Police Tell Reporter Filming Crash of Virginia Shooter “Delete Footage or Lose Camera”

by | Aug 28, 2015 | Aftermath, Conspiracy Fact and Theory | 208 comments

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    This article was written by Carey Wedler and originally published at The Anti-Media.

    Editor’s Comment: Me thinks they protest too much. What would police have to hide at the crash site of the man caught on tape killing a reporter and cameraman that has inflamed the news? Is there something to hide, or something about this event that has to be so carefully managed that Virginia State Police would force a BBC journalist to delete his footage… particularly as the same officer noted that it was “evidence”?

    Is there more going on with this event than meets the eye?

    Police Order BBC Journalists to Delete Footage of Virginia Shooter’s Car Crash

    by Carey Wedler

    A Virginia State Police officer reportedly censored two BBC journalists following Wednesday’s tragic shooting that took the lives of Alison Parker and Adam Ward. After Vester Lee Flanagan (AKA Bryce Williams) opened fire at a local shopping center, killing the 24-year-old local reporter and the 27-year-old cameraman, he led police on a pursuit before he ran his vehicle off the highway and crashed. Police found him suffering from a self-inflicted gunshot wound. Flanagan was transported to a nearby hospital, where he later died.

    BBC journalists Franz Strasser and Tara McKelvey were reporting from the scene of the crash when one of the officers approached the pair and ordered them to delete their footage. “Just at the scene of the suspects [sic] shooting on I-66. Police told me to delete footage or lose camera,” Strasser tweeted. “Reason for confiscating camera was that it was evidence. Threatened to tow the car because it was illegally parked,” he said in a follow-up tweet about an hour later.

    Beyond the officer’s reliance on petty parking regulations to threaten the journalists, Strasser’s claims — if true — suggest an inherent contradiction in his demands. If the camera needed to be confiscated because it contained evidence, why would the officers insist that exact same evidence be deleted?

    In another tweet, Strasser said the only footage left was unusable iPhone evidence. Still, he said they “…were able to recover photos from the moment police asked us to delete crime scene footage.” “We are working on recovering the video file. Haven’t touched SD card so there’s a small chance,” he added. The reporter also clarified in a picture tweet that of the multiple officers present, there was only one who insisted they destroy their footage.

    One officer in particular (not pictured in any of these images) closed the trunk when I tried to put my camera bag in and said our car would be towed for being illegally parked and my camera seized for containing evidence. He then reversed course and wanted to watch me delete the footage I had gotten,” Strasser posted on his Facebook, along with pictures of the incident.

    It is unclear why police would take issue with documentation of their investigation of the scene, however, there has been similar police censorship in the state in the past. Last year, Norfolk police reportedly assaulted a 19-year-old man for filming their interaction with his friend. The ACLU of Virginia has said that filming police is entirely legal as long as the person recording does not interfere with officer duties. The ACLU’s Virginia chapter also says that in the state, “…wiretapping law does not require all-party consent when recording another person or persons. Also videotaping is only illegal if done in a place where the person being filmed has a reasonable expectation of privacy.” Virginia’s ACLU claims there have been instances of police censorship in the state, nonetheless.

    The National Press Photographer’s Association has requested a formal investigation of the Wednesday incident. Corrine Geller, a representative for the Virginia State Police, says it is investigating the incident. In a tweet to Strasser, she said, “VSP is aware of this incident and we are looking into it, as such actions violate VSP policy.” In a separate Tweet, Strasser wrote, “But why they are then okay with deleting ‘evidence’ makes one question their reasoning,” highlighting a vital concern in the VSP officer’s attitude and actions against the journalists.

    This article was written by Carey Wedler and originally published at The Anti-Media.

    Carey Wedler joined Anti-Media as an independent journalist in September of 2014. As a senior editor, her topics of interest include the police and warfare states, the Drug War, the relevance of history to current problems and solutions, and positive developments that drive humanity forward. She currently resides in Los Angeles, California, where she was born and raised. Learn more about Wedler here!


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      1. Power

        • Always run a second drive when recording then when the SS shows up delete the footage and walla you have all your footage. My Note 5 live streams to YouTube… in HD…. nice fetcher to defeat the SS.

          • better to simply tell them to go fuck themselves or something close and stand your ground on facts and ethics !

            • The more we back up the more they will try and take. Time to simply stand up and be done with it !

        • Automatic upload software. I’m sure numerous websites do this.

          • they do

        • My name is Justin Paul Witter and filed with the FEC. I am the only Presidential Candidate born on Constitution Day.

          Follow Me, Witter on Twitter!

          Witter in 2016!

        • Hello, my name is Justin Paul Witter and filed with the FEC. I am the only Presidential Candidate born on Constitution Day.

          Follow Me, Witter on Twitter!

          Witter in 2016!

          • A few days ago, BJ, you disparaged the Greek scriptures, but the Greek is the authentic text. The Old Testament quotes in the New Testament AND the Dead Sea Scrolls agree with the Greek Septuagint, not the tampered forgery of the Masoretes “Hebrew Bible.” In fact, their tampering continued until about 1000 A.D., yes, a thousand years AFTER Christ.

            The New Testament quotes the Septuagint, not the bowdlerized Masoretic Hebrew. One of many examples:

            Hebrews 10:5 quotes the Greek “body” of Psalm 39:7 (Psalm 40:7 by Protestant numbering), NOT the tampered Hebrew version “ears.”

            • From the trenches is a bunch of anti Semitic garbage. Back on topic. This whole thing is starting to become highly suspicious. An officer essentially screwing with the whole investigation? It doesn’t seem like anyone else spoke up, so I wonder if that was the commanding officer, making the demand to delete the footage?

          • Gee Iowa, just a few months ago you were contemplating suicide and living in your pickup truck, and today you are running for President?

            Only in America. Bwhahahahajaja. Obummer has America on a path to suicide.. And he’s making great strides.


          • Gee Iowa, just a few months ago you were contemplating suicide and living in your pickup truck, and today you are running for President?

            Wow!! Only in America. Bwhahahahajaja. Obummer has America on a path to suicide.. And he’s making great strides.


        • “To Punish and Enslave” is their motto now.

          To Protect and serve went away a LONG time ago and they wonder why people call them “pigs”. It’s not that hard to figure out.

        • The killing of a bystander by a NYPD cop during a police (throwdown weapon) gun buy operation vividly illustrates that police don’t even give a thought to who else they might kill when they fire their guns. Such considerations only occur to TV hero cops.

        • . I hope they have their affairs in order before they violate my rights.

      2. Welcome to the totalitarian police state – “Amerika!!!”

        I couldn’t live up north, winters are bad and the new SS patrols the byways and highways…

        • Shiver me timbers matey… The seasons they are achanging. BRRRRRRR.

        • Up North? Virginia isn’t exactly where most people would consider up north.

          They do lots of that SS patrolling along I-40 in Tennessee, and Atlanta isn’t known for being a bastion of liberty.

          • Ncc, you ain’t whistling Dixie…
            All 8 interstates suuuuucks…
            Traffic sux too…

            • http://www.al.com/news/index.ssf/2015/08/tropical_storm_erika_2015_proj.html

              Hold onto your bonets Florida, Hurricane Ericka headed tgia way by Monday. So far it seems to be headed up the east coast or go through FL.

              We already have had 13″ inches of rain more than normal. And with shorter days, my solar system is not getting fully charged. Bought a quiet Generator and big battery charger a few days ago. Ran all day on a tank of gas. Going to run it again all day today and tomorrow to top off the batteries. Storm predicted to hit on Monday in FL, and looks like cloudy days for the whole next week solid where I am at. 🙁

              Prep, back ups to back ups folks. I have an extra 35 gallons of gas on hand… ready to rock!!


              • WWTI, batten down the hatches….
                I hope you come thru unscathed…

                May you be well

                • Thx E. Now H Erika is heading up the west coast of FL. Hurricanes twist Counter clock wise and the bottom tail will push a lot of Gulf water into W Coast inlets. Super glad I sold my city house this yr. A block from the bay and only 8 ft above sea level. Just got about 2.5 inches of rain in 2 hrs. Weeeeee… frogs and gators love it. Btw/ gator permit $50 in FL.


