“Killer Police Robots”: Police Unleash New Powers, Taking Out Dallas Sniper With Bomb

by | Jul 8, 2016 | Aftermath, Conspiracy Fact and Theory | 63 comments

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    No doubt, the events in Dallas were profound and horrific.

    The ambush sniper murder was vicious and carries heavy political significance for the heated debates over gun control, race, the police state and the larger era of turbulent change.

    But the police response itself has already made history. Not just because the police killed the suspect (which is by now commonplace though certainly not justified in every situation) but because they are now using bombs to blow up the suspect.

    Law enforcement and military personnel have long used robots to investigate or detonate suspected or known IEDs or explosives, and that isn’t necessarily without controversy but it isn’t often challenged.

    But Dallas is the first known time that U.S. police officers have used a robot to kill their suspect.

    Here’s the statement by Dallas police chief David Brown:

    And it is precedent:

    As Kit Daniels of Infowars reported:

    Fearing for their safety, Dallas Police used a robot to deliver a bomb to kill one of the killers after negotiations failed.


    Police have used remote-controlled robots in hostage situations in the past, but this is likely the first case of police using a robot to kill a suspect domestically.

    The justification is supposedly that police felt that they had no other options, but it would be difficult to know for sure.

    Dallas police chief David Brown claims that:

    “We cornered one suspect and we tried to negotiate for several hours. Negotiations broke down, we had an exchange of gunfire with the suspect [and] we saw no other option than to use our bomb robot and place a device on its extension for it to detonate where the suspect was… Other options would have exposed our officers to great danger.”

    The prospect of killer police robots has now been officially unveiled, as well as that of armed drones.

    Naturally, police felt justified in the midst of a chaotic and deadly shooting event where the suspect(s) were targeting police – there was a clear and present danger in the active shooter. But things have a way of accelerating, and it is foreseeable that lesser crimes could be met with such extreme force as well.

    U.S. News & World Report raised the question of whether or not this use should be allowed, and it looks like there may be few challenges:

    The novel use of deadly technology elicited immediate comparisons to targeted drone strikes overseas. But experts say it could well fit within existing legal frameworks for domestic law enforcement killings.

    “One of the questions that inevitably will arise is the immediacy of the threat,” says David Jaros, a law professor at the University of Baltimore. “Obviously the more remote the suspect is and the less immediate the danger, the more difficult lethal force is to justify.”


    “The main legal issue would involve inquiry whether there was excessive use of force, an inquiry tied to features of context and principles of necessity and proportionality,” he says. “For example, were there equally effective means of neutralizing a target?”


    The deadly shooting of police officers may not lend itself to sympathy with the explosives-killed suspect. But hundreds of people die annually in confrontations with police, many heavily debated by the public, including two cases this week that reportedly inspired Johnson to shoot police.

    Of course, an effect robot might also be deployed in this situation to simply capture the suspect alive, as his weapon would be useless against the robot even as the machine could knockout, cuff, taze, gas or otherwise restrain even a deadly killer in action.

    So did they have to take out the killer, even as he was allegedly murdering cops?

    TIME covered these questions, noting:

    There is still the question of why the suspect had to die.

    “One can wonder why, if they could send in a teleoperated robot with C4 to kill the suspect,” [Keith Abney, a professor of ethics and emerging sciences at California Polytechnic State University, San Luis Obispo] told TIME, “why they couldn’t instead equip the robot with knockout gas or some other nonlethal agent to capture the suspect, instead of killing him.”

    For criminal justice professor Gloria Browne-Marshall, this is the beginning of a civil war, where police regard citizens as a potential enemy, and much of the population believes the police represent a hostile and oppressive force, and act as an extension of a corrupt government state:

    Gloria Browne-Marshall, an associate professor at John Jay College of Criminal Justice, said the incident was most concerning because of what it means for future cases: What are the parameters surrounding the use of such technology on civilian soil? “If we’re going to start using—as a country—this kind of drone technology and robots on a civilian population, then we’re easing into a civil war,” she told TIME. “We’re easing into one because we have civilians who believe that the government is not protecting them, and we have a government who believes that civilians are armed enough that they have to use military tactics.”

    The successful use of a killing police robot hasn’t made anyone safer, but it has dramatically increased the power that the police state has at its disposal.

