Obama On the Red Phone: Threatened Putin With War If He “Messed With the Vote”

by | Dec 21, 2016 | Conspiracy Fact and Theory | 58 comments

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    red phone

    Image: Phil Whitehouse, Flickr

    This article was written by Melissa Dykes and originally published at TheDailySheeple.com.

    Editor’s Comment: By hook or by crook, it seems that the Obama Administration and the Deep State powers that run the government are intent on having war with Russia, and with antagonizing Putin in one fashion or another.

    As the phony Russian hacking narrative continues to be pushed, a new claim, perhaps dubious, has emerged – from back in October – of the limp-wristed Obama trying to act tough and push issues that aren’t even real. Whether it happened or not, the implication is alarming.

    With Russian diplomats getting shot, terror attacks spreading, and a desperate establishment attempting to keep things chaotic and on a war footing, it appears that Trump will have difficulty keeping the U.S. out of conflict, even with the best of intentions – because powerful people deeply embedded in the structure may make things happen anyway. Stay vigilant…

    New Claim: Obama Threatened Putin on the “Red Phone” in October — “Mess with the vote, we will consider it an act of war”

    by Melissa Dykes

    NBC is now reporting that President Obama used the “red phone” for the first time in his entire eight years in the White House to threaten Russian President Vladimir Putin about “messing” with our election.

    Calling it a “rare and highly classified event” that occurred just before the vote, NBC claims they “just learned” Obama used the dreaded red phone to call the Kremlin and personally threaten Putin:

    At least one of President Obama’s senior advisers urged him to make the ultimate threat to Russian President Vladimir Putin, U.S. officials told NBC News:

    Mess with the vote and we will consider it an act of war.

    Considering government propaganda is legal now, the question is, did this really happen?

    Or are they just saying it happened to cover the obvious point: if the Obama Administration really thought there was a chance Russia was “hacking” our elections, why didn’t they do anything about it or bring it to the public’s attention before the vote?

    It seems like another obvious CYA (that’s “cover your ass”) ploy to salve over the fact that all this talk of Russian election hacking wasn’t even a thing when the entire system was busy chanting “Hillary’s gonna win! Trump’s gonna lose!” over and over and over, as if simply repeating the mantra enough times would actually make it true. It’s only become an issue now that Hillary lost.

    They’re also continuing to refer to this as an “election hack” by the way, even though that isn’t what happened. The election wasn’t hacked. The DNC was hacked. Podesta’s emails were stolen. Our election, though? Not hacked.

    …Unless they consider “hacking” the elections the same as hacking their preferred candidate to expose how corrupt she is.

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    This article was written by Melissa Dykes and originally published at TheDailySheeple.com.


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      1. easy to say that now that it is over!! sounds like more BULL to me!! from the libtards!

        • That fookin LAN/WAN (LAN/WAN can encompass Lazy-Ass Kneegrow, Lyin’-Ass Kneegrow, or Worthless Ass Kneegrow)… ain’t got the ‘sack’ to threaten anyone, not even his wife Michael.

          • The raving mad psychopath lunatic fggt doesn’t need any male parts. All he needs is his safe bunker in Denver; he couldn’t care less about the consequences to America.

            He got smacked by Putin, who put a stop to his little war adventure. Putin mopped the floor of Syria with the Kenyan – now he has to try to talk and act tough to save face.

          • You only make yourself look like the fool you are when you rely on racist comments.

        • China very well COULD have hacked something… I can’t imagine ANOTHER COUNTRY hacking our elections– the idea is ludicrous!! (Impossible, IMO).. but if any foreign government did any hacking, it was probably China because they are very, very good at that!!

      2. Russia has been confused at the seven times Joe Biden has picked up the phone asking for Batman

      3. This ISIS creator, zionist puppet has no balls to make such direct threat to Vlad.

        • Stolz, unless I’m mistaken, after Jan. 20th, the ape-in-chief will become more vulnerable to an ‘accident’.

        • QUOTE of The DAY.. ~By Paul Craig Roberts.

          “It remains to be seen what Trump’s election will mean.

          If I were a young man in need of a career, it is unlikely I would find one by speaking the truth.

          Of all the things that are endangered in America today, truth is the most endangered. Without truth, we cannot save civil liberty, democracy, wildlife, the environment, the working class, health care and old age security, or the planet from nuclear war and environmental destruction.

          The truth is the bottom line.

          And in America, nothing is less respected by the ruling elite and the presstitute media than truth.”