                  • WWTI, I wish the best for you, this is the first test to see how well you have setup your BOL.
                    Since hurricanes are your own devil to contend with, more power to you. Learn from what you see….
                    But you are a real prepper…
                    Hats off to you sir…

                    May you be a survivor dude…

                    • The BOL is still a work in progress, just staying ahead of the obstacles. Anybody looking at buying raw land and building a BOL; count on the first year to be mostly work and more work. And better have a pile of cash and obtaining all the tools and know how to get set up. No indoor plumbing yet. Could you handle that ladies? I set a case of bottled water in the sun, end of day hot camp showers. I can take a good shower with 1 to 2 bottles if water. Need to keep up good body hygiene and eat good. Having a problem keeping the solar batts charged up with all the cloudy days. Only real thing I am using electric for is the fridge. So going to eat the contents up and take it off line for a while to get the Batteries recharged. Have a great quiet generator, but need to find a good battery bank charger. Anybody got ideas. Im going to contact these gold cart Co’s to see what they use. I have 8 deep cell batts. Also considering adding 2 more 6 ft pannels on a swivel to maximize sun exposure. I have an extra controler and hook the rest up into the system. That may take another $1500 to do. Like I said, a pile of cash helps grease the wheels. Its a challenge. But Id rather do the hard stuff now in relitively good times.. Try doing this in bad times. I’d probably opt to pack a battle rifle, back pack and head to the action font and Let er’ Rip!!


                    • Meant to say Golf Cart Co’s.

                      Hey excuse my misspells. Doing this off a Ph. and scrolling up and down to correct spelling is a hassle with this overpriced POS Grid ph. that only works half the time. Only have PH cell signal about 30% of the day out here. So as a good Prepper Skill and a new one for me is more patience. Take more time to analyze your goal of a task. Only move heavy stuff once. As to where you want it to be placed in the end. Temporarily moving something to get it out of the way could be in your way again for your next task. When you live in a house pretty much everything has a place. Now take all your stuff pack it in a bugout trailer and move to the woods. One of the first tjings I missed was simple shelves to organize and set up shop. I had a 10 ft long pallet, so I made a big table and weatherized it. Got the hand tools to build things? Like a mini kitchen counter top to prepare food. I took about 20 cement blocks and formed a mini kitchen counter and place for the propane stove top. That is still in use and sits under a rain canopy.  This is where the rubber meets the road to thrive more than just survive. Btw/ newbees I have been successfully self employed 20+, sold m City hoise and walked with a pile of cash to take a year and do it. Bugout BOL on raw land and doing this SOLO. Only the weak need that community BS. I dont rely on codependent, BS Religion, just on myself and skills over the years. I love a good challenge and we need to learn all of this as prepper skills. In times ahead there may be No Room for errors. Learn it, Live it, and Let er’ Rip!!!


                  • Be Safe!

                    • Thinking of you, WWTI, in the rain & high winds. Hope nothing sustains damage. With all that heavy lifting, it sounds like you are building another “Coral Castle!”

              • Time everybody should have at least 5 or 10 pounds of coconut charcoal on hand for many uses while it is still very cheap and cost effective !

        • That reporter should have immediately starting filming the cop demanding that he delete the ‘evidence’ and simply refuse until the cop had made a clear presentation of correct law…which of course he wouldn’t have. People have to start standing up and stop being so intimidated by pigs.

        • This happened just a few miles from where I live. Evidently, Virginia State Police are now leading the way towards the totalitarian State. When it hits the fan (not far off!), I can’t stay here.

      3. The Camera proves its a false flag, staged event, using crisis actors.

        • Right on!

        • Exactly!

      4. Virginia is under attack because of our reluctance to allow Homosexual marriage to be a “lawful” act ! Expect more in the future until they have attained their goals !

      5. This make no sense to me. Why delete the footage? You could just ask for a copy of the footage and add it to the footage that the Crime Scene Teck’s are going to take.

        All they guy had was a HATE CRIME subject that shot himself. No big deal. We don’t have to take care of the Bastard in prison. White and Straight Lives Matter!

        Maybe he was trying to tell them to stay away from the scene so that they don’t contaminate it. I think that was a DUMB way of trying to keep them away or off the scene. I would bet if the Officer would have just told them to stay back and then told them why he wouldn’t have had a problem with them.

        I have found a long time ago if you work with the Press and Public they will work with you. Now if he had told them to stay back so they can preserve the scene and they didn’t now that is another story.

        Here is another story where we are only getting one side. I believe Franz, but there is always three side to every story. Franz’s side the Cop’s side and then the TRUTH!


        • The law according to the LAW! Obey and survive.


        • Sarge, I would’ve politely told that officer, No I won’t stop filming and if he tried to make an issue of it, then….. As I’m sure you’re aware, there are several federal court rulings, including a ruling from SCOTUS, that uphold the practice.

          • Yea BH but between then with that beating you got by the cops then the jail stay the fucking over of your life by the system to finally weeks or months latrr have a court agree with you just aint worth it.

            • …and they know that. That’s why they get away with it. The crowd of onlookers needed to be a lot bigger–and united.

              • I plan on not being in any crowds nor being an onlooker, safer that way!

            • We think alike! Never been convicted of anything,
              but have spent more days in a cell than I liked.
              Just get a badge number and do what they say.

              • No matter how innocent you are or how polite you… “against all the odds” endeavour to be towards some cops they just caint help but be a gun totting brutal pig… I ain’t anti-police, just anti-fascist police state.

          • you would be jailed for a DUI you old alcoholic fool.

      6. These cops are getting their orders from the ‘higher ups’ on the fly. They don’t know the what or why, they just do as their told like robots, absent any thought or feeling.

      7. Q’we don’t need no stinkin badges.

        • I see a Faracoon follower just murdered a deputy in Texas. Jst shot him in the head while he was pumping gas. I bet the AG does nothing.

          • Dude it’s a job of choice… Nobody is pointing a gun at ’em forcing ’em to be a PIG.

            • As much as dislike the way 80% of the cops behave. None deserve to be executed from behind for no reason. They should be bitch slapped if they are pushing some unconstitutional BS on you.

      8. every one there should whip out a cell phone and start recording-they cant kill all of us

      9. We still don’t know for sure who killed President Kennedy. this stuff has been going on for ever, and it will continue. The cops at all ranks and denominations are protecting their pension, not he public.

        • The ZOG Fed Banksters Murdered JFK right after Kennedy issued his Executive Order EO-11110, which basically would have kept the dollar tied to Silver and not allowed the FedReserve to Loan Shark America in to debt. After Johnson was sworn in, he reversed coarse and the destruction of America was set into motion. Why do you think Obama is suck a ZOG bootlicker? Cause he does not want to end up like JFK. And then we give these cockroaches shit like dual citizenship and seats on the Supreme Court. A 5 year old can see the direction Ameruva is headed with Bankster funded nonstop perpetual war, or demonizing countries like Russia to start a new war. Its all a game to these parasites.

          Hello Orkin man….


          • And we all know who murdered Oswald, yep Jack Ruby formerly known as Jack Rubenstein a Jew and Strip Club Owner. You see if Oswald lived and his story was told, the ZOG Scam would unravel. Well 60 yrs later we now know.


            • It’s common practice to hire a hit man to get rid of a hit man. Who knows how many levels of this were arranged when the banksters offed Kennedy.

              Today’s democRATic party would call JFK a right wing extremist.

      10. Here is my take on this:
        Franz was taping a wounded, dying bad guy that was gay and black. “IF” he had a head wound there could have been some very upsetting and graphic file taken and used to make the bad guy into another reason for black lives matter issue. Or some morbid clown to get his jollies by watching another human die.
        For the normal person on the street, they would not understand what has to be done to control that person for their safety and the safety of the EMT’s and Firemen and cops that are on the scene .
        I work in a hospital for 23 years. I have seen head wounds and seen what can happen and how bad it can get.
        I don’t know what happen, but I have this feeling that it was a real mess and a lot of chaos at the scene.
        N. Reb

        • That presumes you give a shit about the
          animal that blew his brains all over.
          I would have pissed on the guy.
          I don’t know if you have dealt with them,
          but black homosexuals are about the most vile
          things you could ever encounter.
          They rape monkeys.

      11. Say no, film the event and take the ass kicking or get our of the news reporter business.

      12. No different than having someone show respect for anyone wounded and dying.

      13. Yeh Reb,
        There have been instances of the family of the deceased suing the parties involved ( emt’s etc.) for not providing what they interpreted as adequite medical treatment. Not filming prevents them from identifying the first responders , like you said it may have been a hell of a mess . No doubt the regime will use this to further their agenda . This is a tragedy all around , if any one is to blame here it is the regime for making the racial discord worse , some one is stoking the fires of unrest ( CIC ) .
        These people may be the first causalities in the race war that is being provoked .
        One thing is certain the perpetrator is one sick individual , he shot the poor woman reporter 8 times with hollow point 9mm +p at point blank range , she could not see him because of most likely the camera lights were in here eyes . Not a pretty way to go.
        They way things are no one is guaranteed to go home at the end of the day , we live in dangerous times ,
        Never ever give up willingly your means of self defense , certainly not in these perilously times .

        Got situational awareness?

        Any day the North American hunger games could commence without prior warning.

        Are you Prepared?

        Semper Fi

        • Great points, Night Breaker

          • I use to know a nun named Sister Brigitte… Nuff said.

