Judge Throws Cancer Patient in “Modern-Day Debtors’ Prison” Over Unpaid Bills

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    This article was written by Claire Bernish and originally published at The Free Thought Project.

    Editor’s Comment: How unconscionable is it that someone can be so in debt for just trying to stay alive that they could land in jail over unpaid bills during what is already one of the most difficult periods of their lives.

    The trap of debt, penalties and fines is landing lots of people who can’t pay in prison. It is a return to Debtors’ Prisons, supposedly found unconstitutional, but now resurrecting through color of law. It’s a shame, and it could catch up with anyone of us. Outrageous!

    Judge’s ‘Debtors’ Prison’ Court Throws Cancer Patient in Jail Over Unpaid Bills

    by Claire Bernish

    A judge in Sherwood, Arkansas, running his own ‘debtors’ prison,’ sentenced a 44-year-old cancer patient to 90 days in jail — not for a violent crime, drunk driving, or possession of substances the state deems illegal — but because he owed the court money.

    Lee Robertson began chemotherapy in 2009 to battle pancreatic cancer which has left him physically incapable of holding a job. Over a two-week period, Robertson wrote a series of bad checks for small amounts, ranging from $5 to $41, for which he eventually owed a few stores about $200 a piece.

    Eventually, the debts and arrests piled up, and last month, Robertson received the 90-day sentence from Sherwood District Court Judge Milas “Butch” Hale —  for owing the court $3,054.51 — hardly a fortune by any stretch of the imagination, but clearly an unworkable burden for now-jobless cancer patient.

    Now, Robertson has joined a class-action federal civil rights lawsuit filed by the Arkansas Civil Liberties Union and the Lawyers’ Committee for Civil Rights Under the Law, which alleges the city of Sherwood created a “modern-day debtors’ prison” — and judging by the city’s treatment of those unable to pay their debts, the description is all-too apt.

    As HuffPo explained:

    “In Sherwood, the ‘Hot Check Division’ of the municipal court is drawing scrutiny. While the division is supposed to be part of the municipal court, the city has marketed the division to the business community in Pulaski County, according to the lawsuit. Sherwood lists the division as a ‘department’ on its website, and calls the court’s work a ‘service’ for merchants — one that issues ‘over 35,000 warrants annually’ on charges in connection with bad checks. The court collected nearly $12 million in five years.”

    And the way the court, in conjunction with the city, pulls off this ‘service’ for local businesses is more akin to Dickinsonian novel than would ever be expected from a small city in the U.S. in 2016.

    Indeed, the ‘Hot Check Division’ operates in essence as an armed and forceful collection agent for businesses — completely independent of a person’s ability to pay their debt. Each time a person fails to make a payment — regardless of the circumstances — the court issues an arrest warrant, using the “opportunity to assess more fines and fees against the individual,” as the Arkansas Civil Liberties Union stated in a press release. According to the ACLU:

    “Sherwood Police Department also plays a critical role in the collections scheme. Police officers knock on people’s doors and threaten to arrest the person unless they can pay a small amount of money — usually $50 or $100 — to get a court date instead of being taken into custody. Despite the abuses in this court, Pulaski County continues to channel county-wide misdemeanor ‘hot check’ cases there.”

    Many are arrested on “failure to pay” and “failure to appear” charges, and each ‘bad’ check — no matter how small the amount written — can generate fines and fees of up to $400. All told, this debtors’ prison scheme accounts for a full 12 percent of the city’s budget$2.3 million for 2015, alone — an insanely lucrative revenue generation service at the expense of those who obviously have difficulties paying in the first place.

    Once a date is set, defendants aren’t permitted to have friends or family or members of the public present in the ‘closed court,’ and far worse, are forced to sign a “waiver of counsel” before entering the courtroom — meaning they must forego their right to an attorney before appearing before the judge without any witnesses.

    “A single bounced check written 10 years ago for $15 can be leveraged into a debt of thousands and thousands of dollars in fines and fees for inability to pay the original check and then the inability to pay the payments that were set up,” explained Rita Sklar, Executive Director of the Arkansas ACLU, to KATV.

    “In this country, you cannot be jailed if you cannot pay your debts,” she said. “That’s called debtors’ prison and that’s something we did away with 200 years ago.”

    According to the Arkansas ACLU statement, the lawsuit also alleges a misuse of public tax funds under the state’s “illegal exaction” law.

    “The Sherwood District Court epitomizes the criminalization of poverty and the corrupting effect of financial incentives on our local courts,” asserted Kristen Clarke, president and executive director of the Lawyers’ Committee for Civil Rights Under the Law. Not only does this ‘Hot Check’ court completely ignore the long-standing principle that a person cannot be punished because they are poor, but by using coercive practices to collect money from the poorest Arkansans, this debtors’ prison scheme generates huge revenues for the city.”

    Robertson is joined by three other plaintiffs in the suit, including Nikki Petree, whose bounced check for $28.93 generated no less than $2,600 in fines and fees for the city — and led to her being arrested seven times and spending 25 days in jail.

