Mass Die Offs Continue As “Raining Dead Birds” Descend on New Jersey, Unexplained

by | Dec 28, 2016 | Conspiracy Fact and Theory | 80 comments

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    This article was written by Melissa Dykes and originally published at The Daily Sheeple.

    Editor’s Comment: Unexplained animal deaths by the hundreds or thousands, every species effected. Sometimes, there is a connection to human experimentation and meddling, sometimes there is no apparent connection at all. Shifting climate and an emerging techno-grid are creating a different environment for many important species on this planet. Electromagnetic activity alone may explain part of the reason that bees and birds of flight have been affected, along with weather patterns.

    Hundreds of thousands of fish and other sea life have simply washed up dead on coastlines around the world, and may be connected to reported extinction level events taking place in the oceans. Few are willing to connect the dots, but a pattern is emerging.

    What is most telling is how little explanation is offered through official channels. No one is stepping up, suggesting a willing blackout on this topic of continued significance and intrigue. If whatever is taking place in these cases affects the wildlife like this, what is it doing to people?

    Why Is It Raining Dead Birds in New Jersey?

    by Melissa Dykes

    There’s a good question for you.

    It’s being reported that just days before Thanksgiving in Stow Creek Township, New Jersey, 200 dead red-winged blackbirds began “raining” from the sky.

    And it isn’t the first time in recent weeks this has happened in that area, either.

    Infectious disease has been ruled out, and despite testing nearby wheat fields for chemical compounds that may have contributed, pesticide poisoning has supposedly been ruled out as well.

    Scientists are stumped (via

    “We did ascertain that the birds suffered trauma and internal bleeding from hitting the ground,” [New Jersey Department of Environmental Protection spokesman Larry] Hajna said. “But what made them fall from the sky in the first place . . . we can’t say for certain.”


    What do you think is causing this?

    Curious isn’t it? How these “mysteries” are always reported on, but they hardly ever up finding the cause…


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    This article was written by Melissa Dykes and originally published at The Daily Sheeple.


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      1. Tony Soprano got a new Browning 12g Shotgun for Xmas.

        • Tony Montana got 100 lbs. of tannerite for xmas 😛

          • Whatever it is take your blessings: (I hate Redwing Blackbirds) Shot zillions of them years ago.

            • I used to enjoy them(singing) when I was checking muskrat traps before and after school.

              • It was good training for my later dealings with Chevron Oil Co. God was teaching me. .

          • Hang on to that tanny…
            The military fires off howitzers to keep starlings from roosting and they freeze to death when they can’t roost.
            It’s just a matter of time before they say that people firing off tannerite are preventing birds from roosting causing them to freeze. Prob 8-10 fed time. …
            just guessing but ignorance of the law will be no excuse.

      2. Simple,mass suicide,I understand as New Jersey would do that to you.

        I will say,why didn’t they just fly to cooler spots am not sure,perhaps there were outdoor homemade stills nearby and they were poisoned?

        • Yer a funny guy ha ha ha ha haha. Could have been some disgruntled JD distillery workers making it in the woods? Perhaps a cask of JD broke open somewhere the birds were? Or it could be a sonic weapons test or virus spray test. We will never know…

      3. When the bees die off, so will we. There won’t be enough pollinators left. I have been planting bee and butterfly flower seeds each summer for the last few years – it’s a good investment in my SHTF garden – to help it get pollinated even if other regions in the country start having trouble. So plant milkweed and other flowers near your gardens – it’s a smart prep!

        • Actually micro drone pollinators have been developed to do that work. Neither will they swarm and kill you.

          Unfortunately they do not produce honey …. yet. 🙂

          • and they’ll only pollenate the farms that pay their Monsanto tax.

        • sounds prudent to me. thanks!

        • Bees are not the only pollenators. Honey bees are not native to north America. The Avvora mite is what is killing the honeybees. Eventually honey bees will become resistant to the avvorra mites. Now We had a few thousand blackbirds die in the same manner a few yeas ago in Arkansas. Im of the opinion that’s its natural gas methane. Swamp gas the gas floats up and gasses fish then if a gas cloud contacts birds the also are gassed. a lake someplace occasionally gasses and kills the nearby people. and the land is fertile so folks return and eventually get gasses again. Now with the shifting magnetic poles. there are more earthquakes. thus more trapped natural gasses excape into the atmosphere. So we have more instances of these events.

