Poultry Workers “Forced to Wear Diapers On the Job” After Being Denied Bathroom Breaks

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    This article was written by Michael Krieger and originally published at his Liberty Blitzkrieg website.

    Editor’s Comment: Not only is our industrial food processed in unsanitary and inhuman ways, but the workers in the factories are also treated without respect and dignity. And all this is done in the name of efficiency and low prices. No wonder there is epidemic contamination in food from salmonella, E. coli and other pathogens; no wonder record food recalls are underway.

    Something has to change; it should properly start with people waking up to what’s on the end of their fork. Raise your own, buy from responsible sources, and stop feeding the machine.

    Welcome to the Recovery – Poultry Workers Claim They’re Denied Bathroom Breaks and Wear Diapers on the Job

    by Michael Krieger

    More than any other group, the 1% has been convinced that the stock market represents some sort of leading indicator of wealth and prosperity.  Nothing could be further from the truth.  Sure, the stock market can function as such an indicator.  It is such an indicator when the rising stock market reflects a dynamic, capitalist economy where new industries and companies are rising to the top and improving standards of living for the populace.

    It represents the opposite indicator when it merely reflects the ownership interests of the oligarchs in a crony-capitalist, fascist economy that is picking away at the dying carcass of what little economic freedom still remains.  This is what a rising stock market actually represents today.  When people look at it they should understand it is merely a measure of the oligarchs getting wealthier and more powerful and you becoming more of a debt slave.  It represents their interests in multinational corporations with record profit margins because they refuse to pay their employees a living wage.  A rising stock market today is actually a leading indicator of the destruction of the middle class, cultural destitution and a society in collapse.

    – From the 2013 post: The Stock Market: Food Stamps for the 1%

    Eh, so what? It’s good for stocks.

    Bloomberg reports:

    Workers in plants run by the largest U.S. poultry producers are regularly being denied bathroom breaks and as a result some are reduced to wearing diapers while working on the processing line, Oxfam America said in a report Wednesday.

    “It’s not just their dignity that suffers: they are in danger of serious health problems,” said Oxfam America, the U.S. arm of the U.K.-based global development group. The group works for a “just world without poverty” and focuses on topics ranging from refugees in Greece to malnutrition.

    The report cited unnamed workers from Tyson Foods Inc., Pilgrim’s Pride Corp., Perdue Farms Inc. and Sanderson Farms Inc. who said that supervisors mock them, ignore requests and threaten punishment or firing. When they can go, they wait in long lines even though they are given limited time, sometimes 10 minutes, according to the report. Some workers have urinated or defecated themselves while working because they can’t hold on any longer, the report said. Some workers “restrict intake of liquids and fluids to dangerous degrees,” Oxfam said.

    The conditions present difficulties, especially for menstruating or pregnant women, according to the latest report. Workers could also face medical problems, including urinary tract infections, and managers have told some workers to eat and drink less to avoid going to the bathroom, according to the report.

    Thanks for playin’ America.

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    In Liberty,
    Michael Krieger

    This article was written by Michael Krieger and originally published at his Liberty Blitzkrieg website.


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      1. Are their Bosses able to go to the bathroom whenever they want ? Of course , they can do as they want and you most do as they tell you…

        • Surely most people on this site wouldn’t be concerned about that. I think maybe this is why Unions came into existance, and remember how much we hate Unions. Trekker Out.

          • One wonders; this makes no sense. No way can a person who needs to go get his job done, so it’s stupid. $0 years ago I worked a lot with state Health Depts and worker safety Depts. They’d have closed you down in about 5 minutes. So I just don’t know.

            • How about Throw Every Business Owner in Jail for 30 days in every state, for each illegal Alien he hires. Yep run for the Boarder M-Fers.. We are on ya. Watch Walmart loose half their employees in one day.

              Also, Anybody in commerce dealing in food consumption items, needs spot check inspections for sanitary conditions. F-em.

            • The workers come from very poorly educated backgrounds and so any probably do not know that they have rights. Either that or it may be like it is in the restaurant industry where I work. If management gets word of a move to organize, they shut down the store and fire all of the employees then bring it back a few months later with a new staff. The old employees are blacklisted and have trouble getting new jobs. Because of this, most restaurant workers in franchise chains do not try to unionize.(I have been both a restaurant general manager and a regular employee, so I have seen it from both sides.) This is also what probably happened to some of the Wal Marts that suddenly closed down in busy locations. It was cheaper than having to deal with paying actual livable wages to their employees. Plus, the politicians have made certain that there is no shortage of poorly educated workers to pick from, so hiring new staff is easy.

              • Winston, yes these people are poorly educated. That is the point! Here are some common questions:

                Why did congress bring all of these immigrants here? We have 61 million legal and illegal immigrants in the U.S. today (search on 61 million immigrants or Center for Immigration Studies for lots of articles). These people are in the U.S. to serve many functions. The Democraps need them as their new voter base. The Republicans need them to provide cheap labor.

                How did this happen? This happened because of 58 million abortions. We killed a whole generation that is supposed to be tax payers today feeding the system money.

                But why is it so serious? For many years going forward 10,000 baby boomers will retire each day (search on 10,000 baby boomers retire each day) . The money is running out to pay for them.

                Why isn’t there enough money for the boomers? Government is going broke (see Kotlikoff Feb 25, 2015 testimony to the Senate Budget Committee). Kotlikoff testified that the fiscal gap will get worse as retirement intensify. All we have left is bigger deficits to fill the fiscal gap. He states “…Our $210 trillion fiscal gap …the overall federal government is 58 percent underfinanced. …’

                What are politicians going to do about big the fiscal Gap? There objective is to get as much cheap slave immigrant labor working as possible while they jack up taxes 10- 15 percent every 8 years. They believe they can save the system in 25 years by using this method.

                • Wow! I understand it now. Thank you.

              • Winston Smith

                What you stated is a violation of Federal Law specifically Section 8 of Taft Hartley. That being said it happens all the time. The lack of teeth with both enforcement and penalty severe enough to have deterrence does to exist in the US in a non union environment.

                • oops

                  “….does to exist in…”

                  does not exist

          • And who owns Tyson foods?


