Riot Police Fire Water Cannon, Rubber Bullets at Protesters: “Concussion Grenades, Girl May Lose Arm”

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    This article was written by Derrick Broze and originally published at Activist

    Editor’s Comment: This is crazy, this protest has turned ugly, even weeks after becoming a total police state. But will it ever garner national attention, and become a major topic?

    Non-violent protesters are being harmed by security and police, and there is no clear justification for it.

    Riot Police Fire Water Cannon, Rubber Bullets at Unarmed Water Protectors

    by Derrick Broze

    Police have once again used violent tactics on water protectors as the fight against the Dakota Access Pipeline continues into late November.

    Since August, North Dakota police have employed many violent tactics against the Standing Rock Sioux and allied “water protectors” who are fighting the Dakota Access Pipeline. On Sunday November 20, we witnessed an increase in totalitarian tactics as the Morton County Sheriff’s office used rubber bullets, tear gas, and for the first time since conflicts began, a water cannon. There were also reports of “concussion grenades” or stun grenades being thrown by police.

    According to the Sacred Stone Camp:

    “Hundreds of water protectors were injured at the Standing Rock encampments when law enforcement blasted them with water cannons in freezing temperatures Sunday evening.   The attacks came as water protectors used a semi-truck to remove burnt military vehicles that police had chained to concrete barriers weeks ago, blocking traffic on Highway 1806.

    Water protectors’ efforts to clear the road and improve access to the camp for emergency services were met with tear gas, an LRAD (Long Range Acoustic Device), stinger grenades, rubber bullets, and indiscriminate use of a water cannon with an air temperature of 26 degrees Fahrenheit.”

    Sacred Stone also reports that National Lawyers Guild legal observers witnessed multiple people knocked unconscious and bleeding after being shot in the head by rubber bullets. According to Unicorn Riot, over 160 were injured, including “a 13-year-old girl who was shot in the face by law enforcement, two people suffered cardiac arrests, and many contusions and damage to hands from rubber bullets.” Due to the overwhelming injuries the local Cannonball Gym was opened for emergency relief from injuries and the cold.

    “We are asking for clean water, we are asking for the right to live, we are asking for our children to live. Instead they attack us, because they protect oil,” LaDonna Allard, Director of the Sacred Stone Camp, said. “Morton county and DAPL security are inhuman- what is wrong with their hearts?”

    The situation unfolded around 5 pm central on Sunday as protectors began attempting to remove one of the burnt armored vehicles left by the police. These are the same vehicles that I witnessed being left by local law enforcement and then set on fire by a group of provocateurs on October 27. (see in the report below at 8:30).

    These provocateurs had already set an SUV on fire on the bridge when police parked two armored vehicles on the bridge and drove away. Essentially, the police left the vehicles there to be set on fire and then those same vehicle fires were used to demonize the protectors and block the bridge and keep protectors from the site of construction. On Sunday, water protectors chained one of the vehicles to an 18-wheeler and attempted to remove it from the bridge.

    Eventually water protectors were successful in removing one of the armored vehicles, but not before police began firing rubber bullets and using a water cannon.

    The Sheriff’s office originally told NBC that no water cannons were used, but hours later Donna Hushka, a spokeswoman for the sheriff’s department, confirmed to journalist Jenni Monet that law enforcement used water as “crowd control” against the protesters. Police claim that multiple fires were started around the barricade by water protectors and that officers had rocks thrown at them. The water protectors say they only started isolated fires to warm people from the water. However, in video of the incident flares shot by law enforcement can be seen starting grass fires.

    Ironically, only two days before they decided to douse water protectors in below freezing temperatures, the Morton County Sheriff’s office released a statement warning that, “exposure to North Dakota’s winter weather presents a very real risk of frostbite, hypothermia, and life-threatening conditions.” Despite the water cannon the water protectors continued their attempts to remove the armored vehicle from the bridge.

    On Friday, Energy Transfer Partners CEO Kelcy Warren told the Associated Press that the company is not considering rerouting the pipeline. Warren has also said that the company has waited “long enough.” Energy Transfer Partners filed suit against the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers after the Corps decided they needed more time to review the permitting for final construction on the pipeline.

    Warren’s comments came on the same night that North Dakota Governor Jack Dalrymple asked the Army to solve the crisis and also sought assistance from federal law enforcement to quell the protests.

    “Further delays simply prolong the risks to public safety, prolong the hardships endured by area residents and increase costs incurred by the state of North Dakota and Morton County,” he said in a statement.

    Conflicts between water protectors and local law enforcement continue because ETP crews are still preparing to tunnel under Lake Oahe despite not having the proper permits.

    This article was written by Derrick Broze and originally published at Activist

    Derrick Broze is an investigative journalist and liberty activist. He is the Lead Investigative Reporter for and the founder of the


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      1. Aren’t these protesters being paid by Soros and company? I thought the pipeline had all its government approvals and all of the right-of-way had been purchased from private landowners.

        I was hoping the increase in oil supply would help drop the gas price even more. It’s now below $2 a gallon in northeastern NC at some stores.

        • These people are Native Americans. You know the people who owned this land before the genocide Theft, Trails of tears, The Last Mohican. and this scumbag Pipeline just started building it, without permission across a lake which is the main drinking water source of this Tribes Land. So WTF? These people are trying to get them to aavoid these areas because they are burial Grounds and sacred lands. Go read the National Environmental Protection Act 1972. Look up Protection of Historical Native sacred lands.

          Ahhh but what do a bunch of ignorant fascists reading and commenting here with Zero facts, know about environmental Protection or who these protestors are or why they are protesting to protect their livelihood from pollution. Yep they are probably Soros paid protestors, Wrong again ignorant Archivist Dipstick. No this is no Paid off Land, and no consideration of Native Burial sites. Go read the Law. Hell Yeah they are in the right. And Fascism and ignorance is alive and well here in Ameriscam.

          • Conflicts between water protectors and local law enforcement continue because ETP crews are still preparing to tunnel under Lake Oahe despite not having the proper permits.

            Yeah NO F*cking Permits. What part of do NOT Trespass without permits, does the complainers deserve water cannons in freezing Temps? And many of these people were praying when this happened. Lots of Cops resigned already over this case because they refused to harm these innocent people, and refused to follow orders. Of course there are plenty of other Whores wearing a badge that love to inflict pain and do what ever they re told. These are BASIC HUMAN RIGHTS VIOLATIONS. The COPS Are Soros Paid Zionist Thugs.

            • REALLY??
              I have family there and the scuttlebutt here is that the protesters are a fringe group of leftist tree huggers just out to make trouble , water be damned .
              But from what i understand both sides have decided to instigate the other and aint nothing good happening up there .
              It’ll all be over soon as the temps fall and maybe resume next summer if the protesters dont move on to better pay elsewhere.

              • Zeus sounds a bit like Mr. WWTI, 2.0.
                Better behaved at first, now sounding more and more like him.
                Just wondering out loud..

              • Let me guess hammerhead. Your family are white fringe ignorant aholes? Go drink a glass of oil and find out how important drinking water is. Every American should be up there fighting the fascists rape of True Americans.

