Kissinger: Trump Need Not Keep “Positions Taken In the Campaign”… Promises Are Pillow Talk

by | Nov 22, 2016 | Conspiracy Fact and Theory | 94 comments

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    This article was written by Kurt Nimmo and originally published at his Another Day in the Empire site.

    Editor’s Comment: Here we are back to one of those people that just seems to know something we don’t know… well it isn’t really the fact that he suggested Donald Trump won’t keep all his campaign promises. People aren’t that much in the dark. It’s the way he phrased it, and nurtured the idea, as something soft and malleable.

    Kissinger is more than willing to break in Trump, as one would a horse, and shape him towards the kind of president that international banksters and geopolitical hotheads can be proud of. By that time, you might not recognize President Trump as the fiery campaigner who defeated Bushes and Clintons with ease, but that just shows the crafting and development that went into the project, mostly behind the scenes… you might even find that Kissinger and Trump are old pals (see above).

    Kissinger: Don’t Expect Trump to Keep Campaign Promises

    by Kurt Nimmo

    Elder statesman, Rockefeller confidant, and master war criminal Henry Kissinger told the globalist Fareed Zakaria voters are not going to get what was advertised with Donald Trump.

    “One should not insist on nailing [Trump] into positions that he had taken in the campaign,” Kissinger told Zakaria.

    Keeping campaign promises made to voters is counterproductive, according to Kissinger.

    Kissinger argued that it is counterproductive to demand absolute consistency from presidential administrations, particularly in the face of fluid international situations.

    Commending Trump on the effectiveness of his campaign tactics, the former secretary of state added: “The art now would be to develop a strategy that is sustainable, that meets the concerns that have appeared during the campaign but that can be linked to some of the main themes of American foreign policy.”

    In other words, Kissinger and the elite expect Trump to carry the torch and continue the Bush-Obama agenda of never-ending war.

    Donald Trump appears eager to please. He is considering neocons for his cabinet and his national security adviser is an anti-Islam ideologue.

    This article was written by Kurt Nimmo and originally published at his Another Day in the Empire site. Please visit and support his site.


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      1. Very disheartening.

        • Don’t believe Kissinger. TRUMP is different. 🙂

          • He better be different.

            Because this whole “it’s not that important” thing…

            You need to imagine something you’ve never yet seen, Kissy. You need to imagine vast swaths of the population “voting” for an “import” *cough* candidate. The kind that shows up in a tank.

            Because mark my words you keep fucking around like this with the whole “lie your ass off to become God-King-Emperor” routine, it’s going to come to that.

            Oh also he wants Mad-Dog as SecDef. Mad-Dog wants to blow up Russia.


            I don’t know how much harder we have to beg for it, foreign policy-wise… before we get it. Right up the ol’ poop hole.

          • I will believe it, when I see it.

          • Trump won’t pursue charges against Clinton – New York Post

            ht tp://

            And now the lies will start to unfold for Trump. He is not even President yet and he is already not keeping promises.

            This is what you get when you put your faith in a person.

            • Yup. Pretty much nobody gives a shit anymore. But the day is still young and Trump might be just putting this out and will come back to do it. We’ll see. I’d love to see it happen.

              • A pay per view of the Clinton hanging…Ala Hussain. ..
                At the MGM in vegas…1000$ A TICKET…I’ll pay…
                GDP at 6….defecit…at 0…
                Buffalo Wild Wings packed to capacity….
                Let’s do it …

                • 3000 for the trifecta….



                  Chelsea… book now…seats will be limited…

            • The problem with investigating high level bribery is that both the payer and recipient are committing felony crime. That is of no significant impact for the public if the Clintons are charged but catastrophic if the CEOs of the Fortune 500, banking establishment, foreign leaders are implicated. Unfortunately they are certainly collectively “Too Big To Jail” as the economic backlash would be a disaster. Corruption isn’t in the system, corruption is the system. This problem is nothing new. Standard Oil of NJ, later known as Exxon, was selling Germany fuel during WWII. When caught they pled, “No Contest” and paid a $50,000 fine. Harry Truman then a US Senator called it treason. Roosevelt was frightened that their would be disruptions in the oil supply to the government if full charges were pressed. This is the reality of the world we live in.

              • Kevin2, it’s sad but true. You take down the Clintons, you have to take down the ENTIRE ESTABLISHMENT. It sucks but it’s true.