            The State Teachers Retirement Board of Ohio
            T. Rowe Price Associates
            Robeco Investment Management
            Wellington Management Company
            BlackRock Institutional Trust Company
            Acadian Asset Management
            Jennison Associates
            JPMORGAN CHASE & CO
            Iridian Asset Management
            Point72 Asset Management
            GOLDMAN SACHS
            Neuberger Berman
            Ameriprise Financial
            LSV Asset Management
            BANK OF MONTREAL /CAN/

            If you look up these companies, you will see the USUAL SUSPECTS, including Berkshire Hathaway, and they own shares in each others companies.

            Here’s the first link:

            If you look far enough, you’ll find Schendong (China)

          • I actually don’t hate unions as I know why they are sometimes necessary. Those in power will ALWAYS abuse those beneath them unless counteracted by another power. It’s just human nature and is why I trust neither governments nor corporations nor political parties or any other large organization as they all become corrupt by their very nature.

            What I do hate about unions is when they get too much power and lose their original focus. Then the people in charge of the unions become no better than the management system they sought to counterbalance on behalf of the workers. I also hate their political activism and their system of forced contributions. Unions should be voluntary organizations.

            • Unions have gotten into bed with large corporations and government. The people running unions are no more altruistic than anybody else. You will rarely meet an altruist in any facet of life. Bernie Sanders is a prime example. He didn’t get into politics to help others. He got into politics because he is a lazy bastard who saw that all he had to do was be a convincing liar.

              • Re. Sanders…..you are absolutely spot on. He is a true blue died in the wool lazy bastard if I have ever seen one. That “pig at the public trough” has done nothing productive or helpful that I am aware of. As well, just as the current pathological swine in the white house did, Mr. sanders seems to think that he too can get elected by appearing out of nowhere and running on a modified communist agenda, as did the current white house swine.
                We all know that Obama regularly “bent over and took it in the butt for his giodies”.
                What did Sanders promise the real rulers he would do??????

            • Unions are not the enemy. Low wages and poor working conditions are. Every state that passes the so called right to work have seen both wages, safety and working conditions go down significantly. All because people are sold on the idea that unions are bad. Guess what, unless you are CEO, unions are the best way to look out for your interest. Even if you aren’t in a union, wages will be better because they set the bar. That’s just the way it is.

              • Chainsaw,
                YOU are correct my friend, I watched this over the years just like you said! many years ago AZ had good wages and then they went ( right to work) and it all went to hell in a hand basket and thousands of illegals came in and wages were gone, also happened in some other states that i saw.

            • Agreed,,
              Locally the hotel workers and the trade unions are what comes to mind, the unions are the only thing that gets these working folks at least a shot at a fair wage,
              Inversely the government workers unions have hampered any sort of accountability of state and county workers, think DMV on zombie pills.

          • What the writer of this article left out, is that Tyson and the other chicken producers, are the largest employers of illegal aliens in the US.

            Our immigration policies (or the lack of one)is destroying American jobs and destroying the safety of our food supply.

        • Holy SHT-Chicken-Fan!! Dem Mex’s need to stop eating all dem beans.


          • Wwti must have been buzzed on that post…

        • I’m not saying this is not true but it’s the first time I’ve ever heard of it. Neither mainstream or alternative media have ever reported on this as far as I know. There’s got to be more to the story or it’s not quite as what’s being reported

          • Yes, Unless they can give specific companies and incidents I call bullshit on this one. There are plenty of laws to prevent this kind of thing. This just sounds like Bernnie’s “evil rich companies crap”

        • The Democrats haven’t won the white vote since 1960.

          80% of immigrants vote for the commies.

          They never tell us that shit.

          And if they ever do use a demographic breakdown of the vote, it’s always termed as “less educated whites” voting for the founding fathers.

          Bullshit motherfucker.

          The universities don’t have a monopoly on human knowledge. They’re indoctrination camps.

        • This is not just chicken processors. Recently, a friend of mine lost her job because she spoke up about the water dispenser cups being locked up, bathroom breaks denied, religious harassment, and sexual harassment (touching) going unpunished. The HR investigator asked (threatened) a few H1B visa folks, most of whom can’t speakie English, until one said she wasn’t telling the truth. Fully knowing they were full of shit, the bosses pulled her into a little room and grilled her without breaks, lunch, or even stopping until she caved and quit. They celebrated finally getting her to leave, and later admitted that they knew she was being truthful but their hands were tied by higher ups. There is a special place in hell for those who control that slave hole and every other slave hole in this country. They exist because the jobs went away due to Nafta, unions being greedy, H1Bers willing to work for peanuts, and similar bull, and now only crappy slavers remain. No competition means you can’t fight the crap they pull, because you got to work. Since the Muslim immigrants and those afraid of them there are making shanks and functional knives and axes out of the scrap metal whenever they find an extra minute, I figure the factory is going to become hell on earth very soon. They are now installing a security door to protect the office employees. It has a digital lock. Benefits are crawling away, they found a way to cheat out of paying fairly for overtime, perks now have more small-print than ever, and they now start a person out with a backbreaking job (no AC in the summer, working with welders) for a little over nine bucks. There are many illegals and H1b workers there, and they live 20 to a house, lots of kids, new cars, no English, expensive clothes and shoes, basically trash-talking anyone who isn’t from where they’re from. They wreck into you in the parking lot, smart off, and try to fondle any female they see (but that’s a sensitive cultural matter). Good old USA. . . and this is in the Midwest, not some dem state.

          • That story is bullshit. There would be an army of lawyers waiting for your friend the next day. Your friend was probably fired for doing something stupid and concocted this horseshit story. You’re bullshit too.

        • Still talking about diapers and chicken shit.

        • Dusty. Everyone can go to the bathroom at any time. That is the beauty of wearing diapers. Your argument makes no sense.

        • This article is complete BS, my wife is a disease management nurse at one of these plants. There is no one that is not allowed to use the restroom. The processing plants are literally crawling with FDA and OSHA officials. They have crows nests all over and watch every aspect of the processing.

      2. Well,frankly,I don’t give a shit!Actually,would tell em to get fucked and just have a walkout,I mean bathroom break if not abused evry few moments is just nuts.

        My guess is a bunch of illegals on the lines,if so,just fucking go home!

