Obama’s No-Fly, No-Buy Violates 2nd AND 5th Amendments: List Uses “Secret Criteria” To Bar Guns

by | Dec 8, 2015 | Aftermath, Conspiracy Fact and Theory | 147 comments

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    Is there any doubt left that Obama wants to completely destroy the right to keep and bear arms, and bind Americans to their own enslavement?

    Reactionary gun control efforts following San Bernardino are combining undue hysteria over firearms and terrorism into one mis-aimed issue that stands to trample upon the American people – who are already the most surveilled and controlled.

    Led by fear, most are prepared to sacrifice liberty and accept further measures in order to address the perceived threat from ISIS… but the bigger threat by far comes from the federal government itself.

    The Washington Post blasted President Obama’s proposals for adding terror watch list suspects to the no-buy gun list:

    [T]he no-fly list is a secret list that uses secret criteria to determine who finds a home on it. So if you link banning guns to the no-fly list, the scenario presented is completely feasible: The government could theoretically add anyone it wants to the no-fly list, even broad categories of people, and thereby prevent them from owning a gun.

    Tim Sparapani is now principal of SPQR Strategies but was formerly senior legislative counsel for the American Civil Liberties Union. In that role, he became intimately familiar with the use of the no-fly list — or, anyway, as familiar as someone from outside of the government can be. Armed with that knowledge, he explained why using it as the basis for much of anything was iffy, much less banning gun purchases.

    The problems are foreseeable and obvious:

    “The problem with any kind of watch list,” Sparapani said, “is that it’s always going to be both under- and over-inclusive. It suffers on both accounts. It causes so many problems that it really leads us to question the worth of having a list like this.”

    Not only can the draconian government database not protect everyone by knowing all the risks, but the government has carte blanche to label anyone as a potential terrorists, a threat, or simply flag the for further monitoring.

    Obama’s proposal has been voiced before, including by his former White House Chief of Staff and the controversial embattled mayor of Chicago, Rahm Emanuel:

    Even with the best intentions with a dangerous tool under one administration, there is every chance that the next administration would try to corral other groups under the label and deny them rights.

    With Obama’s far-reaching gun control agenda, such a list could be a fail-proof method of taking everyone’s legal right to bear arms, at least at its extreme.

    If the IRS were running the watchlist, they would likely fail at spotting terrorists, but every Tea Party conservative might find their closely guarded 2nd Amendment under attack.

    It also violates 5th Amendment rights to due process, as the Washington Post notes:

    Particularly when applied to the ability to own a firearm, many would argue that the no-fly list is a violation of the 5th Amendment, which guarantees the right to due process before people are deprived of life, liberty or property. During the ACLU’s lawsuit, the government admitted that people are added to the list speculatively, before they’ve actually done anything wrong. What’s more, the Guardian reported in 2014 that the list might be used by law enforcement as a pressure point against possible informants.

    The list is itself almost necessarily a slippery slope. “There’s very little incentive for any particular government official to narrow the list,” Sparapani said. “It’s much easier to put more and more names on it.”


    “Who are these people who are so dangerous that we can’t let them on planes, but we haven’t gone out and arrested them?” Sparapani asked. “At what point do we actually take action against them if they’re under what we think of as passive surveillance? … If they’re too dangerous to be put on a plane but not too dangerous for us to arrest them, what exactly is this list about?”

    Asked another way: Who is too dangerous to be on a plane but not dangerous enough to walk around in public — and should that person be denied the right to own a firearm because they land somewhere in that gray space? President Obama’s goal was not really to keep the guns out of the hands of possible terrorists, in part because the overlap of the no-fly list and possible terrorists looks more like a Venn diagram than a circle. It was, instead, part of his effort to limit the availability of guns in general, using the no-fly list as a tool.

    Someone like Trump might start with Muslims he fears threaten America, but might end up with the very dissenters who elected him to office. Just being added to the list would be enough to harass, inconvenience and violate every civil liberty that Americans once held hear – and practically no one has ever gotten off the terrorism watch list, despite many well known mix-ups and mistakes.

    As Sen. Rand Paul noted, “someone who has guns, ammunition, seven days of food” could be considered a potential terrorist under Homeland Security policy. Not only could it happen, but someone could be barred from buying guns for owning guns in the first place. It all depends on the selective enforcement and abuse of the system.

    Since the Bush Administration, hundreds of people have been falsely added to the terror list or prevented from flying because they share a last name, or a similar name, with another person who is merely suspected, but not actually accused of wrongdoing.

    The Washington Times reports:

    “It’s very, very common for individuals who have similar appearing names to be confused with people who are actually on the no-fly list,” said Barry Steinhardt, a New York-based lawyer who heads the American Civil Liberties Union’s Technology and Liberty Program.

    “The lists are both so shrouded in secrecy and so large that inevitably innocent people are swept up as potential suspects or terrorists especially when you have lists that are maintained by intelligence agencies that have very little oversight,” he said.

    The Bush administration has attempted to stem confusion caused by the existence of multiple watch lists by establishing a joint FBI-CIA Terrorist Threat Integration Center (TTIC), which consolidates more than a dozen previous lists, including the State Department’s TIPOFF database of more than 110,000 known and suspected terrorists.

    Could it really happen here?

    Obama seems bound and determined to undermine the 2nd Amendment in any and all ways he possibly can. How far is he willing to go before the end of his term?

    Read more:

    Paul to Congress: “Someone Who Has Guns, Ammunition, 7 Days of Food” Can Be Considered a Potential Terrorist

    Confiscation Is Coming: Obama To Issue Executive Order Targeting 4.2 Million Retirees With Massive Gun Ban

    New Obama Policy Would Make “Merely Posting Firearm Information on the Internet” a Crime

    White House Study Finds Guns Save Lives: “Consistently Lower Injury Rates Among Gun Using Crime Victims”


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      1. The goal is to erode the 2nd Amendment rights. On the one hand they want to grant voting rights to felons but disarm citizens.










          Their makin a list
          Their checkin it twice
          Their gonna find out whos naughty or nice
          Federal Claws is comin to town..

          They see you when your sleeping
          They see when your awake
          They know if you been bad or good so shut up for goodness sake

          You better not pout
          You better not cry
          Just do what your told and never ask why
          Federal Claws is comin to town

          The NSA is watching
          The CIA is too
          The FBI is on your trail
          Now whatcha gonna do?

