“Nationwide” Soros Funded, Antifa Protests To Remove Trump From Office Result In Absolute Total Failure

by | Nov 5, 2017 | Conspiracy Fact and Theory | 98 comments

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    Despite widespread attention in the press, the “Refuse Fascism” multi-city Antifa plan to remove Trump from office has completely failed, with protests in most cities turning out under a hundred people who were at times outnumbered by Trump supporters that had shown up to counter what the Soros funded group had claimed to be millions of people intent on driving out the “fascist Trump/Pence regime.”

    The group had spent an unknown amount of money promoting the protests, even going as far as to take out a full page ad in the New York Times. On top of that, they also received widespread attention in the mainstream media for the last week yet none of that apparently mattered when the time came to show up for the communist inspired revolution to take out the rightfully elected president.

    A variety of videos of the protests across the country were posted throughout social media, most showing such a laughable turnout that one news outlet led with the headline “ANTIFAIL.”

    Reports of violence were also surprising low, with the only notable exception being a women arrested for throwing her drink on a Trump supporter in New York City.

    In Boston a Trump supporter posted footage of what looks to be a couple dozen people planning Trump’s demise.

    Protests in Chicago were also relatively small and not even close to what the groups behind them had hoped for.

    As Breitbart noted, protests in the Antifa “stronghold” of Seattle were also surprisingly small.

    “One protester in Seattle turned up with a Soviet flag. I can only assume that the New York Times, the Washington Post and CNN, all of which hate murderous totalitarian ideologies, will give it the same kind of coverage they devoted to the swastika at Charlottesville. That’s how it works, right?”

    What looks to be the biggest protest happened in New York City with a couple hundred people showing up. (LOL)

    Infowars.com covered multiple protests across the country with over 7 hours of footage showing the complete failure of the Soros funded anti-Trump protesters.

    Owen Shroyer covered the protests from Austin City Hall and reported that, “It was nationwide, they spent millions of dollars on this, they bought a full page ad in The New York Times, today rolls around and its a dud!”


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      1. I was just getting ready to post this comment on yesterdays article when this came out. Someone please correct me but wasn’t Nov. 4th suppose to be the big day for Antifa activity. Wha Happen!!! Trekker Out

        • The same thing that always happens when idiots think their viewpoint is widely accepted!

          • I have figured out their problem. George Soros paid them in advance. They took his money, bought a sack of dope, then stayed home and got stoned in mom’s basement.

            • Red Leader, LOL. Good one. That could be the case with some of them. Soros is back at the drawing board now trying to come up with a different strategy. He’s not about to give up.

              • Soros realizes his snowflakes are melting now, so beware of his next plan, which likely is a more sinister false flag event, another staged mass shooting probably. Stay away from crowds. Of course he won’t pull it off at an NFL game, however, since he owns them.

                • BlackMoe, uh, I wouldn’t count on Soros NOT pulling off such a stunt at a sports stadium. I recall reading about such an event in one of the Matt Bracken novels. I feel like we’re living in one of those novels right now. The gloablists will do anything to achieve their goals and don’t care how many people they kill.

                  • Worst civil war ever.

                • Want to refuse fascism, you fascist leftist? How about learning the definition of fascism, which was defined by Mussolini as the merger of the SOCIALIST state with co-opted, crony big biz. In other words, the Democrat party. How about finding out that Antifa uses the EXACT same tactics as Hitler’s brownshirts. How about learning that the communists (e.g, USSR =the Union of Soviet SOCIALIST Republics) are COUSINS with the Nazis, National SOCIALIST Workers Party.

                  You have to wonder if anyone who is a leftist has an IQ over 80. Certainly my leftist neighbor doesn’t

                  • You have to wonder what they learned in school, who taught them and what failed in the education.

            • Superb, Red Leader–A gust of clarity! Not a lot of clarity going around…but as far as calories, notice the BMI (body mass index) of an overwhelming majority of these Sorosflakes? After all, “we” ARE! number one when it comes to obesity. By design, of course.

            • Red L: Exactly, yet the millennial generation luv socialism yet too lazy to join in protests after taking the money, too busy with smart phones and getting stoned/drunk. Let’s deport this scum (leftist Soros fans) over to the E.U. or China where they would fit in, make Soros pay for their trip over there, then send Soros to N. Korea.

            • Most of them are not paid, just the handful of serious agitators. The rest are just basement dwellers and all are just tools and wannabe warriors. I mentioned there would be no summer of rage and then I told you recently all the hype of Nov 4 would not happen. Interesting how many here were actually worrying about this nonsense as if any of you have even faced off with any of them or would know from first hand experience what twits they are. The events earlier in the spring in Portland, Oregon told the story and it was all down hill from there. Even the much touted Charlottesville scam was a complete failure and that was their sure deal concocted by the governor and other democrat operatives in government. These kids are just tools and twits, nothing more.

              The real story and enemy is the deep state apparatus. They are now conducting a massive electronic based and media illusion based assault on USA. The floods and hurricanes, the Kawleefornya wine country fires and PNW fires this summer as well as LV and Texas shootings are all part of the assault on the psyche of everyday people. And most in USA are some serious weak ass wimps who will buy almost any story or explanation spoon fed to them if they get to keep their stuff and take their vacation and get fatter ! Nothing new, that is why it is always more of the same here in USA today.

