Liberals Take Aim At White People Again As Soros-Funded Panel Attacks The Very Idea Of White Womanhood

by | Dec 16, 2017 | Conspiracy Fact and Theory | 82 comments

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    Another day, another piece of news pointing to the now strikingly obvious fact that the hard-left is attempting to further divide the country along racial lines while painting anyone that disagrees with their liberal views as racist.

    Appearing on the Sirius XM Progress Channel’s Make It Plain, three organizers of the anti-Trump “Women’s March” spoke about the need to confront white womanhood itself while attacking any white person who didn’t vote for anti-gun Democrat Doug Jones in the recent Alabama Senate election.

    “More white women voted percentage wise for Roy Moore than did for Donald Trump,” the panel’s host breathlessly claims. “So this is why this is such an urgent conversation, such an urgent panel to have quite frankly.”

    As noted, “The panel largely centered around making white women feel guilty for their alleged complicity in upholding white supremacy.”

    One of the organizers, Sophie Ellman-Golan, shared a graphic on her Twitter account that shows the percentage of white women who voted for Roy Moore over Democrat Doug Jones. The fact that a majority of white women did not support Jones is apparently enough evidence for Golan that they simply had to be racist.

    Ellman-Golan made it clear that the left now believes that if a white women votes for a Republican then she is straight up racist and if a white women “conforms” to the liberal orthodoxy she is only “inherently racist” but at least trying to fight it.

    “We designed this obviously to work directly with, specifically with white women, but I think also in this particular setting it’s really valuable to have multiple voices talking about both because it’s obviously for white women to confront our own complicity in upholding white supremacy, but it’s not like white women’s voices are, or should be the only voices talking about the ways that white women cause harm and violence,” Ellman-Golan said during the discussion.

    That’s right, in the new America, white people are not even allowed to vote for their favored candidate without the fear of being labeled a racist.

    Shockingly, this is the third time in the last week that the left has specifically attacked Americans based on their skin color in what is sadly becoming a routine, mainstream media supported, theme.

    As I reported for this website, just two days ago a women was attacked and robbed at a Brooklyn area deli by two Hispanic teens who targeted her because she was white and therefore a likely Trump supporter. (she was not)

    “A 32-year-old liberal white woman was attacked and robbed by two Hispanic teens who accused the woman of being a Trump supporter while pelting her with groceries at a Bronx area deli Wednesday night.

    Amazingly, the woman is not actually a Trump supporter and was apparently attacked as one simply because she was white. Keep in mind that the left has specifically blamed white people for Trump’s election victory so one can imagine that the teens were simply carrying out an attack they thought was for the greater good.”

    One day earlier literally tens of thousands of liberals throughout social media, including many “prominent” leftists, used Doug Jones stunning victory in Alabama to attack white people as a whole.

    “In the new America, the hard-left openly mocks and insults all white people simply because a certain percentage of them do not vote for liberal candidates,” I reported, again for

    “Keep in mind that BOTH candidates were white yet that did not stop the race baiting left from conducting a vile series of attacks on the white race while pretending that they are the actual civil rights heroes.”

    Make no mistake, this is a Soros-funded, globalist operation to scare white Americans into supporting ONLY liberal candidates or take the risk of being viciously attacked as a racist.

    All Americans must stand up to this transparent divide and conquer strategy or risk an all out civil war.


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      1. Screw you….

          • I just don’t get this white-guilt thing at all. I don’t feel one bit guilty. And hey ya’ll – I’d a great-great (or so) grand-father who fought on the South’s side. And he didn’t feel on bit guilty either. Tell all these idiot what…. how about a white-strike month or so? Let all good working-class whites who labor at virtually all those things that keep our society running get check from the government and all the EBT-swiping they want, free medical care, education, a housing allowance and all the rest of the entitlements for that month. Cut off those now on the dole for that same time. Let’s see how that’d work out. Think all these guilt-ravaged morons might get the point then? Naw….. they’d just turn cannibal and go a-rioting burning down their neighborhoods now wouldn’t they?

        • White people wake up.
          Time is short.
          White Unity Or White Genocide.

          • Relax ; this bunch of snowflakes couldn’t genocide a stampede of turtles. In Wyo the gals carry 38’s and that’s not bra size.