        • Night:
          I do agree with you about the taping and the law suits,
          and the regime using this to further their political agenda. Like I said this was a guy African American, and after seeing what has been going on in this country lately nothing would surprise me.
          In Illinois I think there is a area around a crime scene that is off limits to everyone except the police and the investigators and the EMT’s when called on. I’m almost sure you can get in big trouble for getting to close.
          N. Reb

      14. Because they’re cops.

        Do they need a reason? They have an IQ of 85 and a gun.

      15. The photographer deserves what he got for being ignorant of the law and not standing up for his rights…

      16. The murder of the two, the tv journalist and camera man are another obvious staged event meant to disarm American’s. Complete fakery, just like Sandy Hook, Boston marathon, the Charleston church shootings and on and on, look at the whole picture. The talk is all over the net. That’s why the cop threatened the person at the accused’s car crash. The father of the woman killed showed little emotion and was calling for gun control within a day of the supposed incident. No blood at the scene, said to be hollow point bullets, woman ran away on high heels after being shot 3 times and odd circumstances all the way around. The perps are laughing at the gullible who will believe anything. TV brainwashing, I don’t believe any of it.

        • You’re deranged if you believe this event didn’t occur.

          The gun was real and not firing blanks. Two victims are dead and a third hospitalized. The shooter must have somehow had one live round, he managed to kill himself with it.

          • there is a few on here that think it was fake. Braveheart, aljamo, etc. Paranoia has taken over this site. 100% of Everything that happens is a conspiracy. When probably it is about 10%

            • There’s that troll anonymous again.

              • That’s right Bravefart. Anyone that doesn’t agree with you, or kiss your idol’s ass, is a troll. You mare such a fuckin moron.

                • Well I’m still around and not going anywhere. at least I contribute something useful here and none of you trolls ever do.

                  • What have you contributed? Knowledge of solar, mechanics, water treatment, construction??? Nothing . You just bob your head at whatever Dale say, just like you did with JOG and BI. Agreement with another poster is not contributing. You have given us NOTHING.

            • A
              Don’t like it leave.

              • Sarge, AMEN to that one! All I ever have for trolls is fire and brimstone.

        • you’ve got a point about her running away on heels after taking how many shots at 8 ft. or so?
          I could only watch the video once but something is very fishy about it.
          And for how long has central intelligence been working on mind control…since 1950…65 years of research going into false flag attacks tells me they are getting it down to a “science.”

        • aljamo: The taliban shot a little girl in the face with a 357. She went to Europe and got some cosmetic surgery and came back better than ever.

          A congresswoman was shot it the head in Arizona (I think) and she lived. That was a nasty head shot by the way.

          One here in Texas fell out of an airplane at 3500ft. and was kept in the hospital overnight for observation: That’s all, next morning, she went home.

          One got her legs blown off in the Boston Marathon bombing. She probably lost 50 gallons of blood right there on the sidewalk. Today she runs marathons.

          There are many, many more examples, but we get the picture.

          In no way should it surprise anyone that a woman could get shot three times at close range with hollow points and then run away in high heels. Not at all.

        • also the article didn’t show the reporters tweet about seeing a COFFIN at the scene. maybe that’s why they wanted it deleted?

      17. Puss “journalist” rationalizing submitting to this illegal demand makes me want to kick him in the nuts.

        Any self-respecting MAN would have told that cop to pound sand – consequences be damned.

      18. With everything that is going down all over, I’m not calling them all False Flags, but with everyone of the events the STINK LEVEL raise’s higher and higher. None of this can make muster if you know what I mean. Prepare every way you can.

      19. Then the police wonder why they are no longer trusted.

      20. Prepper, survivalist, gun show 29th & 30th in Lawrenceville GA.
        May all here be well…

        • To all the great posters here.
          Just got back from the expo, and was hoping to see more ‘new’ products.

          Here are a few:
          Minutemanstove.com. He took a standard ammo can and made a rocket stove out of it. Looked nice and sturdy, $160.

          Survco tactical credit card axe. Multi tool to fit in your wallet. $20

          PrepEDC.com. 5 levels of collidal silver for your bug out bag. $15 for treating 315 gallons of water for .06 per gallon.

          Yes, I know there are all types of things to make this and that, but I was just trying to let all know, and will go back tomorrow. Was a small show, more guns than prepping stuff.

          May all be well here…

          • Many thanks uncle eppe… you’re a goodun.

          • That was an interesting comment ep. More Guns than prepping supplies. I hope it is a demand side push as Americans stock up to fight for our Freedoms again. The Next Shooting Civil War in the US will be when the Government is murdering our people, if we resist their tyranny…And we band together to replace our corrupt government, which is clearly spelled out in The Constitution, as the right of the people to do so. If they resist us, they may be taking a permanent dirt nap.


            • Who,has been a huge surge in firearm ownership over the last 10 years,last 5 have been rocketing.This does not include private sales/trades/builders at home,hell,the numbers growing at a great rate.All firearms outlawed tomm.still 100’s of millions out there,and more to collect if things go very badly.
              Eppe,have fun @ the show,Warchild would love a few days off but except seeing me mum this week for a day am busy little rat working,the burnout factor will hit soon,then a very testy Warchild will emerge!

      21. off topic. getting reports nationwide debit/credit/ebt is down. Let the chaos unfold.

        • LD Spencer. Good point. A down Credit Card Processing system will put Dot com biz’s nationwide in the trash can in a day. I stopped in to a tavern for a beer before yesterdays storm. The power went out in the place and within a few seconds as the place went dark, yells of “Free Beer” cycled the air. In about 8 seconds into darkness their back up generator kicked in and the ligjts went back on but their CC system was down including their phone line. Those paying with credit cards formed a line to pay. Those with cash kept on drinking…. Never leave home without any cash…. One old guy paying with plastic says to the bartender, “I got more time than money” Thats a good time to break out a few OZ’s of silver and buy the house a beer.


      22. Connect your cameras to a streaming device so they constantly stream footage to a remote location. Then when the cops tell you they want your camera inform them that the footage is live streaming and already available on the Internet. They tend to behave better when they know they are caught misbehaving.

      23. The police have never liked to be filmed for obvious reasons.

      24. Gestapo

      25. For everyone’s reference, there is cell phone camera software that immediately streams your video up to a server. I think even the ACLU (which I normally would never support) has one version of this. Don’t have the names handy, but you can google this. Thus, if you are stopped and they do something like this, the video is already gone to lawyers.

        Good ol’ Obama gov’t – fascist to the core…. as in “We don’t need no stinkin’ 1st Amendment.” Disgusting.

      26. It’s getting to the point in which police are some of the least trustworthy people you’ll ever meet.

      27. Did the police kill the “suspect” in the shootings of the journalists, instead of him supposedly killing himself, to keep him from talking about why he really may have shot the journalists (if indeed he really did)? Was the shooting of the journalists orchestrated by government to be used as another bloody shirt to be waved to foment a clamor for gun control to disarm the public?

      28. When the SHTF the police won’t be there to save your azz. There’s gonna be a WHOLE lotta hungry people on the mooch looking for tasty treats. Bwhahahahahahaha.

        • Da oob oob oob, da ob ob ob, is all hcks wants to say to you……


      29. Soon the badges will to told to smile and wait for the flash. Not all badges deserve that. Here is my question: If you have done nothing wrong why aren’t you going to talk to us. Well if you have done nothing wrong or are doing nothing wrong why should you care about being photographed or filmed? Inquiring minds want to know. More bull shit in the first degree. Film at 11:00!

      30. Debit cards were offline here in Mississippi, but only went to one store… Funny how no mention anywhere in the news yet. Stay frosty all.

      31. Execution’s live on TV, I’m suprised these scare tactics don’t have the anti gun crowds screaming at D.C. to outlaw all guns outside law enforcement. They are, it’s not working. When Obomber was campaigning for the top figurehead puppet crook he disparaged American’s for clinging to their guns and their Bibles. “These senseless gun deaths have to stop”. Meanwhile your criminal protection force terrorizes innocent citizens here in the u.s. and around the world. Talk about the rule of law, if it was enforced all of you spies, rats and self important psychopaths would be a footnote in a criminal history textbook. Bow down to your greed and stupidity. If you are human then humanity is doomed. “all through the day, I me mine, I me mine, I me mine”.

      32. The police officer did not have the authority to react in that way. Find this gentleman and fire him.

      33. Mac
        Why don’t ever run stories about cops that get beaten or murdered like the Deputy in Texas last night. All I ever see Anti-Cop story or Cops doing dumb things.
        Respectfully Sgt.

        • I would imagine because it is a far less common occurrence, as is a cop or group of cops executing unarmed people by firing squad and a hail of bullets. That and because generally the perpetrators of the crimes you speak of are usually hunted down and held accountable, quite harshly, for their actions. Whereas the AUTHORITIES are generally left to kill with impunity, with no more consequence than a few days of paid leave and a new nickname like “shooter” or “bang bang” and a cool story to high five their buddies with.

          • Fuckin right bro.