          Oh you better not pout
          You better not cry
          Think of fighting back you better not try
          Federal Claws is comin to town..

          With facial recognition
          And cell phone spying too
          A database as big as hell
          Has all the dirt on you

          Oh you better not speak
          You better not type
          Orwell was completely right
          Federal Claws is comin to town….

          • Genius, you just ruined a good Christmas song. How could you? [SARCASM]

            • Brave I’m just warming up for my christmas poem (I didn’t save it from last year) so I will attempt to rewrite it lol.

              • Genius, sorry but I don’t remember the poem, but will be glad to see it again.

                • Twas the night before christmas
                  And all through the whitehouse etc

                  • I think KYmom saved it. Did you KY?

                    • Genius,

                      I am searching to try to find it.

                      I found this on the internet. Very funny and had to share. 🙂

                      A Redneck Christmas

                      ‘Twas the night before Christmas and all through the trailer
                      Not a creature was stirrin’ ‘cept a redneck named Taylor.
                      His first name was Bubba, Joe was his middle,
                      And a-runnin’ down his chin was a trickle of spittle.

                      His socks, they were hung by the chimney with care,
                      And therefore there was a foul stench in the air.
                      From out in the yard there came such a noise
                      That Bubba got scared and rousted the boys.

                      There was Rufus, 12; Jim Bob was 11;
                      Dud goin’ on 10; Otis was 7.
                      John, George and Chucky were 5,4, and 3:
                      The twins were both girls so they just let them be.

                      They jumped in their overalls, no need for a shirt,
                      Threw a hat on each head, then turned with a jerk.
                      They ran to the gun rack that hung on the wall.
                      There were 17 shotguns; they grabbed them all.

                      Bubba said to the young’uns, “Now hesh up ya’ll!
                      The last thing we wanna do is wake up yer Maw.”
                      Maw was expecting and needed her sleep,
                      So out they crept out the door without making a peep.

                      They all looked around, and then they all spit.
                      The young’uns asked Bubba, “Paw, what is it?”
                      Bubba just stared; he could not say a word.
                      This was just like all of the stories he’d heard.

                      It was Santy Claus up on the roof, darn tootin’
                      But the boys didn’t know; they was about to start shootin’!
                      They aimed their shotguns and nearly made a mistake
                      That would have resulted in venison steak.

                      Bubba hollered out, “Don’t shoot, boys!”
                      That’s Santy Claus and he’s brought us some toys.
                      The dogs were a-barkin’ and a-raisin’ cain,
                      And Bubba whistled, and shouted, and called them by name.

                      “Down, Spot! Shut up Bullet! Quiet, Pete and Roscoe!
                      Git, Turnip and Tater and Sam and old Joe!”
                      “Git down from that porch! Git down off that wall!
                      Quit shakin the trailer, or you’ll make Santy fall!”

                      The dogs kept a-barkin’ and wouldn’t shut up,
                      And they trampled poor Pete who was only a pup.
                      Santy opened his bag, and threw out some toys.
                      Bubba got most, but left a few for the boys.

                      From up on the roof Santa heaved a great sigh.
                      Since the guns had been dropped he just might not die.
                      He jumped in his sleigh, told his reindeer to hurry.
                      The trailer started to wobble Santa started to worry.

                      Just as the reindeer got into the air,
                      The trailer collapsed, but Bubba didn’t care.
                      He was busy lookin’ at all his new toys.
                      Then a thought hit him, and he said to the boys:

                      “Go check on yer Maw, make sure she’s all right.
                      That roof fallin’ on her could-a hurt just a might.”
                      But Maw was OK, and the girls were too.
                      They fixed up the trailer; it looked good as new.

                      And as for Bubba, he liked Old St. Nick,
                      But Santa thought Bubba was a pure-in-tee hick!
                      Bubba had a nice Christmas, and the boys did, too.
                      And we all wish a Merry Christmas to you!

                    • I found this one too. 🙂

                      Redneck Christmas Carol

                      ‘Twas the Night before Christmas, and all through the shack
                      Not a creature was stirrin’, cept the lice on muh back.
                      The skoal cans wuz nailed to the screen door with care,
                      With hopes that St. Nicholas soon would be there.

                      The children were sleepin’, all snug in their beds,
                      While visions of tractor pulls danced in their heads.
                      And Ma in her nightgown all stained with pound cake.
                      Had just settled down to watch Ricki Lake.

                      When out in the driveway, a loud noise I heard,
                      I opened the winder to check muh T-bird.
                      I ran to the door, like I’s on a mission,
                      But I tripped on some parts from muh granny’s transmission.

                      The moon shone outside, the hound dog wuz barkin’.
                      Muh daughter weren’t home yet, she wuz still out parkin’.

                      When what to muh whiskey blind eyes should I see
                      But a Chevy S-10, pulled by eight flyin’ sheep.
                      With a fat nasty driver, so disgustin’ and sick
                      I said “Shoot Fire!” That must be St. Nick!

                      More rapid than X-lax his wooly sheep came.
                      And he belched and he hollered, and he called ’em by name.

                      Now CLIFFORD! Now VERNON! Now LESTER and ENUS!
                      On FESTUS! On ELMER! On ROSCOE and CLETUS!

                      From the top of the shack to them there garbage bins
                      Now Dash Away! Dash Away! Dash Away youins!

                      I heard a loud sound on the roof of muh shack.
                      Pud down muh beer and went fer muh gun rack.
                      He fell through the roof, plum killed my dog,
                      I swear that ole’ Santa looked just like Boss Hog.

                      He wore a T-shirt, rebel flag on the front,
                      And his jeans were all bloody from that morning’s hunt.
                      A big nekkid lady tattooed on his arm,
                      And he wore black boots that he’d picked up in ‘Nam.

                      His eyes, how they glazed from too much Wild Turkey.
                      From the side of his mouth hung a stick of beef jerky.
                      A scar on his cheek from a fight with the cops.
                      The veins on his face looked ready to pop.

                      The butt of a Marlboro clung to his lip
                      He wore a hip pack full of B-B-Q chips.
                      He had a fat face and a hairy beer belly.
                      I ain’t seen one that big since muh ex-wife Shelly.

