New Audio From The Night Of The Las Vegas Massacre Reveals That There Was “Another Active Shooter” In The Bar At The Top Of The Mandalay Bay Hotel During The Attack

by | Nov 7, 2017 | Conspiracy Fact and Theory | 30 comments

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    Newly released audio from the Clark County Fire Department has provided even more proof that there were multiple shooters during The Las Vegas Massacre, further debunking the official narrative of a lone gunman on the 32nd floor and once again calling into question almost every aspect of what actually happened during the worst mass shooting in American history.

    The audio, released on the SoundCloud account of a local news reporter, is an almost three hour recording of transmissions between dispatch and units on the ground amid the confusion of the mass shooting that at one point details a report that a wife of a firefighter was actually pinned down in the Foundation Room bar on top of the Mandalay Hotel.

    Intellihub’s Shepard Ambellas, who has extensively reported on the entire Vegas cover-up since the beginning, recently found that at around the 1:27:54 mark of the audio file you can clearly hear dispatch describing the situation to first responders who are headed in that direction.

    “We have a firefighter’s wife at this event who is pinned down behind the bar at Mandalay Bay. We are trying to get further on the name,” dispatch frantically notes. “Batallion 6, be advised that we are getting reports on Mandalay Bay, at the bar, we currently have, another active shooter up there.”

    After being asked to confirm the information, dispatch goes on to make clear that she is specifically speaking about the bar at the top of the hotel rather than anywhere near the 32nd floor room that Stephen Paddock supposedly operated from.

    “The only information I have is it’s the bar on top of the Mandalay Bay,” dispatch continues before being asked if the shooter was pinned down or “just sheltering right now?”

    Interestingly, the story doesn’t end there, as Ambellas wrote in his piece, author and entrepreneur Grant Cardone was actually holding an investors meeting in the very same bar shortly before the attack took place. The popular social media influencer apparently left the Foundation Room literally seven minutes before authorities claim Paddock opened fire from his 32nd floor room.

    Cardone wrote about his experience in a post on Medium in which he claimed that the Mandalay Bay was telling visitors that there was at least one active shooter, “moving” throughout the hotel shooting people.

    It was reported by the Mandalay there was a shooter moving through the hotel. I told Elena and Johnny, “stay close to me, we are not running out, stay calm, there is one person in charge — where I go, you follow, no matter what.”


    About this time, there was starting to be a lot more activity through the casino and now the reports suggested there was active multiple terrorists moving through the hotel shooting guest. Then twitter started showing up with feeds suggesting multiple hotels being attacked, bomb threats, and more.

    This new report documenting yet another instance of a possible second shooter comes on the heels of dozens of similar reports, with the most recent arriving in the form of air traffic control audio that directly stated that there were active shooters on the runway.

    “During the air traffic control recordings, which were released by political strategist and co-founder of “The New Right” Mike Tokes, one of the dispatchers is heard telling an incoming plane that landing might not be a good idea because there were multiple active shooters on the airport property itself,” SHTFplan reported.

    “Shutting down might not be a good idea, there’s active shooters on the runway,” he declared. “The 19s are closed, we are in the process of trying to round them up, they are on the airport property.”

    Slowly but surely we are beginning to see the truth about the horrific attack come to light despite authorities desperately trying to prevent it from reaching the American people.

    Sadly, the picture emerging is one that includes a shocking amount of evidence pointing towards a classic deep state false flag operation.


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      1. Shall I repeat myself? Sure… why not? We will never know what happened. And this entire incident is already yesterday’s news (and believe me before any take offense, I prayed for those lost and for the families who lost loved ones). As for there being more than one shooter… I’m not shocked, surprised or in any way in doubt that it is true there was more than one. Hell, I’d believe it was Lee Harvey Oswald back from the dead if need be. This murderous rampage was planned from the git-go by ‘someone’. We all know. So? What are we going to do about it?……[crickets chirping]

      2. How the fuck is it we know TONS of info more on the shooter at the church on Sunday- TWO days ago, but know NOTHING about this shooting two MONTHS later!!!!

        • Notice that the Texas officials are the ones releasing information. Texas believes in an open and transparent government.

          Nevada is democrat controlled.

          Nuff said.

          • Notice all MSN outlets use the clean shaven photo of the killer Devon Kelly. Ignored are the latest photos of him wearing a full beard, which is how he looked at the time of the shooting. There are rumors this guy was a follower of ANTIFA, and possibly ISIS. Beards are islamiphobic?

            President Trump was absolutely right when he said the death toll could have gone into the hundreds without an armed Texan to stand in the way. If liberals and progressives had their way it would have ended up like the Norway massacre where because of strong gun control, only the bad guy had a gun, and he only stopped when he ran out of ammo.

            I watched the BBC openly lie tonight saying only America has these mass killings, NWO jerks! I have no sympathy while the British government let Muslim soldiers murder their people on British soil. There are Jihadist hand-grenade attacks across the EU on a regular basis. These are hushed up. Meanwhile they criticize America’s second amendment.