        • You’ll find that they’re just typical Americans trying to make a living competing with immigrants, legal and otherwise along with the displaced workers complements of NAFTA and China Free Trade. Its also going to get worse.

          • Just piss in the damn floor. In a poultry plant you couldn’t smell piss anyway.

        • I live near a very large chicken processing plant in Upstate SC .Every day , truck after truck , loaded with supposedly clean white chickens . In the summer , if you happen to be behind one of these trucks from Georgia , the smell from these sick chickens , will cause you to pull over and wretch your guts out. Especially if you are behind one of these trucks ,in the summer ,at a red light. I had a friend that worked at this plant. Common joke was , if a chicken was dead , it couldn’t be processed. So , what the employees did and probably still do is blow on chickens feathers . If feathers move -chicken could be processed. The supposedly white chickens are anything but white. Laying in shit makes their feathers a shitty color.

          • Most of those “expired chickens” are washed down in a bleach solution after to being eviscerated. So I was told by those who have worked in one of the processing plants. There are many here on the Delmarva Peninsula.

        • They probably get paid piecemeal.

      3. The owners of the company probably LEAKED this story just so they can justify raising prices when the public cries FOUL. Ain’t that the SHITS.!!

        • B from CA

          “The owners of the company probably LEAKED this story just so they can justify raising prices when the public cries FOUL.”

          They can raise prices but get no sales. Thats a competitive business.

          The most likely outcome is chicken processing plants across the county crack down on bathroom time too. You can’t let the competitor get one up on you.

      4. Since the slaughered chickens are bathed in fecal matter when they are plucked, it makes sense that the workers would be treated the same.

        sh!t in, sh!t out.

      5. Anyone eating food from Tyson or another like ConAgra or Monsanto should have learned by now about this sort of crap. Pay a little extra and get the organic stuff that’s grown local. Stop poisoning your family for chrissakes…

        • That ‘organic’ stuff is probably less organic and local than you think.

        • I eat my own home-raised quail and the husband turkey hunts every year to bring home a couple birds. I may raise a few chickens eventually just to get poop for my garden.

      6. …not to mention the health hazards of humans defecating or urinating on themselves while working in a food-processing capacity.

        • Oh, but you can be sure they’re conforming to OSHA and FDA health standards by wearing their hair nets and rubber gloves!!!

      7. One piece of information they left out is where are the processing centers where this is supposedly taking place? I would be fighting someone over this if it came to it.

        • I raise chickens, they are all free range, they are all healthy and happy, you can just tell… they are active and emotional.
          We were contacted by animal control, that had confiscated a bunch of chickens from a house in town who had more than was allowed by city law…
          When I met the control officer, I was appalled, disgusted, these chickens were all listless, sick, nasty, covered in feces. Turns out, they were all taken from a factory farm by the workers who wanted to eat them for Easter dinner, but got caught by neighbors who called the law on ’em.
          17 ‘white’ chickens, so listless and pathetic their legs didn’t work right, they couldn’t hardly walk. Now, after a month of tender loving care, being exposed to the great outdoors, and sunlight, they are mostly normal.
          But, to me, they appear deformed. Their legs are bigger than normal, huge feet, and, aggressive, nasty attitudes.
          The worst part, not. the. first. egg…
          Hoping they are just too young, but if they are that young, then, they have been either genetically messed with, or bred for meat, and that’s a shame.
          I despise what men do to animals, and to other men. But, as long as money rules the world, and we allow “Kings to rule over us.”, we will get what we got no matter what.
          Here’s praying that this system, implodes, and most of the city folk in the world, expire. They are as useless as the chickens they raise.

          • Piper – they were probably shot full of hormones with hormone-laced feed and water to make them grow quickly. Like steroids in some body-builders causing “roid rage”, those hormones could account for their aggressiveness and nasty attitudes. They probably won’t lay due to the hormones messing up their reproductive cycle similar to birth control meds in humans, or if they eventually do, the eggs may not be any good.

          • Amen to that Piper.

          • Doubtful that they will lay. They’re probably Cornish- cross birds who are raised strictly for meat. They normally lay right in front of the food trough and move very little except to eat. They are usually done and should be butchered at around seven weeks. If they are not, they risk breaking leg bones due to weight or actually have heart attacks and die. These birds usually will have no feathers on their breasts due to being positioned at the feed troughs. The “growers” must give them antibiotic feed due to the large numbers of birds gathered together tightly in the houses. I’ve been in those houses many times to repair the gas heaters in the winter time. You have to wear a respirator due to ammonia odor from the feces.

            • Thats. just. sad.

              I think these ‘food engineers’, are most of the culprit, the cause, and should be forced to spend at least a few days in a wire cage the size of a coffin…
              We shall see, by the end of the summer, my New Hampshire reds will be laying, if they’re not, well… I know how to make chicken pastry.

          • My chickens are free range also. We fasten them up in a varmit proof coop at nite. and let them roam during the day. They are mixed Bantams and lay lots of eggs during the warmer months. fewer during the winter. So we freeze the eggs during times of plenty. They often hide their nest in the spring and raise chicks. It takes two bantam eggs to equal one regular egg. the same with the meat they are half the size of regular chickens. Bantams are hardy disease resistant and excellent mothers. We enjoy the fact they are different pretty colors.

            • Old Guy,
              Yup, same here, except, I have a low watt light that gets turned on at night outside. This, it appears, frightens the varmits at night, they won’t come near it.
              (Have had possoms bite their way through chicken wire, and get to ’em. Possoms are the worst, they killed 6 hens, and two guineas one night, and then we strung up lights at night.
              If the lights go out, I am saving up some metal roofing, for putting on the sides.

