Political Hit Job Or Truth? Democrat Aligned Washington Post Claims Roy Moore Had Inappropriate Relations With Teenagers

by | Nov 9, 2017 | Conspiracy Fact and Theory | 44 comments

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    In what the entire mainstream media machine is calling a bombshell report, the openly Democrat aligned Washington Post has published an explosive piece that claims that the Republican nominee for a Senate seat in Alabama, Judge Roy Moore, had a series of inappropriate relationships with teenagers some 34 years ago.

    The alleged incidents took place between 1977 and 1982 and range from asking a 16-year-old girl out to supposedly touching a 14-year-old, all of which Moore has strongly denied.

    According to The Washington Post:

    It was early 1979 and Moore — now the Republican nominee in Alabama for a U.S. Senate seat— was a 32-year-old assistant district attorney. He struck up a conversation, Corfman and her mother say, and offered to watch the girl while her mother went inside for a child custody hearing.

    “He said, ‘Oh, you don’t want her to go in there and hear all that. I’ll stay out here with her,’ ” says Corfman’s mother, Nancy Wells, 71. “I thought, how nice for him to want to take care of my little girl.”

    Alone with Corfman, Moore chatted with her and asked for her phone number, she says. Days later, she says, he picked her up around the corner from her house in Gadsden, drove her about 30 minutes to his home in the woods, told her how pretty she was and kissed her. On a second visit, she says, he took off her shirt and pants and removed his clothes. He touched her over her bra and underpants, she says, and guided her hand to touch him over his underwear.

    “I wanted it over with — I wanted out,” she remembers thinking. “Please just get this over with. Whatever this is, just get it over.” Corfman says she asked Moore to take her home, and he did.


    Aside from Corfman, three other women interviewed by The Washington Post in recent weeks say Moore pursued them when they were between the ages of 16 and 18 and he was in his early 30s, episodes they say they found flattering at the time, but troubling as they got older. None of the three women say that Moore forced them into any sort of relationship or sexual contact.

    Wendy Miller says she was 14 and working as a Santa’s helper at the Gadsden Mall when Moore first approached her, and 16 when he asked her on dates, which her mother forbade. Debbie Wesson Gibson says she was 17 when Moore spoke to her high school civics class and asked her out on the first of several dates that did not progress beyond kissing. Gloria Thacker Deason says she was an 18-year-old cheerleader when Moore began taking her on dates that included bottles of Mateus Rosé wine. The legal drinking age in Alabama was 19. 

    Of the four women, the youngest at the time was Corfman, who is the only one who says she had sexual contact with Moore that went beyond kissing. She says they did not have intercourse.

    Interestingly, Breitbart News actually scooped the story from The Post, publishing an article about their upcoming report hours before it was actually released.

    “Breitbart News obtained details of the forthcoming Post story from the newspaper’s letter detailing the allegations sent to Moore’s campaign for comment.”

    In a statement, Moore flatly denied the allegations and noted that this was a hit job by the Democrats and their allies at the Post.

    “These allegations are completely false and are a desperate political attack by the National Democrat Party and the Washington Post on this campaign.” “This garbage is the very definition of fake news and intentional defamation,” he continued.

    The statement also noted that Moore has been in politics for decades and that if these allegations were true they would have came out already.

    The Judge has been a candidate in four hotly-contested statewide political contests, twice as a gubernatorial candidate and twice as a candidate for chief justice.

    He has been a three-time candidate for local office, and he has been a national figure in two ground-breaking, judicial fights over religious liberty and traditional marriage.

    Amazingly, establishment Republicans, led by Rhino Mitch McConnell, are already taking the report as gospel and attacking both Moore and Breitbart News for supposedly “defending” him.

    Well that didn’t take long…

    It is also important to note that the reporters who published The Washington Post piece have a history of anti-Trump sentiment while The Post itself endorsed the Democrat who is going up against the highly popular Moore.

    So what do you think?

    Will these allegations turn out to be true or is this simply a disgusting attempt to piggyback off the Harvey Weinstein allegations and take out Judge Roy Moore before he wins the election?


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      1. Will these allegations turn out to be true or is this simply a disgusting attempt to piggyback off the Harvey Weinstein allegations and take out Judge Roy Moore before he wins the election?

        Wouldn’t surprise me one bit – much like the Hollywood Scene – The same goes for these Political douchebags. America is sickened and diseased an chuck full of these undesirables.