                • As our country boy bloggers might say, “The Clintons are dug into the system like a tick on a hound dogs back”.

                  The flip side of this is that the Clintons, stripped of power, no longer have an office for sale. Maybe the Clinton Foundation, a corporate entity, thus an individual by law, can be brought to task for fraud. Regardless without political office for sale the foundations “donations” drop either significantly or completely. This would be very interesting to track post election.

            • I’m hoping that this is just Trump assuring Obama and the Clintons that they are safe, so Obama won’t worry about a preemptive pardon and then WHAM! takes her out.

          • First.,Trump is not President yet and can own this narrative right up to inauguration. It is a reverse tactic on the practice of distraction and will be another classic Trump manipulation.

            Second.,Trump is right..he cannot go after the Clinton’s….why?…because only the Attorney General and the FBI make that determination. Will be a test and a opportunity to prove he is the law and order president.

            Third.,the possibility of a pardon is removed because there is no investigation of any charges or crimes committed.

            Fourth.,stay tuned…

            Live Free or Die….you’re not absolved either Chelsea!

          • AS I have said before, TRUMP must take power; TRUMP must consolidate power, and TRUMP will let Congress and the Attorney General do the dirty work. Investigations will not end until late next Spring. Its not a priority for him now, but eventually the investigations will produce sooooo much evidence that he will be “forced” to follow the Rule of Law.

            Then indictments will come next year. 🙂

        • I think Trump is playing possum. If Obama pardons her, Trump can’t get to her. If they think he’s letting it go, she’s fair game w/o the pardon.

      2. trump is a murder right along with killary fuck them both in the pussy

        • English is obviously not your primary language.

          If it is, get a refund.

          • Stiner gets 2 points for the bitch slap.

        • Tim, the hildebeast has had a lot of people killed but NOT Trump. Do some research and maybe you won’t make any more stupid remarks.

          • Kissinger exemplifies Judaism’s culture of deceit. Yes, their “Oral Torah” encourages lies: judaism DOT is/torah-encourages-lies.html

      3. A major player to the development and Implementation of The New Global Order.

        • I am shocked Kissinger isn’t dead yet. He must be well into his 90s.

          • He is 93. Why would anyone take advice from him just based on that. Has the US population prospered since he entered government service? Actually it could be said that his arrival was probably at the high water mark of the US population and its been downhill ever since. He is ‘Dr Strangelove”.

      4. Many others have been wrong about Trump let’s hope that trend trend continues

      5. Trump on the Clintons today: “I don’t wanna hurt them. They’re good people”.

        What an utter outrage. What other promises will be go back on?

        American patriots, you have been conned. Brace yourselves for more disappointments from this gay-loving fake conservative.

        • As I have mentioned previously, TRUMP will prosecute “non-chalantly” meaning he does not want to be directly involved, to avoid the appearance of a political vendetta.

          Investigations are continuing at the FBI field offices and in Congress. The weight of the evidence that will be accumulated will force his Attorney General (Sessions) to recommend prosecution. Prosecution could also be conducted by Congress.

          She is not out of the woods yet.

          Additionally, TRUMPS assertion that he will not prosecute Hillary makes mute any action Obola might think to take to try to shield her. TRUMP must take power first. Then he must consolidate power.

          Later next year the thread will be pull and the entire garment of corruption unravelled. 🙂

        • Lifes full o disappointment, if i really cared what someone running for or elected to a political office said or did i couldnt get up in the morning,, but as it it i get it up just fine ,’ob

        • Trump fails to see that the Clinton’s are not done yet.

          The Clinton’s will have their fingers in something and the corruption will continue.

          • The Clintons need a political office to sell or a high probability of a future high political office. Hillary sold the State Department and then the promise of more power, thus more favors, thus more money with the Presidency. Bill is a spent commodity. He will continue to receive a crooks “pension” so future politicians can be bribed but without office their net worth is minimal to none. Your only as valuable as what you can do for me today and tomorrow, yesterday is yesterday.

            • Kevin2, let’s also hope that the hildebeast is a spent commodity and that Chelsea [hildebeast jr.] never gets into politics.

      6. In 2008 the slogan was: “The Audacity of Hope”.

        In 2016 the slogan was: ” Make America Great again”.

        After 8 years the “LIE” became obvious for some finally while it was obvious for many awaken ones from day one.

