Ron Paul on Syrian Proxy War: U.S. “Now Al-Qaeda’s Air Force”

by | Nov 6, 2015 | Aftermath, Conspiracy Fact and Theory | 52 comments

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    The deceptions of perpetual war have slowly but solidly come home to roost.

    Most on the world stage are well aware of the farce that is the American War on Terror, yet few are willing to say so. Nevertheless, enough has come out to clearly show that with ISIS, the new terror prima donnas of the Middle East, the United States created its own enemies.

    Former Congressman and presidential candidate Ron Paul appeared on the Alex Jones Show to discuss the latest developments in Syria.

    Now that the U.S. has held firm on the CIA-backing of the “moderate rebels” who are opposing Assad, while Russia has commenced bombing “ISIS targets” which are known to the West as rebel holdouts, a veritable proxy war is underway.

    Ron Paul told Alex Jones that the United States was “now al Qaeda’s Air Force,” with the hypocrisy of American foreign policy now more stark than ever before.

    The interview is well worth checking out, as Dr. Paul is always a source of common sense in a confusing sea of lies.

    It is a turning point in the drug out civil war in Syria that has Putin fighting under the banner of eradicating ISIS, and the U.S. under the banner giving cover for ISIS, al Qaeda, al Nusra and other terrorist groups fighting in the region.

    And there appears to be little chance of NATO/American/Western forces changing their position. Worse, the conflict could spill out into direct warfare between Russian and the U.S., should accidental fire, clashing planes or misplaced egos set things off.

    Meanwhile, Dr. Ron Paul’s son, Senator Rand Paul, who is still vying for the GOP’s nomination, told News Max ISIS was getting U.S. arms via blowback:

    “Most of these people do not have the sophistication to make arms so they get the arms from other folks.”


    “Right now ISIS has a billion dollars’ worth of U.S. Humvees, they have a billion dollars in cash they stole from us and they pay their soldiers with but they have anti-tank weapons and missiles they fire from the shoulder that were basically given to people in the Syrian civil war and taken by ISIS.”

    “So really if we don’t want weapons to get into the hands of folks, we should be very careful about who we give the weapons to,”

    Steve Watson reported on the comments from Rand Paul about the U.S. arming ISIS, now for several years:

    The CIA has shipped weapons to al-Qaeda affiliated groups in Syria since at least 2012, a fact reported by The New York Times.

    Up until late 2014, the US still claimed it was arming “moderate” mercenaries in Syria to fight against ISIS and the al-Assad government in Damascus despite the fact there are no longer any moderate forces active.

    Read more:

    Ghost War in Syria: Russian Spetsnaz Facing U.S. Army Special Forces: “There Is Bound to Be Shooting”

    US Complains As Putin Bombs its Terrorists: “ISIS Is An Intentional Creation of U.S.”

    US Ground Troops In Syria Is “Illegal, Big Mistake”, Russia Warns Obama Of “Unpredictable Consequences”

    Putin Asks U.S. to Help “Wipe ISIS from Face of the Earth”


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      1. Jack arses give our grand kids future tax debt to sand fleas while good folks of this country barely get by. Now tp p sealing the fate of the middle class. They must all be atheists because the way the gov punks act insures a special place in hell. Wish I had some anti t ank weapons.

        • What if?

          ht tp://

          • PWTW…
            Awesome read! Thank you for sharing that. I have said for months that this election next year will never take place, that an event will happen to cause marshall law to be instituted. This would certainly do that. And the emphasis on ELEVEN… very interesting, and we will see.

            God bless you and yours…


            • Just a note: The number eleven in Biblical Mathematics means judgement and disorder. America is going to pay a terrible price for allowing luciferian people to destroy this country. I pray for all those that are good, honest and decent in this country. I believe absolutely that 90% of the American people are good. We are however going to all be affected very soon.

              • And No…there will be no election. The fact that Biden did not run told me all I needed to know. It has nothing to do with his son.

                • You are so right, Diane.

                  • Israeli State Terror Rages by Stephen Lendman
                    Palestine is a war zone, pitting an Israeli aggressor against millions of defenseless Palestinians. State-sponsored terror continues unabated. The Palestinian Red Crescent Society (PRCS) reported at least 2,617 Palestinians shot with live fire or potentially lethal rubber or plastic coated steel bullets in October, used indiscriminately … Through Sunday, 72 Palestinians were murdered in cold blood, around 8,300 injured. Video evidence in some cases showed premeditated assassinations, knives then planted beside victims to claim attempted stabbing incidents – Big Lies blaming them for Israeli cold blooded murder … Eight Israeli deaths are known, the last one on October 18 – only two from stabbing incidents. Daily claims of knife wielding Palestinians are Big Lies, blaming victims for Israeli high crimes.

