NYPD Mystery: What’s Up With the Unannounced “Military Planes and Helicopters Circling Manhattan”?

by | Dec 14, 2016 | Aftermath, Conspiracy Fact and Theory | 29 comments

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    This article was written and originally published by the Daily Sheeple.

    Editor’s Comment: While this bizarre series of sightings remains officially unexplained, it seems likely enough that it is Trump related. VIPs of every sort are in and out of Trump Tower, and the defense operatives under national security have been conducting their drills, tests and arrangements as well for the transition to a highly polarizing and politically inexperienced president.

    But like the mystery fly over in Denver a few weeks ago, it serves as a double meaning – protection and vigilance by the Armed Forced, but also occupation and dominance by the shadow government. President-elect Trump and everyone ought to recognize who the true powers are in this country.

    Read more: Why Was A Mysterious Navy Plane Conducting “Secret Electronic Command/Control Drill” Over Denver?

    Why Did Military Planes and Helicopters Circle Manhattan Without Warning This Afternoon? NYPD Says It Doesn’t Know

    by The Daily Sheeple

    In a rare sight (rare as in, it never really happens unless something bad is going down), low-flying military aircraft were spotted circling Manhattan this afternoon without advance notice, and NYPD claimed they didn’t know why.

    (Ulanoff is the Chief Correspondent and Editor-at-Large of Mashable.)

    Apparently these craft did a lot of laps:

    And no advance notice:

    When Deputy News Director at BuzzFeed Tom Namako asked the NYPD about it, they said they didn’t know why military aircraft were circling Manhattan.

    After enough startled people raised enough questions, the FAA put out a one-line “non-statement” saying the flights were authorized:

    What do you really think was going on? Seems like a strange time for a drill… and no one has admitted it was a drill (which NYPD would surely be notified of), just that the flights were “authorized”.

    Apparently everyone including the NYPD is on a “need-to-know” basis with this, and it has been determined that most of us do not need to know.

    (H/T: Mediaite)

    This article was written and originally published by the Daily Sheeple.


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      1. The CIA is getting ready to drone Trump Tower.

        • Maybe a practice run for a leftist NWO coup? CIA-Obama-Hillary NWO coup?

          Or maybe just a legitimate Training mission to practice Extracting the Commander in Chief and/or his family. In case of emergency crises President Trump needs more than a “hall pass” to get out of NY city. Mr. Trump’s family could not be in more capable hands than ParaRescue. I’d trust my family with PJ’s any day. More than myself even. Those guys practice constant. They are the best. They have/have access to more fire power. Para Rescue would be my first choice for extraction. C-130 gun ship can lay down massive lead to suppress any wanna be thug nasties in dirty night shirts. I have seen their wrath. Glad they were on my side.

          I would not jump to conclusions Chicken Littles. Yes the sky is falling. Might very well fall one day. But you are unlikely to be under that particular piece of sky. You are safe.

          President Trump may unfortunatly be under that piece of falling sky.
          Obama-Clinton-NWO-CIA-Demonic One World Elite, are a Real threat to President Trump. Para Rescue would be the go to guys for a successful Extraction for himself or his loved ones.

          They need to practice hard and keep our President safe. We ALL need the next 4 years to get ready for the hell the Obama-Clinton-NWO will unleash upon us when Trump leaves office. I don’t think Trump will be elected another term. Won’t be allowed. I also doubt he will want another term. He will do what he came to do then leave is my guess. Maybe that is why he has offered jobs to many of those that ran against him and bad mouthed him? Let the next sucker take the stage.

          Seriously. Would you want the job as President? Not me.
          But Trump’s former job running real estate and businesses. Much nicer. Sign me up.

          Trump will miss his old life. Probably already does. He had it made.
          I doubt his wife and children will enjoy the life as a President’s family.
          They can’t even have a Pizza in peace. Has got to suck being them.

          • During the 60s there was a converted WW2 PT-BOAT at the D.C. Navy Yard to get the president out in case of emergency.

            And no the number on it was not PT-109

      2. nothing to see here……..just “training”….LMAO! right……

        • “Highly polorizing and inexperienced president.”—- I hope this author is refering to Obama?

          Hell, Trump already has created or saved 100K American jobs, and he hasn’t even taken office yet.