        Let’s see what 2017 will bring. However meeting with Kissinger and having a senior adviser son in law named Jared Kushner is not a good start.

        • Stolz, that disgusting j*w Kissinger can go f#$% himself! I wouldn’t mind having a shot at him myself.

          • DB Must put yourself in position for that to happen. Takes effort on your part.

        • Why do I have the feeling we have been played


          • Its a club
            And we aint in it!

          • @ Da Yooper, I voted for Trump and he had better keep his word or else he will be a one term president. America is a total mad house. We will have the rule of law or civil war. My family were Confederates and from our oral history it was a bloody and hungry time. Trump is our last hope to settle this peacefully. Lock and load, wait for it.

            • Nailbanger & Beowulf

              my friends

              My many years of life experience have taught me to judge people by their actions rather than their words. So I remain skeptical of Trump even though I voted for him. When I see the likes of that 93 year old mass murderer trying to bend his ear ……well it makes my spidey seances go hummmm.

              So like most of the rest of us I will wait to see what happens & continue my prepping.

              nothing has really changed to change ……that

        • Truly, you can’t make America great again. You can maybe do a reset, but not make our current system great again.

          There will be a full on collapse, then a reset, then maybe after a number of years and wars, a rebuilding of this country can begin.

          • By that time I’ll have already caught an eternal cab.

        • Who is surprised?

          Who controls Donald Trump?
          thezog DOT info/who-controls-donald-trump/

      7. Kissinger, the Globalist genocidal psychopath who wrote the book on taking over a countries food supply as a means of controlling the population, is now giving the Trojan Horse pussy grabbing vice peddler advise on the Final Solution for exterminating the dumbed down cowards of collapsing Police State America.

        • Cartman said it best. He is a Joo.

      8. Kissinger should stay the fuck out and shut the fuck up.

        I am somewhat skeptical on what I am seeing in Trump.

        I want Clinton prosecuted and if not Trump should be put to task as to why not.

        The American people may start their own vetting with a cartridge box.

        • This may be a ploy to keep Obama from pardoning her.

          • JS, she would have to be charged, indicted, tried, and convicted before a pardon can come about. It’s not going to happen. On the other hand, if the Clintons were to have some kind of ‘accident’, I won’t shed any tears for them.

            • Wasn’t Nixon preemptively pardoned?

            • Deplorable,
              Wrong again bud. She CAN be pardoned before being charged or convicted. See Ex Parte Garland 1866.

            • Actually not true. She can be pardoned WITHOUT Charges. However keep in mind that IF she were to be pardoned by Obama, it is an admission that she is a Criminal
              See what Judge Napolitano says:

      9. Kissinger was carrying the message from Brussels. Kissinger didn’t say a word. He just laid a rifle cartridge on the desk, turned, and walked out. Trump got the message.

        • Him,

          Very good point. I think under the cartridge was a small flag of the six sided star.

          Something like from TelAviv Via Brussels with love.

          • demand absolute consistency

            We don’t demand absolute consistency in presidential elections, but we do demand an effort to be consistent.

      10. This anti-Trump rhetoric is more anti-American bs. Trump, true to his promise, announced an end to H2B or whatever they’re called. Importing college grads from other Countries while Americans languish on unemployment is treasonous. Trump also reported his intention to work with Assad. Why? Because Assad has the support unanimously of Christians in his own Country. America was founded by White European Christians FOR White European Christians.

        Trump means to “Make America Great” again. He is right on course. He has given the dimensions of the wall he is constructing.

        The anti-Trump haters are being proven wrong. Trump means to fulfill his campaign promises.


        • Hello B from CA.

          I’m not an anti-Trump hater. In fact, I kinda like the guy. But I have said for years that any candidate…blue or red…does not make it to the top without being vetted by the bosses and agreeing to play ball.

          Puppets, if you will.


          • I’m still pissed at the way Trump treated Ted Cruz….

        • B from CA, did you read or hear today’s news or not?

          Trump. Called. The. Clintons. Good. People.

          GOOD PEOPLE!!!!

          On which basis he intends to let her off, in violation of one of his campaign promises.

          He is therefore not to be trusted to keep any more of them.

          Imagine how shocked we will all be when he appoints a host of neocons to power positions.