    Will this technology ever be used to serve warrants, or conduct SWAT raids, with the robot serving instant lethal justice in the place of judge, jury and executioner? How much has already gone wrong here?

    If the snipers who killed Dallas police officers acted out in a blowback scenario fueled by the number of unacceptable deaths at the hands of police (rather than the event being staged), then it is only to be expect that more events like the police shootings of Alton Sterling and Philando Castile, as well as assassinations of cops as a general group.

    Things do not bode well for a country that is teetering over edge, and divided sharply against one another.

    Robot Killed Dallas Police Gunman Not Suicide

    Read more:

    Civil War Erupts Between Black and Blue As Chaos Looms Over America: “The End Is Coming”

    WAR ON THE STREETS OF AMERICA: LIVESTREAMED RAW FOOTAGE – Snipers Triangulated Cops From Elevated Positions – At Least Four Suspects Involved – 11 Shot – Five Dead

    PICTURED: Police ID Suspect In Dallas Sniper Shooting – Reports of Possible Explosive


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      1. This *works* for me!

        • After reading all the current comments on this site, you might notice the people seem to be some what equally divided and that is the REAL message, think about it! divide and and conquer. it will be hings like thin that WILL bring us to civil war and then the gates will be opened for the feds to do anything they wish to control it and when it appears they cannot they will use it as a excuse to bring in the UN!! this is the REAL issue people, either way YOU want to think it is going to get NASTY and YOU better be ready to take care of yourself and or families because it is coming faster and faster, does not matter if you think the cops were correct or wrong, what does matter is CHAOS is coming and IT WILL hurt us all!!

        • Yes it will work for you.
          One day the machines will come for You.
          Once Robots become common place. The top 10% elite rich will no longer need the lower class as grunt labor. When robot technology becomes common and viable. Then the rich will get the population down to their stated goal.

          Go read the Georgia Guide Stones. You are being told their INTENT.

          Police Robots will Target those that are likely to offer up resistance first.
          Why do you think the N S A and Fed agencieas are collecting all that meta data?
          The tactic is know as “Foot Printing”, Knowing your Associations, Movement patterns, Locations likely to visit, Communications you make.

          That is what your credit cards, Cell Phone,” 0nStar” type vehicle communication, bank cards, shopper loyalty cards, Cable TV box, and Google Searches are.
          They are ALL Data Collection Devices. Collecting the data for future use.
          By the time people figure it out. It will be too late.

          Be careful what you wish for. You are very likely to get it.
          Politicians, Police, Washington Feds will hunt people down and murder them with these robots. Just like Drone strikes. The Politicians consider YOU the enemy. They consider the American People the Enemy. That is why Police are allowed to MURDER unarmed American people without consequences. You are considered their Enemy.

          Yes Death by Robot will work for you.

      2. Fearporno again.
        Let’s see how the SHTFers start posting their always notorious bullshit.

        • troll

        • How many pollocks does it take to troll? LOL.

          • Yeah, those ‘pollocks’ are so stupid, they won’t even let those Syrian ‘rapeugees’ in like the rest of the EU countries.

            Go figure.

            What a bunch of dumbazzes!

            sarc off.

      3. OK, so somebody please splain to me the Rockford principle police are supposed to use when trying to stop mass murder. You know, the one based on the old TV show where the detective Rockford gets his head handed to him on a plate for 20 minutes, before realizing that he is in an actual fight. Once he realizes this, he starts fighting back and then wins the fight.

        Frankly, I like the solution the police used. Good on them!

        • Leroy! you don’t know nothing about heavy equipment, put that wheelbarrow down.

        • I heard 3/4# of C4. Quite a bang. This guy made it clear he was not interested in giving up. I too fear the whole ‘slippery slope’ thing, but this was a shit sandwich for the cops. He insisted he had planted bombs, and negotiation had been dragging on for hours. The cops couldn’t leave this one open ended.

          I also heard he was associated with the South Dallas mosque. THAT has not been widely broadcast. No surprises there.

          New (clear) video of the incident in Baton Rouge has surfaced. As expected, he was not exactly a “gentle giant”.

        • James Rockford wasn’t a detective. He was a private investigator, a P.I. for hire.

          And, aside from that – this idea of using a robot to kill a suspect does seem to have more than a few sinister implications attached to it. I think about 99.99% of the regular visitors to this website would agree that the US Government has been hijacked by one of most dangerous, diabolically evil and ruthless collection of psychopaths in world history. Everybody on board with that truth?

