New Legislation Would Place Breathalyzers in All New Cars: “Drunk Driving Demands Bold Action”

by | Jul 27, 2015 | Aftermath, Conspiracy Fact and Theory | 88 comments

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    As time goes on, cars are becoming less of a symbol of freedom and status, and more like automated golf carts that coddle their drivers. Every other year they add more features that take the driver’s ability out of the loop, and track the whereabouts of said driver, with the ultimate endgame being a car that simply drives itself, that can be stopped remotely, that you can’t modify, and you probably won’t even own. In the name of “safety,” these machines are no longer being built as an expression of your freedom to travel and your standard of living.

    So perhaps this new piece of legislation being proposed by New York Congresswoman Kathleen Rice, isn’t very surprising. What was once the punishment for delinquent drivers, may soon become a new standard. She wants to force car manufactures to install ignition interlock devices, also known as a breathalyzer, on all new vehicles. If your blood alcohol content is higher than the legal limit, your car won’t start. She explained her reasoning in a recent press release. “Advancing the progress we’ve made combating drunk driving demands bold action… that’s why I’m working on legislation to require ignition interlock devices in all new cars. This technology saves lives, it saves money, and I’m going to fight to make it standard equipment in American cars.”

    Gone are the days when a car was synonymous with freedom. Now they’re just another shackle in the open air prison we call America. And soon, you won’t even be able to start your car without being treated like a criminal.


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      1. New York, I wouldn’t even fly though there….

        • Had a friend who got a HUI.
          Horseback riding while drunk…

        • The biggest opponent to this (of course behind closed doors and off the record) will be the fraternal order of police. They don’t want that revenue stream to be interrupted.

          • If this isn’t a solution in search of a problem I don’t know what its. So now you have to blow your car just to drive it. I don’t to ask my vehicle for permission just to go for a drive, of course that’s why I prefer to drive older model vehicles. I am so sick and tired of all these computerized friggin robot cars that tell you and do everything for you. Apparently it was so difficult to turn a key we had to make it pushing a button, but then somewhere along the way it became to difficult to simply push a button so now you just have to fart next to your car or talk to it and it will do whatever you want. As far as this goes I cant see it happening too soon, seeing as how everyone wants things so simple they wouldn’t want to have to blow and blow everytime they start their car. However I could see tech advancing far enough where you start your car by saying “start car” and sensors being sensitive enough to pick up you breath. It’s scary to me what the future will look like, if we even make it that far…

          • How about NADA, they would never sell a new car again…..would definitely suck to be a car salesman!

        • Anything made by man, can be defeated by another man.

          • You are limited.

            • Only a liberal’s mind has such limitations.

            • That’s not what your mom said.

          • This is true. Git a can of canned air (the kind to blow off computer keyboards) put together a series of hoses to equalize the size of the nozzle up to the breathaliser size and you are in business.

      2. Kathleen Rice is not very smart and only looking out for herself and her political career. Very bad choice of legislation……


          Get this, notice the massive recall BUYBACK, of like 5 model cars made by Chrysler like the Jeep Cherokee from mid 90’s. Maybe Gas Tank problem. However this may be a recall to get rid of all the cars with No GPS Tracking black box, so they can monitor AmeriKans. Like the transponder does when you get on the toll highways and bridges. RFID chips in car tires. Watch the Video from Syria Girl. 8 REASONS the NWO wants to go to war with SYRIA. Folks our Government has been Hijacked by the Cabal. And you hear this first from WWTI~. 9-11 was a Conspiracy by Israel and Saudi Arabia. Connect the dots. All the NWO Plot. Devude and Conquer.

        • Kathleen Rice could end up having an ‘accident’.

          • Her folks had an accident and named it Kathleen.

        • All kinds of idiot legislation is introduced every year all over the country. 99% of it never makes it past the introduction stage. Even the idiots that propose it know full well it will never pass, they simply do it to make noise.

          • tnandy

            Yah but its that 1% of idiotic legislation that’s been slipping past our nose for the last 20 years that has added up to be a big cluster F*** I think they flood us with so much stuff we can’t keep up with it all, so they chip away a little at a time. I firmly believe we are truly past the point of return. Also what’s with these “laws” and legislation they write these days. One “simple” law is filled with legal speak mumbo jumbo that can barely be understood and can be used to define any way they see fit…and we let them get by with it. If a law can’t be simply defined in 4 words then it aint worth having

      3. what’s next urine and a dab of your blood. If you have too much of anything they lock your car up and fine the shit out of you. When do we stand up these people and say enough.

        • Judging by the guy getting told it’s illegal for his BBQ smoke to leave his property and he didn’t immediately shoot the asswipe govt agent in the face telling him that….

          never. Prepare yourselves for slavery.