            • I prefer 44s.

          • Don’t lose sight of the fact that all this liberal rhetoric rubbish is all about divide and conquer.

            A lot of people of color voted for Trump and helped him overcome the naked and vampiric media bias to elect their chosen President Clinton. This is all about driving wedges between the social groups in an flagrant attempt to ignite a massive race/gender war.

            If we allow that to happen, the Progressive liberal have won. If Progressives win, the worst prophecy warnings encoded in George Washington’s 1796 Farewell Address will quickly materialize.

            Not every Caucasian person voted for Trump, and not every person of color voted for Clinton.

        • It is wise to own an automatic watch as it does not depend on battery power nor electronics, it is wound by the natural motion of your wrist. All black with luminous hands rotating bezel to mark time and day date are good features.

        • Truth is, as a general statement, not much has changed since the Garden of Eden – on balance, women are more easily deluded (no, men are not morally superior; we have different issues). But this article is a case in point. In my opinion, radical feminism is one of the most evil forces to have afflicted this planet, right behind Communism/Nazism.

      2. No group, much less the evil- backstabbing Soros, will ever dictate to me, a white female, on the ‘idea’ of white women.

        • I have always been strongly in favor of “the idea of” white women. Also black women. And Asian. And Eskimo. Whatever…as long as she believes in freedom and justice, and is deeply skeptical of “social justice”. But women in general tend to be one of my favorite things on the planet.

        • UNY, agreed. I work with BETTER QUALITY WOMEN, REAL WOMEN all the time. Those feminazis and jezebels can all go f#$% themselves. The black jezebels can especially STFU about white women. My late wife was more woman then all of those jezebels on that panel combined.

      3. Robbed for being a Trump supporter? I remember from 25 years ago the cry, “I’m stealing this TV set in support of Rodney King”. Those looters did him a disservice.

        They’re gaining no ground with this behavior, only alienation. It detracts from the “social justice”, destabilizing concentration of wealth.

        • Kevin2, you know what they mean by ‘social justice’, don’t you? I didn’t bother with the video. I can’t stomach 5 minutes of libturd propaganda, let alone 1 hour and 45 minutes of it. The only ground they can gain with me is a burial plot.

          • Soros is capitalizing on the discontent created by the very globalism he supports. The snowflakes have far less opportunity thanks to this globalism yet they embrace it out of naiveté. One byproduct of this that they rally against is distribution of wealth. This is a byproduct of the finance not manufacturing economy. This is manifested in the booming stock market of wall street with the decaying main street. The gains, falsely created illusions that they are have transferred real wealth up the food chain. I understand that in virtually all circles there is some credence in all sides. The side I sit on has the most credibility but make no mistake, unchecked unregulated capitalism becomes crony capitalism and ends up eating itself. Its the catalyst that feeds the snowflakes.

            • Braveheart 1776

              ” libturd propaganda”

              I’m bombarded by propaganda from all sides. Neo-Con propaganda has been devoid of truth too but its wrapped in far better, and more believable packaging.

              On a lighter note way back in 1987 my friend, John Thompson Esquire who left us 8 years ago, wrote Article 20, The Right To Keep And Bear Arms and got it into the Delaware Bill Of Rights. That wording, with as he used to say, “With No Militia Crap”, was used by the Delaware Supreme Court to strike down a gun ban on park land . With terrific wording, the Judges clearly stated that the purpose is self defense, its a right, and it applies outside of the home. Look it up on the NRA ILA web site.

              • Kevin2, once again you have reminded me of some things I forgot. Yes, there is propaganda from all sides. And yes, the neocons have always done a better job with their propaganda. It grieves me to see what capitalism has become and has pushed people straight into the arms of those who still promote the concept of socialism. Those were 2 excellent posts you just made. They just prevented me from making a major mistake in my thought process. Keep up the input. I always enjoy your perspective.

                • I just call it as I see it. Let me call this. The corporate tax cut will not have any meaningful effect in creating jobs in the US. The CEOs will use the added money to buy back more of their stocks inflating its price and hence their bonus. This is what you get when you don’t sufficiently regulate them into some ethical behavior. In the US heyday stock buy backs was illegal and constituted manipulation. They’re crooks pure and simple. Glass-Steagall needs to be reinstitute too.