          You and all those who still cling to the illusion that a great victory has been won need to start dealing with reality now and get busy thinking about how you are going to survive WW3.

        • B from CA;

          Trust is earned. Myself and many of us who voted for Trump are patiently waiting to see if he is going to deliver what he promised and nothing less. Once the cabinet is final it would be the time for delivery. We had 8 years of great but bullshit speeches by the previous zionist puppet named Obama.

          • Let’s wait, patiently amd see what ACTUALLY HAPPENS, not words but ACTIONS once PEOTUS TRUMP takes his oath and is sworn in.

            Then we can call it as it is.

              • Keep close watch.

            • but i want to complain now!!!!!

              • JS

                I still steaming over this pullback by Trump.
                I want that Bit@ch to know that she has to play by the same laws as we have to do. I done with her fucking smug face. Holier than thou attitude. I do NOT want her to think she got away with another one on the people of the Unite States. Prosecute her and her damn Foundation. One way or another I want a MUG SHOT with a Big JOKER SMILE.
                As far as bringing the country together by not bringing charges against her. The country is already fucked. Got to fight them sooner or later. Hell, we will end up fighting the jerkoff libtards before we fight the Russians as the way things are going.

          • Maybe Trump knows she will be dead before any prosecution can be carried out. The career klinton lovers would roadblock any such prosecution at every turn. Calling her a good person pacifies the klinton lovers for now. He probably gagged as he said it, and surely knows they are plotting revenge. The clinton/obuttboy gang has been entirely too gracious about this. They never, ever forget any percieved slight. Trump may well be just waiting until he is officially sworn in.

            That said, I don’t trust him. He is very good at fucking over investers.

          • Stolz, Obola was able to speak only as long as the teleprompter worked.

        • MIKE POMPEO, new head of the CIA, that is all you need to know coward to understand where the Trojan Horse puppet Trump stands.

      11. Trump talked about a special prosecutor to prosecute Hillary but now he is going to choose the Attorney General. Now that he is in power, he can prosecute the Clintons through the system. Obama has the power, at present, to pardon Hillary of any crimes. If it looks like Trump will prosecute, Obama might pardon. Better to wait until after the inauguration to make any announcement.

      12. Sorry, Henry, but I do NOT lie to my wife, in bed or elsewhere. Presumably, by implication, you think the public is just a prostitute you talk nice to, then dump????? Yes, exactly what we thought.

        Your words betray exactly the very issue we just tried to vote out, but, as Talleyrand said about the French nobility 200 years ago, and applied to the self-proclaimed “elite” today, “They learned nothing, and they forgot nothing.” Quod erat demonstrandum.

        BTW, a video of the Japanese tsunami below. I normally find MSN one of the real fake news sites, but I guess they can’t lie about this (can the?)

      13. Send Kissinger to the front!

        I say give him a .22, and a aluminum helmet, and drop in in downtown Raqaa (the ISIL HQ). Let him fight his way out.

        Why is it only the good die young, as they say, and Kissinger, Soros, all these other nastys live forever? I’m not wishing anyone’s death or even illness – just an observation.

        • That is funny as Hell I damn near Cried I laughed so Hard, Thanks for the Yuk I need That!!!

      14. All politicians are compromised the minute they are elected as they get to meet the true boss behind the scenes. Mr. NWO (scumbag kissenger) is a high level messenger. I’m sure even if Trump is a good guy, his life and his families plus his billions have been threatened if he does not play ball.

      15. I didn’t take all of this away from what Kissinger said. I heard him say that the Obama Administration has had the wrong policy and that it was time to change tactics. I thought it was a very positive announcement and it is unrealistic to think he can keep every single promised over the campaign.

      16. Don’t feel bad, people. We, who voted for Obummer because he was not part of the establishment, had the exact same exhilaration as you people did when Trump came along… shoot, I voted for Trump too– mainly because Hitlery was pushing for WW3, calling Putin the new Hitler… At least Trump SAID he was willing to work with Putin.

        Anyhow, THEY ALL say they want change– honest change for the people and down with the status quo– UNTIL THEY GET INTO OFFICE… and then, everything changes.

        • obuttboy is a career politician who has never had a job other than in the pubic sector. Typical black man…a worthless leech.