                • Sheeesh! You just pointed out the clear fact,,, seemingly only known by those who live in this area of North Dakota,,, The protesters are FIGHTING with the police.This isn’t some peaceful protest. Some of the these anarchists are fortunate they didn’t take a .223 round to the cranium. Throwing rocks, burning logs and using slingshots against the police in almost every other scenario would be met with deadly force.These same “protesters” are destroying public and private property. Doesn’t this site champion individual private property rights??? This isn’t Indian land – its private land owners’ property that has been destroyed as well. Trust me the police would much rather be home with their families then dealing with this group made up almost entirely of shit bags.

                  The money behind many of these protesters that have been brought into ND doesn’t come from Soros but from Warren Buffett. This pipeline is going to put a huge dent in business for his railroad.

                  This website would certainly lend itself more credibility if it actually reported the facts instead of printing the completely biased garbage spewn in this article.

              • WHAT AN IDIOT YOU ARE, HAMMERHEAD!! Stupid fascist idiot!

            • Zeus, just another ill informed lib, I’ve been following this pipeline project for years,i have family who were working on it, and Zeus, YOU ARE THE ONE WHO IS MISINFORMED! The pipeline company had all their permits, and study’s in place before they even broke ground.

              Along with all the state, and federal building permits, they also had all their EPA environmental impact study’s done. They had all their Army Corp of engineers permits, and water study’s done. Last but not least, they had an international agreement between the US state department, and Canada done in order for the pipeline to cross an international border. Plus they also had bought, and paid for all the private right of ways they needed before they even started this project. Oh, just one last thing, this company by federal law had an Archaeologist review the entire pipeline route to insure that it didn’t disturb any native burial sites, not only in this country, but also in Canada.

              By the way Zeus, do you have ANY idea how many years it took this company to get all these permits and impact study’s done before they even started this project, OVER 10 YEARS!!! This pipeline company now has this project 99% completed, and now you, and all these other people just noticed??? I have to ask, If stopping this project meant so much to you, where were you when all the OPEN TO THE PUBLIC zoning, and permitting meetings were taking place for this pipeline project??? Let me guess, you and all the other Eco warriors were out protesting some other evil that Howard Zinn told you the white man had done.

              You see the problems with guys like Zeus, they don’t do any independent research, they just believe everything they read in Mother Jones. As John Wayne once said, “Life is hard, it’s even harder when you’re stupid.”

              • SAME OLD SHIT– white man comes along, wants the land of the aborigines… makes up their own, illegal permit, then goes in and steals whatever the fuck they want!

                • Anonymous, go take a flying leap!

                • Anonymous wrote, “SAME OLD SHIT– white man comes along, wants the land of the aborigines… makes up their own, illegal permit, then goes in and steals whatever the fuck they want!” Well here it is folks, written proof of what John Wayne said, just another STUPID student of Howard Zinn.

                  “Anonymous” some day when you get a little older, lets hope you’ll wake up to see how you have been played for a fool, by powerful men WAY ABOVE your pay grade. Your working for some Utopian idea that those PTB tell you that you can help build.

                  When in fact, your helping to build a set of rules, and laws that will allow those PTB to set up a prison, and you’ll be the prisoner in that prison. It seems your just to obtuse to see that all the work your putting into their Utopia, will only end with chains around YOUR NECK, not theirs.

              • Colt 45 Drunk again. Read the article. They do not have all the permits in place. So your rant is truly misinformed.

                • Ah Zeus, reading all your posts on this story makes it look like your mad. I’ve read alot about what’s happening with this pipeline protest, plus i have family who are actuality working on building this pipeline!

                  You see the difference between you and i, i get my information from numerous reliable sources. Unlike you, who seems to only rely on second hand information, and left wing “news” sources like Mother Jones, and the Nation.

                  Truth is, come Jan 21, 2017 all of this will stop when Trump takes office. This pipeline will be completed no matter how much the protesters bitch about it.

                  I do have to say, i hope the next 8 years of the Trump administration is a positive life changing event for you Zeus. Maybe you’ll learn something new when an adult is in charge of America.

                  Oh, one last thing Zeus, even though you and i will probably never see eye to eye, i do hope you and your family have a happy, and safe Thanks Giving. Peace

            • No permit needed on private property. you are as nuts a that Julia butterfly Hill that nested in the Redwood she named Luna. she did keep the timber company from harvesting their very own tree. But they got paid $50,000 to leave it alone. The pipeline is not crossing reservation land. the pipe line has purchased easments or out right bought the land where it is being built. The ninny who might lose her arm isn’t a Sioux she is some NY liberal who ought to mind her own business. She went looking for trouble and now is crying because she found it.

          • So – who ‘owned’ it before this last tribe? some other tribe? and how did THEY get it? oh yeah, war, murder, etc… don’t fool yourself. While Europeans MAY HAVE perfected the art, EVERY society and culture is guilty of the same things. 50 or 100 years of “enlightenment” will not supersede THOUSANDS of years of warfare.

            • The Sioux came out of the Great Lakes region around 1750 A.D. and pushed weaker tribes out.

              • The Mandan, Hidatsa, Arikara were peaceful tribes who were the original inhabitants of this area. They were driven out by the Sioux – who were very, VERY fierce warriors and honestly – DAMNED vicious. Before you jump all over me for the “UN-PC” statement it is honest. I am of Viking heritage and they were “DAMNED vicious” also. Both were brutal and capable of horrendous methods of torture. Smokey is correct. In other cultures to the victors go the spoils. In the US we have set up reservations for the native Americans. Have we screwed them over – yes we have. However – in other areas of the world they would have been murdered, become slaves or would have disappeared into the culture and conquering population. Just some food for thought here….

          • no one gives a f*&# about the criminal enterprise
            aka: the epa.
            that is nothing but a leftwing “long arm of their law”.
            and these @$$hole$ with uniforms are practicing for widespread clampdown on bureaucratic rules…
            NOT ACTUAL LAW!!!
            You can shove your EPA up yer @$$. written by majority democrat congress and senate seeking to push the leftist agendas into communism…please.
            That said…there is no freaking way these
            stormtroopers had ANY right or authority here.

          • Tell us about all those Indian burial sites under the lake. Then tell us about all those sites on land that no archaeologist has been able to find.

            • You can potentially find burial sites, arrowheads or artifacts on nearly any square foot around here. The Sioux were nomadic and followed the buffalo. “HERE” is the entire land mass of the western Dakotas.

          • The pipeline is not crossing tribal lands. The Corps of Engineers issued a permit to bore under the lake but the now lame duck POS Obama administration cancelled the permit. Trump will reverse that shit.

            Pipeline are the safest way of moving oil. The alternative is by rail car and those routinely derail and incinerate entire towns. Pipelines move the vast bulkl of hydrocarbons in this country right now. Educate yourself instead of spewing irrational, illogical nonsense. It’s painful to read your posts.