              • Im currenty using a old van. removed the seats and installed roost and nest. Its tight and secure. We run a light in winter to make the day longer and feed a hot mash of grain and peppers it increases egg production a bit. I keep live traps set out full time. I harvest the varmit fur during the winter. In warmer weather I go to town and release them at Wal Mart. ive caught opossum ,coon ,skunk, bobcat, fox ,coyote and even one great horned owl. I released the owl here. they only hunt at nite when the poultry is safely fastened up. And the catch a lot of mice and rats. Caught a groundhog last week. Big old fat guy in a SHTF situation he would become food. Every housecat I catch I kill. They arent native to the USA and they destroy song birds. Our resident House Wren her spring brood of 6 little ones flew the nest yesterday. Sometimes she will raise a second brood. My 3 year old grandson and I where just feeding and watering the Rabbits. A young doe just kindled her first litter . Six healthy babies 4 spotted ones and two black ones. He was excited! I think its a good thing for children to learn about animals and do chores from the very start. I also let him collect the eggs and put them in cartons and place then in the refrigerator. And he likes to count them. He can count to twenty.

                • Using a red light bulb as opposed to a white one will induce chickens to lay more in the shorter winter days and will keep them from pecking at each other. I got mine set up on a “pool” timer to come on for 2-3 hours in the AM before the sun comes up.

                  • we also have free range chickens and we lock them in a secured pen at night and use a low wattage bulb and the egg production is more steady, also ours are Americanas for egg production ( extra large colored eggs, and then some Morans and Buffs, for eating ( they lay lots of brown eggs, we quit feeding anything that has corn in the feed ( you will always get a certain amount) and we sprout milo and they are very healthy, when we were using corn we found that most of it was GMO’d and when we butchered we found the livers and such were not looking good. since we change what we feed them as supplement ( as they are free range) we don’t have any bad looking livers and they seem to live several years longer with good egg production.
                    If anyone is interested i hope this gives you food for thought!

                    • I feed mine corn, I grow it myself. Its a type of red ear indian corn and gets ten feet tall and has at least two good sized ears per stalk. I have a few that have as many a five ears on a stalk but the ears weren’t very big. during warm weather the cows will lay in the shade chewing their cud, And the chickens will be right there catching horse flies and picking the ticks. We feed the cows a bit of corn and the chickens scatter their manure to get it.

          • PM;
            These are simply cornish cross chickens. We raise them for our butchering chickens and they go from cute chicks to 5-6 lbs. in 5-7 weeks. Yes they are altered, either from breeding or ? but if you want affordable chicken that you do not have to feed for months this is what you will raise. I’m sure all store bought chicken is cornish cross.

      8. Slavery is all it all is its just some slave owners treat the slaves better than others I say beat the hell out of owner and then golden shower him then crapping on him

      9. Stage a walk off and see how fast they come running back to keep the operations gong. This is unjust regardless of race/gender etc. This needs stopped regardless of time restraints, always remember, a happy work place is a productive workplace. Disgruntled employees can and have disrupted company/organizations adversely causing mass lost of income for the Company, thus less authoritarian and more humanitarian codes needs implemented. Calmer heads always prevail.

      10. It’s a necessary bodily function that no one has the right to control like that.

        Schools are bad about not allowing students to go to the bathroom except at fixed times of the day. My father told me back when I was in 1st grade that if I had to go the bathroom, then I should go no matter what. No teacher or anybody else had the right to stop me.

        If you have to pull your car over and use the shoulder of the road or the woods, no one has the right to stop you.

        If anyone ever tries to stop me, they will sure get pissed on unless they move fast.

        • “It’s a necessary bodily function that no one has the right to control like that.”

          Rights? “You want to work here”? Complain, see how long you keep your vitally necessary job.

          This isn’t about rights its about reality.

        • Your father is a man who gets it!

      11. They’re are doing the Pee Pee Dance.

      12. This is a test; I went into moderation

        I had the opportunity to work in a couple of
        Macnut factories. Most floor workers were Filipino
        women and men. Most the floor and shift managers were
        also Filipino. They were all blood or marriage
        related. English was their third language.
        The floor lead can’t really bitch out an old woman
        who is moving a little slow today, he may be
        having dinner at her house, on Sunday, after
        church, as she is his aunt.
        Hard to believe chicken processing factories
        would be much different. Just switch in Hispanics
        for Filipinos.
        There were well defined break-times, in which any healthy
        adult could deal with toilet requirements.
        I used to start and stop product lines,
        you can’t convince me risking product quality
        or recalls is worth the 10 minutes of break
        either side of lunch. If you can’t take care
        of your business in less than 10 minutes,
        you need to seek medical advice.
        The line generally can work short handed
        for a short period of time before you have to
        slow it down. Most factories are designed to work
        at various speeds.
        People in food factories work their asses off,
        for low wages, but they aren’t out to do a poor
        job or compromise product.
        Pissed off workers can really make a mess for you.
        and most factories require a degree of experience
        you can’t get out of a book, or hire off the street
        at Home depot.
        So I guess I call the “Bloomberg reports” stuff as BS,
        just like his gun control, and large soda containers.

      13. I have no idea how this could possibly be legal. Once this information leaked, no pun intended, something should have been done. Something smells foul here.

      14. Tyson foods again.
        They’ve been caught before basically bringing in illegals.
        Tyson of Arkansas, one of the Clinton’s old cocaine money-laundering partners… just one of Hillary’s daily deals down at the Rose Law Firm.
        Good Times.

      15. Keep the processing lines moving=$$$

      16. This is the future of America.

        you know there are factories like this all over the world and the usa will going them once they default on their debts and no longer hold any advantage on the world.

        from king of the world to a worthless welfare case of 18 trillion dollars in 30 years, disgusting.

        • I agree that it’s not heading in the right direction and I have absolutely zero experience wiTh factories or honestly anyone who works in one.. But do you honestly think that in America there will be workers wearing diapers and shitting them selves cause they can’t use the bathroom??? If it gets to this all my faith will be lost in our people lol

        • Agreed. And so unnecessary.

      17. Look you are not a slave if you don’t like your employer quit. Go somewhere else. Why do people complain about working conditions. its work it sucks you want $ you gotta put up with the suck. That’s how it works. You don’t want a shitty job get skills that put you in a nice cozy office with a bunch of pansies. How things are is reality how you want them to be is fantasy. There is a lot of people into fantasy these days. I go into businesses all the time and say to myself I would never do the job these people are doing. Foundry work is filthy the workers look like they have soot all over their faces and they are dirty. Just like the show dirty jobs. Someone has to do the work as long as it’s not me that’s their problem. Get a real job if you don’t like suck jobs.