                      He was gap-toothed and dumb with an I.Q. of three
                      And I laughed cause that redneck was smarter than me.
                      A wink of his eye, a fierce shake of his head,
                      From his hair came a rat that ran under the bed.

                      He reached in his sack, sipped his gin and tonic,
                      Then filled the kid’s stockings with Hooked on Phonics.
                      His toys came from Big Lots and they weren’t very nice
                      But he had lots of them and yuh can’t beat the price.

                      He gave us a tape of them hound dogs that sing Jingle Bells.
                      Some Crisco, some Spam, some Oatmeal Cream pies,
                      And a Nascar T-shirt in Double X size.

                      When the presents were gone and he had no more,
                      He staggered and stumbled right through muh screen door.

                      He hopped in his truck, to his sheep gave an order
                      “Hurry up youins! To the Tennessee border!”
                      And I heard him cry out, with a strong southern drawl,

                      YEE HAWWWW!

              • T’was The Night Before Christmas and All Through The White House…

                T’was the night before Christmas and throughout the White House,
                Not much was happening, they were all partied out.
                ‘Chelles stockings were hung by the mantle with care,
                Too drunk to remember just who’d put them there.


                Her husband was working, well that’s what he said,
                He was instructing the young man sharing his bed.
                The sweet smell of Ganja wafted around,
                He touched his lips with a finger, listening for sound.
                When happy that no one was creeping around,
                He continued to toke on the joint he had ‘found’.


                The moon shone so brightly, it was pretty but cold,
                ‘Chelle looked in the mirror “My God I look old”.
                “Where is my broomstick?” She asked looking round,
                “Start searching, start searching, it has to be found.”

                Distinctly fed up and needing a leak,
                The first dog cocked its leg as she started to speak,
                “Find me my broomstick” She slurred spinning round,
                First dog looked surprised as she fell to the ground.


                Then all of a sudden came a hell of a noise,
                Bill Gates had arrived bringing all the girls toys.
                First dog turned its head to one side and then growled,
                Not liking the way the Gates creature prowled.
                “Ho ho ho” he yelled as he walked through the door,
                The first dog just eyed him, as did ‘Chelle from the floor.

                “Oh Billy you came” She grinned looking up,
                “Who told you?” Said her husband, “Yo Billy wassup?”
                “I said Billy not Barry, so, where have you been?”
                “Oh just in the bedroom calling a queen”.


                ‘Chelle got to her feet brushed her hand through her hair,
                Swaying and grinning she was too pissed to care,
                That the pretty young man with a pout like Monroe,
                Was whispering to Barry that he had to go.


                “Soon” Said the Pres as he waved him goodbye,
                “But Sir” Said an agent, “He’s gay and he’s high
                If he breathes a word Sir your goose is so cooked”
                “What he’s trying to say” added Bill “Is you’re fucked”

                “You can say that again” Said the Pres with a grin,
                As an aide passed a glass with a large Jack therein.
                “We need to get moving” Said Bill sitting down,
                “There’s still plans to make, stop fooling around,

                Don’t forget who you are, or forget who I am,
                You’re just the puppet, but me, I’m the man”.


                The mood was more sombre, ‘Chelle tottered away,
                She had guests there tomorrow to share Christmas day.
                The powerful, the rich, the great and the strong,
                The new era was coming it wouldn’t be long.


                With drugs in the water and drugs in the food,
                Even the awake would soon be subdued,
                They think that they’re safe, hoarding their beans,
                But Billy would get them by fair or foul means.
                But she knew he was right there was much left to do.

                So she left them together, the puppet and master,
                To plan for a New year of total disaster.
                When millions would die of an unknown disease,
                And all of the nations would drop to their knees,

                They’d pray for a cure and beg for salvation,
                And all would bow low before this great nation.


                Soon she’d be leaving for pastures anew,
                With Barry, the girls and first dog would go too,
                For Europe was theirs, they would live life like kings,
                With serfs to do all the menial things.


                She’d taken the cure, she’d had the injection,
                A new life awaited, enough introspection.
                With the virus in place there’d be no big fight
                “Happy Christmas dear slaves, thank you Billy, goodnight”

                Delivered by The Daily Sheeple

            • Good points buttcrack, especially this one “When stripped of all the conveniences of modern civilization people will naturally seek out a leader, even if that leader is sociopathic. A look through history shows the human race has a very poor track record when it comes to choosing those we follow.” I will not be led by morons and don’t really even want to lead others but we will see what develops.

          • Outstanding Genius!

          • Who is the biggest terrorist? NASA, CIA, Federal…..May be be they created the no fly because they have illegally rigged your body with “VeriChips” transmitters, transformers, battery while under anesthesia for surgery; maybe they do not want you to see it. or quite possible, you might me a “weapon of mass destruction” What a shame the first world secret is coming out. Please watch “stop the crime.net. Elected by the people for the people but secretly killing us. They deserve to be on the “watch list”


        • “Certain types of weapons, like the slightly modified combat rifles used in [the San Bernardino attack], and certain kinds of ammunition, must be outlawed for civilian ownership. It is possible to define those guns in a clear and effective way and, yes, it would require Americans who own these kinds of weapons to give them up for the good of their fellow citizens.” -NYT editorial

          They will not stop until is dead.

          • I find this all very ironic .
            The United States fought a civil war to free black men.
            Now a black man wants to enslave United States citizens !

            This wont end well , but i dont think he has the stomach to go that far .

            • This is ironic too… How have all the wars to so called defend our freedom worked out?

              How has voting the bastards out worked for you in the last 100 years?

              How has fed reserve currency worked out for you?

              • HUH ? WORKED OUT FOR ME ?
                I have voted many out locally with great success.
                In fact i got voted out myself , lol .
                And i didnt have much choice in useing FRNs , so why
                bust my chops ?Talk to DK , not me.

                • Ha ha ha, not bustin yer chops just pointing a few things out. Local elections might be a different story but national elections ARE a story! Revolution should have occured in 1913.

                  • Well its a leftist tactic to change the subject.

                    Back to gun confiscation.
                    Points to remember:
                    The second amendment of the constitutions points out that we have a god given right to protect ourselves .
                    And from a tyranical government if need be !

                    Well you dont have to believe in god , but understand that
                    the government does not grant the right to self defense.
                    And therefore cannot take away the right to self defense.

                    Obama can suck ass , if he wants war on American soil all he has to do is ask for it .