          Tell us how anybody could stop a C-130 from crashing into the whitehouse if the pilot and crew went rogue, or crash into Trump Tower? Trump needs to drain the swamp of American Hating CIA psychopath rat operatives.

          • Well said fellow patriot and the sooner the better, hangem high for the treasonous bastards they are!

      3. Flying an AC-130U/W/J in a circle is usual Mission op.
        Not too sure how it would work in a city with
        tall buildings.

        • Chances are … it’s on a Recon mission to scope out a proper flight path to take down the next building. It’s been awhile since the Government has done such a thing

          ✈ ?

          • Had similar thought

      4. “Governments are established . . .to secure these rights. . .”

        • Now that’s a statist comment if I ever heard one lol.

      5. https://www.adsbexchange.com/

        1. Go to Global Radar View
        2. Menu
        3. Options
        4. Filters
        5. Check-Enable Filters- then dropdown box-Military- Add Filter
        6. Zoom In and Out
        7. Once aircraft is clicked the blank white pain Fills Data.
        8. Take some time between these steps

      6. @ Jason Rabinowitz

        I don’t believe that’s no ANG C-130 but a C-130 variant the EC 130 H
        ht tps://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Lockheed_EC-130H_Compass_Call

        Hard to tell…

        • Is that an electronic warfare plane?

      7. The way they could stop Trump and get away with it . Is another 911 that included Trump tower? But only if he happened to be there at the time?

        • Lone Wolverine:

          The Twin Towers were bombed in 1993. This did not bring them down. In 2001, the Towers were closed while a demolition team went in and set up the following event. Among other things, they cut the supporting metal beams in a slant so that the explosives would bring down the three towers that day. Every one knows this. The media continues to lie about it, but they are only fooling themselves and two or three others.

          Trump Towers has Security. Killing people is not difficult. Killing Trump will not stop Americans. It will give them a martyr. Kind of how killing Jesus did not end Christianity. 2,000 years later and the same people are still using terror.


      8. When you find out, get back to us with the info. This article is a mental tease. One more thing to hold our attention, making it ever more difficult to concentrate on the tasks at hand. Guess I’ll have to put in some personal ethics and “forget about it”.


        • Why didn’t they just carpet bomm the place? Good riddance!

      9. Lights are on … nobody home

        53rd Support DET.
        643 Park Ave.
        Manhattan NY
        (212) 452-3061

        • Thank you for the post. I thought it was NEST.

      10. Prepping for a rescue attempt for President-Elect Trump in case of assault on Trump Tower. New York Air National Guard c130 was likely full of PJs & SpecOPs players. The helicopters were observers and QRF. It makes sense that the C130 was trying to determine best approach route for para drop, given the urban environment. LALO means the jump has to be timed perfectly, so jumpers don’t get scattered all over mid-town.

      11. Why are these New Yorkers expecting someone to tell them every time a plane is about to fly overhead? Nobody ever tells me about planes. I see planes whenever I bother to go outside and look up. That’s what happens when you live near a flight path and also near military bases of various types.

        I have a military cousin who said he didn’t see anything out of the ordinary.

        • because they are new Yorkers and they have seen it all nothing scares them.

      12. C130 Puff & Choppers?
        Getting ready for Riots when Trump gets Inaugurated on Jan 17th or maybe for Dec 19th after the electoral College votes.

        I would love to see the Zombies attack, and the Puff open up on them. That would stop a riot very fast. Protest THAT IS OK. but a RIOT that is when PUFF takes over.

        For those who don’t know a C130 Puff is a gunship. Look it up. Know as Puff the Magic Dragon in Nam!

      13. The C-130 Hurcules has many missions. From cargo haulers air drops to gunships ets. I hear the cargo area isle is wide enough to place Tanks 2 wide and a half dozen deep. They are loud and slow.

        I hear Russia and are Iran are really kicking Obama’s Isis Rebels asses bad in Syria. 98% of Aleppo is now secured away from OBAMA’S CIA /ISIS.

      14. Washington,DC has a lot of its airspace under restrictions but with the upcoming inauguration and all of the planned disruptions, they should be practicing on DC.

      15. They were flying in PA also

      16. ANY Military aircraft circling through RESTRICTED and crowded multiple airport traffic at low altitude.. NO DUH this is highly irregular and suspect.

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