        • I agree man. Upgrade your skill set. Your destiny in majority of the cases is in your hands. I’d rather flip burgers for minimum wage

      18. Illegals are the only humans that will do these jobs. You should be glad they are here to do the shit work. It’s dirty mindless crap no American wants to do.

      19. Illegals are not humans they are aliens not worthy of rights and are luck to get crumbs. If they don’t like it they can go back where they came from. I don’t want them here.

        • Nation against nation, was misinterpreted.
          In the Greek, it is ETHNOS against ETHNOS.
          Ethnic against ethnic, its working on it.

      20. As my old boss back in undergrad used to say..”There’s just got to be a better way to make a living!!!”

        This is really ridiculous. I didn’t catch where this takes place but regardless I don’t see how any one can take these kinds of orders and circumstances.. No matter how bad their situation is. I almost don’t feel bad cause even if I was dead broke I’d walk out.

      21. Shouldn’t someone in the government be inquiring about transgender bathrooms for the chickens?

      22. No Union walk off the job you won’t be coming back. Any argument that happy workers are more productive falls on its head compared to strict rule of workers. I’d take 2 scared workers that will run all day everyday than 10 happy workers with excuses to not produce. Mexican truckers piss in bottles while they drive so they don’t have to stop the wheels turning. Slave companies pay by the mile so you gotta keep moving to get paid. Look on the side of the highway you will see yellow full bottles from the Mexicans. I read somwhere that some Mexicans cut holes in the floor of their trucks to piss down while they drive. I gotta say it I can’t compete with that. I’m a lousy happy driver that get paid by the hour so I don’t care how long it takes and I like to be parked as much as possible. If I was a corporation I’d get rid of people like me and hire subhumans here illegally and threaten deportation to scare them into producing no matter if they shit their pants. American workers don’t touch the immigrants at all. Sorry

        • Asshat

          “Any argument that happy workers are more productive falls on its head compared to strict rule of workers. I’d take 2 scared workers that will run all day everyday than 10 happy workers with excuses to not produce.”

          The above is predicated upon the idea that the workers are needed for primarily physical work verses mental. I put the majority of my life working in an Oil Refinery. For my first decade management still thought thought, “workers work, bosses think” and picked not the, “sharpest knife in the drawer” for management but rather the most loyal. The job required thinking but old habits die hard. The results of this theory x were predictable and became intolerable as computer controlled DCS systems were incorporated. The work force was reduced by 60%. The remaining people became even more important for their knowledge and their treatment dramatically improved. Operators were then brought in for planning and their ideas for improvements were not just taken seriously but were intentionally sought after. Throughput / stream time / productivity greatly increased.

          The moral of the above is, “Do they need YOU”. If they do you have a name; if not your a number.

          • The above being said, if your treated well in your employment, its far more likely because the business believes it advantageous for them to do so, not out of the, “kindness of their heart”. There are exceptions of course.

            One needs “educated hands” not just an education. If you never leave your office there is a high probability that your office will end up in India.

      23. Pregnant women need to pee frequently. After childbirth the average woman experiences minor weakness that can cause stress incontenance (loss of a few drops from a sneeze or deep cough). Men have problems later from enlarged prostate. Both men and women can benefit from increased iodine which supports reproductive health, weight management, every cell in the body including the brain. Cranberries are good for the kidneys. Women should do keigle exercises (stop the flow while urinating). Do it three to five times each time you urinate. Men should eat pumpkin seeds for prostate health. Avocados are also beneficial for men especially.

        Most Americans are magnesium deficient. Take a magnesium supplement before bed to avoid constipation.

        After work drink a half gallon of water. First thing in the morning drink a glass of water. During the work day sip on water every thirty minutes.

        This water regimen insures that you never become dehydrated but you won’t have to go as much at work. Just a suggestion. Do whatever you want. I’m not a doctor so do it at your own risk. But I find a regimen comes in handy for me so I don’t forget to drink and/or wind up all night because I waited until ten minutes before going to bed.

        Lastly, boiling beef bones for beef broth is supposed to help heal leaky gut.

        • Magnesium also helps the heart and by extension, the circulatory system.

      24. Could this be an accurate and legitimate report? Of course. That said, since there is not even a hint as to where this is supposedly happening, I’m calling this one bogus, at least until there’s some much more compelling information provided.

      25. Another article serving the divide-and-rule agenda of the masters.

        Employers need to be conditioned into respecting their workers. The only way to achieve that is if the worker is ready to smile and walk away, if humiliated.

        How many people do you know with such self-esteem?

      26. I’ve been working too long to belive that any employer cares about their workers health and well being. It’s just never gonna be that way. They don’t wanna pay you as it is. I’ve seen a lot of workers cheated out of wages and nothing happened to the employer. The less of a professional your viewed as the less human you are to the company. People act as if this is a new phemomenon. They are actually doing you a favor keeping you down and forcing hardship on you. It will either motivate you to get a better job or harden you up to accept the reality of your position in life. Some jobs are production related like order picking for Amazon I heard the brutal stories about the warehouse not being airconditioned and people passing out. The bar is set so high for production that you will not be able to meet demands. Workers work in the freezing cold and high heat for hours all over does that mean it’s poor working conditions. If there is a belt going by that has to manned then you have to be there or have someone cover for you so you can use the toilet. It’s just the nature of the work. If you work for highway dept you have to work out side in all conditions. People need to read the job description. Pushing pulling lifting 50lbs repeatedly describe what’s gonna happen. If you cannot do these things don’t take the job. People say police details pay good. Belive me they are earning their $ when it’s cold you freeze your ass off even with the right gear on. For me I couldn’t sit in an office with a bunch of gossiping flaming mainstream liberal idiots. Just couldn’t do it. I choose the hardship route. You get used to it and eventually don’t feel it sucks that bad.

      27. Here is an old joke.

        Do you know why Chickens don’t PEE.

        They eat with their Peckers. (LOL)

        Maybe the chicken farm owners don’t what the workers getting giving the chickens SAM and Ella. (LOL)
        We all know how dirty Humans are!!!!


