevail one will have to be able to “afford” to fight the next global war. Helen Waite is now in charge of the “Make War with Credit” department. If you want credit to make war, you have to go to Helen Waite. And her Armament section will only accept gold for rearmament. With not much gold left the western elites obviously do not plan to rearm. With economic failure a mathematical certainty either way I wonder if we really do have the morals to evolve. “Going a Viking again,eh”? Another thousand years down the drain.

      2. This would not be happening under a Trump Admin.

        • wait, let me write those words on my calendar…thinking you are likely wrong. Trump is as complicit as shrillary…that’s just my take.

      3. May all Muslims rest in pieces.

      4. They just want us to be at each others throats so we can’t see what is really going down with our economies.

        Aleppo Maybe, hacking the Demorats, maybe? Who really knows. Remember Obullshit said he was going to make the Russians pay for hacking. Ha-Ha.

        One thing for sure it is not going to get any better!

        Good new today is the first day of winter, around 90 more days till spring. Lord I hope I can last that long. Winter just started and I hate it all ready!!!


      5. I cannot imagine the complete Godless dumbed down programmed indoctrinated INSANITY a person would have to be suffering to enlist or still be a part of the psychopath controlled US Government Military and murderous Alphabet Gangs of Domestic Terrorists, which are COMPLETELY responsible for the entire destruction of the Middle East, murder of millions of innocent civilians, and sending refugees scattering all over the world….May God have mercy on their damned souls for their crimes against humanity and their support of the murderous psychopaths controlling the US Government!!!

        • But, but, they are just following orders lol. The word NO isn’t in their vocabulary. They think they can shift responsibility onto the states shoulders. Personal responsibility for your actions? HELL NO, The devil made me do it. Pathetic….

      6. I am to the point that I don’t care much about the terrorist actions. Sooner or later more stuff will happen in the USA. We had a hand in the creation of these groups so don’t complain. So where is the turning point? We supply these groups with arms and training and then they fracture into others groups and who the hell knows if they are on our side. Little thought has been given when these terrorist that once were our supposed allies now infiltrate our country to do us harm. Congress should think about when we find out that it is those who we have trained and armed are now killing Americans on their own soil.
        We may in the future have to fight the Russians and the Chinese but the immediate threat will be the Muslims.

      7. I quit believing anything the government and all the alphabet agencies had to say decades ago after i finally woke up and realized it was all bullshit.In the end once everything is laid out on the table it’s all about one thing and one thing only….MONEY!!!!.

      8. I find myself wondering, if Saddam Huessien had not rolled into Kuwait would none of this shit be happening?

        • Skeptic, The US gave Saddam the green light to go into Kuwait. April Gillespie was the US State Dept. official who gave Bush Sr.’s approval. It was a trap. The excuse that Bush Sr. needed to attack. It appears that Kuwait had stiffed Saddam out of billions of dollars during the Iraq/Iran war.

      9. Our dear leader has seen fit to allow access to our once great nation by tools of destruction.
        This will be much more common, even here, soon, I’m afraid.

        Merry Christmas to all.

      10. Where is the blood? If someone was shot close range like that there would either be blood splatter, blood pools, or blood seeping through his clothing. Nothing?

        • Check the Sputnik News web page today. They cover it.

      11. How can this end? We, ourselves, are no longer in control. Since Kennedy was killed, and Johnson allowed Isreal to have Nuclear weapons, the powers that be( J* w), have the U.S. by the hairs. We, the people, have no more control over anything. We, fight wars for our masters, the rich. We die. Our children die. We kill other people’s children. They in turn kill more of us. How do we get out of this web. Those who say we are going hunting, really. The enemy is everywhere and nowhere. If you drive J*ws out of the U.S., where will they go? Nuclear armed Isreal. That’s where. Once the J*ws are safe in nuclear armed Isreal. Guess what happens to the U.S. We can be attacked by biological, chemical, nuclear, EMP, or banking cyber attacks; or all of the above.

