Kissinger On Trump World Order: “The President-Elect Is a Personality… American Policy Evolving”

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    A now-ancient Henry Kissinger is still the de facto manager of the Anglo-establishment wing of the new world order. And he still holds tremendous power and influence over world affairs.

    And in true fashion, the realpolitik mastermind is prepared to embrace any president, just made remarks urging people not to prejudge Donald Trump – because his administration could create some useful policy.

    It seems that President-elect Trump could become a good disciple after all.

    Speaking on world peace, a topic for which he was awarded a Nobel Peace Prize, Henry Kissinger gave a tacit endorsement to the next elected president, hinting at his acceptance among the upper echelons of the true power base in this country.

    While the figures in the media and Washington are still sending mixed signals and attacking Trump on every front, behind the scenes, things may not be so rocky. Kissinger states:

    ““No doubt, the president-elect is a personality for whom there is no precedent in modern American history… Before postulating an inevitable crisis, an opportunity should be given to the new administration to put forward its vision of international order. the international debate should be over evolving American policy, not campaign rhetoric.

    Kissinger has, of course, met with Trump many times in the past, and at least twice in recent weeks as the transition to the White House takes shape.

    As Kurt Nimmo previously reported, these are also NOT Kissinger’s first public comments regarding how Trump’s campaign rhetoric will not match the policy of his administration:

    Kissinger argued that it is counterproductive to demand absolute consistency from presidential administrations, particularly in the face of fluid international situations.

    “The art now would be to develop a strategy that is sustainable, that meets the concerns that have appeared during the campaign but that can be linked to some of the main themes of American foreign policy.”

    And you doubted that the shadow government would insert its hand into the puppeteer’s end of the incoming administration?

    Here’s the details about Kissinger’s latest remarks via RT:

    The personality of Donald Trump has “no precedent” in modern US history, but he should be given a chance to put forward his policies, Henry Kissinger said, highlighting the president-elect’s potential to shape global politics and keep to the US tradition of “building world peace.”

    Speaking at the Nobel Peace Prize Forum in Oslo, Norway, on the issue of “World Peace after the US Presidential Election,” the 93-year-old former diplomat and Nobel Prize winner dispelled fears of the looming cataclysm of Trump’s presidency.

    In his speech, Kissinger pointed out four trends that may lead to greater conflicts and greater challenges during Trump’s presidency.

    The worsening of relations between the US and China, and the breakdown in relations between Russia and the West were cited as the biggest challenges. In addition, the weakening of Europe’s strategic importance and an escalation of conflicts in the Middle East, were named as the biggest threats to world peace.


    This is not the first time that Kissinger has defended the upcoming 45th president, after the two met at least twice this year – one time during the presidential race in May, and the second time in November after Trump’s victory.

    Henry Kissinger famously came out to give President-elect Obama a chance as well, despite his traditional Republic stripes inside several administrations, and as a legacy advisor who represents the establishment line.

    Just after the 2008 election, Kissinger remarked on Obama’s great opportunity to create a new world order – with his fresh face and great reception around the world.

    Henry Kissinger: “Obama will create a New World Order”

    Kissinger says about then-President-elect Obama:

    “The president-elect is coming into office at a moment when there is upheaval in many parts of the world simultaneously. You have India, Pakistan; you have the jihadist movement. So he can’t really say there is one problem, that it’s the most important one. But he can give new impetus to American foreign policy partly because the reception of him is so extraordinary around the world. His task will be to develop an overall strategy for America in this period when, really, a new world order can be created. It’s a great opportunity, it isn’t just a crisis.”

    Donald Trump represents a different brand of that fresh-face strategy, though his rhetoric has already been off-putting to many adversaries and allies alike.

    Nonetheless, President-elect Trump’s personality and campaign torpedoes will have little bearing on his foreign and domestic policy as President. Few administrations fulfill or reflect the hopeful tone of the campaign – that is true across the board, but especially disappointing for those who have advertised real change.

    There is reason to believe that Kissinger’s confidence in Trump is weighted in the appointments he is making to his cabinet and administration. With a mixture of Wall Street power brokers, neocons and defense hawks, as well as establishment party loyalists, the powers that be will likely steer the great ship U.S.S. of A. into the path that they have planned for.

    Interestingly, the Council on Foreign Relations, the quiet sponsor of the North American Union plan, has advocated shifting back to the home front and specifically to change policies to allow for exporting energy domestically. They would expand pipelines, power grids and drilling operations from Canada to Mexico; eventually they want to build a pipeline to Central America to supply client states with energy, too.