    Hale, the judge at the heart of the case, issued a statement to KATV, saying:

    “We do not run a so-called debtors’ prison in Sherwood. If a defendant pleads guilty, or is found guilty, of writing a hot check we set up a payment plan. It is only after a third of fourth time that they fail to comply with a court order that we incarcerate.”

    Sadly, the lawsuit also suggests the practice is far from confined to a single court, city, and county, despite the practice being outlawed in 1833 — and reiterated by the Supreme Court 30 years ago. Nonetheless, there has been a resurgence and a continued covert practice of sending the indigent to jail for the inability to pay in recent years.

    “Across the country, the cost of debtors’ prisons in human lives and public resources is enormous,” Sklar noted. “When the criminal justice system serves as unscrupulous debt collectors for the public and private sector, without regard to due process, the government is not only violating people’s rights, it is facilitating the never-ending cycle of poverty: threatening the poor with incarceration for failure to pay bills they can’t pay, keeping them from jobs that may help them pay their bills, and stacking up fines that dig the poor into an even deeper hole. We need open court proceedings and public accountability, fair, rational laws that take into account defendant’s ability to pay and prohibit incarceration for failure to pay, and we need to stop raising money on the backs of the poor.”

    Last week, in contrast, the Department of Justice said in a federal appeals court defendants cannot be jailed simply for the inability to pay bail, as The Free Thought Project reported.

    “Bail practices that incarcerate individuals before trial solely for their inability to pay for their release violate the Fourteenth Amendment,” the DOJ said in an amicus brief.

    This article was written by Claire Bernish and originally published at The Free Thought Project.


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      1. Sounds like “court out of control”. Jesus would take this garbage to the heap without more thought.

        • This article is bullshit. This is not debtors prison over unpaid bills or credit cards. This person is rightfully going to jail for not paying the criminal fines imposed as punitive punishment.

          If he does not like it, STOP WRITING HOT CHECKS!!!!

          • read the article again

            the United States does indeed have defacto debtors prisons

            this article is just the tip of the iceberg

            • Writing bad checks is AND SHOULD BE A CRIME IDIOTS! Evidently he was too stupid to just not pay? FOOOK ME, this story is rediculous….

              • you may want to educate yourself a little better on this issue

                • OFF Topic but Relevant: If you guys are looking for a lot of great videos (600+) on Prepping, check out this Guys channel. One of the best I have seen out there. For off the Grid living, walking the walk. This guy has a lot of experience and common sense. From raising animals to security, spec forces, pastor, worldly.

                  Joe Fox –
                  ht tps://www.youtube.com/user/VikingPreparedness

                  Give it a look, get focused back on what we need to do, as the clock is ticking. There are plenty of trivial distractions out there, dragging us down daily. Get focused on getting your plan together before all out total SHTF.. Just saying… I have to watch a lot of these videos on off periods of time, when my data plan is more unlimited.


                  • Looks like a cool channel; have added and will check. Thanks!

                • Could we get this same judge to throw all of the congress creatures into jail for putting our country into so much debt?

                • Satori seems to choose the wrong side of issues, history and facts. We got it, you love Hillary and criminal governments.


                  • I’ve got two words for YOU and people like YOU

                    educate yourself

                    my apologies for not telling YOU what YOU want to hear
                    there is someone who can do that for YOU

                    just look in the mirror

              • The Pentagon has over $8 Trillion Missing and cannot be accounted for. SO WHO the F*ck should be in Prison for that?? The entire US Military Industrial Complex Mafia, and the Appropriations that write the checks, That’s who.

                ~WWTI… But the Government Loves to make examples of the poor. How about Obama sending $400 Million in US Tax Payers Monies for Ransom for Hostages? That is Outright Theft, and Violation of aiding and bedding the enemy. Hillary giving 20% of US Uranium supply to Russian counterparts, for Bribes to the Clinton Foundation.. WHO should be in prison? That’s WHO.

                You steal Billions, you get to run for President. Go Large people, you run free.

                • So WWTI thinks the check kiter is justified because someone else is a bigger thief? That 8 trillion isnt missing. It was used to build MT weather and other countinuation of government facilities. Some is spent on top secret weapons at area 51.

                  • Hey old guy. Look up the term anal retentive.

                    • That Pentagon $8.5 Trillion missing $$$ was done on Dov Zakiem’s Watch since He was the TOP Comptroller all during that era it went missing.

                      Soooo..Best place to begin a search for lost Trillions cash?

                      Easy answer. Since Dov Zakiem Is also a full member of the Ultra ultra orthodox Chabad Lubavitures, I’d begin that cash search at every one of the worlds total of 2,900 Chabad Yeshivs’a and synagogues.

                      Next best location to find that missing cash?…ALL of the membership like dov Z and crew’s 401K retirement fund plans.

                      Maybe even a split of that cash between both their yeshivias and 401K’s eh.

                      But even if found there He will never get formerly charged because they believe that all/any crimes No Matter What, when done by one of them against all/any goys or goyim nations is an act that is NO crime and NO sin priod so zero charges gets filed ever period.

                      Check past history on it…Only reason that wall street swindler, Bernie Madof Did get long prison term etc was due to most all his clients he shafted were also of his own Tribe members. That Is the ONE main thing thats a real crime or sin to do for them folk.