          • rh
            Fuck you! You scum bag. I’m tied of turd like you saying the same thing over and over again. It like hands up don’t shoot. Which never happened.

            • Hey sarge, didn’t you just say last article that you don’t ever get mad about anything anyone says unless it’s about your family? Looks like yet another load of bull shit spewed.

              • T.P
                He was my family.

            • Dale, you are wrong and Richard is correct.

              • Anon, you’re a troll who doesn’t know what he’s talking about, so STFU.

                • That’s right bravepussy. anyone who doesn’t agree with you and the suck ass shit stain cop you suck up to, is a TROLL.

                  • Hang in there SGT. These trolls cant even post a criticizm with a real name and use Annons. They shout like sissys from a balcony. But will cry for their mommas when they need your help. Ive seen plenty of gun shot killings and murders, cause I had to pick up the pieces and haul them off in the meat wagon to the hospital. So unless you have been on seen, wait till the dust settles for the facts. These articles are written to push peoples buttons. Stay calm, Aim big miss small, eh Sgt!!


                    • WWTI, great minds do think alike. on occasion the trolls do give me a laugh. I think I’ll stop responding to them for awhile just to see what happens. Hope you make it through the storm OK.

                    • What mind? You’re surely not talking about yourself braindead, what little gray matter there is between your idiot ears can hardly be constituted as a mind. Best possible thing could be a human tape recorder, only able to repeat the same stupid mutterings that you’ve done for the last 3 years, now go fool.

                    • wwti is a real name? you stupid ass, why don’t you post your real name and address.

            • Dear Mr. Dale…

              Your reaction to every perceived slander of your employment and “brothers in arms” is exactly why the people have no trust for .gov enforcers.

              Every time someone questions the actions of authority, you blow your top and resort to name calling and insulting, instead of trying to prove that you are standing up for the people’s right to life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness.

              You must realize by now that the people have no trust in government or their enforcers.

              Put your badge in your sock drawer and join the patriots before it is too late…

              • JRS:
                I kinda know why he is flying off the handle lately,
                I think he is getting tired of the trolls and people that have no idea what a cop has to put up within their lives and on the job. How would you like to be in his shoes every time he pulls a car over for breaking the law he might have an altercation with the person behind the wheel or every time a couple gets into a domestic and he has to go to. He might wind up getting hurt. If you have ever worked with the public, you know how dumb they can be at times.
                So before You cut someone down for doing his job, (and just think how bad things would be if the laws were not enforced)walk a mile in their shoes.
                So every time the Ol’ Sgt. stands up for his fellow officers he gets berated, called a pig and a few other terms that no one needs here or in their lives.

                • NR, i was going to make a similar post in defense of Sgt. Dale but you took my thunder and that’s OK. I’ve got a few retired cops in my family who think just like Sarge does. the 2 trolls anonymous and his partner love to attack me, but f#$% them. I know they’re full of shit and I’ve always had truth on my side.

                  • Braveheart:
                    It is kind of funny that they jump all over SGT. Dale for doing his job, but they don’t jump on anyone else for doing their job.
                    If I was a cop there is no way I would be able to put up with what some cops have to put up with.
                    I guess you could call me a bad cop. I would not shot anyone, but they kicked me, hit me, spit on me, or bite me they would get a toning up then they would need a trip to the emergency room.
                    I’m a maintenance man/security at a hospital so I know a little bit about stupid people and I’m an ordained minister, and turning the other cheek only goes so far.
                    N. Reb

              • JRS
                Sorry you took it that way. When a LEO that is just pumping gas is murdered It hurts and I get madder than hell.

                Sorry for the explosion but it was going to come out someday. Like you I too have my days when I explode. By the way I just buried my Mother-In-Law today. So it not going to take much for me to explode. When a Brother LEO is murdered like this.

                The reason I blow my top is because the last several LEOs that have been murdered nobody including Mac has put any article on this site. The only thing that is here is when an Officer make a mistake. Or just planes blows it.

                The last few Cops that have been killed have left families behind and nobody her seems go give a damn.
                Well I do.

                Please don’t question my Patriotism. I bleed Red, White , and Blue. I would die for the republic!!!



                  • Braveheart
                    No rant here just facts. Please keep them coming.
                    N Reb

                    • About 6 mts ago by Tampa there was a tire laying in tje road by a ramp. The Deputy gets out to move the tire and is shot dead by some clown hiding in the woods. Yes that was cold blooded set up murdering of a Cop. I domt rhink they ever found out who did it. Its just a ruthless as the gas pump killing. Watch your backs preppers and carry your weapons always and be ready to deploy hot lead into these crazed zombies if they try to put the jump on you..


                • Brother thank you for your service, I just hope you are an oath keeper and come down like a sledgehammer on the oath breakers. If you are one of the good guys thank God. I think most people would want to hear that the good cops can’t stand the bad ones ruining the community’s trust, and the reputation of the police department. We need the good cops to make sure oath breakers get full punishment and not let off the hook lightly. I’m sure you’d agree a criminal is a criminal, uniform or not. Moreover, the community puts a whom lot of trust in the P.D. To have that trust violated makes people feel raped. Sorry to make that sound vulgar but it is the best way I could think to describe how that feels.

                • Sarge,

                  Do NOT make the mistake of believing “the Republic” still exists, in the framework of what you/we were instructed to have faith in….in the days of our youth/upbringing.

                  It is gone, sir.

                  Indeed, it died long ago.

                  In its place, a bastardized version of “law”, w/ a heavy admixture of state tyranny via the various “enforcement arms” of the state, being the ultimate straw-man/fall guys, for the elite’s end-game that’s stalking us all, nowadays.

                  Do NOT bleed for them!

                  Instead, research “NET RANGER’s” (true freedom dictum readily available here…at this site), per the GOD-given “RIGHT” of individual sovereignty and juxtapose it against our enemy’s position.

                  If you must “BLEED”…do so as a man who’s NOT enslaved to the stalking-horse, we call GOVERNMENT (in all its manifold forms).


                  That said:

                  ..yer gonna see an escalation of “cop-wasting ambushes” soon..going viral.

                  Count on it, pal.

                  IMO, some portion will fall into the ‘PAYBACK’ category…as most of y’all refuse to police your own, meaning y’all usually cover for the ” ‘roid-heads” in the department…’cuz the badge/fraternity thingy…carries a lot of weight, yes???

                  ..call it blow-back w/ a purpose!


                  On the other hand..you have the “U.S. justice dept” instigating and/or providing federal cover for paid agitators to “BAIT” you normal/local guys…into ‘no-win situations’..like the Ferguson fiasco.

                  ..w/ more examples to come at warp speed..soon.


                  ..You’re a short-timer Sarge…yes???

                  Concentrate & focus on that!!! Ditto, focus 100% on kith & kin only, from here on out.

                  The Republic is dead..and its killers really don’t have a clue..or are arguing how to proceed from here (present time-frame), as too damn many of us are ‘ARMED to the TEETH’…and intend to shoot back / shoot first..in a stand-off scenario.

                  ..which equates into your fraternity taking evermore casualties.


                  …yet (IMO), what terrifies the elite, is the prospect that some among us armed peons, have bothered to trace/nail their where-abouts/haunts/homes/vacation/hideouts…& hence, have a real mission now…in this life!

                  …Sadly, per my earlier reference to straw men/fall-guys….they’re gonna use you/your types….

                  …as “rifle-fire fodder” to protect themselves & their assets…from righteous judgement.

                  …call it:..

                  ..FOR WHOM THE BELL TOLLS..at +500yds!!!


                  ..best o’ luck to you & yours, sarge!

                  Yer a good one(IMO)..you’ve been consistent from day one…I hope you make it thru the coming maelstrom.

                  GOOD LUCK!!!!!!!!!!!!!

                  • Hunter, you’ve been away for too long. How’ve you been?

            • Thank you sarge for the civilized response, point taken……The defense rests your honor….

              • I will wait till the whole story comes out,was this just a “gonna kill a cop”move or was it revenge for something the cop did on/off duty in the past?

          • Richard:
            If what you said had any merit to it our jails would not be over crowded, there would be more killed by cops than are killed in Chicago, Detroit, New York, Nashville, Memphis, every day by their own race,.
            So wake up and get your fact straight.
            I have had cops for friends for many years (40+), I have talked to them about having to use deadly force, there is not one of them that wants to draw there weapon and pull the trigger. I have had run ins with the police and have always been treated the same way I treated them. Only one time have I ever had a bad experience, and I have to say most of it was my fault, I have to much to drink and smoke. I was trying to be a tough guy.
            So the next time someone is robbing you or kicking your butt or raping your loved one don’t call a cop because they just want to “kill with impunity”, your words not mine. Why don’t you call someone like that murderer who killed those two TV people or just killed that cop in Texas, I bet they would be more than willing to help.
            N. Reb

            • NR, AMEN. Richard Head is DICK Head.