          • passin you really need to give up on all this date predicting fear porn garbage. As a believer you seem to be putting way too much stock in false internet prophets. Put your trust in the Lord and just know that YES one day (maybe sooner maybe later) we are going to have to pay for our sins and foolishness, and just hope and pray that when it all goes down you are on the right side of it.

            But I swear if I have to read one more damn article about ominous signs and numerology and DAMN DATE PREDICTING!!! I’m going to blow my friggin lid!

            • RH

              You must be having manic depression episodes. Certainly, you haven’t lost the ability to skip and scroll through all my posts, that evidently bring you much distress, and despair, and evidently, agony.

              If someone suffers with bouts of the following:

              Feeling sad and unhappy for an uninterrupted period of at least 2 weeks
              Crying for no reason
              Feeling worthless
              Having very little energy
              Losing interest in pleasurable activities

              Then you may be suffering from manic depression/bi-polar disease, which is associated with and must include ‘clinical’ depression.

              I laugh out loud when all you goof balls read into my posts, many things about me, that are entirely untrue. The latest to surface is you and them hogs and , some zulu…dip shit.
              I don’t care if you folks disagree, i get it. I am not trying to win a popularity contest, by posting points of view and links that may better help others understand and see a possible time frame ahead for events to unfold.

              Isn’t that what prepping is all about? Having a certain degree of hindsight to offset potential trouble ahead?

              Too many of your caliber just want “all warm and fuzzy…everyting is gonna be OK mon…no worries mate”, etc, etc.

              Myself, and many others want…as close to the truth as we can possibly get. Even if it is a jolt to our conscience of reality.

              btw, for having as many aches and pains as i have on a daily basis, and dealing with them without daily pain meds, I am about as happy as any person could be. My wife says she doesn’t understand how I can make jokes and be so funny at home and in public, as I do, with all my issues. One current issue is going in for a biopsy next week. I don’t worry or loose sleep over it, because my life is in God’s hands, and His will be done.

              I keep her laughing and smiling everyday. We have a blessed life and knowing what our Heavenly Father has waiting for us ahead, is the icing on the cake of living. Depression and whining is the farthest thing from my mind. Cheers!

              • Passin

                You should well be aware of all the symptoms of Bi-polar disease, you’re the best example of it I’ve read here to date. I’ve never seen anyone come on so sickeningly saccharin sweet to anybody who agrees with him and spits hemlock venom at everybody who doesn’t. Hard to believe you’re funny and make jokes, never seen any of that here for sure, the only happiness you seem to derive here is from your continual harping about God killing everybody , that’s the only thing that seems to give you something to feel good about. I would have to say that depression and whining are your strong suits here, having never seen anything else from you.

                • You are a poor excuse for a reader then.

        • ******DOMESTIC TERROR ALERT*******


          Please watch this and then continue to proclaim your support for the current police FORCE as it stands today.

          ht tp://

      2. Crazy world we live in…

        • Would it not be nice to clean up our own backyard, before we decide to clean a neighbors???

          Think about it, if we spent the money here first, then helped others, where would we be now?

          I know, dreaming again…

          • Guess what I am trying to say is:

            Think of all the money, time, resourses, and lives have been wasted in wars since 1918?

            If all had lived in peace, where would we be now?

            Yes, I know, tptb, why could we not rise up and take them out?

            Dreaming again….

            • Eppe, damn good points. And yes, you’re dreaming, but there is a way to make that dream come true. I’m dreaming the same thing. I might not live to see it, but I believe it will come true, one way or another. It’s not hopeless.

              • Brave correct.

                Name when to meet, got to plan…

                • not trying to hijack this thread, but i just heard in L.A. “a lot of people won’t be able to sleep tonight” according to the local news. a friend just called me to ask what that’s all about, and i had an eppifany. i called to tell a friend about 4 military choppers headed toward LA around 4pm(flying over victorville), and my friend i called said that was odd, someone just called HIM and said they saw 3 trucks marked “CDC” on a highway near here…sumthin’ strange is going on….just givin’ y’all a heads-up to watch for anything strange going on in the next day or two.