              The events are getting much closer together and much more convoluted and unexplainable. The fires in Kawleefornya were not natural wild fires. They were deliberately caused by directional energy weapons. It is all out there so do your own due diligence. Same with LV shooting, that is also a lie and a gov operation not unlike Fast and Furious. Wonder where DOJ and FBI are in all the crimes we all know have been committed ? It was all hijacked by the deep state apparatus under BHO and crew and still is ! Fire Sessions and get on with the war, they never stopped.

          • NBA players are now starting a campaign demanding that team owners NOT be called or referred to as “owners.” Sounds like this Antifa revolution took advice from the same Soros leadership instructing the NBA and NFL. FAIL!!!!

            • NBA and NFL are the fail ! Anybody still watching or supporting in any way is just another fool and tool !

          • Look at what Hitler’s brownshirts did, then compare that to the fascist Antifa thugs actions. You can’t tell the difference.

        • My guess is the checks bounced. Seriously I think the organizers thought that Trump Derangement Syndrome is so strong that people would turn out even if they weren’t getting paid. They were wrong.

        • They said that Nov 4th it begins. I would not let my guard down, they have plenty of time to pull something off…

          • Yea, but they wont

          • They are probably well aware of the negative press they have generated, but still let their hard-corp wannabes do some LARPing. Send them out on the street, to take the pulse, as it were. The left’s main core has never been street thugs, but academicians, and politicos, financed by banksters. Expect that they will continue to rewrite history, push one agenda at a time, manipulate news and events, etc. Do not expect them to stop doing what they do. Parasites gonna parasite.

          • I am far more concerned and paying attention to the police and municipalities that stood down and allowed previous crimes to occur. Antifa has never been a real concern if you have the balls to crack a head or two after they take the first shot, they all run away like little girls.

            Why live in fear or even concern yourself with such crap when there is far more important matters at hand ? There was a period about a year ago I was concerned and that passed quite some time ago as the dynamics have completely changed.They are not useful any longer and there has been another escalation of events most people still don’t fully grasp. Note as soon as the DEM leadership denounced them it completely faded as well as BLM and BAMN.

        • What happened?? George Soros just squandered a few million….for nothing!!

        • If Soros wants a revolution he is going to have to pay more than minimum wage and provide ObamaCare for his Marxists thugs to get their heads crushed.

          MAGA !!! 🙂

        • Trump wins in a landslide 2020. Expect many false flags in the coming years. Patriotic Americans are slow to anger. But if these leftist pigs, Democrats, traitorous scum continue with this insane behavior they will be destroyed. They are attempting to overthrow our duly elected president and will fail.

        • Official Antifa Announcement for 11/6:

          Please join us at the Antifa Brownshirts for our weekly book (and building) burnings. Contact Sorossucks.com for details

        • Fast Fascism Facts: Pls copy and pass on if you find this helpful.

          Nazi stands for the Nazionale Sozialistische Deutsche Arbeiter Partei – the National SOCIALIST German Workers Party. Was it just a name, as some say? Then why did the Nazi’s introduce the “Reichsarbeitsdienst” – the National Labour Svc that had public work systems; why the “Kraft durch Freude,” where the STATE even took care of the leisure time of workers?
          Here are some of the planks of the Nazis, adopted in Munich on February 24, 1920:

          “We ask that the government undertake the obligation above all of providing citizens with adequate opportunity for employment and earning a living… We demand profit sharing in big business… the government must provide an all-around enlargement of our system of public education. . . We demand the education at government expense of gifted children of poor parents. . . . The government must undertake the improvement of public health… permanent recovery of our people can only proceed from within on the foundation of The Common Good Before the Individual Good”

          No the Nazis did not advocate public ownership of production, only that the govt oversee and run the economy, as they knew that legal ownership wasn’t what counted, but rather CONTROL. So, private citizens could hold title – as long as the state had the unqualified right to use their property. I.e., de facto socialism, the STATE still controls. Or, as Carl Limbacher wrote in NewsMax, Dec. 5, 2005, “Benito Mussolini’s Fascist economic policy, which he called the “mixed economy,” tried to combine Marxism with capitalism. What resulted was a dictatorship which allowed limited economic freedom to those favored industries willing to operate under government patronage.” The observant among you will note well the phrase “operate under government patronage.” In fact, private industry was a hostage of the Nazis. They did not hesitate to confiscate Junker’s aircraft business, or threaten the others with creating a government-run business to compete with it. BASF was so created. Hitler also did not hesitate to threaten the lives and families of any industrialist who did not cooperate. Speer allegedly did so when he ran the German economy. Why leftists think ANY private citizen would be able to thwart somebody who literally controlled the power of life and death over them is beyond me. Wages of Destruction by Adam Tooze is one book exploring this.