                  • Kevin2, agreed about the corporate tax cut. The corruption within our financial system will inevitably bring it all crashing down. It would be a miracle if Glass-
                    Steagall was resumed. I think it’s way too late to save the system. I still appreciate you correcting me on some important points earlier.

                    • I’m not correcting. I just have an opinion.

                      In all fairness, assuming you were a CEO industrialist. You know that the corporate tax rate can change with party in power. Trade agreements on the other hand take more effort to change either way. Build a new factory in the US because the corporate tax rate dropped? Poppycock, ain’t gonna happen. Glass-Steagall is an example of people on strictly one side of this. The hard core have been propagandized to believe that any and all regulations on business are unnecessary at best, communistic at worst. With this they throw rocks at everything FDR did. Glass-Steagall, created by Democrats was vitally necessary to control a casino mindset on Wall Street. The Neo-Cons and Progressive’s are parasitic insects feeding on different parts of the economy. You can’t focus on one while ignoring the other.
                      Everything the left proposes isn’t wrong but they generally take a valid idea and mold it into something counterproductive. Their lack of pragmatism for utopian ideal coupled with an “Ends Justify The Means” is their downfall. The Neo-Cons selling the idea that capitalism will regulate itself isn’t naive, its ethically criminal.

      4. Oh here we go again another Soros concocted race-baiting shills liars and ho’s , seriously get on with life Killary Obama and the entire crew are headed for prison so get an extra box of tissue alcohol and midol . The Midol is for the Al Sharpton illegitimate stepchild nobody wanted . Guess what there is a new sheriff in town and one of these days your gonna figure out what everyone else already knows that the Pedocrats and there race baiting congressman and senators all take the cheese while black America awaits hopelessly for change like Traitor 44’s change still stuck in generational welfare and drug trafficking seems to be the only way out unless you get an education or your a gifted athlete . I wouldn’t piss on this panel if they were on fire .

        • Kevin2, it’s Ok if you weren’t really correcting me. But I do realize how right you are. My thinking at times doesn’t go as deep as yours so I’m going to change that. I still appreciate your perspective and I respect it more than you know.

      5. Does anyone think it’s possible at this point to come together? We are slowly being outnumbered and surrounded by the third world. All they need is more time. The only thing we don’t have is time. Isn’t it obvious?


        • I have little hope for this pacified, conditioned, dumbed-down society anymore, and even what little hope I have is diminishing by the day.

          • simplest solution to the problem. Education:

            ht tp://

            There…. lesson over.

      6. “Liberals take aim at white people.”

        Excellent. Start with the most vile of all the white folks, Geo Soreazz, then we’ll work from there.

        • soros isn’t white. He is a sand nxxxxr jxx

      7. One of them said they will work on confronting white women until they die. Well, I’m white and female and no you won’t be confronting me. Not for long anyway.

      8. And they plan to do what about it?

      9. Make America White Again.

      10. Oh I am scared! Come meet my little friend!

        • Wojo, they wouldn’t want to meet my friend, Mr. Taurus.

      11. The communists/globalists are within and they are at war with our republic and the American people.

      12. I am proud to be a white redneck cracker racist. and so is my wife.

      13. Only fools, idiots, cowards, and weaklings concern themselves with the opinions of their enemies.

        This business of the Left is the coward’s tactic for trying to obtain power without risking getting injured or killed in battle. They want total power, but they’re too chickenshit to actually try and take it by force themselves. So, they import savage foreigners in the hope that they will do the fighting and dying for them. Plus, they try to outgroup their enemies with their infantile name-calling and transparent divide-and-conquer rhetoric.

        The Left are moral and physical cowards, craven sexual degenerates, and fit only to be put to the sword.

        Their endless agitating and especially their decision to attack White woman is good for us….very good. Let them continue, the culling will follow soon enough.

        • Exactly…

      14. Recently I watched a debate with Ann Coulter being the only conservative on the panel.
        The liberal panelist were constantly trying to make the debate about race and Ann was burdened with constantly reminding them that the subject had nothing to do with race.
        It was hilarious.
        How do you somehow tie EPA regulations or the Budget or Taxes to slavery?
        That tells ME that you’re a one trick pony.