                      Pentagon falls under its owned By a nation of Goyim and goy ruled etc…So zero charges and zero returns of missing cash ever. Chalk it all up to just another in long line of zio scams folks.

              • A friend emailed me, “If a prisoner in our local Detention Center has to have health care, she or he must pay that bill within 30 days – regardless of the amount. If they don’t, they are picked up and put back in jail.

                So, you have 30 day to get your life re-established: find a place to live, get a job, buy groceries, etc. … and pay off a bill that sometime runs into the thousands of dollars.”

                “When, an individual is convicted of a crime, there are state required fees and court costs which the defendant must pay…”

                “It is a ‘catch 22’ situation for many people. Without a job, many struggle to pay the fines. But, many cannot have their record cleared and be eligible to work until their fines are paid. So, until the fines are paid, they cannot work.”

                ht tp://inplainsight.nbcnews.com/_news/2013/05/27/18380470-sentenced-to-debt-some-tossed-in-prison-over-unpaid-fines?lite

          • where I do not condone writing bad checks…we do not know all the facts regarding this mans situation…even still, there are far worse people that need jail time than this guy, and they let them run loose all the time.

            • Sounds like that Guy Snail on here from GA, that writes check with his bigger than life mouth, that his actions can’t cash. And the check keep getting bigger and bigger.

              ~WWTI… 2 things, I cannot stand, Liars and Thieves.

          • And just how much “punitive punishment” should a bounced check for $25 bring? Please tell me you have never ever bounced a check for some small amount and that if you did that you had to pay a fine equal to 100x the amount of the check. Plus, they are being forced to waive their right to council, something the 5th and 6th amendments to the Constitution ensures exists and that Gideon vs Wainwright guarantees that the states must provide, irrespective of the ability to pay. That said, this judge is also likely in violation of Miranda vs Arizona as well. I may not always side with the ACLU, but in many cases they are the only line of defense for people in situations like this and so I am glad they exist.

            • Im 65 and never wrote any check when I didn’t have the money in the checking account. Its simple math to know what your bank balance is.

          • john I agree. Bull shit article.

          • He should have just paid with a credit card and then not paid the bill. At least then he would not be in jail 😉

        • It’s happening everywhere. 🙁

          I’m in NM right now, but I heard that a young homeless woman by the name of “Vicky” with Down’s Syndrome who had been living in the woods without income was arrested for sleeping in the forest in Prescott Arizona, fined, and when she could not pay the fine because she was homeless and without income, she was sent to the county jail for 90 days.

          Several others I was told by their minister, who wrote articles for the local paper (Prescott Courier) describing their homeless condition were arrested for being homeless. One was living in her car (so I was told). When she too was fined and couldn’t pay, she was hauled off to jail for 30 days or so and needless to say her car was impounded during this time; and by the time she was released from jail, the storage fees were greater than her car was worth.

          I referred them to the Pacific Justice Institute.

          Has America become so hard hearted ??? This is what happens when you take God out of the schools and other public institutions for more than a generation. 🙁

          • I wonder if the courts feel, that in some cases, they may manage a collection from family or friends.

            Not that this makes it right to do.

            • Isn’t that known as extortion?

              • yes it is extortion.
                That is what your gooberment does. That is their “job/racket”.
                Gooberment- EXTORT-Lie-Steal-Murder. They have heavily armed goons as enforcers.
                Politicians make up “laws” so as to justify THEFT. If you can not pay the fine the gooberment even charges you to be jailed in some states.

                Harvey County Correctional Facility located in Newton Kansas, is 60 miles north of Witchita Kansas. They have continued MURDERING American citizens for profit/confiscation of the victims assets. This Jail and Judge has been MURDERING for YEARS.
                *******No one will stop the murders there.

                A mini Holocaust right NOW. Today. In the USSA. No one cares.

                I was told to “keep quite or I’d be killed.”
                So ……Naturally I spread the word about the MURDERS and Atrocities there at EVERY Opportunity. Most sites block the posts made. The truth is often buried. Yet TRUTH seeks the light. But no one cares. Prisoners and poor people just don’t matter in “changed” Amerikka.

                Edward Snowden literally sacrificed his life to let the world know what is going on.
                Did anything change?
                Zombies just don’t care what is being done to them and their children by gooberment.

            • It’s not only not right, but not legal either as their friends and family are not legally bound to their debts. Sadly though, small towns like this seem to thrive on extortion and corruption to fund their liabilities.

          • DK

            The US worships money and its going to get worse. The poor are looked at like they harbor a contagious disease.

            • Poverty is about to become contagious; unless we are inoculated with helicopter money. 🙂

          • Corrupt judges should be targeted for extermination.

          • “Become”????

            We built this country! BA BAMMP BAM! We built this country on CAL-VIN-ISM!

            Also known as: shit happens because you deserve it…

          • For some (poor and homeless) going to jail or prison gives them food and shelter. Many commit trivial crimes so they have a place to sleep and rest.. I have seen this same thing around the Holidays, where people who think they are sick call an ambulance so they can spend Christmas in the Hospital and get fed and enjoy a comfi bed and get presents from charity.