            • @hammer

              “This wont end well , but i dont think he has the stomach to go that far”

              Do ya really think it matters whether or not he has the stomach? There have been so many millions of guns purchased in the past few years there’s no way an agency could think of trying to collect them. I’ve said it before…the gov can’t figure out how to kick out 11MM illegals. How the heck are they going to figure out how to round up 100+MM guns?

              • Yes REDNEK , it does matter .
                Acivil war wont be pretty , and i promise the UN will show up to defend the regime with foriegn troops.
                And they have a few gun too , sooo…..
                The fed dont need to round up all them guns.
                Its over when we are occupied by UN troops .
                Fight all you want , the rest of the world will send endless numbers here in support of a US takeover .

                • And let me add one thing.
                  I was voted out as zoning admin.
                  I have seen alot of the stuff the UN Agenda 21 crap brings to the table down the road .
                  Believe me the resourses of this country are being given away as we argue over global warming and climate change.
                  Again , it wont end well.

                  • @hammer
                    The UN is not much more than a advisory group. Our cub scouts could take them. If you will notice, Americans are starting to turn away from the leftist agenda. They are now starting to see where we are being led. We broke away from England way back over oppression. To rid ourselves of the UN people it wouldn’t take much effort. There’s close to 100MM guns in this country with something like 50MM gun owners. There’s not a country in the world with the balls to send troops to the US. None. The war we are fighting right now is non-kinetic. The war is all about economics and using up our resources to fight BS wars and battle BS enemies that we create ourselves. We are truly fighting ourselves.

                    • Rednek101, you just helped to reinforce my points. Thanks.

                    • Glad I could help!

                • Can you name a war that the UN has won? An occupation in which it was under constant attack by an armed populace? The cowardly and poorly-trained troops of the UN are better at raping young girls and hiding in their safe camps than they are at fighting. The UN, it seems, very carefully selects their involvements, and levels of commitment in any wars.

                  • Given that The fighting part of the UN occupation is just a slice of the war, yes. The rapists in the blue hats are just shock troops. Once the C&C infrastructure is in place they back their puppet leadership. At that point, yes you could say they “won”. The other strategy is to continually destabilize a region and have UNPROFOR behave just like a regional warlord but with better coms and the veneer of morality. They get access, resources and power, the locals get civil war, again “winning” the war by their goals.
                    You have to stop thinking in terms of 20th century conflicts fought by sovereign nations when trying to ascertain what constitutes a “win” for the UN. Once you do, you can plan your training around denying them their goals.

                • Hammerhead, the only part of your post I disagree with is your last sentence about the world sending in “endless numbers”. Any UN occupation army sent in will be limited. It doesn’t matter how many countries jump on that bandwagon. Each country will be limited on the numbers they can send here. Each country will still need to keep part of their army at home to maintain order there. Can’t really have peoples in other countries getting the same ideas we have, can we? Once foreign troops appear on our streets. it’s game on. 100,000,000 gun owners have the ability to make these foreigners pay the ultimate price for trying to occupy our land. Other countries who may be considering sending in troops will be watching very carefully to see how things turn out. when they see contributing nations’ forces casualties mounting to unacceptable levels, they’ll forget the idea of coming in themselves. So no, it won’t be OVER when the Un boys show up, it will only be BEGINNING. I agree the Un will be called in and make the attempt. hell, I’ve been expecting that since the Clinton era. I still believe we have a fighting chance. Even the UN’s resources are limited.

                  • When countries engage in a UN ‘peacekeeping’ operation, they always restrict their troops’ usage to the safest areas. Does anyone see France or Italy being ‘the tip of the spear’ in USA?

                    • China and Russia have been drooling for decades and are both UN members as well as members of the UN “security council”. Why bother with France and Italy?

                      Given the attitudes I see these days half the country would probably welcome and support an invasion by the two socialist countries.

                      Not me.

            • The “Civil War” was not fought over slavery. First off, the definition of a civil war is when a people rise up to overthrow a government, this is not what occurred. Multiple states decided to remove themselves from a collaboration that had become intolerable. The “United States” decided that the South could not be allowed to voluntarily leave the union, so Lincoln launched a war to stop them. Hence, “The War of Northern Aggression” is a much more appropriate title for the conflict.

          • why is that such a stretch, justme?….we ALREADY make it illegal to carry a baseball bat, knife, brassknuckles, mace, a padlock in a sock….if it can be construed as a WEAPON to defend yourself, it CAN’T BE CARRIED!….how fukin’ STUPID are we?, that we don’t allow anyone to defend their lives in america, by carrying protection….? when seconds count a cop is only minutes away.

            • AGREED , BCD !

            • BCOD, ever since the Clinton era, I’ve been carrying certain self-defense items in the truck with me everywhere I go and I don’t concern myself with any possible legal issues. I just refuse to follow any restrictions on self-defense, period. following such a policy is guaranteed to get a good person killed.

            • Gun Control or I should say a form of Weapon Control goes all the way back in history to when the Philistines controlled the land of Israel. A very interesting read in the Old Testament of the Holy Bible, in 1Samuel Chap.13 Vs.19 “Now there was no smith found throughout the land of Israel: for the Philistines said, Lest the Hebrews make them swords or spears”. Point being, I ain’t letting no Muslim disarm this Christian. Trekker Out.

              • And the beheadings Trekker.

                Islam sure does like taking important things away from people.

                Heads they win, tails we loose!

                Fuck the Western NWO puppet governments and their not so secret agenda.

            • butt,

              Carry the padlock and its “KEY” in you pocket instead of in a sock.

              Find one that fits snug in your hand when making a fist and a shackle that allows your middle finger to pass through it.

              Makes a nice alternative to brassknuckles.

              Tried n tested, works good.

              • i like that one, agent. another is a bike lock with padlock….makes a HELL of a weapon when you carry a lock on a 3 foot piece of chain….but if you get caught with it, you better have a KEY, and KEEP YER MOUTH SHUT, until your lawyer is present.!!

                • I hear you.