          Well, then – why the hell are people posting comments to this website that cheer this new killer robot method by the police in Dallas? This technology is something that we should not be concerned about, even though the criminals who have hijacked the US Government are clearly setting the stage and establishing a precedent whereby they can use it against the public?

          Also, think for a minute about potential for collateral damage. What if the amount of explosives used creates an explosion that not only kills the suspect but also kills innocent people who are in the vicinity? Our military under Bush and Obama have been doing this routinely for over 15 years – using million dollar drone missiles to kill one guy who is a suspected terrorist and then wiping out 50 or 100 other people who happen to be in the vicinity of the missile strike and then, they shrug their shoulders and call it collateral damage, no big deal.

          And, the American public just shrugs and goes back to watching their ball games on TV. So, now, having not gotten a negative reaction from the people for doing this overseas – our evil ruling elites interpret that as a green light to do the same thing here on US soil.

          Mark my words, people. This Dallas incident with this bomb laden robot is a game changer – and we are going to start seeing ‘suspects’ being killed all over the country using these kinds of devices. No more trials, or worry about collecting evidence and building a case that can convict someone in a court room. Just get the suspect cornered, and use a bomb robot to blow him up.

      4. This is not the first time domestically. I watched a video on a laptop owned by a Fed more than 5 years ago. The black man in the video had a black woman hostage. The locals,not Fed’s, used a robot with a G17 to end the stand off. All of us watching it were thinking the same thing. We talked about it later that day. So no, this was not the first time ever, just the first time admitted. Have a back up plan folks. Gonna get rough.

        • #robotlivesmatter

      5. Tech can be used both ways,having been away from net(perhaps a good thing)not sure what this story about,will wait a few days,but,if cops targeted for just being cops and not for specific criminal acts,well,glad they blew up sniper.

        We have access to the same tech,things go very ugly(uglier?)in this country citizens can use tech in many ways to defend themselves,take care all,still working in a place with limited net and have family member trying to help,will be there though it finally all crashes!

        • As far as I’m concerned, if they could have used a low-yield nuke and taken the SOB out, I’d have been all for it. Better yet…they should have lobbed a couple of Molotov cocktails or a Willie Pete grenade at him and burned his ass alive.

          This guy was a low-life POS who had assassinated 5 Police officers who were protecting the very people protesting against them.

          Yes….this technology can be used for good or bad. In this case it was good. More power to ’em.

        • If the Cops come after you and find you they’re gonna get you.

          Resistance when surrounded and unable to escape is, in essence, just a form of suicide.

      6. When I heard this earlier last evening, I thought to myself this will be used again now that it has been successfully tested. Get ready.

        • So this was nothing more than a live-fire drill, a test of new technology, only with real-live targets. North Korea style. What has our government come to?

          • @Nobama…..

            I guess you’d be happier if a couple more DPD officers had gotten killed trying to effect an arrest on this POS?

          • Nobama. Not trying to troll you. That said, you make, by far, the most bone headed comments here. No it wasn’t a drill. The shooter made it clear, by his actions and later by his words, that he needed to have his ass blown up. This isn’t rocket science. Packing explosives on a robot and blowing the asshole up isn’t new. Robots and explosives have been around for a long long time. No need for s drill. A 10 year old could think this up and the dickhead needed to go.

      7. And this, these events are allowed to propagate because they will eventually get the nationalized police they crave.

      8. Mac Slavo, you are a degenerate retard. Who gives a tinker’s damn if the killing was justified. The sonofabitch needed to be killed, killed quickly, and without endangering the lives of anymore Officers. This lowlife sonofabitch convinced himself that he should be the judge, jury, and executioner of white people. Why should anyone show him any mercy whatsoever? Maybe the next one in the crosshairs will be you. If it is, I sincerely hope they don’t abuse your killer. Wouldn’t want to see him/her suffer in any way while you are bleeding out on the concrete. Maybe we can get him/her off with a shorter sentence by twelve people too dumb to get out of jury duty. Maybe he/she can get a free college ed. while you are moldering in the grave. With your mentality it wouldn’t matter as long as he owned gold or silver. I’m done. thanks

        • TAX, WHOA THERE! I agree with your position on the killer, but can you show us where Mac said anything negative about HOW he was killed? Who’s the retard now?