            • Revisiting the Breivik Massacre:

              Norway has considerably more restrictive gun laws than the US, for instance:

              All guns registered
              All gun owners licensed and required to have training
              Some calibers restricted
              All ammo sales registered

              Mass murderer Anders Breivik killed 69 and wounded over 100 with his LEGALLY OBTAINED, registered, weapons in Norway in 2011. He also killed 8 people and injured over 200 with a bomb the same day. He killed the equivalent population in the US of over 4000 people in one episode. (Norway pop ~5E06) <bb

      3. The Texas shooting by coincidence happenstance or false flagged has taken attention off of Las Vegas. Preliminary evidence tells me its coincidence but timing and magnitude point to a false flag. They want Las Vegas to just go away, disappear because there are way too many lose ends. If by chance attention continues to cast a spotlight on Vegas TPTB are not beyond doubling down and pulling off another one to drawl attention elsewhere.

      4. Clearly, something’s up because nothing adds up. The story keeps changing. In a real investigation, facts don’t change. There don’t seem to be many facts here. Except nothing adds up. Very sloppy.

      5. Be careful. Be very careful. Don’t let them take you. You might just find yourself on the 32 floor of a tall building surrounded by agents of the deep state.

      6. For me the exclamation point is the 4chan warning. It was spot on!

      7. There were “Shooters in the bar area”, but nobody was shot?
        The only one shot inside the hotel was Paddock?

        Was Paddock selling / trading guns with ((( them )))
        when he realized ((( they ))) were trying to frame him??
        Had he made a “deal with the devil”, but ((( they ))) shot
        Paddock to keep him from exposing their plot and names??

        There were other documented shooters in other hotels,
        yet the FBI, CIA, Sheriff, all say “””there was ONLY ONE
        SHOOTER””” and at least 50 victums and festival people,
        pilots, air tower and radio transmissions, reported many
        times there were “”multiple”” shooters!

        This is nothing but a big coverup for some illegal activities!!
        And they murdered innocent people to do it!!

      8. When the hell are they going to figure out Vegas and let the public know what is going on? Somebody or somebodies are hiding something from the public. Are the police and FBI this incompetent?

        • Good Lord. Why would the authorities do that (be transparent)? Because the narrative is locked in. Evidence? We don’t need no stinking evidence. Proof? Proof is what they say it is.

      9. The Mandalay Bay is the death hotel!
        They are running every promotion to say how great things are and they want your business.
        The death hotel..go have fun!

      10. If you don’t know that contemporaneous reports from a crisis moment are not necessarily reliable then you have no chance when the SHTF. Just sayin’.

      11. I believe it was Professor Plum in the dining room.

        That’s as accurate as any of you tough guyz.

        Stay frosty!

      12. Sometimes I simply get to the point of disappointment that the articles posted here at have come to this. I’ve been coming here for years for the substance of the articles and additional well thought out commentary afterwards..

        But everybody should know by now that during a major crisis or active shooter situation, many a detail or incorrect report is thrown out during or immediately after the incident are going to be inaccurate. Sit ten people in front of a screen during a non-stressful incident and play a quick unfolding event out, you will always get 7-10 different accounts of suspect descriptions, actoons, or other details. Always.

        And now, while this event unfolded they were told there was a second shooter and now it was a fact. Show us more proof other than an initial scanner broadcast and I’ll re-evaluate.

        Thanks for the conspiracy porn..

      13. As with the JFK assassination investigation, the public has been misled for if we truly knew what has occurred and who was involved,it would raise significantly, the anxiety level of the nation.

        Might had been a false flag. Governments are good at that.

        Comment: Recently, it was reported that Americans should get used to (or accept) the type of terrorist violence we see from Muslims. This was from a member of Congress.

        Comment: Recently, as reported on this site, a congressman departed the chamber as prayers and respect were afforded to the victims of The Texas Church Shooting to work as hard as he could to destroy The Second Amendment.
        No doubt, sympathetic to the cause and willing to accept any causalities or deaths to dismantle that right.

        In my opinion, The Texas Church Shooting was part of the Nov 4th 2017 plan to begin the overthrow of the government.

        The term, now its starts, was used quite frequently.

        Now, hear this. It has and we will see an increase of terror activity which as been the hall mark of every single revolution. To install fear in the public, disrupt the daily activity to include commerce.

        It is going to get nasty.

      14. You can fool some of the people some the time
        but you’ll never fool all the people ALL THE

        One person can keep a secret indefinitely….
        Two people to keep a secret….not so much.

        • You can fool most of the people all of the time
          But you can’t fool all of the people most of the time

          That’s more fitting.

      15. I don’t know…I’ve had a neighbor call the cops screaming we were opening fire on her house, trying to kill her, while she was on the phone, over two houses away from my backyard and it never happened.

        We were moving arms from one safe to another and bringing in arms from having gone shooting that day. Someone took a shot at a sparrow on the ground in the backyard with a Daisy Red Rider BB Gun and that’s how it all started.

        Cops knew she was full of shit, but that didn’t stop the false call going out from a panicking liberal who was so methed up she should have been arrested.

        • Isn’t filing a false police report a crime?

