Putin Checks NATO Nukes With Thermonuclear ICBMs: “Forced to Neutralize Developing Threats to Russia”

by | Sep 26, 2016 | Conspiracy Fact and Theory | 24 comments

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    This article was written by Kurt Nimmo and originally published at his Another Day in the Empire site.

    Editor’s Comment: And so the game intensifies. The aggression of the war hawks and neocons has forced confrontation with Russia. Patience is wearing thin, and every day there are new provocations and reasons to clash… for now with words.

    The larger problem is that the powers-that-be have lost their appetite for any other forms of creative destruction, and have chosen a very brutal path for humanity in order to reach the next phase. The world of tomorrow may not ever even know why.

    Regardless, it is the plan for an empire extended on its last line of petrodollar credit. All or nothing?

    Russia Prepares for War, Plans to Move Thermonuclear ICBMs to Border

    by Kurt Nimmo

    Last week TASS reported Russia’s western-most ICBM division will be rearmed with the RS-24 Yars missile system. Yars is a MIRV-equipped, thermonuclear, intercontinental ballistic missile that can reportedly carry up to 10 independently targetable warheads. The ICBM RS-24 Yars constitutes the backbone of Russia’s strategic missile force.

    “The westernmost strategic missile force division in the Tver region will soon begin to be rearmed with the missile system Yars. It will be a sixth strategic missile division where the newest mobile ground-based missile complexes will replace the intercontinental ballistic missile Topol,” Sergey Karakayev, the commander of Russia’s Strategic Missile Force told the news agency.

    The Russians claim the deployment is in response to NATO installing a US anti-missile system in Eastern Europe in violation of previous Russian-US arms treaties. The United States has made the outrageous claim its missile system is designed to respond to threats from Iran.

    “Now, after the deployment of those anti-missile system elements, we’ll be forced to think about neutralizing developing threats to Russia’s security,” Russian President Vladimir Putin said in May.

    Putin added that the US anti-missile systems currently in place in Romania and soon in Poland can be easily repurposed to fire short and mid-range missiles.

    Russia announced it would modernize a launch detection system in response to the threat along its border. It has also discussed stationing its state-of-the art Iskander missiles at its westernmost Baltic outpost of Kaliningrad which borders NATO members Poland and Lithuania. The Iskander travels at hypersonic speed and is capable of evading anti-ballistic missiles.

    In addition to missiles and nuclear warheads, NATO and Russia have engaged in massive war games this year. NATO’s Anakonda 2016 exercise involved more than 30,000 troops, about half of them Americans, and thousands of combat vehicles from 24 nations. The huge exercise simulated battle maneuvers across Poland. A simultaneous naval exercise, BALTOPS 16, simulated “high-end maritime warfighting” in the Baltic Sea. Exercises were conducted in the waters near Kaliningrad, the Russian enclave between Poland and Lithuania. The maritime exercise represented a clear provocation.

    “All of this—the aggressive exercises, the NATO buildup, the added US troop deployments—reflects a new and dangerous strategic outlook in Washington. Whereas previously the strategic focus had been on terrorism and counterinsurgency, it has now shifted to conventional warfare among the major powers,” Michael T. Klare wrote for The Nation in July.

    “Washington might intend the military buildup as pressure on President Putin to reduce Russian opposition to Washington’s unilateralism. However, it reminds some outspoken Russians such as Vladimir Zhirinovsky of Hitler’s troops on Russia’s border in 1941,” notes Paul Craig Roberts.

    “To make the crisis clear for my readers and for all peoples, Washington is surrounding Russia with nuclear missile sites that can be silently converted from ABMs to first strike nuclear missiles that can reach Russian targets in a mere few minutes. Washington attempted to disguise this first strike capability with the explanation that the missiles were there to protect against an Iranian ICBM attack on Europe. This explanation was given by the US government despite the fact that everyone knows that Iran has neither ICBMs nor nuclear weapons,” he writes on his website.

    Roberts, a former Assistant Secretary of the Treasury for Economic Policy and associate editor of the Wall Street Journal, is not optimistic about what such frenzied military activity portends.

    He believes it is futile for Americans to plan for retirement.

    “The crazed American government drowning in its own hubris has set us on a course to nuclear war. Can America produce a leader who can reverse course?”

    Hillary Clinton will undoubtedly continue along this suicidal path. Donald Trump has said repeatedly he will not confront Russia. However, he has announced if elected the United States will expand its already massively inflated military budget.

    This article was written by Kurt Nimmo and originally published at his Another Day in the Empire site. Visit his site for more work or donate and support independent writers.


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      1. Putin knows to not trust the US Government anymore. He originally assumed good faith in Syria to have a ceasefire but then the Zionist army and its barbarians AKA ISIS killed 60 of the Syrian army personnel.