          Link: ht tps://www.lewrockwell.com/2016/12/paul-craig-roberts/will-trump-lower-cost-speaking-truth/

          ***Ohhh.. How right he is. End the fake news, end the lying and propaganda. I would rather get the truth good or bad, otherwise nobody will ever be held accountable for their Crimes and Fraud against the People or other nations and their people. What kind of reputation do we want on the Face of America? A few words come to mind. Honesty, integrity, truthfulness, justice, honor, respect and respected, righteous, opportunities, Freedom and Liberty.

      4. sounds as if nbc is trying to make their hero look important,it would take a lot more than this fake news

        • The Red Phone does not exist nor has it ever existed except in sleazy B grade movies and various other brain dead pop culture.

      5. In 30 days we have a new POTUS barring some BS martial law/war/assassination ect.

        We will then find out we have a POTUS that will do what he said or another trojan horse selling us out to the reptilians.

        The new POTUS if he plans to keep his word will need our help(which is fine)keeping on any congress/senate/lobby groups that try and stop his plans.

        We may find we are at war with a sellout and the reptilians,either way,we will be needed.

      6. If this story is true.
        ARREST the Psychopath currently occupying the Whitehouse.
        REMOVE obama from office IMMEDIATELY.
        Obama is a EXTREME DANGER to America and world Peace.

        Impeach. Arrest. Put Trump at the Helm do mitigate danger of war.

        Is the TRAITOR Psychopath obama planning on starting a Nuclear War as a parting gift to the America he HATES, and has done his best to Destroy for 8 very long years?
        Get this nut job obama, Anti American- NWO Puppet-TRAITOR -UN Communist, OUT of office with his FAKE birth certificate.

        Obama is the most despicable TRAITOR that has ever conned his way into the office of President. Take his fake birth certificate and his Anti American BS and go off into obscurity. No one that matters cares anything about the BEAST worshipping obama.

        When I heard that Trump called him a “good man” I nearly puked. WTF?
        Was Trump brain washed? Put under demonic spell?

        If I were President Trump, Obama would be up on charges of TREASON.
        Clinton would be on trial for National Security Breach she intentionally caused with email server in a bathroom, and the Bengahzi murders. Clinton’s would also be investigated for the allegations of those private plane trips to the private island with a KNOWN pedophile. You really need to look this story up. How HORRIBLE.

        How can this TRASH be allowed?
        Let the Clinton’s do their demonic “spirit cooking” in Federal Prison.

      7. this red phone garbage is just a ploy by lester holt and nbc to give this imposter some credense didn’t work,take a lot more than that to make him look powerful

        • Hey thats a cool lookin Red Phone, I ain’t seen one like that in decades! Trekker Out.

      8. Ring Ring::::
        Uh uh uh Putin this is buh-rock
        Uh uh uh you betta quit messin wit hilry and duh lection

        [big Momma Moochele in the background ] -yeah pootin u betta quit messin

        Annnnnd you betta quit wit all dat hackin n crackin I mean it sucka

        Annnnd don’t neva call here again this late … Click

        • Yoo mon, and if you does it again I have the ledle juwbish guy take your facebuck account away!

        • The Moscow–Washington hotline(formally known in the United States as the Washington-Moscow Direct Communications Link[1]) is a system that allows direct communication between the leaders of the United States and the Russian Federation. This hotline was established in 1963 and links the Pentagon with the Kremlin(historically, with Soviet Communist Party leadership across the square from the Kremlin itself).[1][2] Although in popular culture known as the “red telephone”, the hotline was never a telephone line, and no red phones were used. The first implementation used Teletype equipment, and shifted to fax machines in 1986.[3] Since 2008, the Moscow–Washington hotline is a secure computer link over which messages are exchanged by email.[4]
          Source Wikipedia: Don’t forget to donate

          • The Moscow–Washington hotline(formally known in the United States as the Washington-Moscow Direct Communications Link[1]) is a system that allows direct communication between the leaders of the United States and the Russian Federation. This hotline was established in 1963 and links the Pentagon with the Kremlin(historically, with Soviet Communist Party leadership across the square from the Kremlin itself).[1][2] Although in popular culture known as the “red telephone”, the hotline was never a telephone line, and no red phones were used. The first implementation used Teletype equipment, and shifted to fax machines in 1986.[3] Since 2008, the Moscow–Washington hotline is a secure computer link over which messages are exchanged by email.[4]
            Source Wikipedia:

          • Fuck donating to Wikipedia! That lib-loving Pravda can damn well pay its own bills

      9. Where’s Vladamir? Pootin’

      10. unless there is rock solid proof from multiple verifiable sources that this actually happened it is nothing but fake snews.

        • Unfortunately, wars can be started with lies and fake news.