          • Obama has made his intent to force unilateral disarmament on U.S. citizens from the word go. Every firearm has characteristics unique to that type and model. Every time someone shoots someone else in this country (except cops – so far), the kind of gun used come “under fire” so to speak. Somehow we have to settle this once and for all! Between ignoring the Constitution and trying to get around it, Obama could be impeached for his assaults on the Constitution ALONE I think.He clearly LOATHES IT! He also seems to think it GIVE US rights; it does not: it only enumerates them, and it’s stated that the rights written in it are NOT all that exist. His assaults on this right are logical, but NOT reasonable! Otherwise every time someone shoots someone else, self-defense or no, we’ll have to face another assault on the Second Amendment – and our RIGHT to defend ourselves, our loved ones and our country.

          • They Said Modified Weapons( No Report the GunShop FFK dealer was a C III.

            This was set up by the Arab Nation in the WH. to ingrain fear into the Sheepled in Calif.and now the reminder,why this Insane law was let loose.all planed out.to The Tee LOCK & LOAD DISOBEY THIS LAW LEAD FIRST.But RealAmerica Knows it will Probabaly not happen.






          • Acid…

            It’s not mine , speak for yourself!


            Again, speak for yourself and yes a lot of older people do give a shit but like your generation, a lot do not care as long as they have tv and games so look in the mirror and tell me how much YOUR generation gives a shit! We did not have internet back then like now so in the greatest age of info ever please explain why your generation continues to be the most ignorant and retarded bunch of dumb fucks with no skills whatsoever!

            • Genius, way to go! Tell that dildo like it is. Now it’s my turn.

            • Whaddya mean, Genius? Acid Etch’s generation knows exactly how fat Kim Kardashian’s ass is this week, they know who’s dancing with the Stars, they know what group of guys are playing with their balls this Sunday, and their Facebook pages are all caught up, just in time to plug their iPods into their otherwise empty heads. They’re REALLY informed…

          • Acid, for awhile you were making some good, sensible posts and I cheered you on. I even ignored your occasional insults. You made 2 good points in this post about O’Reilly and the no religious test clause. I think O’Reilly is a turd just like all the rest of the MSM talking heads. But if you’re looking for neocons and fascists go back to Fox News. You know damned well none of us support muslims coming in here to destroy us. It’s you and your generation that don’t care about this country. We’re the ones trying to save it, so go f#$% your faggot self and move on. and don’t let the door hit you in the ass on the way out. Retarded sodomite.

          • Divide and conquer. When will you learn.

          • I LOVE YOU, if I was gay I would ask you to marry me

          • AE is right on this one. The BB gen fucked up USA.

            • JHL, you and acid are both full of it.

          • But stupid millennials ARE moving away from freedom of speech. They think it should be a crime to say something “hurtful”. POS’S ALL.


        • The more the government decides to take firearms from the people, the more the people will turn and take firearms from the government, by whatever force necessary. They will NOT disarm the American people. Period!

          • Nobama, nobody will disarm me, period.

            • BRAVEFART.. They stole both your gun safes. you have been disarmed because you had not fastened your safe down, or it was a cheap light weight chink POS.

              • braveheart 1776 talks big and that’s all he has

                this is what all the BS gets you robbed all your shit taken so that some crack head can get some more drugs or some idiot has a nice gun collection to look at

                learn people
                and learn fast keep your mouths shut period

                dont say a fucking word about what you have

                • braveheart has always been a moron, he’s said nothing new in 3 years, always the same old crap. When he finds a poster he likes, he humps their leg forever every time they make a comment. He probably got robbed because he kept shooting his mouth off to everyone he knows about all the guns he has. I noticed he said it happened while he was gone. Do you think that maybe somebody might have known his schedule beforehand? Thinking will never be bravehearts strong suit.

                  • Jonesy, you don’t know what you’re talking about. I’ve never told anyone what I have. I don’t know if this was just random or specific targeting. I’ve only gotten my mind back to normal in just the past few days. For you and the others trying to chastise me over this, let’s see one of you suffer a home invasion and then come back and tell me about it. Especially tell me what emotions you’re feeling in the aftermath. I can promise all of you I never wanted this to happen. The killing part is I had four long guns in a separate safe and electronics they could have taken but chose not to, so I still have means of protection. I also have a pocket .380 that I was keeping at work at the time but is now back at home until I can get my 2 favorite pistols out of that group replaced. This didn’t happen the way you people think. I was practicing OPSEC concerning what I have. I will overcome this regardless of what you people think. It’s made me more determined than ever to protect me and mine. Some people have speculated the f$&@ers might come back. Whether it’s them or someone else, they better make sure I’m not there when they try it. I’ll do whatever I consider necessary to protect me and mine and don’t care about any legal issues. So put that in your pipe and smoke it.

                  • BTW, all of you f#$%ing trolls can just kiss my ass. So you think you can jump on me for being a victim? You sound just like the libturds who take up for black criminals all the time. None of you know how my home invasion happened so just STFU. Like I said earlier, let’s see one of you go through the same thing and see what you say afterward.

                    • Braveheart1776,

                      I am sorry that you had to experience a home invasion, but the good news is that, YOU ARE STILL HERE! I know you feel violated, your sacred and safe place has been violated, and you are feeling vulnerable, very vulnerable. Try to look at the bright side. Things could have been worse. Those items you loss can be replaced, hopefully with something even better. Material things are perishable but keep investing in the imperishable. Knowledge, education, experiences, friendships, etc., can never (not easily) be taken away from you. Accentuate the positive and don’t get attached to the things that are perishable, they are dispensable and can be replaced. You on the other hand are not dispensable and cannot be replaced. You are a decent and a good man. Stay strong and steady, think of the long road we must traverse up ahead, enjoy your friendships along the way. May God bless you with His favor, grant you Wisdom in handling your affairs, and may God always keep you in the palm of His hand!

                      Louisiana Eagle

                • More people get into trouble for what they say than what they don’t say.

                • SSU, WHOA THERE! Now why are YOU acting like one of the trolls all of a sudden? I’ve always enjoyed your posts and now this? Also, I’ve NEVER gone around advertising what I have to other people.

                • Brave shouldn’t tell when his shit is stolen. He should shoot, shovel and shut up, sss.

                  Otherwise, he’s OK.

                  Give ’em hell, Brave.

              • Anon, go f#$% yourself.

            • Miy good Uunitid States frirend Bravehead L776 I reed yur very good news this very day. we ar bruthers together so we are. are not we frirends
              we Muslims and you want you and life in Uunion together ass good brothrers. you and me are the saem, yes.
              Allah bless you and the Uunited states of Americecan peoples. yes. Thankingyou vrely mutch Bravehead and evry onse reeding my thankyous evry mutch.