          • It’s true there are cops that abuse their power, but people like to focus on those pieces of crap. Most cops are good folks that put their necks on the line to keep us safe.

            • Oracle a N.R.

            • And the gestapo of the third reich were really a great bunch of dudes they were just following orders.

            • I agree that there is some good cops, and some excellent cops. There is a lot of pathetic power hungry cops and some flat out bad cops. There is a cop I know that I would risk my life to help. I think Dale falls in between good and power hungry by the content of his post. For example, he would give a cop the day off without pay for extortion, which would be 5 years prison for a civilian. That’s why I don’t like him or his brown nose troll Bravefart. Would I help Dale if he was attacked by a mob? Yes, because he hasn’t crossed the line to be a bad cop.

        • thumbs UP!!!!!!

        • Sgt, sorry for your loss. My condolences.

          I read the site, but am not reading many of the comments any more (I usually check yours out), as I just got tired of this site turning into a Jew-baiting site. I *do* have concerns about a disproportionate number of New York, leftist, one-world govt Jews, but these types have gone WAY overboard. IMHO, they have some kind of psychological problems (and not doubt they will frantically comment here, to this post. Which I won’t be reading.)

          I hope you are well. My neighbor is a recently retired senior IL. state trooper, and he is a patriot, constitutionalist, and strong conservative, who is NOT a what some make out all cops to be. I’m sure there are a LOT of bad ones out there – just like there are a lot of bad doctors, project managers, truck drivers, etc. I only wish there were more of you!

      34. I have seen in hunting magazines sunglasses that will video tape your hunt. I wonder if you could wear something like that or google glasses and video tape it. It is possible that they may notice the video camera and disregard your glasses as regular glasses. At the very least wear a small video recording device and a wire under your clothes. Us the camera as the decoy. Also, there are apps that will auto download your images to an online account. I know my flickr app will.

        • I have a pair for me and my wife hey work great out to around 50 yards and as closes at 3 feet. They come with 4GB of memory.

      35. The way I see it if I’m gonna be on camera in public then the cops action should be watched as well. I got 8 cameras on my house providing overlapping coverage of my entire property and they are night vision too. I can watch my place from smart phone when I’m away. Cops cornered a big dog one day in the back yard I left the gate open and the loose dog wandered in. I showed the cops my cameras on the house to let them know I have a record of what was taking place. They handled the situation great they didn’t hurt the dog in the process of capturing him. Who knows if it would’ve been handled differently. If you people have your own homes you should get the camera security system. I know what time the mailman came and if the Jehovah’s Witness came. Good for bump in the night situations too. Well worth the investment IMO. Mine can see the neighbors coming and going and there friends too. You won’t regret paying the $ for it.

      36. WWTI…someone just revealed a study of JFK’s head injury that proved the autopsy photo that showed a supposed fragment of a bullet from his head wound presented as evidence as coming from the alleged Oswald weapon to be an altered fake. An example of cia, fbi, zog skullduggery in covering the truth here over a half century after the event. Like 9-11, the truth will be untouchable publicly long after everyone alive now is dead. The truth is mostly known about these events, yet many continue to ignore it to remain safe, so they think, in their protected cocoon. Out of sight, out of mind. Those covering the truth are all powerful, proving really how far this nation has sunk in an unescapable hole.

        • Yep if those who still lile to supress the facts of the JFK murder, that says those still have something to loose even today yet, if the facts got out. That just says Oswald was a patsy. Like why hide the truth of a patsy? Now our Country is infested neck deep with the tribe parasites. They have no loyalty to anyone but to the Zog faith. Eradication is the only answer. Orther wise enjoy your rape and daily fleecing.


      37. Illegal to even **privately** criticize Islam???

        As a dual US/Canadian citizen, I have seen many things like this start in Canada, then slowly work their way down to the US (socialized medicine, anyone?) I’m sure Barry and his Muslim Brotherhood buddies will be all over this one in a year or two…

        The Quebec Parliament is currently debating whether to pass Bill 59, a bill that would grant the Quebec Human Rights Commission (QHRC) the authority to investigate so-called “hate speech”, even without a complaint being filed. The Head of the QHRC, Jacques Frémont (also professor at Université de Montréal – Faculté de droit has already openly said that he plans to use such powers, “to sue those critical of certain ideas, ‘people who would write against … the Islamic religion … on a website or on a Facebook page’” according to Canada’s National Post.

        See http://www.postedeveille.ca or http://news.nationalpost.com/full-comment/national-post-view-quebec-hate-speech-bill-would-re-establish-bureaucratic-despotism or

        “Liberating tolerance would mean intolerance against movements from the right and toleration of movements from the left. Certain things cannot be said, certain ideas cannot be expressed, certain policies cannot be proposed.”

        – Communist/leftist hero Herbert Marcuse, and his “repressive tolerance” theory of modern progressives

        • Fuck me TEST me old mucker… I’ve been fighting these muslim fuckers and their anti-fascist left wing sympathises for five fuckin years. You people better wake up… For some reason the leftist pricks are SO up the ass of the muslim brotherhood… FUCK ISLAM… FUCK THE LEFTISTS.

          • AS, I agree. No submitting to libturds, ragheads, or any other scum for me.

        • PS… Good on Mr TEST for bringing this nation changing fifth columnist bullshit to the attention of sht planers… STOP THE ROT.

      38. I’ve been reading SHTF Plan/Survival Blog/The Survivalist Blog.net/Zero Hedge for around 9 years now, so I’m not some troll or newbie/wannabe either.

        The sad fact of the matter is, most of this crap is Bullshit/Fear Porn.

        I’ve got to hand it to Mac, as he allows a free and open discussion, while M.D. Creedmoor at The Survivalist Blog.net shuts down anyone does not hold the same opinions as his. WHAT AN ASSHOLE!

        Don’t bother to respond to this, as I won’t be coming back to read your nonsense.

        Watch out fur them Hogs!

        • TH
          I’m sad to see you go. Come back some day. PLEASE.
          We don’t always agree but at least we kept it civil.
          Going to miss you.
          May God Bless You and Yours.

        • Them Hogs, I’ve always enjoyed your posts also. Creedmoor is just like the people at the MSM sites who used to censor me before I came here. Don’t let anyone drive you away from here.

        • Them Hogs:
          I know you said you was going to read this, I’m send this to you anyway.
          Good luck my friend you will be missed. Good luck and keep your powder dry.
          Remember one thing Security Through Superior Fire Power.
          N. Reb

      39. you’ll be back

      40. Sarge, you ain’t kidding, I just saw that one this morning. Fricking lunatic sneaks up on Cop at gastation, and empties the entire mag Into to him, for what reason?.. that explains why that ranger copter was flying around the entire area with a spot light..heard that they just caught the idiot, his mother turned him in. This was really strange. The cops can’t even pump gas at a Gas station without getting shot, wtf???? I taught I was in the middle of a JH15 takeover, extraction. That copter was in a hunt. And this crime took place in and extremely heavily armed area of town. Now what the hell is wrong with the these f…k…g people. Damn.

        Can you imagine calapse?..



        • We are hungry… Feed us or die. BWHAHAHAHAHAHAHA.

      41. Them hogs, keep prepping. This is not 9 yrs ago, this is whole different world we are living in right now. I got news for you buddy, it’s going to happen, calapse will commence, don’t call b..sh..t on Mac just yet. ..if crimes like what just happened literally miles down the street for Me, then I have reason to be concerned about EMP, Economic calapse, false flag, russia and china, JH15. Etc.. not to mention russian spetzatz up in my face and other crap going on in this city, where you can’t even pump gas without getting your ass shot. Then we need to prep, I wound hate to see what people are goin g to do if food, water and electricity cuts off…F… K this..



        Houston, don’t you love it. Welcome to my city.

        • Hogs,

          You has best take hcks advice to heart if you want him to save a seat for you on Niburu when it arrives next April. He controls all the seating arrangements, as well as access to Dave Hodges, Alex Jones, the scientist friend who must always remain nameless, and Howard Ruff.
          Only hcks knows the EXACT date when the surprise EMP strike will hit, expertly timed to coincide with the dreadlock zombie brain eating invasion of the Houston metro area. He’s also been keeping extremely close tabs on ALL of the foreign soldiers, Chinese and Mexican, who are disguised as waiters, cooks, and busboys in all of the Chinese and Mexican restaurants in the Houston area. He’s been able to break the ultra secret ” oobie oobie ” zombie protocol put in place just recently, waiting for the right moment to attack. So you can see for yourself your life is in extreme peril by disregarding ANYTHING said by hcks.

          The Agency Azz Clowns

          Somehow still posting here in spite of hcks ban on us

          Shtf’er, Don’t you just love it? wtf, Jebus Koverist!