            • True – pipeline is on private land until it reaches the Corp land – which is Fed land. Funny how – for the last 50 years no one – white or native – could spend 30 extra minutes camped there or collect pretty rocks without being fined, threatened and booted out by wardens, but now protesters camp, damage, dump and destroy the property (with out necessarily trying – just due to numbers)for MONTHS and nothing is said or done…

          • I live in the middle of all of this. Protests to the north of my house and protests to the south TODAY – 11.23.16. YOU my dear Zeus, are a troll – calling others names, swearing – indicative of one who has no substantial facts to back up his/her rant. We (my spouse and I) have been paying for land that is included in the 1851 Ft Laramie Treaty – for 25 years. If you don’t think that we are not aware and watching…. It is individuals such as yourself who are a large part of the problem. Get a life! There are good people – both natives and whites who want all of you gone. Of course – you would not be able to recognize “good people” (takes one to know one….)

            • A Local, I’ve been looking at articles on other sites about this issue and I’ll admit I’ve had trouble trying to “separate the chaff.” You’re the best source I’ve found for info on this. I had some suspicions about the true motives of the protestors and you helped confirm those for me. Thank you for your insight and comments.

              • I honestly feel bad for the “lower class” natives down there and the neighboring ranchers. Rumor has it that Archambeau (the tribal chairman – “upper class”) is moving from his current residence – Marina Bay or some other pricey development along the river – to the new $500K to one million dollar home he is building in North Bismarck. I have not seen this (haven’t looked) but my co-workers seem very aware of it. There is an incredible flow of cash going into a few pockets down there and the rest go without.

                I also feel for our local Sheriff – a genuinely decent guy. According to the Bismarck Tribune today someone has posted the location of his father’s grave. I am sure the hacker is expecting action. Kyle is trying to protect the right of the protestors to protest legally, while protecting other residents and property. Some of the protesters have vandalized tribal community property along with the other off reservation damage they have done. We have about 8″ of snow now and some 2 foot drifts. We could get another 5-6″.I really hope all of those Prius Drivers (from Minnesota, California and Oregon – the most common license plates) go home before people start dying. This isn’t bad. Eventually we will have a day where it is so cold you can’t inhale right away when you go out….

        • The powers that be forgot that the Soros thugs have veto authority by riot.

          • Is it time to arrest the little old man Soros and extradite him back to his homeland that wants to prosecute him for crimes against humanity? Let’s do it!

        • If you don’t like the current laws then change them. Until then be prepared to do jail time and worse if you are ignorant enough to go up against the authorities.

          Right or wrong, like them or hate them, laws are a covenant between those who govern and those who are governed. Follow the rules or chaos ensues.

        • No these protestors are not being paid. My daughter was just there and learned to respect their non violent stance and their forgiveness rituals for the police. Bismarck was allowed to say no to the pipeline but these people are not being allowed to say no. None of my daughter’s friends were paid and none of the native americans that they met were being paid. This is not the same as the pro clinton protests.

          • The route North of Bismarck did not meet the criteria for a pipeline. Perhaps your daughter and her acquaintances were non-violent – but there is a threatening, vandalizing, dangerous group down there that is. Be thankful that your daughter is home safe. From what I see this will not end well….

        • Yeah, I heard Obama had in place a new law that would allow cops to ambush protestors– sniper shooting into crowds and basically killing protestors.. the Police State goes forward…

          These protestors need to read about what happened in Africa when the oil companies came there and destroyed peoples lives, drinking water, etc. for a long time the people tried the legal, peaceful way until their leaders were killed by the government (which was in bed with the oil company, of course!!). After much patience, horrible health problems from the oil pipelines, etc. the people basically declared war on the oil company…

          In huge signs, they wrote: LEAVE OUR LAND OR DIE!! And they started killing off the intruders!!!

          • Snipers have the right to kill protestors? That is some nutty shit you are talking.

            • This started as a protest and has transitioned into violent riots at times. Most of the rioters are imports. I completely respect the rights of those PEACEFUL protesters. If you read an article like the one above you would believe that all the protesters are peaceful and that’s a complete line of BS.

              You better believe that Law Enforcement on scene has snipers set up to protect the front line in the event deadly force is warranted. Some of these thugs were committing violent acts that in most situations would have generated a deadly force response from L.E. The water cannons were used to put out (literally) fires that were started by the rioters. The next step after water cannons is likely deadly force.

          • TROLL – we have enough trouble without CRAP like this being added. Please go away. Good people are hurting enough with out this sniper comment.

        • REALLY WHAT THIS IS ABOUT IS DOMINATION AND CONTROL, USING VIOLENCE/ABUSE AGAINST INNOCENT, UNARMED PEOPLE! JUST a bunch of cowardly Nazis with a the emblem of the American flag on their shoulders.

      2. Regardless whether the protesters are in the wrong or right, the methods of police are rediculous.

        Why do they allow things to rise to this point. Can’t they just start picking people up first thing in the morning before they have a chance to congregate.

        How do you get water out of a cannon at 28 degrees ?? That is below freezing!!

        Did they shoot ice cubes at them ??


        • B, the air temp is 28 degrees, the water is pumped at high pressure from the vehicle tank through the nozzle, which allows the water to stay liquid until it changes temperature and turns to sleet because of the cold air. I’d guess that some vehicles also have tank heaters for cold weather.

          • Aside from NORTHERN waterpump trucks having internal “warmers” and circulators (internal: because MOVING water just can’t freeze unless it gets WAAAY colder, like minus 40 ‘give or take’.

            Same thing for water moving through the water cannon. As long as it is moving SOME water, it just won’t freeze. The higher the water pressure of MOVING water the lower the temps must get before that water will actually freeze.

            Water is ‘weird” stuff. Fascinating properties.

        • Added anti-freeze to water. Preheated water tanks by engine exhaust.

        • This is poetic justice.

          This bitch was holding her arm up high, giving the finger to the police, then gets her arm blown off.

          Love it.

          • John:

            You’re all heart. She’s 13. Did you never flip somebody off?

            __ people in uniform have to have more sense than to over-react and blow off arms in response to a childish (literally) insult.

            __ this girl’s family most likely will sue that department and win. I have seen this before. They will probably sue the cops and the oil company. It’s called deep pockets.


            • A 13 yr old should not be out there her parents should be charged with child endangerment

            • B from CA

              Should not have a thirteen year old protesting in the line.

              • These powers that want to be definitely crossed a line.Lose your arm for flipping off the cops seems OK John,fuck man,why are you even here.I need to read/research the best I can more about this whole situation as do not know a lot,but,flipping off cops and having your arm ruined makes me think there is a lot more to this story then being told.

              • damn straight, keep those kids in front of the Xbox playing games like “Call of Duty” when they aren’t at government school. Turn them into proper statists when they’re young! No free thought or opinion for them, right? Too young!


            • B from CA,

              I have never flipped of the police. I show proper respect to authority…. And you know what? I have only received respectful interactions from police too.

              Show respect, get respect in return.

              Flip off the cops, get your arm blown off. HAHAHAHAHA on her.