        Bring back Public Executions – these things and other corrupted activities will come to an end!

        • FTW, it’s the chew MSM trying to take out Roy Moore before the election. This came from WaPo? Just another chew MSM propaganda source. I call BS on the story.

          • “FTW, it’s the chew MSM trying to take out Roy Moore before the election.”

            This could be very well true my brother … but … these types of incidents don’t just follow the LEFT/BLUE type of people. They don’t just follow a RICH or POOR pattern.

            America is diseased to the CORE.

            It has been SICK for many decades … and it continues to get worse … day by day.

        • Unless they were family members in Alabama where incest is SOP, I tend to put this in the ‘Fake News” category. Next we will have a “dossier” on the Judge paid for by the DNC. 🙁

      2. He is so disliked by the Establishment and Dems if this were true it would have come out long ago IMHO.

      3. Hmmmmm…..happened 38 years ago.

        So I’m curious. Is it now possible for someone….anyone….to claim that someone came on to them sexually in the past, and it’s automatically assumed to be the truth?

        If that’s the case, I’m claiming the Hillary Clinton sexually harassed me 40 years ago.

        I still haven’t gotten over it. Sometimes, I wake up screaming.

        • You too anonymous5? Damn, I was so ashamed to come out with the truth. She got me when I was just 16. She was almost 7 years older than me and a had just gotten into Yale. Such a stench!!! Such a Sasquatch-y appearance. “the horror, the horror”!!!

        • Anonymous5, I call BS on this article. Even if it happened, it’s probably way past any statute of limitations now. If someone can’t prove it happened, then it didn’t.

      4. Not a dem or rep thing, it’s a power without morality thing. Hollywood, D.C., NYC, wherever. (Mostly) men who feel entitled to people, money, whatever because of their perceived power. It is a sickness in our cultural soul.

      5. Only one of those encounters sounds illegal. The other ones, 16 to 18, are legal. At one time 14 was the cultural norm and still is in many parts of today’s world (in the Muslim world, 9 is the starting point).

        The issue should be if they were concensual and felt comfortable with the encounters. Few 18 year olds want to have sex with 40 year olds, but if they do, whose business is it? Society has been moving around the idea of youth for the past two decades. In some countries, a 30 year old is still considered a young person. My belief is that we should get back to the old way, which was when you turned 18 you were expected to become a man and a woman with adult responsibilities, risks and rewards. I do not feel comfortable with this idea of moving the bar on youth into the early 30s. We should be expecting young people to become mature and to ‘grow up’, and that means learning how to navigate the worlds of sex and relationships.

        • The cutoff age in Alabama, per Criminal Code Chapter 6 Article 4 Paragraph 13A-6-62, is 16 for the purposes of second-degree rape, a Class B felony. This whole thing is reminiscent of the McCarthy commie witch-hunt of the 1950s where it wasn’t unusual to smear political enemies (and divorcing spouses) with an accusation of Communist party membership or commie sympathies. The Dems figure, “Well, ‘racist’ didn’t work, so let’s try this.

          • “Rape” is often when a woman changes her mind afterwards, sometimes even many years later.

          • Agree: it seems to me it is a giant witch hunt and a major distraction. The thing about sex is that it never ends; these accusations can run and run because they can just keep moving the bar on it. Notice how nothing is ever said about Bill Clinton and his behavior? Yet, there are many women who have on record said he was violent to them and focred himself on them. Yet, not a peep about this in the media right now. The UK’s Gordon Brown used to throw things at women and bully and intimidate them. Canada’s prime minister physically assaulted a woman in parliament.

      6. Hit job.

      7. When a conservative christian gets elected for a position in the swamp. D.C. The libturds will have a bullseye on their back. When Clarence Thomas was appointed to the supreme court, liberals made all kinds of accusations with no proof.

        • TR. libturds paint a target on my back only at their own peril.

      8. When you can look at anything a libturd claims with out proof, and laugh at them, its like blood in the water too a shark. A total libturd meltdown.

      9. Oh, whew. I was really worried there for a moment. I thought the headline read “. . . Moore had INDIANAPOLIS relations with teenagers.”

        Imagine my relief.

      10. Smearing is a tried and true tactic, it is effective because only a allegation has to be made, especially for this type of charge. TPTB knows the public loves salacious stories, and tend to believe the worst automatically due to the average citizen’s lack of critical thinking. The timing alone makes this charge highly suspect. I wouldn’t be surprised if senior Republicans were part of this.