        I’m not a huge fan of Ann Coulter but she stood in the line of fire and made them look stupid… I was proud of her.

        It was a rerun so the program director must have seen the humor in it too. NO IT WASNT ON FOX

        • ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️
          Four stars

          It’s just propaganda, 24/7. They don’t hate us, they don’t want to just hurt us, they want us extinct, like every other Marxist revolutionaries from history. They just want to win, even if they must murder millions.

          There is no logic, there is no arguing, it’s a spiritual battle. I’m a Christian and I know in my heart of hearts the left has aligned with Muslims for only one reason. To attack those that love the lord.

          • You will never win against your enemy as long as you worship one of their men who happens to be dead. And if you pray to their god, that won’t help you either, because their god loves them more than he loves you. How do you think that’s going to work?

      15. I don’t play the racist game with or without their rules. Come for me you better bring a lunch and your friends. I don’t suffer fools,too many other important things to deal with.

        • Come for me and you won’t have a chance to eat lunch. Don’t even bother with snacks or drinks, they will leak right back out of you like a sieve!

        • ???

      16. These black rat savages are the plague, the Black Death literally. Those apes literally ruin everything they touch period.

      17. Unbelievable Bull Shit. I think we better burn all the books and historical facts all the way back to creation. We must have made a wrong turn at Genesis.

        Does anyone know what these highly educated loons are talking about??

        • It’s all they know how to do with their college degree in social something or other. They have no other skills aside from ridiculous debate. They get their yoga pants in a knot over white women because that’s what they learned.

      18. when liberals take aim at whites the whites will take aim at them, but not with words

      19. I read this article and came away with the knowledge these women will end up so much more than groped.

        The two legs bahhhd, four legs gooood is so in our faces.

      20. I’m not a white nationalists, or white supremacists, but the more i see, hear, and read about crap like this, the more I’m starting to think there may be something to the white supremacists saying, “We must secure the existence of our people and a future for white children”

        • Even if you were a white nationalist or a white supremacist, what business would that be of anyone else? People are entitled to their beliefs. I believe that we must secure the existence of our people and a future for white children because we are under siege by tribal elements, and that can no longer be ignored.

        • The USA was founded as a White Nation. The Naturalization act of 1790 says the country “is open to Free White Persons.”


          This article of legislation allowed an individual to apply for citizenship if they were a free white person, being of good character, and living in the United States for two years. Upon receiving the courts approval they took an oath of allegiance which was recorded. The individual’s citizenship was also extended to any children under the age of 21, regardless of their birthplace. If the applicant had never been a U.S. resident the application was disregarded.

      21. Doug Jones’ victory was not stunning, and if/when all the facts are known, it was probably not even a lawful victory.

        Weeks before the election, I read articles about Soros’ minions signing up (not-yet-ex-)felons to vote. The day after the election, in defiance of court orders, electoral records were deleted. Later, a higher court made it OK that the records had been deleted. I sincerely doubt that Doug Jones won the election; all evidence points to yet another DNC/Soros-orchestrated stolen election.

        People need to get behind Judicial Watch’s efforts toward honest elections or else we WILL have NWO dictatorship, and the lying mass media will pretend we chose it for ourselves.

      22. Good interview last night on John B. Wells site, www dot caravantomidnight dot com. Not free but worth every penny. He was talking about South Africa and how that country has been destroyed by neo-Marxism and how whites have paid a huge price, to the point of being unemployed, living in white ghettos and squatter camps, and unable to leave the country and move to another. The first part of his commentary may be on Utube, for free, too, under John B. Wells or Caravantomidnight.

      23. I am a coarse and ogrish, male presence. That is all. I am not the catamite, that the msm says is so good looking. Sure as hell not Mr. Rogers.

        Nubile, reproductively-fit, young women don’t have any of these social problems.

        Actually, do something useful, outside. They respond, physically, to masculinity. Do you eat and have testosterone, say, to saw a piece of wood, or use a sledghammer. Are you sickly and undergrown.

        I have no idea what power these fourth wave feminists have over cucks. They don’t have money or power to share, or any sex drive, if you really want to, at point of per-menopause. Do you trust this person with your cooking, cleaning, or to leave children with them. What are they good for. I don’t want them to drive, wouldn’t give them a credit card, or hire one, for anything. What do they do.

