Neighbors Call CPS On Mother Who Let 4-Year-Old Play Alone: “How’d She Feel If He Was On An AMBER Alert?

by | Dec 3, 2015 | Aftermath, Conspiracy Fact and Theory | 70 comments

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    This article was written by Joshua Krause and originally published at the Daily Sheeple.

    Editor’s Comment: As usual, the neighbors in this case actually believed they were helping out and making the situation better by calling CPS. This despite the fact that missing children and kidnapping horror stories are very rare and worries are overblown and misplaced. Instead, they have separated a mother from her child in a case where no harm actually happened before calling the nanny state government to intervene. Now different views about letting children actually play outside are resulting in actions against parents.

    Mother Faces Jail Time For Letting 4-Year-Old Play Outside

    by Joshua Krause

    Sacramento mother Sonya Hendren is facing charges of child endangerment after letting her young son play in a park just outside of her home in a gated apartment complex. The boy was seen unattended by neighbors who asked him to go home. After the boy refused, and said that he wasn’t done playing, they decided to call Child Protective Services. Now the mother faces up to 6 months in jail, and has to keep the boy in sight at all times. She was offered a plea deal of 1 month, but refused.

    The two unrepentant busy bodies who called the authorities, Sonja and Brandi Horrell, explained their reasons for the call to the local news. “I just thought she would get a warning, and then she wouldn’t let him be out alone again.” Brandi added that “I’m not mad she has to do things now to teach her, because what if someone did take him?”“How would she feel if he was on an AMBER Alert? Then what would she be feeling?”

    Yes, because apparently they know how to raise another persons child. At the heart of this case is the fact that the mother genuinely believed that her son was finally mature enough to play outside alone. But in our society, individual needs and abilities are no longer relevant, and parents can’t raise their own children. The days of letting kids explore the world and make their own mistakes, is effectively over. As Hendren’s attorney put it “If this had happened 20 years ago, we wouldn’t be here. There wouldn’t be a criminal case filed.”

    According to the London Express:

    Sonya Hendren let her son Tomahawk play in a gated park inside her building complex on his own – 120ft away from her flat’s front door.

    But Ms Hendren was arrested for child neglect and endangerment after her outraged neighbour, Sonja Horrell, reported her to the child protection services.

    Ms Hendren, from California, US, said: “He was outside and the neighbour called the cops on us.”

    The stunned mother said her son had displayed signs to her that he was ready to play outdoors alone and that he would occasionally go outside before returning moments later to let her know he was ok.

    This article was written by Joshua Krause and originally published at the Daily Sheeple.


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      1. Im waiting for my neighbors to call the police for me peeing in the back yard

        • If that was me the neighbors had better hope they have fire insurance!

          • If anyone called the cops on me for shit that isn’t their business or wasn’t hurting them they had better get the fook out of dodge ASAP! I don’t take lightly to ratfucks and they WILL pay X10!

            • Four years old is too small, too young to be left unattended. 🙁

        • If you use organic bread without preservatives it will go bad within two or three days.

          Ginger, garlic, honey, clove, and cinnamon are all natural bread preservatives which prevent bacterial and mold growth.

          • Thanks Acid for all the info you post. Much of it is very helpful. Despite what some here think and say, you’re a good guy.

          • AE, even though that has absolutely nothing to do with this article, it is much more useful info than this article. I would like to see more useful info like that. Thanks.

        • Haha, so is my husband. Driving from one house to another he decided he had the right to mark his own property after a 3 hour ride. Very private but still folks around. So far so good. What on earth could they charge him with anyway? Indecent exposure…behind bushes and trees…on our own property? I’m not suggesting he couldn’t make it into the house, but what are the charges?

          • he would be charged with indecent exposure and registered as a sex offender.

          • They call it urination in public.
            I picked up that charge when I was 17 and took a leak in an alley in Ann-Arbor, MI, back in….’88’89 or so. It is forever etched into my record.
            Nowadays, they consider it a sex crime and you will have to register as such for the rest of your life.

            • Oh Man, that so sucks. We all have to pee, it’s a nature thing and if held too long could be serious consequences. Are we now obliged by the Adult Diaper Brigade? Sorry this happened to you RWT. A sex crime??? The insanity!

              • Tishie,
                what you have to remember is look at ALL the lawyers now days and how many pres. have or had lawyer degrees, part of what is wrong with this country is the ridiculous laws and stuff coming from lawyers. this country needs a complete re-set!!

                • Apache54 and Tishie, NEVER EVER TRUST ANYONE WITH A LAW DEGREE. I did once and it was the biggest mistake I ever made, but that’s another story for another time. Lawyers have done more to hurt this country than any other group of people out there.