          In fact, as Nick Sorrentino notes at http://www.againstcronycapitalism.org/2014/02/are-fascism-and-socialism-opposites-or-2-sides-of-the-same-coin/, “Both Nazis and Communists are for ever more power to the state. Those with a classically liberal drift (classical liberalism is the same at conservatism) are on the other end of the political spectrum (assuming we want to be intellectually honest). As Daniel Hannan points out below, one of the key differences between the two similar camps is that Hitler (and others) saw that it was just more efficient to keep the bourgeois factory owners and managers in place than to liquidate the entire class as they had in Soviet Russia. It wasn’t like the factory owners and other business owners weren’t under the thumb of the party vanguard post 1933, or that the industrialists even “owned” the Nazi Party. They were just kept on and co-opted in technocratic German style.” And as Laurence Dodd’s notes in UK’s Telegraph, at http://www.telegraph.co.uk/opinion/, “Goebbels never doubted that he was a socialist. He understood Nazism to be a better and more plausible form of socialism than that propagated by Lenin. Instead of spreading itself across different nations, it would operate within the unit of the Volk”…. Nazism would simply deliver “der echte Sozialismus”: real socialism, while at the same time getting rid of the Jews. In fact, in Mein Kampf, Hitler wrote expressly on the socialist state vs. liberty: “The unity of a nation’s spirit and will are worth far more than the freedom of the spirit and will of an individual; and that the higher interests involved in the life of the whole must here set the limits and lay down the duties of the interests of the individual.”

          The only seeming difference between Hitler’s Nazism and today’s National Socialists is that Aryan racial purity. Or is it? Truth is, the self-proclaimed “elite” are now the uber menschen, and we hoi polloi in flyover country are the new Poles, Jews, bibleforschers (in English, we would call them “Bible bangers) -10% of the Dachau concentration camp was made up of Christian clergy, as one example), etc. And of course, relative to racial purity as http://www.blackgeocide.com notes, over 15.5 million black babies have been aborted since 1973 – 1,876 babies every single day, while in 2010, the most recent year available, 138,539 black babies were aborted – nearly one baby in three was murdered in the womb in 2010, per http://www.washingtontimes.com/news/2015/jan/21/j-kenneth-blackwell-black-abortions-a-crisis-in-am/ Sadly, leftist blacks are voting for their own liquidation.

          Becky Akers, writing the Nazi/communist divide in Personal Liberty comes up with the same conclusion others who have studied the matter, and cited here, do: In her words, “Only a few small, technical differences separate Communism and Fascism in theory; they resemble one another far more than they differ, especially in practice and results. Fascism emphasizes nationality while striving for worldwide domination; Communism aims to abolish borders while similarly striving. Fascism permits the pretense of private property while actually controlling it through extensive regulations. Communist governments disdain this subterfuge to own everything outright.
          But when it comes to each philosophy’s view of the State and of the serfs over whom it reigns —worshiping government and its physical compulsion, empowering it over every peon in its territory and all aspects of those peons’ lives, making politicians and bureaucrats the arbiters of good and evil, elevating their judgement over that of a man’s conscience — Fascism and Communism are identical. Even Italy’s premier fascist, Benito Mussolini, tacitly equated the two when he predicted that the 20th century would “be a century of authority, a century of the Left, a century of Fascism… this will be the century of collectivism, and hence the century of the State.”

      2. Their mom’s forgot to wake them up at noon so they could get their masks and urine balloons ready in time. But just you wait till NEXT revolution day…

        • Oh and DK, let me get back to you when I get some time K…

      3. Losers!!! Just a bunch of cry baby losers.

        I thank God nothing happened. The best thing we got out of it was that no first responders were attack, like they said they were going to do. I bet we all just added a little more to our preps just in case the did do something.

        Don’t put your guard down yet these sneaky little bastards could still try something stupid.

        Again thank God nothing happened.


        • Yes, thank the Lord. I look for a change in their behind the scenes leadership’s tactics now.

        • my grandson came for a visit and to spend the night yesterday.

          was slightly worried that it was TEOTWA He KI.

          we laughed at the fizzle of antifa.

          and we both thanked God it was so.

        • Sarge, let’s all be glad nothing happened yesterday. I drove all around Memphis yesterday looking for protests and not one protest anywhere in my city. Of course I had Mr. Taurus PT 111 with 7 extra loaded mags and 4 boxes of ammo with me just in case. I don’t know the reason for the lack of interest yesterday but I’m still traveling with Mr. Taurus and company for the time being. I don’t think we’re out of the woods just yet. I’d bet that Soros is really pissed right now and has gone back to the drawing board for a different strategy.

          • The Deplorable Braveheart

            Personally I’m not interested in looking for them and the potential of trouble that comes with it so I’m not heavily armed preferring a J Frame Smith Hammerless in my pocket. I’m also a political chameleon with no identifying bumper stickers. I did travel with an Obama bumper sticker in my glove compartment at one time just in case I was out and something came over the radio that might incite his supporters into violence.

        • Thats the thing Sarge, these turds are just like any other terrorist, mostly all mouth

          • They are terrorist and should be prosecuted as such. That is partly why they have faded. Recently this has become the mantra and the DEM leadership disavowed them. The DEM leadership is also in shambles and desperate.

        • I was walking around the colored part of town yesterday in Cincinnati. There were not protests or riots; just the usual loud-mouthed ‘diverse’ ones roaming the streets for a handout of my pocket change.

        • Nothing to worry about in the first place. Do you really think the first responders are the good guys and not milking you daily in a myriad of ways ? Or are you just dumb and cannot think for yourself and live in fear 24/7/365 ?

          The real war and threat is with the deep state apparatus, your own government and most first responders are part of that system. They get paid to do as they are told on your nickle with a big pension at the end of the rainbow.