        So when trust is gone the thermonuclear, ICBM will go really deep into the Zionist rectum.

        Make them glow Vlad and God’s speed.

      2. The Elites told us what they were going to do and wrote in stone in 8 languages back in 1979.
        The monument is called the Georgia Guidstones.
        500 Million People on earth is all they will allow.
        One world Government
        One world religion
        One world language
        LAWS, LAWS and more LAWS.

        Gotta get rid of 6.5 Billion.
        Nukes would be the answer.
        Carry On,

        • Time to smash the Guide stones in to a million pieces and use the new gravel as pot hole filler. It is Hate Propaganda. F-em.


          • pot hole filler bound by towel head goo….made from genuine towelheads…takes about 1.6 billion towelheads to make enough towelhead goo to fill enough potholes to be worth the effort…do the math…

        • Gunny 1960, i disagree, i think they will use a plague of some type, maybe something that spreads fast like N1H1 bird flu. Bombs can be traced to their maker due to the elements there made from, but a plague offers total deniability.

      3. I find it hard to believe that they are not using exclusively neutron bombs. They only kill living things . Kind of like putting your head in a microwave. People on the outskirts of its range will have there brains partially fried. And stumble around like zombies then probably die of dehydration. They don’t want to destroy buildings just depopulate. And only neutron bombs would do what they want. Regardless of any treaties . They must be carful not to fry the workers at nuke power plants . Or water, power or other nesesary for there survival workers. They will just neutron the inner cities. They call them dial a nukes for a reason. You can pre set the range you want it to kill. Perfect for certain sections of inner cities.

        • The Capitalist bomb – kills the biologicals and leaves the assets intact.

      4. I wish everyone on both sides would just step back, stop and think. Although I’m not sure about Russia, I do know for sure about the damn neocons. If those people are not stopped, there won’t be a USA left.

        • Braveheart1776

          Here Here…….100% in agreement

        • Score One for the Good Guys.. Putin has just bombed the crap out of a US, Israeli Base adding ISIS, in Aleppo, Syria. Thanks Putin for exposing these Friggin shill chaos makers. Kill all of them for us. We appreciate your efforts.

          Russian Warships Destroyed Western/Israeli Operations Site in Aleppo Province
          Written by Stephen Lendman Date: 09-25-2016 Subject: Syria

          Score one for the good guys. Fars News cited Sputnik News’ Arabic service, saying “Russian warships fired three Caliber missiles at the foreign officers’ coordination operations room in Dar Ezza region in the Western part of Aleppo near Sam’an mountain, killing 30 Israeli and western officers.”

          Among them were US, British, Israeli, Turkish, Saudi, and Qatari operatives – aiding ISIS and likeminded groups wage terror-war on Syrian civilians and soldiers.

          The operations room was hidden in a chain of mountains. Russian intelligence located it. Weeks earlier, Syrian forces destroyed a similar command and control center in Aleppo, “foil(ing) plots to attack the region’s supply roots,” an unnamed source explained.

          Moscow needs escalated mobilization to smash all anti-government forces seeking Syria’s destruction, defeating them decisively, ceasing futile talks with Washington, betrayal following every time.

          Link:ht tp://www.freedomsphoenix.com/Article/204264-2016-09-25-russian-warships-destroyed-western-israeli-operations-site-in-aleppo-provincd.htm?From=News


      5. I wish everyone on both sides would just step back, stop and think. Although I’m not sure about Russia, I do know for sure about the damn neocons. If those people are not stopped, there won’t be a USA left. The damn ‘tribe’ will get us destroyed unless they’re stopped.

      6. Sorry about the double posts. I thought the first one didn’t go through at all.

      7. Why would anyone move ICBM’s right on the border? They are ‘intercontinental’. Why put them in a place where they could be easily targeted?

        • I’m glad someone else was in the military who studied strategic defense, or at least uses logic, I too call bullsh*t on this one. You don’t send ICBMs that can travel 6,800 miles to any boarder threat. That’s what short range tactical nukes are for.

      8. The psychopaths controlling collapsing Globalist Fascist Police State hell on earth America have to have their WAR-it gives the psychopathic monsters cover for their treason, genocide, and crimes against humanity, while at the same time it will give the psychopaths controlling ALL of the criminal American government the fastest and most efficient mass murder for the monsters “Final Solution” de-population plans, as WAR always has throughout the evil history of these Fallen Angels and Demonic psychopaths controlling our country and world.

        • I love your style Ron

      9. Even if nuclear war is the elites goal will backfire,you really go full out even with your bunkers/supplies ect. you will more then likely have ruined the earth for 100’s of years ag wise ect.,really is a huge unknown.A bio would be much better but even with the cure for said bio you may unleash again forces you really cannot know for sure will be collared.