            Lots of con artists out there as well.


            • Wait what? Rest in jail….BWHAHAHHAHAA CLUB MED

      2. Jebus who? 2000+ Years later and still a No show. The religious freaks and the economic doom porn writers are in a race to see what shows up first. The crash or Jebus?

        I’ll throw my chips on the economic collapse comes first. The other is a proven hoax.


        • The other is a proven hoax.

          Prove it. Or, maybe Christ hasn’t come at YOUR appointed time.

        • Everyday that Christ tarries his return is a day of grace for a new believer to be elligible for the kingdom. God wishes that all would obtain salvation through the blood of Christ but that is a decission we must make by faith and not visible proof. The bible says that as the time for his return draws close exactly what you said would ne said. “Where is the promise of his return?” It also says at that time the world will come together to form a manmade Satan led world government to fix the world’s problems without God. Satan is a deceiver and has been in the business of fooling men since the beginning. If you seek Christ with genuine faith I guarantee you will feel all the proof of Christ you could ever want in your life. I am a former non-believer and skeptic. Christ is real as the nose on my face.

        • His name is Jesus Christ. I hope you will get to know Him.


            If you see him please ask him to drop by he has my address.
            I have been asking him to drop by for 63 years.

            I want to ask him now why this young lady that was captured by ISIS was beat tortured, RAPED etc. how come he did not save her ?

            Please I want a answer ??????

            • Get on your knees physically and ask Him to come into your heart and you’ll get the answers you seek

          • Never happen, he is too full of Satan.

            • Anonymous

              please give me a clear ?

              • Confused: The answer to your question of a lady kiled etc by jihadists..

                Is that everybody, even evil bad persons was granted Free Will by God.

                If everytime evil or wrong was done God interviened to stop it as you think He should have done?

                Then that will totally Negate/End that bad guy perps free will to act as he deems fit etc.

                Free will works both ways be it used for good or bad reasons. it can be NO other way yet remain as free will for All persons.

                Yes a small Few people like abraham or moses and several others throughout world history did get a God intervention that saved them from harm or death…

                BUT…That Only happened while they were acting in some fashion of doing what God ordained they do and once done they too could get harmed or killed. Abraham is the exception since he got a lifelong no harm blessing that intervention will occure if someone acts wrong aganist abe.

                That ended upon abrahams own death.

                So do You get it Now as to your question?

                Humans are also unable to second guess Gods actions or INactions…Get it yet?

                • Free will is just a lazy way of saying we make the choice regarding how we want to live our lives. There is no influence by the devil or god or jesus. We create the reality of the world we live in. Not god. Not the devil.

                  Free will is a real bitch though cause when bad things happen christians say it was because god is punishing us and when good things happen they say it is because god is blessing us. Yet if we have free will then god can NEVER interfere in the affairs of men. He would have to only be an observer. Watching and doing nothing in his impotence.

                  You can’t have it both ways. Either you have free will or you don’t. Hell even in the bible it talks about god influencing men to get the end result he wanted.

                  Free will is just another human construct, same as religion, same as god and jesus unfortunately may or may not have existed but he is being used to get a desired behavior and compliance from the masses.

          • Here is the real Savior, Watch Donald Trump’s full speech in Jackson Mississippi. He also has the Guy from the UK who won the Brexit Vote speaking. Great info as The US needs to reclaim our Freedom from the Globalists.

            FULL EVENT: Donald Trump Rally in Jackson, Mississippi with ‘Mr. Brexit’ Nigel Farage (08/24/2016)

            Trump Starts at minute 51 of the Video

            ht tps://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mRnqFm7W2Eg

            ~WWTI… Pass this video on to friends and family.

        • I dare you to prove the existence of Jesus Christ as a hoax. Your willful ignorance knows no bounds.

        • 2 thess is talking about the gathering together/rapture and it say’s in 2:3 about that day – gathering together


          dont believe the pre tribulation rapture…. you see it is in the last days (last 7 years) that Christ has not came yet and people say where is his coming…. because pre trib Jesus is delayed… thats what brings the falling away….. the 10 virgins become 5 unwise when pre trib master is delayed, same as lukes good faithful servant when the master is delayed he can stay course or go back to beating and drinking.. then tribulation Jesus shows and hes not ready…. since Jesus cant be delayed ut only to pre trib believers….

          And why would false christ show up in last days if Christ had snatched millions of people away? Only when pre trib Jesus doesnt show do they show….

      3. I would be… really really cautious about attempting to enforce egregious punishments on people dying of terminal diseases. That… by definition have nothing to lose.

        You might be surprised what you get in return for your efforts, I’m just saying.

        • Amen to that

        • my thoughts exactly. when backed into the corner….watch out.

      4. but but but
        this is a “Christian nation”

        LOL !!!

        profits BEFORE prophets

        is there ANY institution in this country which
        is not CORRUPT to its very core ???

        ANY ???

        • No fraud or dishonesty?! Hell no brother you find me one example of govt or private entity that’s honest I’ll give you a Ben Franklin. As Gerard butler said in law abiding citizen ” im gonna burn this whole motherfucker down”. It needs to happen. The ship has Hit a iceberg. It’s going down.