        • Going off on Mac like that was uncalled for. He is on the line, just by speaking his mind. I may not agree with his every comment, but he sure has earned his right to voice his opinion.

          As for the shooter, no love lost. But, death by robot? That’s only 1 step away from orbiting Predators, and Reapers, with Hellfires, and JDAMs….

        • Are you stupid enough to believe that the Dallas Police Department doesn’t have at least a dozen or more, highly trained SWAT team snipers on their payroll?

          A proficient sniper could easily put a round through the guy’s head and not jeopardize the lives of an undetermined number of innocent people in the vicinity or cause any structural damage to the surrounding buildings.

          This was a deliberate ‘test case’, pal The government has an agenda whereby they wanted to roll these killer robots out and get the public acclimated to the use of them. You are extremely naive if you can’t figure this out on your own.

      9. Maybe no one was really blown up. Could be part of a false flag.

      10. Before I rant a bit here, let me just say I abhor killing. As an Ambassador to the Heavenly Kingdom, I offer the heart change that comes with knowing Jesus as Lord And Savior.

        That said–the Dallas Police Dept had every right to BOMB that idiot into pieces so small, no one could find them.

        As each one here has said over and over, they have the “God” given right to protect themselves. Well, so does the Dallas PD. It’s actions do not indicate a “police state” that goes around bombing it’s citizenry into the outer reaches of their home towns.

        And before I get slmmed for Bible thumping and sucking up to the police, we are talking about the Dallas ambush of officers protecting a first amend right. Not a lose cannon in MN or LA.

        Let me end with offering again the heart change that comes with knowing the Lord Jesus. That poor sniper never gave himself a chance. He turned away from Jesus. He blew it, no pun intended.

        2Corinthians 6:2 For he saith, I have heard thee in a time accepted, and in the day of salvation have I succoured thee: behold, now is the accepted time; behold, NOW IS THE DAY OF SALVATION.

        • Amen brother, good to hear from another believer on this site. Be advised there are sevrral anti semites on here though. Back to the bombing. I agree that in this case better to end the threat than the millions that would be spent on incarceration and future riots (plus rap songs and artists trying to free him later).

      11. Too bad MS Daniels , the POS needed to die , black or white .
        Anyone who seeks to kill inocent people needs to be shot , or blown to bits , f him .
        But as far as the acting alone , Lone gunman BS goes , i call bullshit !
        This assbag had help , not buying the MSM narrative.

        • Hammerhead, I have to agree. This whole affair was planned in advance. No way this POS acted alone. Glad they got him.

          • BRAVE-
            Drudge had a story up about a black militant group claiming responsibility. WTF ?
            So now its being downplayed . nice .
            OOPS , connections to Hamas , Islam ?

            Can i say that ? hahahahaha

            • Hammerhead, thanks for the heads up. I’ll check it.

      12. Considering the sniper was killing cops ( who are people with families) why should the cops risk themselves by killing the sniper nicely. Now the sniper is a good radical sniper who won’t kill anymore people.

      13. And so it begins.

        Police will be very aggressive when you do encounter them, and for the moment expect them to back off from interacting with the public. If they pull back from patrols and hide out, there are people who want will act out stupidly and violently in the vacuum.

        If you need police, expect heavy delays since they will likely be responding in numbers, and only when backup is available.

        With less police deterrent like in Baltimore right now, expect crime and violence to increase. You are on your own.

        Damn this is just like the plot to “Robo-Cop”, except we don’t have Robo-Cop to save the sheeple.

        • PTPO, I agree they’ll be that way for now. Let’s also remember that LE serves GOVERNMENT, NOT THE PUBLIC. The state and federal supreme courts have ruled on this numerous times. If you get into any kind of situation with any POS, you are literally on your own. You have to become your own ‘first responder’.

          • Any ideas of learning how to be your own first responder (in particular for those new here)? Would love to see an article on this or ideas from others… in particular tips on safety for those who cannot for whatever reason use a firearm?

            • For people who cannot buy or use a firearm for whatever reason, I suggest they have a couple fire extinguishers in key locations including one next to the nightstand. You can blast a bad guy in the face and then use it as a club. Besides the more probable risk is fire!

              I also suggest people keep car key remotes on the nightstand. If you hear a prowler in the night, press the panic button on the car remote that sounds the car horn. Bad guys hate noises that draw attention to them.

