“Media Actively Conspiring With Clinton Campaign” To Cover-up Hillary Major Health Issues

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This article was written by Michael Snyder and originally published at the End of the American Dream.

Editor’s Comment: They can try to cover up her declining health and significant mental problems, but there is just no covering up the psychopathic tendencies – they run strong in her, and the whole country can see it plainly.

It is a matter of the Naked Emperor; everyone knows, and yet somehow she clings to power. Must be an important somebody’s errand gal. God help us.

There Is A Mainstream Media Conspiracy To Hide Hillary Clinton’s Rapidly Failing Health

by Michael Snyder

Is Hillary Clinton healthy enough to serve as president if she wins the election? Over the past couple of weeks this has become a major issue, and the mainstream media is actively conspiring with the Clinton campaign in a desperate attempt to cover up the truth. For example, the Washington Post, which has essentially become a mouthpiece for the Clinton campaign at this point, has been publishing an article “debunking” claims about Clinton’s health almost every day recently.

One of their headlines that really caught my attention was “Don’t believe everything you read about Hillary Clinton’s health on Google”. By the way, there were three Hillary Clinton campaign ads on that one page alone. But CNN took things to an entirely new level this week when it published an article entitled “Clinton’s health is fine, but what about Trump?” I was so flabbergasted by that headline that my wife came into my office to see what all of the commotion was about. No, Hillary Clinton’s health is not “fine”, and we will get to that later in this article.

Despite the fact that Clinton opened up a jar of pickles that was supposedly sealed on Jimmy Kimmel Live the other night in a ridiculous attempt to prove that she was healthy, the facts keep coming out, and the more Americans talk about her health issues the more her poll numbers go down.

Hillary Clinton Opens Jar of Pickles on Jimmy Kimmel Show
To Prove She’s Strong and Healthy

As I have previously documented, the mainstream media isn’t even pretending to be objective in this race, and they have shifted into panic mode as they try to stop the damage to their favored candidate. One writer for the New York Times even went so far as to suggest that search engines should manipulate the results that they show to the public to help hide Hillary Clinton’s health problems.

But these aren’t just rumors. Her extended coughing fits have become increasingly difficult to explain. Even worse for her campaign is the fact that she has gone into seizures while on camera. She has been falling down with alarming regularity, and she also has a huge unexplained hole in her tongue. Clinton should just be honest with the American people about all of these things.

And even though her personal doctor claims that she is in good health, he has also confirmed that Clinton has been diagnosed with hypothyroidism and is being treated with a drug known as Armour Thyroid

The Internet is awash with rumors about Hillary Clinton’s health, but there is one medical condition she is actually known to have.

That is hypothyroidism, a condition affecting about 10 million Americans in which the thyroid is underactive, resulting in a variety of symptoms including fatigue, weakness and weight gain.

For most patients, the symptoms can be significantly reduced or eliminated with the use of hormone therapy. Clinton is being treated with a medication called Armour Thyroid, according to her doctor, who has issued a letter saying she’s in “excellent” physical condition and is fit to serve as president.

In addition, it has been documented that Clinton has taken the drugs Lovenox and Coumadin as well. The following comes from an excellent article on Clinton’s health by Bob Eschliman

The Clinton campaign has frequently pointed to the July 28, 2015, letter from her personal physician, Dr. Lisa Bardack, in which she refers to the Democratic presidential nominee as being in “excellent health.” The report is supposedly based upon a May 21, 2015, examination, but, if you actually read the letter, the doctor notes Clinton has had a number of issues.

According to the letter, Clinton has been on anticoagulation medication since 1998, not since her 2012 fainting incident as has been widely reported. And, both of her parents had histories of cardiovascular issues—her father died of a stroke, and her mother died of congestive heart failure.

Following her first deep vein thrombosis—a blood clot in the leg—in 1998, she was told to take Lovenox, a short-term blood-thinning drug, whenever she planned to take long-distance flights. After her fall, concussion, and cerebral venous sinus thrombosis—a blood clot in the brain—in 2012, she was permanently placed on Coumadin due to her family’s health history.