      5. If this doesn’t work, the Judge can send this fellow for Chemo in that hospital north of Chicago where the lady was beaten to death by a negro.

      6. No lawyer/witnesses ect.,seriously?!These judges and any who work to support this should literally be killed,as times get tougher will happen.

        • 10-4 senior!

        • Either the state supreme court or the Federal Supreme Court should throw out all of these convictions and fines for this reason alone. That is blatantly illegal.

      7. Let’s break this down: In California I was given a fine for driving an unregistered car. Also, a court ‘fee’. I could not pay the fine because it was too much. I could not go to work with no car.No car,no work,no money. Hmmm. Eventually I had to ask for a payment plan,which by the way,they added an additional fee for. Long story short,after I found a mininmum wage job close to home,I paid everything off. Then I got the hell out of California. I forgot to add,I also had to pay the towing and storage fee.

        • Southside. I too will never set foot in Illinois again in my lifetime, for similar reasons. The Pigs and Courts there, are the most corrupt in the country. If you have money, which is all every body there is after, you can buy your way out of anything. Its all about the money.

          I got pulled over in a rental car by the Dumb white Cops, then get charged with bogus BS, I then paid the corrupt connected Italian Attorneys, who could care less about my case, because the fix is already in, and all he did was pay off the Irish judges, and I go free thanks for playing… they all love the Cop Revenue raisers, who charge everybody with what ever they can get away with. Don’t drive a rental car or with out of state license plates in IL as they will target you and steal your wealth.

          Prior to my court case, a guy paid my Atty $5K in a thick white envelope in the hallway, the Atty stuck it in his jacket pocket, in the court room the Atty approached the judged bench pulled the white envelope out of the same jacket pocket, and slapped the heavy envelope on the judges bench with some other paper work and the Guy got off. The Irish judge picked up the envelope and set it aside, My Atty Blatantly paid the judge in the court room to fix that guys case. Like WTF? Its all about corruption and money. I seen it with my own eyeballs.


          • WhoWTFKnows… says:

            Sir, You Stated—–” Don’t drive a rental car or with out of state license plates in IL as they will target you and steal your wealth.” ( Note:same applies in most states.)

            “Like WTF? Its all about corruption and money. I seen it with my own eyeballs.”

            Welcome to the Real World. Now you are awake.
            As told in boot camp:
            “Civilians live in a make believe world that does NOT exist. You are now in the real world.”
            “there is No freedom. there is No liberty. there is No justice. there is No free speech.
            your vote does Not and has Not ever mattered. your opinion or thoughts on anything don’t matter, don’t count..”

            “Those Are ALL things that Civilians are made to “believe in” so as they stay compliant and peaceful.”

            “You are in the real world Now. You will do as you are told. You will follow orders. no discussion. We don’t care if you like it. It only matters that you do as you are told.”

            Right then I knew that I should have listened to Dad. I had made a bad choice.
            Live and learn. Some didn’t live.
            Just because you are told something or believe something. does Not mean that is how things really are.
            America lost her way. This is not recent. Things are just more in the open.

            Wounded knee.
            US knew Japan was going to hit Pearl Harbor BEFORE the event. They let it happen.
            Japanese internment camps in WWII.
            Gulf of Tonkin was a lie to get US in Vietnam
            JFK likely murdered by the government. Was a Coup.
            911 did NOT happen as you believe
            Iraq never had WMD’s US-Bush just made the shit up to get idiots like me to go along and shoot people for oil/corporate objectives.

            I have lived everywhere. Some places are better than others. Most are the same in that the Police, Politicians, Judges, are ALL self serving, corrupt. many of them are hard core criminals. Many of officials are psychos and dangerous. The Officials wanted their job so they could steal and abuse people without consequence.

            Welcome to the Real World.
            Published: August 25, 2016
            ht tp://www.blacklistednews.com/Police_use_%27Pay-By-Plate%27_to_%22hotlist%22_motorists_across_the_country/53700/0/38/38/Y/M.html

        • And You where by your own admission guilty of the offence you where charged with. However you did make arrangements to pay your fine. This guy didn’t, He just ignored the court. He was a scofflaw deadbeat. So he rightfully was jailed.

        • SSide,
          I know somebody that had to pay court paper filing fees and court paper storage fees while they were in jail.

      8. Sometimes our officials do not use their discretion wisely.

      9. Debtors prison. Sounds to me like another Geo. Soreazz invention

      10. At least 1 Dead, Multiple Injured In Major Explosion At Belgian Sports Complex

        h ttp://www.blacklistednews.com/At_least_1_Dead%2C_Multiple_Injured_In_Major_Explosion_At_Belgian_Sports_Complex/53717/0/38/38/Y/M.html

        “Reports are breaking of a powerful explosion at the Plaine Chalon sports complex in Chimay, Belgium. Initial reports indicate the facility has partially collapsed with a number of people inside resulting in at least 1 fatality and multiple injuries. The exact cause of the blast is unknown at this time.”

