Latest Undercover Video “Personally Implicates Hillary Clinton And Donna Brazile” In Voter Fraud

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    Voter Fraud Billboard

    This article was written by Tyler Durden and originally published at Zero Hedge.

    Editor’s Comment: The basic question, once you get to the point, is: does Hillary get to steal the election, even when it’s out in the open theft? These undercover videos make it pretty clear that we aren’t just dealing with the implications of fraud, but direct evidence of it. Anyway you look at it, there is some major vote rigging going on here.

    So then what? If nobody stops her, then what does that tell you about the system that is allowing this to take place, and widely endorsing her – even across two-party lines. The mask is off, and there is a bigger beast to deal with than just Big H.

    “Don’t Repeat That To Anybody” – Hillary Clinton And Donna Brazile Personally Implicated In Latest Project Veritas Video

    by Tyler Durden

    Last week, Jame O’keefe and Project Veritas Action potentially altered the course of the U.S. election, or at a minimum raised serious doubts about the practices of the Clinton campaign and the DNC, after releasing two undercover videos that revealed efforts of democrat operatives to incite violence at republican rallies and commit “mass voter fraud.”  While democrats have vehemently denied the authenticity of the videos, two democratic operatives, Robert Creamer and Scott Foval, have both been forced to resign over the allegations.

    Many democrats made the rounds on various mainstream media outlets over the weekend in an attempt to debunk the Project Veritas videos.  Unfortunately for them, O’Keefe fired back with warnings that part 3 of his multi-part series was forthcoming and would implicate Hillary Clinton directly.

    Now, we have the 3rd installment of O’Keefe’s videos which does seemingly reveal direct coordination between Hillary Clinton, Donna Brazile, Robert Creamer and Scott Foval to organize a smear campaign over Trump’s failure to release his tax returns.  Per Project Veritas:

    Part III of the undercover Project Veritas Action investigation dives further into the back room dealings of Democratic politics. It exposes prohibited communications between Hillary Clinton’s campaign, the DNC and the non-profit organization Americans United for Change. And, it’s all disguised as a duck. In this video, several Project Veritas Action undercover journalists catch Democracy Partners founder directly implicating Hillary Clinton in FEC violations.In the end, it was the candidate, Hillary Clinton, the future president of the United States, who wanted ducks on the ground,” says Creamer in one of several exchanges. “So, by God, we would get ducks on the ground.” It is made clear that high-level DNC operative Creamer realized that this direct coordination between Democracy Partners and the campaign would be damning when he said: “Don’t repeat that to anybody.”

    Within the video both Clinton and Brazile are directly implicated by Creamer during the following exchange:

    “The duck has to be an Americans United for Change entity.  This had to do only with some problem between Donna Brazile and ABC, which is owned by Disney, because they were worried about a trademark issue.  That’s why.  It’s really silly.

    We originally launched this duck because Hillary Clinton wants the duck.

    In any case, so she really wanted this duck figure out there doing this stuff, so that was fine.  So, we put all these ducks out there and got a lot of coverage.  And Trump taxes.  And then ABC/Disney went crazy because they thought our original slogan was ‘Donald ducks his taxes, releasing his tax returns.”

    They said it was a trademark issue.  It’s not, but anyway, Donna Brazile had a connection with them and she didn’t want to get sued.  So we switched the ownership of the duck to Americans United for Change and now our signs say ‘Trump ducks releasing his tax returns.’  And we haven’t had anymore trouble.”

    As Project Veritas points out, this direct coordination between Clinton, Brazile and Americans United For Change is a violation of federal election laws:

    “The ducks on the ground are likely ‘public communications’ for purposes of the law.  It’s political activity opposing Trump, paid for by Americans United For Change funds but controlled by Clinton/her campaign.”

    Here is the full video just released:

    As a reminder, below are parts 1 & 2 of the Project Veritas series in case you missed them.

    Video 1 revealed DNC efforts to incite violence at Trump rallies:

    Video 2 provided the democrat playbook on how to commit “mass voter fraud”:

    This article was written by Tyler Durden and originally published at Zero Hedge.


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      1. AAAAnnnnDDDD?????? What’s going to be done about it? Nothing! Nada! Zip! Zilch! because NO ONE has the balls to do anything about it. The Justice department is corrupt, The FBI is corrupt, The Congress is corrupt and the Sheep are too busy grazing to march on D.C. So Enjoy what your fellow dumbed down citizenry voted for.

        • It’ll never stick to those Teflon trousers.

          • The same ol’ smelly Clinton 3 step shuffle: Deny, delay, the divert attention.

            Works every time with the mindless left

            • Americans are a race of slobs, obese, transgendered, addicted to all sorts of prescribed medications, OTC medicines and synthetic vitamins. These people are extremely gullible and incapable to think for themselves -trained not to think critically- and utterly ignorant about their own legal system as well (the Constitution is the Bill of Rights in their deprived knowledge); moreover, they are lovers of wealth and pleasure, selfish, slothful and indolent, and can be inspired to rise above their brutish existence only by fear of impending death or catastrophe.

              And that’s why this race of subhumans will always be governed by a technocratic-scientific elite.

              • Konkolon, if you’re talking about the ‘sheeple’, I agree, but NOT all Americans are ‘sheeple’. Be careful what size brush you use for painting.

              • I can show you a thing or two about what some of us are capable of. There’s scum of the earth, residing in your country also. My military oath will never expire, when it comes to the first and second amendment. Too many politicians that think they’re above the law.
                A Revolution IS COMING!

                Vietnam Vet …

            • I tolerated obama, I despise clinton. I never voted straight party ticket, I did yesterday.

              • I also despise the GOP for their lack of support for Trump, outright bashing Trump and allowing Clitary to rise and likely win the selection. Because of that I have for the first time in my life renounced my registration with the Republican Party.

                I am voting for Trump, but not at a registered Republican anymore. GOP can kiss my ass, as can all

          • Greedy ass Americans know better than to vote for hilliary. It won’t stop them though. Admit it folks, you are the new minority. Takers > Makers. People think hilliary will keep their precious 401k’s intact. We are willing to sell our souls to the devil to keep our money. With all the damning info and e-mails out, hill’s poll numbers have gone up this week. We are phucked and as a country of souless dogshit I contend that as a nation we deserve all that is headed our way. Good luck to all.

          • Just a note about these videos – for those that are not uber-familiar with the YouTube community. These videos were suppressed by YouTube themselves (plenty of evidence for this). When first going viral, the views were frozen, and then in many states the video(s) were not on the “Trending” list like most of America. Shady stuff is happening there as well. A lot of people commented about this on the videos, but many of those comments were filtered out.

            Just food for thought. It’s Google, after all.

        • Spud, very good, brief description. That wraps it up in as few words as necessary.
          There’s not much more to say.
          Ruination, maybe.

          • ABC/ Disney, etc.. Its all the same F*cking Cabal. Traitors to America.