          • Another possibility – I remember reading this back in 2011:
            Mass Bird & Fish Deaths Caused by Hydraulic Fracking & Earthquakes?
            ht tp://

      4. there could be several reasons of the mass die offs from natural to man made or nature made, BOTTOM line is there is more and more of this happening all over the world. interesting side NOTE, monday 12-26-16 flying over my place very high altitude was a plane emmiting 4 contrails and they were LIME GREEN in color, never seen chem trails that had color to them, the sky was criss crossed with trails but this one was the only one with color!!

      5. “What do you think is causing this?”

        Well if chemicals and pathogens are ruled out; yet there is internal damage to organs and internal bleeding, it sounds like either a microwave weapon or a sound weapon that resonates BELOW the range of the human ear that is being TESTED on flocks of birds: an application for the Final Solution to useless eaters with too large a carbon footprint.

        Have you paid your carbon tax today ??? 🙂

        • An excellent comment. I wonder how far from a cell tower(s) this event occurred?

        • Not exactly the Gettysburg Address, but there’s more there than meets the eye for the casual reader. :-

      6. There is a nasty catch-22 here – if these things are being caused by chemical pollution or sound frequencies or other mystery man made thing – do we WANT the government to step in and say ‘cut that out’? Or ‘stay off that land’? Or don’t grow or smoke that?

      7. Have you paid your carbon tax today ???

        Actually durango,can’t say I have.I hope they will accept metals,have some lead/copper for the collectors.

        • As I stated before, I have too much ammunition and will sell you ALL my federal stuff. And no, I don’t have wet brain or whatever lol. Actually I do, all brains are wet. Hmmm, try and do a fellow a favor and all I get is disparaging remarks 🙁

          • “will not be tolerated on this site, including the disparagement of people in the comments section.” Dammit Warchild, now I am going to drink myself to death lol 😛

          • To much ammo? How is that possible?

            • How many wars will I have to fight in the rest of my years? How many rounds will I shoot before I am killed? 1K rounds for all bolt actions and 5k for all semi autos and 500 for every pistol. Do you think I will use all that before I am shot dead? I would be the luckiest man alive!

              • And those figures are PER GUN!

                • Maybe you might have enough for random friends and family

                • An excellent observation and plan.

                  You are not the only person in that situation.

                  perhaps, a little more range time?

                  I have considered that.

                  An observation on my part: Many citizens have purchased ammo that unless there is a complete breakdown of authority
                  or an invasion by a foreign power, will never be used.

                  I suggest that a person considers what law enforcement/correctional officers carry and go that route.

                  I have.

                  Lets say that there is a social breakdown and citizens are deputized, The Sheriff will either issue you their type of ammo or if you can prove that the ammo you have is similar, perhaps you can use your ammo. probably have to record the lot #. Or the court could grant an exception.

                  Not all police/sheriff departments use the same ammo.

                  Just a thought.

                • Remember that ammo will become a valuable barter tool if the SHTF. Store it correctly and you can trade it for anything else you need. I’ve got a couple thousand rounds of .22 and don’t even have a .22 rifle. I’d rather have that than the equivalent amount of cash.

                  But you have to judge your age and your family’s interest – when you go to the great shooting range in the sky, is your family selling your boxes of ammo for a nickel at a garage sale? Or thanking you for the inheritance and stashing it?

                  I did cut back some of my stash this year – and gave some 9mm and .223 to a state trooper who lives in the.neighborhood. That’s worth a pile of good will if the time ever comes.

              • Give them your address while your at it…..

              • well, i guess that’s a place to start…..for us calipornians.

              • I don’t know as how I’d consider having to shoot up thousands of rounds in constant firefights as being ‘lucky’.

          • How to kill a mocking bird. Chem Trails, lightening.

          • What,you have a still in New jersey,boy,we are a little “sensitive”!I hope you got some coloring books/playdo for your “safe space”!