              • If they were destroying YOUR WATER SUPPLY, YOU WOULD GIVE THE COPS THE FLIP TOO, IDIOT!!

              • Wow, what a guy. I guess you cheered when the baby was burned by the flashbang a couple years back because he wasn’t showing “proper respect to authority”?

                if you honestly cant tell the difference between standing up for what you feel is right, and blind “respect” for anyone with power and authority, you are a bootlicker, pure and simple.

            • As per the Bismarck Tribune today 11.23.16, she is 21. This is not her first protest (“rodeo” in our lingo). She has attached to herself to equipment and been arrested before. Medical reports indicate no signs of charring and no shrapnel removed from her arm. More constant with LEO story. While trying to move burned vehicles from the bridge several tow chains broke. (Anyone with a BRAIN these days knows you use straps rather than chains- but hey). Other witnesses state that she was hit by a chain. I was not there – I do not know – my heart goes out to this young woman, but all involved should realize that this is NOT a “neat, fun little party” and there are consequences for the actions of all. My neighbors and the people of Standing Rock are being injured by this by far more than the photo op and outside crowd. It is sad.

          • Steiner is a POS. Your death is coming sooner than later.

          • Troll.

        • The LEO do nothing until the protestors move toward private property. That is when they take action. It is their job to protect private property. When I say this is a mess – I mean it.

      3. This is such a Sorry Ass Pathetic Fascist BS Country we live in. These Native American people are trying to protect their land from Theft by a polluting Oil Pipeline. Make them build the fucker 10 miles away. So fricken Sad, another depressing, embarrassing chapter in American History.

        I would love to be a sniper on the hill and kill every one of these black booted POS Scumbag bastards. Water cannon below freezing temps. Like Unarmed Men Women and Children getting their heads bashed in. WTF America WAKE UP. I’ve been following this story for months.

        Watch this Video I watch last night. Go to 1 hour 11 minutes to watch the water cannons let loose on these unarmed people.

        Kevin Gilbertt was live.
        November 20 at 4:27pm ·
        Live by the blockade on hwy 1806 just north of Oceti Sakowin camp
        Check 1hr 11mins to see projectile fired into water protectors from police and national Guard. It catches ground on fire and while the water cannon is being used to soak peaceful water protectors another group of water protectors stamp out the fire to prevent it spreading.
        This shows the story of water cannons to put out fires to be untrue.

        • That’s interesting because “long ago” (let’s say from about 1900 through 1920, most all (large) seagoing vessels fought (most) onboard fires using seawater pumped in using big ole engines (often the main engines too), to supply “water cannons” to aim at the fires on the ship, or on ANOTHER ship they pull up along-side of to assist.

          That’s my 2-cents… The fact is the cannons and all were used and if they had HAD more to use to inflict pain, they WOULD have used it (such as: if any of those people had been armed we would also have several deaths as well, justified or not doesn’t matter anymore), the police ARE NOT THERE for the protection of the people (is that safe to assume?)? It says “To Protect & To Serve” (it doesn’t say they’ll protect American Civilians (it means they’ll protect and serve government interests ESPECIALLY THEMSELVES, and YOU AIN’T SHIT to them …barring the MOST COURAGEOUS officers who told them to SHOVE IT and walked off the job. So, of course, this will continue until EVERY damned cop will be a “hood-in-uniform” with a license to kill (that’s okay, I’ve got one too)! 🙂

          Of course, everyone MUST realize by now that America is being made to ‘cleave’ down the middle, and just as Obama FIRED every military officer that refused to fire upon American citizens, now the police are experiencing the VERY SAME THING (done in their own ways), which is going to leave “hoodlums-in-blue” by all appearances).

          At this rate, soon we could find ourselves in the onset of a civil-like war between POLICE STATE-MINDED KILLERS and VETERANS-EX-COPS-AND ALL OTHERS who will NOT permit the LEOs to exert “deadly force” in order to “herd the sheeple.” (And at some point “D.F.” will enter into the picture, especially if Soros is indeed behind it, or funding it). *That sob LIVES to make Native Americans curse him daily. Perhaps he’s just a “deplorable” marching to a different drummer, a communist one?

          Or, is this just another “example” of just how violent we might expect things to become when the great transfer of power occurs in DC. There WERE expecting 30,000 ppl. Now it’s estimated to be as many as 100,000 (or perhaps more). Nothing they do will make one dent in what they are attempting, and I reckon some will die depending on just how ‘outlandish’ everyone is intending to become on (or before) the given date.

          Running pipelines through water has always proven to be an error. The pipes eventually get old, there’s a huge spill followed by permanent damage (and this is THEIR FUCKING DRINKING WATER AND IS FEDERALLY PROTECTED – but screw the law since The Feds don’t even know what The Constitution is, as nothing THEY do remotely ‘reflects’ a word of it in practice.

          I think that We The People SHOULD “mirror” it as often as the opportunity presents itself. Like; Hang (rinse;repeat), Hang(rinse;repeat), Hang (until it is done)…

          We would be more than justified at this point in doing JUST THAT and little shit like this is what Obama is going to push the hell out of in order to “kill us by a thousand cuts’ prior to walking out the door.

          That’s alright though. It appears that for the first time in history the feds are going to allow We The People access to The Clinton’s, The Bush’s, Eric Holder and MANY OTHERS. Let your imaginations run wild…

        • These assholes don’t even own the land they are protesting on.

          • Neither does the government…

        • Zeus, if you hate America so much, then go find a country that works for you. Just paraphrasing what Trump said about Kapernick.

      4. When a collection of cops tell you to get the F*** out of the way… don’t throw rocks… just get the F*** out of the way.
        So many protests going on by ppl that aren’t even from the area they are protesting…

        • When a collection of Indians say to Fascist Trespassers, “Get the F*** off our Land and Sacred Burial Grounds” And you refuse, and continue to block roadways, you will get SCALPED.

          This Native American Movement has ignited a firestorm among all Native Americans. Many Tribes from across the country have come together in support of the Natives Rights and have set up huge camps in support of their rights. Many bring their Tribal Flags from across America, and this is another example of how the Fascist Genocidal Government is destroying Cultures and way of life. They don’t even have the proper permits to cross this property.

          So there is no question the Natives are in the right. And the Government and their Fascist Criminal are committing daily human rights violations and need to be locked up. This is litigation that should be decided in the courts not on the fields of these people land.

          How would you like for a Cell Phone company set up a 200 Ft tower on your property with No permits orf compensation to you? Or how about an overpass be build over your house with No permits or compensation to you? Ever read the US Constitution’s 5th Amendment and Taking of Property Rights clause, free enjoyment from nuisance and theft? Without just compensation or redress to oppose the act to make people whole again?

          Will you just stand there and suck up your happiness as you get your faces bashed in? Be called a tree hugger, or fringe protestors from some other area. People are just Ignoramuses and need to get educated.

          These criminal acts are direct Human Rights Violations and assault on Indigenous Native Americans here. We should all be standing with them. First it was the Indians then it was the assault on you. Where is the Rule of Law here? Sleeping in their Coma’s?