      3. I agree eppe. I really don’t understand why there is so much crap going on all the time. I sometimes find myself praying just for a massive reset (zombies? Meteors? Massive Cascadian sunami? Yellowstone volcano blows etc). It is crazy and a hard place too. im not really sure what to do anymore, what to make of the mess we are in or how to handle it all on a personal level. very sad and upsetting. People are going nuts all around

        • BF, I wonder all the time.
          I’ve read doom porn DP for years.
          Minimum worst case.
          The future is unknown….

        • boiled frog, Patriots and intelligent people like yourself just need to focus on your health both physically and mentally and simple ignore the rest while you are focused on self and love ones safety. We have no control on how things will develop but we have control on readiness to deal with aftermath as much as humanly possible.

          Take care and God Bless.

      4. We have a Mad Man In the White House.

        Who is our friends and who are our enemies. They change from day to day.

        Are we safer when the President plays golf?

        • Slingshot,
          just remember Obamamama, IS not very intelligent he is JUST a PAWN, in the game and only does as he is TOLD, IF we are to survive as a nation we need to remove ALL the Washington scum from office and put in people who ARE NOT tied to any political agenda’s!!!

      5. Congratulation America. It is a big step to be the leader of head cutting Savages.

        Since the next president would be the beloved Hillary would it be possible she encloses the jewelry gifts she has received from the useless POS named the king of Saudi Arabia who is paying for the head cutting savages of the so called ISIS?

      6. If you cant sleep, take a Melatonin supplement. They work much better than diphenhydramine hydrochloride.

        Bill O’Reilly is the dumbest motherfucker on TV. You wonder why I think old people are fucking retards. Anyone who watches that dumb shit couldn’t spare a cell.

        • Yeah, because all your comments suggests you have such high intelligence.

          What a joke


          • Actually, my comments are very intelligent.

            Even fucking Braveheart of all people admits that.

            Try understanding what I’m saying. Fucking wrinkled old shit bag.

          • Point,

            Except for the language, AE does make some good and useful comments, observations, and documents his experience with various out doors equipment and supplies. Just have to learn to ignore the chaff. I do think he enjoys pulling the chains of the boomer generation, but, perhaps it is in good fun!

            I think many agree that Bill O’Reilly did step in it this past week.

            I personally cannot vouch for Melatonin but it may be safer than taking an antihistamine to help you sleep. I have read where it may be helpful if you are suffering jetlag as well.


            Our response to something really does depend on the quality of our training, repetition, and situational awareness levels. I am O.K. with all the predictions. We can learn from them. I have a feeling that in spite of so many “doom-porn” scenarios that have been presented here and at many other sites, that, when the SHTF, we will still be caught off guard and find our preparations inadequate. Be physically, mentally, and spiritually prepared for all eventualities and learn to become inventive and creative. The various scenarios being discussed should help us in this way. We should not and cannot be passively waiting for something to happen. Be engaged. Drill, drill, drill!

            Thanks to Mac and everyone for their many thought-provoking posts. You have expanded my corner of the universe.

            Louisiana Eagle

        • Acid; takes one to know one.

        • Acid Etch… I notice when waiting to see the VA doctor that all TV’s are tuned to Faux News, keeping all the old folks up to date on the latest lying BS. Oh my!

      7. A deviant queer monkey..loose on the golf course???

        ..please somebody, wrap a ‘nine iron’ around its head..and contact the “Lab” it escaped from & demand greater security protocols..

        ..Gawd-damnit!!! ..where’s TARZAN (Johnny Wisemuller.) when we really need him????

        • Hunter, I’m just surprised the African virus isn’t on the golf course more these days. Tarzan is a nice touch. But I wouldn’t compare the African virus to cheetah. Cheetah was a lot smarter.

          • LOL..!!!!

            I concur completely!

            ..that said: ..I referenced “Johnny” for a reason…as he was our ‘hero’, back when we were very young (5-6-7-????)..and / where Cheetah possessed a higher I.Q. than most employed in the current REGIME today..

            • Hunter, I used to watch those old movies as reuruns on TV back in the 60s and 70s [damn I’m getting old]. I think they’re available on youtube. Now those were REAL movies. Cheetah can outperform a lot of people in my company for that matter.

      8. Obongo is just a puppet. I don’t believe he has any decision making input in anything. He is a convincing liar not straying from his script. The bankers demand their unwarranted profit. War is huge profit and while you’re at it we demand the entire US budget to secure our “interests.”

      9. Obammanomics plan for Ebolaniquiea and her Hubby Quintalius Pontificus Jones…”Aint no Thang! Butta Chickin Wang”! Daz it! Daz whut wez been Hopey Chagin Fo all alongs!