      11. The good people of Alabama won’t be fooled by the fake news garbage the Washington Post puts out.

      12. I have no doubt that many men have taken advantage of girls and women. I have no doubt that girls and women use this perception to their advantage as in “To Kill a Mockingbird” and countless divorce cases to manipulate and destroy men.
        Today’s modern Democrats, probably the most vile examples of humanity, practice such abuses with very little push-back.
        I don’t see it ending anytime soon. They are like zoo monkeys throwing feces at a wall or zoo visitors, do it long enough something might stick.
        Prepare for a civil war, but pray for peace.

      13. How many times did Child Protective Services visit Hollywood? Or were they to busy busting their asses chasing down unfounded and frivolous claims outside of Hollywood?

      14. In the last weeks before the election multiple women came out of the woodwork and accused Trump of groping them.

        The loudest was a woman who claimed Trump groped her on a plane. The Airline afraid of being included in a lawsuit checked computer records and found that not only did they not ride on the same plane that day, Trump and this woman never flew on same flight, any flight, ever! Her claim was proven an absolute fraud.

        My question, how much are they getting paid?

        • The deceitful, “Progressives” that have already proven they will pay for and promote false “Russian” information to try to bring down President Trump, so that leads me to think they would possibly do this to Roy Moore also? Maybe the “Never Trump” women have gotten together and made false accusations to have a “Never Roy Moore” result? Just asking….?

        • For fucks sake … it wasn’t Trump who groped those wanna be dykes … it wass me … FTW grabbed them by the pussy!!!

          Sorry it took so long for me to confess such an act of cruelty against women … ahh shit … I feel so bad right now ……….. NOT!

      15. I personally knew Roy Moore in the early 1980s from the weight room at the Gadsden YMCA. At that time I was a 19 year old junior college student and Moore was the city district attorney, maybe in his early 30s. He told me once during that time that he was dating my girlfriend’s best friend, who would have also been in her late teen’s then.

        • if she was over 16 and having sex with him, it was legal. If she was under 16 and NOT having sex, it was still legal. If she was under 16 and having sex with him, it was illegal. That’s pretty cut and dried.
          my question is, in the 30+ years since , does Roy Moore have a track record that shows he a good guy, or a bad guy? I’m thinking a GOOD guy. And I dont think having a GF or wife 15 years your junior is wrong, depending on the situation.

      16. It doesn’t matter whether he did or didn’t. Just the public accusation will taint the guy. The dems do this in one way or another against their opposition. Its part of Rules for Radicals by Alinsky. What ever happened to innocent until proven guilty? The repubs in congress are already calling for the guy to step down,they don’t want the possibility of it tainting the party,innocent or not.

      17. I personally new Roy Moore back in the early 1980’s. At that time, I was working out in the weight room at the Gadsden YMCA. Moore was the city assistant district attorney, and would come in the gym in the late afternoon. He told me once that he was dating a girl that happened to be my girlfriend’s best friend. I remember the girl’s name and she would have been around 18-19 then, and Moore would have been in his early 30’s. Her name is not mentioned in the above-mentioned article, and I was not aware of any inappropriate behavior. I’m no democrat, but can’t blame the demos for making an issue of it.

        • Who cares? 18-19 is legal. Somebody who is 30 can look very young if they are fit and healthy. The physical differences between them and an 18-19 year old may not be that much. They would probably be into the same things, music, culture etc. and it would be no surprise they might click.

          It is getting disturbing with people trying to equate 18-19 as children. They are not children. Children stop being children by age 16, even earlier because of the ever earlier onset of the menarch.

          There is only one issue: was it concensual? When I was 19 I had a one-night stand with a woman who was 35. I TOTALLY concented. It was a great experience.

          • Hey Frank T, Good comment to my post, and I agree. I remembered Moore being a fit, friendly, good looking guy and a West Point Grad, while I was a scrawny pimpled-faced runt taking courses at the local Jr college and working a part-time job as a stockboy. I admired the guy for his accomplishments and especially for him being nice to me. like I said, I was not aware of any inappropriate behavior, and like you said, 18-19 are not children. Have a good day.

            • When I first met my wife, I was 18 and she was 28. Yeah, I married someone old enough to be my older sister but she was still an amazing woman and the ONLY TRUE LOVE I ever had in my life. I learned more than a few things from her.