            • President Trump will assign prosecutors to follow up all of this after his election, and put these persons in Jail.

              Trump will also cense and bleach out the Plated Shills in the FBI who failed to do their jobs. Trump will reduce the size of the Government through attrition. So basically a hiring freeze.

              Lot of work he is looking forward to. So go out and Vote for America ad Vote Trump.

              ~WWTI… Trump doing 5 rallies today, He is in Florida. and leads by a few points.

            • WWTI, I would love to see that tribe-controlled MSM get taken down once and for all. Let’s replace it with something that gives us the truth. I’m actually hoping Trump makes it.

              • BH. I said it many times on here. Trump needs to bust up the MSM into a million pieces, and give the airwaves back to the public as we own them, not 5 Cabal Family members.


                • BIG YUP to that!!!

                  • Me too, all three prior posts (as I see them) are dead on, but won’t come to fruition unless a percentage of us are in DC to take down those who are hell-bent on rigging the election so-as not to lose the billions that have been invested to ensure a New World Order under The United Nations. (That our POTUS sold out our asses to, yet seemed to forget that we are still “armed and extremely dangerous”). Obviously, that isn’t viewed as being a problem any more, since everything seems to be advancing right along (with none of it being covered by our major news medias …is Reuters mentioning anything about Russia’s convoy and intentions? Biden was quoted as saying that “he hoped American did NOT find out what is going on.” (What the hell did that mean)?

                    Do you have a Mil-Dot rifle scope but don’t use The Mil-Dot system, perhaps these sites will change your mind plus demonstrate how to use them to your (extreme) advantage):

                    ht tp://
                    ht tp://
                    ht tp://

                    The third link is a tiny-laminated card (think: slide rule), that lets you calculate ANYTHING in a hurry and is well-worth the price, but DO replace that chain with something substantially tougher (I used ParaCord-550) and sewed the severed ends by “whipping” a one-inch overlap (simple), the other two are on ‘flip-outs’ (velcro-hinges) that you attach (as needed) to the black-gun body, aft of the trigger but below the charging-handles (right side for right-handers).

                    Even if you pass on item #3, you’ll never kick your ass for learning how to use Mil-Dot (You’ll be amazed at how many things you are going to be measuring also …you’ll see what I’m talking about after you get into it).

            • WWTI—>

              The solution is rather simple, amid all the lame-stream media (generated) background hysteria…where the “majority herd animal populace” is being pulled hither & nether / to and fro / up-down, via the flat-screen in the living room or desk-top etc..etc.

     as to generate “partisan confusion” along social, racial, political, economic & especially EMOTIONAL narratives…which are falsely / slickly presented as reality & hawked 24-7 by our controllers.


              ..thus, I pray earnestly for someone (somewhere / outta the blue, maybe) to post the where-abouts of GEORGE SOROS, his travel itinerary, his vacation hideaways etc..and those of his hangers-on types.

              Ditto..and especially the posting of the home addresses of every “ELECTORAL COLLEGE DELEGATE” casting votes, per this election.


              ..’cuz believe it or not, there actually exists some who’re inclined to be “pro-active”, per defense of / saving-restoring the REPUBLIC/CONSTITUTION & countering the “ENEMIES DOMESTIC”…in a serious manner.


              ..methinks, the term “GONE HUNTING” ..may infer a different mindset, in the not to distant future.

     a wise man here has posted ofttimes…

              —-> “aim small—miss small.” <—-

              …the ball is in the Enemy's court right now,,,,how they play it, determines the forthcoming "RULES of ENGAGEMENT"……………………………………!!!

              • It’s nice to read affirmation there are others who are seriously intending to inflict a great many “wounds” to “The Beast” since they have turned into a government that The Framers warned us about and even arranged an “out” for us to legally use to OUST such bastards, such as they’ve become (and isn’t it amazing how much ‘rope’ they’ve taken, how they’ve changed or made laws that have no teeth, and only benefit themselves (and all of they are above the laws we must abide by). That’s some real shit there and I’ve had quite enough of it, and do not wish my children to have to contend with it).

        • Boy, eight years under Haillary is going to suck.

          guess what middle class ? obamacare is going to rob you blind. the ever increasing premiums will slowly bleed the middle class of any savings they have.

          then its communism when enough people have nothing from there on out and Obama has a press conference and says “Fundamental transformation complete”.

          • FACT: Obama Scare Insurance Premiums are going up an average of 25% next year. Bend over Rover.

            ~WWTI… I refused Kenyan Care.

            You can be self-insured, Self-Pay, and get an 85% discount off on hospital costs and surgeries. Do the Math. All depends on your confidence, of your health situation. Being an ex-athlete, I have a resting pulse of 58 / Min. Heart of a 25 YO.

            If you are a mess, go get insurance.

            • For the life of me I absolutely DO NOT understand why people don’t use health sharing plans. I get IDENTICAL coverage as I would have with COBRA but pay $300 vs. $1,000. I know some people don’t qualify, but most just have never heard of it. Too bad. We use liberty Health Share out of OHio, and love it.

          • After this election, we won’t here from clinton any more. People are pissed.

          • If that’s all it would be, just suckey, we could endure.

            The fact is, we’re not talking about political issues this election. This is about treason, treachery, and mass murder by the most unthinkably wicked dregs of humanity, who wouldn’t think twice about taking anyone out who disagrees with them.

            A victory for the witch and her coven would end our Republic and we would be at the point of no return, never to recover.

            Like barry and michael soetoro, bubba and the bitch have spent their entire lives working for the final destruction of America. They are the most dangerous, malicious assassins on earth today.

            To stop the tyranny while we still can, Americans must vote for Trump en masse, or the Klintons and communist globalists will steal the election. Trump will have to win by a convincing margin too wide to dispute.

            If enough Americans vote, we can overturn this most depraved criminal plot, and overturn the wicked corrupt criminal regime made up thugs from both parties.

          • lena, If that’s all it would be, just suckey, we could endure.

            The fact is, we’re not talking about political issues this election. This is about treason, treachery, and mass murder by the most unthinkably wicked dregs of humanity, who wouldn’t think twice about taking anyone out who disagrees with them.

            A victory for the witch and her coven would end our Republic and we would be at the point of no return, never to recover.

            Like barry and michael soetoro, bubba and the bitch have spent their entire lives working for the final destruction of America. They are the most dangerous, malicious assassins on earth today.

            To stop the tyranny while we still can, Americans must vote for Trump en masse, or the Klintons and communist globalists will steal the election. Trump will have to win by a convincing margin too wide to dispute.

            If enough True Americans VOTE, we can defeat this most wicked criminal plot, and overturn the corrupt, depraved criminal regime made up thugs from both parties.

          • Update, RE: Libya’s Gadhafi Invasion /death and stolen Gold. And the Free Satellite phone/internet Gadhafi gave for free. And the connection between the SpaceX’s rocket explosion on Sept 1st this year.