      11. Does the government pay for his medical care while in jail?

        • they’re supposed to
          but unless your a serious felon
          they kick you out pretty damn quick

          I’ve seen it happen

        • I’ve taken care of prisoners from a federal correctional facility. They don’t get to see a doc easy, long waiting lists. Guy got his rotator cuff seen and surgically fixed 2 years after the injury. But I digress. One day I had a preop eval to do, inmate was told by prison doc emphysema, being treated as such. I take a history, put stethoscope to the chest and Holy Christ! I could have killed that inmate with 1 dose of medication to induce anesthesia due to a gross misdiagnosis of their problem. They will probably die before they get evaluated by a heart surgeon and that severely stenosis Aortic valve replaced. But I’m just anesthesia. What the fuck do I know—or so other doctors think.

          So I say to you Kevin….what ‘medical’ care?

      12. We’ve always had debtors’ prison of sorts in this country after they were supposedly outlawed. The only difference being that you could no longer be arrested and jailed for defaulting on private debt. If you owed money to the government (taxes, fines, fees), different story. The new trend is for private companies or individuals to use the courts as collection agencies by calling failure to pay “contempt of court,” for which you can be jailed. This country could use a healthy dose of judicial reform, starting with reigning in the widespread abuse of contempt of court by judges.

      13. Paul Craig Roberts makes his case for Trump

        Paul Craig Roberts: Trump Vs. Hillary Summarized

        ht tp://www.zerohedge.com/news/2016-08-25/paul-craig-roberts-trump-vs-hillary-summarized

        “The imbecillic Americans who vote for Hillary are voting for war and their own immiseration.”

        tell us how you REALLY feel !

      14. For successful and effective trading techniques, Google Superior Trading System.

      15. It seems that Judges are graduating from some seriously dumbed down schools, or is this the end product of affirmative action, got an 80IQ Judge, that could be a problem.

        I don’t so much object to guys going to jail for bad checks, but who punishes homeless with Down’s syndrome. Should have gotten a social worker and found a place that cares for disabled adults.

        If you bounce a check from an open account, there’s not much that they can do about it. It’s when people write checks from an account that is closed that gets you jail time for fraud, which is serious.

        Genius is right. Just don’t pay the bill if you don’t have the money. Sometimes a phone call can get you an extension, or in some cases, hardship clauses let them wipe the debt off the books. It doesn’t cost anything to ask.


      16. G4S who runs the jails will love this new inmate and the cost to the tax payers will double for any cancer treatment for the inmate.

        Monsando GMO seeds will cut the population numbers down so “You know who” can take over and like G4S they are based in Israel too, what a suprise that is ………. NOT

      17. B from CA: Recall that a couple years ago, us supreme justice Scalia was invited to give a Key Note speech at the Wash. DC grand opening events party, for a brand new system of Law teaching within americas top law school universities.

        That event was held by and sponsored by the top honchos of the Chabad Lubavitures (sp?) Rabbis, in praise of their getting usa law schools to begin to Teach Talmudic Law principals and to Include talmudic law teachings in conjunction with normal usual usa const law etc.

        This will totally screw up every new lawyers mind!

        One cannot Mix talmudic law with usa cosntitutional Law as taught prior. Like Oil and water the two principals do not mix.

        Yes some parts of talmudic law may coincide with typical usa laws or usa const principals to a point.

        But that won’t change the fact that Our Orig founders, u.s. const and ideas of proper fed or state law had zero to do with ANY type religious “laws”, other than what Most of the founders admitted to. That being most admitted that when they determined americas future and u.s. BOR and Const, it was based ONLY upon Christianity, and christianity as noted in the New testement gospels etc and as spoken of by Jesus Christ and He alone!

        Meaning that, they used those main principals of Freedom-Liberty-Ethics-Morals-etc as the main Guidlines, along with already well known of Prior Law and international law dateing back to magna carta era etc.

        I probably have read most of everything as written of by the founding fathers of america in various quoted statements, papers, federalists and anti-federalists papers, and etc. and I have Never as yet ever seen one single mention by Any founding fathers of any type Talmudic nor jewdeo nor jewish religious agendas or beliefs etc that they, the founders ever determined to be of any value or need to be relied on or used in their determination of what they should include in americans founding documents of Declaration of Indep, nor the BOR nor usa Const period.

        Yet now after almost 240 yrs or so, Scalia and many other usa fed Judges, along with too many jewish private orgs to count seem to think what america needs Most is the additions of Talmudic law to get taught along side former american style law in our top law schools?

        I smell a Rat! a big huge judenRat!

        This new law teaching method or system will craete NO good and lead to ONLY massive new troubles for avg american citizens. And Is the very early beginings of what that ethnic bunch really desires, which is a new system of a Global Law they call, “Noahide Law” for the worlds Goyim folk and only for goys with a total seperate law for their ethnic tribe.

        One fast gander look see at how royally messed up most who subscribe to such “laws” act and think etc and one can see how badly such talmudic law Mixture is going to mess up americans already screwed up leagal systems of today eh.

        So…Now, we have, ever since 1992 when first began american police dept’s either ship off cops for two weeks “IDF Trainings” in “Better” procedures to deal with criminals and arrest procedures of usa citizens. Or else if too costly to send cop to Israel, they then invite IDF and Mossad agents to come Here to Teach police procedures!