        The problem is solved by voluntarism and free association, because they have no personality and are so, so expendable. Easily replaced.


      24. When I was a teen I worked summers hauling hay. Later I worked at a junk yard during the summer and after school and on Saturday. Then I graduated high school. I thought I would find a great job with that diploma all those teachers said was so importiant. And everyplace I asked about work. no one cared that I had a diploma. They asked me what can you do? I went to back work at the Junkyard. Then Went to work greasing and oiling for a construction company. Learned to fix everything ,operate equiptment and drive semi trucks. And never had to fill out any application or ask for a job ever again. I would drive up and they would ask who have you been working for and ask what did you do. I could honestly reply Im good anyplace you need me. sadly white folks are not like that any longer. Its the Mexicans who are good hands wherever you need them. Im afraid the white race is headed into severe decline or extinction. Look at them fat obese liberal dumbassses with college degrees living with their folks working jobs flipping burgers. Look at who is doing the building and making.

        • OG,
          You have some points about manual labor and white liberals.
          There are still a lot of white people out there willing to do hard work. BTW I didn’t earn my Degree till age 34, but is was worth an extra (average) 15,000 dollars per year and allowed me to retire at age 55, so don’t knock a good STEM degree.

          • How long ago did you get your degree? Now it seem like everyone has a college degree? they are as common as tree leaves! Here there aint any one other than white folks. My wife and I get a bang out of watching the state Hwy Dept workers. usually five of them will show up to do a job. one will do the actual work. Two will flag traffic and two more professional time killers will stand there watching . the only one not obese is the one who works.

            • OG,
              Class of 90. Not many American people get my degree, it is a boring and very difficult subject, Computer Science. Lots of mathematics and theory. It is not just programming, any idiot can do that, why do you think your Windows is so screwed up?
              That is why they want to import so many people from outside America. Not enough kids want to stick with it. It’s like being a CPA or an Actuary, BORING! But lucrative.
              Here in Hawaii the Road repair schools, as we call them, will have 10 or so guys. They hire off-duty cops to handle traffic because only cops here can legally carry guns. if cops aren’t around a lot of people would just ignore the flaggers and go for it, if it looks clear. About half the workers are doing something???, and half the other will be working on the road.

        • The (((fedgov))) is orchestrating this White decline. This is basic information that everyone here is supposed to know.

      25. At some point the white folk have to organize to simply preserve their rights and their country. This is still a white Christian country and our form of govt is for a Christian people and no other as the founding fathers said. It is amazing to me how American liberals embrace islam which is a primative form of religious tyranny Islam has the advantage that it is self policing and keep tabs on people with prayers several times a day. Goof up and they kill you period. govt does not have to be come involved in the process Thus soros a Jew supports Islam for the people in Europe for the moment White people here have to be beat down into submission where they grovel to the leaders and are easily manipulated into cannon fodder and serfs as the need arises they shall grovel to me is Soros goal and the goal of his leaders.

        • Where did the founders say this is a Christian country? They said it is a WHITE country.

          “The government of the United States is not, in any sense, founded on the Christian religion.” —John Adams.

          “In every country and in every age, the priest has been hostile to liberty. He is always in alliance with the despot, abetting his abuses in return for protection to his own. It is error alone that needs the support of government. Truth can stand by itself.”
          ~Founding Father Thomas Jefferson, in a letter to Horatio Spofford, 1814

          History, I believe, furnishes no example of a priest-ridden people maintaining a free civil government. This marks the lowest grade of ignorance of which their civil as well as religious leaders will always avail themselves for their own purposes.
          ~Founding Father Thomas Jefferson: in letter to Alexander von Humboldt, December 6, 1813

      26. So Americans, how does it feel when the CIA funds the rebels in YOUR country?

      27. It’s a damn good thing that MOST Americans are NOT so-called “Liberals” or “Progressives” or ZIONIST “Christians”.

      28. Muahahaha! Now bend over and ask for more!

      29. If you can’t baffle them with brilliance, befuddle them with bullsh*t!! Why do men not pay attention to women’s opinions? Now I totally get it!!!