              • Hey everyone, now we have a troll with a MUSLIM name. First MUSLIM troll I’ve ever seen. Ali can go f#$% himself just like any other troll.

                • Did I ever say I have no use for trolls? OK, just checking.

                  • Braveheart1776,

                    Hard not to laugh on that one! I am still LMSAO!

                    Ali Sh.thead,

                    That was realy good humor! I hope we get to hear more from you! Definitely a different perspective.

                    • Laeagle, thanks for the support. I know I can count on you and most others here for support. We are people who love this country and want to save it. That’s more than can be said for the Obama-supporting trolls.

        • You have to yonder what the fuck is wrong with Liberals.

          1) It’s OK to murder babies in the womb, but they are adamantly opposed to the death penalty.

          2) Pretend to champion blacks and minorities but push welfare that will encourage generational poverty.

          3) Liberals think America is still a racist society, therefore a federal affirmative action law is necessary. Due to unequal opportunity, minorities still lag behind whites in all statistical measurements of success, but then again push welfare that keeps blacks down.

          4) Liberals want Government regulation in all areas of the economy, we are only 20 trillion in the hole, how is that working out?

          5) Liberals are using public schools to indoctrinate youth to the progressive mindset. Worked great for the Hilter Youth, just rebranded.

          6) Liberals think euthanasia should be legalized. Hitler did it too, then expanded it to kill off the elderly that were costing too much to care for.

          7)Liberals believe the Second Amendment does not give citizens the right to keep and bear arms, but only allows for the state to keep a militia. They believe the police can handle all violent crime. Worked out well so far?

          8) Free government healthcare for everybody….(Isn’t that slavery? Making others work for free?)

          • Washington, Franklin, Jefferson, et al were considered traitors by the British.

            Franklin was right: “Gentlemen, we must all hang together, or we will surely hang separately.”

            The leftists of today are not classic liberals.

            Melennials are too self centered to give up their weapons. They know weapons are the only real teeth they have.

        • Americans are simply not going to give up their guns. We are soon going to reach a point where the only way to protect yourself and/or your family is with a firearm(s). Whether or not you are legally allowed to possess a gun is not going to matter. When it comes to defending yourself and your family or being preyed on you will choose to protect yourself! I know of at least two people who were convicted of silly paper felonies related to bad checks, etc..They of course lost their second amendment rights but still have access to firearms. In both cases these guys were otherwise completely law abiding citizens who never did anything wrong and were good members of the community. They aren’t going to sit by and be defenseless when society crumbles and I don’t blame them. They both did probation and paid fines but they are forever banned from having a gun? That’s ridiculous. I have known both of these guys for over 20 years. I wonder how many cases there are like this all over the country? It’s interesting how easy it is to label someone a felon to take away their gun rights and even voting rights in some cases. I thought the second amendment was a God given right. If so how can it be taken by man(the government)?

          • Smith, excellent points. Government is not supposed to interfere with any of your rights. Your rights come from God, not from anyone’s government. They’re not negotiable.

          • If there are places in London and Paris where police dare not go due to the fear that muslims will harm them, just think how many such zones could be developed throughout the US by gunowners that don’t wish to give up their “liberty teeth”?

      2. How about a traitor list

        And anyone who’s on it , can’t have armed protection

        • enemy,
          I like your idea! and then we can have a hanging list of treasonists! ( new word)

        • Now there is an idea!

      3. My rights, including the right to self defense, come from God (or, if you’re not religious, call them natural rights which come from simply being born). Either way, I was BORN with those rights. The Constitution Of The United States doesn’t confer ANY right to me, it merely reaffirms that I have them. And that the government shall NOT take them from me.
        Therefore, never having given these rights to me, the government, (state, county, federal, whatever) can’t take them from me. They can’t take back what they never gave! You can only lose them by a VOLUNTARY surrender. I choose not to surrender those rights.
        Lock n Load….

        • SmokinOkie, welcome back, and I say the same thing. My rights also come from God and are never negotiable. There’s nothing on the table. In fact, blast the table with some 00 buck.

        • Good $hit Okie, I like the way you think!

        • SmokinOkie, that is beautiful. Seriously, I could frame that !!!

          • SmokinOkie is one of our OLD-TIMERS here. He drives one of the big rigs for a living so he can’t get on here very much, but when he does and puts out some of his jokes, we’re all in for a real treat.

        • Smokin, in case you missed it, my home was broken into about 2 weeks ago. The POS took 2 safes I had. One safe had some personal items in it and the other had 5 handguns in it. I gave the info on the guns to the cops when they showed up AN HOUR AND A HALF LATER, but at least they were courteous and professional, I’ll give them that. 2 of the 5 pistols taken were my favorites so those 2 I’m definitely replacing. This incident has only made me more determined than ever to protect me and mine.

        • Amen Smokin.

          Hope family and grandson are doing well.
          We miss a good story every once in a while…

          • howdy smokin!

        • Amen.

      4. The question is, What will this country look like in let’s say Two Years.

        • Much worse than right now sling 🙁

        • slingshot

          The country has been continuously hollowed out and in the process its internal strength is compromised and therefore its potential for collapse is much greater and more severe. This pre dated 911 with the war on drugs which in effect was a war on the Bill Of Rights. Arbitrary suspicion replaced facts, the illusion of security was substituted for freedom.

          How do they teach Civics let alone Law School with a straight face?

          • K2, not to mention the draconian civil forfeiture laws and BLM land grabbing.

            • Civil forfeiture was born out of the war on drugs. It wasn’t going after the drugs but rather everything else that came with it. 911 took out the bottlenecks.

            • Genius, speaking of BLM land grabs just take a look over on Oath Keepers for the latest tragedy. They burned this guy’s barns and outbuildings to the ground!

              • OG, I just checked out that article and video. everyone go to oathkeepers site and check out the story on the Hammonds ranch. BLM has gotten way out of hand and needs to be challenged and stopped by force of arms. BLM is burning out people from their homes and not offering any compensation to them. The Hammonds are still facing prison time. What they need to do is resist whoever is coming to take them. time for some feds to get wasted.

          • Kevin2, I don’t believe they can teach ANYTHING with a straight face, but people are so gullible these days they wouldn’t know a straight face from an asshole.