            • Incidents like this is why I despise the justice/legal system. It’s about making everyone but them a criminal. As I have said before getting someone in the system is as simple as a routine traffic stop.

        • Survivalist video games for xmas:

          Alien Isolation

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          Metro 2033


          Its been documented that CPS runs an underage sex ring. Google it dammit.

        • Snitches wind up in ditches. These busybodies should.

          • Yep, but instead of the ditches, they’ll be in church on Sunday morning telling everyone how God has blessed them this week. We should start a religion called “Morons of Christ”. I am a believer in Christ myself, but so-called Christians cause me more trouble than the Muslims ever could. Just like these Morons of Christ causing this woman to probably be a convicted felon, or being a sex offender for urinating on your own property. We could just wear depend diapers and just get a littering charge for throwing them on the church parking lot.

            • I call them Xtians.

          • The dykes sonja and brandi surely know more about raising a child than any hetero out there.

        • I suppose you could bury them in your backyard, then pee on their graves.

      2. Four years old, come on now, if this were my city this woman wouldn’t see the light of day for months. It was child neglect 40 years ago and it is still neglect today. 40 years ago the authorities would bend the law according to each and every situation, because back then the officers HAD TIME to do so, today the officers are trained to trust no one, 99% of the people are not worth giving the benefit of the doubt, just plain rotten people. 40 years ago most families were two parent and the father was responsible enough to get a job. Today, one never knows if the single mom is the typical unwilling to get a job welfare mooching crack addict, MOST of the unwed mom’s are mooching off the taxpayer, and like child supervision, they expect SOMEBODY ELSE to do this for her. IMHO Every child needs supervision up until that child is responsible enough and has actually worked a job, there is no magic age number as all children are different, some never grow up, even into their 40’s. I am sick of paying for other peoples handouts.

        • 40 years ago no one would have called the law just because a child was playing outside. And the kid was just a little over 100 feet away, not on the other side of town. When I was young, I had to go more than 100 feet from the house to even get near the edge of the yard. Do you think children should be kept on leashes or in cages all the time?

          Letting a child play outside has never before been child neglect, unless home was next to the interstate and had no fence.

          • Thanks for setting the record straight for greater than thou Bucky. Cps rarely catches the perps that do really keep kids in cages.

        • FB: I find myself commenting on this subject a bit too much but your comment is disturbing. At what point does one decide not to allow their child their Birthright…..FREEDOM! I say when they (the child) asks for it and if they are 3+yrs. old it is our duty as parents to at least try. I realise this isn’t 1991 and the the world has changed dramatically but children have (should) have rights as we did as children. What makes you think this Mom didn’t sit in her kitchen window watching everything this child did? Worrying at each moment he decided to swing just a little too high? Not every parent is a loser, drug addict or on Welfare. Many folks are either married or in relationships for years. Please be kind and wait for the outcome. She just maybe your Mom, Dad, Sister, Brother, Aunt, Nana or Papa who gave you that exact right…..FREEDOM! The one who sat at the window watching, worrying about you just being you. Just Say’in

          • Tishie, excellent post. It was the same way for me when I was a kid and I still turned out good. FB has been misled into thinking the nanny state is the way to go. I call BS with CAPITOL BS to his post.

            • Read FB’s comment (MYYYY CITY! AVERT YOUR EYES, KNAVE!). He/she is obviously part of the machine.

            • Nanny state??? It is the RESPONSIBILITY of each parent to care for their child, not the government, not the police, not the next door neighbor, not some stranger. Neglect is neglect.

        • Bucky,
          You might want to research how the powers that be raise their kids. You are assuming just because someone is single or poor they are probably bad parents. Plenty of abuse in the upper echelons of society.

        • FB, where should I report to jail? My daughter played in the back yard at 4. This was in a gated apartment complex.

          She plays on monkey bars (does that make me raysis?) at 7—RUNNIN WITH THE DEVIL….. !

      3. That is where I draw the line if someone comes to kidnap my kids CPS any other agency or whoever it might be I would stop them. You can’t just start tearing families apart because you don’t agree with how they live

        • Justonemore, I couldn’t agree more. If some social worker has a death wish, trying to take my kids will get them their wish.

          • Yes braveheart, tell us all about your mythical kids.

        • Very true, but there is now so much corruption throughout our sick society that what’s right, true and decent doesn’t matter anymore. This was once protestant America, but our nation is now submitting itself to Rome more and more – the pope just addressed the Congress of the United States for the first time in American history, an ominous development. Our freedoms are of protestant origin. Protestantism and a republican form of government were the secrets of America’s unrivaled prosperity – the United States helped lead the world out of the tyranny of the Dark Ages, but is now helping to the lead the world back. Christ is going to return sooner than we think. “In such an hour as ye think NOT, the Son of man cometh.”