      4. I bet Seattle’s Anteefa even hate each other.

      5. You can’t expect a large turnout for any cause that has no clearly defined goals and bread and butter issues. Opposing fascism just doesn’t cut it, thanks be! When radicals figure it out, it is bad news! The Communists in Russia advocated peace with Germany and bread and the people got in line. In China, it was land reform. Most of their promises, they broke except peace with Germany.

      6. It was too cold outside for them. Mommy’s basement has heat that mommy pays for.

      7. Wow! These antifa folk need to team up with Gerald Celente……Maybe then they could predict something……anything….with a modicum of accuracy. Sarc off…….

      8. The revolution will not be advertised either. Think massive and spontaneous like a lake effect blizzard. Cold, fierce and white.

        • grandpa speaks with wisdom

          • “and when the shepherd boy cried wolf yet again, no townsfolk came to help him.” because he did not listen to his Grandee.

      9. HaHa I knew it. Poor snowflakes too tired to go and act out. All that social media activity probably took a lot out of them.

      10. Although yesterday’s planned event failed, do not count them out.

        The organizers will have other rallies.

        Remember, it took an event, after a series of incidents in Russia(overthrow of the czar) and Iran(over throw of the Shah) for the revolution to take place and the installment of a new government. Same singers, just a more repressive government.

        However, today we have access to more media than in those days but of course strong dynamic speech still has the power to persuade.

        I am against this movement. it is evil.

        But, if we were in the midst of a depression, no jobs, no food, no healthcare, would have yesterday been different?

        If George Soros and his associates has sworn to take down The United States, then this is only a minor set back.

        Create the conditions, they will try.

        So, the next time a of rage is planned, still, still be aware and that is my opinion.

      11. This is top down not grassroots bottom up. It has little support. t this point conveying their message/threat gives them far more power and credibility than they really have. Ignore them.

        • A “nothing burger” must be an acquired taste. The organic burgers still rest beside the fire. Aging to perfection waiting for the flare to turn into coals. But some still fancy the soot blackened nothing meat as long as there is plenty of Soros spread to hide the taste. Still there are others who would simply chuck the whole mess out and start again. Hail to the Chef.

      12. This reminds me of how J. Edgar Hoover feared a Communist uprising when their total US membership was only 3,000 people, average age – 65.

        • While their paranoia with communism is illogical and predicated the Vietnam War they have no reservations supporting dictators and policy’s that would inspire the masses to revolt. The best recruiter for communism is the obscene capitalist that squeezes the workers into poverty. Communism in 1955 USA when a non HS graduate with a 90 IQ can get a good job at GM? Hardly.

          • Paranoid, yes, but no one could wear a black dress with pearls like J. Edgar.

      13. I saw the long range weather forecast for Chicago and knew that nobody was showing up – cold and rain …

        the college kids are back in class and the winter has set in – the revolution is canceled until next spring ….

      14. This is what the history books will be calling a failed nonviolent take over attempt. It will also say that the spirit of the country was to weak to respond to this call to action. Taking out all the hate speech is what gave the people the hope to stand against the fake fasish government and install the true commy pinko freaks.
        SO sounds bad but not to worry the alternative media has been part of life and the young crave news about everything and will not stand for any disruptive action by the commies. Going underground for news feeds is something that we the older ones will do but not the young ones,they will get in anybody’s face if there electronics are taken away.
        The commies have the same problems we do the young here but care about what they talk about more then politics. So I think that we should brace for more truck attacks.
        Old Ghost out(I’m going deer hunting)

      15. Antifa has no support and Soros just wasted a boatload of money. Watch your 6 there is more to come,they won’t quit so easily.

        • Jim, agreed. That’s why I’m still traveling armed for the time being. We’re not out of the woods yet.

          • TDBh – as I recently told my old 89 year old Mother, “Ma,I intend to live the rest of my life never more than 5′ from a firearm”. Bed, shower, head/john (you pick your own euphemism, LOL), truck, Church… everywhere. When it comes, you won’t be able possibly to get to the best one you got; so, you’d best be able to make-do with what you have on you.

      16. It wasn’t a complete waste, my guns needed a good cleaning.

        • Mine too. I’m thinking the scum Soros will have to find some new fodder. Some of these masked hooligans may have put together the thought that they would be in a fight to the death with actual combat vets, vets, Patriots and hunters. It may have occurred to them they would die.

          • Menzo, I stayed up late Wed. night checking and oiling my weapons. Never hurts to be prepared anyway. But watch your six. Something could still happen me thinks.

          • Was thinking almost the same thing – maybe they actually did some research and found out that that they were told is not true? One can hope…..

      17. Yes, I too gave my guns a good cleaning and lube job. A bit disappointing, because I was looking forward to exterminating a few of those insects.!!!!

        • I gave mine a look see as well. sent my upper back to manufacturer for warranty. had to rely on one of the faithful for back up. I packed an extra box or ammo around for nothing.

      18. Pretend antifa opposition group goes belly up with who freaking cares to fringe pot stir. These people have not lived long enough to realize they have no voice.

      19. If I can add to my first post.

        We are losing the war on our history, part of this movement.

        The foundations are being taken down because they are under attack using racism and political correctness.

        Recently The Church that George Washington attended has had his placard removed form the church/pew because he owned slaves as some of the founding fathers did.