      30. Is that why the American government portrays Russia as an enemy? Mostly white people live there. No?

      31. So… uhm… the plan is working perfectly?

        These nut jobs talk this stupid anti-white crap….
        then it is posted here….
        and predictable people start back lashing…
        and that is exactly what they want.


        I like black people. I like white people.
        I like women. I like humans. I like most everyone…

        I like everyone and I will not be fooled into someone elses BS hate war anymore than I will be fooled into thinking stupidass bitcoin is a good investment.

        nice try though

      32. I’d say they are doing this because they are of very low intelligence. Read this scientific paper on relative intelligence of quite a few of those covered in this article –

        Notice the source and notice that this is a follow up of intelligence studies conducted 30 years ago and verified by SAT and ACT scores today.

      33. I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again. why in the heck doesn’t Trump get the military after these commies? They aren’t “leftist”,”progressives” or whatever else they call themselves,THEY ARE STINKING COMMIES.and should be hunted down and dealt with as the LAW allows,either death or imprisonment,depending on the level of treason they have committed.

        • Where’s McCarthy when ya need him?

        • CJACK there are some very good reasons Trump isn’t doing much about some of these people. Honestly there are lots of things he’s not doing that I think he should, but letting these people alone is just fine. Old saying: “When your enemy is about to do something very stupid dob’t get in the way”. I can think of nothing better than being attacked by these snowflakes, please opn’t stop them.

          • Snowflakes want headlines, they want to not just be in the news but to be the news. The best weapon, ignore them.

        • The commies have been running the government the past 104 years.

      34. Putin had the right idea concerning Soros. I hope Trump follows his lead. Put a bounty on his head.

      35. I listened to a few stories while skipping through this video.

        They tried linking what the Suffragettes did to feminism and thus to whiteness. That seemed quite the leap of logic since the Suffragettes were about getting the vote for women and feminism about cutting loose and doing whatever the heck a woman felt like doing. They should be reminded that feminism was a leftist movement purportedly for ‘freeing’ women to have more choices. Seems like all it did was make most women into tax and debt slaves. Choosing to be a homemaker is scorned in leftist circles. Now children are raised by other people; houses are cleaned by other people; kitchen gardens mostly don’t exist; and nearly no one knows smallest mending task: how to sew on a button back on. Yep, being a wife and mother is hard work and it’s not for dummies. We are seeing the result of women abandoning home and hearth. I’m not against women working; like any job, not everyone is cut out for homemaking and some must due to circumstances.

        Another story was about a get together at a friend’s house so they could have ‘female space.’ Don’t know what that means but the female telling story said she called Lyft when it was time to go home and found herself in the Lyft car with 3 men. One departed at his destination and that left two black men at which point she was worried about her whiteness. I would have been uncomfortable getting into a car full of strangers going who knows where using a ride system that is largely unregulated. (What I’ve read about alternate ride share systems hasn’t inspired confidence. I could be all wrong.)

        The last story I listened to is about a woman on a subway train when a drunk black man fell in the aisle in front of her. The rest of the crowd was mostly black. This woman was worried about her whiteness. I’d have been worried about getting barfed on.

        I couldn’t stand listening to any more than that but that’s a sample. Better logic can be gotten from a 1st grader.

        These women don’t appear to think through their planned activities beyond what their whiteness is doing. They don’t appear to have any concern about their own safety or know what to do in whatever situation that they get into. Unless they begin to be aware of their surroundings while carrying out their ordinary activities, they’ll never make old bones.

      36. Did anyone else notice how conservatively these people are dressed? There were no risque necklines, crop tops or skirt hems–not even a high heel; very little skin exposure. Either they raided granny’s discarded clothes trunk or went to Goodwill for their wardrobe to be so frumpy. There wasn’t a fashionable item in sight. Yes, you can dress modestly and still be fashionable.

        Were they dressed as faux conservatives to be convincing?

        • “Be clean for Gene”

          • For those too young to remember:

            Eugene McCarthy’s young supporters cut their long hair, mustaches and sideburns to go “Clean for Gene” when they campaigned for their candidate in the 1968 New Hampshire Presidential primary.

      37. Soros is a zionist Jew, if we allow them to keep this up the entire white race will fade into Extinction and darkness will rule forever, the Jews wish to enslave all humanity

      38. Let’s war.

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