          • Without oil there would be no cell phones – no polyester, nylon, polypropylene clothing, plastic water bottles, tents, sleeping bags, plastic (“fuel efficient”) car parts, plastic medical supplies, take out meal containers, porta potties, computers, facebook, twitter and other things that make our lives easy and fast. Very few of the general populous and those protesting this could survive with out oil. Their “quality of life” would TANK. I am including both the white and native population. We raise food, garden, can and basically don’t go anywhere. We ride horses for work. How many of these people both pro and con can or would be WILLING to do this? It is NOT an easy life where you can run around the country and protest. TV doesn’t happen often. I don’t agree with the oil pipeline company and their methods. That said most of the participants here are clueless. And if you think you can do all of the above on “renewables” you have admitted you can’t do simple math and you do NOT understand anything. I know this to be fact. To you I say grow up – research and educate yourselves. There is a cold cruel world awaiting you.

          • Zeus, just a question, while you were in school did you do anything other then smoke a bong, and read books written by Howard Zinn?? Everything you have written today looks like it’s all cut and paste ideas from Zinn. It’s now clear, that you don’t have any original ideas of your own.

            • Colt M4, if I remember right, Howard Zinn was libturd dickhead. Zeus sounds like he could be related to Zinn.

      5. I spent two summers and a winter in North Dakota. Cops there aren’t set up to be big city “sensitive”. This time of year it is cold and will quickly get colder. If these protesters are trespassing they are going to be in for a very bad time. Quite frankly nobody up there gives a shit if the protesters live or die. Understanding what I do about what the tribes are trying to do with all the subsurface water, that is take control of all of it in several states( Montana, Wyoming, North and South Dakota) I’m surprised these protesters aren’t frozen and buried in a mass grave by now.

        • relik, what do you think Native Hawaiians say and think about the invasion of their islands by white and japs over the last 100 years? Are the natives protective of all their drinking water theft? The Big Island and many others are turning into Ghettos. Drive away from the ocean resorts and see how people really live.

          • Zeus, I work with a military contract company. The oil company contacted us and wanted to contract us for personal protection. There are approximately 80 of us. All but 4 of us turned it down.
            64 of us are heading out next week with over 500 other veterans to provide protection and other assets to the Souix.
            Anyone that wants to join us contact me at [email protected].
            Right or wrong, sometimes you got to pick a side.

            • Bless you Socmarine87 and I wish you all well, and stand up and be recognized you are the true patriots here. It will be awesome. Maybe you can send Mac here photos of your arrival and keep this story alive. This is pure Fascism and Genocide and human rights violations of the Law. I believe 11 Souix were injured in this last incident. Pack your AR15’s and body armor.

              • A few of us will be on site within a few days. We will have GOPROS going and documenting from TT, “Time on Target” until exfil.
                We will not be armed. We will be in full kit, ballistic platforms etc. I’ll keep the site updated.
                Hey, people regardless where you stand concerning current events,etc. I wish everyone a pleasant Thanksgiving.

            • Please meet with the Standing Rock Tribal elders – not just Archambeau and “ruling faction”. You will most likely be doing more damage to the tribe and relations than good. This is a case – where at this point – your choice may very well be wrong. Two or three years ago it may very well have been a different story. Again – it is a very sad state of affairs here.

              • Thank you for that sound advice. That’s already happened. The proper avenues have been addressed.

                • There is a Marine that has been interviewed locally (today) that did some early “recon”. He reported a great deal of mismanagement of funds, criminal activities and training in “anti – LEO” bait and film tactics at the camp. He was run off, but not before he lost his cash, his truck and tools. That is not you, is it? This man was from MA.

                  • Thanks for the concern. That wasn’t me. I’m a Kentucky boy. We are literally loading the vehicle to step off now. Had some funding issues. I have received that type of info from several vets on site. It’s a bit disheartening. We need to observe the pattern of life and do our own recon to make a definitive decision. If its questionable we will leave.

                    Keep your heads on a swivel people.

            • The peaceful protestors are not in need of protection and the thugs are no better than the BLM crowd. If your there to back and support this group then you will have undoubtedly picked the wrong side. Better do a little recon before you dive in head first.

              • We have assets on both sides. We’re fully aware of what’s going on.

          • Hey Zeus,
            There is no such thing as a Native America,
            they all walked here millennia ago.
            Have you ever heard of the Lummi Indians?
            They are fairly well off as far as Tribes go.
            They developed some of their land as a
            housing subdivision to be sold to non-Lummi’s.
            They have water problems on their reservation.
            If there is a drought, the non-Lummi’s get cut
            off first.
            My point is, unlike the old racially inclusive
            Hawaiian Monarchy nation( which was illegally over thrown), modern Indian nations are not very inclusive,
            not that I blame them,
            but only a fool gives up his
            rights to a hostile tribal government.
            Like Democrats, Lummi’s, Sioux, and
            Hutu’s, et al.

      6. I read Soros pays the rioters $1,500 to riot.

        • Up NY. These are not Black Lives Matter Protestors in ND. Really? Are you that uninformed? These Natives are not being paid to protect their own land and drinking water supply. They have a direct stake in the matter. This is the real deal.

          The Pipeline Trespassers don’t even have the Proper permits to cross this property. And the want to run a pipeline under a lake. You know how many pipeline breaks and disasters out there happen annually.

          *Like the Deep Water Horizon oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico. Which was a False Flag to set up an insurance claim for profit. Read the details. And many of the big players shorted these oil stocks just prior to the Gulf explosion spill cause they knew it was going to blow and made to look like an accident. It was a set up for Insurance claim profit, at the expense of a massive food chain destruction and environmental Terrorism. All Zionist set up to destroy the food supply of the gulf states. Get the details. These people have no conscious for their crimes. We need a full eradication of the Haters of America from our shores.

          I fully support those in ND trying to protect their land from Theft and Destruction. Write the Gov. of ND demanding a full stand down and fully leave the area they do not own.

          • Sorry Zeus. A BP Engineer that was recalled from the other side of the world to work on the Horizon incident is a Mandan native. I have known him personally for nearly 25 years. Shot down again…..

        • that’s a confirmed $1500 a week for protest/riot duty in the Washington State area ….

          ND duty? … double that eazy – that’s why all the out-of-staters are there …. $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$

          Obammy & Company railroad buddies are making $$$ BILLIONS $$$ off the shale crude tankering …

          water safety my AZZ

      7. Gov will always use the gestapo to crush any resistance to what they and their corporate buddies want. They don’t care if they poison the land for generations as long as they can make a buck and when they have extracted every last dollar they will pull out and leave the mess behind. i wouldn’t want it in my backyard. What’s the benefit of it gas a few cents less per gal. I’d pay more to not have a pipe line. Just like I’d pay higher property tax to not have welfare cases move into my area. $ well spent. people around here fight projects like casinos and power plants somehow these things get built anyway.