        It is true that Africans were imported and others to supplement the work force labor, to plant and harvest the crops and so forth.

        Beginning of a dark part of our history.

        If a person or an organization has the power, they can rewrite history as from their perspective and once doubt has been placed into the mind of the individual, then time is ripe for revolution.

        This is not new. Very same thoughts, actions from the 1960′ counter revolution movement that swept through the nation and has a huge part in turning the public against The Vietnam War and violently attacked the public and government infrastructure.

        So, is it possible, we are seeing a birthing of the repeat of the 60’s but with extensive violence? I don’t believe in our history has so many people, good and bad, have had excess to so many military type assault weapons and ammunition.

        And supposed yesterday, they did show up in force and with assault weapons and they did start using them?

        Yesterday, Senator Paul Rand was attacked in his yard by his neighbor who opposed his political views and who may have been acting out in support. We may never know.

        This is not over.

        My opinion.

        • What i find amusing is the fact that back in the colonist days most “slaves” were really indentured servants who willingly came here, most were treated quite well, som were not but such is human nature, the reality is that there were people of ALL ethnic backgrounds that fit into this classification.

          • yes

      20. They did not say all will take place on this day? They said; “It begins”

      21. Someone else already pointed this out but it is worth repeating, they stated that Nov. 4th IT BEGINS, not IT HAPPENS. So there could be attacks planned for the future after everyone has let their guards down.

      22. “ANTIFAIL”…..LOVE IT. One word says it all. Now, let’s see how Soros responds, because that satanic bastard doesn’t like to lose.

      23. I think its funny, DJT left the country to hobnob with foreign dignitaries basicly saying he doesnt give a shit nor is he even paying attention to these petulent cry babies

      24. By and large most of the type of folks who oppose Trump are jealious Haters. Have you ever seen any Hater who is better off than you are?

        • Its the “CRAB” mentality.

          When you get a bunch of live crabs in a basket they will try to climb out, using one another as a ladder of sorts. As soon as one has worked its way almost to the top where it can escape, another will latch onto it and pull it back down.

          If they worked together they could ALL climb out !

      25. It is amazing to see so many people watching the same stream of events occurring be so divided into two camps so completely. Either you hate him or you pretty much agree with him. There doesn’t seem to be any undecided. Seems to fall on who you are listening to.

      26. my wife was just ranting about NFL players. She think since they are entertainers they should be paid minimum wage and tips. She stated the fans could throw beer bottles at them. And whoever gets hit upside the head gets to keep the dollar tip that’s inside. And if no one receives a head shot they can fight over the tip. Players chasing beer bottles wouldn’t that be a sight!

      27. You mean all the Left-wimg queers stayed home in their parent’s basement again? They must of been busy playing with their Blow-Up Doll collection. They should Hang all of those fruits.

      28. I expected big things. Wondered why I heard nothing. There was no local chatter in my very liberal area. Not a yellow-bellied, black-masked “anarchist” to be had. Funny as heck!

        Suspicious, too. Maybe the spooks are behind AntiFa and they decided to cool it now that indictments are being handed down. Maybe the sinister forces believe impeachment is directly ahead. Chuckling in their smoky men’s clubs. lol

      29. They did succeed after a fashion. Think about it…They managed to rial up a bunch of people by just “saying” they were going to make bad…Psyops anyone??? Keeping people on edge is good planning..Best bang for the buck… Eventually we (collectively) start to blow them off…That is dangerous Remember, this still bears watching…Be vigilant!

        • Terrorism 101

      30. Each revolution has its own,
        “flavor”. Americans for the most part
        are not starving, have housing of some sort
        if they want it, and can always get
        medical care. They at least think
        they can own land cars, houses, and
        improve their situation if they
        really want to.
        Sure we have significant social
        issues and a shrinking middle class
        both caused by an overbearing
        tyrannical Government, that won’t change
        until you can convince people to
        give up their jobs
        and get them to leave
        their “comfort zones”.
        You will not get a “revolution”.
        We are well armed as a population,
        but who is going give up their “perks”
        to fight? Getting millions of people
        to take up arms against the government
        under present conditions is virtually
        impossible to visualize.

        I pay my taxes once a year on April 15th
        I never get a refund. How many Americans
        would make the effort to do the same?
        Even though it is legal,
        very few of us do that. What if 30 million
        Americans( ones that really pay taxes)
        did that and refused to
        pay on April 15th? and emptied
        their bank accounts on April 16th?
        That would be a bloodless
        revolution. Then we could convince Congress to
        fix lots of very bad laws really quick.
        Will someone organize this and can you get enough
        people to participate? No. We are too comfortable.

        I prep for Black swan events. If the government
        or some rioters/protesters deprives me of my
        property, it will prompt a violent response, but
        it will be just me and I will be labeled
        a criminal, not a revolutionary.

        Antifa doesn’t really concern me. The antipathy
        of working and productive Americans does.

        • agree, me too on all points.Many Americans are very slow and limp dicks

      31. Poor old globalist puppet master George Soros, wasting all his money bankrolling these scumbag loser Antifa protesters.

        Go bankrupt soon you p.o.s.

      32. Keep it frosty people. It aint over yet. Wonder what they tried to sneak by while folks were watching this. We’ll find out soon enough, I’d imagine.