      4. This was done in the UK? In America when I was age 4, I was more likely to get arrested than my mother. I was a bit out of control as a kid.

      5. Heck yes a 4 year old would be easy pickins for some weirdo pedophile. This is a different world than the 1950,s. a bulldog could come and kill that child in afew seconds. Never Never leave a small child alone unattended not for one second. Too many bad things can happen very quickly.

        • Old Guy,
          Being overprotective of a child also have its drawbacks.
          May take a longer period of time to manifest but damaging all the same.
          We don’t need or want officials micromanaging our lives, just common sense.

      6. Yep whole different world need a change badly back when the threat of a significant ass beating or beaten to death kept people some what in check now a days you beat some one you end up in prison also too much technology can not get away with anything they know when and where you are all times via satalite cell phone and cameras everywhere

        • My grandpa used to drive down the road in his old pick up truck holding a can of Pabst beer after working all day as an operating engineer. Did that for decades. Now I see signs with a police officer on it saying WE ARE WATCHING YOU AND IF YOU DRIVE DRUNK WE WILL GET YOU.
          It’s not ok to drive drunk but I find that billboard very offensive and big brotherly.

          • I’ve never considered Pabst to be beer.

            • I’ve never considered driving with a beer in hand, driving drunk.

      7. Darwinism worked pretty well back when I was a lil wipper snapper , I survived
        Yeah what the hell maybe dumb lives matter too


      8. Yet a neighbor living next to the young couple that just pulled jihad in CA didn’t want to say anything to the cops about high foot traffic and lots of late night garage work going on next door. Racial profiling don’t ya know. What a world.

        • What about the 14 year old terrified bleeding boy that got away from Jeffrey Dahmer. Police handed him back. Dahmer was a multiple and had an altar of body parts in his place. Example of a serious situation that cops didn’t catch. Let somebody go over the speed limit or not have a seatbelt on and those eagleyed cops will sure see that and write out ticket along with the fine.

          • Annon: And still have no clue of all the body parts! All they care about are their Body Armor.

      9. Normally, I dislike busy bodies and nanny state tactics.. but in this cause, the mother is wrong. No 4 year old kid should be left unsupervised for any length of time, specially when they live in an apartment / city environment. When my daughter was 5, she wanted to go visit a little friend by herself who lived out of sight, but in the same complex. I told her no, I’d take her, but she couldn’t go by herself. She looked up and indignantly stated ” you don’t trust me “. I responded honestly.. no honey, I do trust you.. if I want to grab you and pick you up and carry you somewhere, can you stop me ? She thought about it a minute and admitted, no. Well, it’s not you I don’t trust, it’s all the other big people around here that we don’t know that I don’t trust. She never questioned such a decision again.
        This mother was not acting in the best interest of her child.. in this case I am glad someone cared enough to turn her in. It’s better than hearing about another dead little kid. Her dogma of ” free range child ” is misplaced and dangerous. She is responsible for protecting her child until he is old enough to at least have a hope of protecting himself… and that sure as crap isn’t when he is four years old.

        • Then why did they not ask the kid where he lived and take him back home instead of calling the CPS (kidnapping nazis from HELL)? Or just mind their own god damned business? But NO, They decided to be a lowlife narc assed RATFUCK! And rats need to have their ratfuck world fucked up big time! The lowest form of life are psycopaths and RATS!

      10. Those nosy bitches would regret calling on me. CPS is not about giving warnings. They are about getting numbers up, getting funding and charging individuals with child endangerment or child abuse. There are circumstances where children are in danger but children have been removed from homes and ended up in worse situations in foster care. No parent is perfect this lady should have received education by CPS. Instead she faces court, fines, possible jail time and probably a child endangerment charge that will be on her record for atleast five years. I have a Master’s Degree in Social Work and I refuse to work for CPS. Shame on the social worker involved in this case as it could have been handled differently.

        • CPS works diligently to justify their existence. They leave kids with (or return them to) monsters and go after good parents. Come to think of it, they behave just like the JBTs (“police”), who mostly give real criminals a wide berth and go after brazen seat belt offenders (soft targets).

          This incident centers around the dykes’ hatred of heteros.

      11. I’ve already raised my kids but NO VILLAGE OF IDIOTS ARE GOING MY GRANDKIDS.


        • Anon, spot on. It only takes 2 loving, devoted, caring, and moral parents to raise a child. IT DOESN’T TAKE A VILLAGE FULL OF COMMUNIST RETARDS. I WOULDN’T LET THEM GET NEAR MY KIDS EITHER.