          • nunya

            When and where the hell did that happen…And for God’s sake why arent’ we all shooting the bastards for that sh*t. God help us are we all so overwhelmed with this crap that we’ve just given up? Or is it just the fluoride working?

        • Yes, when indeed?

        • Definately STOP Licking ALL envelopes and stamps. You DNA is in your syliva. They could be filing those envelopes away or selling they with your name and addy on it. Then frame you in a crime or something worse, database collection. You know you can find out what the FBI has on you, in their files by submitting a FOIA request to them, for a full copy of your file.

      4. as long as we keep electing people to office who have no concept of the meaning of the word freedom, we will have to deal with this crap!

        • But the mainstream media will destroy the freedom fighters. Look at what they are doing to Trump!

      5. Oh hell yeah! Lemme git sumbeer en wee kin test it out.

        Next it will be enough tread on your shoes to safely walk on the sidewalk.

        Folks are getting fed up.

        • If that technology had existed on Ted Kennedy’s Oldsmobile in 1968, Mary Jo Kopechne would still be alive.

      6. Ok son blow into this thing and start the car and then move over problem solved. It won’t stop shit folks. I know more people that died in motorcycle accidents than any other way a person could be killed. They should ban motorcycles for real I’m serious. Any motorcycle accident is life changing 99 percent of the time or you die from serious injury. Helmets do nothing for you but maybe allow you to live as a paraplegic. If they proposed a bill to ban motorcycles I’d be for it. I know I’m gonna get ripped a new ass for saying this but have at it. I know I’m right about this. Motorcycles are dangerous period. If a car hits you your toast. Seen it so many times.

        • I quit riding because I got tried of
          people trying to kill me and they
          didn’t even know they were doing it.

          • Every person I know that rides has been smacked or had to dump their bike.

            • I almost bought it on the old floating bridge on I-90 on a wet day. Here we call one of those the singing bridge. I refuse to ride a bike across one of those ever again, I don’t even like driving a car across one. I didn’t go down, but I should have, and the Toyota and the eyes of the lady coming at me were VERY big.

            • Yeah I had to slide on my back for quite a ways because someone pulled out in front of me and I didn’t have an out other than to lay my bike down. I had a nice leather jacket, a helmet, and managed to mostly keep my wallet butt cheek down to minimize the road rash.

              I walked away pretty ok but don’t ride much anymore. On my mom’s side of the family we have several amateur and pro riders; Ive realized that no matter how safe and good you are you are vulnerable to the stupidity of a 16yo at all times.

          • If people didn’t know they were doing it then they weren’t trying to kill you.

        • Right you are, Asshat. The simple way around such a device is to find a sober person to start the car. And there are sober people to be found walking around all over the place; or as Texasprepper suggests – just buy a can of compressed air. The bottom line is we might all pay more for a car because of such a dumb-ass accessory.

          • Or find a politician to blow some hot air into it.

            • BH, it’ll be tough to find a sober politician.

        • Doesn’t work that way Asshat. Unfortunately, as a younger man I had a wee drinking problem and had to get one of these in my car. The Breathalyzer goes off constantly (not just to start the car, but while driving too) and not in incrementally timed intervals (it is completely random).

          So unless your son is riding with you the whole way, it is not going to work. Not to mention, some of them come with cameras that records who blows into the device. It’s fucked.

      7. I see an opportunity here. Stone Cold Sober Breath in a Can. Could probably set up shop next to the bars and make millions.

        • You should’ve kept that to yourself, and patented the idea. You’d be a millionaire.

          • Just think how many Laws are in the books, that were designed to profit the fascist Corporations and ooliticians who buy the companies stocks before it comes law. Like the phony drug war and laws. John Boener owned a shitload if Canadian Oil Drilling Stocks, and why he was pushing for the Keystone Pipeline. These Criminals should be in Prison. Their laws are phony.

        • Or how about StoneColdSoberBreath in a chip- hack the Breathalyzer, kind of like they did to that Jeep last week.

          (If you own a new Jeep or Ram you might be getting a new updated USB in the mail soon…)

          • Wow. The gummit gets $105MM out of the fiat/chrysler deal.

            You can sell them back your deathtrap, have it ‘fixed’, or trade it in. Sure, I would trust them to repair the thing after they knowingly hid the defect for years, or maybe I would just buy another fiat/chrysler POS. Excuse me, I lost my mind there for a second.

            All the big guys/gals at fiat/chrysler should be put to the wall for this, just like the bastards at GM should have been.

            How many people died because of these defects, and had the crashes blamed on them?