              Pepper spray is a good tool, but once spayed inside your home it could make it unlivable for a while. I do have it in all my cars.

              Aluminum baseball bats have been selling all over the EU, because of fear of immigrant violence, not because anyone plays American baseball there.

      14. Just another example of the police using military tactics, instead of being police. Waiting the guy out was burning too much overtime budget money, so get it over with, and kill him. I don’t miss the dead POS, but I hate militarized cops.
        But think about another use of technology, if you haven’t turned in your registered or illegal guns as ordered, they send a surplus tank by, blow up your house, and then flatten or burn it. No need to risk any police(union Democrats) lives, do you remember Waco?
        “police regard citizens as a potential enemy, and much of the population believes the police represent a hostile and oppressive force, and act as an extension of a corrupt government state”.
        My advise to cops is stand down, see nothing, just clean up and document the messes, quit being revenue agents/tax collectors, and let the animals kill each other or commit suicide.

        • RELIK-
          You have been living in a libtard paradise far to long.
          The sheriff and deputies around here are strong constitutionalists , sure some are barneys , but most understand what is is they SHOULDNT be doing .
          Flyover country has some advantages, just sayin ,friend .

      15. ALL lives matter.

        End of story.

        I know it is more complex than this, but just as a start point, its a good place to start the discussion.

        • YEP !

      16. At least a robot isn’t as messy as an RPG or Drone strike.

      17. What’s up with you Mac? Not enough cops dead,you wanted MORE??
        I’m with taxedto death, I don’t give a tinkers damn how this piece of human debris met his end.

      18. Those who cheer the murder-by-robot (basically a drone) will change their tune when they are staring down armed drone. They will never get their day in court.

        Tear gas and buckshot would have solved the problem without destroying all opportunities to getting valuable information from interrogation. If justified later, killing by execution is fine with me. But murder? No. There is a big difference in God’s eyes.

        • If someone is murdering innocent people because of the color of their skin or the color of their uniform, they do not deserve special consideration. The choice was made by the shooter and not the police.

      19. They could have taken him out with a flame thrower, for all I care.

        If you don’t want to die at the hands of the police, don’t shoot at them.

        Tough titty, said the little kitty.

      20. So now it’s okay for the government to bomb people? How is it even legal for the Dallas PD to have bombs?

        I guess that’s one way to tie up loose ends.

      21. All good and well when it’s the other guy eh?

        We’re all in this governments crosshairs , so stick your head in the sand all you want
        Maybe one day you’ll pop yer head out of the sand just in time to see the flash from the robot driven by a psychopath cop 2 miles away

        When you weren’t even the true threat to even begin with … Because lil piggy fucked up and “thought” you were wearing the same coat as the “bad guy”
        Or thought that when you pulled out yer phone to call 911 , that you were drawing a weapon

        This also just taught the dam towel heads that Obama invited here ,there next trick

        Theres way too much wrong with this to even begin

        and so many people that claim to be an “American”
        Don’t even see it or know why or how wrong this is

        Hell , next test will be blowing yer dog up while he naps in his dog house in your back yard because they think he was the one that bit some kid a block over

        Hey it’s insane shit out there so what’s next ?

        • @Enemy of the State….

          The robot is a tool. Just like any firearm you own is a tool. It can be used for good or bad.

          Why would you have a problem with it being used to prevent officers from being put in further danger? How perverted are you?

          You say “there’s way to much wrong with this to even begin.”

          Well why don’t you give it a try and explain to all us folks who evidently aren’t as smart as you, and explain it to us?

          Because right now, you just sound like an idiot ranting about something for which you’ve given little thought.

      22. Anyone planning on “bugging in” when the cops come to haul you off to a FEMA camp or come to grab your guns – better add a Terminator robot to their arsenal to destroy the cops’ robot.

        Does not make sense to blow up a suspect. Tear gas? Fancy armored vehicle? A series of Concussion grenades? Fire hose?

      23. Did this shooter Micah Johnson really act alone to shoot 12 cops???? I have a hard time believing he was the only shooter.

      24. My question is, did they have to make this bomb, or more likely, already had it, certainly must have trained to use it, had “wargamed” it, so to speak. Therefore, they must have had an idea they would have a situation where they would need to employ it. Why? What on earth would make them think they would need a bomb?