            Given all our federal comments(hear another attorney with rustling cease and desist orders!) the fact you bought soo much suggests,well,brain irrigation!

            Side note,was at a friends recently and was shooting his .40 with 185 federal,pistol primers seem fine,last month,a bunch of .223 at his place,all went fine,perhaps our “disparaging comments”have had a positive affect!?

          • i got a feelin’ you change your mind in the next few weeks about whether you got too much ammo, or not….got too much food, water, gold/silver too?….i can help with that “problem”.

      8. In reading this article I am puzzled. I am on the west coast in Oregon. We are considerably warmer in the winter than New Jersey. The miserable blackbirds left here two months ago to head south. Do they have a different strain of starlings and blackbirds there? I think the fuckers froze to death. (By the way, good riddance to blackbirds).

      9. By the way, 37 elk apparently fell trough the ice on a pond in eastern Oregon today and drowned/died of hypothermia. That is some sad shit. Fuck blackbirds.

      10. Fear porn? I don’t want to use the “fake news” term, but really!! This bird die off comes out every so often and there’s always an answer. This New Jersey die off was from a farmer spraying his crops with some kind of poison because his crops have been decimated by birds. Totally legit. Mac, let’s get back to preps and survival after tshtf. There aren’t many of us charter member’s still here!!

        This board is still the best out there. Anyone have a question, it will be answered. There is more knowledge here than any library can hold.

        • What is growing in New Jersey in December that requires spraying? Any plant would be frozen and winter killed, insects are already hibernating. No, it wasn’t a farmer spraying anything. I don’t know why this is happening, and yes, there IS a reason, but what IS that reason? I’d be inclined to accept the theory that it’s an experimental weapon of some kind. It could be a disease or even a chemical that are unknown to local veterinarians, or requiring special testing methods to find.

        • Fear porn, to the point of silly….

          200 birds equals “dead birds “raining” from the sky?” 🙂

          Wow, can you even imagine the headline if 500 birds had been found?

          Any guesses what percentage of bird population died at that number (200 birds)?

          Anyway, my guess (with no evidence what-so-ever) is this sort of thing happened thru out history, but our ancestors dealing with real life issues said “hmmm, a bunch of dead birds”, and went back to tilling the fields. Now we actually have someone go out and count the dead animal, insect, frog, whatever, write a report, and lament what it all means. If that was not bad enough, then we get the fear porn… Wow dead birds raining down, damn near blocking hi ways

          Wow, just wow


        • NJ growing season ended months ago. No one in their right mind has sprayed anything since September harvest.

          There was an interesting article about Americans using legal pot getting sick in record numbers. Unlike anything seen before. It’s as though foods and drugs are being poisoned.

          • ? legalize pot to kill off the herd? Interesting thought, but why ??

      11. New Jersey went whole hog for Hillary in the presidential election. The stench of the liberals is so bad now its even killing the birds.

      12. Canaries were used in coal mines as a testing device for bad air. Birds have a high metabolic rate and die off first due to bad air. Previously die off of birds has happened near military arsenals that store nerve agents and other exotic weapons. Is there an arsen6al in the area?_ Venting off of agen6s into the air could cause the bird deaths. Or they could be testing chemical agents on the locals and the birds are dying off due to higher metabolic rate how are the humans in the area doing any unexplained violent arguements or odd actions going on

        • And it could be a natural occurring burp of swamp gas. red wing blackbirds are always near water.

      13. ?????you think legalization of pot will result in a poisoning of sorts? Interesting and viable.

      14. what I see in the north is a bigger abundance of wildlife. And, for all of you wishing to bug out up here, theres ALOT of ways to do it, with land starting at 500 an acre or less. Cold, remote , private,

      15. Yes, this happened before, and in one case it appeared that the birds had broken necks – BEFORE they hit the ground. Explanation that I came up with at the time was – Because birds can easily fly 20 – 30 mph – they flew into the side of an invisible ship hovering above the ground (at whatever height). Thus, you find the whole flock in a relatively small area.

        • Keep in mind, if it was some kind of poisoning, the birds would be found over a VERY large area, in all directions away from the poison location.