            Well, The cargo in the blown up spaceX Rocket I mentioned in my earlier article yesterday, was for Facebook. But the satellite was an Israeli AMOS-6 for communications. I was going to say Israeli in my first comment, and going off of memory, but retracted that in my comment, because I wanted to be sure and accurate. And I was. As I found this article today regarding the Israeli Satellite which also blew up on SpaceX that was to be launched over Africa. hmmmmmmmmmm.

            My Point is they Killed Gadhafi to take over all the free services in Libya, to monetize it for Fascist corporations. Like communication via satellite.

            But this all backfired when the SpaceX rocket blew up in their Fascist Faces. Poetic Justice.

            Well here is the smoking Gun.

            AMOS-6 signing
            (click to view larger)

            In November 2012, Israel Aerospace Industries signed a minimum $185 million contract with Israel’s Spacecom external link satellite company. In return, IAI will build and operate the dual-use AMOS-6 communications satellite, covering Africa, the Middle East, and Europe. The launch contract will be a separate transaction.

            Like most providers, Spacecom has already sold capacity on the satellite, including a $20 million lifetime contract from the Israeli government, who will receive a beam in an agreed-upon frequency band…


            Israel’s 6th Affordable Modular Optimized Satellite satellite has a 5,500 kg launch weight, with end of life payload power rated at 10.3 kW, and power requirements around 9 kW. The communication payload includes 45 transponders in 3 frequency bands (Ku, Ka, S), which enable the satellite to provide communication services that can include direct satellite home internet.

            Spacecomm is targeting AMOS-6 at their 4 degrees W ‘hot spot,’ currently occupied by AMOS-2 and AMOS-3. The AMOS-6 array involves 39 segments in the Ku-22 frequency band covering the Middle East & Europe and Pan Europe, 24 active beams in the Ka-19 frequency band covering parts of Africa and Europe, and 2 transponders in the S-4 frequency band.

            AMOS-6 satellite delivery is scheduled for August 2015. It will replace AMOS-2 external link, which is expected to end its service during 2016.

            *** Because Israeli’s Cargo was Blown up:…
            September 6/16: Israel’s Space Communication Ltd may seek either $50 million or a free flight from SpaceX external link external link, following the destruction of a Spacecom communications satellite last week by an explosion at SpaceX’s Florida launch site. The failed launch has had a profound impact on Spacecom with its equity expected to decline by $30 million to $123 million following a 9% dip in its share price on Thursday, followed by a further 34% drop when trading resumed. SpaceX said on Friday that it would shift flights to a second launch site in Florida, which is nearing completion and which was last used to launch NASA’s space shuttles.

            So was the Spacex explosion sabotage by foe or friend? Collection on insurance, lets check stock trading prior to the explosion. Go back 2 months for large sales.

          • DK—>

            Funny that you’d state/say: “ is plastic, put your stamp on it.”

            ..I’d prefer an attached disclaimer reading thus: “ Amerika, life depends on plastic…don’t leave home w/o it.” –(sarcastic grin)–

            That said…………………


            Yeah, I get the analogy, per plastic being an euphemism for a malleable / flexible existence etc…etc.

            All things considered, pal.

            You may want to spend some time, devoting your considerable talents to learning of “long distance ballistics”..because your broker / portfolio manager…ain’t gonna do it for you!!!

            ..just a heads-up ‘tween grunts!


            ..just so you know, go here (you’ll catch on quick):

            ht tps://


            –(remove the space & go to)–

            ..then wallow in the wisdom of “brothers always”..






          EVERY DAY MOTHERFUCKER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

          HAVE NO FEAR












          YOU TELL ME


          ACID OUT

        • You sir are an imposter

      2. I’ve already seen both videos by O’Keefe. No surprises there knowing how libturds are. What they’ve done at Trump rallies is just a drop in the bucket compared to what will happen on Election Night. Even if their hero wins, I’ve got a Jackson that says they’ll be rioting, looting, and so forth that night regardless. I’ll be out of here next week so I won’t have to face that shit. Even if someone comes to me with that shit in the mountains, they still do so at their own peril.

      3. SpudWeb, I agree that the ‘sheeple’ don’t care about anything these days, but the Hillary supporters are NOT going to have their way with me, period! Not if they want to live.

      4. I early voted using the electronic stand alone machines and I checked the printout as I made my selections and the only electrical device attached to the device was the ac power cord. Printout matched my selections as I made them in North Carolina.

        Now I just hope the thumb drive like devices that are placed in the machine just prior to voting to record electronically the votes aren’t switch out.

        Am I too paranoid?

        • No, but you’re too trusting. The only cord is the power cord? I work for a company that produces products that use the electric lines as communication lines. Further, there’s WiFi. How do you know the machines aren’t WiFi-capable. Further, we produce a meter that uses a cell stick to use the cell system for communications.

          The only reason for using electronic voting is for a VERY minor convenience (it isn’t THAT hard to count sheets of paper), or to make it MUCH easier to cheat. PERIOD.

          I am a software developer. Let me program those machines, and I promise you I can determine who the winner will be, no matter how people actually vote. It’s about as hard as ordering a taco.

          • Well, its is like having a false weight selling produce, stealing from the people.

            We may never see justice to the people who are cheating us to tilt(rig) the balance in their favor.

            These people who do these things will not prosper and everything they try to do will fall into despair.

          • Jaxx..I read today some machines are calibrated to make one Trump vote = 1/4 of a vote…so 4 to make one vote.
            And every bitch vote is multiplied by 5.
            So, if this doesn’t work, Soros has vowed to bribe[threaten]electoral college members.

        • Am I too paranoid?

          I don’t think so – seems to be a hot topic today across the country with people seeing their votes being flopped already.

          “Damn Russia’s fault” – – – [sarcasm off]

      5. Editor’s Comment: The basic question, once you get to the point, is: does Hillary get to steal the election, even when it’s out in the open theft?

        That statement alone says a lot about our Political System.

        Why many … to this day … seem to refuse to see the corruption and truly believe we have a sound Governance is beyond comprehending an explanation!

        So I’ll retort an old adage: “America, is chuck full of dumb people”.

        In fact, just the other day – I saw a few cars that had Hillary bumper stickers on them. To my surprise – no windows were broken and the tires were not flat!

        How can this be? … unless … I’m surrounded by dumb people!

        • You must be the change you wish to see in the world.

          • Y? –

            You must of saw something in my post that outed me.

            Yes … I am the CHANGE. I can no longer hide it from anybody anymore. Not only is it my CHANGE, but it is the kind of CHANGE that everybody can agree on. (minus the 1%/Elite Club)

            The CHANGE I bring will be on a astronomical level events across the Globe. It will lift those up, who have had bad, horrible living conditions – and bring those down, who have thieved and killed their way to the top.

            The mighty powers I possess – no mortal human could possibly fathom nor comprehend it. (yes … it’s pretty badass) My powers makes those other Gods powers weak, null & void and actually … very much quite amusing.