          • As with WMDs in Iraq…

      11. Oh sure, that’s the way to handle another nuclear superpower…..condemn them for acts they didn’t commit, then warn them if they repeat those same acts it will be considered a “grave matter”. WTF is wrong with these people? TG we have Trump waiting in the wings.

        • Yes sir. Putin will be rolling out another battery of mobile ICBM’s

      12. Relax, he could have made an obscene phone call. Don’t say anything but just breathe heavily. Then ask for a large size pizza with extra cheese and pepperoni. If Trump does it, it’ll convince Putin that he is dealing with a crazy person. Scare the hell out of him. It would me.

      13. This is your brain.

        This is your brain on crack.


      14. Everthing is an act of war to the fascist left. Heck, Hilary started one war a week just for fun while Secty of State.

        Where are the anti-war protesters and Cyndi Sheehan when you need ’em.

        Oh right. Same place the vile feminazis were as Slick raped and assaulted FOURTEEN WOMEN across the country (not counting Monica and Gennifer, as they were consensual)

        Fact is, as TRUTH doesn’t exist to the left, all that is left is p-o-w-e-r

        If there is no God, “everything is permitted.”
        – Fyodor Dostoyevski. And yes, he did, in fact, say this. An that means that Enron is just A-OK, incidentally, for those of you of that persuasion.

      15. I didn’t realize Obungler was still using one of those old rotary dial phones pictured above.

        But, given their adherence to the tried and shown failed socialism of the USSR, Cambodia, Greece, the rest of the EU, my Canada (loonie is around 75 cents last I looked), Argentina, Zimbabwe, Venezuela, ad nauseam, I guess his using another archaic thing makes sense.

      16. Obama On the Red Phone: Threatened Putin With War If He messed with election.

        Putin pissed himself Laughing.

      17. Nigger, please!
        Before you know it, he and
        the state mouthpieces will claim
        to have proof that the moon is
        made of green cheese.

      18. The Israeli Special Islamic Services could use another fleet of brand new trucks and some more semi-trailers loaded full with 100 dollar and euro notes for XMAS, get right on it Boyking und der Frau-lying

      19. Acts 16:31 Believe in the Lord Jesus Christ for salvation, You and your household.

      20. The dude is paranoid delusional. Losing really got to him, he thought he had it wired. Glad folks are ignoring his tantrums, the fellow is an outcast.

      21. Vagamir punani

      22. O.K. What’s next?

        The protests at the inauguration of Trump in D.C. Then the pictures and comments from Obama and Clinton will subside. I hope anyway.

        Again we will listen to Democrats like Schumer, Pelosi, Boxer and Feinstein in Congress, continually bit@h and moan and try to obstruct Trump at every move.

        Have to admit I have a problem with some of the OLD GUARD being installed in his Cabinet but their actions will prove him out. Democrats don’t like them so that is a good sign.

        Blah, blah, blah, on the news. Like watching mold grow.

      23. Irrelevancy began at “NBC is reporting”.

      24. Oh I’m sure rootin tootin Putin was shaking in his boots!!!

      25. Never make threats unless you intend to enforce them. If you don’t, people will never take them seriously. If you really intend to back up your threats, the recipient of the threat will miscalculate.

      26. I heard that Obama threatened Russia severely. He threatened to stop the trade in Russia mail order brides not going to war. I feel that Trump will get America and Russia on better terms.

      27. An act of war is overthrowing a sovereign government and putting your own man in charge. Obama puts his guy in charge of the Ukraine. Joe Biden’s son, Hunter Biden, is immediately put on the board of directors of the largest Ukrainian energy company. Now that’s an act of war!

      28. OFF TOPIC>
        KY MOM posted on 12/22/16 #3645290 MUST READ!
        Muslime Terrorist planning bloody attacks during Christmas and New Years. Same info I got, and was going to let you folks know today.

        I just put my AR pistol back into the truck and going to carry my Kimber 24/7 even to Church.

        Folks do what you can to CYA over the Holidays.

        MAC: Can you post something on this? This seems very creditable threat. Thank you!


        • good “Lookin Out” … Sargent… appreciate ya

      29. The Red Phone does not exist nor has it ever existed except in sleazy B grade movies and various other brain dead pop culture.

      30. See this is what you get when you “elect” someone completely unqualified for anything solely on the basis of race and progressive tendencies. The libtards would blame Bush for us being nuked even now, denying their POS POTUS kicked off the coming nuke war because of his dangerous and exceedingly narcissistic obsession with his own warped reality.
        Im glad Putin has some common sense and restraint, but if our POS POTUS does do something stupid, I hope Putin evaporates a a 10 mile crater around Obamas ground zero. We can bury the libtards in the open hole Putin gives us. I hope PUTIN can hold it together until Jan 20, but if he can’t because of Obamas twitchy finger and the shameless traitors in our DoD who support him, I hope he can neutralize the muslim scumbag and his cronies in the first strike of a needless war that Obama created. its really the only justice we can hope for at this point, and it will be change that I can officially believe in, the ONLY hope and change I will grant Obama is his permanent disappearance from the face of the earth, and the only hope for HUMAN kind.