        Plus ever since 9/11 in 2001 we have a mostly if not exclusivly Israel state supplied usa airport security aperatus ongoing. A DHS Dept and usa State dept filled with more dual citizen ethnic tribe members than the typical black detroit ghetto dwelling contains of cockroaches!

        And meanwhile we Now as of a couple years ago have Added the Talmudic similar teachings to future lawyers and future Judges that will come from those same lawyers as some graduate to become a Judge and especially a FED judge!

        That and the already long held practice of forceing all potential elected officials that wish to get elected to usa office, or appointed to an official position within usa fed or state govnt, must pass that Head Banger at Wall Test in Israel prior to obtaining $$$$ funding and Good TV news mentions so voters will consider them “worthy” of election or appointments eh.

        What Else is needed for 100% total usa control?

        When they curtail and corral Cops-Judges-Lawyers-Public elected and apointed officials under tamludic agendas controls…..Thats about All any ethnic group needs to gain full control over america and its 300+ million Goyim sub human animal populations eh!

        If Michael the Arch Angel will ever need help in throwing those evil soul bastards and nation wreckers into the firey Lake of Fire/Hell pit?…Then I Pray that I get chozen as a “helper” or “Assistant Toss-er of evil souls” so we can fast fill that fire lake and be done with it all, once and for all times.

        When it comes to new or more ways and methods for that bunch to worm their way into americas inner sanctum of everything what matters?..They have zero equals eh!

        I now wonder, seriously too, if perhaps at least some of them are actual fallen angels inhabiting Human skin-Bags with a bone skeleton in order to prop them Upright untill their services for evils are done?

        I cannot help but believe that they have such Dark spirts dwelling within themselves and they are just like movie actors playing their parts to destroy all thats good and all that was Godly created good.

        I sure wish somebody coud let Us know just how much longer we muct wait till it be Go-Time?

        If still a long ways off? well Ok then I can find stuff to do untill then. But if its very Soon or close now? Then why bother with anything other than get ready to rumble and take out Satans helpers eh?

        • Them Guys:

          That is mind boggling.


          • B from CA; Yes it sure is and it was hard for me to believe when I first saw that of all they could choose to give key note main opening speech at their big event…

            That they picked Judge Scalia! and worse he accepted and Overtly massivly Praised talmudic law being added to law schools teachings!…I can’t recall all scalia said but do recall I was shocked to read all he said in that speech in such praise of it all.

            Maybe scalia never read those talmudic verses about how good it is to Kill even best of the gentile goys eh?

            Or the other too many to list similar perverted evils as written in those books.

            If scalia was supposed to be one of the Good guys? or even one of the very Best good guys?..then we all has been totally swindled again eh!

            • Them Guys:

              Even before I began to become aware of the many issues we here lately discuss, I was aware that Italy which fought the J*w worldwide takeover, notably during WW2 under Mussolini; their are many crypto J*ws or secret J*ws claiming to be Italian and Catholic.

              Much is made of the Vatican’s helping German Officers to escape. But little is said about the many J*ws the Vatican supposedly helped by giving them false IDs.

              But what concerns me of late is the info on the net claiming that The Catholic Church is now lock, stock, and barrel controlled and operated by J*ws from the top starting with the current Pope Francis some have accused of being a J*w, a pedophile, and even a Satanist.

              I used to think such was libelous nonsense. But some info and facts point to a total J*wish takeover. The Rothschilds (J*ws) reportedly own the Vatican bank with its worldwide network of Churches and vast lands and assets. The murder and hanging (under a bridge) of a man connected to the bank of the Vatican points to its shady activities.

              As we both know, the TALMUD is the antithesis of Christianity. So, taking over something you hate means only one thing; the J*ws are destroying Christianity from the inside out.

              It seems the J*ws are corrupting our Religion, and now, as you describe, our foundation for law and order, THE LAW itself.

              Thanks for this very important post. While our attention was distracted by the Muslims attempting to instill Sharia Law, their cousins, the J*ws, (the most dangerous of the two) were busy usurping our legal system by installing TALMUDIC LAWS into our system of laws.


      18. Maybe the Clinton Foundation will help out.

      19. Debtors prisons should be for those that have the money to pay their bills but choose not to.

      20. lawyers are the problem then the politicians, and americans are the biggest problem

      21. Its called a debtors prison, but in reality the Guy was passing bad checks. They should change the name to “Writing Bad Checks Prison.”

        You can call it want you want. correction facility, jail, prison, monkey bars, the cage, it is a place they detain you to eat time off your life.

        ~WWTI… Glad to see the Fed Private Corporate Prison for Profit USA done away with. When prison corporations donate to a judges election campaigns, to keep the occupancy up is criminal in itself.

      22. When you write a check and don’t have the funds in your account. Your a thief. And When convicted of that thieft and you don’t pay restitioun and court cost you are a dead beat thief. having cancer isn’t a defense. The judge was correct jail is a proper punishment. I would place him on a chain gang and make him work off the debt. The title of this article is misleading bullshit. It should read Bad Check Writer sentenced to Jail.

        • “Having cancer isn’t a defence”? Neither is senile dementia moronic old man!