      8. all this new vehicle regulations is easily bypassed if one knows how to read a auto service manual and rewire a auto fuse box.

        i for one wont be breathing into a damn tube to go get milk.

        nor will i be paying commie lib oregon’s per mile auto travel meter tax.

        the nwo Zionist nanny state can f*ck off, if push comes to shove i’ll simply turn Freeman Pirate and really give them something to cry about.

        enough is enough!

      9. I got some Kathy Rice can blow on.

      10. This lunatic needs to be in the same mental institution as the brain implant psychopath from the other story.

        • Or find a politician to blow some hot air into it.

        • AC, just shoot them both in the head and be done with it.

      11. If Congresswoman Rice wants to take bold action I suggest she:

        – Legislatively require the Alcohol Industry to give no less than 15% of its profits for funding rehabs for those with alcohol and drug issues in all of our 50 States;

        – Require bars to confiscate car keys upon serving alcohol to a person and only return them upon successful completion of a breathalyzer (but this suggestion has many issues attached to it and would be fought by the alcohol lobby).

        And if Congresswoman Rice wants to take even BOLDER action than THOSE two things, she could propose legislation requiring every elected leader as well as those running for any kind of office to submit to a Psychiatric Evaluation and require the results to be public.

        Maybe this would give us a fighting chance at rooting out (mask-wearing) Psychopaths from running for office.

        Her idea of requiring devices on cars does not solve but shifts the problem and thus is not sound.

        – the Lone Ranger

        • Why not put the punishment where it belongs: On the intoxicated driver. If a death is involved make the driver work for the rest of his/her life and give the salary to the family of the deceased. If no death, then 10% of the intoxicants salary can go to funding rehab and education. I don’t really understand what type of ed is needed to teach someone that alcohol makes you drunk. I drink whiskey each and every day of my life and haven’t had a problem yet. Maybe it is a Biblical thing, do all things in moderation. Anyway put the blame where it damn well belongs, on the backs of the drunks, not the whiskey makers. If we would quit shifting blame in this country then maybe we could get some common sense legislation. Stupidity is rampant: Watch the video of the guy in Florida being threatened with a monetary fine for allowing the wind to blow his bbq smoke from the grill across the highway. As they say on the Dairy Farm:So udderly ridiculous.

          • I thought religious folks get everlasting life if they believe? So why be afraid of any drunk driver? See the big hoax?

            Its time to crank up the DDMM – Drunk Drivers against Mad Mothers organization again.

            • Or my favorite organization “DAMM” Drunks Against Mad Mothers 🙂

      12. Just have someone else breath in it and now your protected under the law if you killed somebody while drunk because the car “shouldn’t have let you drive”. No longer your responsibility…

        • You’re still responsible for your actions, even if you defeat the system.

          It’s like saying, ‘the gun should have had the safety on’.

      13. I knew I picked the wrong week to quit sniffing glue.

        • I picked the wrong week to quit methamphetamine . . .

      14. Since driving a car is a privilege, I could support a drug test before the thing starts. As long as the computer that shuts you off, you are control the shut off limit, and your car cannot be used as evidence against you, I don’t see a problem.

      15. Rellik,that needs to be changed to a right.

        • I don’t think driving is a right, unless you can roll it in to life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness.
          But I know what you mean. Nobody has a “right” to
          enslave and ride a horse, but it is common practice.
          (I prefer mules but they are really expensive here).
          Don’t confuse common practice with rights.
          That is how the world developed and still practices

      16. When the computer speed began to double every 6 months, it was only a matter of time before every aspect of life would fall under the control of computers. I doubt that any type of leadership groups or governmental bodies , even if they were benevolent in the beginning, would resist applying this technology to their populace for too long, unfortunately, I think it’s human nature for whoever is in charge to exploit new technology to control people, it’s become cheap and easy to do and will continue to get cheaper and easier.

      17. Does anyone even think that this dysfunctional Congress, would even be able to Pass this?

        Hell, the can’t even agree on what type of A$$ wipe to use!

        • Boehner says he’ll drink to that!

      18. Another reason to buy used cars.

        • JS, old technology is all I’ve ever owned and can even afford. I don’t have the kind of money it takes to have any of today’s toys on wheels. The old ones are better; smaller percentage of electronics aka less complicated and cheaper to keep running.

      19. I got an idea how about don’t drink and fucking drive!!!! Perfect example my wife’s sister’s best friend just got done drinking at her sis house drove the wrong way on an exit ramp and killed herself an critically injured two innocent people in the other car…you can find sympathy between shit and syphilis in the dictionary from me for drunk drivers… It’s a matter of personal responsibility it can’t be legislated but something needs to be done to keep these drunk assholes off the fucking roads!!!!