In addition, we can learn more facts about Clinton’s health from her personal emails which have been leaked to the public.

For example, a 2011 email chain discussed a condition known as “decision fatigue”

Clinton sent an email to close confidante and advisor Cheryl D. Mills on August 19, 2011 featuring the text of an article entitled Do You Suffer From Decision Fatigue?

The article talks about how people in positions of power and influence can suffer from “decision fatigue” that causes them to be “low on mental energy” and prompts the sufferer to “become reckless” and “act impulsively”.

The article also explains how “decision fatigue” could explain why “ordinarily sensible people get angry at colleagues,” which is possibly a nod to Clinton’s infamous temper tantrums that have left her staffers in tears.

Considering how many important decisions a president must make each day, this is quite alarming.

In a subsequent email chain, Clinton was sent information about a drug that is used for “excessive sleepiness in patients with Parkinson’s, Alzheimer’s, and multiple sclerosis”

In a separate email sent two months later, Hillary received information from her top foreign policy advisor Jacob Sullivan about a drug called Provigil (Modafinil), which is used to treat “excessive sleepiness in patients with Parkinson’s, Alzheimer’s, and multiple sclerosis,” as well as “excessive sleepiness caused by narcolepsy”.

And of course so much has already been said about the head injury Clinton suffered a number of years ago. But what most Americans do not know is that one of Clinton’s assistants actually reached out to the commissioner of the NFL to inquire about how to treat her “cracked head”

Hillary Clinton Cracked Head - Wikileaks

So what are we to make of all of this?

Are we supposed to ignore the facts that are laid out in these emails?

Just yesterday, CNN published an article entitled “The new birthers: Debunking the Hillary Clinton health conspiracy” that sought to demonize anyone that would dare to question Clinton’s health.

But meanwhile, reporters in the mainstream media continue to publish some of the most outrageous and ridiculous rumors imaginable about Donald Trump. They do this because they desperately want him to lose.

These days, one of the easiest ways to discredit a position is to label it a “conspiracy”, but the truth is that the pundits in the mainstream media are some of the biggest “conspiracy theorists” of them all.

There are legitimate questions about Hillary Clinton’s health, and the American people deserve the truth.

Unfortunately, they aren’t going to be getting it from the mainstream media.

Dr. Drew’s Hillary Health Problem Admission CENSORED by Show’s Producers

This article was written by Michael Snyder and originally published at the End of the American Dream.

YouTube videos produced by Mark Dice and published on his channel.

GetPreparedNow-MichaelSnyderBarbaraFixMichael T. Snyder is a graduate of the University of Florida law school and he worked as an attorney in the heart of Washington D.C. for a number of years.

Today, Michael is best known for his work as the publisher of The Economic Collapse Blog and The American Dream

If you want to know what is coming and what you can do to prepare, read his latest book [amazon text=Get Prepared Now!: Why A Great Crisis Is Coming & How You Can Survive It&asin=150522599X].

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    1. laeagle

      Agreed. She is not fit!

      • Nobama

        Doesn’t matter, Obola the Kenyan virus wasn’t even eligible but he got installed, so will hitlery. 2017 is going to really suck.

        • boyo

          If only swamp ass was a disqualifier….

          • boyo

            Or butter face…

      • Genius


    2. It doesn't end

      Need medical report. Can’t believe even that it its not a credible person. Media needs to be on top of this instead of covering up all her corruptions, lies and dirty dealings. Both Clintons are unfit to be in government making decisions for others.

    3. Frank

      I remember presidential campaigns as far back as Kennedy and I have never seen the media so deeply in the tank for a candidate. This is even worse than Obonzo in 2008 and back then I thought it couldn’t get any worse. But it did. My one hope is that all this backfires on them. The MSM is nothing more than a Democrat PR operation and should be called out for what it really is.