        Yo Momma! NO Yo momma fool! aint ma mamma! yeah it beez, Aint Jo Momma…. in Da Pancake Box!

        And the entire crowd of pavement apes yelled out, MAMMY! Pass me dat Quack Pipe!

        • TG, still enjoying that vette? Haven’t seen your handle appear in a while, hope you are doing better (health wise).

      10. The US is the ISIS cabana boy.

      11. Make no attempt to adjust your television set.
        We control the horizontal.
        We control the vertical…

      12. bible says the world will end someday. I believe it isn’t too far away. Seems like the decline speeds up with every generation. Wrong is right and what is right seems to be wrong. Pot smoking is ok now harvesting baby parts ok gay marriage ok and looked at as modern and hip. Morality is a dinosaur just like Cowboys you don’t see them anymore do you. Man I hate this world it’s a joke. The devil rules this place.

        • You got that right.

      13. The USA needs to pretend it moderate rebels in Syria are killing and burning people for the good of the world but it’s just an excuse to feed weapons to ISIS so they clear syria out ready for Israel to steel the land.

        Stupid american “Special operations forces” need to learn a bit of history and look at the US-Liberty to see that they are being sent to Syria to be used as Human sheilds in the hope of protecting weapons drop off zones held by the FSA who’s sole job is to pass these weapons on to AL-Nusra or ISIS forces.

        I think some land should be taken from Syria and given to the Kurds who are the only ones in the area apart from Russia who are fighting these ISIS terrorists on the ground but the Syrian people should be given a vote on Assad staying or going but the US does not want another election because they know that he will win.

        Isreal will have to wait before sending in the building contractors to build them all new home in Syria and would be well advised to make sure the bomb shelters are in good condition at home.

        USA go and deal with your saudi freinds who are chopping off more heads than ISIS and according to the 9/11 offical report also blew up the twin towers instread of sending them more tanks and fighter jets.

      14. What’s in the minds of the elite’s; Corporate America is to big to fail and being so it can do no wrong. With that being said that is why they feel America must rule the world, well I’ve got news for them on that thought IT’S OVER, it will fail and go down with that kind of thinking. The whole world has had a belly full of America’s arrogance!! IMHO.

        • like I said earlier, something serious is going on…..BTW crabbing season canceled for California. I will put up a link soon to the crabbing…thanks spook! your link answers some questions and begs for OTHER questions to be asked.

          • BCOD

            I pasted your comment from up top on the thread about the “missile test” Not sure if you live out in that area but keep us up to date. Seems like the sob’s are up to something. What their intended outcome is and just how far out or how soon it will be is the question. It gave me a bit of a chill after reading your post the previous morning and then waking up to the footage of the “missile test” Let’s all hope it is as they say on the surface, but seems fishy

      15. Mr. Smith: Congrats! For far as I know of you are the ONLY person so far to post the number one Main reason for the so called “PNAC-7 Wars in Mid East within 5 Years time frame” cause!

        Ironic very tiny few folk gets this eh? Since many various israel lesders, NuttySatan Yahoo, tons of pharisee rabbis, tons of israel based newspaper articles now which ALL admit these wars Are based on and For the jewish state israel’s “Greater Yisrael” plans.

        Greater Israel plans are simply their fanatical wrongly stated as kjv bible prophecy for jews to aquire every square inch of lands as OT promiced to Abraham 4000 yrs ago!..Forget that they All 100% ignore the tons of Many other biblical verses that demanded the ancient israel tribes, All 12 mind ya!, OBEY their now REPLACED covenant made by them with God….They failed miserably to keep it, 2000 yrs ago it got replaced by NT new covenant of christianity etc and rest as they say IS history!

        So why is this jewish israel plan so ongoing after all that?…Because once soviet jewry hyjacked Russia in 1917, gained full State controls etc and first thought jewry and zionists can use land mass size, resources and massive wealth of the worlds largest nation of russia with which to conquer entire Worlds nations with…

        They realized a Huge error made by the soviet international jew leaders there!

        What huge errors? I will Tell you what!

        To overtake and Rule entire worlds nations and peoples with a JWO-nwo..One MUST have Aircraft, Bomber planes and Fighter Jets!…What do you need to MOVE said planes into close proximity enough to USE said planes effectivle, when the planes need Gas refuels every TWO hrs?

        they need AIRCRAFT Carriers! Many such boats needed to rule globe!

