New Footage From Las Vegas Massacre Reveals Possible Muzzle Flashes From Helicopters That May Have Conducted “Air Assault”

by | Dec 27, 2017 | Conspiracy Fact and Theory | 26 comments

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    Does this new footage reveal muzzle flashes from helicopters, an air assault, on the night of the massacre?

    What appears to be muzzle flashes emitting from multiple aircraft can be seen on numerous videos captured on the night of the massacre.

    LAS VEGAS (INTELLIHUB) — Newly released footage of the October 1 massacre posted on YouTube by the NICK VEGAS channel appears to confirm what Intellihub’s founder and editor-in-chief Shepard Ambellas pointed out in late October when he presented evidence of the strategic air assault on The Alex Jones Show in great detail.

    The video shows what appears to be muzzle flashes emanating from the airspace between the Delano Hotel and Mandalay Bay, an airspace that should be free of obstruction altogether.

    major analysis of this matter was done by Ambellas in mid-November which revealed that no aircraft should be occupying that airspace between the hours of 10:05 and 10:15 p.m. on the night of the shooting (i.e. no aircraft are visible on the radar in that airspace during that time.) Not to mention the fact that helicopters are not allowed to hover in the City of Las Vegas without a permit nor are they allowed to lurk behind buildings lower than their roof lines.

    The first of a series of muzzles flashes can be seen coming from several different elevations, possibly from as many as 3 aircraft (helicopters). The flashes which are not consistent with FAA required running lights in any way can be seen starting at 0:19 seconds into the video.

    Note: To see the flashes you must view the video on ‘1080p’ and set it to ‘full screen’ and look between the two hotels (adjust the video speed to 25%.)

    The exact same aircraft and apparent muzzles flashes can also be seen in the Arch Angel Studios “First Shots” video which was posted to YouTube on Oct. 2, just one day after the shooting.



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      1. Just another shovel full on the mountain of evidence that has come out since it happened. Another op by the usual suspects….

        • This is not new footage. This video has been around and on You Tube for many weeks. That said, it’s REAL and debunks the “single shooter mantra” propagated by the PTB.

          One fool trying to criticize this video didn’t know the difference between “muzzle flashes” and “strobe lights”. N o news is just another attempt by the Deep State to smother this BOTCHED operation. 🙁

        • It was the “one-arm” Man!

          • My money is on Col. Mustard lol.

            • I always wanted to do Miss Peacock in the conservatory with my lead pipe, but I digress.

              • Damn man, you ARE an old geezer lol. Sucks huh…..

                • “You got to be tough to be old”


          • too late now, they let the feds ruin the crime scene and hide the evidence.

      2. The truth about what happened in Vegas is now going to be released by official sources in about a year. As soon as they get their lies straight.

      3. The flashing lights in the sky are clearly plains coming in to the airport that sits not far from the Mandalay Bay hotel. Looking at the 2nd video you can clearly see one coming in or departing long before the shooting starts. Not everything is a conspiracy.

      4. Fake News

        • I love how people regurjitate that phrase without bothering to refute anything or post a fact. Its become the digital equivalent of putting ones fingers in ones ears and chanting “LALALA I CANT HEAR YOU”

      5. A lot of people are never going to feel as safe as they did before it happened.

        • well thats the point isnt it? same reason we have annual “holidays” to reopen wounds. “never forget”, “days which will live in infamy”, etc. All designed to keep people afraid and angry.

      6. All conspiracy theories aside, there will never be a rational explanation for how dishonorable people obtain useful resources in a meritocracy.

      7. Yeah…no… Not only can this be easily faked, it only surfaced after some alleged comments about “helicopter attacks” recently. Gee, no bandwagon there for conspiracy fakers

      8. The lowly peons will have to wait another year until the lies are straight and digestible.

      9. I do not care how you look at this its sad people were just out for a good time, and this happens.

        The truth may not be know because we as a society do not know who the good guys are anymore.

        WHO DO YOU TRUST ??????????

      10. Watched both videos. Nothing that seals the case of some airborne assault. What worries me most is the herd/mob mentality. Most too worried about their damned cellphones to take any type of constructive actions. Just save own tails and run. It will be worse when it is an army coming. A perfect storm of fear, chaos and no plans whatsoever.

        • good takeaway. youre one of the few I think that really learned anything from this.

      11. Recycled nonsense.

        The Final Approach for McCarran airport passes right behind these hotels. In fact, the airport is so close you can look down on the field from the hotel rooms.
        The flashes are wingtip strobes.
        @ 2:54 on the video you can see an MD80 pass by on short final. All the windows are lit up.

        I hold a Commercial license and have been an Instrument Instructor since 1976. I know what I’m looking at.

        I don’t for a minute believe the “official” story but perpetuating this kind of wild eyed BS from Alex Jones is what gets conspiracy theorists a tin foil hat reputation and why they are not taken seriously.

        Only Truth matters. Uninformed speculation is the enemy in the search for Truth.

        • I agree Stuart. I think the alt-media has to be very careful when it presents evidence. It has to be held to much higher standards of evidence than the mainstream media fake news.

          I have even thought that the government is now deliberately planting conspiracy information for which naive alt-media types take the bait. When these sensational stories get posted on Alex Jones type sites (mind you they can’t appear to be too bogus because then they would be immediately rejected by even the alt-media) are allowed to germinate and then get further analyzed and ultimately debunked, the government has effectively countered the alt-media with this disinformation seed.

          In fact, is Alex Jones unwittingly being used as the govt’s secret disinformation propagation center?

      12. Pure BS. Again. Look at the beginning of the article. Muzzle flashes from helicopters “may be’ an air attack. No. If those are muzzle flashes then it is an air attack. You can’t have it both ways. May be and sure thing don’t go in the same paragraph. No one is shooting from the helicopters. People are making money off deception.

      13. Good lord people are stupid.
        Does anyone have a map?
        It’s planes from the airport.
        And the moron that popped off about helicopters hovering?!?… Lmao guess news helicopters break the law then. And the helicopter tour I took when I was in Vegas did too since we hovered over all kinds of places so everyone could take pictures.
        There was one shooter. Period.

        • You are an uninformed, ignorant, retarded, msm watching, dumb ass. There’s some FACTS for you!

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