      8. I really have not seen a lot about this situatio,my first ? is was any of the lands being used “eminent domained”?

        • There is already a natural gas pipeline in that corridor – so it follows a corridor with other utilities in place. The landowners may not have had a choice for that reason. However, Transamerica is a private company and eminent domain is not for private, but for public projects. A bigger issue (to me) is Iowa. Eminent Domain is never to be used to take farmland for a private company according to Iowa law. A judge in Iowa ruled in favor of the pipeline company AGAINST IOWA STATE LAW and farmers granting the pipeline company access to their properly. One judge that needs to be removed from office IMHO – I am in ND so I can’t vote against him.

          • Pipelines are considered Common Carriers just like a railroad.

          • Private companies can use eminent domain for pipelines if the pipeline is open access. That means the line will move some kind of product from any eligible companies to markets/refineries, etc. FERC regulated pipelines usually fall in this category, so yes they can use eminent domain. The government considers it for the greater public good, the same as they would consider an interstate highway.

        • Little eminent domain needed. The pipeline follows a utility corridor (but maybe that was domained earlier)? But remember, the pipeline is generally buried and runs across the prairies. So even if it crosses a cattle ranch the grass grows back and the cows don’t care. The rancher often gets a check too! Plus I am sure they went to public lands when possible – there are a lot of them out there.

          One other thing – I can’t confirm, but the DAPL guys bought the ranch near this last section – making it private property.

        • Warchild:

          I just watched the video with Robert Kennedy Jr., attorney/activist/son. He explained from the protesters point of view. This oil is going out of the Country. Only the investors benefit, and about 35 to 40 jobs created. The permit skirted the Law by breaking a large project into small sections (which is illegal). Jk, jr. Says this will pollute and is built to fail. Another guy said the oil company owns the clean up company so they make more $ on the disasterous oil spill. Only the people who live in the area care what happens to the land and water. They say Trump has 2 million invested, but Kennedy didn’t talk about it. If it is even true.


          • B from CA. You nailed it. What the manipulators do is when they hit an environmental speed-bump they break up their permitting and into smaller single permit say for 100 Yards of pipe, so they do not have as much regulation to follow the EPA Rules on smaller impact projects. But as you say Collectively, it is part of a larger project with direct connection. Its a violation and needs to be halted. That is exactly 100% correct sir.

            Its an old trick to break up the permitting into smaller project pieces, so they can avoid their NEPA National Environmental Protection Responsibilities.

            I also met Robert Kennedy Jr 16 yrs ago, and he is a real American Hero, calling out all the fraud in the system. I personally thanked him and his family for everything they have done for America and we shook hands. It was a real Honor to meet him.

            Robert Kennedy Jr is very truthful and has dropped a Truth Bomb of the scam in Syria. Robert Kennedy Jr, the nephew of US President JFK recently appeared on Radio Sputnik to break down the truth behind the Syrian Crisis.

            Kennedy writes that “The US decided to remove Syrian President Bashar al-Assad from power after he refused to back a Qatari gas pipeline project”

            ht tp://

            So he knows about the Fascism of Pipelines and the Genocide for profit. And we as Americans sure don’t get the truth from the MSM.

            • This statement is factual, Zeus. This pipeline was broken up into short segments to “fly under the radar” of the EPA and others. It is taking oil out of the country which does the US and her citizens no good. That said, the ruling faction of Standing Rock did NOT do their due diligence by watching for this and being proactive when the time was right and the company was working through the PSC. The announcements and meetings ARE buried in tiny type in local papers and are easy to miss – still is that not what you elect your representatives to do for you? Archambeau and the tribal council failed the Standing Rock nation here – and they did it big time. At this time it is too little and too late. Just remember – the smart learn from their mistakes.

          • Thanks BA,will look into it a bit.

            Eminent domain has been used in the past for private concerns,folks disagree will bring up some cases in last 10 years but do not have bookmarked so will take a bit.

      9. You shouldn’t build your own explosive devices they are unreliable.
        Look at the pictures of the arm and come to your own conclusion.

        • Looks like some propane cylinder bombs or something made of thin metal malfunctioned to me.

      10. Flowing water doesn’t freeze if it is moving. No eminent domain was used in ND. Theres a lot more stuff going on than you read here. You’re only hearing about the extreme incidients.

      11. Wait until those poor doomed souls feel the power of the Corporatist Fascist Trump Police State.

      12. I feel bad for the people of Standing Rock. Maybe they should have taken a page or two out of the Bundy playbook?

        • Better do some research on that. The Hammonds and Bundys have been totally taken to the cleaners by the feds (Check out The Range Magazine). A death by Feds occurred there and the Hammand’s have been imprisoned a second time for the same offense and it is one that Federal employees have gotten away with over and over causing by FAR more damage than Hammonds did. (Sort of like Hillary has – but that is a different story – no one should be above the law..)

      13. If you research, you will find the protests are being directed by Communist organizers. They are doing their best to manipulate the situation. I was, at first, appalled by the tactics until I learned we are being manipulated. This has nothing to do with water.

      14. live rounds both sides !! get on with it!!

        • I’d like to see a team of USAF A-10 Warthogs with the cannons go down a blazing, and raze the sh!t out of the Black booted thugs and blow up every vehicle they have. Watch the fascist pussies run for the hills. Drop a daisy cutter 5000 lb on them. That would be poetic justice and the world would cheer.

          • Either you are a troll or you are a nut.

          • My Uncle was USAF Colonel who knew/worked with Eisenhower and my dad was USAF – both pilots. Uncle would be 103 yo and father is 88. Not on your Life would either consider doing what you suggest to LEOs. I wouldn’t count the cheering either.

      15. The Pipeline company has pulled some “fast” ones. After two years of being rolled over by them (Transamerica Partners) the local land owners thought they were going to be done with it. The pipeline is on private – not reservation property. Then the out of state (paid) crowd showed up. What a mess. This has cost the ranchers a bundle. They have been harassed and threatened, livestock butchered, hay stolen or burned. School busses and local residents have been stopped, detained and threatened. Squatters have taken up residence in hay fields and farm yards. Vehicles and equipment owned by local ranchers have been burned or stolen. The county has a HUGE law enforcement bill to pay (MY TAX BILL). Someone canoeing at the site disappeared last month – no body and no news. The Casino on the Reservation is going bankrupt and may soon close – no customers. Many tribal elders are very concerned about the relationships with their neighbors when this is over. These elders have out of state protesters showing up and camping in their yards – looking for handouts because protesters just showed up with no plan. They are upset because the tribal leadership wasn’t doing their job and missed their opportunity in the early stages of the process. Now a “professional” protester has had a life altering injury. How sad. The tribal Chairman speaks at the UN, in DC, and sells gas and food at his station to the influx of protesters. Guess he is profiting. Our roads are a mess from the traffic. The Sheriff is my neighbor. He is not one to react without some thought. He wants all people safe. Both sides are after him. His wife says he is never home. They have been threatened and required protection.

        The locals need to sort this out, but between Jesse Jackson, Jane Fonda and the others showing up we have nothing but a blasted photo op for the big name scum. If/when it truly gets cold people will most likely die down there. They will either start a grass fire that will get away or freeze to death – and there will be no “water cannon” (fire hose) involved either. May the Lord and “Great Spirit” help us all in Morton County.