        This situation is very dangerous. We are walking a field mine. It is not an impossible situation to correct, but it is a difficult problem.

        Remember this: Stalin, Roosevelt, and Churchill were all Free Masons. Truman was also a Free Mason. Hitler was a Christian. All the Countries with Hitler were Christian. Churchill said that the war would determine the future of Christianity. What Churchill did not say, was that he was fighting to obliterate Christians and end Christianity, not save it.

        In the same way as we were tricked to defeat our own defenders of Christianity. We are now fighting terrorism, but we are the terrorists. Or we arm and support the terrorists, or we support Isreal who exports terrorism.

        At least this is my current understanding of the situation. And by God, I hope I’m wrong. I really do.


        • “Hitler was a Christian.” ????????

          NOT !

          “All the Countries with Hitler were Christian.”
          Japan was CHRISTian????? At what point in the 1930-1940s did that happen.?????

          Mussolini? He was influenced by Nietszche’s anti-Christian ideas and negation of God’s existence.

          Where is CHRIST (ian) in all of this?

          Nowhere is where.

        • Two of Winston Churchill’s most well-known speeches were given before and after the Battle of Britain. The Battle of Britain would prove to be a turning point in the war with Germany.

          The great aerial combat began June 18, 1940, and before the battle Churchill at the end of his speech gave five words that would be arguably his most memorable, “This was their finest hour.”

          Earlier in the same speech Churchill made a statement that was all but ignored until after the war was over at which time a fierce debate erupted.

          What Churchill said was this: “I expect the Battle of Britain is about to begin. Upon this battle depends the survival of Christian civilization.”

          NOW you show us where you say you find:
          “What Churchill did not say, was that he was fighting to obliterate Christians and end Christianity, not save it.”

        • *In his first speech to the Commons as Prime Minister on 13 May 1940, Churchill offered `blood, toil, tears, and sweat and announced the policy `to wage war, by sea, land and air, with all our might and with all the strength that God can give us.’

          *On May 19 1940 he gave his major radio address, Be Ye Men of Valour. He closed with the words, `As the Will of God is in Heaven, even so let it be.’

          *Later, in his `Dunkirk’ speech to the House on 4 June, Churchill’s final sentence stated that the New World could rescue and liberate the Old `in God’s good time.’ This theme continued into his famous `Finest Hour’ speech to the House of Commons on 18 June 1940. `Upon this battle depends the survival of Christian civilisation’.

          *In his speech on 11 September 1940 at the start of the Blitz, he said, `It is with devout but sure confidence that I say: Let God defend the right’

          *In the `Put Your Confidence in Us’ radio talk dated 9 February 1941, the Churchill’s closing lines appealed to President Roosevelt of the USA in religious terminology, `Give us your faith and your blessing, and, under Providence, all will be well.’

          *On 24 August 1941 Churchill spoke about the hymn, O God Our Help in Ages Past `in which the brief, precarious span of human life is contrasted with the immutability of Him to whom a thousand ages are but as yesterday’.

          *8 May 1945, VE Day, Churchill addressed the House of Commons and ended with, `this House do now attend at the Church of St. Margaret’s, Westminster, to give humble and reverential thanks to Almighty God for our deliverance from the threat of German domination,’

          *Perhaps the last word comes, not surprisingly, from the great man himself. When described as a pillar of the church, he interjected, `No, no, not a pillar, but a buttress, supporting it from the outside’.

          ht tps://

        • Hitler knew of the prophecies of Fatima. He’s not the dolt people make him out to be, as history is written by the victors, not the conquered

      12. A war between Russia and NATO, would kill off the
        majority of young, physically fit white males. But,
        as long as Israel is safe does anything else really

      13. If there is one thing the U.N. should do, it would be to outlaw islam. yeah, i know….but still.

      14. Another Russian diplomat found shot in the head in his Moscow apt. Petr poloski or something like that . This is starting to get serious . I wouldn’t stray to far from home for a while?

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