      31. O’Blaimy couldn’t warn a duck about the pond being frozen

        suck it up buttercup yer game is over

      32. It should make EVERY AMERICAN just prouder than schit to know we have this kind of employee of josh Earnests caliber RUNNING America and driving the world to a world war..(sarc off)

        FFS, PEOPLE, you all need to take responsibility for what a joke America has become and scourge our lands of the treasonous lying scum the Obama Administration represents before they get us all killed. Putin isn’t playing patty cake with us, he is biding his time to put us in the dark ages for failing to deal with the criminal scum we ALLOW to ruin us. He is actually being a humanitarian over this, because when he decides to do something to end us as a threat to his country and people, we are going to be starving hordes in pre 18th Century America in the 21st century…You all better get a grip. It will be TOO LATE when you technology suddenly stops working, it will be dog eat dog then and NOBODY will give you any quarter for any scraps to survive.

        AT One second past EMP detonation, we cease to exist as a playing in humanities future. He wont use just one, Putin plays to win, he will makes sure he puts us where we are no threat ever again and get the job done the first time.

      33. I am starting to believe that those Russian soldiers might be here for another reason.. I am no fan of them, but the luciferian cabal is pushing for WW3. When you look at this like this:

        This kind of bullshit:


        Its obvious that something really bad is taking place behind the scenes. The quicker we get Donald Trump in the white house, I believe we may have a chance. Cali exit is UN TOTAL CONTROL of one of our states, unless Trump fires off that governor and take back control of that state something bad is about to happen. So the bastards need access to your children, thousands of them. So who is taking these kids and for what purpose. At the end of the day, its looking like bad war will erupt between patriots, veterans, cops versus the off shore militaries, chi-coms, etc. 2017 is the year, like what economist V said that he heard from the 4 star general. And for those who did not hear that interview. See this link, and you will know what 2017 really looks like.


        I will continue to prep for war, because something bad is about to happen. When I have cops, retired cops, ex military telling me in person, that we have already been invaded, that the soldiers are on standby waiting for the order to attack the American citizens in the country, nothing any troll can do to back trac any of my comments. These are the fucking facts, and these facts will not go away, because they are 100% true.


        • Si vis pacem, para bellum

      34. If I recieved a phone call from the Sword swallower in chief Id be terrified LOL.

      35. It’s time the Republicans got tough and put these Democrats in their place. Drain the swamp, prosecute Hilary Clinton, impeach Obama for war crimes and treason, send all illegal immigrants back to their respective countries, cut off Federal Funds to the sanctuary cities and sanctuary colleges, and send the whining snowflakes to hard labor somewhere so they know what real life is about. President Trump step up and fulfill your campaign promises. You know the people back you and we will see the next election is all Republicans elected; or the other alternative.

      36. Sarge, you aint kidding, something is up. The boys down here in Houston are doing to same.


        • the more you sweat in times of peace, The less you bleed in times of war

      37. I’m undecided about Russian hacking or not hacking the election.

        With no verifiable, real, hard evidence presented against the Russian government, it’s hard to declare it one way or the other yet. All I’ve really seen so far is no more than leftist accusations and unverifiable sources making claims.

        So I’ll wait till I see some evidence presented to examine before I condemn Russia.

        Maybe we should put off going to war with them till after this -presenting evidence- is done?

      38. It’s nearly all scripted drama. The world stage is created by magicians and actors. It goes so much deeper than you imagine. A great underestimation of the enemy. Truth is so much stranger than fiction and the truth is it is mostly fiction. Nothing is as it seems. Perpetual war and crimes against humanity happen but the agenda and the shot callers are hidden. The media is totally controlled and used to spin the scripts into our reality of fiction, lies, illusions and delusions. The big lies might be more difficult for you to see but at least get a grip on this small shit like the Fed phone crap. These little scripted dramas are fed to us nonstop daily. They are all over the place. So much of the small shit you think is real is totally made up. They script killing and mayhem and confusion and fear happening to people by people none you know. And unless you witnessed it don’t believe it. If your world view is based on what you got from the media then you are a victim of illusion and delusion and so is your world view. And it’s not just the msm. The alternative media crowd is in a fken coma.

      39. Bottom line…I don’t believe it! Obama doesn’t have the balls and never did!

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