        Semper Fi

      33. LMAO! Read about it yesterday! They were eclipsed by Donna Brazille’s and Elizabeth Warren’s admisdion that the DNC is a co.plete fraud!

        This is What Fascism Looks Like! – Andrea Iravani

        This is What a National Distraction Looks Like – Andrea Iravani

        .Never Again! – Andrea Iravani

        • Andrea, we are currently experiencing numerous electronic attacks of various weapons here in USA. The Kawleefornya wine country fires and the many fires in PNW last summer were caused by directed energy weapons which are microwave based concentrated electro magnetic waves. The floods and hurricanes were also part of the events as well as the LV shooting and other supposed acts of terror. These devices are also used to affect human brain wave and other psychological malfunctions on a large scale. Unfortunately most Americans are already so incredibly mind fucked in numerous ways they have no idea what is happening and they could not think very well prior to these events in the last decade or more. So it is quite easy for the deep state apparatus to do as they please to the masses with little resistance. At least they are being exposed now and many more are paying attention and helping others see the games going down and crimes committed. There is a far better way to live and think and avoid nearly all of it ! And it is not difficult, just requires a bit of personal honesty and some courage.



      34. Not to sound to conspiratorial (tho this is as good a place as any to do so); but, has it occurred to anyone that this whole “Nov 4” thing was an intentional misdirection?

        The month-long hype and run-up to this always seemed both out of character and against interest for antifa.

        I’m not suggesting that it is/was, nor that Antifa has the requisite brain-power to come up with it; still, the lack of anything happening causes everyone to let down their guard and dismiss antifa in the future. If they really are a Soros creation, and backed by Soros money; that might be a bad idea.

        • It was just another of the many distractions from the deep state apparatus, so their crimes can continue unabated daily. Same is true of all the racial animus caused deliberately by BHO and crew and still abundant here in USA today !Just another ruse to divide and distract of the greater crimes.

      35. Revolutions are not moved forward with foul mouthed wusses.

        That’s what I saw.

        You need mean psycho believers that are willing to kill old ladies and babies while not necessarily getting hurt themselves.

        Best case for them, you get psycho mean people who are willing to blow stuff up and kill people and risk getting hurt/killed themselves.

        I saw none of those kind of people in the demonstrations so far.

        And, of course, I hope I never do…


      36. Revolutions are not moved forward by foul mouthed wusses.

        That’s what I saw.

        You need mean psycho believers who are willing to kill old ladies and babies while not necessarily getting hurt themselves.

        Best case for them, you get psycho mean people who are willing to blow stuff up and kill people (including cops, judges, mayors) and risk getting hurt/killed themselves.

        I saw none of those kind of people in the demonstrations so far.

        And, of course, I hope I never do…


      37. Fascism Facts You can Use (and forward):

        Also revealing is the new “Juden” attitude of the left in their frantic hatred of all things Christian. In Hitler’s Germany, Bibelforschers (Bible students) were forced to wear purple triangles in concentration camps, and 10% of Dachau was comprised of Christian clergy, per one of the pastors who was there, Christian Reger (see his eponymous book, Dachau), and of course die Weiße Rose Gesellschaft (White Rose Society), a non-violent group actively campaigning against Hitler, or dedicated Christians Dietrich Bonhoeffer, von Stauffenberg, and his group that conducted the famed assassination against Hitler in 1944, and were all executed by Hitler. With this in mind, now go google (don’t worry – this wasn’t in the lamestream media such stories as pro-life protestors Mike Fuoss and James Pouillon by one Harlan Drake in 2009, or Sarah Palin’s church being burned down while people were in it, Hak-Shing William Tan, who had to be removed as an official litigant in the California same sex marriage case due to concerns for the lives of his family and himself (remember: hate crimes are only for the politically correct – others need not apply). The list could go on for pages, but I will stop at the five murdered at a Youth for Christ and New Life Church in 2009, the Paducah high school murders, or even the Columbine high school murders, where Christians were specifically targeted. The truth is that if the left cannot co-opt Christianity, it will return to its Robespierrian roots that we have seen again and again in the USSR, Red China, Nazi Germany, North Korea and elsewhere. And why? Very simple: the left maintains man is perfectible; in contrast, Christianity says man is not. The left believes your rights are granted by man. Christianity says they are irrevocably give to man by God. Solzhenitsyn summarized this by stating communism was a “Christian heresy.” And socialism is just the ugly relative of communism. Or as Lenin simply said, “The goal of socialism is communism.”