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      1. This specie proves that microbes and germs can live for long time and continue the infection if not contained and destroyed in a timely manner.

        • Do you all remember what Kissinger said right to your faces?

          “Soldiers are just dumb stupid animals to be used as pawns in foreign policy”

          He does tell the truth sometimes…

          • Genius, there are plenty of those ALLEGED ‘dumb stupid animals’ who still have the skill to take out a POS like Kissinger. If his image appeared in my scope, well… would be my pleasure. Just like taking the trash out.

        • Stolz, that disgusting juden POS needs to be eliminated. Has Trump sold out to the NWO? We’ll know within his first 100 days in the WH. His cabinet picks make me really suspicious.

          • And indeed Obama followed his marching orders for 8 years, to create that opportunity for a New World Order. The Globe is in mass chaos and war, and strapped in un-payable debt all in design by the central tribe banksters. A 5000 Lb bunker busting present dropped on the next Bilderberg meeting would be the best order, the world could deliver in return and cut the head off the snake.

      2. “… these are also NOT Kissinger’s first public comments regarding how Trump’s campaign rhetoric will not match the policy of his administration…”

        Don’t be too sure. TRUMP must assume power first, then consolidate power, and then his supporters will demand he keep his word.

        He says he is a man of his word. We will see. 🙂

        • I just read a blog post from 2011 excoriating Trump for not “getting it” about how the elites in DC and elsewhere were breaking down the American economy and business infrastructure. Now the idiot has become the boss…

          • JV: They were breaking down the American economy, which is why there are 95 million Americans NOT in the labor force.

            Its pretty clear to me that TRUMP “gets it” and intends to do something about it. 🙂

        • DK, I’m trying to withhold judgment on Trump HIMSELF until the end of his first 100 days in the WH. But you have to admit that his cabinet picks are raising a lot of questions, ESPECIALLY for education and labor.

          • And then there is Rick Perry for energy secretary, who said he would dissolve the Agency if elected POTUS. 🙂

            First, all nominations must be approved and confirmed by the Republican Senate. So he must select nominees who have a chance at confirmation.

            Second it appears to me, from his picks, that he has a plan to overhaul and transform the bureaucracy, eliminating a number of agencies, and slashing government employees.

            There is a real Trump Revolution brewing behind the scenes to my mind. 🙂

            • DB: Lets remember that TRUMP must take power first (read: be inaugurated), then he must consolidate power over the first 90 days to six months through his selection of department heads (who have agreed to his private agenda to get the job).

              The real PURGE will not likely take place for one year. 🙂

              • I agree DK, Trump needs to securely set up the chess board, to line the swamp creatures up, then take them out one after the other. Trump is playing the Biggest chess Game of his life. I trust him. We have no choice. So have patience. It took decades to get us in this mess, and will take a few years to unravel the scum. 2 Million Bikers descending on Washington DC for the inaugural is also a message to the NWO. You mess with Trump or the American people, and You are all friggin toast. Europe also has biker gangs. Check out Denmark and Germany. Henry needs to be beaten with chains.

      3. If Greenspan is rolled out for some positive commentary on returning to the gold standard … I’m going all in on the gold thingy.?

        • I think I’m going to make me some remote control gunzz so I can fight the revolution from the comfort of my couch 🙂

      4. Kissinger is not a good sign. Another Soros.

        • How old is he anyway? Got to be 120+ lol. He must have access to the same elite medical stuff as david rockafeller.

          • rockefeller real original name is rocfelder
            Also- Did you know that Mark Zuckerberg (FraudBook) Is Grandson Of David Rockefeller. Real name. Jacob Greenberg. Posted: Saturday, May 12, 2012

            You can change your names all you want, but the same tribal motive stench permeates the air.

            That’s why in Hollywood all the jjjJews support jjjJews first over anyone else, and why they create these cartoon starlets out of thin air, and all the sudden these nobodies are all the sudden star somebodies for no reason other than their support tribe says so. Need to stop buying into this Hollywood Promo crapola. Its all an illusion. I refuse to spend a penny in any theater to watch some dumbed down movie to enrich the tribe. Boycott all of their illusions and fraud. And what idiot is still using FraudBook anyway. Ignorant dolts, you sold your souls to the devil, and you are now all marked with facial recognition fingerprint to track your every move. Even Uber, still tracks the riders after they leave the car and they see where you are going tracked on your GPS Cell phone ankle bracelet. Never use that BS either. Wake up sheeple.