            I will bring so much CHANGE to the World. That a future day will come, and people will write songs about me, praise me, & worship me and there’s a possibility that I’ll get a few books & movies made about me.

            All the Profits & Proceeds from Movie & Book Making goes directly into the “Clinton Foundation” – from what I understand … they do great, charitable things with said funds.

            Thank you for your indulgence ツ

      6. They could find Jimmy Hoffa in Hillary’s trunk with her DNA all over it and it wouldn’t matter. The headlines would read, “Hillary finds Jimmy Hoffa and was bringing him to the police station”.

      7. Hello everyone! I know this is very off-topic, but I was told a long while ago to do this when the need arises. And I apologize if this is not the appropriate place to post this.

        I am eppe’s eldest daughter. I’ve been here before, I know most of you who have a relationship with my dad (he talks about y’all a lot!) and he told me that if anything were to happen to him, he wanted me to make sure you all got to know.
        Yesterday, he had a heart attack while I was home. I found him unconscious in his room, called 911 and did chest compressions until the ambulance arrived to take him to the hospital. He’s currently in the ICU, his stomach is bleeding some, he needs a stent, and his neurological signs aren’t doing great, but he’s alive, and I believe he will get better. He responded to pain stimulus today, even opened his eyes, but they’re going to keep him sedated for quite a while longer.
        I just wanted to make sure everyone here knew what was going on, and if you’d like, you can send me an email at [email protected]. I will be more than happy to respond to whoever messages! Not like there’s much else to do while waiting at the hospital.
        Now, in true eppe fashion, I’ll leave y’all with a joke I found today:
        How do you milk sheep?
        With iPhone accessories!

        • thank you for letting us know lilepp…prayers to you and yours…as far as the current situation goes, what do ya expect when we have such a high percentage of freeloaders, does anyone think any freeloader is going to vote too cut off his/her freeloading money…I think not…

          • @ Lil prEPPEr….prayers going out to your dad from here in Canada for his speedy recovery.. take care and am thinking of you all during the upcoming election. CC

        • My prayers go out for a full and quick recovery.

        • Best wishes.

        • Lil’prEPPEr –

          This indeed is very unfortunate news!
          May your father recover and get well very soon – I’m sure everybody here will keep him in their thoughts and prayers as well.

          When the time is right, and appropriate – tell him to “stop screwing around – we’ve got shit to do!”

          Thank you for your post, and if you can – please keep us updated on Eppe’s condition.


          • How many times he wished me dead, on here.
            Karma’s a b!tch eh?


            • Really,WTTI?I guess am not too surprised,always figured you for a govt. plant/troll.I have a feeling I am going to get banned from this site real soon as till now held back thoughts in belief of free speech and all,but,fuck it,free speech goes both ways.

              You have threatened people with law/put down working folks/advocated folks killing themselves/and now,when a forum member and brother falls ill you wish more ill,yep,gonna be fun fucking with you and your pet alligator.

              • Warchild. AMEN and of course I’m putting in my two cents. WWTI, I’ll admit you’re free to look at Eppe any way you choose but there was never any legitimate basis for your attacks on him. Stop and think. If you were at your BOL, in the swamp, passed out from a heart attack, wouldn’t you want someone to be aware and help you in your time of need? Wouldn’t you want someone to wish you well, etc.? You don’t exactly give people good reason to have a good or positive feelings about you. You’re right about one thing; karma is a bitch and will come back to haunt you. If I were you I would be doing some soul-searching.

              • Hey he is just hateful, and twofaced. I am not a hateful person. You will never find me on here or in the past, saying or wishing that he was dead. Like he has said to me many times. Know the difference. I just call out BS when I see it. I honestly hope he recovers, and hope he has prepped for this. And I feel sorry for his family. Bleeding stomach? Is Ulcer related, usually from alcoholism or suicide poisoning like drinking drano. How people take care of their health is self inflicted, eating, exercise, etc.

                Heart Attacks can happen from many reasons. Hereditary to lifestyle. I hope he recovers. Pay attention to Uncle Karma.


                • Example: Like last week he was talking about poking people with garlic toothpicks to kill them, breaking it off and getting away. That’s UNCLE KARMA!!!


                  • WWTI, I don’t buy that for one minute about eppe being two-faced or hateful. I think he was just joking in those posts last week. I don’t see this as karma.

                  • I find it odd that WWTI states he has the health/heart of a 25 year old. Then a few posts down there is news about eppe’s heart attack.

                  • if it REALLY was karma, from wishing YOU dead, then i predict there are a LOT of people feelin’ sick today….i, personaly, can’t say i wish YOU dead….but i wouldn’t mind seeing your picture on a milk carton….or your HEAD on a stick, but naw….i wouldn’t wish you DEAD, you troll.

                    • what can you say about WWTI that hasn’t been muttered under somebody else’s breath.

                • WWTI,
                  How does a get well soon wish and a reference to Uncle Karma to the same person at the same time, work out? How would a statement like that work for me? It
                  wouldn’t. A sincere individual doesn’t talk like that.

                • WWTI, i don’t mind you pointing out things, but i DO mind you pointing out things that AREN’T SO.

            • Don’t matter ‘bro

              Time like this – that was a cheap shot, at a man who is down and out.
              I see your post about him getting well and all. I truly believe you are humanly sincere and concerned about his overall well being – just thought the “karma” thing was a bit of a low blow and was not an appropriate thing to use.

              • Are you people here being two faced? Anything he says, Oh he’s just joking. Anything. I say is mean?

                You sound like the MSM Bashing Trump, but ignore Hillary’s blatant lies.

                And since he talks about yall,… blowing your OPSEC. Told ya.

                He is fighting self inflicted demons, guilt, unpreped, etc.. Ive seen lots of people die for lots of reasons. 2 weeks all hell can break loose. Lots of people will just lay down and die, give up because of failure, weak genes. Get used to it. We are now entering the Twilight Zone where its gonna get real dicey. Being prepared is a huge stress release. Not being prepared will face panic attacks, failure guilt, heart attacks and suicides. This will happen all around us.

                It is what it is. Deal with it.

                -WWTI… Can’t fake prepping. Wait and see what happens when the grid collapses for a year or more. How about WW-3?

                Pissing in the wind said burning bolders will rain down on me. No show here so far. Feckless threats.

                Just saying, someone wishes death on me, and they have a fall. Yeah Karma. Sorry about your luck.

                • WWTI

                  PWTW was too much religion. A pain in the ass, but not the enemy. I too had conflicting points of view with him.

                  eppe was trying to get along in an insane world with a few jokes and some off comments. Still not the enemy.

                  Our enemies will be upon us soon enough. Our OPSEC was blown the first time we posted here.