            • Braveheart1776

              I’m a smart ass at heart. Comes from Italian genes and the area, nature and nurture. I couldn’t possibly keep my mouth shut, “You can’t be serious”, “You blind”?

              • Kevin2, just giving my 2 cents. In my mind, colleges don’t teach anything useful anymore.

                • In your mind, there’s nothing but empty space. Now go hump your buddy genius leg for awhile.

                  • Anonymous troll, if a Muslim were to take you out, I wouldn’t complain. You can still go f$&@ yourself.

                • Aside from medicine, engineering, business (accounting finance management etc, rotc, farming, forestry on and on….brave is dead on. Haha. I would say pretty much most liberal art fields are useless.

      5. This is why Gun sales are running so high!

      6. The thing that scares me the most about this is their ability to put anyone on the terrorist watch list. If you are put on the list, you never know about it until you try to do something that is prohibited, like flying. There is no chance of fighting to get your name off until it is too late. There is no requirements of what gets someone put on the list, their choice. We could all already be on the watch list just by virtue of going to sites like this one. I haven’t flown in years and there is no way to check to see if you are on the list. With the wrong people in power, I can see everyone with a CCW permit ending up on that list as a potential terrorist. Since they never have to justify why you are on the list, They could simply add your name to the list when the background check comes in for a purchase and then decline it. It would be up to you and at your cost to try to prove you don’t belong on it.

        • JAS, true, they don’t even advertise what kind of criteria they use to determine who goes on the list. They claim they never have to show any legitimate basis for the list or anything else they do. They don’t show it because they can’t. They have their lists and we have ours. Lists work more than one way. All I have to show is that anyone who comes to harm me will lose their lives if they try it. MOLON LABE BRAVEHEART AKBAR

          • Brave…..people came in your house and took your guns.

        • I have flown several times recently without incident other than being subject to enhanced security once. I chalk that one up to my wife being a hot blonde with big boobs.

          So while posting here, being in the NRA, outspoken libertarian anti-government comments, and other nefarious wrong-think hasn’t gotten me on their list yet, I am still opposed to their secret lists.

          When I got pulled over the other night for a headlight out the officer asked if I had any firearms in the vehicle and like most people in Idaho I replied “Of course.” The officer didn’t ask me a single question further about them, not “How many? What kind? Where are they?” . . . nothing.

          Part of why we moved here is because practically everyone here is armed, even kids have their own hunting rifles and shotguns, and most would refuse to be disarmed.

          Once when I was going into the courthouse to get tags I forgot to remove the “credit card” folding knife from my wallet when I disarmed before entering. The two uniformed police officers caught it on x-ray and said “Cool knife. You have to check it here though.” and handed me a number key. They weren’t mad, or rude, or upset that I tried to bring a knife in and had a case with a plexiglass lid and approximately 40 boxes with either a key or weapons/prohibited items in each box. I would estimate that half the boxes were in use at the time and smile to think of all the firepower sitting out in the parking lot. When I left they politely returned my knife, God I love it here in Idaho.

      7. Two words are the cornerstone of The Rule Of Law.


        • And the golden rule: Do unto others as you would have them do unto you. And natural law: If there is no victim, there is no crime! These are the true laws.

      8. Obama full well knows it would be unconstitutional.

        Problem for the American people is it can take 20 years to be heard by the Supreme Court, in the meantime millions of Americans are persecuted and destroyed by these crazy progressives and their unconstitutional laws.

        The classic example is Wachington DC, where permits to carry have been denied for decades. It took that long for the right case to come along and connect with people willing to fund the incredibly expensive process. After the DC law was struck down the town council just passed another unconstitutional law, that one took about five years to get knocked down. The council then just passed another law that was knocked down. Then they finally complied with the court and passed a law with a series of regulations that they took years to implement. Finally in Jan of 2015 the first permit was issued, so far more permits have been denied than approved. Less than 8 permits in all of 2015 so far.

        I think Obama sees destroying innocent Americans in the courts as some sort of sick twisted sport.

      9. What I’ve noticed lately, is that no longer are people talking openly about their gun ownership; it has become a very guarded topic due to this “If you see something, say something.” policy the government is now espousing. All it takes is a phone call, to have the police at your door, and to now be on a “List”. This is what our government is doing, turning neighbor against neighbor. This is exactly what happens in a Tyranny, where everyone becomes suspicious of everyone else – exactly what the ruling class wants! The truth is, that now both the suspect AND the informer are now on a List! And so the List grows.

        • And when the rat pack gets outed for being a ratfook they will BURN! NO ONE in the ratpack gets out alive! I can think of at least 100 ways to get rid of RATS!

          • Genius, the rats have it coming to them in spades.

        • If you haven’t already been on a watch list for years then you haven’t been doing something right. We are far past the point of trying to stay off the “list.”

        • Ain’t it sweet, WarVet? Targets everywhere.

          ‘Bout to blow.
          f ’em

      10. I surely hope that King Koon realizes that guns will come flooding up from Med-hico along with drugs from the cartels. There will be donkeys loaded down. It will be just another bit of product to add more cash in their pockets. No fly list won’t mean shit.

        • Outlaw my guns and I will switch to Full auto, AK’s and MP5’s, bought off the streets. Just cost me an airplane ticket to get to the city where I know which gang to deal with. Fed Ex the weapons in pieces back home. I wonder if UPS or Fed Ex know how many gun parts they ship?

          • Rellik

            Don’t buy from the guy who looks like Eric Holder.

          • Don’t forget to buy suppressors too when the, ahem, time comes.

      11. Ah who needs guns anyway just use your car as a weapon till they ban cars. I laugh at gun grabbers dumb asses. Good luck from my cold dead hands. I’m fully prepared to be on the other side of the law if need be. I feel it will come to this it’s gonna be ugly. Some one needs to tell the gun grabbers that the second isn’t up for debate period. They can waste their time talking cause that’s all it’s gonna be. It’s our duty to stand up to a tyrannical gov.

      12. Get them and as many as you can now because you will have to use them in the very near future.

        The Fed Guberment is trying to start a civil war.


        • NWO Dale.

          Adjust your scope.

      13. Thank God! President Obaama is finally getting rid of guns! To keep us safe! I got rid of (Burned) all my guns last year BTW. I think only the govt should have guns. They just want us to be safe and cozy. uncle sam loves us.