        • What these moron don’t appreciate that once the line is built they will never know it is there. The grasslands will be restored to original conditions and with the exception of a few markers there will be no trace.

          It’s painful to read how stupid our population has become. Many of that population post on this site.

      16. I live in North Dakota and many of the protesters are not peaceful, the protesters are more like terrorist, some are peaceful but many are not there is also many many things that don’t make the news. Its just a big shit show to get more people to come and protest

        • HUH???? DC “the protesters are more like terrorist,”

          What an ignorant comment. Kinda like when the US military illegally invaded Iraq and the native Iranians fought bac to protect their lands from the invasion, they too were labeled terrorists. You are one ignorant uninformed Dolt.

          • you are a very rude person,if you really want to make a statement,then time to grow up and stop the name calling.A lot of these people are not peaceful.they should be rounded up and throw them in jail.

      17. Setting vehicles on fire, throwing rocks at police, and attempting to remove police barricades is not ‘peaceful water protectors’. Other reports have them using slingshots to hurl burning logs at police.

        The time to protest this was long ago when the route was identified and public hearings were held. The route under Lake Oahe actually follows a utility corridor where there are already several EXISTING pipelines! It is also one of the last sections to be finished – meaning that it is impossible to simply re-route without tearing out or abandoning miles of new pipeline on both sides of the river.

        The water protectors should be looking over the pipeline approval paperwork and looking for any violations. That is the ‘peaceful’ way to halt the pipeline. Look at the weld images. Also, they should ensure that any contingency or emergency or cleanup “funds” are sufficient and are held aside in some protected status. A common problem with mines is that funds are set aside for cleanup and held by the company – but the company goes bankrupt, loses the funds to creditors, and years later when the mine leaks toxic wastewater there are no funds to clean it up.

        • Setting vehicles on fire, throwing rocks at police, and attempting to remove police barricades is not ‘peaceful water protectors’.

          Sounds like the Palestinians trying to protect their land theft from the Zionists land grabbers in Palestine. The Jews need to go back to Germany or Poland. And get off their land.

          • It doesnt matter what it sounds like.Some of these people are breaking the law.From your comments it makes me wonder what violence you have committed in the name of what ever you are protesting.

      18. I wish they would do this when those BLM protest happen!
        When Trump takes power, I’m gonna party like it’s 1933!

      19. Uh Uh Uh water protectors????? What does that mean? How is a pipeline with all the land out there going to hurt anyone??? And America will prosper relying on it’s on energy but NO!!!! Sounds like SOROS is involved!!!!

        • When pumping millions of gallons a day, a rupture, no matter how small, can cause a spill of thousands of gallons per minute. Any rupture or spill will likely dump s few million gallons before it can be stopped.
          Obviously no one here has all of the facts, including myself. However, i think it is a far reach to make any assumptions about the situation without first hand, eyes on knowledge. I know I do not.
          The basic question to ask yourself is, would you want this pipeline in your backyard?

          • Not true. Millions of gallons don’t leak out. There was a rupture near Mayflower AR and only a few hundred gallons leaked out. What they do is put in a quanity of crude followed by a quanity of water. The water pushes the crude. the pressure is monitored 24 x7 as soon as a leak occurs the pressure drops and they stop pumping.

            • Just one gallon of Gasoline will pollute 1 Million Gallons of water. So just 1 part per million is considered Toxic and contaminated. Now how many barrels of oil was dumped in the gulf. Do the math. Its a toxic soup. Go drink some of that will ya.

              Make them build the pipeline 20 miles farther down the way. They don’t even have the proper permits. So this is mismanagement and failure in engineering. Get the hell off their land!!! And don’t come back.

              We stand with you Souix.

              • Zeus another not true statement. Take any big resivor of water that is used for recreation. and every day hundreds of boats are traversing it. and they do spill fuel. But a gallon of gas will not mix with a million gallons of water. Gas and water don’t mix. GAS & OIL float on top of the water. Ok you can pour water into the crankcase of your car and the egg beater effect will mix and turn the oil milky. but let it set and crack the drain plug & eventually clear clean water will drain out. the oil in the gulf was spewing from a fissure in the sea bed. that particular fissure was caused by drilling. however there are thousands of natural fissures that leak oil from the ocean floor. that oil is a natural thing. and natural oil consuming organisms thrive on that natural food. The fact is for every action there is a equal opposite reaction. So for everything that happens there is just as many good positive things as negative bad things. But nooo you greenies insist that only bad negative things occur when it furthers your irrational agenda.

      20. It isn’t the injuns land. They lost everything way back in the 1800,s. A pipeline is safer than thousands of trucks or rail Road tanker cars. That pipeline will have minimal environmental impact. the Indians use the sacred ground excuse just like the DINDU black folks use the race card & we wus slaves excuse.

        • Old Guy, BRAVO! Zeus is a dickhead.

      21. Correct old guy!

      22. They used special EPA contaminated water from Cement Creek, Animas River, San Juan River, and the Colorado River in those water cannons. It doesn’t freeze, it blinds while it attacks your memory. They call it the Soros Custer blend.

      23. While I’m pretty neutral in this case, i find it odd that SHTFPlan is using ‘NewSpeak’ the very same way they bash other MSM sites for doing. The people protesting at the DAPL are PROTESTERS. They are NOT “water protectors”.

        The NewSpeak of political correctness is invading even the alternative sites…

        • To be fair, this is a reprint from activist post.

          The editor of shtfplan has made an italicized comment before the article, but it doesn’t mention “water protectors”.

          I enjoy hearing about both sides of an issue.


      24. If this pipeline company is not a crony run operation then ask them to open their books to the people of the community. Guarantee they won’t. I don’t trust corporations at all.

        • They do open their books. It’s called a Shareholder’s Statement. The feds even get a copy, and it’s a public record.

      25. There is a fundamental legal question here. The Indians were told go live on the reservation, govern yourself in an independent country, make your own laws separate from the U.S., a separate nation. So, is our government now invading a foreign country against the will of the the people of that nation. This is just legally wrong!

        • Yes, the fundamental legal question here is, is the site on a Reservation or not? The answer is no, the Reservation is ten miles away.

          • unfortunately,there way to many ignorant people that never take the time to research.They dont care if they trespass and destroy others property as long as “they are a part of history”.And what responsible parent lets a 13 year old get involved with a violent protest

      26. This is going beyond a protest. Using a semi?

        These people need to get a life and a job. That idiot girl came from NY to join the protest. Now her arm will be screwed up for the rest of her life. There are consequences.

        As for the Indians – they need to get a life too. This is the 21st century. This sacred ground bullshit has to go.

      27. I think you all have a right to protest.
        But it all went down the tubes when you set the trucks on fire.
        Now you have a ARSON CHARGE, and if these trucks belong to the FEDS now you have DESTRUCTION OF FEDERAL PROPERTY.


      28. OK,saw this at zero hedge, ht tp:// ,space between http to avoid moderation game,seems this pipeline story to get more interesting.Why is this not on lame stream media,why the silence and only on real media as it were now?