      17. Right, Menzo… and his life, as well, if he doesn’t go along with the status quo. The elites DON’T WANT change. And if he tries it, he will get what the Kennedy brothers got. 🙁

        The elite have a set routine:

        First, they try to convince you. If that doesn’t work, they offer you a carrot. If that doesn’t work, they threaten you. If that doesn’t work, they bomb you to smitherines! (Or assassinate you!!)

      18. So for Hillary it’s okay to maintain both a public position and a private position on an issue depending on who she is talking to. As for Trump, according to Kissinger, it’s unproductive to worry about following through on campaign promises. Donald seems to be listening to Henry K. Would somebody remind me why it’s important for me to vote. Sometimes I forget.

      19. “. . .not words but ACTIONS. .

        Trump was elected based on words. . .

      20. It’s clear now that he did cut a deal election night which is why Hillary did not contest the election later . He also may have been implicated in the Clinton foundation donations . Whatever the reasons , Trump is already beginning to recant his campaign promises . Perhaps he does not realize how important a Clinton conviction meant to his supporters . Whatever the reason he is already beginning to disappointment .

      21. Say your prayers Varmits!

      22. I’m hoping he’s just keeping his enemies closer. If not, he should remember our promise to remove him from office. It was not a threat made idly or soft promise shapeable by events as they unfold. It was a hard, sworn in the blood of our fathers Oath to keep him accountable. The rest of the politicians think We The People have cooled off since the election and aren’t due to rise up against our “masters” for a bit and if we do they’ll throw us a concession or 2, no the tender is lit in our blood and any political/economic hornswaggling will fan it to a blast furnace, a cleansing flame to renew the union. They still don’t know just how pissed off we are, time to show them.

      23. Racism on display in Europe. White Europeans hate the poor refugees because they are black, not because they are filthy, illiterate savages hell bent on turning Europe into a 3rd world shithole.

        I mean, they’ve done such a great job in Africa.

        All this chaos is intentional. Everybody knows it’s NEVER a good idea to import niggers. What country has ever been improved when it niggers were brought in? They destroy everything they touch.

      24. Isn’t Kissinger doing exactly what the bible says the synogouge of Satan does . They are of there father Satan and know only lies? Revelation. 2:9 I know of the blasphemy of those that call themselves Jews but are of the synogouge of Satan.And look at gog and Magog. Synogouge? Do you see a goug in that word? Don’t be a foolish virgin.

      25. There’s plenty of ways for the Clintons to be judged and prosecuted out side our government and courts

        We the people don’t need Trump to do a dam thing

        It’s our job

        • EOTS, it’s possible the Clintons became too toxic for the NWO. They know where all the bodies are and who knows how much else of the NWO’s workings. Don’t be surprised if the Clintons suffer some kind of ‘tragic accident’ within the near future. I won’t shed tears for them.

      26. We can turn on Trump as well.

      27. as a fake jew, you can kiss my ass! P.O.S. fake jews like Kissgender is whey our P.O.S. jew licking politicians think it’s ok to lie to their constituents. So much more work needs to be done!

      28. Also, Trump, I believe, is playing the Kennedy game with the fake Jews. Hopefully Trump’s security detail will be able to deal with the repercussions. After all, nobody wants to be a fake, pathetic jew, especially not TRUMP!

        P.S. If I offend you, do more research, or kill yourself.
        When it lights off, nobody will care to hear your opinion.

      29. After the peace with DIShonor, Henry Kissinger (and Nixon) left many of our boys behind in Vietnam, Laos, and elsewhere.

        There is SOLID proof of that. You know that. I know that. And the Pentagon knows it. And at the right time, someone or some group will finally summon the courage to publicize all the proof at one time.

        End of story.

        So why hasn’t Mr. Kissinger been prosecuted for that?

        Why has he been protected from being held accountable for that after all the decades that have passed when 58,000 of our young servicemen DIED in a NEEDLESS war that President Kennedy was determined to END, which was one of several reasons he was assassinated?

        Moreover, Mr. Kissinger is a key player in the very small circle of the globalist people. Let’s hope Mr. Trump agreed to see him as part of keeping your “enemies” even closer strategy.

        As for Mr. Trump not going after Mrs. Clinton, this is my analysis: the crimes she committed are so heinous and this situation is so evil (destructive) that for her to be prosecuted would do two regrettable things.

        The first would be to elevate her from her now NONstatus to a “persecuted political figure”.

        Do we really want THAT? You KNOW how verbally manipulative and skillfully deceptive she is.

