Reported Active Shooter at Andrews Base Turns Out to Be Exercise: “Confusion Over Drill Or Actual Incident”

by | Jul 1, 2016 | Aftermath, Conspiracy Fact and Theory | 22 comments

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    It seems that the Andrews Air Force base, where the President’s Air Force One plane is stationed, couldn’t tell a difference between a drill simulating an active shooter attack and the real thing.

    And it happened just five minutes before President Biden was due to arrive.

    As the Daily Mail reported:

    Chaos erupted at Joint Base Andrews in Maryland on Thursday morning after an active shooter drill prompt reports of a ‘real world’ shooter. 

    The base was placed on lockdown at 9am Eastern Time – just minutes before Vice President Joe Biden was due to arrive to board a plane to Ohio.

    All personnel were ordered to shelter in place, and people were seen running through the base with their hands in the air.

    It came at exactly the same time that they were scheduled to start an active shooter training exercise.

    Apparently this exercise was last minute and unannounced. Did this drill ‘go live’?

    21st Century Wire reported:

    There’s only one problem with this story: we also learned that the base had planned a “no-notice” Active Shooter Exercise scheduled for 9 am this morning, and as if by some amazing coincidence, during exercise, local first responders received emergency calls about a ‘real world’ active shooter on the base.


    “According to a public information officer in the Washington office, the reason for this is because of the confusion over reports of a drill or an actual incident. The FBI field offices let security on Joint Base Andrews sort out the confusion.” (FOX6 NOW)

    “Joint Base Andrews was locked down just after 9 a.m. after someone mistook an active shooter drill for the real thing, senior law enforcement officials told NBC News. All personnel were directed to shelter in place,” said NBC News.

    Why did Joint Andrews Air Force Base begin tweeting out reports as if it were really happening?


    Was it a plot targeting the Vice President or other high officials? Or was it just a botched exercise?

    Media reports began to circulate before it was found out that it was just a false alarm. One wonders if the effect wasn’t intentional.


    If the military doesn’t know the difference, then no one could expect the public to know the difference either. Yet, when terror attacks or big incidents grab headlines, there is often no substantial proof that is shown, and quite a bit is taken on faith.

    Significantly, CNN and other networks began broadcasting the report as if the event were real, showing the world images of the simulated drill – before the report was ultimately quashed.


    Nevertheless, the images of this manufactured event were at first reported as real, and shown as evidence.

    The ticker shows the “breaking news” that Joint Base Andrews was in lockdown mode…

    Yet these images were proof of nothing, because nothing was really happening.

    Are we being goaded on by reality, or just simulations and exercises?

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      1. “President” Biden? Little Freudian slip there?

      2. This is a test to see how the Americans will cower to the bullying of the Globalist bankers as they decide to take over.
        People start shooting back they will realize it is not time yet.
        Ignore the orders to get on the bus.
        Look at what it did for the Jews in Poland.
        Get on the Bus we are taking you to an area that is safer.
        Safer for whom?

      3. Say it ain’t so that they actually ran a drill and didn’t say it was a drill but it was a real shooting/false flag?????


        • Sarge , they are just covering up another muzzie jihad event.
          Or radicalized American citizen , or workplace violence , whatever we are supposed to call it !

      4. first of all it is VICE president Biden and secondly what the outside public does not know is these excersises are generally clasified, BUT because they allow allot of cell phone use and the soldiers now are trying protect there own because MOST of them DO NOT TRUST there own government anymore (cannot blame them) so it is very easy now for things to get out of control on these bases!

      5. “…and it happened just five minutes before ‘President’ Biden was due to arrive.”

        “You don’t have to be a Jew to be a Zionist. I’m not a Jew and I’m a Zionist.”
        Vice President Joe Biden
        Kissing up to the Jews

        Oui Vey

      6. I don’t care.

      7. Every single time I use the word “JEW” my posts go to moderation.

        I can type in Catholic pedophiles priests, that is OK
        But God forbid I critize the God Damned JEWS. Fuck you Jews. Zuckerberg, the God damned Jew who stole Facebook while he was in college should be in prison. The Only reason he got away with this crime is because the Courts are run by Jews and the Talmud teaches that when a Jew goes to Court against a Gentile Judgement is for the Jew and the Gentile gets screwed. Jews are the Globalists. They are the enemy of all mankind.

        The Supremist Jews are the Problem. They want every other ethnic group to serve them like gods. They are a criminal cartel that will be dealt with because they have unwittingly gone to far this time and now they have no where left to hide. The goim are educating themselves on the treachery of the Jew throughout the past thousands of years of Jewish tyranny. Rothschild and Warburg are the Bosses of this Mafia. What you gonna do, build a wall??????

        • You do know that Hitler hated Jews, Satan hates the Jews, sooo what would that make you??

          • Well Joan C: it would make B from CA a person that Has done his Own research of all issues zio and jewry etc…And like many others who also have done so have discovered…Is that aprox 98%+ of ALL we was told or taught, and which causes us to state things like your question did, is all brainwashing BS.

            And it also reeks heavily of that john Haggieeite devotee’ mentality of total falshoods taught biblically about various jewish issues..