    4. NetRanger

      Cover up health issues and create fictitious support for a candidate that has none:

      DONALD TRUMP: 3644 (82.2944%)
      JILL STEIN: 289 (6.5266%)
      GARY JOHNSON: 260 (5.8717%)
      HILLARY CLINTON: 235 (5.3071%)

      Thats after a week of polling, 1000 or more tweets, comments, and seeding in areas that should have BIG Hillary support. Everytime I would drop tiny.cc/qg56dy into a comment all I would get would be more Trump support. Where are all those Hillary supporters? If you know any, go out and get them and tell them to support their candidate. Tell them to go to http://www.NetRanger.org/poll and vote! I think people may be in for a yuge surprise on November 8th. America has grown tired of crooked, corrupt, anti-American bullshit and this poll may show it.

      • boyo

        Where are all the Hillary supporters?

        In my family…

        • NetRanger

          The poll creator has created a page to more closely match the media fake polls. You should all go check it out. (Click my name.) Its pretty funny! One results page shows the facts with Trump at 82% and Hillary at 5.2%. The distortion page shows Hillary at 44% and Trump at 38%. The guy is just pissed about all the flak. I think he is about to get really creative. Send your family over and tell them to vote but tell them to not look at the truth page. Their heads must might explode!

    5. NetRanger

      Cover up health issues and create fictitious support for a candidate that has none:

      DONALD TRUMP: 3644 (82.2944%)
      JILL STEIN: 289 (6.5266%)
      GARY JOHNSON: 260 (5.8717%)
      HILLARY CLINTON: 235 (5.3071%)

      Thats after a week of polling, 1000 or more tweets, comments, and seeding in areas that should have BIG Hillary support. Everytime I would drop tiny.cc/qg56dy into a comment all I would get would be more Trump support. Where are all those Hillary supporters? If you know any, go out and get them and tell them to support their candidate. Tell them to go to tiny.cc/qg56dy and vote! I think people may be in for a yuge surprise on November 8th. America has grown tired of crooked, corrupt, anti-American bullshit and this poll may show it.

    6. swinging richard

      Time for a full disclosure from an independent doctor. Good luck finding one.

    7. Satori

      oh good God
      another stinking pile of horse shit from “shemitah boy” Snyder
      you remember that DEBACLE ???
      even a broken clock is right twice a day
      Snyder can’t even manage that

      Clinton takes thyroid medicine??

      oh dear God

      the sky is falling

      and what about Lovenox and coumadin ??

      family history of heart disease ?

      oh dear God whatever shall we do?

      it’s giving me the” vapors” !!!

      I could debunk this crap in a microsecond
      but I’m not gonna waste my time

      how about
      lets make a deal ?

      Clinton releases her medical records
      and the Donald releases his tax returns ???
      of course his son Eric said yesterday that we are basically TOO STUPID to understand them so that’s the latest reason for his refusal

      • Nailbanger

        How about,,,,,
        Giant Meteor 2016!

    8. Nailbanger

      Its like were living in The Hunger Games, talk show host trumpeting the political chosen one,,
      Just freakin mental

    9. Sgt. Dale

      Ok the Beotch is sick. Stop talking about all the time and attack her policies.

    10. Satori

      my GIANT METEOR bumper sticker is in place (EBAY $2.49 and money well spent)

      and on election day

      I’m doing a write in vote


      and it had better be a big one
      I don’t wanna limp this time !

      • Nailbanger

        I just got a few of them, going to spread the love around

    11. Diane

      Hillary is sick. She is a classic ‘leaner’. Look for her to stand, unsupported, for more than 5 minutes.

    12. Satori

      somebody really screwed up

      BREAKING. Donald Trump Is Not On the Ballot In Minnesota

      h ttp://www.redstate.com/streiff/2016/08/25/breaking.-donald-trump-ballot-minnesota/

      should Trump eek out a victory by a small margin
      this could cause some real problems

      “In the end, Trump will probably get on the ballot because a state would be very reluctant to strike a major party candidate from the ballot based on a filing blunder. If the state does allow it, though, you can bet there are people just waiting to sue.”