      25. I had a dream. I dreamed that blacks returned to Africa which was rich and prosperous. Europe became independent monolithic Countries again. New Zealand, Australia, and the U.S. were white and natives lived peacefully in their own areas. It was fifty years from now but I dreamed that I had the perfect body of a 25 year old.

        Then I awoke to a terrible reality of multicultural terror and an old decrepit body.

        Then I was awakened again.
        It had all been a nightmare.

        Science had found a cure for aging and I would be forever young. And man had learned to live in peace, each in his own country among his own people.

        Then I woke up for the last and final time for real.

        I went to SHTF to read about civil war, race war, cops killing citizens, citizens killing cops, refugees swarming the Country with murder, rape and Sharia Law; the Constitution under attack, and DC run by Isreal. I felt like I was in the middle of a dream but I wasn’t. Then I thought this would make a hell of a movie. I wonder what our favorite anti-Semite, Mel Gibson, could do with it????

        • I had a dream that the US stopped trying to start wars all over the world and that the native americans stoppped you before you killed them all.

          Now i know you watched all them John Wayne westerns and long for the days where you can kill and rape whilst getting paid for it ass a “Peace officer” but soon they ran out of people to shoot.

          “Constitution under attack”

          Yes by your jewish banker backed government but lets blame the blacks for not being cowards and shooting back for once should we now

      26. Human-controlled Terminator

      27. Hum … They also killed the one guy with any info. And, sorry, but there were all kinds of options! They could have gassed the hell out of him. Flashbanged the hell out of him. Pumped him full of some drug. Waited him out through water and food deprevation. It appears the other three may not have anything to do with it. They are now saying he acted alone. There’s some incredibly weird stuff going on.


        This video defies explanation, and it happened in texas a couple weeks ago. Now. The la gay pride shooter wannabe says he trained with over a hundred other assassins at a cia training camp that included the guy in orlando, the guy in the above video, and the vegas assasin wannabe. The la shooter was to meet 2 others. He had 3 ars, and a backpack full of mags, and ammo, and a gallon of mixed tannerite. Weird stuff is going on, and they kill the only guy they have in the first case of police blowing someone up intentionally! And then they announce that he shot himself in the head! Guess they could not stick with that story!

      28. The author and many bloggers seem primarily concerned with the method used to dispatch the mass murderer. Dead is dead. Would the permanent condition of death be more acceptable if the delivery of that outcome was by other means? Is a hail of gunfire less diabolic than a robot? The shooter clearly wanted to die in a shoot out while taking as many police lives as possible. I work in law enforcement and it is apparent most if not all the criticism of the tactics come from those who never faced the business end of a rifle. I guess it’s pretty easy second guessing from the Lazy Boy recliner knowing you will never be tasked with apprehending a heavily armed mass murderer. If this is taken to its idiotic conclusion our brave warriors shouldnt use explosives, drones or robots in battle.

      29. Dallas 1963: An incredibly talented lone wolf marksman does the seemingly impossible but is murdered before he can be interrogated and possibly implicate others.

        Dallas 2016: An incredibly talented lone wolf marksman does the seemingly impossible but is murdered before he can be interrogated and possibly implicate others.


      30. The only disturbing part was the media’s reaction one statement I heard was “police now have a new tactic to fight against their enemies… All I thought was that’s you and me fool…..

        I am glad the perp dead but I don’t particularly like drone strikes on Americans

      31. “The prospect of killer police robots has now been officially unveiled, as well as that of armed drones.”

        Isn’t the word “robot” just what they used to call drones?
        Is there really a distinction?

      32. After reading the different positions expressed here, I can see three schools of thought… “They” = DPD aka Government

        1) Glad they did, blow him up (LEO/Public Safety!)
        2) Scared, because they did blow him up ( Oh SHIT! We’re next!)
        3) They should have used a different approach. (Debilitate & Capture)

        Pure and simple this was a hate inspired revenge killing. The shooter was a trained US soldier. Remember Tim McVey? A trained US soldier. Why are 20 vets dying by their own hand, every single day?

        What bothers me is the potential reversal and use of this “blow him up” mindset and technique of using home made RC explosive robots or drones by those intent on attacking LEOs. You can bet that as these tactics are escalated, the “enemy” will cotton onto their use and use them too.

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