      16. Christubbie Christy opened his mouth and his bullshit killed them all.

      17. That area is quite rural. I have seen individual birds in the refinery fall from the sky. One concentrated cloud of SO2, CO or God knows what could do it. The area where this occurred it devoid of chemical refining industry for 20 miles. There is a public power plant in Vineland and a cloud of CO (fart) might do it.

      18. Chem trails ?
        GMO crops ?
        Pesticides ?
        Bio weapon test?
        Take your pick.
        The PTB are really messing up our world!

      19. Hey guys, a lot of people have stopped prepping, not the people I know but a few of the retailers in line and in person told me that sales are way down. This is not very smart.. i am trying to tell everyone on here, and other preppers, that my cop sources feel something big is getting ready to happen…the cops have been told here in town to prep up, and still a lot of the cops have not even done anything that their captains have told them.. this is crazy.. it’s obvious that that russia airline was taken down possibly by cabal rogue faction forces. The rat bastards are trying to start WW3.. Alex Jones will be giving out his IP address in the next few days because his sources are telling him that we may not have access to his website anymore including all others including possibly this one SHTF?..

        Something is up.. with less than 26 days till the inauguration, we are lucky if Trump gets sworn in. If collapse, false flags or what ever they have planned happens, at least the area I live in has a lot of standing water plenty of cattle and lower populations, this means that plenty of cows for food are in the area to keep people distracted so that I can exit and go out to the BOL..


        • Hcks,believe a lot of folks out of room/stacked high and thus as rotating just resupplying stashes,thus the drop.

          Hell,Genius says you can have too much ammo!I know,it’s Geius!

        • HICK, your “cop”friend, your “scientist” friend, spetznatz, chicoms….. dude you are beyond delusional. You were talkin the same smack before jade helm happened and still nothin yet. Do you act like you’re in the know because you need to feel important? So please, do tell, instead of talkin shit about people you say you know, what do you know how to do? What kind of real world survival experience do you have? Skip the “poor me, I was homeless” bullshit, you told those stories too many times. Do you live in a trailer off the Katy highway?

        • i aint quit stackin’!…i scored 5 cases of peanut butter yesterday for 99c ea..food4less….that’s a GIFT…THAT is how you prepp, by buying in numbers when something is too cheap, and what better food to have when the rotating mass of twisted metal contacts the excrement?

      20. “What is most telling is how little explanation is offered through official channels. Scientists are stumped.”

        May I suggest that this is the hand of God. God created the heavens, earth and all that inhabit it. He has not died, he still lives in and through us ALL, even the animals that walk, creep, crawl and fly. It’s no wonder the ‘official channels’ offer no explanation because those ‘channels’ will not speak the truth–God’s will be done on earth as it is in heaven. I fear for the non-believers! I welcome God’s wrath for what our imposter-in-chief has done to us by turning his back on Israel. The majority in America have NOT turned on Israel. We do not seek to divide the land that God gave to them 2,000 years ago. Look at how many are taking notice of the birds that are dying. Fear not for those that are sacrificed for they still live with God. God is sacrificing those birds as a warning to us all. WAKE THE FLOCK UP!

        • Amen!!!

      21. You got your dead skunk in the middle of the road and its stinkin to high heaven…

      22. It all the BULL SHIT from NYC from the U.N.

      23. “Any bird’s death diminishes me, for I am involved in birdkind.”

        I think DK’s got the best reason for this so far.

        Genius, solar question for you..
        because of availability (or not) my solar power is hooked up with romex solid copper wire.
        I’ve read 34.5 volts coming into the system at peak. (24 volt, 520 w.)
        The run is only 15 feet.
        How much power could I be losing?
        I put the question to the experts at Arizona Wind & Sun and nobody gave me a straight answer, with the best being a percent or 2 loss. They all get so techie on you and want to know shit only an expert would be able to answer. They don’t know what to do with a simple question.
        If that’s the case, it will stay that way. Clouds cause far more loss than anything else.
        Turning off the inverter at night has made a big difference in power loss.

        • Check to see what the idle draw is for your inverter. All inverters use power even when not providing power, but some are terrible energy hogs. I had a couple of Trace inverters years ago that would drain my system in a couple of days of no sun, even with nothing connected.