          • Once again, share with us all about your fantasy family there brave.

      12. CPS is the number one agency used by people to SWAT people they don’t like.

        There are never repercussions for false complaints. Complainants are often never identified. Once the complaint is made the subjects life ends up a living hell and can cost tens of thousands in legal bills.

        The world is full of sneaky hateful people that will hurt you in any way they can to make their pitiful lives seem more important.

        • ptpo, that is a nice way of putting it. I need more RAT traps lol.

          • Genius, nobody would ever touch any kids of mine and live to talk about it. These nanny state types have gotten out of control. Snitches are just as vulnerable to ‘accidents’ as anyone else.

            • Brave, call it snitch in the ditch lol.

              • Genius, add some 00 buckshot to that and you have a winner.

        • They never do much about the truly scary parents. A boy died in Albuquerque after CPS returned him to his mother that kicked him to death. A lot of people saw it and she never went to jail until after kicking her son to death. This woman was dumb the child is too small to be out alone in the city. Still… 6 months in jail? The way laws are enforced is so uneven it is lawless. They need to make their numbers and it easy to pick on the not-scary ones. They would be 100 percent busy if they worked the monsters. But monsters are more likely to bite back.

          I am not opposed to having laws, but we have laws like civil assets forfeiture where cops steal. No due process. CPS is bizarre beyond belief. I suspect this woman annoyed the case worker and she got the max. Sigh. I am glad I am not raising children today. We lived pretty free in the backwoods of Oregon. My grandchildren lived like prisoners in Seattle.

      13. oUCH is right. I think what you did for your daughter is exactly right for both you and her. We, as attentive parents seem to know when to let go and when it’s just not yet time. Having had 3 children in 4 years (adults now), the obvious maturity level of each child was quite different. Granted, this was 20+ yrs. ago but I allowed every child 3+ yrs. to go outside by him/herself. We owned 2 and 1/2 acres but had a surround of grass from trees. Even at their young ages they understood “No Leaving the Grassy Area.” I was well aware of their possibly getting lost in the woods, finding their way to the pond. I barely left the window, but it was very necessary for their development, self awareness and responsibility. They grew into well developed, educated, self thinking responsible adults. Granted, the world has changed and certainly not for the better. But…oUCH! I’m quite sure this lady (from the article) was responsible. Probably never leaving the window for any time. She’s also in a gated community. Please…..Let’s get A Grip! Apron strings do wear out. This is not a judgement call but……OUCH, that hurts. Guess I could have been arrested many times when all I was doing was trying to give my children the best of the best… be a child and have rights that belong to them by their Birth Right…….Freedom. Sorry this turned into a rant.

      14. Don’t get me started on the CPSS.

        Just don’t even get me started.

      15. Apache54

        Yes, yes indeed.

      16. Any neighbor that does that to me, and I don’t even have phucking kids, better make sure they have a fire policy in force, because if the carrier does not pay the claim, then the insured has no loss of use and will have to vacate the subdivision.

        Then again less be nice on this site. Then again phuck it.

        Come on guys, not need for violence
        And offensive connnets, just remember that when shtf commenses, the dred lock, and UN will fix this shi….y next door phucks..that family destroyed that woman, and will later on pay a heavy price because that bitch ass neighbour did what she did because she obviously have no earthy inkling of what’s going in the country..i personally have never been tested line that but if I ever get pissed off, had my kid taken and handed to pedofiles in CPS,then my kid sold into child sex trafficking, with my life ruined. I am going possibly do something serious.. so I can’t even imagine the problem that lady is dealing with. You would not believe the ass whopping that I would lay on that neighbour..that neighbour will never walk or have use of her arms and legs ever again.. not even with re constructive do you punish bad people like that..



      17. My yard is fenced with a chain link fence. and we watch our little grandchildren quite often. and theynever go outside without a adult present. I had bull dog lab crosses dig under the fence and kill a full grown cow. There isn’t such a thing as too much abult supervision of little children.

      18. What the hell is wrong with some of you people?! My wife and I always let our 4 yr old play outside. Of course we live rural and are far less likely to have our lives intruded by busy bodies, but still. Parents know what’s best for their children. Not the state. Not YOU. And don’t get me started on the corruption of CPS. BUTT OUT!

      19. A number of years ago an European couple visiting Chicago left their baby sleeping, in the stroller, parked outside a restaurant – fairly common practice in parts of Europe ….

        Couldn’t understand the hub bub ….

      20. A similar busybody threatened to call the police after I left my 8 & 10 year old sons in a locked car while I ran an errand. I laughed, said, “I wish you would,” and drove away.

      21. Take names – the azz kicking will come soon enough.

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