      42. Been a while since I placed a good story.
        Yes, it has been posted before, but with so many newbies (and I mean that in the most sincere way) here we go…

        Grandpa’s justice
        By Tom Kovach

        Issue #65 • September/October, 2000
        Having the best vegetable garden in the village might put food on the table and make some money at the market, but it also can cause some problems. Or so it was with my grandfather, the mayor of a small village in Hungary, then a part of the Austrian-Hungarian Empire.
        My father told me Grandfather grew some of the best potatoes, cabbage, and carrots in the area. But one summer he ran into problems. Someone was stealing his produce. Not just stealing it, but also digging some of the plants up and leaving them to spoil.
        Besides his huge vegetable garden, my grandfather had the duties of mayor, taking care of local disputes and such. He also had some cows, horses, and hay fields to care for. My grandmother helped and so did some of the children who were older, but for the most part the work fell on my grandfather and he was none too pleased to see his hard work being ruined by thieves and vandals.
        One of the people taking vegetables was an old man who lived in a little shack and no means of support, other than odd jobs. What little money he made, he spent on drink. My father did not begrudge him the few vegetables he took, but he felt bad that the old man was spending the money he made from the vegetable garden on liquor.
        He also knew that the old man was not a vandal. He took whatever vegetables he got out of the garden to either eat or sell. Someone else was tearing up the garden.
        He got an idea. One day he told my grandmother, “I think I’ll hire the old man who’s taking my vegetables as a night watchman for our garden. I’m too busy to stay up watching it.”
        My grandmother shook her head, “But can we afford it?”
        “I won’t pay him too much. And what we save from his keeping our vegetables from being taken or ruined will more than make up for what I pay him.”
        My grandmother agreed. “And maybe a job will change him.”
        My grandfather smiled, “That’s what I was thinking. In fact I think this will work out very well.”
        When he first approached the old man about a job watching the vegetable garden, his eyes got big and he looked frightened. No doubt he was afraid my grandfather knew he was taking some of the vegetables. But he agreed to the job.
        The very first night on the job the old man caught the ones who were ripping up the garden. They were two young boys whose father had died in war and were being raised by their widowed mother. They were an unruly lot and not much older than my father. My grandfather felt sorry for them but knew that he must do something. Not only were they wrecking his garden but, since he was mayor, he must also mete out some sort of justice.
        “I’ll tell you what,” he told the two wild brothers, “I will show you how hard it is to grow a nice, big garden, but I will also show you how enjoyable it can be.”
        The boys had no choice but to work in grandfather’s garden. But he also taught them how to garden. How to plant the seeds, how to carefully water everything. He even taught them how to care for fruit trees.
        At first the boys were angry and spiteful. But they changed their minds when grandfather also paid them a small amount for their labors. Then he let them take fruit and vegetables home to their widowed mother. Soon the boys were anxious to come to work. They felt proud of what they were learning and my grandfather took his mules over to their mother’s small plot of land and helped them plant their own garden.
        Meanwhile, the old man my grandfather had hired to watch over the garden was still on the job. Now that he had to “work” at night, he did not care to drink so much during the day. And, as with the two boys, my grandfather gave the old man produce to take home each day for his own use. And a change came over him. He started to feel proud that he had a job and he started to take care of himself. In fact, he took some of the money my grandfather paid him and bought himself a new white shirt. The next Sunday he showed up in church, clean-shaven, with his new shirt proudly buttoned up, and he was sober.
        With the boys helping him in the garden, my grandfather made the garden even bigger, thereby having more vegetables to sell and therefore having more money from the sale of the produce. With this he helped the boys buy seed and fruit trees for their own lot. Before long they were doing very well in their own garden and selling produce to help their widowed mother.
        With the extra money my grandfather decided to fix up a nice clean room in one of his outbuildings where the old man could live safely and comfortably. He still paid him to work for him, but by now he didn’t need a night watchman for the garden. Instead he paid him for odd jobs so that he could always have some of his own money.
        He began eating his meals with my grandfather and grandmother and their family. In fact he stayed with them until he passed away. He also gave up drinking for good.
        So with just a few extra cents, my grandfather helped the two boys and the old man help themselves, and he changed the lives of a lot of people including my grandfather’s and my father’s, who told the story to me.

        May all be well here…

        • And maybe a job will change him.

          Dang, would that not change this nation aroud 180 degrees???

          • Be very blessed uncle eppe.

        • EPPY:
          Good story. Yes a little kindness goes a long way.
          N. Reb

          • NR, you and SGT. think alike…

            I often wonder what the world woud be like if everyone would be kind to each other.

            But if we all played fair, what could we as humanity accomplish???

            Damn, too deep….

            • Eppy:
              I just wish everyone would think before they speak or type in this case.
              It would also help if people would get there fact straight and not blame a race, the cops, a doctor, a country, a religion, and so on, by the actions of one or a few clowns that makes them look bad.
              I have always lived my life by trying to understand other people, and I only condemn those that do bad and harm others. If the people condone the actions of a few wrong doers, I have to admit that I feel that they are as bad as those doing the dirty deed.
              Ok now I’m getting to deep for a Lazy Saturday afternoon.
              N. Reb

              • NR, cannot agree more.

                Imagine what could be done if no more wars, no more poverty, no more race problems???

                I wonder what to expect next, scares the shit out of me where this all could go…..

                If you have not prepped, then you are just inept….

                May all here be well…(and stock up)…I know I have…

                • Great story. The best for every man/family is to be able to stand on their own.

        • Eppe, that was back when before they invented Meth and Crack. You never want to invite these scumbags on your property ever period. Just call Sgt and put them in a cage. Out or sight out of mind. Or,…. sit next to your garden at night with IR or Nt Vision and give the thieves a never ending splitting head ache.

          ~WWTI… Oh how times have changed.

          • Without a social net. People don’t have the luxury of doing drugs. It’s grow your food or starve.

          • Wwti, I know what you mean.
            I have lost 5 ‘friends’ to those drugs over the years.
            And did they change for the better?
            I watched one go from a playdoy bunny to a scrawny wrinkled hag. It is a shame, now she is dead due to meth…

        • This! If everyone turned their yard into a jumbo veggie garden, a shtf event would suck a lot less. It makes me sick how much people are obsessed with lawns. All the chemical fertilizers and nasty weed killers like glyphosate. You people could have saved hundreds, if not thousands on groceries. Hoop houses would be a prefect touch, harvesting spinach on the middle of January.

      43. Like that has been mentioned before on this site. Hone up on your pioneer skills fast if you plan on canning your produce you better learn how to over an open fire because it is a whole new ball game. Even cooking over an open fire must be learned before it is needed, and using a Dutch oven. Learn how to dehydrate using solar power, and how to cook with a solar oven also. Learn now not latter. Think pioneer skills and learn them and you just might survive another day. Also how to smoke,and dry meat.

      44. Eppe, good story and excellent grammar. Nothing like the good old days. I am still still learning how to read and write English, just kidding, just read between the lines and one will get the drift.



        It’s the content of the comment that matters, not the grammar. We are now living in the mist of the SHTF EVENT HORIZON. I can feel the pressure ripping off the top of my skull.

        • Nice to see you have a sense of humor! 🙂

          • “O”
            I’m just a little testy today. I just laied my Mother-In-Law to rest today, and I’m not in a good mood.
            There are some very good folks here and several with a great sense of humor.

            • I’m sorry for your loss. We all lose it sometimes especially when we’re going through something hard. I thought HCKS joking about his grammar was pretty funny since he’s always so serious. We gotta keep our sense of humor that’s what makes life fun.

            • My condolences, Sgt

            • SGT. Dale.

              Sorry about Mother In Law.

              • Sarge,sorry about your mother in law,you obviously got along well and cared for her,have a beer/smoke/cup of joe/ice cream,whatever gets you thru,the death train sucks but until we drop I guess life goes on,hope your wife doing as well as possible,losing a parent sucks.

                • To all of the above Thanks.
                  She was a GREAT GAL!!!!
                  She will be missed.
                  AGAIN THANKS!!!!

        • HCKS:
          LOL, you can write in any English you want!;-}
          N. Reb

      45. Them hogs will be back soon, only problem, is when he tries to comment he won’t have access the good it will be gone and the planet will be tilting on a 24′ axis. The good thing is that Hog prepped just as back up. This makes Hog smart.



      46. Time start putting out info:


        First let me clear up a point or two on the ammo can cooker…….

        1. The ammo can cooker acts as a PRESURE COOKER, not a roaster.
        2. You must fill the can all the way to the top with water and then snap
        close the lid.
        3. Place in fire / coals and let cook for 40min. to 1 hr.
        4. And yes it does work..and very well at that. 🙂

        Survival mindset:

        Fear. Fear is our emotional response to dangerous circumstances that
        we belive have the potential to cause death, injury, or illness. This harm
        is not just limited to physical damage; the threat to one’s emotional and
        mental well-being can generate fear as well.

        For the person trying to survive, fear can have a positive function
        if it encourages him or her to be cautious in situations where recklessness
        could result in death or injury.