        What is MAIN requirements for owning and use of such carrier fleets and fighter planes?…WATER!!! Lots of WARM water Ports because you can build two dozen carrier ships on Land in factories yes…but unless That Nation You hyjacked by soviet red terror etc has WARM water ports?

        Your ENTIRE fanatical greater israel jewish state rulership of globe plans Disintigrate fast!

        So what can the fanatical blood thirsty clowns do then?…once realized Russia wont get er done?…Easy answer! Just Infiltrate the USA with Millions of Khazar soviet kommies of a jewish persuasion and bingo! Once americas fed govnt has been hyjacked as was russias prior…But of course instead of masses of blood or bullets america had be done Via “Cultural Marxism” methods, for too many usa folk is armed to proverbial Teeth no!

        Fast FWD 100 years to 2015…Marxist conquest by those we must never name here, aka jewish soviet kommies, 100% control of white house-congress-US supreme Ct-and Pentagon/Military Might! and all you now still need is…

        Black souled, evil hearted, kommie bastards like found at PNAC-ADL-AIPAC!!! et al to write up a NEW plan for greater israel lands and a PNAC Document that States “ALL we Now Need, due to american citizen backlash from learning that Viet Nam was a total swindle scam war etc, to Convince those citizens we MUST do 7 NEW wars within 5 yrs tops….IS…A…Brand New event like Pearl Harbor by the Japs, only This time even Bigger yet!! then for Certain masses of americans shall be easy to convince like their grand parents were for OUR WWII event war!”

        But one More thing is yet required for such plan success…

        They, the soviet bolshevik jewdeokommies…MUST be able to fully count upon 100% unquestioned support from them evangelical crowds who has been fully Brainwashed past 100 yrs Via scofield bible doctrines of “Dispensationalists” grabage we had them taught thru the tons of usa pastors we soviets Paid off! That 60 to 70 Million membership is all we still need to CON them in assisting Us grab lands we no longer has a claim to “IF” we ever did anyways(that they got correct..NO prior nor now claims period)….Then GW began the Carpet bombings galore!

        oh and be sure FOX TV Never mentions the Many MILLIONS mid east CHRISTIANS being anhilated in mid east region, for, that “may” cause a Small FEW evangels to wake up to the huge scams we cause their preachermen to teach em!

        Theres a good reason Paul in NT books Warns Us to Never Ever fall for Any preachers that Paul called…Judiazers.

        Especially when most every modern day seminary contains actual jewish Rabbis and secular world type jewish professors as Teachers To those Wannabe-New Pastors!

        What a greater israel plan eh!…Infiltrate seminaries, teach preachers to practice dispensationalistic judiazering, control all forms fed govnt and military etc and all BANKS- for Money Is the Lifeblood of every nation!

        And rely upon 70 million too duped to ever awaken to any of this scam!..

        No wonder it seems vast majority prepper posters at most forums are also Southern Baptists type evangelicals eh?

        Perhaps the website and prepper supplies Seller groups has realized all they need do to sell sell sell!! is to include at least a tiny portion of articles mentioning ANYthing about “End times” scenarios, Book of Revelation! Bible Prophecy! etc etc and if 300,000 usa preachermen can so Fleece them sheeps so well…maybe Us sellers of metals or preps can do so too eh?!…Big BINGO!

        And Good Luck convincing Any such folks to at least research alternate ideas or issues if the main issue is state of israel or jewishness eh…Yet no real fix of usa can ever happen unless they do awaken fast…Perhaps once state of israel and nuttysatan yahoos IDF gang squads kill off or Deport every Black jew as is being done Now…Maybe that shall create plenty room for 70 million duped to assist Gods and Humankinds worst ever enemys of all of mankind eh?…Dream on! They shall line up to Kill every one of that 70 million once they acomplish their Jwo plan! Same as they did to Russia and ukraine et al.

      16. Memo to Dr. Ron Paul. Why has your son, Senator Rand Paul done absolutely nothing beside pontificate? Where are the Articles of Impeachment? Knowing as does the rest of the world that the United States = ISIS, why is Congress funding this? Stated differently, why has funding NOT been cut off? Failing that level of commitment from Senator Rand Paul, your words Dr. Paul, and his, while all sound …. are all sound.

        • Witnesses claim Blackhawks are flying amongst the skyscrapers. Very risky to citizens working in those buildings. This is nuts!

      17. That’s what you got for having a negro in control. Keystone cop military and Flintstone tactics.

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