        • Kissinger ??? “Hold your friends close and your enemies closer”. 🙂

        I see more Bundy/Hammond shit coming to Utah. BLM must go!

        • Comment on the comment about the article on oil above this one.
          I ain’t touching that with a ten foot pole.

          Prepper tip:
          How To Make Seafoam

          Although Seafoam is not my fav
          It does seem to have a positive effect in carbureted fuel systems especially the older Walbro ,Briggs and Honda carbs.
          Seafoam’s material safety data sheet calls specifically for Isophthalic Acid but I have used Rexall brand 91% isopropyl alcohol and it did just fine as a drying agent.
          The bottom line is $1.36 / pint vs $10.00 / pint. •••ChaChing

          ht tp://

          HAVE A NICE DAY?


        • BLM- Bureau of Land Management – Agenda 21 Land Thieves

          BLM- Black Lives Matter – Agenda 21 Chaos makers.

          Its all the same Agenda 21 “contain and control.”

          Their next big push is to consolidate all Americans into 11 major Urban Centers, with no escape while the globalist rape the resources in the rural areas unopposed. The Bundy Ranch is an example of the BLM to steal the people land. So Get the hell out of the Cities while you still can, and buy lots of Rural Land to prolong your freedoms.

      6. Big noise among conspiracy groups re Kissinger having been a Bilderberg figure. Nothing mentioned besides from Joel Van Der Reijden and me about Kissinger having been a member of The Pilgrims Society. This group has a tough time getting coverage because so many sites made a commitment to insist Bilderberg is the top group, and won’t consider they could be in error. Yet Bilderberg posts lists and The Pilgrims don’t, and while Bilderberg has big city mayors from Atlanta and Rotterdam coming, the Duke of Westminster was never at Bilderberg, but was a Pilgrim (deceased August 2016), he owned major skyscrapers and developments in 70 cities around the planet and half of the Wells Fargo Tower plus was the biggest London landowner. His son now fills his shoes, without Bilderberg. In his Memoirs David Rockefeller mentions Bilderberg but not The Pilgrims, but was discovered to have been a Pilgrims member, with his father, back in the 1949 roster, located with difficulty in the genealogy archives of the NY Public Library. Kissinger was a member at least as of 1973.

        • Charles:

          “The Pilgrams Society” ?? Never heard of them.

          You must be correct. A real secret society, well, secret.

          No truly powerful member of the true rulers is going to be visible to the masses. Who are the richest people on the planet you never heard of. Those are the true “elite”; in the sense of raw power.


          • Pilgrims society are a lot more powerful than bilderburgs. The men behind the curtain.

      7. Support from Kissinger is the kiss of death.

        • I live to witness his demise.

      8. Kissinger is one evil elitist. Pray that Trump understands him and whom Kissinger represents.

        • Agreed. But TRUMP has proven to me that he is smarter than even I gave him credit. He knows EXACTLY who K is and who he represents.

          I do not think he has illusions or misconceptions about the NWO but he is smart enough not to criticize them by name, like we do. He has dismissed their violations of the US Constitution, merely by characterizing their treason as “bad deals”.

          He knows better.

          This man is highly intelligent and very street smart. Let’s remember that he once labeled banksters as “killers”. It will take some time for his policies to unfold, and he will likely face a daunting recession first.

          Just the guy I want in the driver’s seat for the “Great Unraveling” (and I believe he has recognized that likelihood too). 🙂

      9. Do you and them a favor and look into one of the only alt media sites that have a true sense of what’s going on

        Trump is obviously a farce as is Putin as is Hillary as is Obama as is Bush. Have any unconstitutional bills ever been repealed by either party? NO they have not! Lightbulb should be lighting up. They are pawns as all politicians are to build up the UN (NWO) Luciferian plan that includes the Royals (Reptilians), Vatican/Jesuits, Masons, Khazar Jews, etc.

        Lest we not forget the old adage: “Divide and Conquer”
        White vs. Black
        Left vs. Right
        East vs. West
        Aliens vs. Humans
        ALL STAGED! Proof of these age old plans everywhere from these Kabbalists own mouths and books! and breaks down these concepts to the best of my knowledge. Respect to SHTFplan and readers! God bless everyone to make it through these biblical times, much love!

      10. I didn’t realize Kissinger had been elected by anyone?

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