      29. Thinking about heading to North Dakota to stand with these brave veterans and TRUE AMERICAN HERO’S on Dec 4 thru the 7th, against the Corporate Mercenaries and Globalist Fascist Police State….ANY BRAVE REAL FREEDOM AND LIBERTY LOVING REAL HUMANS FROM SHTF PLAN WANT TO JOIN ME????

        “This country is repressing our people,” says Michael A. Wood Jr., a Marine Corps veteran who recently retired from the Baltimore police force to work toward reforming law enforcement. “If we’re going to be heroes, if we’re really going to be those veterans that this country praises, well, then we need to do the things that we actually said we’re going to do when we took the oath to defend the Constitution from enemies foreign and domestic,” he asserted about his plans to go to Standing Rock.

        Woods Jr. is joined by Wes Clark Jr. Clark Jr. is the son of General Wesley Clark, the famous military leader who once warned that shortly after 9/11, the government had its eyes on Iraq, Syria, Lebanon, Libya, Somalia, Sudan, and Iran. Clark would later attempt to distance himself from those statements but still managed to convince his son, a member of the Army at the time, to stay away from Iraq.

        First Americans have served in the Unites States Military, defending the soil of our homelands, at a greater percentage than any other group of Americans. There is no other people more deserving of veteran support,” he said.

        According to a Facebook event the two men created called “Veterans Stand for Standing Rock,” those who join the effort will arrive at the protest site on December 4, where they will stay until December 7.

        The event description reads:

        “Come to Standing Rock Indian Reservation and hold the line with Wes Clark jr, Michael Wood Jr, Tulsi Gabbard and hundreds of other veterans in support of the Sioux nation against the DAPL pipeline. Bring Body armor, gas masks, earplugs AND shooting mufflers (we may be facing a sound cannon) but no drugs, alcohol or weapons.”
        Clark Jr. was clear he was not looking for violence and that the protest would be unarmed.

        “We’re not going out there to get in a fight with anyone,” he said. “They can feel free to beat us up, but we’re 100% nonviolence.”
        As Task and Purpose explained:

        “With an eye toward the media, old military uniforms will be donned so that if the veterans are brutalized by the police, they are brutalized not as ordinary citizens, but as people who once served the government they are protesting against.”

        • You are Awesome Ron Ahrens, I would love to go also. I am just 2000 miles away and is not that easy for me to go financially. Keep up the fight. Take your weapons anyway. Concealed carry should reciprocate in ND.

          Who is the Clown in charge of this Government Black Booted Operation of oppression anyway?? Lets put a face on this POS politician or operative for what he is. That’s who we need to contact and rip him a new ahole.

        • Please talk to ALL Standing Rock Elders before you do this. I know one Vietnam Vet with Native blood that is ready to bury the out of state protesters – bury them dead that is. (He won’t – he is 70, but he is PISSED!) You are considering entering a situation where you will be welcomed by the 20% who are getting name recognition and profiting and despised by the 80% who want all out of staters out!

          • Sounds like Burns Oregon, my kind of situation, cowardly fascist boot licking local drunken bums and toxic dumps feeding off the US Government fake printed money trough, while the Police State and Globalist Fascist TREASONOUS Corporate Mercenaries abuse their brothers and sisters. Might even be a little warmer than Burns this time of year.

            • Wow….Ron. You show up here and the collective IQ of the camp will drop by 50 and the state by 75%. You are the guy who would use a candle to look for a gas leak……

      30. In this state there are protests ongoing against gas pipelines. NIMBY is the main reason. It destroys property values. Mostly, they protest until they lose in court and give in.

        Yes, any pipeline that is an interstate pipeline is subject to eminent domain by way of the Commerce Clause and federal court precedent. Intrastate pipelines in this state do not have eminent domain unless they are classified as a public utility…which most are.

      31. This will likely never be read as it is way down the line in the comments. But I sit here amused, and it is amazing to me that instead of disagreeing with a writer with facts and figures researched from honest sources, we can resort to name calling, make up facts and figures, distort reality, and at the same time vilify government bureaucracies, the police and sheriffs departments, and otherwise pull nonsense out of nowhere to ‘substantiate’ our positions.

        No wonder people on the left look at us and write us off. I’m probably as far right as you can get (without getting into La La Land), but I can easily write some of you off too.

        Many of us are pretty pathetic, and this discussion proves it. God have mercy on us.


        Son of Liberty

      32. Well maybe if the little snowflake had been at work or school she wouldn’t be looking at losing an arm.

      33. Son of Liberty. Yeah its is pretty amazing. Like they don’t even read the article and just shoot off nonsense. Like calling the Souix protecting their homeland, terrorists or Soros paid protestors. So out of touch to any form of reality. Pathetic. If you got this far then go read the article again.

      34. Sioux protecting their homeland? The Sioux are relative newcomers to the plains. they where driven out of the NE forest by other tribes. The killed off the Mandans and other people who where already there. And Not long afterward the white Europeans did the same thing to the Sioux that the Sioux had done to other previous plains dwellers. The Crow Pawnee Arapaho Cheyenne where all enemies of the Sioux and each other. They lost the indian wars. Tough shit Lose the war you don’t have any choice but like it or lump it. Life isn’t fair The rules should apply equally to everyone. But that isn’t always the case. Lately the liberals and commies and BLM fuck sticks have got away with being scoff laws. The race war and ethnic cleansing is bound to happen. And The winners will make the rules and the losers will suffer.

      35. I am pro producer. And production starts by exploiting the natural resourses of the planet. So Who ever invest their time and money to do projects like this pipeline Im their advocate. Tree huggers have driven too much industry from the USA. The fact that the did companys are making money doesn’t make them evil. No poor person evey provided anyone a decient job. those injuns never provided anyone a good job. In fact they for the most part live off government dole. So I not gonna side with a group of parasites over a producer. The USA needs to start building and growing and making things. The EPA needs to be done away with. Al Gore and the globull warming crows needs to be prosecuted for their schemes.

        • Old Guy, once again BRAVO! The Indians [I REFUSE TO CALL THEM NATIVE AMERICANS] have been living on white people’s tax dollars since the 19th century. They’ve never produced anything. I also stand up for this pipeline project because our economy needs it. I’ll always side with a producer. We need to get everyone who is physically capable off these programs and into some kind of job PRODUCING SOMETHING, ANYTHING to help the economy. We need to go back to the way things used to be. If you didn’t go to work, you didn’t eat. I agree the parasites need to be just cut off from our tax dollars. People like them are just a total waste.

      36. Aw, please. The protesters did it to themselves with their rigged propane tanks. Sorry the chick might lose her arm, but maybe they shouldn’t be amateurs at trying to blow shit up? Just a thought.

      37. Liza Jean, like you said, that girl brought it on herself. When you play with fire, you’re guaranteed to get burned. Her parents were total irresponsible morons to let a 13-year-old daughter go to a protest. The girl should’ve been in school. I’ll bet that’s another issue the parents will face.

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