        Unfortunately, fear can also immobilize a person. It can cause him
        or her to become so frightened that they fail to preform activities
        essential for survival.

        Most people have some degree of fear when placed in unfamiliar surroundings
        under adverse conditions. There is no shame in this!

        We must all train ourselves to overcome our fears. Ideally, through
        good training, we can acquire the knowledge and skills needed to increase
        our confidence and thereby manage our fears.

        I also feel that we all must seek out and find a higher power from which
        we may draw hope and comfort, I also belive that this is a very personel
        thing and we must all be free to make our own choice in this matter. nuf’
        said on this.

        TIP>>>> Don’t be a dummy! use a Dummy Cord !……..

        We all know that some items are hard to acquire right now during the ” good
        times”…well how do you think it will be after TEOTWAWKI ?…..Use Dummy
        cords….dummy cords are the cords that you use to tie your gear to your
        person…ie…compass….canteens..or even your side arm.

        I use para cord for this. Works great! Think about this….it is 2 a.m. ,
        you are 10 miles from your safe area, you were forced off of the roads for
        fear off the armed gangs that are stopping people trying to flee, you have
        your heading and are making good time when you suddenly slip and fall….
        …you seem to be ok but guess what?….Where is your compass?
        whoops…..no pistol…..uh oh.

        Don’t be a Dummy!!…..Use Dummy cords!…………. 🙂

        It’s not a pressure cooker unless it has pressure. Very little pressure
        would severely bulge the sides of an ammo can; it takes about 10 psig to
        pressure cook.

        If you do pressure cook, it takes very little water and very little time.
        You are not pressure cooking by this method. If you were, the ammo can
        would explode since it has no pressure relief. If it leaks, it has no

      47. This is why people must always record the protectors and enforcers of the criminal enterprise that all levels of government has become. Don’t let them know you’re recording either expose them for the whole world to see.

      48. Dutch Oven Temp Guide:
        If you are going to cook outside, start your wood 30-45 mins before
        you want to cook so there will be coals. Apply the coals in a
        checkerboard pattern to as to not create hot spots top or bottom.
        Lift and rotate the dutch oven every 10-15 mins a 1/4 turn and then
        rotate the lid 1/4 turn the opposite direction.

        8″ oven size
        325F add 10 coals top and 5 coals bottom
        350F add 11 coals top and 5 coals bottom
        375F add 11 coals top and 6 coals bottom
        400F add 12 coals top and 6 coals bottom
        425F add 13 coals top and 6 coals bottom
        450F add 14 coals top and 6 coals bottom

        10″ oven size
        325F add 13 coals top and 6 coals bottom
        350F add 14 coals top and 7 coals bottom
        375F add 16 coals top and 7 coals bottom
        400F add 17 coals top and 8 coals bottom
        425F add 18 coals top and 9 coals bottom
        450F add 19 coals top and 10 coals bottom

        12″ oven size
        325F add 16 coals top and 7 coals bottom
        350F add 17 coals top and 8 coals bottom
        375F add 18 coals top and 9 coals bottom
        400F add 19 coals top and 10 coals bottom
        425F add 21 coals top and 10 coals bottom
        450F add 22 coals top and 11 coals bottom

        14″ oven size
        325F add 20 coals top and 10 coals bottom
        350F add 21 coals top and 11 coals bottom
        375F add 22 coals top and 12 coals bottom
        400F add 24 coals top and 12 coals bottom
        425F add 25 coals top and 13 coals bottom
        450F add 26 coals top and 14 coals bottom

        Baking temps from regular cookbooks sometimes refer to temperatures
        as Slow, Moderate, Hot, very Hot ovens.
        Slow = 250-350F
        Moderate = 350-400F
        Hot = 400-450F
        Very Hot = 450-500F

        Servings per Dutch oven
        8″ = 2 quarts = 1-2 people
        10″ = 4 quarts = 4-7 people
        12″ = 6 quarts = 12-14 people
        12″ deep = 8 quarts = 16-20 people
        14″ = 8 quarts = 16-20 people
        14″ deep = 10 quarts = 22-28 people
        16″= 12 quarts = 24-30 people

      49. Gun control/VA. shooting earlier in week: What was not reported

        I have done a lot of research on this topic. The article below only scratches the surface. Antidepressants are heavily associated with gun violence…

        “According to CBS News, earlier this year, cops searched Roof, after he was acting suspiciously inside a Bath & Body Works store. They found “orange strips” that Roof told officers was Suboxone, a narcotic that is used to treat opiate addiction. Suboxone has a reported history of causing violent episodes in some users.

        But there is much more. Back in 1989, 47-year-old Joseph T. Wesbecker, just a month after he began taking Prozac, shot 20 workers in Louisville, Ky., killing nine.

        Prozac maker Eli Lilly later settled a lawsuit brought by survivors.

        1999: 15-year old Oregon school shooter Kip Kinkel, who opened fire in his school cafeteria, had been on Prozac.

        1999: Eric Harris, the Columbine killer, was taking Luvox.

        1999: Conyers, Georgia school shooter T.J. Solomon was on Ritalin.

        2005: Red Lake Indian Reservation shooter Jeff Weise was taking Prozac.

        2007: Virginia Tech shooter Cho Seung-Hui, who shot and killed 32 people, was on anti-depressants and taking Prozac.

        2012: Colorado theater shooter James Holmes… was reportedly heavily hooked on the prescription painkiller Vicodin. And he took a cocktail of anti-depressants before his shooting spree.

        2012: Conn. school shooter Adam Lanza’s uncle said the boy was prescribed Fanapt, a controversial anti-psychotic medicine.

        And those are only a few examples. There have been no less than 26 cases of mass shootings in the U.S. where the shooter has been taking anti-depressant drugs. To be clear, we’re not saying Prozac and Vicodin are to blame. But, consider the side effects of these drugs:

        Prozac: nervousness, anxiety, insomnia, inner restlessness, suicidal thoughts, self-mutilation, manic behavior
        Vicodin: confusion, fear, unusual thoughts or behavior; anxiety, dizziness, drowsiness; headache, mood changes.
        Xanax: depressed mood, thoughts of suicide or hurting yourself, unusual risk-taking behavior, decreased inhibitions, no fear of danger; agitation, hostility, hallucinations.

        What you need to know is that the use of anti-depressants in America has skyrocketed. Now, 1 in 10 Americans take them, four times as many as did in the 1990s. And while millions of people do not suffer violent episodes, the drug makers warn that some people may, and do.

        Cited from http://freedomoutpost.com/2015/08/reality-check-why-arent-shootings-sparking-debate-over-anti-depressants/#sHydZoEYALPfx5L4.99

        • TEST

          In that case the shootings will never stop but will become more frequent.

          Wonder what the Stress Test/Camel’s Back will be.

      50. The news crews will soon be supporting multiple cameras that upload to somewhere else. No way for a cop to delete anything anymore.

        And then we can fire these tyrant cops.

      51. Dutch Oven Cooking8:
        Corn Meal Mush

        1 qt boiling water 1 c cornmeal

        Bring water to boil with salt. Slowly stir in cornmeal. Cook 20
        min stirring often.

        Hasty Pudding
        (Fried Cornmeal Mush)

        1 recipe cornmeal mush flour
        1 tbs oil

        Mold mush and refrigerate overnight. Slice into 1/2″ slices.
        Flour lightly and pan fry in small ammount of oil until brown,
        about 15 min a side.

        Indian Pemmican

        2 lb dried beef 1 c rasins
        1/2 c yellow rasins Beef suet

        Using ablender, mince meat to a fine pulp. Stir in rasins. Chop
        just enough to break up rasins. Turn into bowl and mix well. Pour
        melted suet over top, using only enough to hold beef and rasins
        together. Allow to cool slightly. Turn onto a jelly roll pan and
        allow to cool completely. Cut into strips and then into bars
        about 1″ wide and 4″ long. Store in ziplock baggs. These bars can
        be stored for several months.


        We consider curries native to India and do not realize how many
        different types there are. There seems to be many misconceptions
        about curries in general. Curry is a fashion of cooking: a
        process whereby meats, fish, vegetables or even fruit are cooked
        in varying combinations of ground herbs and spices, (known as
        curry pastes), to produce a stew like dish. All dishes that are
        hot and spicy are not curries, nor are all curries fiery hot.
        Curry powder is an amalgam of some “Indian” spices best applied
        to the flavorings of curry dips and dishes where a hint of curry
        influence is desired.

        In a Thai curry, the proportion of solids to liquid is small. As
        they are always eaten over large mounds of steamed rice, just a
        few solids suffice and the flavour of the spicy, highly flavored
        gravy is extended by the bland rice.

        Curry pastes should be a marvelous, aromatic mixture of freshly
        ground herbs and spices. When preparing a curry paste, it is
        preferable to first use a mortar and pestle with the hard fibrous
        ingredients rather than including them with other ingredients in
        a food processor or blender. The pounding of the pestle crushes
        the husks and fibers releasing the oils and juices, whereas the
        processor and blender merely cut the spices.