      16. Im certain something is bad wrong with the entire official Vegas story. They say the guy won millions professional gambling. We know that does not happen. I say if they would follow them money they could find the truth.

        • “They” don’t want the truth because “They” are behind it.

          • (((They))) don’t want the truth because (((They))) are behind it.


      17. “Deep State” = CIA, FBI, Civil Servants, Law Enforcement….acting as a state within a state
        to further an opposing position….equal to a “mutiny” or take over of the states.

        “Shadow Gov.” = Federal Reserve, Bilderburgs, Rothchilds, Tri-lateral Communists,
        J3W money changers, Wall Street financial “deep pockets”, Bushes( 1 & 2 ), LBJ,
        Cucktons, obutthol, Cartar, (also called the “Puppeteers”.)

        “AntiFa” = g. $orass, b. obutthol, Cucktons, Shoemer, mc CON no, n. plousy…..etc.

        “Anti-Trumpers” = Demoncraptic party, communists, marxists, unAmerican spoilers,

      18. It’s Las Vegas folks. People go there sometimes in a last desperate attempt to get out of financial problems by gambling whatever savings they have left on the spin of a wheel or the turn of a card. More often than not they will lose every cent. Given this happens every day in Vegas would it not be common for these gamblers to look to take some revenge by shooting someone at the casino? I would expect it happens every week. Some will kill themselves while others may blast off at some casino employee. So if there was another shooter on October 1st in Las Vegas when the massacre took place the conspiracy theorists as normal go straight for the normal narrative ‘the police, FBI and the mainstream media are lying to us’. There were multiple shooters. It was an ISIS attack or it was a false flag by the elite to demonise guns and gun owners.

        No, no and no.

        If there was another shooting incident in Las Vegas that night there is no proof that it had any connection with the mass murderer. No proof at all. If there was another shooter it is highly likely that he was just another Las Vegas loser looking to get his own back at the casino who took his money.

        If the FBI knew there was a second shooter involved in the massacre are we really to believe that the FBI agents would be quite happy to sit back and let this other murderer escape from Las Vegas only to turn up at another location in the near future and go crazy with his guns again?

        Get real conspiracy theorists. That ain’t happening.

        Until proven otherwise I think Paddock had become depressed about his life and wanted it to end. However rather than driving to the nearest cliff top and jumping off it made him feel better about his own life ending with the knowledge he was destroying lots of other lives before he departed the scene. Also the people he would be killing were younger, better looking and were generally enjoying their lives much more than he was enjoying his so that in Paddock’s sick mind made it even better.
        Some people just get a buzz from inflicting pain on others. Paddock was clearly a nasty piece of work and he took advantage of the easy availability of killing machines to inflict as much pain and suffering on others as he could.
        That is my view of the Las Vegas massacre. Others can believe whatever they like.

      19. The Lucifer led globalists and their deep state operatives are obviously using big money to fund ANTIFA, ISIS and black lives matter as their brown shirt equivalents in 2017 to bring down this democratic republic. Any who think the FBI isn’t into these incidents up to their neck isn’t paying attention.
        Then the media and political whores ALWAYS have the gall to tell us we must disarm. Why? Obviously so we can’t protect ourselves from their hordes of emotionally propagandized ignoramuses they are inciting 24/7 to kill us and police officers. It is really sick. Hopefully exposure and justice will be coming to hell’s helpers.

      20. Notice one thing here……Things really started getting crazy once hitlery lost the election. Massive propaganda campaign against Trump, increased violence with ISIS, Antifa and other Soros groups, economic turmoil, more business failures and more and we all think it’s “Normal” when in reality, it’s the entire corrupt system that is so afraid of their corruption being exposed that they must create chaos to divert attention away from their criminal activities and until they are exposed and imprisoned, these violent outbursts will only increase in intensity and frequency. It is up to We The People to expose their illegal dealings, and, when they are finally exposed for all to see, we can finally return to a peaceful country once again.

      21. Listen…..I belief we are being bamboozled when it comes to this shooting……but this story is horse crap. Nobody for certain knew where or how many shooters there were. Confusion reigns in these situations. Like they say in court…….the most unreliable witness of all sometimes… a an eye witness. Many innocent men have spent parts of their lives behind bars on the word of an eye witness.

      22. Nigel,
        You keep believing your own story. There are hundreds of witnesses that have
        all reported the same stories. The transmissions via phone, wireless radio, photos,
        and cameras all the same.
        This was probably a “Deep State” (FBI / CIA/ LAW Enforcement)
        manipulation to push GUN CONTROL, acted out by some AntiFa and criminal
        In the room with Paddock was another person, evidently, because people in the
        next room heard the blast of explosives to blow the door….and heard the
        breaking of glass (windows) at the same time. These don’t add up. Paddock
        was already dead. He could not have fired through the window in the time frame
        they gave. Nor could he have broken out TWO windows in separate rooms ( separated by a locked door) at that same time.

        People died, many are still recovering from wounds, and many loved ones went home in caskets. They deserve justice from our tyranical government.

        Nigel, you are a drone, or a communist terrorist supporter. Which one?
        the time of one expolosion

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