                  • Anon, I agree. Our REAL enemies will be the free shit army and all the other leftist POS groups out there. That’s what I’m focusing on now. Feds have known something about me ever since the Clinton era so I never had any OPSEC. I won’t get into a pissin’ contest with WWTI or anyone else. They’re not worth it.

                    • The best way not to get into any pissing contest, is not to come on here and flat out lie. Liars get their asses handed to them as we have seen.

                      Having a disagreement or views need to be backed up with facts which should end the dispute. I would rather have the truth, good or bad.


                • Don’t know you Who, don’t need to. But it is clear that you are a Grade A asshole. Good luck in your future as we all have our crosses to bear.

              • High road, always best, gracious and polite, unless pushed, but we do need to remain civilized even if it means swallowing our pride

                • Here are examples of what BS what Pathological Liars say. Bigger than life eh?

                  And there are scores of examples that clearly confirm Hillary is a liar.

                  She claimed to be named after Sir Edmund Hillary, the conqueror of Mount Everest; however, she was already 6 years old when he made his famous climb to the top! I should think she would do some simple research before telling her lies.

                  Hillary’s first important job was to work on the Watergate investigation in 1974 under general counsel and chief of staff of the House Judiciary Committee, John Doar. Jerry Zeifman is a lifelong Democrat who supervised the work of 27-year-old Hillary Rodham on that committee. At the conclusion of the investigation, Zeifman refused to give her a letter of recommendation. Asked why, he replied, “Because she was a liar. She was an unethical, dishonest lawyer. She conspired to violate the Constitution, the rules of the House, the rules of the committee and the rules of confidentiality.” Well, well, well. An honest Democrat with a dishonest employee.

                  So, her record of lying started early in her life.

                  Hillary said they were “dead broke” when they left the White House! In June of 2014, she told ABC News, “We came out of the White House not only dead broke, but in debt.” But Diane Sawyer pressed her on their $5 million in speaking fees and could have mentioned their home in Washington’s elite Embassy Row they had purchased for $2.85 million (now worth 5.6 million) just before leaving the White House. Plus, their walled mansion was purchased in 1999 in Chappaqua, N.Y. for $1.7 million (now worth 2.4 million). That new residence permitted her to run for the Senate. No, of course she is not a carpetbagger! A liar but not a carpetbagger.

                  She lied when she said she stepped out of the airplane in Bosnia and had to “avoid sniper fire after landing.” That was a total fabrication–a lie to add some color to her trip. She said, “I remember landing under sniper fire. There was supposed to be some kind of a greeting ceremony at the airport, but instead we just ran with our heads down to get into the vehicles to get to our base.”

                  Most of us have seen the video of her arrival that shows her waltzing serenely across the tarmac, waving to the crowd, and receiving flowers from a small girl! However, the “sniper fire” adds more juice to the story.

                  One of her most infamous lies was her claim that the 2012 attack on the U.S. installation in Benghazi was caused by a “disgusting video.” Everyone involved knew the attack that killed four Americans, including the U.S. Ambassador to Libya, was a Muslim jihadist attack. She told the lie to the grieving relatives of the four victims and now lies about telling the lies.

                  She said that she did not support NAFTA but she lied again. On November 1, 1996, the news reported that on a trip to Brownsville, Texas, Clinton “touted the president’s support for the North American Free Trade Agreement, saying it would reap widespread benefits in the region.” And the next day the Associated Press reported that Hillary touted the fact that “the president would continue to support economic growth in South Texas through initiatives such as the North American Free Trade Agreement.” She lied and does not support NAFTA now for political reasons.

                  ~WWTI… Never Trust a Liar.

            • WWTI—>

              Dude…chill some!!! ..OK???

              FYI, “Compassion” is a virtue, per being human!!!!


              …as you never know, ..someday, on some future Amerikan battlefield…

              …wounded, you find yourself in dire need of compassionate HELP!!!!


              Have you ever wondered, who controls & dispenses REAL KARMA????

              ..cuts both ways, I guess.


              C’mon Eppe…get well, even scoundrels like me are pulling for ya.


        • Lileppe, I’m sorry to hear that news about your Dad and please tell him I wish him the fastest possible recovery. also thanks for the joke. I’ll be back in touch.

          • LilprEpper,sorry to hear about your dad,hoping for a quick recovery and you/your,sis and mum stay strong,your dad is too ornery to die.I would also like to say that we will know when he has recovered and just “milking it”,so,he needs to get well quickly!Best wishes and look forward to hearing from both of you here soon,Warchild

        • Our prayers for Eppe, he’s a good guy.

          • Thanks for letting us know about Eppe, wish the best for him!

        • Lil’prEPPEr,

          Give EPPE our best when you next visit him. We’ll be sending our prayers.

          Eppe has spoken of his family, he’s very proud of you all?

        • Lil eppe, your dad will be in our prayers!

          WTTI, –are you serious,sad case of a human being
          Be well all
          Maniac –out

          • Its probably all fake to see who cares. Huck Finn faked his death. Phishing Scam to collect email addresses. OPSEC. GIVE THEM NOTHING.

            Lots of trickery and scams out there as SHTF. You cant BS your way through life, as you’ll get your ass handed to ya.. Welcome to the final exam. THOU SHALL NOT LIE AS GOD HOLDS COURT. NEXT……

            -WWTI… Btw/ Comcast is a Zionist Cable Cabal Co monopoly selling Lie TV to the stoopid sheep. Be the solution, stop feeding the beast.

            • you amaze me.

              you actually told the guy to commit suicide! and you’re from the medical field!

              you dogged him, poked at him and then want to blame it all on karma??

              heart attacks don’t come out of nowhere, ya know. the body goes through many physical warnings before it happens and those drag a person down. and when a person is being hounded while this is going on, that person may push back in abnormal ways.

              Eppe’s frustration at you was evident.

              shame on ya for the low blow of karma & faked illness.


              prayers for Eppe.
              prayers for WhoWTFKnows
              prayers for -WWTI


            • Well,since e-mail and talk with Eppe on phone guess tis too late on that part.Eppe do not believe a plant but if he was then I am wasting a lot of his/fed time.

              You speak of kharma being a bitch,when you die alone and your pet alligator eats you you will know kharma.

              The TRUTH as you like to keep mentioning is once again,you berate working people/folks who do not have all the gear you do(still say studio apt. with alligator in bathtub!)/berate folks who are working with family members to have a safe location if things go very wrong,advocate suicide to
              posters/the list is endless.

              With all this would say YOU are much more likely to be a fed troll,and you know what,time to push you onto other sites,FUCK THE FED!

        • Bummer,
          Sending yall my prayers, hope all is ok.

        • let us know when we can call him. i have his phone number and talk to him often, as i’m sure many on this site do. i wish him a speedy recovery, and i can say NOBODY has made me laugh as much as eppe in the last couple years….PRICELESS!

      8. Can we get some non political stories please?

        • Woowoo,sure,got up today,did chores as no real work today but may tonight have a meeting on a new business venture with some other folks.I had a sliced turkey and cheese sandwich for lunch,read the lies govt. were spreading today on the net and posted some replies on a few forums to folks just like you,your turn.