      28. Food morning shtf effers….Venezuela plunges into shtf..jusr saw a photo of 5,000 plus people lined up in the city. I believe that the s is being done as the beta test.. I wasn’t told this use telling you what I think. Webbots have predicted that millions of people will starve over the next 3 years. There is food growing trend picking up in Texas..If everyone had a garden in there back year and had 1 year of preps, most could avoid a csstrophe.. and I mean that if we are not at war..just callapse. We have some big things going in our state with our local govt thats trying to succeed.. the succession movement won’t kick in until about 2 more years, if we last that long..Every week I watch how may people buy groceries and not of them are buying only. Few items at a time which means that money is tight for most people..Kameron Fally who was interviewed by Kerry Cassidy in Project Camelot. Has been very accurate and predicted total economic shutdown by October this year.


        • Hik,I go to grocery and buy few items,these are luxury items that I enjoy while I can or replacing/rotating canned goods(Ya,I know,not the best but part of me long term storage,you will love it if hungry!).I hit fresh bakery bread/fruits will not see in future ect.I am all for gardens if around enuff to care for,work keeps me moving so no go there.I do support local growers in season where ever I land as want more to see the business value of that.I do also grow potatoes,they make it great,no bug attacks am good as pretty maintenance free and do not look like fresh food to many that don’t garden!

      29. Here we go again.. B from CA is calling BS on me but is taking about women’s personal habits.. what is wrong with this picture…why are we having topics like that..what is wrong with some of you guys on this site, I don’t get it?..


        • Hcks did your girl leave you ?

      30. well SHTF has occured in Argentina. the swarms of hungry people are breaking in and raiding stores. The story is over at Zero . There is a Quote I liked. {Ad that is how all Socialist Utopias always end. Also there is a article there about the State of Illinois passing stop gap bills rather than a real budget. The Socialist Utopia of Illinois with the great unfunded Socialist Utopia of government Pensions is actually Bankrupt. those Parasites for the most part voted for the Democraps that killed the production jobs. So let them do without any pensions. Time for them to Reap what they have sown.

      31. Not Argentina. Venezuela Is where the grocery stores where looted. Hicks is correct many could starve here in the near future.

      32. Im old and have to pee every hour. I really doubt that the wearing of diapers is forced on the poultry workers. Its more likely a personal decision and its likely pretty rare.

      33. Warchild, you have balance, me and my friends who are prepped do the same thing.. both friends have gardens, that produces enough food daiky, and we only buy ht the organic that’s labeled None GMO Verified, and also from hour games market that grow real none GMO foods..we have noticed muscle mass increases, weight loss, a lot more energy through out the day, a lot faster recovery and increase in muscularity, so we only eat the stuff..Here is what’s needed to make sure you have lots of protein, grow Kale. Beans, tomatoes. Sweet potatoes, and fruit trees. Swiss chard, brocoli.. Check the labels of the foods and make sure that the magnesium content is higher, free range chicken eggs, and duck eggs, yams, then we combine it with the organic green powders, then we blend it and make green smoothies..this prevents cancer and other ailments…Now how do we get to a screen location to grow our food without being attacked and killed our by armies attacking us in our cities?.. like most preppers say, a lot of people who buy guns don’t buy food or preps, especially water storage or filtration.The problem with the people in Venezuela us that they are very stupid people , and they don’t grow food, they don’t prep.. then again they have no Internet access to warn them about prepping, and I know based on my experience and research and was told by my scientist friend that it’s being done on purpose..now the UN who is working with its leaders has implemented the degal.com operation of a mass kill out of the population and it was bound to begin at some time, to see how to handle is over here in America in real time.. In another 3 more weeks, if those people don’t get food, you will see hell on earth unleashed, now they are hunting down dogs and cats for food. Soon it will be canibalism.. I feel sorry for the children in that country. Its makes my stomach sick to see what i was told unfold in Venezuela and then eventually here in my own country and state.. My scientist friend has read all the recent comments and told me not even waste my time on this site that they will figure it out in time and then most will be caught off guard, just like what’s heppening in Venezuela, that the people did not prep a d that they ge what they deserve for being stupid and I agree with him, because they same thing happened to me that is a mere miracle that I was able to survive and I learned a lot from this website,


        • Hi hcks. What type of scientist is your friend? You never did say.

        • Hcks,me guess is folks in the country of Ven doing OK,tis the big cities ect. having the issues,country folks still were always poor enuff to need to fish/hunt/grow their own food/know wild edibles ect.Those folks may be raided by military or hordes they leave the city,me bet is they though still have arms ect.,and,the energy to fight,I will say tis always the mental jump you need to get folks to prep,that things can go horribly wrong due to natural or man made events,feel more are learning and evry bit helps,as a wise man says9ad naseum!)”The smalls add up!”,sorry folks,couldn’t resist!

      34. This is from WakingTimes, The 6 Grand Illusions that Keep Us Enslaved to the Matrix. #5 The Illusion of Time: They say that time is money, but this is a lie. Time is your life. Your life is an ever evolving manifestation of the now. Looking beyond the five sense world, where we have been trained to move in accordance with the clock and the calendar, we find the spirit, and that each individual soul is part of this eternity. The big deception here is the reinforcement of the idea that the present moment is of little to no value, that the past is something we cannot undo or ever forget, and that the future is intrinsically more important than the past or the present. This carries our atention away from what is actually happening right now and directs it towards the future. Once completely focused on what is to come rather than what is, we are easy prey to advertisers and fear pimps who muddy our vision of the future with every possible worry and concern imaginable. We are happiest when life doesn’t box us in, when spontaneity and randomness gives us the chance to find out more about ourselves, forfeiting the present moment in order to fantasize about the future is a trap. The immense, timeless moments of spiritual joy that are found in quiet meditation are proof that time is a construct of the mind of humankind, and not necessarily mandatory for the human experience. If time is money, then life can be measured in dollars. When dollars are worth less, so is life. This is total deception, because life is, in truth, absolutely priceless.

        • Alijamo:

          Well said and mirror my sentiments as well.