        For the modern kitchen cook with no time to spare, a food
        processor in conjunction with an electric spice or coffee type
        grinder can be used. This does not however eliminate the
        requirement for a mortar and pestle. For mashing moist herbs like
        lemon grass, garlic and shallots there is no substitute. However,
        the whole dried spices (chilies, cloves), give out their best
        aroma when pulverized by a good grinder. When you are preparing a
        paste, single out the hard and dried spices and pound or grind
        them first before proceeding further.

        14 medium, dried red chilies, seeded or 1 tbs. ground red chili
        powder (cayenne).
        2 shallots, minced.
        1 tsp. caraway seeds or 1 tsp. ground caraway.
        1 tbs. whole coriander seeds or 1 tbs. ground.
        8 pieces galangal root (Laos), chopped or powdered.
        2 tbs coriander roots, minced.
        1 tsp, salt.
        1 lime peel, finely chopped.
        1 stalk lemon grass, minced.
        1 tsp. whole black peppercorns or 1 tsp. freshly ground black
        1/2 tsp. kaffir lime powder (pew makrut) or substitute 1 bay
        1 tbs. garlic, minced.
        4 tbs. vegetable oil.


        1. Place the whole dried spices (chilies, caraway, coriander,
        galangal root and peppercorns) in an electric spice grinder or
        mortar and grind or pound to a powder. Omit this step if ground
        spices are used. Empty this powder into the food processor and
        add the remaining ingredients, including the oil, and process or
        pound to a smooth, even paste.

        Now that you’ve got this part together here comes the recipe for
        the meal!


        3 tbs. safflower oil.
        2 tbs. red curry paste.
        8 oz. broccoli, steamed.
        1 cup cauliflower, steamed.
        2 lbs. cooked long grain rice (2 cups).
        2 tbs. finely chopped shallots.
        2 red chilies, seeded and finely chopped.
        2 medium onions, finely chopped.
        1 tbs. lemon or lime juice.
        1 tbs. soya sauce.


        1. Heat the oil in a wok or large frying pan and stir the curry
        paste for 3 minutes. Add the steamed vegetables and stir fry
        until well heated through. Add the rice, mix well and continue to
        stir fry until heated through. Transfer to a serving dish.

        2. Sprinkle shallots over the top with chilies.

        3. Sprinkle with chopped onions, lemon juice and soya sauce
        before serving.

      52. If yall like the cops that’s your business. I don’t like them and don’t trust them and will never call them. Have never called the police in my life I just won’t. You don’t need to because there are so many cop lovers if something goes down someone else will quickly dial the numbers. Maybe in other parts of this country the cops are good guys but around here they are corrupt and power hungry and lazy I don’t even see them do anything. Waste of $. Police only enforce laws the elites made to control free people. Why should I like them at all. I was told by someone that was a cop to not trust police avoid them they are not your friend. This is what I teach my kids. So there you have it laws made by rich elites enforced by gestapo cops for the greater good of the elites not you or me.

        • Ass,I also will not call the police,that said,would call paramedics/firefighters and then police always tag along,but,outright call the police,never,don’t need report takers which unless always by your side is all they will do by the time they get there.Tis why to always be armed,a cop is too heavy to carry!

      53. I think we should do like they do
        Hide behind something while filming them
        And after their statement about what they were doing is released
        Release the truth and send em to jail

        Don’t let them know your filming them
        Let them go back to thinking no one is watching that’s when the real truth of ones character comes out
        Than show it to the world what they are , and than go find them and have them arrested

        • If you’re going to be filming them just have a hidden dash cam (or friend) filming you filming them.

          Preferably uploading it to the cloud as it does.

      54. What a farce, pasty crook Gov. Prick Scott advising Floridians to stock up on supplies in preparation for a hurricane, then again after the weak storm fell apart. He acts like he cares, the phony bastard. What a joke of a state government! GOP run into the ground, it has to be the worst in these disunited states. The dumbed down yahoos actually voted in this joke twice, that and his spending close to 150 million buying the joint. Money he fleeced from Medicaid, pled the 5th 70 times and here he is. What a freaking joke. Meanwhile Billary waits to be completely cleared of any wrongdoing so she can ascend to her place on the throne with all that murder, treason and corruption stuffed up her ass. Lastly, these meteorologist’s are quite the quackery, they can’t predict the weather from hour to hour, much less from day to day. Dumb asses.

        • aljamo

          So you think two time Charlie Crist could have done better. You must love gun control.

      55. I’m not finished roasting these pig politician’s. Look at the NWO establishment flake case Trump. The rest of the sordid clown show of GOP candidates pretend to oppose him but behind the scenes favor his shit spew of anything to take the peoples eyes off of his real purpose, that being to get Hillary elected. She or it and Jeb are the only acceptable options to the established order. The majority want the witch hag and her treachery leading the total demise of our nation. Notice Jeb does not put his last name on any of his campaign posters and such. Trump knows damn well the illegals will never be removed from this country. The fix is in, more of the same. Do you really expect any change outside the box?

      56. I’m not finished roasting these pig politician’s. Look at the NWO establishment flake case Trump. The rest of the sordid clown show of GOP candidates pretend to oppose him but behind the scenes favor his shit spew of anything to take the peoples eyes off of his real purpose, that being to get Hillary elected. She or it and Jeb are the only acceptable options to the established order. The majority want the witch hag and her treachery leading the total demise of our nation. Notice Jeb does not put his last name on any of his campaign posters and such. Trump knows damn well the illegals will never be removed from this country. The fix is in, more of the same. Do you really expect any change outside the box? Trump is a bad joke foisted on brain deficient America.

        • aljamo.

          I am voting for Hillary so all you white folk who voted for Obama twice, get to hear her lies and see her distorted face every night on T.V. When the serfs don’t behave they way she wants them to behave.

          Off with their heads!

      57. We all should get a thirty day notice that there would be NO Law Enforcement for a week. Load up. Gear Up and be ready to defend yourselves. Those that think are above the law will be leveled out. Those that want to do acts of mayhem will de dealt with accordingly.
        All these news spots will become like farts in a whirlwind and all that will be important is what is happening to you at any given time. I would hope that many will understand the need for guns to defend themselves and that they should be able to do it and not be a bunch of scared pussies. All this police brutality, police shootings, crime, gun control is all a shit sandwich and I am tired of it.

        Prep because the real shit is coming. Can’t come fast enough.

      58. just fyi to those who responded to my post about the suspicious comments made by the physician covering at the hospital….I ran the info past a couple non-prepper folks, to see if I was too paranoid and decided maybe i’m not paranoid enough! tip filed with DHS tip line.

      59. It does feel like it’s just about going down. Gun control shouldn’t even be up for discussion bad people gonna get em so I gotta have one too. That’s the end of the debate. People should be open carrying IMO. If that camera man had a gun on him he’d of been able to kill the attacker and saved his and possibly other countless lives from a deranged nutcase. The media never mentions this stuff but they mention two unarmed guys on a train subduing a gunman with no guns of their own. They were lucky that they succeeded in disarming the bad guy that’s all that was. The zog media will never say people should be armed to stop bad guys but it’s the truth. gun control will never work with criminals they don’t give a shit about laws. Why is this so hard for lawmakers to get. It shows how delusional the gov is and that they have an agenda to disarm the public.

      60. slingshot… I didn’t vote for Crist either, although he is from St. Pete where I live, that alone makes him better than the outsider Scott, who needs to go the hell back to Indiana or whatever yankee state he crawled out of. Crist is another flip flopper changing parties at the drop of a hat. The choices suck just like nationally. Rather two choices of the same. And no again, I support the right for citizens to own arms 100%.

      61. Florida is getting some precipitation. Some counties you can get ten free sandbags a day. How many sandbags do you need to beat the flood waters.

      62. DOW futures Neg. 183

      63. Hope and Change.

        Obama is changing the name of Mt. McKinley To its former Native name.

      64. There is an excellent article at veteranstoday.com today titled: Unexpected Blowback is Now Revealing the Establishment’s Evil Agenda. It’s a long article and sums up what the American and world people are facing.

      65. Love using the Dutch oven it’s satisfying to cook a good meal in it. Excellent piece of cooking gear. I hear ya war child about the suits tagging along with the firemen and emts. Oh well what are ha gonna do.

      66. My friend lives in Fort Mill, SC. She told me about her friend’s grandson. He was pulled over and lit up a cigarette. The cop shot him in the back of the head. No police footage there either! Go figure.

      67. The city of Dayton issued a statement saying, “A Dayton Police Officer pulled John Felton over on August 15 for not signaling within 100 feet of a turn. During the stop the Officer additionally acknowledged that Mr. Felton made sustained direct eye contact prior to being stopped. The traffic infraction was verified by the video;

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