    13. ponomo

      America can do better than having quite questionable leadership. Obama and Hillary were meant for each other.

    14. Fed up goy

      Of course the lamesteam media will cover for Shitlery, her khazarian masters owns the media and since she’s been such a good little minion for them, her backside is well coated in teflon. Just ask the FBI and DOJ.

    15. lena

      I do not see how most do not see this.

      Hillary’s health fails after the election or before and Obama comes to the rescue; 3rd term for Obama (an probably 4th). Done deal.

      (And Obama keeps Bill happy with steady stream of women.)

      • Apache54

        you might have a valid point! one thing is for sure, your spot on that there will be more dirty politics coming!!

    16. Observer

      Truenewsusa.blogspot has some great insight. Not for the politically correct. Trump released his tax returns. He e-mailed them to Hillary.

      • smokey

        So that’s where they went !


      • Satori

        good one

        LMAO !!!

    17. B from CA

      If you have a TV in your house, you should get rid of it. It’s not healthy.



      • Jimbo

        Don’t have Or want one myself.

    18. Satori

      since we’re talking about health

      wanna know a MAJOR reason costs are so high ?

      Mylan Offers “Discount”

      h ttp://www.huffingtonpost.com/entry/epipen-price-reduction-clinton-criticism_us_57bee46de4b02673444e8a32?

      oh nice
      epipens used to be under $100
      now with their “discount” card you get to pay $300

      and how about this?

      an anti viral drug went from $13.50 per tablet to

      these mother F_CKERS should burn in hell

      • Plan twice, prep once

        Did you know there are big connections between Mylan and the Clinton foundation? Mylan paid the Clinton Foundation huge for access to Hillary.

        A vote for Hillary or other third party putz is a a vote to continue pay to play.

        Trump and Chris Christie are tight, I hope Tump makes Christie Attorney General. One thing Christie did really well was to go after corruption when he was a Jersey Prosecutor.

    19. Satori

      and a load of duplicitous crap from Mylan’s CEO

      take a look at the arbitrary price increases of other common drugs

      Mylan CEO: “The US Healthcare System Bubble Is Going To Burst; This Is No Different Than The Subprime Crisis”

      h ttp://www.zerohedge.com/news/2016-08-25/mylan-ceo-us-healthcare-system-bubble-going-burst-no-different-subprime-crisis

      people complain because their insurance is $750 a month ?

      hell why not
      when one pill is $750 ???

    20. aljamo

      Hellary Rotten Clinton is big pharma test patient guinea pig number one with managed side effects of pure evil.

    21. TEST

      Even Joseph Goebbels is now embarrassed by his fellow leftist fascists in the media.

    22. swinging richard

      Hillary has brain worms, forked tongue, and crooked ass. Seems to qualify for office, sadly.

    23. lleclair

      It used to be “First we kill all the lawyers” now it’s “First we kill all the journalists”

    24. anastasia

      The press has to know alot more than we know because they see her all the time, and some things are photographed and published while many are not. But what we do know without any doubt and with proof that rises to the level of certainty is that Hillary has been videotapoed and published coughing and falling for many years. Therefore, we know that her coughing is NOT due to her recent pneumonia, nor is it due to allergies, which can be taken care of in 10 minutes with over the counter allergy meds. Her coughing is not due to a respiratory problem, but to a problem with swallowing. She is aspirating food and saliva into her lungs and onto her vocal cords.

    25. anastasia

      When the press gives us a report on her coughing, they very clearly attribute it to her recent pneumonia, when they KNOW beyond all doubt that this is NOT the reason she has been coughing because they know and we know she has been coughing for many years.

    26. E Swisher

      Where is Bob Woodward at… He was quite the investigative reporter in the 70s. He knows all about the Clinton corruption, bodies tied to the Clintons, etc? Did Bob receive a bit of friendly advice to keep his mouth shut or suffer the consequences?

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