        Do you REALLY want her BACK on EVERY front page in America, given that 6 conglomerates control 95% of the lame(main)stream media?

        The SECOND regrettable thing is that TO prosecute her would thus DISTRACT from what the NEW President wants to accomplish in his first 100-days.

        The God I pray to WILL hold Mrs. Clinton accountable for EVERY destructive thing she has done. And, like each of us, she too can repent and ask for forgiveness. Personally, I don’t think she thinks or believes she HAS done anything “wrong”. I hope and pray I am wrong about that. With repentance, there is mercy. Without repentance, there is justice– God’s justice.

        Lastly, I choose to believe that Mr. Trump is a Chess Master– a Master Tactician and Strategist.

        I also choose to believe that he will dismiss or fire any person in his Administration who acts against his vision for America.

        So please don’t throw the baby out with the bathwater. Our country needs to go through more than several rinse cycles. No, I’m not putting Mr. Trump on a pedestal, I’m just trying to offer credible explanations that will restore your hope. This election was a gift from God Himself.

        It was a gift because I personally know of a huge nation-wide effort by a multitude of people who made personal sacrifices and prayed countless Rosaries to stop the evil that was reaching a frightening crescendo these past 16 years. I encourage you to pray for Mr. Trump’s safety because the devil doesn’t like losing. Never ever underestimate the power of your prayers and sacrifices because that is precisely what unleashes the power of the Almighty and the justice of God. Prepping without praying is incomplete prepping.

        May God bless you all, and your families and friends this Thanksgiving. Stay safe.

        – the Lone Ranger

      30. So what do we do now? Give up when he has not even been sworn in????

      31. Please don’t take this as an “I told you so” as that’s not how it’s intended, and I also know how skilled Trump is at misleading others, which I had warned posters here about many times, many months ago.

        First off, what MSN isn’t saying is that Trump needed information from Obama as he assumes his role, information critical to his success that Obama isn’t required to share and they cut a deal. Trump had no choice. That’s really what went down. But the real concern is that Trump does not care who is pissed off about it because he is not a man of his word anyway, and has no feelings or remorse about letting us down. He may not be a politician, but he has the same mindset and mentality as one = corrupt.

        And no, it’s not what you get when you put your faith in a person, it’s what you get when you put your faith in an untrustworthy person with a mental disorder. I am not saying that to be cute or insulting. Trump ticks all of the boxes for NPD. I had posted that here also. No one here wanted to hear it.

        Yes, Hillary would be a lot worse, no doubt, but I was trying to tell you he is not who you think he is, and if you were going to vote for him at least know what you are getting into.

        I’ve lived near his area most of my life and the sordid stories over the decades were endless. At that time, from the early 1980’s to 2000, most of the stories and scandals and his dirty deeds with the seedy underworld people he hangs with never made it out of the NYC Metro area, which is why I knew you didn’t hear of them and why I had shared some of them so you could see his *true character*… including the NYC ice-skating rink story in the early 90’s I had shared where he fucked that up for us and then pulled a fast one that made him look innocent, like a hero… but you didn’t want to hear that is his game.

        The outdoor ice-skating rink incident sounds trivial compared to today’s problems and pales in comparison. But I was trying to point out “Does this sound like a man of good character?” I wasn’t trying to badmouth him and had said Hillary is worse, but don’t be fooled, he isn’t much better.

        I wanted you to see the man Trump really is and that he’s not a man of his word. Mark my words in less than a year from now the posts here will be about what new bs he has pulled; his reneging, self-benefiting screw-ups, lies and cover ups. I saw all of that repeatedly over the decades. He has a pattern of deceiving and getting away with it. I had mentioned here several times he’s skilled in the art of deception.

        Going forward, watch what he DOES, not what he SAYS.

        I even told you all he was having a good laugh at your expense, amused that so many people put their trust in him when he knows he’s going to pull the rug out from under. Trump does nothing, and I mean nothing unless he stands to gain and benefit enormously.

        So whatever he does do right will only be because he was satisfying himself and in some way he benefited, not too mention even a broken clock is right twice a day. If we happen to benefit as well, then fine, and if not who cares, is his attitude. I’ve seen him in action for decades and he is not trustworthy. Most everyone who has lived in the NYC Metro area during that time frame knew the truth about Trump and that the news didn’t make it out of the area.