          • JAS, how is idle draw checked?
            This new Samlex inverter seems to use more power than my old Aims-es did. Owned 2 of them and never again; they’re junk.

        • Ketch, how about this adaptation from Donne:

          “No bird (dropping) is an island,
          Entire of itself;
          Every bird dropping is a piece of the whole mess that is on my car,
          A part of the main (mess).
          If a dropping be washed away by the car wash
          That’s poetic revenge on all birds”

        • Don’t turn off your inverter on a clear night with a full moon, you’re still gaining power from the reflected sunlight. Not much, but it will tick your voltmeter over. Try it sometime and see if you think it’s a useful amount.

        • “Bird Lives Matter”

          It’s official …. This thread and those birds are dead.

      24. Blame it on fake global warming. They do everything else. Incidentally, Polar bears were supposed to be headed for extinction. The fossils on the Supreme Court said so (but they’ve been extinct for years). Today there are five times as many polar bears as 70 years ago. (And if the warmers think polar bear extinction is bad, perhaps they should have banned the Siberian Traps volcanic event, which is the prime suspect in wiping out 90 percent of all living species 251 million years ago — the most severe extinction event in Earth’s history.)

        And more on fake global warming and our cuddly white bears (incidentally, I am a dual US/Canadian citizen, and a family member has a polar bear pelt given to him by the Inuit, who are allowed to hunt them – they really have a yellowish undertone, and the fur is VERY coarse): The New American, Mar. 31, 2008, p. 17, weighs in again by quoting Dr. Mitch Taylor, a world-renowned polar bear expert, who has stated “Of the 13 populations of polar bears in Canada, 11 are stable or increasing in number.” In fact, the current polar bear population of 20,000 – 25,000 is four to five times the population 50 years ago” For a very detailed expose on the global warmers polar bear fraud, see, which concludes “Based on the report “Bears: Status Survey and Conservation Action Plan,”, issued by the World Conservation Union (ICUN), polar bear populations are in no immediate danger except for one or two groups on the West cost of Greenland which are subjected to excessive hunting. All of the other populations which have been documented are either stable or increasing. The greenhouse industry’s presentation of polar bears as endangered by global warming is at best a gross exaggeration and at worst a lie.”

        And speaking of made up stuff, the whole drowning polar bear issue may just be just that. Charles Monnett . who manages $50 million worth of climate research on Arctic wildlife (there’s that BIG GREEN money connection again), and was one of Al Gore’s leading “authorities” on the drowning bear issue, was put on leave “pending an investigation into integrity issues” in July, 2011.

        • Tell someone that polar bears have gone through the last two ice ages as a distinct species and their eyes glaze over. They’ve adjusted to climatic events before and are still around.

      25. HEY FOLKS




        PUNCH IN



      26. What? The birds weren’t happy to just crap on us, now they have to fall on us, too?

      27. My vote is “stratospheric atmospheric injections” as described and applauded by our current CIA Director
        AKA “Chem-trails”

        Here is the Director telling us all about it–rY

      28. Maybe they need to spray for the zika virus and save the birds and humans. If you believe that you are probably charted for exetrmination..

      29. Has anyone correlated the increase of, or in general, chemtrails to this phenonima?

      30. I still say bird flu is here.

      31. NJ = Nothing more than a “Marxist run Cesspool”…..

      32. H.A.A.R.P.!!

      33. The intermixing of chemicals to create supercooled air via the Chemspraying is creating pockets of super cold air. When inhaled by birds breathing in flight, their lungs freeze. Like inhaling the vapor from dry ice–.
        The spraying needs to be better understood as a weapon against the citizen population, but an equal opportunity killer.

      34. mixing of chemicals and Chemspray has nothing to do with the Worldwide deaths of Wildlife, Animals, Fish and
        Birds. I suspect it may be the new tech that’s been reported on occasions. I suspect mobile transport trucks seen around the country the ones that send directional high frequency microwave beams, same as the EMP beams used too disable areas of choice. The frequency microwave beams fry the brains as the EMP beams will wipe out power and coms in selected areas. This is a trail run, next it will be the people and no amo used.
        The invading forces will not nuke the US, the land will be for cultivating crops to send home.

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