            So, perhaps you too will research such issues better now and also awaken before you get so deeply deluded you never shall return to reality eh.

            Let us know if you need any good truth and facts based websites on these important issues as we will provide Many such website links to assist in your awakening.

            Heres just one little smaple to ponder on.

            After WWII ended, in around 1952 or so THREE Main books came out all written by Allied leaders.

            One wrote by Frances Dgaulle, one by Prez Eizenhower, whom was also a five star Gen and top allied commander, and the last of three WWII books was by Englands Winston Churchill.

            Churchills book consisted of Seven volumes! and all told the three writers combined book volumes numbered 11 volumes total if I recall correct….With a Grand total Pages count of almost 8,000 Pages! All on issues of WWII.

            Yet NONE contained even one single mention of either, six million dead jews, NOR any mentions of any Gas chambers, Nor any mentions of most all we were told were valid jewish claims etc.

            Just a “coincidence”?…That ALL Three writers forgot to mention in almost 8,000 total pages of 11 volume set of books what Most folks would consider THE most main important aspects of WWII?

            OR!! Perhaps once you do valid self research as some of us has done already and for a long time done so now…Maybe you too shall be amazed at how Much we were lied to about WWII and especially what we were told to believe in that originated from various jewish sources eh.

            So Please Do that research! and get that memo!

      8. One thing I know for sure. If anyone points any type of weapon at me, drill or no drill, they get their dumb ass wasted.

        • NotSoBrave. Good god give it up already. Let’s all say NotSoBrave is a badass so he can stop with the stupid comments. NotSoBrave is undefeated on the Internet. NotSoBrave the toughest of the Internet tough guys. If I were as tough talking as NotSoBrave, I would be the Internet MMA champion of every weight class.

        • yep, they get a dirt nap from my ventilation team. I can draw my weapon and fire, faster than they can pull the trigger, with my keyboard commando training….fool.

          • Tunkcuf and anonymous, who the hell yanked on your chains? In case neither of you ever noticed, it’s a fact of life that if you go looking for trouble, it won’t be long before you find it. Just go ahead and start having bad intentions toward other people and see what that gets you. Pointing a weapon at someone is deadly serious business. Not something to play games with.

            • you’re the one that post a half dozen threats of blasting people with every article. You have been doing it for years. You are right, if a Fed was running a drill and you pulled your gun (if someone hasn’t stolen it again) it would be deadly. you would be taking a dirt nap. You make preppers look like trigger happy nut cases.

              • Anonymous, just what do you and your pal tunkcuf have against me? Do you two really enjoy attacking me? You’re the ones who need to give it up.

      9. This is why no one believes this crap anymore. Sandy hook. Obvious hoax. San Bernardino had some real serious questions. Starting to see some shenanigans in Orlando. Put nothing past these people. They want to take our firearms and will stop at nothing until they do it.

        • Speaking of Orlando, you should see this..I mean WOW! I caught SO MANY crazy crap here…check out the first video…I wrote down on wordpad, word for word, of what she said, it was so fricken crazy!
          Here is the last few sentences..I capitilized the unbelievable part:

          “Documents show a full layout of the building, and said that there were 6 exits at the club that night. That 6 exit number is more than what is necessary for the capacity of 299, according to documents. When the fire marshall and fire chief were discussing the possible blocked exits, IN TEXT MESSAGING, WARNING of the Pulse shooting, one of them said to the other, there will be some tough questions to answer…”

          Now here’s the should see it by my name, but just in case:

          Listen to the reporter report this! And find the many discrepincies in the whole timeline! Especially with the “explosion”! (near bottom)

          • That Entire Orlando club shooting event looks like yet Another in the very Long line of Failed Mossad run Opps eh. They continue to employ the same agendas and methods that mossad and several israeli based real true Terrorist squads have been doing since the early 1920’s!

            Stern Gang…King David Hotel bombing, Isralies dressed as Arabs! did it and killed close to 100 mainly British army Officers!…USS Liberty ship attack Via israeli fighter Jets and PT boat torpedos in 1967 six day war event…and far Too many more to here list of.

            Main difference today is that it is being conducted Here within borders of America! I guess to Them, we all are just Goyim eh? And as their talmud states in Verse, “Yes…Even the very Best of the Goyim Should be Killed”! Boy oh boy there’d sure be much wailings and knashings of teeth if Our religius book, the new testement taught Us to kill their tribe off no? Every MSM TV news would Blow 100 amp fuses at every station if that was broadcast…oy Vey!

            but today the internet being so available to everybody now has fully shed the light of truth upon such agendas and typical pre ordained pre planned opps.

            And yet the main Perps refuse to stop doing their evils eh.

            “Thru Deception You Shall Cause Wars”! Israeli Mossad’s inscription in hebrew above entrance to agency.

            WITH plenty of clear photos of it at various websites for solid proof, for the resident Naysayers who refuse to consider Anything done bad if done by the tribe.

      10. For some time now, I have been getting a strong feeling that we have no f*kin idea what we are doing, but insist that we do more of it even faster!

        Why the rush to self destruct? It can’t happen fast enough for some people.

      11. Just pathetic……………….

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