        And while Trump and Reagan are called “fascist” by the factually ignorant left, Bruce Thornton writes of everyone’s favourite leftist, the late Fidel Castro that “…it was Castro and his regime who had more in common with fascism. The state’s control and plundering of the economy, the repression of human rights, the secret police, and the cult of personality surrounding the messianic leader are classic fascism.” Likewise, apologist for Castro’s brutality always ring use the same argument for Hitler: “he made the trains run on time” (remind anyone of Woody Allen’s idiotic auote – see http://articles.latimes.com/2010/may/23/nation/la-na-ticket-20100523) – about giving Obama total power, so he could then really get something done: “It would be good… if [President Obama] could be dictator for a few years because he could do a lot of good things quickly.”) Meanwhile, Inga Andrews who lived in Dusseldorf, Nazi Germany (and later came to the US… legally) went on record that it is the leftist protesters themselves who most remind her of the Nazis, stating after the Trump inauguration: “What is going on in this country is giving me chills. Trump is not like Hitler. Just because a leader wants order doesn’t mean they’re like a dictator. What reminds me more of Hitler than anything else isn’t Trump, it’s the destruction of freedom of speech on the college campuses — the agendas fueled by the professors. That’s how Hitler started, he pulled in the youth to miseducate them, to brainwash them, it’s happening today.” The truth of the matter is that the left wants to state to control everything… which comports perfectly with thoughts of Mussolini, the originator of fascism, who stated “All within the state, nothing outside the state, nothing against the state.” Similarly, Hitler’s Nazis thought that that individual should be always and everywhere be subsumed under a group (usually military in nature). The collectivist nature of both communism and fascism (derived from fasces, or a group of sticks bundled together for strength) is clearly at odds with today’s “right wingers” who strongly support individual autonomy.

        The truth is, as Thornton writes in another article, Communism, Nazism and Fascism, that communism and Nazism are both “versions of the same collectivist, totalitarian hatred of liberal democracy, individual rights, political freedom and free enterprise,” with both characterized by “torture, gulags censorship, show-trials, re-education camps, engineered famines, secret police, political control of the economy and charismatic messianic leaders…” Hyperbole you say? Consider the SF Gate writer who called Obama “a Lightworker, that rare kind of attuned being who has the ability to lead us not merely to new foreign policies or healthcare plans or whatnot, but who can actually help us usher in new ways of being on the planet, of relating and connecting and engaging with this this bizarre earthly experiment. These kinds of people help us evolve.” This sounds like an encomium you might hear of North Korea’s Dear Leader, except that nowhere has it been said that when Kim came to power, “this was the moment when the rise of the oceans began to slow and our planet began to heal,” as was fawningly said of Obama.

        Have you ever stopped to compare the campus leftists, with their speech and thought police, and who are frantic to commit violence to stop a Ben Shapiro or Ann Coulter speaking on campus, with the book burnings and brown shirts of Hitler? The is reminiscent of philosopher Karl Popper’s recollection of his attempt to reason with young Nazi, who replied to Popper: “you want to argue? I don’t argue, I shoot.” The fascists at Antifas are today’s doppelgangers of that Nazi from yesteryear.

        Then why did Hitler invade Russia? is the standard, leftist reply. Truth is, Stalin’s Soviet Union was a de facto ally of Nazi Germany by virtue of the August 1939 signing of the Ribbentrop/Molotov non-aggression pact. Yes, some of this was indeed expediency and a ploy to buy time, but in fact, Stalin’s Union of Soviet Socialist Republics supplied Germany with key resources that helped the Luftwaffe bomb a solitary Britain during the Blitz of 1940-1941, and the communists in France, England etc. suddenly became in agreement with Nazism.

        But the truth is, the National Socialist war with the Union of Soviet Socialist Republics was an internecine one – exactly the same at the Shi’ite/Sunni wars. We all know that these “family” wars are some of the most bitter. Another example is Hitler’s Operation Hummingbird, where Ernest Rohm and his SA cohorts where murdered. And why did the Soviets start a brief war with Mao’s China on the Ussuri River in 1969, with the dispute not resolved until the Soviet Union ended in 1991? Why did Brezhnev reportedly ask Nixon that, if he nuked Mao, would the US respond? Why did Red China might Ho Chi Minh’s Socialist Republic of Vietnam in early 1979? What about the full-scale invasion of Kampuchea (Cambodia) against the Khmer Rouge, which started Dec. 1978? The usual answer to this is “historic animosities.” But wasn’t the whole Communist “schtict” that their philosophy trumped all that Old World stuff, and there was now a “new man?” And why was Trotsky murdered by his fellow leftists? Why was Lavrentiy Beria, head of the NKVD (precursor to the KGB) suddently found persona non grata, taken out, had a rag stuffed in his mouth so he couldn’t whine, and shot dead? Why did Stalin purge his fellow communist generals in the 1930s? Why did Castro have his popular General Arnaldo Ochoa taken out and shot? Should I go on?

        And interestingly, Roland Freisler, one of Hitler’s lead judges, and who managed the trial of those who tried to assassinate the Fuhrer, was heavily involved in communism after being taken prisoner in WWI, and was even used as a commissar in the prison camp. Freisler learned to speak Russian, and developed an interest in Marxism after the Russian Revolution had commenced. The Bolsheviks who took over Freisler’s prisoner of war camp made use of him as a ‘Commissar’ (as he was described by them in his repatriated prisoner of war paperwork in 1918, though this could have just described him being an administrator in the prison camps). It is possible that after the Russian prisoner of war camps were emptying in 1918, with their internees being repatriated to Germany after the Armistice between Russia and the Central Powers had been signed, Freisler for a brief period became attached in some way to the Red Guards, though this not certain.

        Truth is, there is no final basis for ethics in materialistic socialism or communism (Dostoyevski wrote, “If there is no God… everything is permissible” – and yes, he DID, in fact write that; rather it is, as philosopher Schaeffer wrote, in their materialistic world it is necessarily the case that “whatever is, is right.). Truth is, to the fascist/communist/socialist left, no one is ever pure enough, and left to their own devices, communism will end with the very last two communists having one murder the other one. Unfortunately, then, that last communist won’t be a communist, as there won’t be another person to live off of.