          • I have been bailng hay. The small square bales. Now I get to haul and stack them in the barn. We need to simply ignore the person here who cannot be polite.

            • Old guy,understand the square/rectangle bales of hay and ability to move/pack/put some in pickup ect.

              Why though the extra large rolls you see in mowed/managed fields,never actually caught them being loaded ect.,roll to if needed actually roll or what?

        • Yup, im ready for some good old fashioned prepper info, stuff that we can use and that doesnt raise yer blood pressure when you contemplate the article and comments

          • Nail,agree on more prepper articles but the reasons we need to read/use some info. from prepper articles will also raise ones blood pressure!Why I mix net time with a little comedy to keep it all in perspective.

            While always a good time perhaps we all need to check again supplies/rotate some gas/if needed buy items that might be harder after election ect.,while of course,also trying to enjoy the day!

      9. In other news, I ate supper at a Chinese restaurant last night, and the fortunes in the cookies were in Spanish.

        What’s up with that?

        • Yo no se, amigo

        • I saw a werewolf at Trader Vic’s and his hair was perfect.

          • I didn’t have beef chow mein.

            I had teriyaki chicken, Mongolian pork, some noodles, and some rolls that were so full of air that you could mash one down and fit it into a thimble.

      10. I watched this jerk Donna Brazile be interviewed by Megyn Kelly the other day, and when cornered in her outright lying, she claimed she was a Christian and resented to persecution.

        Then she does the old Clinton 3 step shuffle of deny, delay then divert attenton to the charges, then she frickin OUTRIGHT LIES, while using God’s name to appeal to. Watch yourself. The full video is here: Watch yourself.

        This woman was just outed as a liar, and represents the utter corruption of the left across the board

        • Crucifixion would be an appropriate end for her, if she wants martyrdom for Hillary and the left.

        • Test,
          Donna Brazile repeatedly claimed the Emails were tampered with, and thus refused to speak on the subject.

          Turns out there’s fancy software that can look at an email, it’s credentials, and meta data that persists on the Internet and it all verified the emails that reveal the criminality of Brazile and other democrats are all untampered with and auththentic.

        • Lots of BS Liars out there. Liars fall into the same category as Thieves in my book. Cant stand either of them. Let them all be punished. The great culling is now in motion. Be prepared for the unprepared. Already have one neighbor over at an other neighbors begging for food. The beggars have EBT CARDS. So WTF? The guy said, that neighbor is over all the time begging for stuff and has been noticing tools missing from his shed lately as he leaves it open.

          See What happens when the EBT program actually crashes for weeks and months. Be prepared for thieves, looters and liars begging cause they fiddled through life when they should have been preparing. Many will be neighbors turning on each other. Eyes open people 24/7. Go walk your perimeter at 2PM ARMED. Night vision will own the night. All hell is about to break loose. Keep you tool sheds locked and secured. Valuables out of sight. Time to go into lockdown mode and get your plan in action. Carry daily and lay waste to thieves and trespassers.

          That beggar knows not to even try and come on my property. 6 Ft Barbed wire fence and gate, no trespass signs, video cameras, and the sound of my shot gun blasts last weekend says dont F@ck with that guy. All my sheds trailers all have heavy duty locks doors jams with bolts and pins, security in layers. Perception of security will deter, detour, deny, delay, deceive, distract, discourage and bring death if you try to invade another man’s property. That 000 Buck shot is some mean deadly deturant. Once you start feeding the beggars, they will keep coming back over and over and over again, then get really pissed when you deny them. I told that 37 yo meth punk last year, when he got into my face begging for money, to never come on my property or ask me for anything ever again. Hes afraid of me now. Thats how you handle that. They will then move on to a weaker victims. Always keep your gates closed and locked even if you are at home or away. We are entering this dicey period of uncertanty. Step up your game plans. Got your sand bags in place?


          • I meant to say go walk your perimeter at 2 AM. Get used to the night, the dark and how much light there is at night when your eyes adjust. Go set up a lawn chair at night and sit for a few hours, and get a feel of the sounds, natural and unnatural manmade noises. Own the night armed and prepared. Practice makes perfect. Every little bit helps. OPSEC. Out of sight out of mind. Cant steal something they cant see.


          • Good advice WWTI about locking stuff up. I’m way to used to just leaving my garage open all day even when I’m not out there. Haven’t had anything stolen, but why wait, eh?

      11. Re. the article above, not to worry though. The fascist, amoral left will STILL vote for Hitlery, no matter if she is incarcerated in Alcatraz or not (yes, yes, I know it’s closed… just a figure of speech).

        Then 10 years from now when they are all starving, they will be wondering HOW we got here. Hint: watch Brazile lying through her teeth in the video, then IF YOU AS A LEFTIST THINK THAT IS OK, YOU DESERVE ***EVERYTHING YOU GET,*** INCLUDING YOUR FUTURE STATE AS A VENEZUELAN.

        I don’t mean to be harsh, but these vile leftists are DESTROYING LIVES, LIVELIHOODS, AND FUTURE GENERATIONS, just as they always do. Why? Because they are amoral frauds. Just like my next door neighbor, who is on “disabilty” – and I see her at the gym when I am there jogging two miles every time I am there (she brags about it).

        Leftists and leftism is evil, distructive, ignorant and impoverishing. But other than that, I guess it’s ok

        • TEST

          The Country is on Death Row, waiting for the reply on its last appeal at the last hour.

      12. destructive. Sorry, I can’t type

      13. I thought it was a threat.

        “Donald ducks…

        I think the Donald Duck idea should be embraced. Say a whole back-up of Donald Ducks on stage with positive signs or signs critical of his opponents tactics and or policies.


        • B,that is actually a pretty good and funny idea.Or,we could have ducks outside dem rallies in places with ducks wearing bill is a rapist t-shirt ect.,damn you could have a lot of fun with this!

          • That’s apropos since bills pee-pee is crooked like a duck’s. Well, maybe not quite as twisted.

      14. The Dems don’t have to steal it, the Republicans will give it to them. In my congressional district the Republicans didn’t even run a candidate against the Dem. My Dem is Luis Gutierrez. A radical, commie, Puerto Rican racist. They gerrymandered my district so I would lose representation. My district is literally a rectangle with the entire inside removed. Only the edges exist. Before they did that, my congressman was an Irish Catholic Democratic liberal, running as a Republican. You can’t win in Illinois. They could have just put my name on the ballot and I probably would have received at least half the votes. This stuff is agreed upon, before hand, by both sides of the same coin. You don’t have enough ammo.

      15. Two Weeks To Go!

        On another blog I read there are people who are waiting for the results of the election to start preps.

        Prep tip of the Day.