        He DOES NOT care what you think. He has no feelings and doesn’t care about anyone but himself. For one possible issue, he might work behind the scenes with those who will privatize Medicare and may cut other programs and lead us to believe it wasn’t his fault/doing, or he won’t give a shit what we think. Once he gets what he wants he’s well known around here for reneging. That’s who Trump really is. That’s what we are really dealing with.

        Going back on his word about prosecuting Hillary was, as I said, mostly because he needed information from Obama as he assumes his role, information that is critical to his success and they cut a deal. He had no choice. I have no reason to stick up for a man I know is a pathological liar and a conman. But the truth and point is that, he does not care that he had to break that promise. That means he is not a man of his word. And we are going to see more of that crap and dishonesty going forward.

        He does what he wants and what fills a need for himself. He is going to mess things up because he isn’t qualified to be POTUS and he has a personality disorder (I had mentioned several times, months ago) that will interfere with his ability to lead the country. He just wants the fame and glory…and power and will use it and abuse it.

        He has an uncanny way and amazing ability of covering up and hiding the truth and keeping it from surfacing about his stupid mistakes and inane choices, negative actions and wrongdoings, but eventually the truth will surface. He’s not at all transparent–he’s all smoke and mirrors. Brace yourself, this is just the beginning.

        Watch what he does, not what he says.

        • Trump was also informed, after the first time he announced to the world “She’s a criminal who belongs behind bars and the first thing I will do when I take Office is I will put her behind bars”, that as President, he would not have the power to do so.

          But he wanted to continue hearing and enjoying the roar of the crowds and kept telling them over and over an action and a promise he had found out that he could not possibly fulfill because he would not have the power to do so, even as POTUS. So he continued saying what they wanted to hear anyway, instead of being truthful, in typical Trump fashion.

          Once he kept insisting he was going to “lock her up” because he knew that would substantially increase his voting base he kept up with the lie even after he knew it was a lie. That speaks to his character.

          Then Obama said to Trump, “Look I will help you to be successful and make this a smooth transition but you have to stop with the vicious attacks on the Clinton’s.” Knowing he didn’t have the power to have Hillary arrested he began backpedaling, saying that the Clinton’s are good people.

          You will be seeing more of these kinds of behaviors because Trump has a mental disorder and is unfit to be POTUS, just like the rest of them. They give us two horrible candidates and tell us to choose between two corrupt people with corrupt inner-circles of underworld seedy people. That’s really what it all came down to.

          He is going to settle the score and get even with people from his past especially news media personnel/journalists, and he is going to take care of issues that *personally* bother/annoy him (like immigrants, etc) and he is going to line his pockets which will involve conflict of interest scandals as he tries to get his name/products into countries, tapping into new markets he and Ivanka had previously been unable to tap into.

          His name will start appearing on buildings and landmarks where his name should not be. That is the real Trump. He is greedy as hell, self-serving and self-benefiting. He will break more than he fixes. Sorry, but it’s the reality.

      32. I stated before Trump will not be able to Make America Again. Its pretty much over for the republic. So lets just Rejoice that hellery did not win. Ole cankles is indeed termally ill. No point in Trump carrying out a vendetta against a sick haggy old bag? It was Kane who they wanted for the Puppett. The plan was elect hellery. let her die or resign because of sickness. and they would of had their buffoon. No matter what Trump does or doesn’t do. SHTF will still happen. Keep prepping because the lives of you & yours depend on it.

      33. During WWII FDR should have charged Standard Oil of NJ with “high treason” for selling oil to the Germans. HST was right! There would be no disruptions in oil to the USA if the government had taken over production of the oil. Drain the swamp of “all” evil no matter how big or how hard a task that may be. It’s the only way to show these elites they will pay for their crimes against the people they’re supposed to be representing. I’m sure there are citizens who would be willing to help drain the swamp. Just asked!

      34. sounds like Trump had a sit down with the big shots at Goldman Sachs where they enjoyed a rerun of the Zabruder film and discussed what happens to a president who doesnt follow instructions.

      35. Campaign promises are like a job application. Why is it that when someone running for office can lie, distort, and make promises they have no intention of keeping, that behavior is tolerated as being typical politics; but if the rest of us lie and distort the facts on a job application, we’re fired or even prosecuted as soon as the lies are discovered?

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