          • Yanon,
            Old guy has never, ever, never broken a law. He’s never accidently walked on another’s property, jaywalked or ever drove one mile over the speed limit. That’s why he has a history of judging those less fortunate so harshly.

            • I can honestly state that If everyone where like me and my immediate family. The cops, judges , lawyers would starve to death. And we wouldn’t even need anyone to pick up the litter along the road. We live by a moral code that has become a instinctive Core Concept. Its part of what It means to be White. your free to think and do whatever you wish & want. You will eventually pay for anything out of the way. Maybe the bad check writer,s Cancer is KARMA getting even with him?

      23. Grafting judges in Arkansas.
        Who would have guessed?

      24. Ignorant posters. A check is a promise to pay. If not paid it is a debt owed.

        By doing voodoo judging and three-card monte moves these violators of our laws try to change debt owing into a criminal act. If it walks like a duck ….

        Shame on those judges who should have been failed out of law school.

      25. “…wrote a series of bad checks…” back in the late 1980s with things booming I got copied in on a memo from our legal department at the bank (I was a bank IT manager) addressed to our executive management. It seems the banking industry had been running a “quiet” national campaign (blessed by the Clintons and Republicians) to quietly over turn bad check laws or as they called them NSF checks.

        Many of the bad check laws in the 1990s that were enforce were designed in the depression era. Back then bad check laws gave people the benefit of the doubt about their honesty and gave the ‘average joe” the benefit of the doubt they would pay the evil “bank” their money back with all their nasty fees.

        Under a campaign by banks, paid for politicians and the MSM, the press and TV air waves were filled with story after story of check writers making tens of thousands illegally of the banks. The stories were all crap because banks were quick using IT to shut down their losses.

        What changed in state and federal laws is bad check writing went from a simple misdemeanor were the courts acted as a go between the individual and the bank to a crime to knowingly write a check for which there is insufficient funds in the bank. The way it ended up in many states, generally, is the crime is a misdemeanor if the amount of the check is less than $500 (or $100), but it jumps to a two-year felony in many states if it exceeds that amount or the person writes more than three bad checks in a five-day period.

        The reason for this campaign is state and federal laws regulating checking limited the recovery mechanisms and fees an individual could be charged by banks from depression era laws on most state and federal law books. The key word is limited. Banks had no way of collecting their money back from NSF so enter bank loan sharking or as you know it credit cards. Credit cards (yes it is bank loan sharking) eliminated usury laws and fee limits for banks at both the state and federal level. Thus anyone who has a credit card balance is paying for all the dead beats the bank is dealing with. A simple test to make a banker crap their pants is to ask them this question “… if I write 5 bad checks in a 10 day period I commit a felony and go to jail…if I do 5 bad charges in a 10 day period all I get are more charges and higher interest rates?

        So the Sherwood debtors’ prison is nothing new. It has been going on for decades. The last battle in this war was in 2005 when banks over turned personal bankruptcy (written in the depression) to keep debts ‘on the books’.

        I have been fighting the banks in my government for decades. But few Sheeple understood the BS they were being fed and they supported the banks …

      26. Simple solution.
        1) Don’t write hot checks.
        2) Tell them your name is Jose, and you no speaky no English.
        Problem solved. You get free everything. Just remember to vote Hillary.

      27. sorry he has cancer but HE BROKE THE LAW and basically stole from whom ever he wrote bad checks to.

        • Yes he broke the law. He wasn’t jailed for unpaid bills. He was jailed for violation of The Arkansas Hot Check Law. Healthy or sick don’t matter a law breaker should be held accountable. If you cannot do the time don’t do the crime.

      28. And the bad check laws & bankruptcy laws needed changing. Its not just the banks who lose when someone writes a bad check. It,s whoever received the bounced check. Many are small buisnesses. and individuals. And taking bankruptcy used to be a dishonest but legal way to not pay a honest debt. Now with the decficency judgment law that debt remains until you die and your estate is probated. Nothing sinister about that.

        • dear Lord
          don’t be mentioning bankruptcy with all these Trump supporters around

          he’s filed 4 times so far…..
          and stiffed how many people and small businesses ???

          • And that’s true. I don’t like Trump. And even with his bankruptcys he is a thousand times better choice than Hillery. she sold the access to the US government. Her sec of sate office was for sale.

            • Do you know anything about bankruptcy? For businesses, it is a way of ‘restructuring’; getting some time to reorganize and pay the debts. It’s not a get-out-of-jail-free card. It’s called a Chapter 11.

              • Karen, OG, do not confuse Satori with facts. It becomes information overload and causes Hillary style short circuiting.

      29. I would suggest the debtor contact a lawyer and consider filing bankruptcy. Good grief, folks, the guy cannot work because of his serious illness. Why is he writing bad checks? Because he is desperate….desperately trying to stay alive. He needs help, not thrown into jail. Gee, that’ll do a lot of good.

      30. The headline is misleading and propaganda. He was thrown in jail for writing bad checks. That is a crime. Especially when you write multiple checks to different places. It is akin to theft same as if he had just gone into the store and shoplifted. Also just because a person has cancer does not mean they are a good, honest or decent person.

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