            • When you are young (but an adult) you are horny, you are open to trying relationships with whomever you click with. When I was 17 I had my first sexual experience with an older woman. When I was 20, I had a girlfriend who was 17. As is often the case, the young women are mentally more mature than older guys. The key thing is consent. If people click and have relationships concensually, then whose business is it really?

              Guys in their 50s look around at women their age and those women look like hell. Fat, obese, burned out, bitter, few are very attractive either physically or personality-wise. No wonder they look younger for relationships. A lot of women do not take care of themselves and get very lazy. They start buying elasticated waist pants, Hillary Clinton pant suits, they spend their days bitching with other bitter women about men. Who wants to date that?

              Now, not all women, some are amazing. My best friend’s mother is in her 70s but looks amazing (she is a skier and walker). She is tight and not fat, looks great in a swimsuit. Has a very fun personality. In fact, she has a body shape that is very youthful and a personality that is very youthful. I think those two things are connected. I am sure she can get any guy she wants and date much younger.

      18. Why does the media report this allegation, yet is not reporting Hillary Clinton’s sale of US uranium assets to Russian buyers?

      19. Really……. It took 40 years for this to surface ? After several high profile political races ???
        Sorry libtards but I call BS on this. Since the libtards have been getting clobbered by all the bad press on the Hollywood elites being pedifiles & rapists they left now thinks they can just fabricate these types of accusations to destroy their enemys. There is also the chance that the Republican Establishment is involved as they don’t like grass roots canidates that they can’t control. I just do not see how all of this just popped up now with 5 weeks to go. I would like to think that the voters in AL are smart enough to see through this no evidence accusation from the 1970’s. If the political elietes are successful with this, then there will ba accusations for every canidate in the mid term elections next year. If you can’t make your case in say 10 years or less , then it should not carry any weight. This type of zero evidence attack is just a blank check for any group that wants to discredit anyone. There is nothing that TPTB will stoop to for maintaining their power.

        • RT1957, agreed and a good post. Roy Moore was one of the few people with HONESTY AND INTEGRITY who served in the judicial system. That’s something the establishment doesn’t know anything about.

      20. Don’t have an opinion on innocence or guilt but do know a vast effort is being applied to win elections at all costs. So easy to throw that stuff out now as look at ALL the liberals that have been exposed by the light of day. Years of intimidation to innocent young people to insure they could get a part or job. Sickening

      21. I remember my wife asking my father (retired Detective) how many domestic, rape, or assault cases are true. I also remember the look on her face when he said about 10%. How many women when angry, bash their own head into a wall to blame on her spouse during divorces just to get him removed from the home? The amount is very high, everyone does foolish shit when they are angry.

      22. Nothing in the ten commandments about fooling around with teenage girls.

      23. The tip of the iceberg..

      24. The tip of the iceberg..

      25. Nominal “conservatives” are always hypocritical, when discussing illicit sex, because they never, ever enforce traditional gender roles. You shouldn’t even allow these people to be lecturing you, morally, because they are not irreproachable, in their private lives, not literally believing in the concept of family, in which a patriarch is the nucleus.

        In modest, provident societies (and, we are neither) young men are apprenticed into productive trades, prior to the age of reproductive maturity. Young women would be competent to perform all the functions of a household. (Hint: There were no buttons to press.) Read out-of-print, hardback books, and they will be far more intense than the home-improvement channels / 24hr commercials.

        My grandmother began a large family, at 15, without being considered an honorary victim, in a news story.

        I understand what is the nature of hedonism, bread, and circuses, and feel that the RINO’s should be calling themselves epicurean, not spartan, certainly not fundamentalists.

      26. Beaumont, agreed. I can also speak with some authority about such people, in my case Southern Baptists, but that’s another story for another time.

      27. This was a political hit job. A smear campaign of Republican Senate candidate Roy Moore by the “Washington Post.”

        As FOX News said: “News came out this morning that the “girl” — Deborah Wesson Gibson — told The Washington Post that she briefly dated Moore when she was 17 and he was 34.

        She said it.

        What wasn’t said, and was purposively left out, was how Gibson was working for and posing with several Democrats at political rallies — including 2016 presidential nominee Hillary Clinton, former Vice President Joe Biden, former Sen. Patrick Murphy, D-Fla., and Sen. Bill Nelson, D-Fla.

        Makes me sick to my stomach about how depraved MSM and the Democratic Party is.

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