      14. As I see it, the 2nd. amendment is there to preserve all other amendments.

        • I SECOND THAT.

          You betta cherish and protect it for your own friggin’ sake.

      15. What are the cowardS of America going to do when the NWO implement this, they are going to fly that vile evil disgusting filthy American flag, and turn on some football. Either fly that disgusting vile evil Corporatist Fascist flag UPSIDE DOWN, BURN THE PIECE OF FILTH, OR USE IT FOR TOILET PAPER, OH WAIT, SHIT IS TOO GOOD FOR THE DISGUSTING EVIL VILE SYMBOL OF FASCIST GENOCIDAL HORROR, SO JUST BURN THE FILTHY GARBAGE.

        • On a somewhat positive note, there are still large sections of the country, such as the mountain west and rural south, where gun ownership is common and disarming us would be nearly impossible. Though we don’t have many neighbors, I know all of the ones in a 1 mile radius by name and know that 100% have at least 1 firearm. None will give them up.

          • I know you freedom and liberty loving patriots in Idaho are not giving up shit, thank you for that

            • Your not from pocatello are you lol 🙂

              • Never been there, is that where the fascists hang out in Idaho??

      16. Ron, I love your colorful commentary. Unique, extra salty and exact truth.
        I’ve read a couple of yours to my wife. She didn’t know what the fuck I’m reading here..
        Keep ’em coming. Happy to join you on the list!

        • People have to realize, America is gone, time to form a new society after the collapse and arrest of our entire government. The flag will be burned, and freedom and liberty will be our only needed symbol after these NWO Corporatist Fascist criminals, who hijacked our government, are arrested after the collapse. The criminal gangs and NWO fascist boot lickers in the Republican and Democrat parties will be treated NO DIFFERENTLY than the Nazi party after WWII after the collapse and revolt against these criminals.

      17. This SHOULD end all debate —–
        Have you ever heard of a government that banned it’s own ARMED FORCES from “Keeping and Bearing” ARMS?
        Find one government in the history of humanity that felt a need to document a “RIGHT” for it’s ARMED FORCES to possess ARMS.
        The claim that the Government wrote the 2nd Amendment to give Our ARMED FORCES a “right” to carry ARMS is S-T-U-P-I-D.
        The only reason for the Second Amendment is to clearly spell-out the GOD GIVEN RIGHT of INDIVIDUALS to keep & bear ARMS.
        The only reason for the BILL(list) of RIGHTS was to codify INDIVIDUALS’ GOD GIVEN RIGHTS.
        Has there ever been a government that was not chock full of it’s “rights” up to and including declaring itself to be the Lord God Almighty?!
        Does the 1st Amendment mean the GOVERNMENT is allowed to give speeches? Try shutting up any Government.
        Anyone who tells you the 2nd Amendment applies to the Army or State Militia, is telling you they think you are STUPID.
        There has NEVER been a government that felt it had to codify it’s army’s/soldier’s “RIGHT” to “Keep and BEAR ARMS” because there has NEVER been a government that refused to allow It’s own soldiers to KEEP and BEAR ARMS!

        • Re the crazies that try to reassign the second amendment rights to the federal government, so they can strip them from the citizenry.

          Actually this government banned its soldiers from possessing weapons, thus Fort Hood was a gun free zone! Perfect for a terrorist attack.

          If anyone in this crazed legal community and liberal idiot no-think tanks says the second amendment only applies to police and military, they have just identified an empeachable offense that this president is fully culpable for.

      18. Hello to all new here

        • Devils Creek, welcome aboard. Just disregard tunckuf. He’s just a useless troll.

      19. Devils creek. Hi to you. Watch out for braveheart. He is senile and not overly bright to start with.

        • and a TRUE patriot!….throw ME into that pile too, troll.

      20. Liberals know they cant ban guns so they are going after every way to do it from the back door-

        1. Buy billions and billions of rounds to drive up the prices and cause shortages.
        2. Banning the no fly list from purchasing guns- while providing no appeals process.
        3. Increased background checks – which WILL provide them to back door register all new gun owners.
        4. Background checks for ammo purchases in some states.
        5. Attacking gun makers on every front including- Banking and finance, legal battles, some liberal states are starting to drop gun makers stock from their pension funds ( BTW, Smith and Wesson just went up 5% overnight after Obamies speech ) This is an effort to hurt the stock prices.
        6. Liberal media constant anti-gun talking points.

      21. “This and no other is the root from which a tyrant springs; when he first appears he is a protector.” – Plato

      22. “Not only can the draconian government database not protect everyone by knowing all the risks,,,,” …Precisely why “intelligence” is of no use as a “defense”. Intelligence constitutes NO defense. It’s just egotistic masturbation by those who think they know “all the risks”. Self-armor is the only possible defense from all potential threats.

        • .gov gets there in time to draw a chalk mark around the body and then withhold info ’cause it’s an ongoing investigation.

          More than 30,000 armed with chalk police in NY City along. That’s a lot of chalk.

          The crime they prevent is made up PR.

          Arm yourself. f the .gov.

      23. My initial reaction to this proposal was irritation but after some thought I decided that this is a great idea after all. Bare with me for a moment. Several years ago I was fired (unfairly) by a very large corporation that deals in military equipment. Interestingly, that employer did not give me the required security debriefing before escorting me out the door. Months later I filed a complaint with the EEOC regarding unfair treatment by that employer. Soon after filing that complaint I began to suspect I was being investigated and whoever it was seemed to have gotten into my medical records suggesting an alphabet agency was involved. In retrospect I believe my former employer set me up to look like a trouble maker and a risk to national security. I also believe an alphabet agency was used to look for ‘dirt’ on me (perhaps mental health issues or drug use) as retaliation for filing an EEOC complaint which would ultimately prevent renewal of my clearance and finding similar technical jobs. There is no ‘dirt’ but some peculiar events surrounding my employment search led me to believe I was on some sort of black list of trouble makers. I never found a job and I’m now homeless. Recently I have learned of the terrorist watch list and the ease of getting on this list. I want to know if I’m on this list so if Obama goes through with this proposal, I’ll try to buy a gun!! If enough of us are on that list, my hope is that main stream media will report that the terrorist watch list is being used to retaliate against ordinary people which may be a first step to help us unwind from the surveillance state we are in.

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