        If your shop or tool box has been in constant use, it may be disorganized. I have to do that task and I am going to do that tomorrow. Procrastination. Don’t you just love it. Check the hacksaw blades and reciprocation saw blades. Sharpen chisels and other cutting tools. Get the peg board in shape.

        I thought I would have more subject matter to continue with tips but its not coming to mind. The tips that are not the usual ones and covers what gear people would have in the homes by just being home owners. Utilize the tools to perform multi-function tasks.

        • Waiting for results to start to prep????

          I guess there were Jews who waiting until AFTER Kristallnacht to start making plans about how to avoid Hitler.

          Kristallnacht today is the radical gay fascist sturm trooper/Brownshirts destroying the businesses of Christian florists, bakers, photogs, B&B owners, etc.

          • TEST, Kristallnacht is also all of the other libturd scum persecuting all white people in addition to the ones you just mentioned. Any libturds who attack me will pay dearly for their action.

      16. Football is on and the beer still flows for the drunken bum boot licking coward pussies of America, so do whatever you want Hillary, steal the election, commit as many crimes as you want demon, and take their children they should of NEVER had and hand them over to the Globalist psychopaths-the drunken bum cowards of collapsing America will just turn to their booze, Big Pharma poison, they will dive further into their normal distractions and addictions and never look back demon Hillary….well played demon, well played indeed.

        • RA

          When children become property of the state. We are not far from that point.

      17. Nobody with any power to do something gives and Flying F@#K at a rolling doughnut!!!

        The only way to do something about it is to Elect TRUMP!

        So same old shit get shoved down our throats over and over again.


        • Amen to that statement Sgt. i have written to several of my states senators and all i ever get back from the demo side is a form letter that has NOTHING about what i asked about! i did get a reply from the rep. and HE did respond to my questions!!

      18. Does it need to be said that the moral decay in this country is terminal and that it will continue until the major actors are brought to justice? I am preaching to the choir on this site but the illness has not run its course and the cure is going to bring social upheaval on a large scale. Combined with the collapse of the dollar and fetid leadership on the front porch and of the “elected”, the cure may prove more problematic than the disease. Now knowing who you are morally becomes paramount and aligning yourself closely with like minded individuals offers only a small chance of survival through the coming turmoil. I think the great experiment that the founders set us upon has reached its conclusion, what emerges from the ashes depends again upon who we are. Good luck. Oahu

      19. Deep state? Winston Churchill once talked about that other fascist state (where fascism is defined as the merger of the socialist state with co-opted crony business), where science would be a tool of Hitler’s “dark side.” Viz., “…but if we fail, then the whole world, … will sink into the abyss of a new Dark Age made more sinister, and perhaps more protracted, by the lights of perverted science.” Now, as history rhymes while not actually repeating (and granting that co-opted science is still a major danger), the more sinister threat today is that our freedom and liberty are being co-opted by the un-lights of perverted news media. To wit; As Richard Salant, former CBS News president once sanctimoniously told us: “Our job is to give people not what they want, but what we decide they ought to have.”

        Deep state indeed. I guess us hoi polloi here in flyover country should be chanting “We’re not worthy, we’re not worthy” as our media deep staters deign to provide us serfs what they think we should have…

      20. All the information being presented and still nothing is done. Nothing by the press or the Justice Dept.

        • Justice / Just-Us [globalist]

          Humanity will give them Justice.

          We’ll give ’em Street Justice!!!

          Seems fair to me ツ

      21. And, despite the ***clearly criminal*** activities, NOTHING WILL HAPPEN to this fraud Hitlery. And the utterly ignorant leftist fools will continue to support her, literally now matter WHAT she does, no matter HOW criminal.

        With the mindless left, it is, as Marcus Tullius Cicero, 3 January 106 BC – 7 December 43 BC said, “A nation can survive its fools, and even the ambitious. But it cannot survive treason from within. An enemy at the gates is less formidable, for he is known and carries his banner openly. But the traitor moves amongst those within the gate freely, his sly whispers rustling through all the alleys, heard in the very halls of government itself. For the traitor appears not a traitor; he speaks in accents familiar to his victims, and he wears their face and their arguments, he appeals to the baseness that lies deep in the hearts of all men. He rots the soul of a nation, he works secretly and unknown in the night to undermine the pillars of the city, he infects the body politic so that it can no longer resist. A murderer is less to fear.”

        • Anonymous.

          Good article.

      22. Let the people vote and find out which way the country is headed.

        Make sure you see which people are jumping for joy should Hillary win for they will be the same people knocking at your door for help. Blood Sucking Democrats.

        Oh, yes we have to pass it we can find out what’s in it. ObamaCare. How high will the percentage in the premium payments go.

        Prep For War.

        • Anon, I didn’t sign up for ACA and never will. I’ll take my chances on that.

          • Brave, PLEASE look into health sharing plans! They are exempt for the ACA, exempt from funding abortion, etc., and are MASSIVELY cheaper (for us, $300 vs. $1,000). We use Liberty Health Share, but there is Medishare, Christian Health Share, Samaritans, ProLife Health Share, etc.

            Here’s another option: Oklahoma has some good laws for health care, and if I have an issue with no insurance, I would go there. E.g., Oklahoma Surgery Center. Doesn’t take Medicate or Medicaid, but charges only 20% of normal costs if you pay cash. Medicare pays 80%, you pay the rest if on Medicare So, what exactly what are you getting for that other 80%? Nada. Just crony mark ups. Here’s a vid on it.

          • Braveheart1776

            You just might beat them out of the TAX Payment. Hehehe!

            • Anon, if I do, OK I’ll spend it on more preps. But hell, if the feds are about to declare war against us, one of the last things for any of us to be concerned about will be filing a tax return next year. If we’re attacked from the outside, all bets will be off.

          • You know–I have neighbors on both sides that voted for Obama…and admit 2008, say they didn’t in 2012…liars I’m sure–just the husband/father that is 29..
            One couple is 20/29; the other is 69/69.
            So, I kinda don’t have neighbors. I just don’t have anything to say to them and stay away from them.

      23. Should Hillary actually win, she will always be in the shadow of her corrupt campaign, election fraud, and criminal activity. She will likely also lose the popular vote.

        Hillary will no mandate to rule from the people.

      24. All this talk about hillbeasts lies when nothing will happen to her. Waste o time. Russia is running nuclear war drills. you should be going through your shit making a list for your final trip to get supplies. The shit house is about to go up in flames your on your own. People should be talking about preparing. Just go off topic change the whole talking point.

      25. NEWS HEADLINE 1946

        JAN. 26, 1946
        In breaking news today, Adolf Hitler, who was confirmed as the man responsible for murdering millions in the just concluded war in Europe, announced he would be seeking a sex change, paid for by the US military. “Hey, if it’s good for Bruce Jenner and “Chelsea” Manning, it is only “fair” that I get this too,” Ms. Hitler was quoted as stating to reporters. Unnamed sources in Nuremburg have indicated Hitler will be changing his first name to “Bambi.”