        The truth is, both sides of the leftist coin – both Nazi and communist – are just a cult, where – as historian Michael Burleigh notes – one can simply interchange terms like soul for the Marxist “consciousness,” the faithful for “comrades,” sinner for “capitalist,” devils for “counter-revolutionary,” the chosen people for the “proletariat,” and Heaven for a “classless society.” There are even those phony preachers who are committing adultery in the form of the Hollywierd Learjet leftists and limousine liberals in Martha’s Vineyard. But in addition to cultish adherence, the left also wraps itself in the fake mantle of science. Thornton notes that the left believes human behavior, society and history can be understood as precisely and predictably as physics or math. Of course, the left is too ignorant, too intellectually dishonest, or too hidebound to the past to know about charm quarks, muons, hadrons like D mesons, charmed Sigma baryons and any of the other unknowns being encountered at places like CERN in Switzerland or FermiLab in Illinois. Nor have they read von Hayek or von Mises, which would explain clearly why they are mistaken. Rather, as we see with the scam of BIG GREEN MONEY global warming, as outed during ClimateGate, the left falsely wraps itself in the mantle of being “modern” and “scientific,” while being anything but – and no, science has never been decided by consensus, but rather by experimentation and hypothesis testing. Just ask Galileo, Copernicus, or Einstein – against whom Hitler published “100 Scientists Against Einstein,” and to which Einstein famously replied “Why 100? If their facts are right, just one is needed.”

        The fact is, both Nazis and the left have the common push to centralize, put in elite, “best and brightest” technocrats to control the unwashed masses and intrude in individual lives, society and business.
        Worse, all these campus young socialists today, who only have utilitarian value, will end up no better than Ernst Rohm and his SA after the Night of the Long Knives. No, they won’t be murdered – rather, they will just collectively end up with $1.3 trillion in debt, and have no future, no career, no money, no home, no marriage, no children – the Fabian socialist version of the Rohm putsch. Marching for faux global warming? The architects of this scam make no bones about reducing living standards, and in some cases – such as former Obama advisor John Holdren (who is a former global cooler in the 1970s) – actually call for deindustrialization and things like actually razing dams. The victims of all this new poverty, of course, will be these very same campus radicals who will realize, too late, that they are in the same long line of Ernst Rohm, Leon Trotsky, Lavrentiy Beria, Gen. Arnaldo Ochoa in Cuba, and worse (don’t know who they are, young leftist? You had better look them up, as you, dear leftist, are slated for the same fate, if “only” economically. Perhaps of of the most revealing comments betraying this real attitude of young leftists being cannon fodder is Che Guevara’s comment about the peasants in one South American country he was active, where he state “I know the campesinos (peasants) support us now; however, when we come to power, they, too, will have to be liquidated.” The “useful idiots” attitude toward humanity has always been extant with the left – given that man has no inherent value – going back to its founding, where Jacques Mallet du Pan (1749—10 May 1800), wrote about the first leftist reign of terror, in his 1793 essay that ”…the Revolution always eats its own children” (“A l’exemple de Saturne, la révolution dévore ses enfants”). To the left, it truly is, as Russian philosopher Nicolai Berdyaev once noted, “If God doesn’t exist, then man does not exist either.” Here, he meant the “mannishness,” of man, where the mass of people are now nothing more than future Solyent Green.

        The National Socialist philosophy is right out of the Obama/Pelosi playbook., and you can read more about the socialism of the Nazis with any Google search, though http://encyclopedia.laborlawtalk.com/Nazi#Key_elements_of_the_Nazi_ideology exposes a lot about the National Socialist Program which was big on Euthanasia, Eugenics and Social Darwinism , which are big hits with libs today, too.

        • columbine students were shot by two weenies that were tired of being bullied, no Christians were targeted due their faith.. you lied.

      38. I wonder if this was really a test event to see if they could attract more people with a more peaceable approach. I don’t think they are done since they announce Nov 4th was the beginning.

        Nov 7 is election day in many states. That might be another time to beware. Nov 11 being Veterans Day might also be a sticking point with this bunch of rabble.

        Thanksgiving is the kickoff for the holiday season in the U.S. so trouble might be brewing for that weekend also. There are too many opportunities for this rabble to cause more trouble.

        It bears repeating: remain aware of your surroundings whether you are out shopping or just putting gas in your vehicle.

      39. Superb, Red Leader–A gust of clarity! Not a lot of clarity going around…but as far as calories, notice the BMI (body mass index) of an overwhelming majority of these Sorosflakes? After all, “we” ARE! number one when it comes to obesity. By design, of course.

      40. Andrea, the fed reserve is the least of our concerns today as Americans are in a serious war for their minds. The fed was just a giant control mechanism that helped get us here. Just one of the many control mechanisms. Look for more insanity going forward you cannot explain with rational thinking. It is all very deliberate actions to fragment and undermine.

      41. Oh Man! Has that already happened? I totally missed it. Must have been while I was taking a shit. Damn, I wanted to watch it since I don’t watch the NFL any longer.

      42. AntiFA = Nothing more than Stalin’s useful idiots….

        We should all sign up and take soro’s money and go buy guns/ammo.

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