        • In all probability if nuclear weapons are used they all, including bio will be used too. You may survive the attack only to face decimated infrastructure, walking back 150 years and to top it off disease with virtually non existent medical care.

      10. It appears we might be headed toward mutual annihilation.

        It’s amazing that something like this is prophesied in the book of Revelation. It notes that a near mass extinction will occur as untold numbers will be slain in one event, or a series of close events, i.e., “…to kill a third of mankind” (Rev. 9:15b). Other places it tells us a fourth of humanity will be destroyed. Also, Peter notes that the earth shall melt with a fervent heat (2 Pt. 3:12). Nuclear war possibly? IDK, but maybe.

        Thank God, there will be a place of refuge (Rev. 12:14-16), though where – I don’t know. Unfortunately, not all will be able to get there (Rev. 12:17). I’m sure I don’t know all scripture means as it discusses these things, but it is apparent that world events are aligning themselves with what Scripture tells us will happen.

        Take care, keep your eyes and ears open, keep the faith, and patiently prep – both spiritually and physically.


        Son of Liberty

        • Also Alot of what we have seen happening or soon likly to happen. Is Obviously being done with an agenda to Then lay blame on prior prophesy eh. Like how since 1903 or 1904 they have peppered the usa with Boat Loads of scofield bible versions and taught usa pastors in seminary schools with professors that are zionist jews as well as jewdeo rabbi teachers, teaching usa pastors what they should know etc. That too has mainly all been totally based on that scofield version interpretations.

          Plus that version has been RE-interpreted and Re-written at Least three of four times since 1903-4 era!

          As I recall it the last Re-write version was done just Prior to that six day war in 1967, which ironically was also when Israel Jet fighter pilots attempted for 18 hrs straight to Sink the U.S.S.Liberty Ship and aipac had us prez LBJ do a full Coverup on entire ordeal!

          LBJ was threatened that if he refused to cover it all up and he told americans it was Israel and their planes that did that uss liberty ship event?…Then aipac would tell Their fellow jewish MSM TV news personal to create mass news cycles of constant bashing of LBJ as worlds worst ever Nazi even worse than hitler! Plus every Cent of jewish campaign cash, which typically totals over 60%+ of all donations to BOTH dems and neocon repubs parties…Will all Dry up and End.

          Yes I too believe in Real biblical prophesy..However at this point after all I have researched and learned about the agendas and methods done and ends these satanic devils are willing to go to to achieve those ends…I have to also believe that Yes indeed, now that they feel a vast majority of usa folk are fully brainwashed Via use of scofields version and the Holohoax events too many fraud lies etc as a mind deluding combo effort.

          I also believe one of their plots and agendas has been to Immitate bible prophesy AS interpretated falsely by use of scofields version, and Then have apostate pastors and TV news shows claim “Gee looky here folks! It appears as if bible prophesy has just been fullfilled!”. Like for good example, how pastors promote todays modern israel state as a jewish state, when it is a stolen state stole by Khazar fake jews, and Via WWI+Ballfour Document scams etc…But No pastros informs folks about those parts eh.

          But I do Not believe False interpreted prophesy Count’s the same as Real actual prophetic events eh.

          I rekon its another good reason apostle writer Paul Warned Us all to Beware of judiazering pastors, and to avoid them like the Plague they really are! Too bad a huge mass of usa folk reject to Heed his warning.

      11. “United States will expand its already massively inflated military budget.”
        how can the military budget get so huge when we have a cut down military in the first place??
        These frickin’ politicians and all the frickin..America bashers around the globe are really starting to burn my ass!!!!
        If I see another frickin towel head, goat fucking, piece of shit arab acting like they are the fuckin victims here while imposing their dimitude on any Americans near me, I may totally go off and do great damage…try me, i frickin dare ya, puke!!!!

      12. The ET sightings are not from where, but from when. The future must be horrifically bleak, where it becomes necessary to skip back to the past for a timeline reset. Radical fanatical sabbatical…dare we hope?

      13. Don’t know if a nuclear war is in the crystal ball. It’s all smoke and mirrors.

        I do know that hundreds of thousands, make that millions upon millions of immigrants flooding a Country is an invasion. When many of the invaders are openly calling for war and practice rape as a strategic method to humiliate and dominate; whoever is responsible needs to be disempowered.

        I think most of us agree. Now, how do we make it happen??


      14. B from CA

        Relative to nuclear war immigrants are insignificant. Nuclear war need no go ahead as tensions increase the likelihood of misjudgment and accident. Nuclear armed powers should daily strive to reduce, not increase the chances of their use.

        How close have we come?

        h ttps://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Vasili_Arkhipov

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