        More importantly, in a breaking scoop, CNN has just learned will be changing his **last** name to “Clintonschneider.” In a one-on-one interview, “Bambi” stated that “I realized I was going to fry for the millions of people I killed, countries I destroyed, the billions in artwork and gold I stole, and lies I pushed Goebbels’ media to print in Der SturmerTimes (sister publication of CNN and the NY Slimes).

        However, I suddenly realized that if I simply changed my name to “Clintonschneider,” there was absolutely ***NOTHING*** the US Army could do to me. My rape of Poland (including my Weitzwater scam, where I sold some swampland to Belarus to Stalin for 8 zillion Deutschmarks), murdering 6 million Jews, bombing London to rubble, stealing art work across Europe (not to mention some INCREDIBLE cattle futures trades I made in Hungary) were all simply going to be ignored. Not only that, but all the pinhead leftists in Amerika – knowing that Nazi means National SOCIALIST – have actually asked me to run for V.P. at the next election.

      26. @Eppe:
        Get well soon, friend.

        @ALL Y’all:

        Be sure to check and double check your ballots.

        Wear red to show solidarity.

        …Be safe…. you aint seen bad….but it’s comin’….BA.

        • What? Bad times?
          I want my “safe space” i want i want i want waaaa
          OK JUST JOKING CUZ, you know
          I think most folks suffer from such acute normalcy bias they have no idea just how bad it could be.

      27. Trump has stopped fund raising for the Repubs. About time. Megan Kelly was a nasty- nasty- nasty bi**h in her interview of Newt tonight.

        • MB< I once read somewhere that Megyn Kelly is a feminazi, but never found anything to confirm it. Wouldn't surprise me.

          • Meghan Kelly has a jawline like a guy.

      28. The American people has come to expect voter fraud as normal. There is no sense of outrage.

      29. Ya know…on “Election” Day (a person can choke on THOSE words, as if they were the truth), I think I will just listen to this.

        PS: Volume MUST be maxed. Just crank that knob clockwise until it won’t go anymore. Drown out the mainstream media. Blow away the ducks. Life will be good.

      30. All these reports of voter fraud and how the democrats planned to disrupt Trump Rallies, should give us pause to think of what can happen if Trump wins.
        How low will they go if they hire the mentally ill to instigate a physical confrontation with others or take advantage of those who are in poverty with monetary reward for acts of violence.

        Are you Democrats PROUD of what your Party Has Done?

        Are you proud that you have virtually DESTROYED all voter TRUST for a FAIR election.

        Are you going to be part of and condone these acts by voting for Hillary?

        I don’t believe we will get through this without a fight or some disaster that befalls us. Yepper the shit doesn’t stop after the election. It could very well escalate.

      31. Hey Satori.

        Like to get your opinion on the subject.

      32. Modern America Today is much more influenced by and acting in the Exact same ways, by the leftists, as did, the 1920’s Russian Bolsheviks and later by the same entity when it surfaced again after WWII ended.

        Then, after end of WWII, they surfaced again as the EAST german STASI aka secret Police..Which were a duplicate Copycat in EVERY form, shape, method and way as the Prior 1920 Russian CHEKA secret police squad.

        Today 2016 and for the past 60+ years within the usa, they morphed again into the dem lib marxist left.

        And in EVERY instance Past and Present…The one IN common shared in every era of these vile kommie leftists and facists is that every era, every variously named group includeing Now in 2016 usa they are led by, ran by, opperated by and TAUGHT to be this way by..jewish leftist leaders and right wing zio neocon repubs.

        This Is the Real Main reason today zero difference between Dems Vs Repubs…Because Both has been overtaken by jewry and regardless if its leftist marxist bolshevik dems or rightwing zio neocon repubs…Being totally Owned and Run by international jewry makes it same as One. Because at end of the day be they leftist or rightwingers when the issue is jewry that matters not a whit! Whenever necessary they Join as One group of jewish.

        And NO better example has yet been see in Our Lifetimes compared to Now how so many Top Repub Leadership etc has Openly and Publically bashed Trump and Jumped the fence to Join Dems and Hillary!..Like I said when necessary be they left or right they are all jewish. And that is what They consider to be Everything period. And in their jewish minds it is Always and Forever…Jewry Vs Goyims aka everybody else non jewish. See how it works yet? A Few folk here sure do not see it!

        And no matter how often you read a reply post calling them ‘nazis” and “SS” and “Brownshirts” etc etc…

        it totally Ignores that bare faced Truth that none of those ss or nazis etc was controled nor taught by jewish leftists….unlike the REAL perps and culprits that YES were and still Are none other than jewish. LIke it or not, as obviously a few here hate this fact and truth…However no matter, for what I wrote here is verified historical fact and Truths period.

        They are Kommies/marxists and karl marx was jewish, so was trotsky aka Bronstien, so was Lennin and so was between 65% in small villages taken over by jewdeo bolshiviks were jewish led and ran etc…to as high as 90+% of the very Top Leadership and top Inner circle of soviet russian communism…All were jewish…Not german christians, not “nazis” not “Brownshirts”.

        And no matter how many things one can try to compare germans national socialists with soviet marxists…Fact IS Today is what Matters Most…And Today America matters Most to all of Us since we live in the usa correct?

        And Facts are in todays and the past 60+ years in usa…There are ZERO german “nazis” of any numbers or size and none has ANY controls over the usa at all..

        While Yes Every possible issue and part of american society and fed govnt and state govnt, banks, fed reserve, and schools and MSM TV and hollywood and newspapers and universities and Unions etc etc IS and Has been 100% or very close to 100% fully controled by jewish persons period.

        Yes many do name changes, also many do religion conversions, and many are also Crypto-converts aka faked conversions…so to Hide in Plain sight while destroying america in every possible way.

        Just consider what do you see far more Often in american high offices like us senate or us reps congress chambers and the whitehouse itself?

        Do You see Tons of Swaztika Nazi Flags and Symbols?

        See any EU German national Flags?

        OR!!! SEE Far MORE SIX-POINTED-Israel-jewish Flags in each named location nationwide in usa?!

        I won’t even get into their last names which are not german but rather are very very jewish, of them what aint yet done name changes that is.

        Ironic how some folk twist everything sideways in order to falsely Paint every leftist Ill in usa as some type of nazis or brownshirts ordeal eh?…When all along it is and Has been a jewdeokommie thing all along.

        I rekon this factual truth just cannot be handled by some peoples eh?…but Yes it still does Remain as real factual truth period…Truth! get Some quick!

      33. Forget election fraud for a moment. They have to instruct(pay?) people just to cheer, at what few rallies clinton is forced into attending. She’s less enthusiastic then the plants in the audience, because she knows it’s fake.

        Fake signs, corny chants, and the fog of despair.

        SHILLarious. Notice how many “people of color” attended?

        Now listen to a diverse group of Trump supporters when asked about vote fraud.

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