      35. No angry beaver, women don’t leave me. My girlfriend did not leave me, and won’t it’s not likely.. we are fine. I told hef initially that she is free to break off the relationship with me anytime and that’s if that what she feels is right then do it, and that I will just replace her.. I am not ugly, I can get women, but I am lot like that..I have class and women like me because I have class and talk to them with respect. Its not just because I have long hair and muscles, it’s because I know how to talk to them..i never went to her she came to me, I liked her so I called her and asked her to go meet with me to go shoot the shit, she liked me and I was up front with her that something was happening that I am prepping for and she was accepting of my findings..luckily she decided to give me a chance and took the plunge..i have no complaints believe me.. you learn what your missing very quickly..

        It’s just that some of the topics on this website especially our comments I find a little inappropriate, like some idiot posting video’s of women peeing on a toilet, or B from CA taking about weird stuff.. when you live with women and us men know this that you see their habits and you have to get use to it, things I don’t like, things I do like, but because of how women operate, you have to talk to them and solve problems, it’s normal for men to put up with a little bullshit and I am no different.. but I don’t talk to women disrespectfully, and I know that I talk about wars and what happens to women in war, but I don’t come on here talking perverted crap like some of these commenter’s and we have women reading this site and they don’t need to be seeing obscene crap like that on this site making us look like we are weird, because I am. not weird.. but now look how people attack me.. if you talk weird shit to women, they will not like it so this site is no different.. I am just saying..and women come on here telling me I am having issues with women when I am taking to women on the phone everyday because of business, so I don’t support people who post weird stuff degrading women. Nor will I be posting crap about my woman..then again we have trolls on here.



      36. I know what the government can do to kill 2 birds with one stone just mount an industrial size bug zapper on every telephone pole power pole cus the electricity is already there it shouldn’t cost more than another trillion bucks added to the deficit it would create jobs and save us from the Zika virus but in turn who will pay the electric bill hmmm oh I know all the sheeple that will be standing outside starring at them saying ooo haha plus it would keep the coal miners working gotta make the electricity that would make so hillary and them can kiss and make up I wonder if Walmart can cut the US government a deal on supplying them via some cheap Chinese factory or we could start a citizenship program where aliens work building them for citizenship

        • Here’s a pun Every one in America is going to get off hahaha get it off bug repellent yea I need another beer

        • Save the solar industry make them all solar power yea solar bug zappers mfg by Rodriguez Vazquez Sanchez Daminggo Salvador

      37. Just wait till Zika gets going good in Argentina and Venezuela like TPTB sit back and watch the show learn from others mistakes and don’t waist your money getting off instead buy more ammo and pick up some more beer cus I’m sure we are gonna be hearing of multiple ways of catching it be it via host like livestock oh oh Zika virus found in McDonald’s beef or even in the bird crapping on the car don’t forget mosquitos breed via water so don’t drink the water and definitely not the Kool aid

      38. Go to globalincidentmap. Com and check out how the Zika virus is spreading like they planned

      39. Sounds like the Upstate Red Cross. I worked there for 12 years. I worked a 14 hour day without getting a lunch, nor breaks. I called the Buffalo Labor Board on that one. The supervisor was black, and just annointed as a supervisor. A real piece of work. Shortly quit after that. Turnover is 100%. I am so glad that I am out of there.

      40. What do you do with employees who want to take multiple bathroom breaks each hour and stay 15-20 minutes each time? Same thing with smokers and smoke breaks. In a twelve hour shift as an RN fellow workers got an extra 1-2 hours of break time by going to smoke several times each shift. Us non smokers had to cover the unit while they took their smoke breaks.

      41. They are probably using bathroom breaks as an unofficial strike or slow down. Raise their pay and they will have to go less to the bathroom kind of deal…

      42. Everyone has likely worked crappy jobs, growing up in Florida they came with low pay. I did letterpress printing after going to a vocational high school that offered various trades training. From there the first job was union, the International Typographical Union. I was drafted by the Army but got the job back after being released after about two years. I got bored with the job after another year and quit. That type of printing is basically only found in small shops today as offset printing has replaced that trade. To me it was more like an art that I enjoyed. I tuned out, turned on and dropped out. Only sporadic production jobs after that for the balance of my working life. No high paying union jobs allowed here, maybe some large corporations. I went to another trade school to learn to be a machinist, verticle mills, lathes and such. Quit that too after a few short time jobs, low pay and dangerous. The longest job I ever held was running the warehouse at a small carpet store for three and a half years at $6.25 an hour. Florida wasn’t the place to find a decent job with decent pay when I was younger. It still ain’t.

        • the only way to make (legally) make money in florida is to

          have professional job: doctor, lawyer, engineer, etc
          run one’s own (successful) business
          work sales for higher end companies/products

          apart from those, you are pretty much right! florida has always been an agricultural & lower-end service economy.

      43. I don’t drink but thinking of trying my hand at making Booze. Hard times are coming and people including myself will need to get numb from time to time.

      44. Troll Copper, what’s up bud, you still jerking off to gay porn..fusion center troll, how’s you buddy Old guy doing in the other cubicle..

        My scientist friend is and inventor, and builds free energy technology and other self perpetuating machines and other tech stuff. So people like him have contact with insider people who give bad info all the time to warn us, so that we can warn the masses.. but what are you worried about Copper, your employers got your back.. and he also got his ass threatened by the agencies less than two years ago.. your not getting his name so that you can make your self a hero in your fusion center..

        Copper Go eat shit you agency ass clown troll. I bet your believe that the video from Venezuela is a fake eh, that callapse won’t comense.

        Well folks I have news for you. Venezuela is now in real SHTF, and they are killing and eating cats an dogs, and the situation is being run by the UN, that video that we saw is real, since they are getting ready to do the same think here in the US..the military in Venezuela I was told has less then 3 more weeks to start shooting and killing civilians, to test the peoples response, to use this as the beta test since we in America are next.

        We have less than two years left before mist of us in all the major cities get murdered, and other atrocities reach us,.. we have a Very, very very, bad, bad, extremely bad outcome and horrific things that people and their families will. experience.. a literal hell on earth..this coming civil war will be followed by off shore troops attacking our cities, round up of women and girls to Ship them of to the camps, to service the chinese PLA, then it’s mass executions of all males of all ages, especially in Texas, since we will have it worst.. we will not be having a future of freedom, from this point on, don’t make any career plans, because people me will laugh at you. It’s over folks, it really is over for all of us. I am sorry but this is the truth. I don’t believe that I will be surviving what’s coming. I may or I may not because most of the off shore military will be concentrating on Texas.. I am literally in ground zero for hell on earth..