      20. Uh…. what requires “bold action” is jailing banksters and taking action against Hillary and her illegal scams with her emails

      21. You can blow air into a balloon before you drink, and then when you come back, get into the car, just open up the balloon and blow it into the sensor with “clean air” and the car starts. Anything man can develop, another man can find a way to defeat it.

      22. Sorry, but I’m not buying a car that has to have a blowjob just to get it started.

      23. OT:

        Need the advice of those who are familiar with older trucks. A family friend is selling a 1978 f-F150 (So Cal kept its entire existence) with 106K miles, 5.8 V8, 4×4, and is in clean/operating condition. The guy wants $6,900….is it worth it?

        I am a little apprehensive about buying something older than me. Plus it is very hard to pin down accurate pricing as there are not many for comparison.

        • start at $5,500.00, i bet you could get it for 6,000.

          • Up here that truck would be $1000

        • long time ford owner

          $3500. tops, start at blue book value of $2500.

          if it was a ford f-250 then it would be worth it.

          ford f150’s just don’t have the heavy duty pulling power torgue you need and want.

          trust me on this you want a ford f250.

          • Check AutoTrader dot com. I had an out state guy from TN, buy my BMW M3 sight unseen off AutoTrader. Kept mailing me checks to hold it until he flew down to buy it. FL car Clean FAST running Machine. But that will tell you whats out there and pricing. Good Luck. Used cars I always took to a mechanic to check out like a cylinder compression test is a biggy.

            • Thanks WWTI

          • Thanks for the input Mouse, unfortunately it is a F-150.

      24. I like the balloon trick James there is ways to defeat stuff. Measure then counter measure. Some german kid figured out how to defeat biometric finger print technology it was out for 2 days or something like that then it was defeated. Maybe Mac can find this info it might be in the plans archives. The sad thing is they spend huge amounts of$ to develop this stuff and someone finds a simple way to defeat it with a balloon or something else. Low tech just works all the time. It’s just not exciting.

      25. Mini Gyroscopes in the black box is what they will be using. They’ll log the swerving and phone home.

        Anyone remember the missing plane? Weren’t the mini gyroscope engineers on board when it went missing?

      26. Friends no one is elected any more they are appointed by TPTB.

        CRLT-ALT-DELETE time has arrived.


      27. Smooth it’s only worth what someone’s willing to pay the blue book is just a reference point to get a ball park number. A lot of people with older vehicles think they have a gem stone even if it’s in great shape. If you feel the guy is firm on what he wants and it’s not reasonable to you walk. There are millions of trucks out there. I’m a ford guy myself. It really doesent matter what shape it’s in if it that old it’s not worth much. I agree with Chevy man $1000

      28. Put a tube in her mouth and let her blow.
        Let’s seeing what she has been inhaling.

      29. Rioting Cleveland Blacks say Black Lives Matter?!?

        white cleveland police officer say they don’t and MACE’S them all!

        And the Chimp Out’s go WILD!

      30. Can’t wait for the enterprising capitalist to come up with “bottled breath” that can be injected into the sensors.

      31. Now I can agree with this to a point because I’ve lost alot of friends and family to drunk driving accidents caused by the other driver. I see alot of complaining about how this would affect their freedom. If you’re not fucking drunk then you have the freedom to drive where ever you want! If you’re a drunk fucktard that would drive and endanger lives of other people then you wouldn’t be able to drive. I would hope you have to walk home

        • Sorry to all who have lost someone to drunk drivers. That said, just because you’ve been victimized doesn’t give you any more say in this than anyone else. These various schemes that require you to prove your innocence are not legal, and certainly not moral. Would you accept a mental health exam requirement prior to purchasing a gun? There are enough laws on the books to deal with drunks, they simply need to be enforced (gee, common theme in this country isn’t it?) pols would rather gin up more solutions in the guise of yet another thing we are forced to succumb to in order to live our lives. This particular one is,just another nanny state solution,,brought on because no one want to take responsibility for their own actions. At the head of that particular line are politicians.

          I,for,one an tired of,having to,make choices on how I live in order to avoid or sidestep their stupid, freedom sucking schemes. I’d like to see a politician who was for liberty, just one.

      32. Having lost a spouse to a drunk driver I must applaud any action that permanently removes drinkers from behind the wheel. There is no reason to lose ones sobriety. One can’t trust someone that drinks or does drugs, they ain’t right in the head.

        • Funny Marvin, I find myself completely unable to trust someone who’s never used drugs. Shows they have no curiosity or love of freedom.

      33. Yes drunk driving needs the bold action to protect law and order in the city.

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