        The United nations has it between now and October of this year to pull the plug on the dollar, calapse the cities, or put be mercenaries to take out Texas and other states.. you see when they calapse us in the US, they have to shoot us and kill us, to gain total control.. they are getting ready for the assault. Jade helm 15/16 is still gearing up to take out the constitutionalist types like us and others. What the phuck I am I going to do. I am in the same boat.. My scientists friend does not think that he will survive it..with 3,000,000 men and and estimated 5,000 women will be left on the surface of this country. 5 years from now. When you see these assholes trying to implement a draft of all 18 females into the military, what most people don’t seem to understand is that women are being set up to taken by the military, in other words they have plans to make it easy to take your daughters any from you permanently and into the hand of the military with very bad plans in mind.. a lot of you in here think that you are so smart and have no earthy idea what’s rally going on..by doing that the government has gained the ability to move young women in mass to any location in the country.. think and use your head people, I am trying to tell you what I know, this is why I am under constant attack in this site.. and when you daughters get drafted, you will never see them again, because they will be handed to the chinese soldiers and the good safe hands of your government..mental evaluation my ass, you think you can come on here taking shit to me. Think again..like the Canadian general told Hawks contact, that the chinese soldiers have instructions to shoot and kill all males of the house hold, take th women and the girls to the camps to service the troops that chinese males were promised lots of white girls if they kill us an do the job that were brought here to do..


      45. I thought that last batch of Chicken McNuggets had an unusual tang. Now we know what the “secret sauce is.” Unsavory. I’d stop eating chicken before I’d eat any processed under those conditions.

      46. Guess who I am meeting with today honey, my scientist friend.. let me let my shtf buddies online know what’s planned today.. yes more bad,bad news and now we will get to heqr the years end game form his sources inside who is working for the cabal.. hey trolls, I figure your going call me out for a mental evaluation..i bet if the people of Venezuela were told that they would be eating dogs and cats, that this countries leader is working for the UN, and is involved in doing the first kill off, since each country must meet their quota, do you think they would listen to a mental nut job a person like me?….

        Mental nut jobs like me who have literally staved in streets of Houston have learned valuable lessons in shtf.. so we make it a full time job to prepare for hell in earth..it was bad for at the time and had city wide callapse commense I would have been dead in 1 week.. I did not drink water for 3 days and had water but needed to test it and I can tell you as an athlete that you will die.

        Body builders are phucked.

        Big as body builders like my self will die first because most body builders do not prep..since I an one of these types but and I prep I can tell you that these phuck’s are Liablity to have around because all they do is eat and was food.. I am one and I don’t even want these goons around me..

        I almost passed out.. I guess a mental evaluation is what I needed eh. I think not.. I guess if Maduro the the United nations communist stooge of Venezuela must bring in and allow the chi-coms of Muslim jihadist to help him manage the crowd by liquidating a few million by years end eh?..he is hall bent on impressing his UN boys to be the first the do the mass killout..

        . I can almost guarantee my shtf buddies who take me serious on this site that no more photos or videos will be coming from Venezuela as Muduro activates the United nations extinction protocol..

        Degal.com see it for yourself and ask when and how will they start it..

        Mental evaluation and mental evaluation needed eh. Lets see what I hear today then let see what I tell you guys later on..

        Ready Honey. Let go workout first. Did you drink your protein shake babe.



        Self voluntary Agency ass clown super moderator.

        • HCKS

          Bring back some INFO!


        • HCKS. So your scientist friend is an inventor? Name some things he invented. Also “inventor” is not a science. Ask him when you talk. Just say, “what type of scientist are you”. If he exists, he should tell you something like, biologist, chemist, physicist, social scientist, etc. see if he knows. An inventor may or may not be a scientist.
          Regardless, I realize (based on your statements) that you are a “fucking” black belt, real estate genius, live in an apartment, and have lots and lots of muscles. Your intellect is that of a semi trained circus monkey (my observations) and oh yes, you live in ground groind zero Texas and are going to be killed soon. Also you somehow don’t have the brains to leave before you are killed. Of course you are a tycoon and have the resources to live where you want.
          I will spare you the retaliation for the names you called me. I don’t know where your pea brain got that I am a agency troll gay guy. Did you glean these facts by reading my critiques of your hair brain, moronic statements? Please tell me more about how bad ass you are and how smart your scientist friend is. Have a wonderful day and please actually respond with something other than 5th grade name calling.

      47. Quote from a loonie{I can almost guarantee my shtf buddies who take me serious on this site that no more photos or videos will be coming from Venezuela as Muduro activates the United nations extinction protocol.}. I assure you no one with half a brain takes you seriously.

      48. I do believe unless net ect. taken down(always a good chance of that!)we will see a lot more happening in Ven.,probably not good happenings though,at least initially,but perhaps a happy Ceaușescu ending!

      49. Hey old guy you dumbasses, me taking about Muduro and extinction. Protocol is and opinion what my research tell might be taking place, that’s not a prediction.. read between the lines you idiot..


        • Forgive old man please. He can only read lines. Not between them. I looked and I couldn’t see anything between the lines let alone read them. If you have something to say…please say it, rather than hide behind complete bullshit.

        • Good grief dude, you’re damned near illiterate. Your screeds read like the rantings of an drunken imbecile. You’re barely able to form complete sentences. Take a Xanax every hour on the hour and take some English courses, would ya!

      50. Food riots in Venezuela and we have not a care in the world back here in the USA. Or do we?

        Looking at lots of utube and can see the protestors using paint resperators against the tear gas. Some are wearing bike helmets for protection. Catching the CS containers with leather work and baseball gloves. Then tossing them back at police. Also they are using large fireworks to disrupt police lines.

        These people are hungry and I am sure the violence will escalate.

      51. Illegal aliens being shackled to their station in life by this neo-feudal, slavery State run capitalist shit show. Now you know why democrats are in love with illegals. The left loves this garbage, and regular Americans are too busy to notice.

        This is what we all have to look forward to.

      52. Why in hell is our poultry being processed in goddamned China?!?!?!

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